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    "X" - SEASON ONE


    1.01 - 'People Like Us' [Series Premiere]
    CHARLES XAVIER, JEAN GREY, and SAGE travel to Nebraska to locate SCOTT SUMMERS. After he is attacked, WARREN WORTHINGTON III travels to the Xavier Mansion in hopes of finding sanctuary. BOBBY DRAKE'S abilities surfaces, but after he accidentally hurts someone, the entire town re-acts. The Brotherhood break into a Weapon X facility.

    1.02 - 'Untouched'

    1.03 - 'The Most Dangerous Game'

    1.04 - 'Mimic'

    1.05 - 'Artifacts'

    1.06 - 'Do You Know Where Your Children Are?'

    1.07 - 'Factor 3'

    1.08 - 'Past Lives'

    1.09 - 'Days of Future Past'

    1.10 - 'Our Fathers'

    1.11 - 'Second Genesis'

    1.12 - 'Gifted' [Season Finale]

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      Read 1.1 of Roads Less Traveled and heres what I think.

      Character wise the episode was pretty good. you can clearly tell the differences between the four main characters; something other series make hard sometimes. They all had their own ways of speaking and they're own attitude. I can see them developing well. I really liked the interaction between Taylor and Sullivan.

      The plot could have been gone into a bit more I think. Some more exposition and some more detail would have helped it. But it was a nice start for a series and has me wanting to read more. The issues with the plot I think come from the length, which I will get later.

      Cameos by my characters were well appreciated and worked! I can't wait to delve into some of the history between Taylor and the watchers training when we get to that point If we delve that much of course. And I would love big and proper crossovers.

      So length. This is what I felt needed to be improved most. I really wanted more in this episode and thought some extra scenes would have improved it. Of course since this is a beginning and you don't know your characters that much yet I don't want you to stretch them out, but its worth a shot methinks.

      Overall its about a 7.5 out of 10 I'd say. And I look forward to the next episodes coming up. I really feel this series will go far in the verse


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        Oh my god Thomas that was a GREAT episode! I really liked it. I love the way it was written and all the character. I have to say my favorite is Sadie; she is the perfrect reporter. I love how she pulls out her cell phone in the middle of an attack. I think the endning was wonder, love how they pick up Sadie. Taylor seems like a likeable person and I love her and Sullivan's chemistry. I really have no flaws I detected about RLT. I love it I give it a 2 thumbs up!
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