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VERONICA MARS Episode 4.01 "What Goes Around, Comes Around"

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  • VERONICA MARS Episode 4.01 "What Goes Around, Comes Around"

    4.01 "What Goes Around, Comes Around"
    Written by: Heather and Joe (EndersWrath)
    Directed by: Heather and Joe (EndersWrath)
    Edited by: Alexander Brown (Magnetic Ayumi)




    A blonde woman walks towards the front doors and opens them, stepping inside. The camera pans upwards and gets a shot of the metal sign above the entrance. It reads "Federal Bureau of Investigation Headquarters."

    VERONICA (VO): Karma. It's a funny thing.

    CUT TO:


    We find VERONICA walking down a hallway, dressed in a slick, black pantsuit with a pair of large, dark sunglasses over her eyes.

    VERONICA (VO): The bad guys do bad things while the good guys sit back and watch as it all comes back to bite them in the ass.

    She slips an ID badge out of her pant's pocket and clips it to the pocket on her jacket. The camera gets a shot of her picture ? a smiling mug-shot of VERONICA posing with a facial expression you'd likely never see on an FBI agent's ID. The name reads in bold black letters "MARS, VERONICA" and beneath her name is the word "Intern." The camera cuts back to get a shot of VERONICA's real-life smiling face as she struts down the hallway. She slowly removes the glasses, still smiling, and nods in respect to a middle aged man who looks in her direction.

    VERONICA (VO): And you wanna know the best part about it?

    VERONICA is handed a cup of coffee by a woman in a dress who smiles at her warmly. She takes a sip and waves at another coworker who nods in her direction.

    MAN (OS): Veronica? Veronica!

    VERONICA turns around?and slips on the floor. She lands, hard, on the ground and rolls over, looking at her spilled coffee and reading the bright yellow sign that reads "CAUTION: WET FLOOR." She closes her eyes.


    VERONICA (VO): They almost never see it coming.



    VERONICA suddenly wakes up from her dream. She's sitting in a chair, her head resting on the table. She rubs her eyes with one of her hands and sits up slowly.

    MAN (OS): Veronica, you really need to drink less caffeine.

    VERONICA: Caffeine is not the problem?Noisy roommates? That's the problem.

    She turns in her chair to face the guy who was talking to her. He looks to be around VERONICA's age, standing tall and running a hand through his dark brown hair that's gelled to stand upright. He shakes his head in response and picks up a bag from the chair next to VERONICA. He drops it in her lap and turns to leave.

    MAN: Then do what you're good at. (Whispering) Knock her out.

    VERONICA (Playfully): Now, now, Forrest. You know full well that I'm not the violent type. Make love, not war.

    The man, FORREST, stops and turns back around to face VERONICA.

    FORREST: Out of the competition. Knock her out of the competition.

    VERONICA's joking smile fades away and she shakes her head.

    VERONICA: It's not a big deal. Vonney means no harm. She just needs to lay off the caffeine and give it to me, instead.

    FORREST: Ivonne's manipulative. This is what she does. Trust me. Derek was telling me about what she was like in High School. This nocturnal thing she has going is just an act.

    VERONICA sighs and stands up, slinging her bag over her shoulder and walking out of the cafeteria.

    VERONICA: Duh, that's why I'm playing along.

    She playfully hits FORREST in the arm and turns around, hopping backwards out of the room. FORREST grins and follows.

    CUT TO:


    VERONICA enters the empty dorm room and turns on a light, kicking the door shut behind her. The room is small, with two full size beds placed against the back wall. There's one large window behind them and the walls are painted a pale beige color. Two armoires are pressed against a wall on either side of the room, each with a mirror hanging over them. Some pictures, a light, and various knickknacks are displayed on top of them. VERONICA drops her bag at the foot of one of the beds, presumably hers, and jumps onto it. She crawls up the bed and presses her face into the pillow. Wrapping it around her head, she screams. Once she's done screaming, she rolls over and stares up at the ceiling. She glances at a picture of her and KEITH MARS standing in front of a mystery building in New York City and smiles faintly. Sitting up, VERONICA takes off her jacket.

    VERONICA (VO): It's been two months since I saw my dad. Two long, stressful months...




    VERONICA and KEITH walk up to security and stop. VERONICA has a small duffle bag slung over her shoulder while KEITH is holding her boarding pass. He hands her ticket to her and smiles.

    VERONICA: Oh god?Dinner!

    KEITH: What about dinner?

    VERONICA: Who's gonna make it for you if I'm gone? We made a very specific pact against new women entering the household while I'm in Virginia. So that means no finding a woman to cook for you.

    KEITH: Yes, yes we did. But the pact was also against new men entering my daughter's life while she's in Virginia. You hold up your end, I'll hold up mine and make dinner for myself.

    VERONICA: Pinky swear?

    VERONICA holds up her pinky finger. KEITH smiles and nods. The two lock pinkies for a moment.

    KEITH: Pinky swear.

    VERONICA's sheds a tear and wipes it away, smiling.

    VERONICA: I'm gonna miss you all these long, sad months apart. However will we survive?

    She laughs weakly.

    KEITH: I haven't the slightest idea, but we will.

    He takes his daughter into his arms. The two hold the embrace for several moments until VERONICA pulls away.

    VERONICA: They're gonna start boarding soon.

    KEITH: Alright but don't you go crashing on any mystery islands. You call me the second you land, got it?

    VERONICA laughs.

    VERONICA: Didn't they tell you? We're flying west to get a global adventure. I think there's a stop at Hawaii...

    KEITH (Slowly): Call me when you land.

    VERONICA rolls her eyes and nods.

    VERONICA: I will talk to you when I land?in Hawaii.

    KEITH: Not funny. You're not funny.

    VERONICA puts her bag on the conveyer belt and walks up to security.

    VERONICA: Really? ?Cause I thought I was?

    She grins and walks under the metal detector. On the other side, she stops and turns around. KEITH waves at her, a huge smile spread across his face.

    KEITH: Show ?em how the FBI works, girly.

    VERONICA: Oh, I will.

    She turns and walks towards her gate. In the distance behind her, we see KEITH watching.

    KEITH (Shouting after her): Wear the purple unicorn underwear for good luck!

    VERONICA laughs and holds up a hand, giving him a thumbs up. KEITH nods to himself, turns, and leaves. VERONICA glances back and watches him walk away.




    VERONICA smiles to herself and pulls her phone out of her pocket. She tosses it to the side and lies back on the bed.

    VERONICA (VO): I only get to talk to him on the weekends when he's not wrapped up in official sheriff business.

    She rolls onto her side and looks at the clock. It reads "7:03"

    VERONICA (VO): But those weekends make this internship a little easier.

    The door to the dorm room flies open and a brunette woman enters the room. Her eyes are wide, full of fear or distress or both. VERONICA sits up, concerned.

    VERONICA: Ivonne? What's wrong?

    The brunette, IVONNE, tosses a large envelope onto the foot of VERONICA's bed. She then folds her arms across her chest. She's shaking, slightly, and is crying.

    IVONNE: Look at that!

    VERONICA cautiously opens the envelope and pulls out several pieces of paper. We don't see what's on the paper but we do see VERONICA's jaw drop slightly in shock.

    IVONNE (Cont'd): Somebody's blackmailing me. They want me to drop out of the internship!

    VERONICA continues to stare at the pages.

    VERONICA: Oh?Well this is bad?

    She looks up at IVONNE, worried.


    Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars
    Percy Daggs III as Wallace Fennel
    Tina Majorino as Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie
    Jason Dohring as Logan Echolls
    Justin Chatwin as Forrest Garner
    Ryan Hansen as Richard "Dick" Casablancas
    Julie Gonzalo as Parker Lee
    Francis Capra as Eli "Weevil" Navarro
    Max Greenfield as Leo D'Amato
    And Enrico Colantoni as Keith Mars

    Special Guest Stars:
    Amanda Seyfried as Lilly Kane
    Charisma Carpenter as Kendall Casablancas

    Guest Starring:
    Chris Lowell as Stosh "Piz" Piznarski
    Maggie Grace as Ivonne Carlisle
    Brandon Hillock as Deputy Sacks
    Ken Marino as Vinnie Van Lowe
    Erica Gimpel as Alicia Fennel
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    ACT I



    VERONICA is sitting on the edge of her bed, opposite IVONNE, who is sitting on her bed next to VERONICA's. VERONICA slips the contents back into the envelope.

    IVONNE: It was taped to my car window.

    VERONICA: You're lucky nobody happened to open it.

    VERONICA puts the envelope aside and looks at IVONNE.

    VERONICA (Cont'd): Why did you come to me with this? You should've gone straight to Sheridan?

    IVONNE shakes her head.

    IVONNE: No! God no! I couldn't go to him with this! He'll?He'll do something stupid.

    VERONICA: So why me?

    IVONNE looks down at the floor and bites her lip before responding.

    IVONNE: Because a friend recommended you. He said that you helped him out with his little money problem and that you're the person to come to if I want to find out who left me this.

    VERONICA (Seemingly shocked): You want me to track down the mystery person who taped an envelope on your car window in a busy, video-taped-by-security parking lot in the middle of the day?

    IVONNE: Umm?Yes??

    VERONICA's shocked expression quickly turns into a smirk.

    VERONICA: I'll have the name for you by tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, you need to tell Sheridan something. He deserves to know.

    IVONNE: He's married.

    VERONICA: And I guarantee you that his wife won't appreciate finding out about these pictures from some blackmailer as opposed to hearing it from her husband.

    IVONNE stands up and opens the closet on her side of the room. She pulls out a pair of pajama bottoms, a tank, and socks and underwear.

    IVONNE: I'm going to go take a shower now. If anybody asks for me, tell take a?.

    VERONICA nods and motions towards the door.

    VERONICA: Yeah, yeah?Go clean yourself, Vonney.

    IVONNE rolls her eyes and opens the door, but stops.

    IVONNE: Oh and, Veronica?

    VERONICA: Yes, Vonney?

    IVONNE glances back over her shoulder at VERONICA.

    IVONNE: If anybody finds out about any of this, I will make it my life's mission to get you kicked out of this program. Got it?

    VERONICA: Oh the way you have with words? (Beat) Nobody will find out.

    IVONNE: Good.

    She then leaves the dorm room and shuts the door behind her. VERONICA grabs her laptop out of her bag and sits back on the bed, the computer in her lap. She opens the envelope and pulls out the photos. They appear to have been taken from outside a bedroom window. They show IVONNE and an older man, SHERIDAN, kissing and undressing each other.

    VERONICA (VO): I would probably be enjoying the fact that I have all the leverage I need to prove to people that Ivonne doesn't belong here if it weren't for the idea of someone's heart being broken when they find out that their husband is cheating on them. I can't put someone through that.

    VERONICA sets them to the side and opens her laptop.

    VERONICA (VO): Not again.




    PIZ is lying on his bed with VERONICA in the crook of his arm. They're staring at the ceiling.

    PIZ: What happens when you leave? For the whole summer?

    VERONICA: It's not the whole summer. I'll be here for a couple weeks before I go.

    PIZ: Even still. What happens? To us, I mean.

    VERONICA sits up and looks at him, slightly worried by what he's asking.

    VERONICA: W-well?I'll call everyday, you know that?

    PIZ: It's not the calling part that bothers me. I wanna?see you.

    VERONICA: That'll be kinda hard when I'm on the other side of the country.

    PIZ sits up and climbs off the bed, starting to pace.

    PIZ: That's exactly the problem.

    VERONICA sits up completely, looking flustered.

    VERONICA: Are you saying that you don't want me to take this internship?

    PIZ: No, that's not what I'm saying at all. This is an amazing opportunity but?But you never even considered me when you made the decision to leave.

    VERONICA shakes her head, disagreeing with PIZ.

    VERONICA: That's not true. You were deciding on an internship over the summer, too. We wouldn't have seen each other that often even if you did stay in Neptune.

    PIZ: But I at least thought about you when I was making those decisions. Veronica, I care about you. I really do. I should've at least been brought into the equation for a minute to give my input.

    VERONICA: My taking the internship doesn't have anything to do with our relationship, Piz?

    PIZ: Yes it does.

    VERONICA stands up.

    VERONICA: No, it doesn't. This is the chance of a lifetime for me. I can get the chance to do what I wanna do with my life. I need this internship, Piz. You know that.

    PIZ: But what about me, Veronica?

    VERONICA falls silent and looks down at the floor.

    VERONICA: I can't do this?

    PIZ: You can't talk about this with me?

    VERONICA: We're not talking about it anymore. I know what you want Piz, and I'm not willing to do that for you. I can't give this up for you.

    PIZ seems to know where she's going with this conversation and stops pacing, his back facing VERONICA.

    VERONICA (Cont'd): I'm going to Virginia. And if you really don't want me to continue doing what I wanna do with my life, then?Then we need to stop. We need to stop this. Because I really just can't do it anymore.

    She seems overwhelmed with emotion, having difficulty bringing herself to look at PIZ. PIZ never turns around. She nods to herself and wipes a tear from her eye, heading towards the door.

    VERONICA (Cont'd): I'm sorry this had to happen.

    She opens the door but stops when she hears PIZ's voice.

    PIZ: Is it Logan?

    VERONICA turns around, baffled.

    VERONICA: What?

    PIZ: Logan?Is this?Does this have anything to do with Logan?

    VERONICA (Flatly): No.

    PIZ: Ok.

    VERONICA (Softly): Ok?

    She turns and walks out the door, closing it behind her.




    VERONICA is looking through her email inbox. She has several new, bolded emails that she looks through briefly before deleting. There's one more email left. The headline reads "Veronica Mars MIA?" She clicks on it and begins to read the email.

    VERONICA (VO): Wallace, Wallace, Wallace?Whatever will I do with you? This is the thirtieth email I've gotten from him over the past two months. I'm starting to think he has separation anxiety.

    The camera gets a shot of the screen, showing simple lines like "What's up?" and "How's Virginia?" are followed by simple lines about recent Neptune-related news.

    VERONICA (VO): He's been my only true, reliable connection to Neptune these past two months. (Beat) That's how I found out that Piz left. Wallace says he chose to stay in New York for the "learning benefits." I can think of a different reason as to why he left.

    VERONICA closes the laptop, takes a deep breath, and exhales slowly. She then rolls onto her side, reaches up to the chain hanging from the bedside lamp, pulls it, and the room is cast into darkness.

    VERONICA (VO): But maybe all this was for the better.

    In the darkness, we see VERONICA close her eyes and fall to sleep.

    CUT TO:


    LOGAN collapses onto the bed as a hand begins to unbutton his shirt.

    LOGAN (Out of breath): Now, now?Patience, my darling. It's a wonderful thing.

    WOMAN (OS): Don't call me ?darling.'

    The woman leans in, her dark brown hair covering her face, and kisses LOGAN. LOGAN laughs as the woman pulls away brushing hair out of her face and revealing her identity?


    KENDALL (Cont'd): And who needs patience when we can just take what we want?

    She kisses him again and looks down at her white t-shirt. It's stained with a dark red substance ? blood. LOGAN notices the blood and sits up.

    LOGAN: What is that? Is that blood?

    KENDALL shrugs and smiles.

    KENDALL: Like you care anyway. It's not like you've been wondering where I've been the past year.

    LOGAN lifts KENDALL off his lap and stands up.

    LOGAN: Yeah? So where've you been?

    KENDALL sighs, pats her thighs, smiling.

    KENDALL: Sorry, Charlie. But I'm afraid that information's confidential.

    She stands up and walks towards the door. She opens the door?and stops, looking back over her shoulder at LOGAN and shrugs.

    KENDALL (Cont'd): You don't care, Logan. The only thing you care about is miles away. I'm just here to keep you company.

    She turns around?to reveal a gun in her hands. She raises it on LOGAN, who backs away slowly with his hands in the air.

    LOGAN: Kendall?Kendall don't. Don't do this?

    KENDALL shrugs and grins.

    KENDALL: Hey, I've done it before. Shouldn't be hard to do it again, right?

    She fires.

    CUT TO:


    LOGAN lurches forward in bed, sweating. He looks over at the clock. It reads "3:07." He closes his eyes and rubs his forehead. He opens his eyes and looks around the room before lying back down. He doesn't fall back asleep, though. Instead, he stares up at the ceiling, thinking.

    CUT TO:


    "It's Alright Baby" by Komeda plays throughout the scene.

    We get various shots of VERONICA walking up and down the rows of parking spaces in the parking lot, occasionally looking up at video cameras positioned on top of streetlights. She stops in front of one ? numbered "2436." She looks down at a piece of paper in her hand with the same number written on it. She pockets the paper and looks up at the nearest streetlight and video camera. She nods to herself and walks off.

    The song comes to a close.

    CUT TO:


    VERONICA enters the offices and looks around. Seated at a desk before a row of relatively small computer monitors is a large black man. His name tag reads "STANLEY." VERONICA nods at him, looking badass and putting on her best old-west cowboy impersonation.

    VERONICA (Rough, Manly): Stan the Man?How you doin'?

    STANLEY sits up in his seat and looks at her, clearly not in the mood to go along with her little impression.

    STANLEY: Veronica Mars?What can I help you with this time?

    VERONICA loses the act and shifts into a slightly peppy, energetic personality.

    VERONICA: Ok so, I need your help. You see, somebody hit my car. Now, it's not a big deal; I wouldn't have noticed the dent if I weren't such a huge perfectionist with my car. But, I mean, c'mon: it's a dent in my car. So I was wondering if you could show me the surveillance footage from last night.

    STANLEY clearly isn't buying it.

    STANLEY: Show me the dent.

    VERONICA freezes.

    VERONICA: Oh?Umm?I can't.

    STANLEY: Why not?

    VERONICA: Because my car's in the shop to get the dent fixed??

    There's silence. STANLEY's processing this. He sighs and turns back to the monitors. VERONICA holds up both her arms in a silent cheer for herself.

    VERONICA (Cont'd): What would I ever do without you, Stan?

    STANLEY: What's your parking spot number?

    VERONICA: 2436.

    STANLEY types in the number and a new screen appears on the monitor. He then starts to play footage on one of the screens.

    STANLEY: This is from sunset last night.

    VERONICA leans in to watch. STANLEY looks up at her, uncomfortable when she gets a little too close. She backs off a little upon noticing. Then she sees something.

    VERONICA: Wait! Stop there!

    STANLEY hits a key on a keyboard and the screen freezes.

    STANLEY: There's not a single car around your parking spot?

    VERONICA, however, doesn't care; she sees exactly what she is looking for: a blonde woman standing next to IVONNE's red sports car with the same large envelope in her hands. VERONICA smiles.

    VERONICA: You're right. Huh. Well, thanks anyway Stan.

    STANLEY: Where are you going?

    VERONICA: To do intern-y stuff.

    STANLEY: But we didn't even find the person who hit your car?

    VERONICA shrugs and pushes open both doors, stepping out into the bright, sunny day.

    FADE TO:


    We fade in to find the camera focusing on the bright light bulb of a lamp. Slowly, the camera pans around and we see MAC lying on her bed, staring up into the light. The camera continues panning around until we find PARKER sitting on her bed, rhythmically banging her head against the wall.

    PARKER: We're pathetic.

    MAC: We are not pathetic.

    PARKER: We're pathetic. Well, I'm might be more pathetic than you.

    MAC rolls over onto her stomach and looks across the room at PARKER.

    MAC: Oh really? And how is that?

    PARKER: You have a boyfriend. I don't. And that means I'm more pathetic than you.

    MAC: Oh god?Bitter much?

    PARKER pretends to cry to herself as MAC climbs off her bed.

    MAC (Cont'd): You know what? We should put an end to this madness.

    PARKER: Ooh?Does Mac have wild plans?

    MAC: Mac has no plans. But Mac wants to prevent killing herself with boredom.

    PARKER: Parker agrees...

    MAC: So let's go!

    PARKER looks at her curiously.

    PARKER: Go where?

    MAC: Anywhere that doesn't look like here. Are you with me?

    PARKER holds up both her hands in mock submission and jumps off her bed.

    PARKER: Amen sister friend!

    PARKER grabs her sunglasses and cell phone and beats MAC out the door.

    CUT TO:


    VERONICA is sitting amongst a group of interns her age, roughly twenty of them. She's smirking, proud of herself.

    VERONICA: It was Rebecca Newland.

    The interns turn to her, surprised by VERONICA's accusation. Among them are FORREST, nodding to himself in agreement, and IVONNE, brow ruffled in confusion. A man steps into the shot. We can instantly recognize him from the blackmail photos from IVONNE's car. It's SHERIDAN, the head of the intern program.

    SHERIDAN: And why do you think that?

    VERONICA: Because she doesn't have a solid alibi. She left the office when she found out her regular afternoon delight of a doctor called in sick and headed home to find Mr. Newland having his own affair with his ex-wife. (Beat) Is it still an affair if you were married at some point?

    SHERIDAN smiles to himself and nods.

    SHERIDAN: Feel free to continue...

    VERONICA: Right, so she finds him with his own personal Monica, takes his gun from the closet, and shoots them both while they're busy?well?getting busy.

    She grins, folding her arms across her chest. SHERIDAN begins to clap to applaud her.

    SHERIDAN: Veronica Mars continues to climb up the ladder that is this internship.

    He glances down at his watch ands rolls his eyes.

    SHERIDAN (Cont'd): And that's all we have time to do for right now since I'm required to give you a lunch break. Be back in an hour.

    The interns begin to hustle out of the conference room ? all but VERONICA, FORREST, and a guy and girl.

    SHERIDAN (Cont'd): Any late stragglers won't be let in. And your point total will suffer. Trust me.

    He grabs his briefcase and leaves. VERONICA looks across the room at the girl. She's blonde, tan, and generally pretty. She's kissing the guy's cheek while he looks up at the ceiling, smiling. VERONICA shakes her head, smiling slightly.

    VERONICA (VO): Derek Olsen. Presumably the richest man in the internship. It's rumored that his father bought Derek a place here.

    DEREK kisses the blonde girl and the two stand up, heading for the door. VERONICA watches, still smiling.

    VERONICA (VO): Gotcha.

    She stands up from her chair, slinging her bag over her shoulder, and walks towards the door, where FORREST is waiting for her.

    FORREST: That was some pretty serious skill you showed back there.

    VERONICA: What can I say? I'm climbing up the ladder.

    FORREST laughs and the two leave.


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      ACT II


      VERONICA is sitting on her bed looking at a picture on the night stand, she picks it up and we can see that it is of her and KEITH.

      VERONICA (VO): Poor dad, all on his lonesome; not having a fantastic roommate to keep him company. Though dad isn't all by himself; him and Leo have gotten pretty close.

      VERONICA sets the picture down, and stands up, she picks up her cell phone from the same table and puts it in her back pocket.

      VERONICA (VO): Ever since Leo started working with him they have started bonding more; I swear if they bonded anymore they would have to go in for that ever controversial Siamese twin surgery.

      VERONICA heads out the door and closes it behind her.

      VERONICA (VO): Though I guess that's better than picturing him home all alone eating cereal out of the box watching crappy sitcoms.

      CUT TO:


      KEITH is sitting on the couch eating Fruit Loops out of the box with the TV turned on, looking seriously bored and not really amused with what is on the TV. There is a knock at the door, KEITH gets up, wipes some crumbs off of his shirt and opens the door, to see LOGAN ECHOLLS on the other side.

      KEITH: Veronica's not here.

      LOGAN: Great to see you too Mr. Mars.

      KEITH: What do you want Logan?

      LOGAN: Is that an invitation to come in?

      KEITH sighs and moves to the side and gestures with his arm for LOGAN to come in.

      LOGAN: Ah, you're too kind.

      KEITH: You still haven't answered me, why are here?

      LOGAN: You were there when Kendall was killed right?

      KEITH: What's the matter; miss your ex-lover?

      LOGAN looks at KEITH with a confused and surprised look.

      KEITH: Don't look so surprised, Veronica let me know about it.

      LOGAN looks down at the ground with an awkward look about him.

      KEITH: Why are you asking me these questions now, a year after Kendall's death?

      LOGAN: I've been having these weird dreams lately.

      KEITH: About Kendall?

      LOGAN: Yeah and they usually end with her bleeding and then killing me.

      KEITH: Doesn't sound like the average teenage boy dream involving a hot, busty woman.

      LOGAN: That is why I have come to you.

      KEITH: To help you stop dreaming about her? Listen Logan, it's been a while since I was a teenager, not to mention ?

      LOGAN: No, I think that there is something wrong with her death, and that is why I am dreaming about her constantly.

      KEITH: How so?

      LOGAN: Was a body ever found? Did she even have a funeral?

      KEITH: Kendall Casablancas didn't have anyone, a funeral wouldn't be expected.

      LOGAN: Was her body at least found?

      KEITH: No.

      LOGAN: Did you see who did it?

      KEITH: It was a Fitzpatrick.

      LOGAN: Ah those dear old friends of mine. I might have to go and pay them a visit.

      KEITH: Logan, stay away from them, they are gaining way too much power in this town; it would be really careless of you to go after them.

      LOGAN: We'll just have to see how eventful my day is; and right now it's looking pretty bleak.

      KEITH: Then I suggest you hit the beach because going after the Fitzpatrick's is suicide.

      LOGAN makes a faux flattered expression.

      LOGAN: Why Mr. Mars I never thought you cared about me.

      KEITH: It's not me that would be upset if you got yourself killed, but I do know someone that would.

      LOGAN gives KEITH a lingering look.

      LOGAN: Looks like I should go get my wetsuit before it gets too late.

      KEITH: Great idea.

      KEITH opens the door and LOGAN exits the house and gives KEITH a tiny salute as he leaves. KEITH sighs and shuts the door.

      KEITH: Even without him dating Veronica that kid brings unneeded drama into my life.

      He plops back down onto the couch and grabs his box of Fruit Loops and resumes what he was doing before LOGAN interrupted him.

      CUT TO:


      VERONICA sees DEREK about to exit the building when she puts her foot out to stop him from opening up the door.

      VERONICA: Hey Derek, got time to chat?

      DEREK looks her up and down.

      DEREK: Depends, what do you mean by ?chat'?

      VERONICA: I was going with the Webster's definition, you and I exchanging verbal phrases, until I get the information I want.

      DEREK: I'm really busy, so if you could move your foot?

      VERONICA: See, I bet that if I went with another answer I would have gotten a different response.

      DEREK: What do you want Mars?

      VERONICA puts on pouty lips.

      VERONICA: I just want some information, is that too much to ask?

      DEREK: What?

      VERONICA straightens up.

      VERONICA: Good. Now, do you know anything about who is blackmailing Ivonne?

      DEREK: Who?

      VERONICA: Cut the crap Olsen, you know who I'm talking about.

      DEREK: I may or may not have heard something.

      VERONICA: What may have you heard?

      DEREK: Well there is a rumor going around that someone wants her gone.

      VERONICA: Where did you hear that?

      DEREK: It's a rumor; I just over heard it from some guys.

      VERONICA: You wouldn't by any chance know who it was.

      DEREK: Get this through your thick skull: I. Don't. Know.

      VERONICA sighs and looks down.

      VERONICA: Derek, Derek, Derek?we can do this the easy way, or the long and hard way which involves me being a whole different person, and to be completely honest it's been a long time since my last interrogation, so if you could just let me know what I need to know, I would greatly appreciate it.

      DEREK: What is it gonna take to get you off my back?

      VERONICA: Do you not listen when I speak?

      VERONICA raises her hands and does faux sign language.

      VERONICA: Tell me what you know about the blackmailing.

      DEREK: I've told you what I know, so can you please remove your foot?

      VERONICA: What about your blonde friend, where was she the other night?

      DEREK: This is ridiculous.

      He pushes her foot out of the way and storms out of the door. VERONICA calls out at him.

      VERONICA: Great chatting with you Derek, we'll have to do it again soon!

      VERONICA turns around and has a contemplating look on her face.

      VERONICA (VO): The big question of the day: Could someone that stupid be able to pull off blackmail? And even more, how does someone like that make it into a prestigious internship? I guess when daddy's pockets are that loaded you can get into anywhere you like.

      She turns around and goes through the same door that DEREK went through.

      VERONICA (VO): If only I could have that kind of money. (Beat) Maybe I'll just marry rich; that would make things easier.

      CUT TO:


      MAC and PARKER are walking the campus grounds, looking just as board as they were in the dorm but this time wearing fake smiles trying to make it look like they are having a good time.

      MAC: This is fun?

      PARKER: Apparently your idea of it.

      MAC: What do you mean ?my idea of it'?

      PARKER: You were the one that suggested we go out and explore the campus going on's.

      MAC: No, I just said we should go anywhere but in there; once we got out of the room you were the one that wanted to check this out.

      MAC gestures out in front of her and we can see a bunch of booths lined up all with various things on them, some ranging from charity events, others recruiting guys and girls early for fraternities and sororities. PARKER looks at MAC with her mouth twisted.

      PARKER: Oh yeah.

      PARKER'S face quickly turns into a smile and her eyes widen, she grabs onto MAC'S arm.

      PARKER: C'mon! Let's go check all of this out!

      MAC is being dragged by PARKER into the mosh of stands.

      PARKER: Now, let the mingling begin!

      MAC: You didn't have to drag me down you know, I would have come willingly.

      PARKER raises an eyebrow at her.

      MAC: Maybe.

      PARKER: You've got to at least try to have fun, otherwise it just ruins the whole day.

      MAC looks at her with little to no amusement on her face.

      MAC: Fine.

      PARKER claps her hands together with joy.

      PARKER: Goodie!

      MAC: But I'm not doing a keg stand, I draw the line there.

      PARKER: Well then what do you want to do first? Try out the sororities or maybe see what parties are going on? What're you up for.

      MAC: Dick?

      PARKER: Um, I don't think Max would be too happy if you, you know ?got it on with another guy.

      MAC sighs and rolls her eyes.

      MAC: No, Dick as in Dick Casablancas.

      She moves PARKER'S head with her hand in the direction of a table that has DICK CASABLANCAS at it.

      PARKER: Oh! That makes more sense. (Beat) You aren't really the slutty type.

      MAC goes ahead of her and walks up to DICK'S booth.

      DICK: Mac! What's up?

      MAC: Hey Dick. What are you doing out here? You do know that this is a booth for Charity don't you?

      DICK: For the starving kids in Africa actually.

      MAC: Did you get arrested?

      DICK: What?

      MAC: Blackmailed?

      DICK: I don't know what you're talking about.

      MAC: What is holding you against your will and making you do this?

      DICK: Hey, there's more than one side to this sexy stud.

      MAC: Obnoxious and pretentious?

      DICK: I have no idea what that second word means, but if it has anything to do with being an awesome new Dick Casablancas then you're right.

      PARKER walks up to the booth from behind MAC.

      PARKER: I'll donate five bucks.

      PARKER pulls out her wallet and put five dollars into the donation jar.

      DICK: See, Parker knows how to spread the love.

      MAC: How much have you donated Dick?

      DICK: What do you mean?

      MAC: How much money have you given?

      DICK: I'm running this thing, why would I put money in the jar?

      MAC: Dick, you're like Paris Hilton rich; you're telling me that you can't donate some money?

      DICK: In a way I am donating all of this money; I mean without me they couldn't get this money, so actually it appears like I'm giving the most money.

      MAC gives him a ?what the hell?' look.

      MAC: Good luck with the fundraiser Dick.

      She grabs onto PARKER'S shirt and drags her off away from DICK who is just smiling at his own seemingly flawless logic.

      PARKER: You gotta admit, it's better than mooning the whole school.

      MAC just rolls her eyes.

      CUT TO:


      WALLACE is walking through the hallway with a box in his arms, various other people are moving back into their dorm rooms also. WALLACE gets to his room and opens up the door.


      No one is in the room, but music is being played from a boom box, it is HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS. There is already stuff from another guy unpacked and put up, there are gothic type posters put up on the wall, a couple of dark candles on the night stand, and black sheets on one of the beds. WALLACE sets the box down on the bare bed and takes a look around the room, not really liking what he is seeing.

      WALLACE: What the?

      A GUY walks into the room; he is draped in black clothes with long black hair.

      GUY: You Wallace?

      WALLACE: Yeah.

      GUY: I'm Patrick.

      WALLACE: Hey.

      PATRICK: You WOW?

      WALLACE looks really confused.

      WALLACE: Do I what?

      PATRICK goes over to his computer and starts clicking some things.

      PATRICK: World of Warcraft, do you play?

      WALLACE: Um, no.

      PATRICK turns back around to face WALLACE.

      PATRICK: Too bad. My old roommate did, it was pretty cool.

      WALLACE: I bet.

      PATRICK: So what do you do for fun?

      WALLACE: Well I'm on the basketball team and ?

      PATRICK: You're a jock?

      WALLACE: Uh, I guess. I mean I do play sports so if that makes me a jock then yeah.

      PATRICK looks annoyed.

      PATRICK: Figures.

      WALLACE: Do you have something against jocks?

      PATRICK: Just the fact that they are all mindless steroid pumped drones.

      WALLACE: I'm majoring in Aerospace Engineering.

      PATRICK: Always has to be that diamond in the rough I guess.

      WALLACE: What do you do then?

      PATRICK: I'm majoring in Poetry.

      WALLACE: You can major in that?

      PATRICK: It's a liberal arts school, of course you can.

      WALLACE: So you like write about depressing things and get credit for it?

      PATRICK: I bare my soul for credit; it isn't an easy thing.

      WALLACE: Sure man.

      PATRICK goes over to where his stereo is and begins to look through his CD's.

      WALLACE: Hey, could you turn down the music?

      PATRICK: I'll just use my headphones.

      WALLACE: Cool. I've got some more boxes in my car if you wanted to help me bring them ?

      PATRICK has already put on his headphones and is at his computer no longer paying attention.

      WALLACE shakes his head and heads out of the room.

      FADE INTO:


      VERONICA is walking around the stacks looking at the books; the library is not as big as the HEARST one but a decent size none the less.

      VERONICA (VO): I never appreciated working at the library before I came here. Without having a computer at my hands, I can't find a thing. Card catalog be damned.

      She goes around to the other side of the stack and grabs a book she was looking for.

      VERONICA (VO): Though sometimes you can find things with sheer luck.

      A WOMAN comes up behind VERONICA and taps her on the shoulder and startles her, she turns around.

      VERONICA: Um, yes?

      WOMAN: You're Veronica Mars, right?

      VERONICA: That would be me.

      WOMAN: Sheridan wants to see you.

      VERONICA: Did he tell you why?

      WOMAN: Do I look like a telegram?

      VERONICA just smiles and walks away.

      VERONICA (muttering to herself): No, but you do look like a mega biotch.

      CUT TO:


      VERONICA knocks on the door to SHERIDAN'S office; she hears a response to come in and then proceeds to enter.


      VERONICA walks inside of SHERIDAN'S office, he is sitting in his chair and gestures for her to sit down, she obliges.

      VERONICA: You wanted to see me?

      SHERIDAN: Yes, I have some important things to talk with you about.

      VERONICA: Got another case you need me to solve?

      She leans in and whispers to him, is an over exaggerated sleuth voice.

      VERONICA: Treachery in the coffee lounge?

      SHERIDAN isn't amused at VERONICA'S playful-ness.

      SHERIDAN: You are Ms. Carlisle's roommate, correct?

      VERONICA leans back to her chair, aware that it isn't the time for games.

      VERONICA: Yeeeah.

      SHERIDAN: Then I guess that you know about the blackmail pictures.

      VERONICA: Ah, so that is what this is all about. Don't worry; I won't be going to your wife.

      SHERIDAN: Ms. Mars, I don't know what you are playing at, but this isn't about me being caught; this is about you being removed from this internship.

      VERONICA stands up, outraged.

      VERONICA: What? Why?!

      SHERIDAN: For blackmailing Ivonne; we have a zero tolerance policy here at the academy when it comes to things like this.

      VERONICA looks speechless and completely shocked with her mouth open.


      END ACT II
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        ACT III

        FADE IN


        We open up where we last left off, VERONICA is standing, looking shocked at SHERIDAN.

        VERONICA: What do you mean removed?!

        SHERIDAN: You're a bright enough student Veronica, I'm sure you know what I mean.

        VERONICA is shaking her head in disbelief.

        VERONICA: I did not blackmail Ivonne.

        SHERIDAN: I have proof that say's otherwise.

        VERONICA: Proof?

        SHERIDAN opens up his desk drawer and pulls out a VHS tape.

        SHERIDAN: Yes proof.

        VERONICA: And that's your audition for American Idol?

        SHERIDAN: This is security footage showing you putting the photo's on Ivonne's car.

        VERONICA: I know I've seen the tape, but that isn't me.

        SHERIDAN: So there is another blonde girl here that would do that to her?

        VERONICA: Only about half of the females at this place. Did I suddenly become the only blonde here?

        SHERIDAN: She also matches you physical description, and you room with Ivonne so everything points to you.

        VERONICA: So the whole ?innocent until proven guilty' doesn't apply at the FBI?

        SHERIDAN: Like I said before, we have a Zero Tolerance policy here.

        VERONICA: Put the tape in.

        SHERIDAN: What?

        VERONICA: Put the tape in and I will show you that it isn't me.

        SHERIDAN: Veronica?

        VERONICA: Put. It. In.

        SHERIDAN shakes his head and pops in the tape, the TV begins to play the footage. The footage gets to the part where the BLONDE WOMAN is putting the pictures in IVONNE'S car. VERONICA goes over to the VCR and presses pause.

        VERONICA: Look, I don't even own a jacket like that, and I own a lot.

        SHERIDAN: I'm supposed to believe you on account of the fact that you may or may not own this coat.

        VERONICA: Yes.

        SHERIDAN: You could have disposed of the coat at any time.

        VERONICA: I didn't do it.

        SHERIDAN: I think you are a great student Veronica, on the top of you game but I can't just let you slide.

        VERONICA walks over to SHERIDAN and looks him straight in the eye, and doesn't miss a beat.

        VERONICA: I didn't blackmail anyone, but I swear to you that I will find whoever did this and will make them pay ten fold. I am not gonna let someone get me kicked out of this program. Whoever did this is going to know full well what a Mars can do.

        SHERIDAN looks at VERONICA speechless while she storms out of the room.

        CUT TO:


        DEREK is walking towards his car, a green RANGE ROVER, he clicks his alarm button on his keychain and the car locks rather than unlocks. DEREK has a confused look on his face but dismisses it quickly as he hops into his car. He puts his key into his ignition and buckles his seatbelt when something from behind yanks on the seatbelt which starts to get tighter around his neck. VERONICA appears from the back seat and brings her head next to DEREK'S.

        VERONICA: Hey Derek just thought we might finish up our chat from earlier.

        DEREK (gasping for air): Let me go you crazy bitch.

        VERONICA: Hmm, I don't think you are really in the position to be calling me a bitch now are you?

        DEREK (gasping for air): What do you want?

        VERONICA: I just have a few questions for you. I'll let you go if you promise to behave.

        DEREK (gasping for air): Fine!

        VERONICA smiles and let's go of the seat belt; DEREK begins to catch his breath and as soon as he does he goes to turn and attack VERONICA, but she quickly reacts and pulls out her taser. Her face quickly becomes serious and stern again.

        VERONICA: You're not behaving.

        DEREK backs up and slouches back in his seat.

        DEREK: How did you even get in here?

        VERONICA: This isn't the first time I've had to break into a Range Rover.

        DEREK looks at her with a raised eyebrow.

        DEREK: What do you want to know?

        VERONICA: Well it seems like I'm getting pinned for blackmailing Ivonne, funny huh?

        DEREK: Uh, sure.

        VERONICA: Now thing is, I didn't. So that means that someone else did.

        DEREK: Can you get to the point?

        VERONICA: They are pinning it on me because they have footage of a blonde woman leaving the photos on Ivonne's car.

        DEREK: Then how could it have been me? Last time I checked I'm not blonde or a woman.

        VERONICA: Thing is Derek, I have been keeping up with the game going on; who's on top and who's on bottom, and I noticed something funny; it seems that your little blonde girlfriend seems to be right there with you; not too close to the top there.

        DEREK: What does that have to do with anything?

        VERONICA: See, if I were bumped outta this program the curve would change putting you two back towards the top.

        DEREK: Like you would be worth it.

        VERONICA: You know what I hate more than anything? I hate it when rich kids who don't deserve something use their money to get it. And what's even worse is when they use that money to hurt those who have worked hard for something.

        DEREK: I haven't done anything to you.

        VERONICA: You think I'm playing with you, but I will make your life here a living hell.

        DEREK: How do you plan on doing that when you're expelled?

        VERONICA looks a little taken back by DEREK'S gained confidence.

        DEREK: And even if it was me, there would be no way you could prove it was, this isn't some sort of little scenario this is real life Ronnie. You're gonna be out of this program quicker than ?

        VERONICA gets fed up with him and puts the taser to his arm, causing his to convulse in his seat.

        VERONICA: Well I have to go clear my name, have a great drive Derek.

        She pats him on the arm as she exits the vehicle.

        VERONICA (VO): The great thing about this place? No one knows what I've done in the past, and the element of surprise is everything.

        CUT TO:


        There is a party going on; lots of people dancing, drinking and having a good time. Right in the middle of the crowd are two girls who look uneasy and stick out like a sore thumb: MAC and PARKER.

        PARKER: Ok, so we're at a party? aren't we supposed to be having fun?

        MAC: I don't think we are capable of having fun.

        PARKER: Hey don't be a party pooper!

        MAC: I couldn't poop out this party if I tried my hardest.

        PARKER: Party, it's not you, it's me.

        MAC laughs at her.

        PARKER: I guess we could try harder to have a good time.

        MAC: So now work is going to be fun?

        PARKER: And chocolate is now white, you just gotta roll with the punches.

        The two of them make their way out of the middle of the crowd and start mingling with other people.

        CUT TO:


        MAC and PARKER exit the house, their hair all messed up like they have been dancing and having a good time for a while.

        MAC: That was actually better than I thought it was going to be.

        PARKER: I swear you were only ten more minutes away from doing a keg stand.

        MAC: No way.

        PARKER: Way! You were hovering over the keg like a bee pollinating an entire field.

        MAC: I was just curious.

        PARKER: Never seen a keg before?

        MAC: Okay, fine I wanted a drink. There? Happy?

        PARKER grins.

        PARKER: Very.

        MAC points across the quad.

        MAC: Hey, there's Wallace!

        PARKER: What?

        MAC is already running over towards WALLACE and PARKER is just trying to keep up.

        MAC: Wallace!

        WALLACE turns around and sees MAC, there is a bit of relief on his face, but still sort of upset.

        WALLACE: Hey Mac.

        MAC: What's going on?

        WALLACE: I just got the chance to meet my new roommate.

        MAC: Ooh, what's he like?

        WALLACE: Take me, and then do a complete three-sixty degree flip and then you've got the creepy Goth guy.

        MAC: That bad huh?

        PARKER catches up.

        PARKER: Hey Wallace. What's new?

        MAC: Wallace just met his new roommate.

        PARKER: Oh! Is he hot?

        WALLACE'S eyebrows furrow.

        PARKER: Right.

        MAC: Apparently this new guy is no Piz.

        WALLACE (completely unenthused): No, he isn't.

        PARKER puts her hand on WALLACE'S arm.

        PARKER: I'm sorry Wallace.

        MAC: Yeah.

        WALLACE: Veronica needs to start thinking about the repercussions of breaking a guy's heart before she does it, because this so isn't fair.

        WALLACE walks off towards the HEARST PARKING LOT.

        PARKER: We got lucky.

        MAC: Also, neither one of us moved away over the summer.

        PARKER: Okay this is bumming me out, let's continue with the festivities!

        MAC: Somewhere less alcoholic this time please?

        PARKER hooks her arm into MAC'S and the two start walking.

        PARKER: Can do!

        CUT TO:


        LOGAN is sitting on the couch flipping through channels when DICK walks in the suite.

        DICK: What's goin' on man?

        LOGAN: Just enjoying the luxury that is a thousand plus channels with nothing at all to watch.

        He's tosses the remote to the side of him.

        DICK: You look mopey.

        LOGAN: I'm not mopey.

        DICK: Either way you look like you haven't slept in a week.

        LOGAN: It's these dreams I've been having.

        DICK: The one where you find out that Ciara really is a guy?

        LOGAN: No, about Kendall.

        DICK: My step-mom? Dude I have dreams about her all the time and I never look like that.

        LOGAN: They're these whacked out dreams about how she disappeared.

        DICK: Didn't she die or some stuff like that?

        LOGAN: Yeah, but I don't think she did.

        DICK: If it's not one girl, it's the other.

        LOGAN: What?

        DICK: Seriously man, can't you find a girl that isn't wrapped in drama? There's Veronica who is just on another level with it, there was that Hannah girl that made you go all weird, Parker who thought you still had it for Ronnie and now Kendall? I think you need to join a convent or something to get away from all these chicks.

        LOGAN: A convent is for nuns Dick.

        DICK: And?

        LOGAN just rolls his eyes.

        DICK: Listen, come down with me and help me out at my booth; it's pretty fun and sexy girls dig a man that gives.

        LOGAN: What's your booth?

        DICK: It's for the starving kids in Africa; we're doing a big event in about twenty minutes.

        LOGAN: What kind of even?

        DICK: A pie eating contest.

        LOGAN stares at him blankly.

        LOGAN: You're holding a pie eating contest to raise money for the starving kids in Africa?

        DICK: Yeah man it's awesome! Though it did take some time to get others on board with it; for some reason they were all weirded out by the idea of it. I mean how weird is it to give to starving kids?

        LOGAN: Somehow I don't think that's what they were weirded out by.

        DICK gets a confused look on his face.

        LOGAN: Why are you doing all this Dick? Why the sudden need to do all this charity work; just an easy way to pick up girls?

        DICK: I want to do some good.

        LOGAN: What?

        DICK: I want to do something that I think would make me a better person; I don't want to be known forever as that guy who's brother jumped off the building because his brother was a jackass.

        LOGAN: Dick, no one thinks that.

        DICK: Well I do, and I just want to stop feeling like that and I'm hoping that this will help some way.

        LOGAN: Alright man.

        DICK takes a deep breath and reclaims his cool.

        DICK: So did you wanna come down and help, or watch?

        LOGAN: Got nothing better to do; and what's more fun that watching a bunch of people shovel pie into their mouths?

        DICK: That's what I'm sayin!

        LOGAN grabs his phone off the table and the two of them head out the door.

        CUT TO:


        VERONICA is sitting up on her bed across from IVONNE, who is lying on hers.

        IVONNE: I can't believe that you are getting pinned for this.

        VERONICA: Yeah, well story of my life.

        IVONNE: I wonder if telling them that I didn't think it was you would stop Sheridan from removing you from the program?

        VERONICA: No, even if you tried they would want proof; so until I can find that I'm S.O.L.

        IVONNE: I'm so sorry Veronica; I thought this place was gonna be great, but it looks like we're both gonna get the axe.

        VERONICA: I'm thinking that Derek had something to do with it; I just can't figure out how.

        IVONNE: I wouldn't put it past that sleaze ball.

        VERONICA just lets out a sigh and falls back onto her pillow. IVONNE gets up from her bed.

        IVONNE: I just need to wash the horrible off of me. I'm going for a shower.

        She goes over and picks up a towel and bag then leaves the room.

        VERONICA (VO): I thought after leaving Neptune I would be able to get away from all of this injustice, but a Mars' life is never that easy.

        FLASH TO:



        KEITH, VERONICA, LEO, SACKS, and other Sheriff Department employs fill the main office that is decorated in party attire. The television is set up on a high filing cabinet for all to see which is showing a local news station with "SHERIFF'S ELECTION" is bold letters crossing the screen.

        VERONICA: Only ten more minutes and you'll officially be Sheriff of Neptune again. How does that feel?

        She grabs a pen from a desk and uses it as a fake microphone, putting it up to her dad's face.

        KEITH: It feels like there's some crime to be fought.

        VERONICA: No rest for the wicked huh?

        KEITH: We tend to drink a lot of coffee.

        LEO walks up to the two.

        LEO: So you really think that we can beat Vinnie?

        VERONICA: We?

        LEO: Hey, you're dad has been pretty good to me over the years; wherever he goes, I go.

        VERONICA: Only pretty good?

        LEO lets out a laugh.

        KEITH: Thank you Leo.

        He nods and then walks back to another group.

        VERONICA: He has a point dad, after everything that I did, everything that hurt your campaign do you think ?

        KEITH: Veronica I don't blame you for any of this; Vinnie has been tricking Neptune before the whole thing happened between you and Jake Kane.

        VERONICA: But still, it couldn't have helped?

        KEITH: No matter what happens, I don't want you to blame yourself for it, promise me.

        VERONICA looks hesitant but KEITH has no intention on backing down.

        VERONICA: I promise.

        He puts an arm around her shoulders and kisses her head.

        KEITH: Atta girl. Now who's your daddy?

        She just rolls her eyes with a smile and pats him on the chest when INGA walks towards KEITH.

        INGA: I really hope that you win Keith, I always love having you around.

        She looks over at VEORNICA.

        INGA: And little Ronnie too.

        VERONICA: Not so little anymore.

        INGA: You'll always be the little girl who would sit at her dad's desk when he was away and pretend to solve crimes.

        VERONICA smiles at INGA'S thoughtful comment.

        VERONICA: Aw shucks you're embarrassing me.

        SACKS: They're announcing the winner.

        INGA walks up closer to the to get a better view and SACKS turns up the volume on the television.

        REPORTER: After a head to head race, the polls have closed and we now have a winner.

        The REPORTER pauses and everyone in the room is taking in every word she says.

        REPORTER: The winner on the 2007 Balboa County Sheriff's race is Vinnie Van Lowe with an eight percent lead.

        KEITH and VERONICA are standing in the middle of the Sheriff's Department with total shocked faces, just looking speechless. No one else in the room really knows what to say either; SACKS walks over to KEITH.

        SACKS: Its not gonna be the same without you Keith.

        KEITH nods to acknowledge SACKS comment, SACKS then walks away.

        VERONICA: I can't believe this.

        KEITH: There's always next election I guess.

        VERONICA: When will this town learn that you're the best Sheriff that they can ever get.

        KEITH: You should have been my promoter.

        VERONICA: This isn't right dad. Vinnie had to of cheated.

        MAN (OS): You're words hurt me Ronnie.

        Pan over to the entrance to the Sheriff's Office, the voice came from VINNIE VAN LOWE.

        VERONICA: What are you doing here Vinnie?

        VINNIE: Didn't you hear? There's a new Sheriff in town, and oh yeah it's me!

        He has a smug look on his face while VERONICA'S resembles that if she was sniffing dog crap.

        KEITH: I don't know how you did it Vinnie but you did.

        VINNIE: Sheer charisma I guess.

        VERONICA scoffs.

        VERONICA: Yeah, I'm sure that's it.

        VINNIE: Or it could have been your daughter with her little scandal that helped seal the deal, nothing like a little publicity to ruin your campaign, eh Keith?

        VERONICA looks like she is ready to punch VINNIE in the face, but KEITH puts his hands on her shoulder.

        VINNIE: Better watch that temper of yours, I mean I do like ?em feisty and all, but I don't think it would be good for you to punch the newly elected Sheriff.

        KEITH: Watch it Vinnie.

        VINNIE: That's Sheriff Van Lowe to you.

        VINNIE turns to LEO.

        VINNIE: I would like these two escorted off the premises please.

        LEO: No.

        VINNIE: Last time I checked Deputies answered to the Sheriff, and that would be me.

        LEO: I'm not your Deputy any more.

        LEO takes off his badge along with his gun holster.

        LEO: I quit.

        He turns and smiles at VERONICA and KEITH and then leaves the Sheriff's Department.

        VERONICA smirks at VINNIE.

        VERONICA: We can show ourselves out.

        VERONICA and KEITH leave the Sheriff's Department together.


        FLASH TO:


        VERONICA comes out of her daydream at the sound of a phone ringing, she gets out of her bed and sees that IVONNE is still not back but it's her phone that is ringing on her dresser.

        VERONICA (VO): Could the blackmailer be calling to get some sort of ransom?

        VERONICA walks over to the dresser and picks up IVONNE'S cell phone to check the caller ID when she sees the name ?DEREK' flashing on the phone.

        VERONICA (VO): Since when do Derek and Ivonne talk?

        The phone stops ringing and VERONICA starts to look through the call log.

        VERONICA (VO): This isn't the first call that Ivonne has gotten from Derek. It looks like there are a lot incoming and outgoing to him and to, surprise, surprise, Sheridan.

        The phone beeps, alerting that there is a voicemail.

        VERONICA (VO): I wonder?

        VERONICA dials the voicemail and inputs the number ?1-2-3-4', the call goes through.

        VERONICA (VO): When will people learn to change their password from the factory setting?

        DEREK'S voice comes up through the voicemail.

        DEREK: Hey Ivonne its Derek. I think that Veronica chick is onto it; she came at me today in my car with a taser.

        VERONICA smirks.

        DEREK (cont): We just gotta keep up appearances till the end of the week and she will be gone, and there won't be anything to worry about. Call me back when you get this, I've got more we need to talk about.

        VERONICA ends the call and stares out into the open with a sense of new knowledge.

        VERONICA: I can't believe it.

        CUT TO BLACK.

        END ACT III
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          ACT IV

          FADE IN


          The scene continues where it left off. VERONICA puts IVONNE's cell phone back down and turns towards her side of the room.

          VERONICA (VO): You know that feeling like you've got a huge butchers' knife stuck in your back and no matter how flexible you are, you just can't pull the damn thing out? Yeah, I hate that feeling. And I never get used to it.

          She grabs her bag and opens a pocket, pulling out her cell phone. She dials a number and holds the phone to her ear.

          VERONICA: Hey, Forrest. It's Veronica. I've got a question for you and I'm really hoping you have an answer for me. What can you tell me about Ivonne and Derek? (Beat ? Listening) No, I mean their history together. (Beat ? Listening) You're kidding me.

          She sits down on her bed and listens to FORREST on the other end of the call.

          VERONICA (Cont'd): Listen, can you do me a favor? Get Derek and his girlfriend to come down to Sheridan's office tomorrow morning at 10:30 without him asking too many questions. (Beat ? Listening) Thanks. See you there.

          She hands up and stares at IVONNE's phone, piecing the entire blackmailing scheme together like a jigsaw puzzle.

          VERONICA (VO): According to Forrest, Derek and Ivonne were pretty lovey-dovey in high school. Come graduation, they broke up. Now it looks like they're back together and plotting to climb to the top of the ladder by overthrowing the one at the top: me.

          She grabs a pad of paper and a pen and quickly jots down a note to IVONNE.

          VERONICA (VO): Call me karma ?cause it's my turn to bite them in the ass.

          She leaves the note on top of IVONNE's cell phone. She stands up, slings her back over her shoulder, and heads out the door. The camera pans over to the note so we can read it:

          "IVONNE ?

          CUT TO:


          The lights are off in the dorm room as the door opens. The lights come on and we see PARKER and MAC stumbling into the room. They both look exhausted, hair and clothes ruffled and messed. They're both walking slowly. PARKER rubs her eyes and MAC walks straight into the side of her bed, collapsing on top of it. PARKER does the same. When they speak, they sound equally tired.

          PARKER: Must. Get. Sleep.

          MAC: Shut up.

          PARKER: Don't tell me shut up.

          MAC: I'm sleeping.

          PARKER: You're not sleeping. You're talking.

          MAC: Shut up.

          MAC rolls onto her back and grabs her pillow, putting it under her head.

          MAC (Cont'd): I am never going anywhere with you again.

          PARKER: You had fun.

          MAC: No I didn't.

          PARKER: Yes you did.

          She rolls over and slowly sits up.

          PARKER (Cont'd): Admit it: seeing Dick stuff his face with ten pies was totally worth it.

          MAC: I almost threw up watching it?Though that might've been the tequila?

          PARKER laughs?and then realizes what MAC said. She's suddenly confused.

          PARKER: When did you have tequila?

          MAC: Long story.

          The two fall into silence. After a few moments, MAC speaks.

          MAC (Cont'd): Parker??

          PARKER: What?

          MAC: Just making sure you weren't?you know?dead.

          PARKER: Haha. I don't die from having fun. I can handle fun. Fun's my middle name. People call me the Fun Machine because I can have an unbelievable amount of fun at once?

          MAC (Mock realization): So that's why you're about to pass out after a day of fun?

          PARKER: Let's stop saying "fun."

          MAC: Sounds good to me.

          Silence overcomes the room as both of them get comfortable in their beds. Eventually, they both close their eyes to fall asleep, not even bothering to turn off the light.

          CUT TO:


          "Hear Me Out" by the Binges begins to play.

          IVONNE opens a door and walks down the hallway. She spots a piece of paper on the floor that says "PICK ME UP." She bends over and grabs it, opening the note to read it. Over her shoulder, we can see what it says:

          Hey you, you should've stayed in bed.
          If I had a head like yours, I'd have to bury it.
          And if you want the truth well
          You wanna cry.

          "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID?"

          Hear me out, I'm talkin' to ya.
          Hear me out, I'm talkin' to ya.

          Beneath the words is an arrow that points towards the door at the end of the hall. IVONNE looks confused and kind of panicky. These notes couldn't be for her. She keeps walking?And finds another note.

          Hear me out, I'm talkin' to ya
          Hear me out, I'm talkin' to ya

          She picks it up and reads it.


          Take off, you're making me a mess.
          Never should've given in to your party dress.

          There's another arrow, pointing down the hallway. Begin to panic a little more, she keeps walking. She picks up a third note and reads it.


          Back off, I've flipped my lid again.
          My temperature has rised enough to wish you dead.

          Again, there's an arrow beneath the words. She looks around the empty hallway and keeps walking.

          Hear me out, I'm talkin' to ya.
          Hear me out, I'm talkin' to ya.

          She reaches the end of the hallway. There's another note taped to the door. She pulls it off and reads it.


          Hear me out, I'm talkin' to ya.
          Hear me out.

          She opens the door and steps inside.

          CUT TO:


          IVONNE shuts the door behind her and looks around the room. Sitting behind his desk is SHERIDAN, with VERONICA opposite him. She turns slightly in her chair to see IVONNE and smiles.

          Are you listening? Are you listening?

          VERONICA: Vonney! Glad you found my note. You were pretty passed out when I got back to the room. Didn't wanna wake you.

          Are you listening to me?

          SHERIDAN: Ivonne, please have a seat.

          "Hear Me Out" by the Binges comes to a close.

          IVONNE: I'd rather stand.

          VERONICA shrugs.

          VERONICA: Suit yourself?

          She turns back to SHERIDAN, who appears to be running out of patience.

          VERONICA (Cont'd): Derek should be here... (Looking down at her watch) Nowish.

          IVONNE moves closer.

          IVONNE: So Derek was blackmailing me?

          VERONICA grins.

          VERONICA: Oh you just wait! It's quite a humdinger.

          IVONNE backs away a couple steps and the door to the office opens. FORREST, DEREK's girlfriend, and DEREK enter. DEREK looks around, surprised.

          DEREK: Well isn't this a cozy little tea party.

          FORREST shuts the door and leans against it, preventing any attempt to escape.

          FORREST: Sorry we're late. It was kinda difficult to convince them to come here?

          DEREK: And I don't see any German strippers anywhere?

          SHERIDAN looks to VERONICA.

          SHERIDAN: Would you like to explain what we're all doing here?

          VERONICA: I'd be delighted to.

          She stands up and walks towards the center of the room, standing between DEREK and IVONNE but facing SHERIDAN.

          VERONICA (Cont'd): Like I said: I was framed and I was going to bring the people who framed me to justice. See this is right here? (Making a circular motion with her hand) This is justice.

          SHERIDAN: Get to point, Ms. Mars?

          DEREK: You mean, she actually has a point?

          VERONICA: Shut it, Derek. I'm about to bust your ass on framing me.

          IVONNE laughs.

          VERONICA: You too, Vonney. And little miss Goldilocks over there in the corner.

          IVONNE quickly stops laughing.

          IVONNE: You're kidding me.

          SHERIDAN seems completely baffled by the situation at hand.

          VERONICA: Oh, I'm afraid I'm not. You three were angry because you weren't the best of the best in the internship. But, not to toot my own horn or anything, I was. So you teamed up and created this blackmail scenario. (To Sheridan) Ivonne and Derek know each other from high school. They were together up until graduation and split up because they thought both of them were going in a different direction. That was until they met back up here, at the internship. I did a little digging and it looks like Ivonne's used to being at the top of her class, so when she found out she wasn't being ranked in the top ten, she freaked. Derek and his girlfriend ? who, might I add, is blonde ? are the at the bottom. If I were bumped out of program, all three of them would benefit from the curve.

          SHERIDAN seems to be grasping what VERONICA's telling him.

          VERONICA (Cont'd): Ivonne told Derek about her affair with you and that's how he knew where the two of you would be and when. So he hid outside your bedroom window and took the dirty pictures that were put in the envelope and taped to Ivonne's car by his girlfriend. Miss Blondie over there was supposed to be me. That's why we never saw her face on the footage. She knew where the camera was and knew how to hide her face from it. Their plan was almost perfect if it weren't for Ivonne leaving her phone out in the open and Derek calling it.

          IVONNE: This is ridiculous?

          She turns to leave but FORREST blocks the door, smiling with his arms folded across his chest.

          FORREST: Nuh-uh. You might wanna try jumping out the window instead.

          She locks her jaw and turns around.

          IVONNE: She made this whole thing up to clear her name.

          VERONICA: Why don't you play the message Derek left you on your phone?

          IVONNE: Because there isn't anything to play.

          VERONICA: Oh?Well good thing I sent the message to my phone, huh?

          She pulls out her cell phone and punches a few keys and a moment later, the message DEREK left IVONNE is heard. The message ends and SHERIDAN nods, believing VERONICA's explanation.

          VERONICA (Cont'd): Do you need anymore proof? Because I'm sure, if you kick ?em hard enough, these three nuts will crack.

          SHERIDAN: I think you've given me enough proof, Ms. Mars.

          He looks from DEREK's girlfriend, to DEREK, to IVONNE, disappointed.

          SHERIDAN (Cont'd): You and Mr. Garner can show yourselves out.

          VERONICA smiles, feeling glad to have brought these three to justice.

          CUT TO:


          FORREST shuts the door to SHERIDAN's office behind him and VERONICA.

          FORREST: You kicked ass in there.

          VERONICA shrugs, modestly smiling.

          VERONICA: Hey, you go to Neptune High, you've gotta learn how to take names.

          FORREST: I'm surprised we're friends.

          VERONICA ruffles her brow, still smiling.

          VERONICA: Why's that?

          FORREST: You went to Neptune.

          VERONICA: I'm missing your point?

          FORREST: I went to Pan High.

          VERONICA: Ok, I don't wanna go all "Grey's Anatomy" on you or anything, but seriously?

          FORREST laughs as he opens another door to the outside.

          FORREST: Seriously.

          The two exit the building and the door swings shut behind them.

          CUT TO:


          WALLACE enters the living room and drops his backpack on the couch.

          WALLACE: Mom! Your all-time favorite son's home!

          He looks around and pokes his head up the stairs.

          WALLACE (Cont'd): Mom?

          He shrugs and walks back into the kitchen.

          CUT TO:


          WALLACE opens the refrigerator and grabs himself a bottle of water. Over his shoulder we see ALICIA FENNEL sitting at the kitchen table with a phone to her hear. She hangs up and puts the phone down.

          ALICIA (Somber): Wallace?

          WALLACE, surprised that his mom is in the kitchen, turns around.

          WALLACE: I didn't even see you there. You taking lurking lessons?

          ALICIA smiles faintly.

          WALLACE (Cont'd): Figured I'd come home for the weekend. Got my new roommate and, gotta say, definitely not the kind of guy I'd be friends with.

          ALICIA looks as if she's gonna say something but WALLACE doesn't notice and continues with his story.

          WALLACE (Cont'd): I mean, the guy wears all black and makeup. No self-respecting man wears makeup. And his music...?

          ALICIA: Wallace.

          He stops talking and looks at his mom. He notices the remorse on her face and frowns.

          WALLACE: What's wrong?

          ALICIA looks down at the table.

          WALLACE (Cont'd): What is it?

          ALICIA: It's your father?He?

          WALLACE is beginning to worry now. Something's clearly wrong.

          ALICIA (Cont'd): He's gone, Wallace. They found him in his car.

          WALLACE is speechless.

          ALICIA (Cont'd): They think he did it himself?

          WALLACE shakes his head.

          WALLACE: He wouldn't do that.

          ALICIA: Wallace?

          He stands up from the table.

          WALLACE (Angrily): He wouldn't kill himself!

          ALICIA: Wallace, we don't know what his life has been like these days. Anything could've?

          WALLACE: No! I just talked to him last night!

          ALICIA is taken back by this. Clearly she had no idea about WALLACE still having contact with NATHAN WOODS, his biological father.

          WALLACE (Cont'd): I'll be in my room...

          ALICIA tries to stop him as he storms off. She sighs and rests her head in her hands. We hear a door slam upstairs.

          CUT TO:


          VERONICA is lying on her bed under the blankets, slowly falling sleep. We see IVONNE sleeping in her bed, too.

          VERONICA (VO): The good news? Ivonne, Derek, and his girlfriend were all cut from the internship. Sheridan let them stay one more night but they have to be gone in the morning. I said "Throw ?em out in the street" but apparently that's not legal.

          She turns off the light on her side of the room.

          VERONICA (VO): The even better news? I get this cozy little dorm room all to myself for a whole week.

          She shuts her eyes and falls asleep.

          FLASH TO:

          EXT. OPEN FIELD ? DAY

          "Do You Realize" by the Flaming Lips begins to play.

          The camera pans across a wide, open expanse of grass and flowers. In the distance there are rolling hills and trees. We find VERONICA lying on her back on a blanket. Lying next to her is somebody very familiar: LILLY KANE. Both are wearing beautiful sundresses and big sunglasses over their eyes with a single lily tucked behind their ears. They're both smiling big, happy smiles?

          Until LILLY's fades into a grimace. She sits up and takes off her sunglasses, turning to VERONICA.

          LILLY: What is that smell?

          VERONICA takes off her glasses, too. She sits up.

          VERONICA: I packed myself a salami sandwich for our little picnic.

          LILLY: Ew.

          VERONICA: Hey! It's a guilty pleasure!

          LILLY: No, making out with your roommate's best friend is a guilty pleasure. Eating salami is disgusting. Seriously, do you ever wanna have another boyfriend?

          The two laugh.

          VERONICA: Shut up. It's good.

          LILLY: Did you at least bring some mouthwash for after you eat the sandwich? I cannot be best friends with someone who has bad breath.

          VERONICA: So we're still best friends, huh?

          LILLY: You thought me dying was gonna stop us from being best friends?

          VERONICA: Of course not. I have a feeling I'm stuck with you for eternity.

          LILLY playfully slaps her arm.

          LILLY: Don't sound so?blah about it!

          VERONICA: I'm not blah about it! I'm glad. I don't know what I'd do without dreams like these.

          LILLY shrugs and opens the picnic basket. She smells one wrapped sandwich and throws it at VERONICA, knowing it's hers. She pulls out a second and smiles.

          LILLY: This better have extra bacon on it?

          VERONICA laughs.

          VERONICA: Yup. No clue what I'd do without you.

          LILLY: Like I said, I'll always be in your head. Even when you wake up.

          She smiles at VERONICA.

          FLASH TO:


          We see VERONICA's phone vibrating on the nightstand beside her bed. Her eyes slowly open and she grabs the phone. The caller ID reads "DAD." She stands up and walks out of her bedroom, cell phone in hand.

          CUT TO:


          VERONICA shuts the door on the crack behind her and answers her phone.

          VERONICA: Do you know anything about time zones? It's 2:30 in the morning.

          KEITH (On the Phone): Veronica, something happened.

          VERONICA straightens up.

          VERONICA: What is it?

          KEITH (On the Phone): It's your mom?

          VERONICA: Did she come home and pay back the money she stole? Did she go to rehab and get cleaned up? No? Then sorry, Dad, but?I don't care.

          KEITH (On the Phone): She's gone, Veronica.

          Her brow ruffles, shocked to hear this.

          KEITH (Cont'd ? On the Phone): They found her body on the side of the highway.

          VERONICA (VO): Would it be heartless to say "What goes around comes around??"

          She leans against the wall.

          "Do You Realize" by the Flaming Lips comes to an end.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE
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