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  • Feedback for Veverka

    Post feedback for Veverka's fics in here.

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    Thanks for the thread Jo...

    Here is a list of my fics, which I hope you like... the list is a little thin, but I plan on writing more...

    A little non Buffyverse poem- just written by me a long time ago-

    The festival of Jo'ory- confusion ensues...
    My latest challenge entry.

    Making It So
    A work in progress, a first since it's in script format, which I don't usually do. It's just, all that British? Makes pretty sounds in my head! A look at how Buffy and Joyce got moved to Sunnydale.

    Born in a Basement, Died in a Basement
    An entry for King Of Cretins challenge- makin' up is hard to do. Featuring Faith and Xander.

    Voila: an entry for Joe's challenge. I'm under no illusions and don't consider it to be my best, but it's a bit of fun anyway!

    Pretty and Smart
    An Izzy piece, my first GA try.

    White Bread
    A 'Riley leaves Buffy coz he's an arse' piece. Sort of. He had his reasons, you see.

    A future fic, in which Willow and Oz meet.

    A little piece from Faith's POV on being the 'bad' slayer.

    For an old BW challenge, a future Tara meets an early season four Tara.

    Dying without a Reflection
    A bit of an 'insight' into Harmony's experience of waking up undead.

    Mist... Cemetery... Halloween
    Another BW challenge which has a bunch of random elements thanks to Aissy's imagination, and is a Faith/Dawn piece.

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      I read Tinkerbell and Sacrifice yesterday and am veryu impressed by both pieces.

      Tinkerbell is probably my favourite from the two, as i think you have early Tara pretty much nailed and i love that last line. It's also a pretty unique way of showing her internal thoughts which i really like.

      Keep it coming!

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        Oh, feedback! See, I'm sitting here smiling like a crazy thing coz you liked my fic... but I gotta get a wriggle on and start reading everyone else's fics too!

        Thanks Mark. To be honest I hadn't read Tinkerbell for ages, and couldn't remember the last line until I went to check it myself!


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          Vev, I should mention that your link to "Sacrifice" is broken.

          I love "Dying Without a Reflection". It takes one of the traditional elements of vampirism and explores it in terms of its meaning to us moderns--and is therefore hilariously funny. Kinda reminds me of what Spike thinks of garlic.
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            Thanks Mabus! I fixed the link, and I'm glad you enjoyed the Harmony piece- she's so fun to write!


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              Just read the drabble 'Divisions' and liked it a lot. Drabbles can be hard because of the restriction but the yin and yang that runs through it is nicely done. I like the last line.
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                Hee! "Divisions" is quite clever. Though, not being a coffee drinker, I wouldn't know. No, wait...I just do the same thing with Coke.
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                Feedback is always welcome here.


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                  I enjoyed Divisions a lot. Taking Angel's duality and extending it to the details of his life as well as the Angel/us division's a novel take on the thing. Nice!

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