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    Hi y'all,

    this is the thread where you can suggest a fic to be read and discussed in our fanfic discussion group. If you have a fic on your mind you like to talk about, please let us know! We are always looking for stories we can discuss. Please add - if possible - a link where the fic can be found and a word count. Optionally you can also enclose a short summary, the rating, season, or genre of the story.

    Below you will find a list of the stories we have already read together as well as a list of the stories that we intend to read in the future. There is also a list of fics that are under consideration for a group reading.

    List of previous discussions

    A Better Man by Sunalso 13th April 2018

    Adieu, A Dew, I Do by Lizerrrbeathan 20th April 2018

    Journeys: A Promise To A Lady, by Mary 4th of May 2018

    Journeys: Awakenings, by Mary 11th of May 2018

    The Other Side Of Midnight by Holly 25th May 2018

    Wooded Path by Linnae13 1st June 2018

    Seven short fics within two weeks from 15th June 2018

    Long day`s Journey by anaross 13th July 2018

    Reflections by MsClawdia 20th July 2018

    Walking Midnight by aadler starting 1st August 2018

    Ahead of her Time by haylecc 3rd August 2018

    Colors by anaross starting 17th August 2018

    sex, lies and sonograms by Sabershadowkat starting 31th August 2018

    Debriefing Dana/Slayers memories by Hello_Spikey starting 21st September 2018

    Turn and Face the Strain series by Quinara

    - Part I The More Things Stay the Same starting 5th October 2018

    - Part II As Good as a Rest starting 12th October 2018

    - Part II Turn and Face the Strain starting 19th October 2018

    Whose Torment is this, Anyway? by Rebcake starting 2nd November 2018

    Life Harsh/Life Hard by Soulburnt starting whenever you are ready

    Home is where they Have to Let You In by slaymesoftly starting 9th November 2018

    Super Food World by Valerie X starting 23rd of November 2018

    Christmas Rage by TheEnemyOfReality starting 7th of December 2018

    The Mangy Lion by Puddinhead starting 14th of December 2018

    Marking Time by annapurna_2 starting 22nd of December 2018

    Siren Song by Morgana starting 18th of January 2019

    Bitty Buffy and Mr. Gordo Make an Impression by HCB starting 15th March 2019

    Do you Believe? by Rebcake starting 29th March 2019

    Mortal Enemies by Laure Alexander starting 5th April 2019

    Fin Amour by Angearia starting 12th April 2019

    Are We Just Friends?/Just A Summer Romance by slaymesoftly starting 26th of April 2019

    Hunger by sunalso starting 3rd of May 2019

    Strip Snap by Lilachigh 70 k starting 24th of May 2019

    Ties That Bind by rainsrabble starting 12th of July 2019

    Autumn's Advancing by Cosmic Tuesdays 12k words starting 26th of July 2019

    Fixing The Factors by ImmortallySpuffy 113k starting 9th of August 2019

    Green Smoke And Empty Mirrors by apprenticebard 42k starting 30th August 2019

    The Ethnocentrism of Vampthropology by Touchstoneaf 46k words starting 13th September 2019

    Paper Promise by Jess Marie 31k starting 11th of October 2019

    A Ghost Of A Chance by sabershadowkat 26k starting 18th of October 2019

    Six Foot Deep by Kita 15k starting 25th of October 2019

    Lost In Time by seductiveembrace 170k, starting 15th Novenber 2019

    Can I Rest Now by Eve 8k, starting 22nd November 2019

    Let Nothing You Dismay by Constance 20k starting 6th December 2019

    Merry Christmas Spike by Dutchbuffy 42k, starting 20th December 2019

    That I May Cease To be by cousinjean 18k,
    starting 7th February 2020

    Clearance by Treacle Antlers 17k, starting 21st February 2020

    Scars by JamesMFan 69k,
    starting 13th March 2020

    A New Dawn by kally77 42k starting 3rd April 2020

    When One Door Closes by married_n_mich 11k starting 10th April 2020

    Strawberry Fields by Holly
    starting 12th May 2020

    Starlight by Ariane 27k starting 19th June 2020

    Driving Till Dawn by PrettyPoppy, starting 4th September 2020

    The Waiting Season by Annie Sewell-Jennings, starting 13th September 2020

    Best Laid Plans by LavenderBixby starting 2nd October 2020

    Safe by Dusty starting 23rd October 2020

    Inside Man by Holly, starting 8th September 2020

    Listening to Reason by Twinkles starting 6th November 2020

    A Matter of Taste by Twinkles starting 4th December 2020

    in tandem with

    A Home at the End of the World by solstice (permanent WIP) starting 4th December 2020

    A Cricket from California/The Gift of the Magi, A Fairytale of Christmas by Elsa Frohmann starting 24th of December 2020

    The Darkling by OffYourBird starting 1st of January 2021

    A (Mostly) Comprehensive Guide to the End of the World by Annabellee starting 19th March 2021

    The U in Robot by Girlytek starting 23rd of April 2021

    Off Gear by Twinkles starting on 11th June 2021

    Ongoing discussion: Ex Magic by bookishy, starting 2nd September 2020

    Long Fic: The Color of Devotion by Rikki_oko starting 25th June 2021

    Older Fic: Hot Chocolate and its sequels Marshmallows and Games by juliatheyounger starting on 30th of July 2021

    Heart and Soul by Tiana, 50k starting on 10th of September 2021

    Imitation of a Man by Darkapple starting 9th of September 2021

    Current discussion: Prisoners of Love, Blue Skies Above by bewildered starting on 29th of October 2021

    Spike finds himself on the wrong side of the law, and Buffy ends up managing his rehabilitation. Unfortunately for both of them, the law just keeps on winning.

    Goes AU after Something Blue. Gleefully ignores the rest of Season 4 canon, except to score cheap laughs. Warnings for gratuitous bad language, shameless bad jokes, and one bad, bad vampire. Smuttier than planned.

    Prisoners of Love, Blue Skies Above by bewildered

    Pending discussions

    Long fics

    Carnivorous Carnival by Bewildered. 234k
    AU Season 5. A mysterious carnival has popped up near Sunnydale and someone has taken Spike's kittens! Choose your own adventure with more than 20 endings.
    On EF

    Death Wish by Sigyn. 191K
    AU Season 3 The Wish. The Wishverse continues after Anyanka's amulet is destroyed.
    On EF

    Betrayed, Forgotten, Abandoned by Loup Noir 159k
    AU Season 2 Becoming. Buffy and Spike leave together after Angelus initially defeats them.
    On EF

    When All You've Got is Hurt by Twinkles 156k
    Post-series Dawn is worried about Buffy.
    On EF

    Si Primo Venti by KittenOfDoomage 133k
    AU Pre-Series-Season 2 William was sired in the 1600s, making him older than Angelus.
    On EF

    And Here We Go Round Again by Megan 122k
    AU Season 6 Entropy. Spike makes a wish with Anya that he could meet Buffy all over again.
    On Spuffy Realm

    Summer's Lease by Iamblichus. 86K
    AU Season 4 Wild at Heart. After fighting a Mohra demon, Buffy finds her mortal enemy is now human.
    On EF

    Tabula Rasa Ad Aeternum by Kallysten (Kally77) & Kantayra 68k
    AU Season 6 Tabula Rasa The memory crystal is never broken
    On All About Spike

    Affinity by Ginmar 45 chapters
    AU Season 6. Doublemeat Palace. Spike decides to find Buffy some money to help her pay her bills.
    On All About Spike

    Spiegel im Spiegel by fallowdoe 51k
    AU Season 5 The Gift. Buffy fails to stop Glory
    On All About Spike

    To Heaven and Back by Synefred. 47K
    AU Season 6 Older and Far Away. Six months after Spike jumps off the tower to save the world, Dawn makes a fateful wish
    On EF

    May You Ever Return by Cosmic Tuesday 44k
    Post Series. Spike and Dru reestablish their bond after many years
    On EF

    Shards: A Series by Europania 36k words
    Post-Series. Buffy takes an interdimensional travel vacation to visit with the dead.
    On Spuffy Realm

    Before He Screwed it Up by Hello Spikey 34K
    AU Season 6 Wrecked. Spike makes a wish to fix his life that sends him back to the morning after the night of Smashed with his soul intact
    On AO3

    Dusk til Dawn by Sweetprincipale. 29K
    AU Season 5 Into the Woods. Buffy is drugged, injured, and trapped with Spike underground as they fend off demons
    On EF

    Denial by TheEnemyOfReality 28k
    AU Season 4 Primeval. After Willow casts a spell, Buffy and Spike find themselves stuck with one another
    On EF

    Battlestations by Vic Noir 28K
    AU Season 5. Spike dares Buffy to have sex with him.
    On EF

    Keep the Night - Spikesdeb 27k
    AU Season 2 School Hard. Buffy and Spike fall under a forgetting spell
    On EF

    Second String Scoobies by Jack of Spikes 27K
    AU Season 5 Into the Woods. Tara bonds with Spike and gathers Scoobies to protect him and Buffy
    On EF

    Beyond Truth and Lies by Megan 21k
    AU Post-Series. Buffy's plan to resurrect Spike goes badly
    On EF

    Imperial by Sunalso 21k
    AU Season 2 Becoming Buffy is sucked into Acathla after the events of Becoming
    On EF

    The English Patient by Pipergirl 20k
    AU Season 5 Pre Buffy vs Dracula. Buffy is forced to take care of a sick Spike
    On EF

    Smoke and Mirrors Rikki_oko. 15K
    AU Season 4 Hush. Buffy follows Spike to the local carnival
    On EF

    Love and Blackmail by Lirazel 15k
    AU Angel Season 5 Damage. Dawn is determined to get the truth out of Andrew and fix things between Buffy and Spike.

    A Mother Knows Best angelic_amy 14K
    AU Season 4 Something Blue. Whistler enlists Joyce to play matchmaker
    On EF

    One Shots

    Achilles Heel by Elizabeth
    AU Harsh Light of Day. Buffy and Spike are cursed
    On All About Spike


    Permanent WIPS

    Buffy Season Noir by Anna S. 315k words, (permanent WIP)
    AU Gone. The New Big Bad wants the Slayer of Slayers to help destroy Sunnydale once and for all
    On Archive of Our Own

    Ever Sun Ever Moon by St Ephiny 94k words, permanent WIP
    The First wasn't stupid, it had to know that Spike would win against Wood in that garage. Even if the fight wasn't fair. Even with the trigger driving him mad.
    So it stepped in.
    Just a single moment of intervention - and everything is different. One tiny second of distraction, and Buffy's world ends. She wasn't ready for him to be gone.

    On EF

    Ongoing WIPS

    Every Letter That You Write Me by Othellia. 173K (current ongoing WIP)
    AU Pre-Series. In a world where soulmates write on each other's skin, Spike finds himself attached to a five-year-old girl.
    On EF

    You are very welcome to join us. Please just drop me a pm or a line in this thread. We will be happy to have you participate in the discussion!

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    I have some more fics to suggest for our fanfic club. Please let me know what you'd like to read:

    The Waiting Season by Annie Sewell-Jennings 11k

    This Story is by a very well known Spuffy writer from times past who usually gets a lot of praise. Her fics are said to be rather dark. I think her most famous stories are Hard Candy and The Ballad of Joan and Randy. This story is a prequel to another story called Waking The Dead. The sequel unfortunately is a permanent WIP.

    Spiegel im Spiegel by fallowdoe 51k

    This story is a bit longer but still a rather short novel-length piece. I can't remember how I stumbled across it, who recced it to me or in which season it even takes place. The thing that caught my attention in the first place was probably the title which is German and means something like "Mirror in the mirror". It's also the title of a 70s composition which might or might not be referenced.

    Driving Till Dawn by PrettyPoppy
    This was a Seasonal Spuffy entry in 2018. I have no word count but it is rather short and I presume Dawn will make an appearance.

    Shards: A Series by Europania 36k words
    Buffy travels through dimensions post Chosen and meets other versions of Spike.

    When One Door Closes by married_n_mich 11k
    This is an Anne-fic, meaning Buffy has left Sunnydale after becoming Part 2 and now works as an waitress. It's one of my favorite Spuffy fic tropes.

    Achilles Heel by Elizabeth
    Another story I bookmarked for later reading and don't actually remember why or how or who recced it to me. It seems to be season 4ish and rather short.

    I would proceed with Clearance by Treacle Antlers next if everyone is fine with it.


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      Thanks as always for putting time into looking out fic read ideas flow.

      I think I've only read one fic by Annie Sewell before (Illumination), so I'd be happy to read another of hers. My only reservation on this one is whether it works as a story in its own right as it is a prequel. I would be disappointed if it ended feeling like it was a WIP as the sequel isn't complete.

      I'm less interested in Spiegel so I think it would depend on how busy I was. My understanding of that one is that it is a post apocalyptic world following The Gift. I do have a copy, it just hasn't appealed to me to read it so far. Again with Shards, it doesn't appeal to me as much, so would probably depend on how much free time I had.

      I'd go with Driving Till Dawn. I really like out of Sunnydale stories and have read When One Door Closes before so possibly wouldn't join in with that one. Achilles Heel is another I've read before but would be interested to see how/if my response to this one has changed, so I'd try to find the time for that one.

      Happy to go with Clearance next.


      • #4
        I am happy to read anything. I've read at least one of these fics, but am happy to re-read.


        • #5
          I'll read anything. I do love Joan and Randy. Has our group ever read a Jandy story?

          "I like who I am when I'm with him. I like who we are together."


          • Priceless
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            I'm sue we must have

        • #6
          Priceless: Do you have a good Ariane story you'd like to rec for our group read?

          GoSpuffy: Do you have a specific Jandy story in mind? I have read some myself but I have yet to find the one and only perfect Jandy story. It's difficult to write Jandy. They are too flawless. So sweet and in love The one I mentioned by Annie Sewell-Jennings isn't strictly speaking a Jandy story.


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            I have been looking for Jandy stories as per GoSpuffy's request and found Tabula Rasa Ad Aeternum by Kallysten and Kantarya. It's about 68k words and complete on AO3. Is anyone up for reading this?

            Shall we proceed with Scars which has a 69k word count? I would create the thread next Friday and give everyone two weeks before the discussion starts. But since it is a longer fic, please feel free to already start reading now if you want to. from next Friday on you can also start making comments while you are going through the story and hide the comments under spoilers until the discussion opens.


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              I'm happy to read anything flow


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                I read the Tabula Rasa story before and I'm not sure I'd read it again, but obviously that doesn't stop everyone else. I'm inconsistent in managing to join anyway. But I'm looking forward to rereading Scars so I'll try to get that read in time for sure.


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                  We will proceed with A New Dawn by Kallysten (Kally 77). She was a very prolific Spuffy writer in the early days of fandom. It will be interesting to explore how early Spuffy fanfic writing is different from contemporary writing. It's something we already wanted to discuss with Scars by JamesMFan and I am still interested in having a separate thread for this.

                  Does anyone have suggestions for fics we should read in the future? Priceless, is there maybe an Ariane fic you'd like us to read together? That would be another example of early Spuffy fanfic writing


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                    Does anyone have suggestions for fics we should read in the future? Priceless, is there maybe an Ariane fic you'd like us to read together? That would be another example of early Spuffy fanfic writing
                    I enjoyed Reality Bends to Desire, published in 2004 or Starlight from 2002.


                    I'd be happy to re-read either of them


                    • #12
                      They both sound promising but I?d go for the shorter one (which is Starlight).


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                        Originally posted by flow View Post
                        We will proceed with A New Dawn by Kallysten (Kally 77). She was a very prolific Spuffy writer in the early days of fandom. It will be interesting to explore how early Spuffy fanfic writing is different from contemporary writing. It's something we already wanted to discuss with Scars by JamesMFan and I am still interested in having a separate thread for this.
                        Ah I read A New Dawn about five years ago and would really like to reread it but I haven't finished Scars yet. I'm so rubbish at keeping up.


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                          There is still time until April! And we will all be in quarantine by then and will have plenty of time to read.


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                            Originally posted by flow View Post
                            There is still time until April! And we will all be in quarantine by then and will have plenty of time to read.
                            If only. I've got the banner to do and unless others join and do some of the other styles I'll have to try to find time to do others and I'm slower at the fanarting than I am at reading. I know it's hard to believe, but honestly. I've grabbed a bunch of pics for the banner but I'm way off getting anything together. I've checked and I've only read about a fifth of Scars. I'm just a hermit snail, a dim & distant relative of the crab.


                            • Double Dutchess
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                              Hermit snail!!! I thnk I am one too, just didn't know it until now.

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                            Awwww, you are our star, Stoney . You keep this forum going and you are the heart and soul of it.


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                            • Stoney
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                              You're very sweet, but I'm just one of many parts that make up the whole. It takes us all. And some of us seem to be destined to lag around at the back.

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                            Argh. I impose an embargo on myself when I'm writing, or more accurately trying to write. Absolutely no reading of fan fiction. Trouble is, that means I'm deprived of fun and laughter and participation in these chats. As I'm perpetually trying to write.

                            I can't think how to achieve a balance in this, but I'm just here to wish you all happy reading. Have fun!
                            You know what I am. You've always known. You come to me all the same.

                            "There's a lot of comedy to be gotten from the world's doom spiral right now." Tracey Ullman, June 2018


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                              Is anyone up for reading and discussing another fic? Would you like a short one, a medium one or an epic one?


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                                Well I'm still on Scars. I think it is probably wise to just discount me, but if you do a very short one I might just squeeze it in. But I do want to finish Scars and really wanted to reread A New Dawn too, so I think I'm going to be behind for a bit.


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                                  I'm always reading fic anyway flow, so I'm happy to read something recommended with the group.

                                  I've currently got an audiobook on the go, a Spuffy fanfic, a Buffy novel I'm reading for another group in another place, and an whodunnit paperback which I've also just started and got no further than the third chapter. I am also working on my own fanfic I'm not laughing, I'm drowning, but I've only got myself to blame


                                  • Priceless
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                                    There are some amazing artists on this site and I'm sure you will all come up with some amazing banners! My stuff just isn't good enough, I wouldn't be happy having it represent the site.

                                  • Stoney
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                                    As usual you are far too hard on yourself. I was thinking that a revised version of the Buffy banner you did balancing the pot on her head would be a really fun addition to the styles. You'd just need higher resolution cut outs and to colour match/complement the style it was going with.

                                    Apart from Nina and myself there are no others doing any of the new banners yet, although DD might be doing one. I might get time/inspiration to do another one of them, but I'm not sure with the kids at home and everything. We'll just end up taking a bunch of the styles off I think. I do understand feeling uncertain about it, I wasn't totally comfortable myself, but I would be happy to help with anything I could if you did change your mind.

                                  • Priceless
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                                    Thanks Stoney, you are a sweetheart. I'll definitely let you know if I change my mind x