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The Battles done and we've kinda won...Chat thread

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  • The Battles done and we've kinda won...Chat thread

    The Battles done, and we kinda won?BTVS/ATS RPG.

    The Story so far?

    This rpg is going to be set After The end of Angel season 5 and Buffy Season 7. I will how ever have a lot of characters alive, its af if some things played out differently.
    The LA gang have defeated the Black thorn, and survived the apocalypse. They are now headed over to Rome to stay with Buffy.
    The Scoobies, after Sunnydale was destroyed they all went there separate ways. Buffy, Dawn and Andrew to Rome. Willow and Kennedy, some mystical magical plane. Xander Africa. And Faith and Robin in Cleveland. Giles headed back to England. But now, they are all grouping and coming back together, as something darker and more evil that any of them have ever faced is about to surface.

    So we start this rpg with the LA Gang just as the fight has finished. Mean While the scoobies are scattered all over the place. As the battle ends Cordy receives a vision about some trouble up and coming world wide, and as everything has been destroyed, The LA Gang head out to Rome, and to Buffy. Eventually the LA gang and the Scoobies will be reunited and they will have to put aside all differences to work together to save the world from the doom it faces.

    So this rp will pick u, straight after the fight at the end of Angel S5. Angel, Cordy, Wes, Gunn, Fred, Illyria, Spike in the ally?they will head back to W&H and then take in what I will post on mini and please bring it in.

    The Scoobies will carry on?Buffy in Rome and the others where I put them.


    LA Gang:
    Angel: Reserved for Lola
    Cordelia: Cordelia_Chase
    Wesely: Scarybunny
    Fred: Cordelia_Chase
    Spike: Ahm Shere

    Buffy: Sassy
    Willow: ahm shere
    Xander: Sassy
    Faith: Cordeia_Chase
    Andrew: Scarybunny

    The Immortal:

    Character Out lines:

    Angel: After leading his team to victory, is glad for now it is over. He knews his team is due a well earned rest. They head back to W&H where Angel will contemplate his future with them. Also with Cordelia living he has a lot to think about when it comes to her. They did share the kiss like in your welcome, and ever since it has played on his mind. His feelings for her are strong, he does love her and wants to act on it?And will.
    With the vision Cordy received about the up and coming evil, he knew they alone wouldn't be able to take it on. So reluctantly he contacts Buffy, and they all head out to here, where we all know things will be awkward and tense to say the least. But Angel is champion at the end of the day, and will do anything to save the world and he people he loves and cares for.

    Cordelia: After the Powers the Be woke her up from her coma and she got Angel back on his path, she knew her job thus far was over. She then walked away, but she didn't stay away for long. She couldn't. So she went back, into W&H and into Angels life. Being back in Angels life was the most nerve-racking thing Cordelia had to face, but he had taken it well. It was just like old times. She fitted in. But the only major thing that changed was she was now so in Love with Angel, she knew something had to be done. The kiss still lingered in her mind and she knew soon thigns would have to be said. They shared those unspoken glances, she knew they both ached for each other, but she didn't know who would make the first move to make them a couple. Then a vision hits her and all things come into play.

    Wesley: Wesley survived the Black Thorn and will now play a vital part in the fighting of the up and coming darkness. With his talent and book smarts he along with a teams which consists of Fred, Giles and Andrew will work all hours of the day to find out the way to end it all.
    He is now also able to advance and make more of his feelings for Fred. After the battle he will propose to Fred, and they together will plan or try to plan a wedding through out the mess which is doom setting in.

    Fred: After the to do with Knox, she did get infected with Illyira, But Wesley, Gunn and the whole science division of W&H worked around the clock to save her?and they did. But Illyria still survived, so they both co-exist together, which is weird on both parts. Fred works closely with Wesley, and her feelings for him have developed deeply, and she hopes it will continue to become more. Little does she know he is set to ask her to marry him, and as they are setting off to Rome, no lace would be better for a wedding.

    Gunn: After the who debarked with fred, he gave u on the brain smarts and the lawyer thing. He wanted to get back into the real reason why he became a vampire hunter in the first place. He wanted to get back to his roots and to fighting, so he gave it all up. So he heads out to Rome with the gang, where he develops a soft spot for Faith.

    Spike: He survived the fight alright, and all he wanted to do after was eat, drink and shag. Nothing new there then, and he did play it up for a while?until Cordys vision hit and he knew they were heading to Rome, and to Buffy. This didn't sit too well with him. But now with Angel pretty much shacked up with Cordelia he thought about Buffy and how this would effect them. He knew she was still with the ponse of a boyfriend the Immortal, but he was willing to bet as soon as he showed up things would change?little did he know as well as Buffy having that effect on him, a certain feisty brunette slayer would also get his guns a blazing.

    Illyria: She is still trying to come to terms with everything this big new world has to offer and throw at her. With Fred surviving it throws her a bit, and she spends a lot of time watching her, which unnerves Fred. Fred has very little to do with Illyria where as Illyria who is still new to this world has much to learn and thinks no one is better than Fred and Wesley to teach her. On arrival to Rome she fits in, especially with the Immortal.

    Buffy: Buffy loves life in Rome. All is going well for her. Sunnydale, Angel long gone but not forgotten. She has moved on. She still is a slayer, but is living it up large with her now boyfriend the Immortal. When she hears Angel and the gang are coming over, she knows she cant really turn them down. But all this brings u a lot of mixed emotions for her. Seeing Angel again?.And obviously when they turn up, she will learn that Spike is still alive, and that no doubt will be a show in itself. How would they react to each other?there is a lot of inside, unspoken things to be cleared up between them, and then she will learn of the developments in Cordy and Angels romance, and she will be forced to work with old lovers and old friends once more.

    Willow: After Sunnydale, Willow headed of to have some Vacation time away with Kennedy. After that she and Kennedy then went to work with different covens on different planes. But soon they will hear about the next big bad and head back to Rome to help out all they can.

    Xander: After everything that happened in Sunnydale, he needed some time out to get over it. So he went out to Africa and tried to find some inner peace. But Buffy soon called him and brought him back to Rome. There too he would have to deal with personal issues?Seeing Cordelia, Seeing Faith?dealing with saving the world one more time.

    Faith: She left Sunnydale and headed to Cleveland with Robin and a group of new slayers to keep an eye on the hell mouth there. And for a while she was happy. Contented to be there, to be with Robin. But soon it became all too much. Faith wasn't the settling down type. So she sdid what she did best, messed it all up and ran away?And where did she run too? She ran to Rome?to Buffy?and when there she meets Spike again.?he challenges her, and excites her?so who know where or what this could lead too.

    Dawn: Is in love with everything about Rome. She feels as if she really belongs here. She loves the life, the fashion, everything. And for a while leads a normal teenage life?until everyone shows up. She too will be surmised to learn Spike is still alive, as she has missed him more than she would ever let on to anyone. Including Buffy.

    Andrew: He is now a key figure in the scoobies and is absolutely thrilled with this. He lives with Buffy and Dawn and has taken on an active watcher role, which he takes very seriously. The thought of the LA Gang and everyone joining forces together is such a huge thing to him. Still geeky and as funny as ever, is our Andrew and he really cant wait for everyone to get there.

    Giles: Will be called back from England to head out to Rome when it all gets too much for them to handle. Wesley requested Giles help, and Andrew called him and got him over. Giles is pleased to be back into the group and in the mix of things and is pleased to see some old familiar faces along the way.

    Ok the next list of characters, can be brought in as extras if anyone really wants to play them. If you do let me know and I will bring in character bios for them. So if anyone wants:
    The Immortal
    PM me or post and let me know.

    Im sorry to say I probably wont have any made-ups as I really want to kee this based on the show.


    1: Keep the characters true to form.
    2: Post for only your character, you have no control over anyone else's.
    3: Post at least every other day, and please people, no one liner posts?(3 lins min plz) I want depth, I want emotions, I want feelings?
    4: No killing of anyone's character, unless they want too and I say so.
    5: HAVE FUN!!!!

    Any ideas/Comments etc let me know, I hope this picks up, I have high hopes for this, I think it will be good.
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    Im gonna temp Buffy for Sassy while shes away.
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      I can temp Dawn if you want until someone wants her?

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        Sure thanks, that would be great.

        ive already started posting, so feel free to post when ur ready.
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          ...i'm angel as usual. thanx.

          i'll post real soon. later tonight. possibly.and if really don't mind...really would like to hve faith.
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            Faith and Angel are both yours hun. Thanks for joining.
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              hi ya!...its Lola.

              SO Soz. I didn't post yet!!! I'll do all of them, tomorrow night. promise.


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                posted. finaly.
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                  lol yay! Will go read it now.
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                    I'm really sorry guys...
                    I am not feeling in the writing mood... I haven't been for a couple of days now and still today...

                    Probably won't be posting....
                    Just under it, actually.


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                      Thats ok, just post sure insperation will find you soon.
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                        Aww thanks. It's just I get to the post box thing and I pause and then I sigh and can't write anything. God! I'm so annoyed!!
                        Just under it, actually.


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                          i know that feelings. its so fustrating.
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                            Mini Ff....

                            Mini FF

                            Everyone please read and and take note, this is a mini ff and it involves all chacters...

                            Angel, Cordy, Wesely, Spike, Fred and Illyria have left LA, and are now in Rome.
                            Cordy and Angel sat together in the plane, but spoke very little. He finds it too hard to tell her the truth, and Cordy is mixed up with all of this.

                            Wesley and Fred had an enjoyable flight, he is still planning on asking her to marry him, and will do once settled in Rome.

                            Spike and Illyria spend most of the flight bickering and always fun.

                            Ok we pick up with the LA gang arriving in LA. Angel has called ahead and told Buffy he will be arriving, but he hasnt told her about Spike...that is down to Spike.

                            Buffy is aprhensive about seeing the LA gang, and she knows the Immortal isnt hapy with it.
                            Dawn is excited about seeing them all, as is Andrew

                            With Buffy knowing of the arrival of the LA Gang, she makes some calls to Willow And Xander, who then head over to rome.

                            (so who ever is playing Xander and Willow, you may bring them in now...sorry for the wait, and thank you)

                            We will start with the LA gand settling into Romes W&H.
                            Buffy and the scoobies will be getting ready to head over to W&H to meet up with them, and some big suprises will be revealed.

                            Also does anyone want to take on Connor? He will play a vital part in the rp.

                            Ok guys so thats the FF....So feel free to post again, with the LA gan all in Romes W&H

                            And Buffy and her gang at Buffys house.
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                              Hi guys,

                              Im away until thrus 19th, so wont be posting until then.

                              Carry on with the rp tho.

                              Willow and Xander can come in now.

                              Sassy Ive temmped Buffy for you, read whats gone on and now she is yours to take over.

                              As for Cordy and Fred,while im away they can be out and about somewhere...i'll catch up and post on thrus.
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                                Big Bad Needed....

                                Big Bad Needed...

                                Ok guys, im a loving this rpg so far, you are all fab in it.

                                But we need a new evil big bad in this rp. A reason for Darla telling Angel to head to Rome...i for now am drawing a blank of whi i want as the big bad..

                                So please guys have a think and post any comments/ideas/suggestions here, or PM me...and plz do, dont think it will be down to others..if there is a Buffy/Angel villian you liked and would like to see back again....let me know...Also i have no one in mind to rp the big if you want to play a evil baddie..let me know.

                                Ok Connor is also open, so if anyone would like to play him, let me know.

                                See you on thrus.

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                                  Ok im back.....did ya miss me?

                                  And come on guys, im a little one has posted in my rpg...and no one has any ideas/comments about my bad guys...that makes me sad.

                                  So ok im back plz!!!!
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                                    Yay! Your back.

                                    I'm not sure how I should bring Xander into it
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                                      lol ty hun

                                      As for Xander...well i had Buffy phone him and let him know whats going just have him turn up at her place.
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                                        So sorry guys. I've been confined to my bed with my terrible toothache, which is why I have been unable to come online. But I'm back now, so all is good!

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