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Who will I marry? A very fluffy Buffy ficlet.

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  • Who will I marry? A very fluffy Buffy ficlet.

    "Buffy, I swear?there isn't going to be an apocalypse. Not today."

    "You promise?"

    "Uberwitch's honour." Willow made a little rock-on-satan sign and grinned at Buffy. "I've checked all the prophecies, all the signs, all the portents for March 5th, 2010. At risk of jinxing you?I think it's safe to say that the world isn't going to end before you get to the altar."

    "Oh god. I'm getting married." Buffy started to pace. "Today. Married. Me." She stopped and turned to face Willow. "Are you sure we didn't slip sideways into the bizarro dimension?"

    "Sure. Why's it so strange that you should get your happily ever after?"

    "Are you forgetting my track record? With the demon boyfriends?and the dead boyfriends?and again with the dead boyfriends?and my whole warlock phase? And that's before we even get onto Graham?"

    "Ok, Graham, I admit?mistake. But, the whole chief-of-staff thing, I can see why that's hot. Even if he did turn out to be evil."

    Buffy's eyes were wide with disbelief. "I can't believe I?I mean?he wasn't just evil. He was a Republican!"

    "I'm sensing a certain amount of tautology in the mix there." Willow smiled. "Listen, Buffy?I haven't forgotten the past. But?past, remember? As in?behind us. However dark it is. But, future?" Willow touched Buffy's headdress, and an extra flower bloomed there. "Future's going to be shiny and new."

    The slayer was standing in front of the mirror, looking nervously at herself. "Do I look ok? I mean, you can't see the bruises can you?

    "All cunningly hidden by the chiffony wrap thing," said Willow, nodding her approval. "You look gorgeous."

    "I knew I shouldn't have gone patrolling last night?but, I couldn't sleep and?"

    "It's all good. You look good. The church is decorated?"

    "Will?.about that?didn't the pastor mind you??" Buffy waved an imaginary magic wand.

    Willow looked embarrassed. "Well, erm, let's just say I?I might've slightly?erm?moved him, while I was doing it. Into another dimension."


    "All in the name of the smooth running of your wedding!" said Willow, hurriedly.

    Buffy put on a stern face. "Well, if anyone asks, I told you it's wrong and not to do it and thank you thank you!" Buffy's face broke into a beaming smile and she gave Willow a hug.

    "Ribs! Ribs!" gasped Willow.

    Buffy released her. "Sorry."

    "Now?I think you're good to go. Let's go and meet your husband-to-be?"

    Buffy's eyes opened and she jerked back into consciousness. She glared at Willow, who was still holding both her hands. They were sitting cross legged on the floor of Buffy's bedroom in the Castle HQ. "Hey! You can't stop there."

    "That's as far as I could go," said Willow. "There are rules to these things you know. Powers I really don't wanna piss off." Willow thought about this. "Again."

    Buffy frowned. "I didn't get to see who I'm going to marry!"

    "Well, it's only three years off, so you won't have to wait long to find out. Plus, you can really get ahead of the game when it comes to sending out save the date cards."

    "Oh, yeah, that won't look psychotic. "Dear friends...Miss Buffy Summers invites you to her wedding...please bring a plus one..for her!" Buffy shook her head. "But, now I've seen the vision?won't that change things? I mean?now I know Graham's evil, surely I won't?"

    Willow shrugged. "Not sure really. It's a new spell for me so?who knows?"

    Buffy got up and gave willow a hand up too. "Wait?you mean, we went through three hours of chanting, not to mention the ritual cleansing, which made my deepest facial feel like a splash of water on the face?and you're saying?who knows?" Buffy pouted, playfully. "My wicca-o-matic-romantic-8-ball sucks."

    Willow gave her friend a smile. They started walking, out of Buffy's bedroom into the drafty corridor. "Well, that's the thing with love?you never know what's around the corner."

    As they turned towards the castle's East Wing, they bumped into Xander. The girls exchanged a look.

    "What?" said Xander. "What did I miss?"

    Buffy blushed ever so slightly. "Nothing." But?maybe Willow's love magic is a tad more accurate than she's letting on?, she thought.
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