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Alex's Continuations: Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6 - The Index

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  • Alex's Continuations: Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6 - The Index

    Hello! These are the continuing seasons of Buffy and Angel by me. Unsatisfied by Season 7 of Buffy I was compelled to continue the series. Should you wish to post any feedback please do so in my feedback thread. I hope you enjoy reading my episodes as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

    Buffy Season 8

    Buffy Season 8 began in June 2004 and was finished in August 2005. Here is the full season:

    8.1 145. Just a Girl
    Buffy and co. move to England to begin their new lives. However it soon becomes clear that the apparent peace and tranquility of the town of Darkley isn't such an accurate description.

    8.2 146. Back to Reality
    As the gang try to find jobs, Xander becomes plagued by what appears to be the ghost of Anya; yet there is something more malevolent at work that may only be stopped if Xander confronts his past.

    8.3 147. Clouding Over
    The Slayer Spell comes back to haunt Buffy, as a man brings news of several Rogue Slayers, out for revenge. However, doubt is soon cast over how trustworthy this man is, and whether he is linked to a closer threat at the school.

    8.4 148. Legally Mine
    The threat of the Rogue Slayers is momentarily forgotten, as Kennedy's mother arrives in Darkley, eager to bring her daughter back home, to both Willow and Kennedy's surprise.

    8.5 149. Trouble (Part 1 of 2)
    The Rogue Slayers make their violent entrance into Darkley, presenting the gang with a dangerous problem; one that won't be resolved without bloodshed.

    8.6 150. Open Wounds (Part 2 of 2)
    With one of their own seriously injured, Buffy and co. must stop before the Rogue Slayers before they take any more victims. However, flashbacks of the Rogues lives leading up to the Slayer Spell reveal how they too could be seen as victims.

    8.7 151. Endeavour
    As Darkley begins to turn against Buffy, she and the others search desperately for a way to stop them once and for all. But Buffy must ask herself how far she is willing to go, when she and Willow are made a startling proposal.

    8.8 152. How Do You Like My Darkness Now?
    Buffy and co. begin to relax after the apparent departure of the Rogues; but before they know it everything is in turmoil again due to the appearance of one of Chris' old flames.

    8.9 153. Fractures
    A face from Buffy's past arrives in Darkley with serious news concerning the Rogues. Meanwhile Willow receives an odd package in the mail, and Chris and Dawn both seem to regret taking things so fast...

    8.10 154. Infinite Possibilities...
    At Christmas, Buffy and co. settle down together to enjoy the festivities; only to find themselves take to a new world, where their deepest fantasties flourish...and burn.

    8.11 155. Horizon
    After the events at Christmas, Buffy searches for answers, but finds more than she expected. Dawn and Chris spend time apart, but ultimately realise they must both confront an issue that cannot be avoided.

    8.12 156. Forgotten Years
    Dawn reveals her surprising secret to Buffy, while a powerful ally from the past arrives to help the gang in their battle against a group of new foes.

    8.13 157. A Deeper Shade of Blood
    Giles returns to Darkley with a surprising visitor, who at first is not well accepted by Buffy and the others. However when the Rogue Slayers return, the gang may have no other option but to trust the newcomer.

    8.14 158. Prayer
    Kass' army are ready to unleash their biggest onslaught yet, and with Chris held hostage, Buffy knows that drastic action must be taken.

    8.15 159. Who Do You Want to Be Today?
    Buffy and co. barely have time to recover after the battle with the Rogue Slayers, as they are affected by a startling spell cast by Clare.

    8.16 160. Heaven's Tears
    Complications arise concerning Dawn, at the same time as Clare, Luce and Jake begin to plot a terrible plan concerning an ancient legend.

    8.17 161. Requiem
    The gang grieve for a fallen friend, but are suddenly swept away to another world; where they find themselves living the myth they thought was behind them.

    8.18 162. Dismantled
    Clare brings back a foe from Buffy's past, coinciding with a new power emerging from an unlikely source.

    8.19 163. Cold Twilight
    Buffy finds herself in need of Riley's help when he brings news of a chilling new tactic that Clare has been instigating.

    8.20 164. Tactics
    Carlos approaches Buffy with an interesting offer, though one that proves far more complex than she ever imagined when Spike and Angel become involved. Meanwhile Willow invokes the help of a higher power to help in the fight against Clare.

    8.21 165. Vendettas
    An unexpected enemy makes Buffy and co. a deal, but one that some of the gang are cautiousto accept. However it appears it may be the only way to stop their enemies once and for all.

    8.22 166. Different Destinations SEASON FINALE!
    A period of five days viewed from several perspectives, sees several depatures, reunions, and one great tragedy.
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    Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6

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    Buffy Season 9

    Buffy Season 9 began in September 2005 and was finished in September 2007. Here is the complete season:

    Important - To fully appreciate Season 9 of Buffy and Season 6 of Angel, you should read episode 9.1, then 6.1, then 9.2, then 6.2 and so on in that alternate order. I wrote the episodes to be read this way, and reading them out of order will lead to things not making sense and/or spoilage.

    9.1 167. Wish You Were Here
    Faith finds herself alone in the events after the disaster at the Summers' house. However she works determindly to fight onward, uncovering a great deal as she does.

    9.2 168. Crisis
    Buffy and co. are targeted by a sinister organisation, putting more than their lives under threat.

    9.3 169. Lest We Forget
    A Jewish Slayer and her grandfather arrive in Darkley,with a mysterious past that tries to catch up with them.

    9.4 170. United in Grief
    The funeral of a mutual friend brings Angel and Spike to Buffy's door; as expected, the event is far from quiet.

    9.5 171. The Distance
    On her way back from helping Angel, Willow decides to visit Kennedy, and discovers just how dangerous her new life is. Meanwhile Vi's grandmother finally finds Buffy, searching for answers about her daughter's death almost a year ago.

    9.6 172. Threshold
    Lauren introduces Dawn to her organization, revealing their actions over the past few years that have aided Buffy and co. Yet gaining an ally also gains Buffy more enemies, including a surprising returnee.

    9.7 173. Behind Closed Doors
    Buffy takes risky steps to save a friend in need; as the gang attempt to infiltrate Ethan and Webber's stronghold they uncover several dark secrets, putting them all in jeopardy.

    9.8 174. Kaleidoscope
    The gang face a new kind of danger as they are held under police custody: the truth. However as Julia attempts to defend Buffy and the others, it soon becomes clear how their actions can be twisted to suit the agenda of their enemies.

    9.9 175. The Dark Interior
    A possibly groundbreaking discovery is a cause for celebration for Buffy and co., yet it does not last long when Golda begins to discover the disturbing truth behind the breakthrough.

    9.10 176. Saving Grace
    Xander saves a woman from a vampire attack, changing his entire life as a result.

    9.11 177. Demolition
    A series of explosions are traced back to Malachi; revealing a great deal about him, the GSPST and so much more in the process.

    9.12 178. Bomb Shelter
    Lying in a coma, Buffy's hopes, dreams and deepest desires are examined, as she fights for her life.

    9.13 179. Pandora's Box
    The human world falls into chaos, as they begin to learn the truth about Buffy and the demon world.

    9.14 180. Catch the Sunset
    Malachi begins to target those close to Buffy and co. putting more than one of their friends in danger.

    9.15 181. Moment of Silence
    Mourning the loss of more than one ally, Buffy delves deeper into Malachi's dark plans, discovering more than she bargained for. Meanwhile Xander receives distressing news of his own, and Golda begins to recover, or so she thinks.

    9.16 182. The Dividing Lines
    Willow's returns brings less good fortune than expected, as a mysterious woman accompanies her, claiming to be able to stop Malachi once and for all.

    9.17 183. Keyhole
    The prophecy surrounding Dawn suddenly becomes more of a reality as the remainder of Clare's race attempts to track her down and unleash her true power.

    9.18 184. A Slight Chance of Nausea
    Rebecca Rayne's return coincides with a mysterious and chaotic power that threatens to affect not only Buffy and co., but the world as well.

    9.19 185. Scars
    The vampire "cure" victims captured by the government include a former ally of Buffy and co.'s; one whom may still be able to help them, if they help her.

    9.20 186. World Without End
    A new kind of threat makes itself known to Buffy, and to tackle it, a trip across the Atlantic to visit some old allies is required.

    9.21 187. Lights Grow Dim
    Buffy's plan to evacuate the planet is met with a great deal of controversy, as Dawn discovers what her true role in the oncoming apocalypse may entail.

    9.22 188. Risen SERIES FINALE!
    Malachi's plan is set in motion in exactly the way he envisioned. Can Buffy and co. stop an apocalypse that has already begun? If so, how many sacrifices must be made?
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    Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6


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      Angel Season 6

      Angel Season 6 began in September 2005 and will be finished in 2007. Here is the season so far:

      Important - To fully appreciate Season 9 of Buffy and Season 6 of Angel, you should read episode 9.1, then 6.1, then 9.2, then 6.2 and so on in that alternate order. I wrote the episodes to be read this way, and reading them out of order will lead to things not making sense and/or spoilage.

      6.1 111. Purgatory
      Angel and co. are thrown a miraculous lifeline, only to find themselves thrown back into a world that may be falling apart.

      6.2 112. Torn at the Seams
      An alternate dimension continues to merge with our own, as Angel and the gang fight to stop them colliding completely.

      6.3 113. The Way We Never Could Have Been
      The return of a lost ally causes conflict within the group, as they begin to learn that she is not the woman they once knew and loved.

      6.4 114. Shards of Fate
      Willow attempts to help Fred find her own reality, but the process involves journeying through dimensions disturbingly similar to our own.

      6.5 115. The Dead of Night
      Angel requires the help of two faces from the past to find the identity of an enemy who is uniting werewolves, zombies and vampires together.

      6.6 116. Foundations
      The gang try to accept Connor within the group, but this is made difficult when a strange phenomenon within the hotel is linked to him.

      6.7 117. Here Comes the Rain Again
      The threat of an attack by the Senior Partners leaves Angel ready for action; meanwhile Fred seeks unorthodox methods to help her adjust to living in this dimension.

      6.8 118. A Place Called Hell
      Reeling from a tragic attack, Angel and the others try to find the source of the evil that they face, causing them to uncover many uncomfortable truths.

      6.9 119. Game of Life
      A series of murders in the suburbs of L.A. are brought to Angel's attention by a mysterious woman, as Fred begins to recover from her ordeal.

      6.10 120. Static
      Gwen begins to discover dark secrets concerning her past, resulting in her abduction, and possibly something worse.

      6.11 121. Screw Loose
      Unusual vampire activity forces Angel and co. into action, as they are reunited with both a powerful ally, and a deadly enemy. At the same time, Connor's condition begins to deteriorate.

      6.12 122. The Heart and Soul
      Drusilla's clutch upon Spike's mind tightens, as she attempts to use him to help her take on Angel and the others. Angel finds himself torn between saving the life of his son, or the soul of Spike.

      6.13 123. Ricochet
      The shockwave of the revelation the demon world to the public hits L.A., causing hundreds of supernatural beings to seek sanctuary at The Hyperion when they are targeted by the government.

      6.14 124. A Life Less Extraordinary
      After being isolated from Angel and co. by the new demon regimes, Illyria attempts to explore the human world herself, ready for new experiences, as her past begins to catch up with her.

      6.15 125. Casualties of Law
      Kennedy's surprising arrival at the hotel heralds news of the Senior Partners' plans for the remaining Wolfram and Hart employees, and Angel soon realises he may have to save them from a fate worse than death.

      6.16 126. Out Came the Children Running
      Half of the gang are visited by the Senior Partners involved with Lilah, aiming to convince them to join their cause. Meanwhile Tap is forced to carry out the traditional work of his family, unless he wishes to unleash unthinkable consequences.

      6.17 127. Expiration Date
      The terrible knowledge that Seneh has learned is kept secret as Gwen begins to realise that the device that has helped her so far may soon cause her destruction. At the same time, Angel and the others pursue a meeting that may bring plenty destruction of its own.

      6.18 128. While Mortals Sleep
      Through flashbacks, we begin to learn about Seneh's life before she became involved with Angel, including the complexities of the Senior Partners and what they have been planning all this time.

      6.19 129. Thunder Laughs
      There is little time to grieve for a fallen friend as Spike and Connor's fate hangs in the balance, due to the dark work of a particular faction of Senior Partners...

      6.20 130. Incomplete
      The gang search for Gwen's whereabouts, also attempting to prepare for the battle that they all know is coming.

      6.21 131. And the Winner Is...
      Angel is faced with an unexpected apocalypse as the Old Ones begin to strike; everyone is thrown into jeopardy, but it is Illyria who must try and save all.

      6.22 132. Single Hour's Rest SEASON FINALE!
      We see the final battle from Angel and co.'s perspective as the world begins to break. The gang fight desperately, only to find Angel and Spike taken away, due to the long due fulfillment of a certain prophecy...
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      Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6


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        Angel Season 7

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        Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6