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  • Dawn's Turn

    Dawn’s Turn


    We see a young with long brown hair taking on a creating from the living dead. She pulls a stake from the inner part of her jean jacket. The young girl steps into the moon light, its Dawn. She has a big grin on her face.

    DAWN: Your dust.

    Dawn spin kicks the vampire and it stumbles back.

    DAWN: You’re out.

    Dawn pins and plunges the stake into the vampire’s chest. It falls into dust. Another charges her from behind and tackles her to the ground. They both tumble and smash into a head stone, breaking it. Dawn gets up with a smile still on her face.

    DAWN: (taunting) You tackle like a big girl.

    The vampire snarls then charges at her again.

    DAWN: You make me laugh.

    Dawn turns and runs from the vampire towards a tree. She runs up the tree doing a back flip and landing on the vampires shoulder.

    DAWN: Go horsy.

    Dawn brings the stake down staking it. Its falls into dust and Dawn falls to her feet. In the distance we hear a woman’s cries. Dawn takes off running to the direction of the crying girl.

    DAWN: I’m coming.

    Dawn sprints through the grave yard jumping over head stones and benches. She stops to see Buffy getting rough around by two vamp.

    BUFFY: (cry out) Dawn, help me! You are the only one.

    DAWN: Don’t worry, Buffy, I’ll save you!

    Dawn charges with stake in hand. Dawn spins on one foot and kicks the vampire to the grown, following with a stake. Vampire #2 leaps in the air towards Dawn.

    DAWN: Don’t think so, buddy!

    Dawn throws the stake up at the vampire and hit it directly in the chest. It dusts in mid air.

    DAWN: (girly shriek) Yay!

    Buffy runs over to Dawn and throws her arms around Dawn’s neck.

    BUFFY: Oh, god! You’re the best sister ever. You saved me from those flesh eating monsters. How could I ever repay you?

    Dawn smiles

    DAWN: Some chocolate chip cookies would be nice.

    We see the picture begins to fade and we now see Dawn lying in bed with a smile on her face.


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    • I was bored also with this one
    • I thought a Dawn slayer would be cool and her saving Buffy. FUNNY!
    East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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