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Demon Slayer 1.03 Unchangeable, Symmetrical

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  • Demon Slayer 1.03 Unchangeable, Symmetrical

    The Demon Slayer
    Episode: 1.03 " Unchangeable, Symmetrical"



    Sun is out people are walking down the street.


    We see Fredeth sitting at the table wearing a red house robe and red slippers. He is reading a paper and drinking a cup of coffee. He hears the front door open, so he looks up from the news paper to see Noah entering the kitchen still dressed in the same army fatigue pants, black army boots and black tank top he had on from the day before.

    FREDETH: Where have you been?

    Noah heads over to the fridge and pulls out the carton of milk and downs it in one gulp. He then places the carton on the counter.

    NOAH: Patrolling.

    FREDETH: I see your still doing the all nighters.

    NOAH: Yeah, Yah know it helps. Slaying all those vamps is a major work out.

    FREDETH: Noah you need to take it slow with the whole work out bid. You have been running your self into the ground. Training for six hours straight and slaying all night. What are you doing?

    NOAH: Nothing. Can I just be in shape?

    FREDETH: You are in perfect shape. I think its something else.

    Noah's jaw tenses.

    NOAH: (angered) If some one else says anything about me being jealous of Steven, I swear I will --

    FREDETH: Did I say anything about Steven?

    NOAH: No, but it was coming I know you Fredeth.

    Fredeth closes the news paper and sits his mug down on the table and stands to his feet.

    FREDETH: Noah I don't know what's your problem but you need to fix it. You cant go around yelling and screaming at people, then you try to show up Steven every time you see him. Its getting pretty old. And can I ask you a question?

    NOAH: (cert) What?

    FREDETH: Have you been taking your meds?

    NOAH: Is that any of your business?

    FREDETH: (pissed) Is it my business? I can't believe you just asked me that. And yes it is my business; I have been raising you since you were eleven years old. I have done everything for you and your sister and you just asked me is it my business. Your father would be ashamed. (pause) Now I'm going to ask you again. Have you been taking your meds?

    NOAH: (yells) How can bring my father into this. Screw you Fredeth, screw everybody.

    He turns and storms out the kitchen Fredeth sighs as he rubs his head.

    FREDETH: (mumbles) Oh god.

    Camera pans in on the milk carton that is sitting on the counter and we see a picture of Alicia. In bold letters under the picture it reads "MISSING"



    Theme Song: "Helena" by My Chemical Romance


    Ryan Merriman - Steven Grohtes
    Emily VanCamp - Rebecca Adams
    Sean Faris - Noah King
    Danneel Harris - Stacie King
    Alexis Bledel - Casey Odelia
    Katie Cassidy - Minxie Reuben
    And Morgan Freeman as Fredeth Jackson


    Cameron Richardson - Alicia Lennon
    Crispin Glover - Milton
    Ernest Waddell - Marty Jackson





    DISCLAIMER: This is a spin-off of the Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy televisions series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I do not make many money off of this Fan -Fic, its for fun. DS is also affiliated with Riley The Series by BlasterBoy (Ben) and Produced by Different Dimensions INC.
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    ACT I


    We see Steven shaking a man's hand and holding a folder. The camera pans in on them.

    STEVEN: (excited) Thanks so much for this opportunity Mr. Collingsworth. I cant wait till start.

    MR. COLLINGSWORTH: Steven it's my pleasure. So Ill see you Monday?

    STEVEN: (smiling) Bright and early, sir.

    MR. COLLINGSWORTH: Well I have to get back to work, so Monday it is?

    STEVEN: Monday.

    Steven turns and exit's the morgue with a smile on his face.

    CUT TO:


    Rebecca walks up to the entrance door and switches the sign to open. She is wearing a orange sweater, hip - hugger, low cut blue jeans. Her hair is down framing her face, bringing out her dark brown eyes. Rebecca heads back behind the counter and over to the register where she takes off her apron and places it on a hook connected to the kitchens door. Rebecca looks up and spots that Steven just enters who is wearing, a black T -shirt under a brown leather jacket, and blue jeans.

    REBECCA: (smile) Hi Steven.

    STEVEN: Hey Rebecca.

    Steven leans in and gives her a kiss on the lips. Awkward

    REBECCA: (smiling) Take a seat, I have some coffee in the back.

    STEVEN: Okay.

    REBECCA disappears into the back.

    Steven heads over to a table and sits. He looks around the coffee shop as he begins to whistle. Rebecca then comes walking out the back with two coffees in her hands.

    REBECCA: Here you go.

    She sits them down on the table then she takes a seat across from Steven.

    REBECCA: So how's it going?

    STEVEN: I got a job today.

    REBECCA: Oh where?

    STEVEN: The morgue.

    A surprising look grows over Rebecca's face.

    REBECCA: The morgue? Why?

    STEVEN: The closes thing to med school I guess. I was suppose to go but decided not to, so this can fulfill the little dream I had.

    REBECCA: Cool. .

    Steven places his hand on Rebecca's hand.

    A smile grows across Rebecca's face.

    STEVEN: Like your coffee?

    Steven takes a sip of it.

    STEVEN: (smile) Yep.

    REBECCA: I made it especially for you.

    STEVEN: Well it is good coffee, great coffee, the best in the world.

    REBECCA: Wow I can do wonders with my hands.

    STEVEN: (smile) Yes you can.

    Sudden silence, an uncomfortable look comes over both of their faces.

    STEVEN: (mutter) I--- I didn't mean it like that. I----

    REBECCA: Can you say awkward

    STEVEN: Awkward.

    REBECCA: (laughing) Yeah.

    STEVEN: (changing subjects) So what do you think about the whole Demon Slayer thing?

    REBECCA: It's surprised me a little, my mom being an ex-demon and all I knew about Vampire Slayers and all that mystical stuff. I just never got into it. But now I can.

    STEVEN: Sooo how about them fireballs?

    REBECCA: (giggles) I guess we learned new things about each other.

    STEVEN: Yeah we did but not regular new things. It's just weird this whole life style now. It's like my old life has been erased and some one is writing my new one and I don't know what's coming next.

    REBECCA: That's the scary thing about it. You just have to go along with the ride and hope you don't fall off. That's what your mom always told us.
    STEVEN: Yeah I remember. Hey I told the other's about your ability. Is that fine?

    REBECCA: Yeah, (jokes) As long as they don't try to kill me.

    STEVEN: They wont, actually Fredeth was very interested and wants to talk with you.

    Rebecca giggles.

    REBECCA: That should be fun.

    Steven's cell phone begins to ring.

    STEVEN: Sorry, hold that thought.

    Steven pulls out his cell from his pocket and flips it open.

    REBECCA: (under breath) Dej vu all over again.

    Steven closes the phone.

    STEVEN: (rush) Rebecca I'm so sorry but Fredeth is calling a meeting and I'm needed. Rain check?

    REBECCA: (bumbled) Yeah. Sure.

    STEVEN: Thanks for the coffee.

    Steven pulls out couple of dollars from his pocket and places it on the table and exit quickly.


    Caption: London, England

    CUT TO:


    We see Minxie who is wearing a pink blouse and a grey skirt, with black stiletto boots. Minxie is sitting at Willow's desk looking through files franticly. She sets the last one down and moves on to Willow's lap top.

    MINXIE: (to self) Come on Willow what did you find?

    Then a knock on the door breaks Minxie away from her work, she looks up to see a tall thin man with a brown suit on.

    MINXIE: Yes Milton.

    MILTON: (British accent) Someone named Rupert Giles is on his way to pick up Miss. Rosenberg's belongings.

    MINXIE: No he cant I'm not done yet.

    MILTON: Why are you fretting over this, its no answer to what your looking for. Miss. Rosenberg went a little over board on the magic's and put her self in a coma. She has a history of abusing magic.

    MINXIE: No! Milton you didn't see her, you didn't see what I saw. That wasn't just a overdose on magic. What I saw was pure evil, I mean I felt it. It ran through my body and that feeling hasn't left me since that night. Something about this Demon Slayer line isn't right and I'm gonna find out. Willow disserves that.

    MILTON: Minxie this is all ludicrous. What's coming out of your mouth makes no since what so ever? I mean?..

    Milton continues to talk as something catches Minxie's eyes. She looks down and sees a plane ticket stub. Minxie picks it up and reads it. It's a ticket to East Wick, Ohio. Minxie's eye lightens up.

    MINXIE: Milton shut up!

    Milton stops with an angered look on his face.

    MILTON: Excuse me?

    MINXIE: Get the jet ready to flight to East Wick, Ohio.

    MILTON: Why?

    MINXIE: Because I'm gonna find out what happened to Willow. And the best place to go is where it happened. Call the Watcher their Fredeth Jackson and tell him I'm coming in. Also get me a hotel.

    MITLTON: Bu----

    MINXIE: (yells) Just do it!



    Steven is sitting on the couch, Casey on the love seat, and Noah is standing in the corner staring across the room at Casey.

    CASEY: (joking) So Steven how's your flame throwing girlfriend?

    STEVEN: She's not my girl friend and she's doing good.

    CASEY: Good, you should bring her around so we can meet her.

    Steven looks over at Noah and back at Casey.

    STEVEN: I'll wait.

    Fredeth enters the living room.

    FREDETH: Noah, where is your sister?

    Noah doesn't answer he is still glaring at Casey.


    Noah breaks from the trance.

    NOAH: (confused) Yeah?

    CASEY: She went shopping.

    FREDETH: Thanks Cassandra.

    Casey gives Noah a strange look but his response was a smile. A smile slowly grows across Casey's face as she stares back at him.

    FREDETH: So this is the plan, the first is getting stronger everyday and we need to be doing the same. So you guys need to train Casey and Steven change and meet me in the training room do your stretches and I'll be there in a sec.

    NOAH: What about me?

    FREDETH: Do something productive.

    NOAH: No. I wanna train.

    FEDETH: (raises voice) Shut up! Noah you're not training so lay off!

    Noah crosses his arm across his chest as he holds in his anger.

    FREDETH: I have some phone calls to make. (Turns to Casey and Steven) You two I want in the training room. (Turns to Noah) You stay out here.

    Fredeth leaves the living room. Silence overcomes the room as they all avoid looking at each other.

    CASEY: Come on Steven lets go get our train on.

    Casey stands to her feet from the love seat and exit's the room. Steven gets up from the couch and heads out the room as Noah gives him a dirty look.

    NOAH: (under breath) Ass whole.

    CUT TO:


    Steven is now dressed in sweats and is on the floor stretching his quads and across the room Casey is standing stretching her calves. She is know dressed in gray sweats and a white tank top.

    CASEY: So this will be our first time training together?

    STEVEN: Yeah I know. I can't wait until Fredeth lets me handle the Sickle.

    CASEY: Doubt that.

    STEVEN: Why?

    CASEY: It's too powerful and Fredeth is going to look into it first before letting you handle it.

    STEVEN: Well that sucks. You don't get it I felt powerful and tough with that petal in my hands.

    CASEY: (giggles) I'm sure you did.

    Then the door opens and Noah enters with his game face on. Casey stares as he makes he's way over to Steven and she knows something is up.

    NOAH: Hey, Steven.

    STEVEN: Yeah.

    NOAH: (grin) Wanna spar?

    A confusing look grows over Steven's face as he stands to his feet.

    STEVEN: (unsure) Sure.

    NOAH: Okay.

    Noah punches Steven square in the face.

    CASEY: (Yells) NOAH!

    Steven staggers back holding his nose. He shakes the pain away and looks up at Noah who has a devious grin on his face.

    STEVEN: (angered) Bitch!

    Steven throws a punch but Noah ducks as Steven fist goes over his head.

    NOAH: You worthless piece of shit. (Pause) And you're supposed to be a Demon Slayer? Yeah right!

    Steven throws another punch but Noah dodges it then punches Steven across the face.

    NOAH: (taunting) Come one bitch!

    Noah throws another punch and Steven catches his fist.

    STEVEN: What the hell?..

    Steven punches Noah in the ribs.

    STEVEN: Is wrong??

    Steven punches Noah across the face.

    STEVEN: With you.

    Steven upper cuts Noah sending him across the room hitting the padded wall.

    CASEY: (Yells) Guys Stop!

    Steven storms over to Noah and pulls him to his feet.

    STEVEN: (yells; furious) Mistake fighting a Demon Slayer huh?

    Steven throws Noah across the room, Noah hit's the floor.

    STEVEN: You can't last with me Noah. You don't have my strength. You're a pathetic wanna be.

    Steven makes his way over to Noah who is on all fours trying to stand to his feet. Steven gives Noah a good kick to the stomach sending him crashing into the weapons closet.

    CASEY: (yells) Stop!

    Casey runs over and stops Steven before he reaches Noah.

    CASEY: Steven, calm down. Back up.

    Casey has her hands on Steven's chest pushing him away from Noah who is moaning on the floor. Steven is breathing heavily and his jaw is clinched with anger.

    CASEY: Calm.

    Fredeth burst in the room franticly looking around. He runs over to Noah's aid.

    FREDETH: What the hell happened!?

    Casey turns away from Steven:

    CASEY: (pointing at Noah: angered) Something is wrong with him Fredeth!

    Casey turns back to Steven and escorts him out the room.


    We see a gang of bringers sitting in a circle chanting, we see The First who is in the figure of Alicia who is standing next to it.

    ALICIA: So are you sure this will work?

    THE FIRST: Did you just ask me will it work. Hun, you make me laugh. You must not now me, but I love your stupidity. You have a lot to learn.

    Alicia rolls her eyes.

    ALICIA: It better. It will make my job a lot easier. And can you please change your look?

    THE FIRST: Nope. I like it.

    Cuts back to the ritual.

    A bringer gets up and walks into the middle of the circle. He takes out his knife and cuts his wrist then lets the blood drip. The drop off blood stops in mid air and opens a portal, the bringer steps back into the circle as two figures come shooting from the portal. The portal closes and we see two large demons who have mid -evil warrior armor on. They are dark- orange, red eyed and horns coming from their forehead with long black hair.

    THE FIRST: (evil grin) Any more questions?

    CUT TO:

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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Fredeth is standing in the middle of the room as Noah stands in the corner with his arms firmly over his chest and has a ice pack to his eye. Across the room Steven is sitting on the couch looking down at the floor. Cassie is sitting on the edge of the couch.

      FREDETH: (Yelling; furious) What the hell is wrong with you two!?

      Steven lifts his head up.

      STEVEN: (points at Noah) He started it.

      FREDETH: (yelling) Right now I don't care! You two are supposed to be working together and you're acting like idiots.

      Fredeth turns to Noah.

      FREDETH: (yell) Lay another finger on him and I will break them! (Still looking at Noah) Steven leaves the room.

      Steven gets up and exit's the room.

      Fredeth storms over to Noah and snatches him up by his shirt and slams him against the wall. Noah stand there and takes it.

      FREDETH: (whisper; angered) I don't know who the hell you think you are. Walking around here like you're big and bad. You are know where near it big and bad! Get your shit together.

      Fredeth gives him one more slam against the wall. They stare at each other with anger and fury in their eyes. Noah storms off. Fredeth takes in a breath to calm him self down. Casey then walks in.

      CASEY: Are you okay.

      FREDETH: Yeah, umm I have to go. We are having a visitor from the watcher's council coming into town.


      We see Steven and Noah walking side by side with stakes in both of their hands. They both look very angry and we can tell that Noah has a bruised and puffy face.

      NOAH: This is stupid. Why in the hell did he do this?

      STEVEN: (annoyed) Can you please be quiet. This is all your fault if you would have never started that petty fight, Fredeth would have never mad us patrol together.

      Noah doesn't respond

      STEVEN: And what the hell is your malfunction? Why are you such a dick?

      NOAH: (holding back anger) Steven just shut the hell up.

      STEVEN: Man I don't get you. Your just so damn wishy-washy.

      NOAH: (yells) Shut up.

      Suddenly the two demons from the portal step out in front of them. The boys come to a stop and glance at each other.

      NOAH: These aren't going to help.

      Camera cuts to the stakes in their hands then back to them.

      The demons draw their swords.

      STEVEN: Not at all.

      NOAH: Let's go.

      Noah drops the stake and throws a punch to demon#1's face. Steven throws his stake at demon#2's head then extends his leg kicking demon#2 across the grave yard smashing through two grave stones. Steven runs over to demon#2 who is getting to his feet then kicks the sword from his hand. Steven kicks again but this time the demon catches his leg.

      DEMON#2: Camarin.

      STEVEN: Huh?

      The demon throws Steven on top of a grave stone breaking it with his back.

      STEVEN: (pain) OUCH!

      CUT TO:


      Minxie exit's the door onto the street side walk. She is pulling along a pink roller suitcase. A black van pulls up onto the curb, Fredeth climbs out. Fredeth approaches Minxie as he sticks out his hand.

      FREDETH: How are you Miss Reuben, its nice to have you back.

      Minxie shakes his hand.

      MINXIE: (smile) Minxie please. And its good to be back.

      Fredeth takes her suit case and places it into the back. Then he opens the passenger door for Minxie and she climbs in. Fredeth runs around to the driver side and climbs in and pulls off.

      CUT TO:


      Noah is pinned up against a crypt by demon#1.

      NOAH: God you need a breath mint.

      Noah pushes the demon away and swings another punch but misses.

      NOAH: DAMN!

      Demon#1 begins to swing the sword at Noah but dodges every swing. Noah jumps in the air into a tornado kick, kicking demon#1 across the face. The demon has no reaction to the blow to the face.
      NOAH: Oh shit.

      Noah throws another punch but the demon catches his arm and back hands Noah across the face. Noah falls and catches his head on a edge of a bench.

      STEVEN: Noah!

      Demon#2 punches Steven in the face sending him to the ground. Steven holds his jaw as he looks up at the demon holding the sword above his head ready to stab Steven. He swiftly brings down the sword, Steven rolls out of the way and hops to his feet as the sword enters the ground. He looks over at Noah who is lying on the ground with but the other demon is no where in site.

      STEVEN: What the hell.

      A hand lands on Steven's shoulder and spins him around, he is face to face with demon#1. Demon#1 uppercuts Steven sending him flying and landing on a wooden bench, smashing it to pieces. Steven hops to his feet as both of the demons charge at him.

      STEVEN: (scared) Oh my god.

      Demon#1 swings his sword and Steven ducks as the blade flies over his head. Demon#2 throws Steven to the ground and begins to kick him, the other demon joined in. The demons go flying back as Steven hops to his feet. His lip his cut and he has a cut above his left eye. Steven notices the demons have on necklaces with a symbol imbedded into the coin like shape.

      STEVEN: I'll take this.

      Steven snatches the necklace off Demon#1's neck and runs over to Noah who is slowly getting to his feet rubbing his head. Steven grabs Noah by the arm and begins to pull him along.

      STEVEN: (hurry) lets go.

      Demons run after them.

      CUT TO:


      Fredeth and Minxie enter the apartment. Casey is practicing her sword work in the middle of the floor. She hers the door shuts and looks up to see Fredeth and Minxie standing there. Casey quickly stops with a embarrassed look on her face.
      CASEY: Oh hi.

      She places the sword onto the coffee table.

      CASEY: Its you again.

      MINXIE: Yup it's me. Sorry your name again?

      CASEY: Casey Odelia and yours?

      MINXIE: Minxie Reuben

      CASEY: What brought you back to East Wick?

      MINXIE: I was ordered to study the process of Steven development as a Demon Slayer/

      CASEY: Cool. (Apologetic) And I'm sorry about Willow

      MINXIE: (down) Yeah me too.

      Minxie forces a smile back on her face.

      MINXIE: So where is Steven now?

      FREDETH: He's out patrolling. He should be back soon. Would you like to wait.

      MINXIE: Yeah that's no problem; I have plenty of time to check into my room.

      Minxie walks over to the couch and sits.

      FREDETH: Would you like something to drink?

      MINXIE: Yeah, Water.

      FREDETH: One bottle coming up.

      Fredeth heads into the kitchen, leaving Casey and Minxie alone in the room.

      Awkward Silence

      CASEY: Well I have to take this sword back.

      Casey picks up the sword and quickly walks out.

      MINXIE: (to self) Wow.

      Fredeth enters with a water bottle in his hand.

      FREDETH: Here you go.

      He hands Minxie the water bottle.

      MINXIE: Thanks.

      Steven and Noah come spilling in. Fredeth and Minxie look over to them and sees that Noah is holding his head in pain.

      FREDETH: (surprised) What happened.

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        ACT III


        Casey is sitting on the couch Noah is next to her. Casey is cleaning the cut on his head.

        NOAH: (smile) Thanks you're like my personal doctor.

        Casey looks at Noah with a blank face.

        NOAH: What?

        CASEY: You still don't get it.

        Casey presses her thumb on his cut.

        NOAH: (pain) OUCH!

        Casey gets up and walks into the dining room where Steven, Minxie and Fredeth are sitting with books.

        FREDETH: So what did the demon say?

        STEVEN: Something about Camarin? What is that?

        FREDETH: Sounds very familiar.

        MINXIE: Yeah it does.

        CASEY: So what's the sich?

        Casey sits down at the table across from Steven.

        STEVEN: Don't know yet. All we know it's a Camarin.

        FREDETH: Camarin?. Camarin? Damn! I know what that is.

        Fredeth is flipping through the pages of the book.

        Noah comes up and stands behind Casey's chair.

        MINXIE: Camarin?Willow told me about this before. Ummm (unsure) it means something with the balance between good and evil. I think.

        FREDETH: You're right Minxie.

        Fredeth stops at a page and smiles.

        FREDETH: Got it, Minxie your right. Camarin is a book of good and evil.

        STEVEN: Good and Evil?

        FREDETH: The book is neither good nor evil. It was conger with both magic?s.

        CASEY: (confused) What? I don't get it, both magic's?

        MINXIE: Evil and good can use the book, it can do damage or good. If the demons you guys fought wanted the book, I'm pretty sure they like the damage part.

        NOAH: So where is this book?

        Fredeth reads on.

        FREDETH: It's in a different dimension called?? Htob. It's a dimension that's neutral with good and evil. The book was placed there by gods to prevent fighting over it but all it did was enhanced the problem. For ages creatures of all kind attempted to get their hands on the book.

        STEVEN: Both, its both spelled backwards.

        FREDETH: (confused) What is?

        STEVEN: Htob!

        CASEY: (joking; under breath) Scramble freak.

        FREDETH: We need to get that book.

        CASEY: How? Open the dimension?

        MINXIE: Exactly, we're going to open a portal, one leading directly into Htob. We need that book before some one evil gets it. What did the demons look like?

        NOAH: They were ugly bastereds.

        STEVEN: And I took this from one of them.

        Steven and Noah come spilling in. Fredeth looks over to them and sees that Noah is holding his head in pain.

        FREDETH: (surprised) What happened.

        Fredeth picks it up and studies it closely.

        FREDETH: This symbol on here dates back to the dark ages. This demon is extinct. The demons are called Calarkins

        NOAH: Then why in the hell are they walking around?

        FREDETH: The only thing that could have the power to resurrect them would be The First.

        STEVEN: And he's using them to get the book.

        CASEY: If the book is evil and good, why cant the first just get it. Why does he have to use ancient demons to do it?

        Fredeth shrugs.

        FREDETH: But we need that book.

        CASEY: How are we going to open he portal to the dimension? And who's going in?

        FREDETH: I have a person to do that.

        Fredeth looks over to Steven and Noah with a smirk.

        FREDETH: You two.

        Steven's mouth drops.

        FADES OUT:


        CUT TO:


        Steven is sitting on the on the couch reading a demon book, Casey is sitting on the love seat the studying the necklace that Steven took from the demon. Minxie is kneeled down setting a ritual up in the middle of the floor. Noah is standing in the corner with his arms crossed over his chest staring at Casey. Fredeth enters the room.

        FREDETH: I got in contact with him.

        Casey looks up at Fredeth and Minxie stands to her feet.

        MINXIE: When is he coming?

        A swirl of lights begins to build up right next to Minxie. Minxie stepped back as the swirls begin to mold a human figure.

        MINXIE: (smile) Teleportation. Sweet.

        The lights fade away and it reveals a tall African American young man. He looks around the room then he's eyes stop on Fredeth:

        YOUNG MAN: Hi dad.

        FREDETH: (smile) Son.

        NOAH: (excited) Marty what's up man.

        Noah walks up to Marty and they hug.

        NOAH: (break apart) Wow.

        MARTY: Nothing much.

        Marty then runs over to his dad embracing Fredeth in a hug.

        MARTY: Hey dad.

        FREDETH: Wow its been awhile.

        They break apart and Fredeth takes a stem back and looks his son up and down.

        FREDETH: (laughing; joyfully) You've gotten tall.

        Steven gets up from the couch.

        STEVEN: (confused) Wait you have a son?

        CASEY: You didn't tell me about him Fredeth.

        Marty turns around towards Steven, Casey, and Minxie

        FREDETH: This is my son Marty Jackson.

        Marty approaches them.

        MARTY: (putting hand out) Nice to meet you three.

        They all their shake his hands as he shakes Minxie he gives her a charming smile and she gives one back.

        STEVEN: So you're going to help us?

        MARTY: Sure am.

        CASEY: Not to be mean but why you?

        MARTY: I'm a warlock. Opening portals is my specialty.

        CASEY: Oh okay, I see.

        NOAH: So let's get this party started.

        The from door opens and in comes Stacie in with shopping bags in their hands.

        Stacie walks in then spots Marty, her eyes widen.

        STACIE: (excited) Oh my god! Marty!

        Stacie drops her bags and run over to Marty jumping in his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist.

        MARTY: (laughing) Hello Stacie.

        Stacie hops back onto the floor. They step apart, Stacie gives Marty a kiss on the cheek.

        STACIE: God I missed you.

        MARTY: I missed you too.

        STACIE: Why are you here?

        MARTY: Dad needs my help.

        STACIE: Ohhh okay.

        Stacie turns to Minxie.

        STACIE: (confused) Hi but why are you here?

        MINXIE: Just observing.

        STACIE: Oh.

        CUT TO:


        Every one is standing in a circle. Marty is holding a old brown book, he has it opened to a page. Beside him stands Stacie who is holding a wooden box filled with sand. Beside her stands Casey and Steven, who are both holding knives. Noah and Fredeth are holding spiders in a jar and Minxie is holding a jar with a garden snake in side.

        MARTY: Listen guys, when I say this spell all of you throw your trades into the circle.

        NOAH: So do we just throw the whole jar?

        MARTY: Yeah. Every one ready?

        STEVEN: Yep.

        MARTY: (clears throat) Pupillus , patefacio ops plumbum nos ut balineum of Htob. Exsisto nostrum plumbum via , exsisto nostrum rector. EGO precor vestrum.

        A gust of wind blows through the apartment.

        MARTY: (eyes turn pitch black) Patefacio, obvius, obviam, expositus, directus, aperio!

        Stacie throws the box in the circle, Casey and Steven cut their hands with each of their knife then throws the knives in the circle. Fredeth and Noah throws the jars in following them Minxie's jar. The items float in mid air in the middle of the circle then begin to spin quickly. The items merge then begin to turn into a bright white light. The light expands throwing every one to the ground. The light turns into a large windy portal. Steven stands to his feet then looks over at Noah who stands to his feet.

        NOAH: Ready?

        Steven looks at the portal then back at Noah.

        STEVEN: Not really.

        The front door burst open and in comes the demons that Noah and Steven fought earlier. They run over to Steven grabbing him by the shirt. Minxie stands to her feet not knowing what to do. Steven punches Demon #1 across the face then he throws another but the demon catches Steven's fist then tosses him. Steven smashes into Minxie and they fall to the ground. The two demons jump into the portal. Portal closes behind them.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          STACIE: What the hell!

          CASEY: That wasn't supposed to happen.

          Noah goes over and helps Marty to his feet. Steven and Minxie stands to their feet.

          MINXIE: (mad) Damn it! Shit! If they get that book we're done.

          STACIE: What exactly is in that book.

          FREDETH: We don't really now but it's important and it can help us with this battle with The First.

          STEVEN: Then obviously it can help them too. And from the looks to it they wanted that book as bad as we did.

          FREDETH: I think your right, this was all a trick all a trick. The First got us to open the portal so it can use those demons to get the book of Camarin.

          STACIE: (to Marty) Can't you just open the portal back up and get them.

          MARTY: No, they have to find the book first. The book has the spell to return.

          CASEY: So if they don't get the book?.

          MARTY: The Calarkin demons will return back with the book. Giving all access to The First.

          CASEY: (worried) So we can't do anything?

          MARTY: Just sit and wait I can stay here a while and we can do a tracking spell. The next time they open the portal we can locate them then get the book.

          STACIE: So we just wait it out?

          MARTY: Yep.

          MINXIE: (worried) This is really bad.

          Minxie sighs and walks out of the room.

          CUT TO:


          The balcony looks over the whole town. We see Alicia standing looking over the town with her hands crossed over her chest. Alicia takes in a deep breath.

          WOMAN'S VOICE: How does it feel to be human?

          Alicia turns around to see The First who in the form of her self.

          ALICIA: Yes, it is pretty nice and what did I tell you about that look. It annoys me.

          THE FIRST: I'm sorry, this body is just (it looks down at it's breast) It has great proportions.

          ALICIA: Thanks, but it annoys me.

          THE FIRST: Guess what my butter cup. The plan worked, now it's time for you to take your place

          ALICIA: (smile devious) Really? I'm excited.

          THE FIRST: You should be, I've invested a lot of work in this plan. So like they say. (Transforms into Willow) Let the games begin.

          END OF ACT IV

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

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            I hope you enjoyed this episode and I hope you read more. Things are going to get crazier in East Wick so read on. The feedback is here.
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            East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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