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Serendipity RPG-Chat Thread [Adult Content]

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  • Serendipity RPG-Chat Thread [Adult Content]

    :: Here we Go again with another Plot! I'm so, so,so sorry guys! But this one is plain and simple.

    :: Its based in Season 2 AtS and season 5 in BtVS. By the end of Crush, Spike Is feeling more than rejected by Buffy who has locked him back out of her house. Hurt and Angry he remembers the Rouge Slayer.Thinking Faith can somehow help him out with his utter confusion he decides to break her out of Prison. :: Meanwhile Dru doesn't leave Sunnydale and heads home to newly turned Darla. The two Vampiresses are eager to re-establish their Family and take over the Hellmouth. :: Angel whose hot on Darla&Dru's trail returns to Sunnydale. Afraid for his soul, recently fired Wesley and Cordy fallow him.

    Buffy::Ahm Shere
    Cordy::Cordelia Chase

    Other characters are for the taking. Please do try out and Enjoy


    :: Well I hate to be a bit of a biatch but I want all post to be at least 5-10 lines, as for the most? that's really up to you since the more the merrier just as long as its not a book. Meaning It'll have plenty of space for past references which can easily be the show's past.

    :: Emotions have to come in all the way! Please do post thoughts, descriptions and likes cause its more than important, not to mention essential to good writing. I want Good writing not OK writing, not AWSOME writing just GOOD writing which means taking your time with it a lot more, reading the previous post too cause I know some players don't want to read the previous post and just jump post or hardly read at all. Sometimes I can't blame e'm for skipping post cause the writing gets on their nerves ( I do put my hands up for being guilty of writing confusing, probably annoying post but I will try not to and I want everyone else to do the same). Therefore reading Every single post carefully and writing beautifully would be essential because there's nothing better than an nice post that inspires you and challenges you with yours.

    :: Other than the obvious No controlling other player's characters or pushing yourself on someone else cause taking is slow is always a virtue, not too low though cause that'll get boring. I also have to say that before acting out any drastic retaliation, ask the other character beforehand. (Guilty of this one too. Soz Ben) and as always your open to have your own small character vendetta but other players need to remember that they need to play along. Now for the rest, there isn't much to it. Be in character the best you can and enjoy.

    :: Oh, yeah. Post only Once a day or every Two days. ONCE!!! Cause some of us can't post often and that way we have time to take care of our posts and others won't have too much to catch-up on. ONCE, OK!!!
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    woohoo...let me know when we start.
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      Set Post Not Fade Away and Chosen.
      The PTB finally decide to lend a helping hand by sending down a surprising guide for everyone.
      Then again when did their help ever lead to anyplace good?

      Hey what ya Guys think? Its for my long time attempting fan-fic that's still painfully in construction. I'll also like to ask if anyone would like to be my Beta-reader. (you read and give me advice and help on spellings, grammar, plot and characterisation; the lot) The more beta's the better .
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        Saved Spike for Will... If anyone is wondering but If he turns out to be too busy Spike is for the taking...Only I do want someone whose incredibly good at Spike.

        So Everyone that's in this... let me know and do ask questions or suggest stuff. Oh and Ben...Victor could be in Tokyo too...since spike is there currently dealing with evil Puppets there. (I THINK)

        I'm also wondering if we want to write in Character POV or not.
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          I'll give this round a go--just let me know when we start it up. Do I need to audition?
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            nope, I know how you play and its real GOOD!, Pluss Spike comes easley to you. big time.

            WE LOVE YOUR SPIKE!
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              cool...excited about this rpg...when do we start?
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                So players...we have began!

                So currently if ya all feel like it ya all can fallow will's first post and just be leaving your grounds.

                Buffy, Xander (whose Ben?s character now) , Willow, Dawn are all in Scotland and could be boarding a plane or something. Remember to keep to the basics of the comics and I know Fattalyyours is now vaguely informed, DarkNJ is also and hopefully so is Ahm Shere and Sanity. If not you girls can ask questions.

                Angel, Cordy, Wes, Illiria can be on their way there by car. So I'll be Angel and post him. Same goes here, there's realy not much to it But questions are open and you can wait till I post Angel, if you all like.

                Oz is with his van can also be on his own way from where ever he might have been which is open for choice.?and Victor could be with him (if not in the same plain Spike might be at. dunno)

                Jessica and her sis could be Faith's friend. They work in the same bar together or something along those lines.

                Faith and Giles are in Cleveland working on taking down some grand britch woman, only Faith is not quite up to standards and Giles needs to teach her to be lady like and be absolutely posh so she can go undercover. Its sort of early preparations.

                I'll try to post soon as for both Angel and Faith. Probably tonight but Feel free to post beforehand if ya please.

                Due to Dawn's idea of having a quiet get together in Cleveland they all head for Cleveland?but Buffy's government issues and Faith's Current British-Bitch take down preparation may be an issue of sorts.

                If you know what I mean.


                I have another idea for Vi's entrance but I'll have to see that with Ben. Although. Ben ya free to post if ya please. Whatever it is to your taste.

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                  If anyone needs updates of where everyone is in Comicbook-land I can scower my books and find out, just let me know.

                  Since Spike's books only say he's in generic "Japan", I'm stickin' with the thought that they're in Tokyo as oposed to somewhere like Kyoto or the like.

                  I'm curious to see how this whole thing takes off. Cheers!


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                    Dawn begged Buffy to have a get together, Buffy later called giles and giles later called Angel and Angel later called Lorn. Willow contacted Oz.

                    All asking for one thing, which is to go to Cleveland.
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                      Ew marmite. That's right up there wit Vegemite... any mite *makes face* is gross.


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                        i know. I do not like it. but most english people i know love it.
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                          Well I'm English borne at least, and yech... :P Though I maybe too Americanized by now.


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                            hey Lola, im SO sorry, but im going to have to sit this one out. iv got make-up essays that i have to do so im going to have to spend my time on that. sorry!


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                              ON WES. LILAh. VICTOR and JESSICA.

                              ---yes you can make him that lil bit dark actualy, cause the opening is there realy. Death does that to you and the love of your life death helps out a lot...there might not be a turning back this time. We can later bring Lilah if ya like sicne I love that thing they seem to have...

                              since Angel got lost means he might be did write the right adresss. Angel just has the wrong map...a bit of a OLD map. So not so up-to date or wes can try and save the day. Maybe Angel and the gang decide to stay in a hotel for the night and there we find Lilah.

                              ---Jessica can be foudn here too and Victor. Although VIctor can come across a someone else...Darla?

                              ---And Vic ya mind being LIlah?

                              ---AS FOR DARKNJ...Oh coem on Jan Stop being cranky. lol. ONE post every day or OTHER day is not hard...I know you and you don't need to sped days on your Willow post. Just a lil bit. COME ON! I LOVE YA and YOU LOVE ME and, and I'M GONNA CRY NOW!

                              ---- BUFFY!?...Can someone else be Buffy for now so we can get the scoobies on the go. and When real Buffy owner returns...its hers again. Hope thats OK with everyone.
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                                woohooo i get to play Lilah again...sure i'll take her no prob. ty Lola.

                                And i can temp Buffy for you if u like...just let me know if u wnt me too and then i'll post for her.

                                And cool avbout ur ideas for Angel and co...stop ova at a hotel it is.
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                                  sure Buffy is yours. thanx. I'll post tonight after Wes is posted.
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                                    ok cool, i'll read up where u wnt her then i will post for her 2nite.
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                                      GUYS. SOZ ABOUT THIS BUT SINCE THIS IS NOT GOING SO WELL. I thought i could change it into something less confusing and more interesting for the others. Here is what me and two other players come out with.

                                      IF you do like. Let me know. AND IF YOU POSTED AN ENTRY IN THE ACTUAL RPG. SIMPLY DELETE THEM. I'll prepare the rest.

                                      Soz I'm just trying to please everyone.

                                      THIS IS THE NEW PLOT IDEA.


                                      Since his RPG isn't moving at all due to a mass amount of confusion. I decided to Change the entire plotting before the current players die of waiting for the others to get interested and while its still quite short.

                                      The new Plotting is loosely based In end of season 6 for BtVS and season 3 for AtS. So most of what accrued beforehand did in fact happen with the exception of Tara, Jasmine, Angel and W&H, Fred/Gunn Cordy/Connor existence and Instead Oz will still be around, Lindsey who never left after the Darla fiasco is head of W&H and Lilah is still working there.

                                      Now. I believe sometime in the end of season 6 of Buffy Willow is addicted to magic, she later tips into complete darkness because Oz broke up with her, due to him trying to show her that her magic addiction is serious and in response she heads to end the world but Oz/Xander manages to stop her with a speech of some kind. Feeling like she has no friends she decides she needs allies of some sort, she heads to LA with the intention of bringing Angelus out and Making alliances with him since Angel never would go for the Dark Willow look. Only her Spell Brings back Darla-Who after all is the one who made Angelus.

                                      Buffy and the scoobies including Spike head to LA after Willow. Chipped/Love's bitch Spike however will later be faced with Darla whose accompanied by Dru. The two vampiresses invite him back into the Family-folds and offer to remove his chip; thanks to Lindsey's obsession with Darla, Plus They made an agreement with W&H to make Angel Dark in exchange of power. So Spike will have to decide what he wants-Buffy or his un-life back.

                                      Angel is feeling and acting Darkish, not his normal self because of the whole Darla thing, the Wesley kidnapping baby Connor, loosing Connor to Holtz and later Connor trapping him under the ocean. Currently Connor is wondering the streets while Angel forces himself to make amends with Wesley since Darkish Wesley did after all saved him from eternity under the sea but their relationship is strained.

                                      Wesley, may or may not still be secretly having his affair with Lilah, although he does truly loves Fred- Fred is also open to later find out about Wesley relationship with Lilah and that makes it harder on him.

                                      Putting aside his obvious problems with Willow and her magic, OZ is having to deal with the after effects of the Initiative. Now he has no control of his wolf who can come out when he's feeling especially angry,dark or needs to protect But it can come out at any even moment, if it pleases. He have to struggle to deal with that part of him and with his relationship with Willow.

                                      As for all other characters, They are as they are in that season. I think Victor may be the only Own character allowed. Sorry. I just really like him- he can come in whenever he pleases.

                                      All of the above need to be taken into consideration and are vague guide lines to what is happening and will happen but how it does happen? thats up to us players. Do remember none of the characters know the future-except for Cordy's odd visions and Crazy Dru- So no knowing that Darla is back or that Spike may get chipless.

                                      We will begin right after Willow's Spell is done and Angel is still Angel. The Angel gang is all tied up and just then the Scoobies and Buffy enter. What happens next is up to us!
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                                        oooh...i didnt realise there was any confusion, i mean it has hardly really started...but ok if you wanna change it hun, then im all for it.

                                        I'll still play lilah if you like.
                                        And whats going on with cordy? I mean going with whats happend to everyone esle, shed be back from being a higher being and living with Connor...or can we just pretned she never sent to the higher plane, and she along with Gunn and Fred went looking for Angel etc.

                                        Let me know.

                                        And the new idea is cool, so im cool with what ever we do.
                                        That Fallen Little Angel on your shoulder.
                                        Scary Just got Sexy!