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"Cheated On You With You" Chapter One

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  • "Cheated On You With You" Chapter One

    Title: Cheated On You With You: Chapter One
    Author: BlasterBoy (Ben; me)
    Pairing/Characters: Buffy/Angel, Angel/Spike, Spike/Riley, Spike/Buffy, Buffy/Riley, Riley/Angel, Dawn/Angel I know, a lot.
    Word Count: 1,060
    Rating: PG-13/R
    Content: Language, sex, and character death
    Category: OOC - NOT REAL!
    Summary: Well, this is the most silly and stupid fic I've ever written. These characters are SUPPOSED to be out of character. It's a silly fic, okay? It's from Angel's POV. Angel had a foursome with Buffy, Riley, and Spike. They were all with Buffy at the time of the foursome, so, (SILLYNESS) Angel cheated on Buffy with her, Riley, and Spike, and the same thing with Riley, Spike, and Buffy. Angel can't face himself to tell her, but he tries to anyway. He gets mad -- punches Dawn, aka Miss. Bitch, and now he's in even more trouble. What will happen and how will the first chapter of "Cheated On You With You" end? HOW!??!?!?
    Disclaimer: The characters are not mine, they are Joss Whedon's, blah, blah, blah! I get it!


    I felt her touch. I felt his touch. It felt good. The guy one, I mean ? I mean, the girl! I touched her long, blonde hair and dug my hair through it when I felt a sharp pain in my neck. I flung myself backwards. Spike was vamped out and totally feasting on my neck!

    "Get off!" I shouted at him.

    "What's wrong, Angel? Only want your blonde beauty?"

    I punched Spike off the bed. I looked down at my blonde beauty and only heard the thud of Spike hitting the ground. I grabbed the back of her head and started kissing her.

    "Hey ? what about me?"

    It was that annoying, boring little government guy. Why did Buffy invite him? God, annoying little idiot. And then he popped into view, Riley. He pulled me back and tried to throw me off the bed but I just elbowed him off the bed.

    Now, it was just me and Buffy. That's when she did it. She turned, holding onto me. She turned and turned and plop. We had rolled off the bed and now we were right back where we started. Spike and Riley were lying next to us, surprisingly, locking lips. They instantly stopped and jumped onto me and Buffy. Great.

    That was last night. It went on for awhile but I am smiling way too much to explain it. It finally dawned on me, though. I had just cheated on Buffy. I had just cheated on Buffy with Buffy, Riley, and Spike. Riley had cheated on Buffy, as well, as did Spike. Wow, we were in trouble. Buffy had to be told. She had to be told the truth. She would figure it out anyways, so why not I be the one to tell her?

    I got out of my bed early that morning to start walking in the sewers to Buffy's house. From there, with my blanket (of course), I would run to her house, knock as fast as I could, and walk in.

    I did my plans as fast as I could. I stood at her door, ringing the doorbell for dear life. My blanket started to slip and I had to stop ringing to keep it steady. The only way to knock now was with my head. What were a few more brain cells?

    So, I banged, banged, and banged some more. The door finally threw open.

    "I NEED IN!" I screamed.

    "Come in, come in, fast!"

    But, it wasn't Buffy; it was her brat of a sister. This got me seriously pissed. I jumped in and threw my blanket off as she closed the door.

    "Where the hell is Buffy?"

    "Taking a shower, why?"

    "I need to talk to her."

    "Then, wait another ten minutes or leave, now."

    That little bratty bitch of a sister! I lost my temper; oops, I guess. That got me into more trouble. I sprang at Dawn. Grabbed her face and started kissing her. She tried to let go; I was much too strong. I let go.

    "Ugh! You little ?

    Punch. I punched her right in the face. She toppled onto the stairs, unconscious. Oops, I repeat.

    I waited. And waited. A door upstairs opened. I sprung to my feet and ran to the bottom of the stairs, where unconscious bitch was. Buffy saw me in her blue bathrobe and shrieked.

    "Calm down, honey!"

    "What did you do!?"

    "I punched her."

    "I'm gonna kill you."

    "I know."


    "Well, I have to tell you something."


    "Oh, I can't do this!"

    I ran out the door and ran straight back in.

    "Forgot my blanket."

    I grabbed my blanket and ran back out.

    I sat in my little mansion thing, thinking.

    "What do I do? I need to tell Buffy I cheated on her, but she already hates me because of Ms. Bitch. What to do?"

    I kept thinking.

    "I need to tell her! I?"

    I looked to the ceiling, slowly.

    "Yo! Wolfram and Hart! Get your asses down here!"

    Suddenly, with a crack, there stood a man in a suit standing in front of me.

    "Wipe Buffy's, Miss Bitch's, Spike's, and Riley's memories of the foursome and punching Miss Bitch. Got it?"

    "Yep," the suit said. The suit snapped and then went away with a crack. That night, I went to bed with a smile on his face.

    The next day was a nightmare. I got up, as usual, put on my handy dandy blanket, and walked into the sewers. I kept walking until the Summer's house. I got out, with my blanket on, and ran to the door. I opened it and walked in. Sitting on the couch, was Buffy.

    "Hey, you!"

    She had forgotten! Yes!

    "," I said in a cool but not-so cool voice.

    "What's up?"

    Before I could answer, down came Miss Bitch.

    "What's this bitch doing here?"

    I lost it...again. I punched her, and down she went. A scream from Buffy, and into the basement I went, to hide. I held back the door. But, I couldn't hold it. The force of her kick sent me flying down the stairs and the door came with me. Buffy was standing there, with her evil look on.

    I sat there, stunned.


    She walked down the steps, one by one. She reached me and grabbed me by my neck. She then punched the railing and she took a piece of it that was sharp. It was going to be used as a stake. Oh, great. She lifted up the stake and down it went, into my arm.

    "Oops, I missed."

    She swung again. Ouch says my head. Good aim! You hit my forehead!


    She swung once more. Finally, it hit my heart.

    As I was turning into dust, I said, "I chea ?

    But I was gone before I was finished, leaving Buffy stunned.


    As my dusty self floated around, I quietly called, "Wolfram and frickin' Hart," while I was dust.

    A suit appeared before the floating dust and I said, "Make me alive and please, make Buffy remember this. Oops ? I mean forget!"

    But before I said that last part, he was gone. I was in deep shock while I reappeared where I was floating. I sure was in trouble...again.

    To be continued....