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Harry Potter: Happily ever afters really do happen

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  • Harry Potter: Happily ever afters really do happen

    Ok i own nothing to do with Harry Potter...

    Ok this is chapert one:

    Happily Ever Afters really do happen.

    Ginny felt her heart beat speed up, as Harry approached her. He reached out and tucked her hair behind her ear, then smoothed it down and tugged gently on the end of it. "I love you" He told her once more, and no matter how many times he said those oh so wonderful words she would never tier of hearing them. "I don't think I heard you" Ginny teased him.
    "I love you" Harry told her again.
    Ginny shook her head causing her red hair to tumble across her shoulders and Harry watched it, loving the way it danced around her shoulders. "I love you"
    Ginny teased him some more. "Pardon?"
    "I LOVE YOU GINNY WEASLEY!" He shouted, his voice full of amusement and he ran over to her, grabbed her kissed her hard and passionate and they both fell back onto the bed in fits of giggles.
    "I love you too Harry" Ginny whispered her hazel eyes meeting his green ones. She smoothed back some his dark hair and lent into kiss him once more. As she kissed him Harry moved his hand down to her waste and moved so he could pull her in closer to him. Then he moved so he laid on top of her, kissing her more hungrily. She drove him crazy, but in a good way. He wanted her needed her?. Harrys breath was now heavy, there eyes met once more and they both knew where this night was going to take them. Ginny moved, so Harry was able to take off her top. Once his did he just looked at her. She was amazing, perfect in everyway.
    With Harry looking at her like he was Ginny felt desired, she felt as if she was the most beautiful woman alive. She removed his top, and her hands explored his toned chest. "Harry" She breathed as his hands moved through her hair and he kissed her once more, pulling her back down to the bed, where they spend the rest of the evening in a state of pure bliss, making love with each other.

    3 Months later

    Ginny blinked once, twice, and what she saw was still the same. "no?I cant?its gotta be?" She then paced up and down the small bathroom which was adjacent to her bedroom. Yet every time she looked at the test it remained the same?infact all 5 tests told her the same. Ginny let out a small groan and sat on the edge of the bath and looked at one of the sticks up close. "Pregnant" She whispered. Ginny then got up and picked up the batch of pregnancy tests she had just taken and threw them into the bin. After that she moved back into her bedroom, running her hand through her waste length red hair. She stopped at her window and looked outside. In the garden she saw her older twin brothers, as usual up to no good, and she could hear the fain cry of her mothers voice as she told them off. Tell them they were older now, had families of there own, and that all this larking about was not setting a good example to any of the children. The over near the big tree that shaded the bottom half of the Garden Ron was Sat with Hermione. Their hands entwined and their one year old son Hugo playing on the ground in front of them. They looked so blissful?so happy?.So normal. And Ginny wondered how everything can be so normal, when her world had just been turned completely upside down. Ginny moved and sat on her bed, all of this seemed quite over whelming, she wasn't really sure what to do about it. All she knew is she needed to tell Harry. And she knew he'd be excited about this?she hoped he'd be excited about this. He loved playing Uncle Harry to Hugo and the army of other kids most of her brothers now had. And Ginny knew Harry would make the best dad ever, this thought made her smile as she imagined Harry and her together with a family of their own.

    Away with her thoughts Ginny didn't hear her bedroom door open, and she didn't see Harry walk in until he stood in front of her. "Gin?didn't you hear me calling?"
    "Huh?" She asked as she looked but and her hazel eyes met those piercing green ones of her boyfriend. "Harry?no I didn't?" she said.
    Harry looked at his girlfriend "You ok?" He asked as he sat down beside her, and slipped his hand into hers. He then looked her up and down carefully. There was defiantly something bothering her. Harry reached up and tucked a strand of her long red hair behind her ears. Her hair was one of the things he loved most about her. The dark red colour, just slightly darker than the rest of the Weasleys, hung down her back like a beautiful cascading waterfall. It wasn't so long ago Ginny wanted to cut it all off, but Harry persuaded her not too, and he was glad. He loved nothing more than running his fingers through it late at night when she was asleep, and he spent oh so many hours just lying there awake, watching her. Everything about her drove him crazy, her hazel eyes, eyes he felt he could just melt in too. Skin so soft that he longed to touch it at every possible second. She had curves in all the right places, she had a beauty that was just equisetic, both inside and out. Harry loved Ginny with his whole heart.
    "im fine, just tired I guess" She feebly lied. "So what were you calling me for?" She asked.
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    Chapter 2

    It was a rather rowdy meal time, which was nothing new in the Weasley household, considering when Molly decided she wanted the whole family around, there was a lot of them. Fred and George we still larking about, no doubt trying to come up with some more ideas for things to sell in their magic shop, which was having a great success, and probably made them the richest Weasley's ever. Ginny was so proud of her brothers, they had really did something with their lives. Ok yes her Mum was never thrilled about the idea, and even at times she pretended she wasn't, but Ginny knew deep down she was. Her attention was brought back to reality with a cry from Hugo, and then a rather rude and annoyed word from Ron. "The little Bugger!" He called out as Ginny looked up to find her brother covered in baby food and Hugo looking rather pleased with himself. "Ronald what have I told you about using that kind of language around Hugo!" Hermione scolded him as she moved to wipe Hugo's face. Ron just pulled a face behind her back. "I saw that" Hermione said with out looking over at her husband. "How does she do that?" Ron asked looking at Harry, who was laughing like the rest of the family. "No idea mate" He told him, and then Ron sulked off to clean himself up.
    Bill and Flur were still as smitten with each other as what they were then they first got married. Flur was heavily pregnant with the couples third child, and Ginny found herself watching her. She had never really taken much notice of any of her sister-in-laws pregnancies, but now, knowing she was pregnant, its all she could think about. She watched Flur, took note at how she glowed. She rested her hand on her huge belly, and smiled as Bill looked at her and gently stroked it and said something to Flur which made her laugh. She really did look radiant. Ginny wondered if in 8 months time shed look that good. She doubted it, she reckoned shed just look like a big beach whale. She sighed a heavy sigh, the noise around her filtering out as her idly played with her food and thought about how to tell Harry she was pregnant. She knew this news would be accepted by her whole family with squeals of delight. She was the only Weasly child not to have had a baby yet, and her mother had kept going on about it. But Ginny kept telling her, she and Harry were to young, they both had carers to think about, Harry as an top Quidditch player and Ginny working at the Ministry of Magic.

    Ginny watched with bated breath as Harry zipped like lighting around the Quidditch pitch. She found herself no more than one occasion holding her breath until he came into sight again. She had no idea why she was worrying, Harry had a natural flare for Quidditch. He had it ever since school, when Oliver Wood spotted him and got him on to the Gryffindor team as a seeker. And now, here he was, all that time later, playing for a premier league team. It was as if in away Harry was no longer know for being ?the-boy-who -live' That was fading into the distance ever since Harry defeated Voldormort a few years ago. Now he was Harry Potter, one of the best, if not the best Quidditch player of his time. And Ginny was so proud of him. He had accomplished so much.
    The Game ended, Harry's team winning, a victory once more down to him. Ginny heard the cheers erupt around her as she looked onto the pitch and let out her own cries of joy and support.

    She then moved out of the family box and waited for Harry to join her once he had changed. She was pacing up and down the car park, rubbing her hands together, trying to keep warm in the cool November air. She dug into her pockets to try and keep her hands warm, wishing she could just appirate back to the cosy house she and Harry had just recently brought together. Ginny fell in love with the house he moment she and Harry went to see it. It wasn't too far from the Burrow, which Ginny still couldn't decided if it was a blessing or not. But the cottage they had brought was enough for just them. 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and a nice size living area, and a garden just big enough for the both of them to relax in. And the cottage came at a good price too. Harry could see how happy Ginny was when she saw it and he put down the deposit there and then. They had moved in over a month ago, and Ginny was loving it. She and Harry were growing closer and closer each day and Ginny was falling more and more in love with him.

    Eventually Harry emerged, and once his team mates, and fans had let him pass he looked up and spotted her instantly. It was the red hair, it stood out like a beacon, but he loved it. A huge smile crossed his face as his green eyes met her hazel ones and he made his way towards her. Even now wrapped up from the cold, her nose red from the cold he thought she was beautiful. To Harry Ginnys beauty grew daily and he still couldn't believe a gril like her wanted him. "Hey" He said as he moved over to her. "hey to you two Mr. Man of the match" She said with a giggle as Harry wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in and he kissed her. "Yeah, and look what my prize is" He whipsred into her ear, in-between kisses. "you were amazing out there" Ginny told him. "Only because you were watching" Harry replied. "Promise me Gin, you'll be at every game" He said pulling away from her and slipping his hand into hers. "you're my good luck charm" He said. Ginny pulled a face and playfully hit his arm. "you can be such a cornball Potter" She teased, but secretly she liked it. "But I'll be at every game" She told him and he stopped and lightly kissed the end on her cold nose. "good?.no lets head home" He said and hand in hand the appriated back to their cottage.
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