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    :: Here we Go again with another Plot! I'm so, so,so sorry guys! But this one is plain and simple.

    :: Its based in Season 2 AtS and season 5 in BtVS. By the end of Crush, Spike Is feeling more than rejected by Buffy who has locked him back out of her house. Hurt and Angry he remembers the Rouge Slayer.Thinking Faith can somehow help him out with his utter confusion he decides to break her out of Prison. :: Meanwhile Dru doesn't leave Sunnydale and heads home to newly turned Darla. The two Vampiresses are eager to re-establish their Family and take over the Hellmouth. :: Angel whose hot on Darla&Dru's trail returns to Sunnydale. Afraid for his soul, recently fired Wesley and Cordy fallow him.

    Buffy::Ahm Shere
    Cordy::Cordelia Chase

    Other characters are for the taking. Please do try out and Enjoy


    :: Well I hate to be a bit of a biatch but I want all post to be at least 5-10 lines, as for the most? that's really up to you since the more the merrier just as long as its not a book. Meaning It'll have plenty of space for past references which can easily be the show's past.

    :: Emotions have to come in all the way! Please do post thoughts, descriptions and likes cause its more than important, not to mention essential to good writing. I want Good writing not OK writing, not AWSOME writing just GOOD writing which means taking your time with it a lot more, reading the previous post too cause I know some players don't want to read the previous post and just jump post or hardly read at all. Sometimes I can't blame e'm for skipping post cause the writing gets on their nerves ( I do put my hands up for being guilty of writing confusing, probably annoying post but I will try not to and I want everyone else to do the same). Therefore reading Every single post carefully and writing beautifully would be essential because there's nothing better than an nice post that inspires you and challenges you with yours.

    :: Other than the obvious No controlling other player's characters or pushing yourself on someone else cause taking is slow is always a virtue, not too low though cause that'll get boring. I also have to say that before acting out any drastic retaliation, ask the other character beforehand. (Guilty of this one too. Soz Ben) and as always your open to have your own small character vendetta but other players need to remember that they need to play along. Now for the rest, there isn't much to it. Be in character the best you can and enjoy.

    :: Oh, yeah. Post only Once a day or every Two days. ONCE!!! Cause some of us can't post often and that way we have time to take care of our posts and others won't have too much to catch-up on. ONCE, OK!!!
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    Spike watched the door close in disbelief. Something broke inside of him, how could Buffy just--- shut him out? He swallowed and took a step back casting an angry scowl a the door as he headed off the porch and into the street.

    I gave up Drusilla, my reason for dying. I can't go back to her now... I can't go to Buffy, I wish did kill them both. Maybe I should stake myself, stupid bitches think they can **** me abou---

    Spike smiled suddenly as a memory of Xander's voice crept into his mind from a few years ago, "Dark hair. Yay tall, name of Faith, criminally insane." Didn't Buffy say that Faith checked herself into the Northern California Women's Facility? Hmm, think I'll go pay th' girl a visit, f'get my troubles, maybe have her help me kill 'em both since I can't do it myself...
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      Darla tinkered with the candle's fire, wearing a bored expression. "It was so simple. Lit candles and Sex" She turned back to the naked male hanging from the roof by chains, His chest raw with dryed wax, cuts and burns as tears stained his cheeks. She smiled mischievously at the sight of his angry looking ****. "We would hunt at night and Later ****ed each other with virginal blood dripping from our fangs until we fell asleep together like a pact of wolfs"

      She took a step closer, the man tried to jerk back but failed miserably and instead he attempted to beg again. "P-Ple-ase. Pl-ple-ase. I'm en-enga-ged. and-and...I-I love her"

      That made Darla chuckle, a woe inspiring laugh. "You love her?!" She hissed with a tone thats nothing but venomous. "That! My boy will be the death of you. Well, that is if you where to outlive tonight" She stepped closer and cradled his cheek with her free hand. "You look so much like him." She whispered. "The man I love. But. Unlike you..." She suddenly forced his face to the side and pored hot wax down his cheek. He cried out in agony and she spat. "He don't feel the same!" She abruptly stepped back, seeming disgusted with him. "and I'm not too pleased about that!"

      With a sight She turned to the small table that exhibited many little torturous objects. She carefully place the candle down and bit her lips, trying to decide on her next play thing. "Dru. Petal. What shall we do to our toy next?"
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        Drusilla made a mournful keening sound as she languidly swung around the corner of the door jamb. She gave a small pout, "Punish him... punish him like we should be punishing our naughty boys... my Willy, is so lost. It's wrong his love is dark and bruised, he'll see it's wrong."

        She took the candle from Darla's hand, letting the hot wax singe her pale skin then she jabbed the candel flame into the man's chest, "You should do more than love! It's not enough... it's cruel, you should die for her. Our loves died for us...."

        Dropping the candle she glanced at Darla, "He's lost his fun."
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          Darla held back a titter at Drusilla's excitement and watched as the younger vampire enthusiastically got into hurting the man, also letting out her anger on the unfortunate soul. She watched the man's face twist with utter pain as he let out a uninteresting scream.

          She took a step forward, blue eyes burning pure anger. "Dru is quite right" stopping behind Drusilla. "If you love your never to be wife. You'll die for her" She smiled at Dru as she declared her disinterest in him and shifted to her game face, expecting Dru to do the same.

          Edging closer to the victim she leaned close to his left ear. "Will. You?...Will you die for her tonight?"
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            Drusilla's face changed, becoming more cat-like as she ran her tongue across her laquered lips, "You don't have to stay dead... you can still marry your love, maybe not with crosses and rice--I can still see th' stars in your eyes."

            She smiled for a moment, remembering the look Spike had given her when she pulled him out of the dirt she'd burried him in. So much wonder so much promise, so much adoration...

            She held out a hand to Darla, "Punish him until he smiles. I'm not hungry...Bruises, they purple and they hurt, but they don't last. Never lasts."


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              :: Will. I'm not so sure how to start Faith. So um. I'll wait till Spike arrives or something. Dunno.

              Angel stared at the highway stretching before him while fisting the weal. He forced back the brewing anger, knowing exactly what Darla was intending to do and that's nothing other than attempting to kill Buffy. He had though she was smarter than that, thought she had learned her lesson from the last time but then again she seemed awfully bent over the fact that she had never made him happy and Buffy did.

              He growled at nothing in particular or possibly at Darla. 'Why does she have to make me do this again! Didn't she get the hint. I can and will kill her. I swear to god I will.'Another grow slipped free from deep within his chest.'If that little whore hurts Buffy I'll rip her apart. I'll ****ing give her, her precious Angelus!'

              Angel snarled, almost growling his words "Pst. Cordy thinks I'm obsessed with her. Yea. Right! It's so much more than that. much. much more!" His eyes overshadowed "They all better stay out of our away..."

              Darla blinked at Drusilla's hand, offended and slapped it off. "Don't you go on thinking you can tell me what to do Dru!" the blond was snarling like prissy cat. "I'm still in charge of this Family!" She then stared irritatedly into the brunette's wide eyes before looking around the empty living room with a slightly anguished and disappointed expression. "Well...When we get it back that is"

              Re-prompting her composure Darla removed her game face and smiled sweetly whilst entering Dru's personal space. "But since I'm feeling a little frustrated...I will punish him." She ran her hands around Dru's waist with blue eyes offering many cruel promises and undid the ribbon thats bounded under her breast. "You...may watch and learn a thing or two. Cause we both know Our Willy needs a good old fashioned lesson" She whispered and then turned her attention from the black ribbon to the man's flushed and riped member. "The fool. Has forgotten all about the consequences to his stupidity."
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                Cordelia smoothed down her newly hightlighted bobbed hair and then closed her compact mirror. She then placed it down on her desk and looked over at Wesely. "Ok i cant stand this....We live in LA...there has to be soemthing supernatural going on for us to fight" She said as she looked at the phone, which handt rung for days. "Should i call Gunn...see if hes had any luck?" She asked and picked up the phone but placed it back on the reciver. "Whats the point, if he knew anything hed call right?" She said and she let her dark eyes linger on Weselys. Since Angel had gone all crazy like fired them, Wesley and Gunn were all she had. Angel had fired them, and they had carried on with Angel investigations, but cases were at a low. And Cordy wished they wearnt. She wished they had something, anything to do. Then it would keep her from think of Angel, and about how much he had hurt her...hurt them all. She missed him, and she was also very worried about her friend.
                "Ok thats it, we need to get out of the office" She told Wesley, and stood up and went to reach out for her coat. "Coffe, at Starbucks, my treat" She told him with a smile. But as she moved out from behind the desk, and all too familar feeling started to was over her. "Oh no..." She whispered, and then clutched her head as a vision rail roaded itself into her, sending her flying backwards.
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                  Wesley sat lazily in his chair. He yawned and turned his head towards Cordelia. She was getting restless. He turned his head back to the phone which never rung. His eyes drooped and he was ready to dose off, until Cordelia muttered something and she flew backwards. He leaped out of his chair as if the whole world was ending. Is this an important vision? God I hope so. Wesley caught Cordelia before she hit the ground and braced himself for her struggling. I hate this. Why? Why do these visions have to have so much pain involved. Wesley despised seeing Cordelia like this. He knew it was for the "greater good" and all but this was... cruel. He clutched onto her arms as she cried out in pain. Tears threatened to spill.
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                    When a vision hit her, Cordy had no option but to let it take over her. Fighting it would not help in any way at all. They seemed to rail road her,and she was helpless against it. She was vaugely awear of Wesley holding her, it was a job Angel use to often do, catch her as she fell....and she grabbed her head, and cried out in pain, tears now did spill as the images played in her mind....and was over, as soon as it came on. The visions only lasted seconds, but to Cordelia each once seemed like a life time.

                    Cordy turned her head into Weselys chest mainly to try and ease the pain, and secondly to hide her crying...but she knew by her shaking body hed knew shed be crying. A few moments later she moved slowly, but Wesely kept ahold of her arms, and made her look at him. "Angel...." She whispered, the images stil lall to clear in the forfront of her mind. "We have to..." Her voice croaked....she was going to have trouvble saying the next she took her time. "Sunnydale" She put, and the moved her hand to wipe the tears away from her face, and then she went to smooth down her hair and was trying to reaing some of the dignaty her visions so often left her with out.
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                      Wesley held his breath. He closed his eyes until she stopped struggling and then shivered. He opened them again but couldn't see her face. He understood. When he heard the name Angel his immediate thought was, Oh yes. Let's go and help the vampire who fired us and has gone insanely dark. Wesley almost smirked, as if they would help Angel now, after everything he had done. Then he heard 'Sunnydale' escape from Cordelia's lips. He froze. He stared into space thinking, Sunnydale? Angel is in Sunnydale? No. It's not possible, why would he return there? Wesley balanced Cordelia so that she could stand by herself. But he remained in his thoughts. Could it be a trap? Angel knows she gets visions, could he be trying to move us away from LA so that he can do as he pleases? No. It wouldn't be. Wesley looked at the phone which was still not ringing. Was this a sign? Quite possibly. Wesley didn't know what to feel or think. Returning to Sunnydale would be.. well, first off, awkward. The last time he had been there it had been knocked unconscious for an entire battle. Would everybody still look at him the same way as they did back when he was... weak? He turned to Cordelia. "Oh, Cordelia.." He said softly. He walked over to his desk and retrieved aspirin for her. He handed the bottle to her and got her a glass of water.
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                        Buffy made her way upstairs and into her bedroom. She sat on her bed, wishing that Spike would just leave her alone. It was bad enough when he was trying to kill her...but now...that he...Buffy felt disgusted at the thought that Spike loved her. He's evil. He hasn't got a soul. She felt violated. She played back the memories of the events which had happened that night. When Spike had admitted his true feelings about Buffy. She sat huddled up, fidilling with Mr. Pointy. She looked down at the stake, and imagined running it through Spike's heart. Staking him. She should have done that back when she was in High School. Finished the evil blood-sucking fiend. But then, she knew she couldn't. Spike was harmless. He couldn't hurt anybody. Buffy would feel guilty if she staked him while he was defencless. She was going to block him out of her life once and for all.

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                          Cordelia was thinking mostly the same things as Wesley. Visons shook her up biy style enough...but this one was of Angel...that made it even more personal. Although her thoughts werant as deep as Weselys. If the PTB sent her a vision of there former boss and friends, something must be wrong. She reached out and took the glass of water and asprin Wesely handed her. She knew they woulsnt help the pain, but she didnt have the heart to tell Wes this, he was only trying to help. Besides the vision pain was getting worse and worse with each vision, but she let this known to on one...well excpet for Dennis, but he was a ghost and he didnt count.
                          She swallowed the pill then looked over to Wesely. "Thanks" She told him, and put the glass of water down. She then went to sit down at her desk. She rested her elbows on the table and gently rubed her temples for a few moments beofre looking over to Wesely.
                          "So do we go?" She asked. Cordy too had mixed feelings about retruning to the palce she once use to call home.
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                            Wesley stared at Cordelia. The only answers to the question were Yes or No. But between that there was thinking involved before answering. There had to be something more to this vision. And if they left, what about Gunn? "Cordelia. I want you to think hard. What exactly did you see in your vision?" He needed to know. If there was something else, possibly overlooked in her pain. But he mentally decided that if they were to leave, then Gunn should stay here, to protect LA. But at this moment in time, Wesley had no intention of going to Sunnydale.
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                              Cordy looked down at her desk. "Angel...i saw Angel, and Darla...but im not sure if it was in the future, or if it was in the past and i was seeing what Angel saw. But hes heading to Sunnydale, you know they still have that stupid sign as you come into the town" She ran a hand through her hair. "Wes i got the vision for a reason, we may not like it, but we help the helpless..and right now...that helpless is Angel..." She told him as she sat back in her chair. Sunnydale heald alot of memores for her, some School....Xander......cheerleading...some not so much...Her parents, and everything the put her through...Xander...when he cheeted on her with Willow, causing her to get impailed on a spike, and even to this day she still had a small scar on her abdome to show from it. But Cordy knew that was all in her past. Sure shed go back, see old friends...she didnt have to like the idea, but cordy knew it was what she had to do.
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                                The convertible stopped opposite Buffy's house. For a moment he sat there staring at his white knuckles, unwilling to let go of the wheel. 'I can't do this to Buffy. I should just find Darla. Stake her and go back to LA. Buffy doesn't need to know i was ever here' but his hands just kept squeezing the metal under it, unmoving. 'No. Darla is smarter than that... I need to keep Buffy away from her' his fist trembled at the force at the overwhelming rage, the constant fight between the demon and soul.

                                Angel closed his eyes, snarled and abruptly opened his palms. He breathed in and out for a moment until he recollected an apprehensible thought. "It's Buffy. Buffy. It's Buffy" her name somewhat a mantra falling from his lips and then he finally looked at the house. After another moment of self convincing and knowing she deserves to know, he forced himself to step out of the car and walk towards the door.

                                Dropping his head, he let out an nervous sight whilst feeling insecure with anticipation-that's instantly stirred by the faint sound of her beating heart. He lifted his hand and pushed the bell.
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                                  Spike did a little research before he drove the two hours to Stockton. He parked across from the Women's Correctional facility. He sat on the motorcycle and thought for a few moments on his plan of attack. After dismissing the more rediculous ones, he scribbled a few lines on a bit of paper and folded it up, then headed for the office and smiled engagingly at the female guard there, "Ey there, I'm here for my conjugal visit with me girlfriend."

                                  "Your girlfriend got a name?"

                                  "Faith LeHane."

                                  "Lucky girl, only ever had pretty boys visitin' her. You need to check in with your ID and sign in here. We'll get her, you'll meet in the bedrooms."

                                  "Thanks luv," he gave her a wink, signing a fake name and tossing a false ID to her. He followed after the guard into the 'bedroom' area. She left and Spike sat on the stiff full bed and glanced around at the depressing decore.

                                  The guard, Sharon, rapped on Faith's cell door, "LeHane, boyfriend's here to see you. Might wanna get up, it's conjugal."


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                                    Buffy held her head up. Someone was at the door. It could be Spike...she didn't want to go downstairs...but then again, it may not be Spike. She ran across her bedroom and got out a stake and some Holy Water. She then proceeded to walk downstairs. Carefully she took hold of the door handle. She paused, took a deep breath and opened the door quickly, stake at the ready. Who she saw made her gasp. She was speechless. Her heart was racing, just like it used to everytime she was him. Her mouth was open. She found her voice. 'Angel?' She shook her head. 'What are you doing here?'

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                                      Faith was trying to sleep, only she couldn't and ended up staring blankly at the ceiling like most of her unbelievably mind numbing nights of boredom, So the last thing she expected was to be called for conjugal. She sat up alarmed, glared at the door before jumping off from her bunk and giving her new cell mate a confused look.

                                      "I don't have a boyfriend!" she whispered to Jessica who looked just as confused also knowing Faith was never called for conjugal. So She stood there for a moment contemplating. ?Could it be Angel? But then he never came to see me for conjugal' Faith's eyes winded at the next possibility ?Angelus!"

                                      Instead of pissing herself with fear the Brunet's slayer senses sparkled into life and her palms began to itch. ?I really need a good O'slaying and who better with to do that with than Angelus?' She smirked wickedly and answered the guard. "Yea. Just a sec" her tone giddy and mischievous.

                                      "I'll be right back!" she quickly told Jessica.

                                      Faith walked out like god herself. She laterally owned the place so there was no need for chains anymore since they all know she has no intention of breaking out. Before she even came close to the ?bedroom' she could tell that it was a vampire and in turn she beamed brightly, feeling more than exited about getting to fight someone she can actually kill.

                                      Sharon opened the door revealing to Faith the wrong vampire. Her heart skipped a beat and her eyes winded with pure ecstasy. ?William the bloody! ?Guess the devil does answer prayers? ' she licked her lips as her eyes locked onto his but within those moments she remembered something crucial. A stake.

                                      ?Crap!' She almost spat out the word but instead she pounced. Pinning him onto the bed with her slayer thighs, dark doe eyes blazing the figments of true death, bee stung lips parted in a moan and hands firmly held his over his head. "Couldn't wait to have that ?confrontation'. Baby?"

                                      She completely forgot about Sharon and the fact that she was in Buffy's body when they agreed on their little confrontation. Wearing the biggest grin to the face of the planet Sharon assumed Faith just couldn't wait to get her hands on the cute British hotie. "I'll just close the door then." Right before she closed the door she added "Enjoy yourselves."

                                      Angel stumbled back a few steps back at Buffy's abrupt appearance with a stake aiming to his heart. His eyes wide in utter fright since she didn't often open her door in that particular manner. His mind spiralled out of control. ? Did Cordy tell her his Angelus? Does she know about Darla?!' He didn't dare move either, knowing exactly what the little blond is capable off.

                                      But then he noticed her surprised face, heard her heart speed as it often does around him and dazedly spoke his name. He was trying his best to think of something else to say but the mellow "Buffy" was more than automatic. She then shook her head and returned into being the slayer before asking him the very good question.

                                      With eyes burning onto hers Angel could hear the deviant suggestions Angelus was sending his way. "There's a Vampire in town. I need to kill him before he?ends the world" he waited to see if Buffy bought it, telling himself she's better off not knowing the truth but just then something strange hit him. "Why the---" he pointed to the stake and holy water.
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                                        Buffy looked at Angel, confused. 'A vampire? Wants to end the world?' She thought for a moment and went on to say, 'It's not Acathla, is it?'

                                        Buffy noticed that Angel took a couple of steps back when she opened the door. She then looked down to her hands in which she was holding the stake and the holy water. She cleared her throat and placed them on the little table near the door. She then returned back to the door and said, 'You can never be too careful...' She giggled nervously and stepped back. 'Do you want to...uh, come in?'

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