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Dear fanfiction writers - please read this before you proceed!

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Dear fanfiction writers - please read this before you proceed!

    If you are a writer or an author of fanfiction and you have found your way to this subforum, where we discuss fanfiction, please allow me to say a few words:

    First of all - you are welcome here. We are proud and honored, if you as a writer of the fanfiction works we love to read and discuss want to join us and participate in our discussion. Please feel always welcome to speak openly in every discussion thread, no matter if we discuss your own work or the work of someone else.

    Second: We love fanfiction. That is why we read and discuss it. We are your fans and we admire and respect the effort, time, talent and heart`s blood you have put into your work. We are grateful that you share your works with us.

    But please be aware, this subforum is not comparable to the review or comment section on the sites where you publish your works.

    Whatever each of us is writing in the discussion threads is primarily meant for our own intellectual exchange and not for your eyes. When we talk about a fanfiction story in our discussion threads, we do not consider you to be reading our thoughts and ideas about your fic. Therefore we will talk unguarded and openly. We love fanfiction.

    We love the fanfiction, we discuss here.

    But we do talk about aspects, we find difficult. We do speak openly about plots or characters or voicings, that we think could or should have been handled differently. We do not refrain from criticism. We try to always remain respectful, friendly and kind but we will express our opinions about your work, even if that means to say something negative.
    If you do not want to read something negative about your work, please don`t proceed to read in this subforum.
    If you don`t want us to discuss your work here, we will respect your wish. Please speak up in that case.

    Once again: feel welcome to jump into every discussion. We are glad to have you here!

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    I wonder if it would be possible to pin this (I mean, make it sticky)


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      I think linking to this at the start of the different discussion threads is a good idea, but I can also delete the bumping posts you've had to use to keep it seen and make this a sticky post so it doesn't need perpetually bumping too if you'd like? Who knows if any of the writers of the discussed stories have read it, but it has had nearly 2,000 views, so it is possible.


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        Yes, I think it would be great to make this a sticky thread. Thank you, Stoney !


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          Sure, I'll delete out the bumping posts just to tidy up the thread too and then stickyfy it (okay that's not a real word, but it conveys the intent. ).