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  • EVERY SECOND [Adult]


    This will serve as Inspirations for a fic I'm planning to write... here is a little Intro.

    Somewhere high in the desert, beside a curtain of blue and past the exits to freeways that twist like knots on the gut is a place who offers a disturbingly gentle company as it tells its story with hollowness that haunts you with brightly lit streets and dirty boulevards. Its Where the burning decay of nameless corpses who littler the crimson streets severs as the red carpet to hell. Its a condemned land who has yet to elect an individual to blame for its downfall and so instead it damns every lost soul that wonders into its cobwebs.

    The naive will call it Los Angeles-Home to heavens Lost Angels. But the Angels call it L.A-the Devil's whore house.

    And the foolish individual who dares to take a drive there to breath the air of ashes is merely in need of place to go, a home. Its always someone who needs to beg, steal or borrow. Although sometimes they are looking for the runaways of whom they lost among the withering palm trees and spilling blood. Because in LA its the mortals who creep out from alleyways and hide in the dark corners like frightened vermin, since this beautifully dark city is the new nesting ground for demons, vampires and all other creature of darkness.

    Although, Its sweet and bitter taste serves as ditch of iniquity and tears, its where the strongest of champions are made to crouch in all fours. Its A place where you'll hear forsaken lives whimper in the breeze and watch shotgun roundabouts bend in the haze. Its where the relentless sun holds no regrets and the bleak stars fall from the sky while the Angels are driven insane and palm tress are candles in the wind. But this sinfully beautiful city is more than a crumbling concrete nightmare. It's a City where the billboards keep on warning you; if you don't keep moving, you'll get stuck in this place where nobody gets out alive.


    Interested? If you are go here and see what characters are open. Otherwise feel free to chat about the RPG right here and ask questions. ya know...waste time.
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    Los Angeles, eh?

    Oh how I love this town. Every last single stinkin' rotten bit of it. It's the one place on earth a feller like me can really relax. I mean REALLY take a load off.

    And how often can you say that these days, hmm?

    There is not a thing here that I could wish different. I love it's cracked old walkways. The dirty beaches. The bent politicans.

    I was about to say but most of all, I love the deep, dark underbelly of this town. The delightfully morbid, unavoidably putrid, seedy, festering underbelly that keeps a big ol' grin on me grizzled fizzog.

    But then that wouldn't be quite true now, would it?

    Because the thing that I love most of all about LA, is the people. Their indefatigable hopelessness, and willingness to accept everything jus' the way it is. Almost every last one of them, a lost, wandering soul, with nowhere to go.

    City of Angels? Pull the other one.

    This is MY town.
    A story that was told has now grown taller than we'd ever want to be...


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      Lilah let out a small groan as she moved under the covers. She wriggled her body into the arms of the man lying next to her. Even after all their late night activates, which worked up a sweat, she could still smell the cologne he wore, the one that drove her crazy, and invaded her senses like nothing else ever had.
      She felt his hand running through her dark hair, which hung lose down her back, and she forced her self to open her eyes. As she did she was greeted by his smiling face. "Hey" She spoke, her voice still edged with sleepiness, but she looked up and placed a kiss on his jaw, which was rough with a days worth of stubble. She then moved up, as he wrapped his arms around her and nibbled at his ear, until he playfully tickled her. She moved away and playfully hit him. She grabbed the covers and snuggled down deeper into her bed and looked around her messy apartment. , the clothes which they had both worn the day before scattered around the dully lit bedroom. Lilah didn't care about the mess. In fact her whole life was a bit of a mess right now. The one thing that only seemed to fit and be right was her and Wesley. And well that came as a big shock to her. Lilah didn't do feeling or emotions, she was out to gain for her and her only. Other people never filtered into her equation of life?that was until Wesley walked into her life, and changed it completely, and secretly, part of her liked the effect he was having on her. Though shed never tell him, or anyone else for that matter. But she did care for him?love him in fact, and she was pretty sure the feeling was mutual. But even with some one in her life, lilah wasn't going to change her out look. Her number one priority was always herself. She shifted her legs so they entwined with his. "up for round 4...or was it 5?" She teased as she felt him slid his hands down her back.

      ((will post for Cordy on Sat))
      That Fallen Little Angel on your shoulder.
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        Illyria sighed as she looked around this godforsaken place. She smiled... Well there was a god now... And she would make her presence known. The blue godess walked around the town watching the humans just walking there. She watched them disgusted. She shook her head slightly leaning agianst a wall... She was gonna have so much fun here... that much she knew. She scanned the area again a smiled still on her lips. Yes, she could learn to like it here.

        Connor sighed as he looked around LA, his town. He narrowed his eyes shaking his head. He had learned the hard way not to care about what was going on around here. The teen looked around eyes hard wondering what he was gonna run into. He brought a cigarette to his mouth taking a deep drag as he strolled the streets not bothering to even look at the f*cking mess it had become... or maybe almost been... what the hell did he know...?
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        hiding, scared
        why won't it let go?
        What did I do?
        Will it ever end?
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          Vitor woke on the bed in his run-down apartment, in the drug-pusher end of town. Blinking the morning sunlight out of his eyes, he turned and looked at the clock. It was around ten in the morning.

          He had a busy day ahead of him.

          Sitting up and rubbing his face, Vi reached over and extracted a Marlboro from the almost empty pack that lay on his bedside table, and fumbled unproductively in the semi-dark for a lighter. Unable to find one, he stood and walked over to the dresser on the other side of the room, where he located a box of matches, of which he proceeded to remove one, strike it, and light his first smoke of the day.

          Choosing not to bother with breakfast, he showered and dressed, fixing his rapier in it's scabbard with a leather belt around his waist, which he deliberately offset at a jaunty angle, and, picking up his tin of tobacco and a pack of skins, he made his way out of the door, returning only briefly to pick up the twin Glock automatics that lay on the key table by the door, and place them in the two identical holsters that he wore under his jacket.

          It was a sign of the times that a man could walk through the streets of Los Angeles with such poorly concealed weaponry. The police had long since given up and left town, or else were now themselves tools of the corrupt city officials. Or drug addicts.

          See, there were no decent districts in this city. Not anymore, at least. Between the warring gangs and factions, the Mafia and the drug barons, there wasn't much of the city left for the innocent.

          Oh...and then, of course, there was the South of the city. Downtown. Where the OTHER major shareholders in this god-forsaken hellhole chose to lead their "lives".

          A story that was told has now grown taller than we'd ever want to be...


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            Jessica lit a cigarette as she walked the streats of her new home. She put an arm around her little sister as she let some guy fly away from them. She had only just found out what she could do and was now enjoying the freedom it gave her. The little girl at her arm just smiled at her "eindelijk" she said and Jessica nodded "ja... het werd tijd" she sighed running a hand through her long black hair. She then walked into some appartment kicking the ones who were in there out "it's ours now" she simply told the people as she waved her hand throwing them on the streets. She then put her sister to bed and stood by her side keeping watch as she stared out the window...
            hiding, scared
            why won't it let go?
            What did I do?
            Will it ever end?
            Ever get better?


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              At the side of a dusty highway, Dawn waited for a car to drive by. She knew it wouldn't be long before some dirty old man stopped to pick her up. She was dressed a bit like a hooker, leather pants and a short red top. Her hair was down, straight, the way she'd always worn it since she was a kid. She still looked pretty young- but that's never stopped any guy from trying to take advantage of her before. Little did they know, she could more than take care of herself.

              Just as she expected, a pick-up truck pulled up beside her. "Need a ride?" an old guy who kind of looked like a farmer asked. He didn't look like the nasty leeching type. She was glad and happily climbed in next to him, nodding a thanks. "Where you headed?" he asked after a moment of silence.

              "L.A," Dawn responded dully. No big deal.

              The old farmer took his eyes away from the road to take a good look at her. "LA? Are ya kidding me? It's not safe. Does your family live nearby? I'll take ya there."

              Dawn shook her head. "Just take me as close to LA as you'll go."

              The farmer sighed. "You remind me of my daughter." He paused. "She's gone now. The world is a dangerous place, hun. Just go home, will ya?"

              "Whatever," Dawn said and looked out the window at the fields flipping by.

              "I'll take you to LA," the farmer said softly and the rest of the ride was silent.

              He dropped her off at the outskirts of the city. She confidently ventured into the city, confident she could deal with anyone- or anything that would come across her path. She lit up a cigarette and inhaled deeply, smiling slightly. This was where she belonged.


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                Oz & Giles

                Cool and composed as always, Oz killed the engine of his growling van and looked over to Giles, who sat in the passenger seat wearing a frown. He followed Giles' gaze to the building that they were parked behind, Caritas, karaoke bar belonging to a demon named Lorne.
                'Are you sure this is the right place?' asked the former-Watcher.
                Oz observed the building for a moment. It looked fairly rundown and as though it had seen a fire or two in the recent years. He wasn't sure whether it would be a bad thing if this wasn't the place they were looking for but he decided to stay positive.
                'Pretty much, yeah.' he nodded, taking the key from the ignition.
                'Come to think of it, I'm not sure what I was expecting for a demon hideout,' Giles murmured as pulled a hankerchief from his pocket to clean his glasses.
                'No time like the present.' Oz opened his door to get out but before he could step onto the ground and breath fresh air again, Giles grabbed his arm. Passing him a stake, Giles nodded, 'Just incase.'
                For a second Oz wondered what use a stake would be against anything other than a vampire but he wasn't in the mood to discuss this, he just wanted to get what he had came for. Though on second thoughts, a stake through the heart of most creatures tended to do the trick.

                The watcher and the werewolf pulled themselves from the seats they had been sat in for what seemed like days and once again felt the ground beneath their feet. Though as they approached the building, they got the distinct feeling that their journey wasn't going to end just yet. In fact, quite the opposite.
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                  Wesley didn't even notice Lilah was there after their 5th time. He hadn't noticed her for a very long time. He lay there panting and sweating whilst looking up at the ceiling. He did not bother to answer Lilah's unworthy question. He stared and stared at the ceiling until his eye caught a fly that had perched itself where he was looking. He stared at the fly. He did not want to go to sleep, for when he did, he had nightmares.
                  He looked to his left and saw the side table which had lying on it a half empty bottle of vodka. He knew the other several bottles were lying on the ground somewhere, and a few were in the bed, if you would call it a bed anymore, and a tiny bit of the contents had spilled on the sheets but honestly, he didn't know if it was vodka or c**, mostly it was all the same thing now. His heart had been beating fast but now it was going slow. He needed another swig of drink. He reached over and lazily snatched up a bottle and drank it down. The taste didn't bother him anymore, in fact he ravished it. He threw the bottle down and then without looking or thinking or feeling about her, he kissed Lilah hard. He felt nothing...
                  Just under it, actually.


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                    I never was Maternal. Always hated the mere existence of a child and anyone would have known it; that is if they had the Ill-luck to meet me and its not like they'll ever live to tell. So, it comes in strange when I think of myself as a mother. I can't quite understand the concept of it, what it's suppose to mean to me or what I'm suppose to do about it.

                    I sometimes dream about a woman, the woman who made me but that memory is vague and the girl she whipped was not me, not anymore. But when I think about that woman, it reminds me of who I might of have been, a oddly prominent part of who am and that's a whore, the daughter of a whore.

                    So maybe the skill of motherhood was never blessed upon me. No whore in the face of existence is capable of raising a beautiful child, its simply impossible. I know that better than anyone and believe me I've tried to spawn at least one of those cherry-cheeked-smiling children but somehow my efforts escaped unnoticed.

                    Here I am, watching what came out from my womb, what I given birth to as they play and I can't help but Smile when I realise that I have spawned something more than special. Truthfully, I gave birth to beautiful creatures. Like my Darling boys-Angelus and Connor. Both mine, both been inside me and are forever-for keeps. Yes, they are made in two completely different manners. Non the less, its all birth to me.

                    Like any Feline, I had expected my kittens to find a pride of their own and much to my dismay they did- Angelus had done so. While Connor is still learning how to be a Lion, waiting for that faithful day where he'll fight his father for the pride and I too cannot wait till my Angelus comes home.

                    Although meanwhile, the Pride Rock and the Pride itself belongs to another deadly kitten form my litter box. William. Now, that had been unexpected and yet its fitting. So maybe, I might be maternal after all- How else could have I given light to the most lethal pack of predators walking the earth?

                    I had always known birth to be painful but had never believed it to be this fulfilling



                    "It's a pretty world" Dru murmured, giddily. Her dark eyes wide with innocence and broken sanity as her wine dress swayed with her hips, flowing with a child like grace. "Don't you think Mummy" she asked the older vampiress standing beside her-who was watching the waste land unfold before them.

                    The blond simply nodded. "Yes. Yes it is Dru" Darla eyes burned on the her boy leaning against the wall, across the street. She knew he wasn't aware of her watching him and she wanted to keep it that way since the boy doesn't take it too lightly when he finds out that she has been stalking him but then again wants a mother to do? He's young. She then frowned, catching on what she just been referred to-as "and stop calling me that!" She snapped.

                    Drusilla jumped a little and then after a second she giggled. "Oh. OK. Pretty daughter" she corrected innocently.

                    Darla's frown deepened and she rolled her eyes before turning to face her gran-childe yet weirdly her sire. "Why don't we go get ourselves a lovely little girl to eat then?" She suggested, a icy yet pleasant smile creamed on her lips.

                    "Will Spuky come?" Dru asked, eyes widening with excitement.

                    "No." Darla began the opposite direction to Connor. "He has something to tend to" She informed, feeling Drusilla pout and hurry after her whist wining. "But?he needs to find me the dolly I want"

                    "Well. Mrs Edith is alright for now" The blond muttered in response, still prowling within the shadows as blue eyes scanned the surroundings for a suitable meal.

                    "No. not Ms Edith. I mean the naughty one?they made her?" Drusilla stopped and began spinning around on the spot whist staring up at the black sky "She's so shinny and alone"

                    Darla glanced over her shoulder with an expression that's more than irritated. "Dru. Whatever it is William will get it for you. Now stop dancing on the streets and start hunting like the good girl you are"

                    Dru beamed at her Grand-sire and nodded. "I am a good girl."

                    Darla smiled and reassumed her pacing. "Good. Come on then"

                    "I'm A good girl. Daddy said so" Dru added for herself.

                    "yes he did and yes you are. Now come on" Darla assured and ordered softly.

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                      Strolling unhurriedly down the sidewalk headed towards the south of the city, Vitor felt uncharacteristically content. The sun shone brightly down on the largely empty streets, and a gentle breeze caressed his face. It reminded him of his first home back in Spain, where the sun beat down relentlessly in the summer, but was so often countered by the light, cooling winds that blew in off the Atlantic.

                      Puffing on his cigarillo, Vitor often enjoyed the daytime. Being half human, he didn't have to worry about the sun. And it was always so much more peaceful than night time in this part of the city. Without the mayhem and chaos that sun-down brough, you could almost believe that LA had once been a beautiful and vibrant town. Almost.

                      Pausing to sit on a long-disused bench, one of the few that still remained out of the many thousands that had once been scattered around the city, he reached inside his jacket and extracted one of his customised automatics, removing the clip, checking it, and replacing it.

                      In truth, he only carried guns out of spite. Very rarely was he bothered by any of the humans in this town. He had a...reputation, shall we say.

                      He had long ago learned that guns can't kill a vampire. They just hurt like hell.

                      Wandering a little further now, he was close to the centre of Vampireville, and was more than a little surprised when he came accross a young girl wandering the streets with a vague smile on her face.

                      She could have been no more than perhaps seventeen or eightteen, and was strikingly pretty. Her clothes didn't leave much to the imagination either, and Vitor found his eyes roving greedily over her body. She still hadn't seen him.

                      Now here was a chance to do something that he really enjoyed. Scaring the living crap out of people.

                      Ducking into the shadows of a few nearby trees, he became all-but invisible. One of the upsides of being a half demon...he could simply fade into the shadows. Disappear whenever he felt like it...

                      Jumping up into the branches, he waited for the girl to walk underneath, going a little way past him, before speaking...

                      "A little off your patch this far south, don't you think, querida?"

                      And, seeing her look around confused, he let himself rematerialize again, appearing in a crouched position on a branch above her head, with a gun in either hand.

                      The girl is Dawn, btw. Just for Laura's benefit =P
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                      A story that was told has now grown taller than we'd ever want to be...


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                        Connor leant against a wall blowing out some smoke when he felt eyes on him. He sighed, he knew that feeling. It meant his mother was close. He glanced around but was unable to find her presence. The boy shook his head He had spent most his life in quor toth with Holtz listening to stories about what his mom and dad had done. Then he had found a way back only to find this f*ucked up place wasn't any better then that damn hell dimension... and then Holtz died so he now was alone. He now was unsure how he felt about all of this... his mother this close... he just didn't know.... It wasn't like any of it really mattered though... nothing did, that is what he had learned at a young age. He threw away his cigarettebut stamping it out before continuing his walk.

                        Jessica stared out the window. She actually needed to stretch her legs for a bit. She glanced over at the little girl on the bed before letting her eyes wonder outside again. It wouldn't matter... She could protect her sister just by thought alone and so she stepped out on the streets lighting another cigarette looking around. There was some blond chick talking to a brunette walking by. She smirked shaking her head slightly pulling her butlong hair back in a braid as she leant against the wall of their building the shadows slightly hiding her as she took a deep drag before releasing the smoke into the air...she was finally gonna enjoy life and live it to the max. And the best part was.. there was noone here to stop her... her lips formed into a smile as she stretched her body
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                        hiding, scared
                        why won't it let go?
                        What did I do?
                        Will it ever end?
                        Ever get better?


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                          Lorne was panicking.

                          Now this wasn't anything particularly new. In itself, anyway. He did quite a lot of panicking. He considered himself a seasoned professional at it. He even found himself panicking for other people sometimes.

                          It was the reason for his panic that worried him.

                          Stalking around the room, or lounging lazily on various chairs, or sofas, or chaise longs around the main stage, were several vampires.

                          Again, this was nothing new. When you own a demon bar, you have to expect the odd vampire or seventy. In fact, some of Lorne's best friends were vampires.

                          But these guys...these were new. Lorne didn't recognize any of them.

                          And that would probably explain why they had him locked up captive in his own bar.

                          As the last vamp that had sung walked up to him, he wished vehemently that they would just go away.

                          "So...what's going on with me?" he growled.

                          Lorne sighed.

                          "Ehhh...your head is all over the place. You don't know what to do now that you're a vampire, and you can't get used to the blood lust and sucking on people who might've been your friends once over freaks you out. Nothing more serious than the vamp equivalent of teen angst, I'm afraid."

                          The vamp reeled a little, stunned.

                          "Oh, and I also predict a horrible, dusty, fiery death in your near future", added Lorne, sardonically.

                          The vamp mused on this for a moment, and then growled again.

                          "You lie!" he shouted, grabbing Lorne by the throat.

                          Eyes wide, Lorne just about managed to speak again...

                          "Y'know you guys are in SO much trouble when Angel gets back!"

                          And with that, he passed out.
                          A story that was told has now grown taller than we'd ever want to be...


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                            Willow trailed her black nails along the crumbling paint of the factory walls. Letting out an exasperated sigh, she tilted her head, letting her red locks slide over her porcelain shoulder.
                            As she glided towards the two vampire guards at the end of the hall, she ran her pale hands over their chests and walked through the cold steel door. She stood there a moment, transferred her weight onto her right leg and gazed over the dark room. She slowly navigated her way to the other end of the large room, taking care to smile politely at the many men and women hung by their arms around the room. Some had enough life in them left to slightly shrink away from her lingering touch, but most just looked at the vampire with cold, hollow eyes, no longer caring about what might happen.

                            Willow unlocked the cage door and stepped in. She was immediately met with howls and deep growling from the three werewolves chained at the neck.
                            She tilted her head to the side and an angelic smile played at her dark red lips.
                            "They still haven?t changed. I?m glad. How long will they stay like this?"
                            At her question, a small man emerged from the shadows. He was of slight build and held his petite hands close to his chest. Another rodent of L.A.
                            "Err?heh?the, err, Initiative were only in their very early stages with the, errr?technology. I'm still not positive how the serum will effect individual wolves."
                            "Ohh, that?s OK, practice makes perfect," said Willow as she leaned closer to one of the wolves. "Besides, I haven?t broken necks in a while."


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                              He lay there for a while. That time wasn't anything new to him. Nothing that he hadn't already done before. Wesley briefly looked over at Lilah, but no emotions arose. He wasn't under the blankets anymore, in fact the blankets weren't on the bed, they were on the ground somewhere. Oddly enough, he didn't care. He didn't care about a lot of things anymore...
                              He got up off the bed and walked over to the window and peered out of it at the City of so-called Angels. It was night, but then again, it was always night. Not literally, but his world had turned a dark shade of black. When was the last time he had slept? Two, three nights ago?? He wasn't sure of it.
                              He heard Lilah in the background but ignored her. He looked down at his arms, which were covered in tiny cuts and teeth marks. He had got them from fights, well, either that or another form of fighting. He didn't think to deeply about that sort of crap anymore. Not like he used to anyway.
                              "Get out." He said softly and gently. He was speaking to Lilah, but deep down, he could hear the words sit somewhere in his soul. If such a thing still existed in this form. He didn't hear any reply and hoped she had just left.
                              He stood there, not knowing what he would be doing next, but he felt in the mood for getting wasted. The vodka obviously wasn't strong enough since he still remembered how to feel. He could feel the hard wood under his hands. he could still feel the floor underneath his feet. He could still feel that something wasn't right. He didn't want to be able to feel such things...
                              Just under it, actually.


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                                Dawn heard a voice and she stopped dead in her tracks. Even though she put up a badass front, she was still as weak and scared as any human inside. She frowned a little and looked around her for where the voice could have come from, confused. There didn't seem to be anyone around. She had always been taught to look up. She looked up just in time to see a guy materialize out of thin air into the branches above her. He held two guns. She immediately put up her hands.
                                Fu*k, don't shoot," she said. If only this guy was on the ground; she could probably kick him in the nuts or bash his head into the sidewalk before he even realized what was happening. Faith had taught her to use her human strength to the fullest.


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                                  Giles couldn't help but feel there had been some history in the alleyway they stood in but his memory failed him. Giles looked down the dingy road and then up into the clouded sky. The sun was still up, the bar wouldn't be open yet but he would be here.

                                  The pair, weary from travel but determined none-the-less, looked at each other for a moment, the kind of eye contact that can only happen between close friends. They were finally going to get some answers. They proceeded to force their way through the old rusting door into the back of Caritas.

                                  They found themselves in a dark room, this wasn't particularly unusual amd neither were the noises coming from deeper in the building. Drunken chants and angry voices. Vampires? Demons? Whatever it was, they didn't sound happy. The two crept towards the opposite doorway and Oz, in a seemingly professional manner, got himself flat against the wall and peered his head round the corner. Giles felt the tension in the air rise but it soon disappeared when Oz announced,
                                  'Okay. Thats just another room.'
                                  They headed through the second room, which was as badly lit and empty as the first one, and into a corridor that appeared to lead to the main part of the building. They headed up through another backroom and silently hid behind some boxes at the side of the stage. The two nervously lifted their heads to take a look at the situation.

                                  On the edge of the stage laid a bright green demon, looking somewhat dead from Oz's perspective. Stood near him was a particularly mean looking vampire who was addressing a rabble of a crowd sat around various parts of the bar.


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                                    Lilah knew Wesely was distant from her. In some form it bothed her, but mainly, she didnt vare either. Deep down she knew that. She didnt love him, for a while she may have thought she did. But really...he was just another notch on her bed post. He told her to get out, and she was willing to do that. She slipped her black dress on, throwing her panties into her bag. She ran a hand through her hair, and grabbed her shoes and sliped them onto her feet. She said nothing to Wesely as she left his appartment. She knew when he needed that perverable itch scratched again hed call her...he always did. And to be honest that arrangement suited her just fine.

                                    She stepped out into the cool air and breathed it in. She loved LA. She loved everything in it, and everything about it. She smiled as she made her way down the road, rummingin in her bag for the keys to her appartment.

                                    Cordelia jet landed her back in LA. She hadnt missed it. Infact while she was away in New York fliming she handt given the hollywood hills a second thought. She did like the fame and the fortune though. I guess She had become a shallow version of herself. Cordelia Chase, was now rich, famous and liked to think she ruled the world.
                                    Cordelia was trying to ignore the fact La was calling to her. It had been a long time since she had been in the city. It was a city that was full of memories, alot of painful too. The city of Angels...She let out a laugh. And for a second her mind breifly thought about Angel, and the times she had with him and the others. But those days were long gone. Everyone had died..or moved on. Cordy had been granted her dreams, she had wealth, fame, celeb status, all the clothes and shoes she could ever wish for.

                                    As she walked down the builivard of broken dreams she flicked her waste lenght very dark hair over she shoulder, and the sound of her expensive jimmy chooes cliked in the sidewalk as she made her way to no where in particular. Her atire was glamours. She knew people were looking at her. Her little Gucci dress showed off her long tanned legs, tiny waste, and perfect breasts to a tea. cordelia Chase looked good and god she knew it.
                                    That Fallen Little Angel on your shoulder.
                                    Scary Just got Sexy!


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                                      Willow sat in the back of the car and distractedly watched the dismal scenery from her darkened window. Tonight her faction's numbers were going to double, making hers the second biggest in L.A. It was going to be a challenge, she would probably lose some of her new dead.

                                      "What?s taking so long? I?m starting to lose that shiny, excited feeling," she said, pouting.
                                      "There?s a road block up ahead," said her driver. "They?re clearing it."

                                      As her car eased forward, Willow watched her men fling corpses, some fresh, some not so, on to the sidewalks. As she watched, a smile spread across her face and she let out a nostalgic and satisfied sigh.

                                      "I love this town."


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                                        With a cold face cased in steel my nostrils flare a the smell of burnt cocaine and dolor as I strive along the wet concrete with eyes narrowing with disdain at the passing strangers realizing that the ones who are worth saving are diseased or broken with holes in their arms and I can't help but notice their need for self-mutilation as if knowing that- if they want to go to heaven, they otta die first.

                                        I see them walking, I dare call it walking because truth be told they stumble, stager, fall and drag themselves along the filthy streets. In response, A part of me wants to smile with ease and pride while the other simply craves the burning taste of expensive whiskey, needing the false warm blanket to shield the acidic guilt that eats at my dead insides.

                                        Guilt for knowing that I let LA fall to waste. Ashamed of the fact that I wasn't hero enough to save it and how now, I can't quite manage to force myself to regret my mistake.

                                        My frown deepens as I catch sight of him in time, causing me to swiftly sink deep into the shadows and withhold a stirring growl. He was standing there nursing away a cheep cigarette as predatory blue eyes scan the streets and lips curled into a ever-present smirk. And It struck me strange, On how he was simply standing there with his infamous long leather Jacket hanging loose from his shoulders as always expected, along with the somewhat sprayed on Jeans and tight black T-Shirt. Nothing ever changes about his appearance, not a single thing; let alone the licked back bleach blond hair.

                                        I know I'm expected to be at Caritas but Spike standing alone in the street is all together something else and A Something I need to worry about since I know with too much experience, that the rebellious little shit never stood still for a second, so when he does- I know to expect something bad.



                                        Barely three feet away within a blanket shadows, insatiable blue eyes began admiring the length of the other woman's legs, the modest curve of full breast peaking out from a charming cashmere black dress and the glistering tone of the skin stretching down her neck, ever so inviting and soft. Darla would have recognised the ex-lawyer as easily as she would her sweet boy-Lindsey.

                                        With a pleased smile Darla removed her eyes from the woman who was still looking for her keys, in order to search for Drusilla- who like always wondered off. All the more pleased she returned her undivided attention to the oblivious brunet and graciously stepped out from her little cocoon, baring a venomous smile to her red lips and a deadly glint to her blue eyes.

                                        Seductively valuing the length of the woman opposite her, the vampiress let her hips curve to the right as her fingers slowly traced the curve of her own exposed cleavage. "I'm so glad we let you live" her tone involuntarily seductive.

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