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A Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Missing Scene

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  • A Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Missing Scene

    Warning! Spoilers!

    The Patronus faded away and then the screaming happened. Everything seemed like a blur. That Patronus had just said that the Ministry of Magic had fallen and that the Minister was dead! The last thing it mentioned, though, was the most important. They were coming. Voldemort, the Death Eaters, they were coming, here, to the wedding!

    "Bill!" screamed a voice from within the crowd. It was Fleur.

    "Fleur!" Bill screamed back, finally reaching her.

    "Bill, what iz happening?"

    "Voldemort and the Death Eaters are coming here! You have to go. I'll stay here and fight."

    "No, Bill! I can'tz let you diez here, todayz."

    "Fleur, go!" Bill had pushed Fleur aside and ran to the dance floor, where Death Eaters were apparating by the second. He looked to his right and saw Harry, Hermione, and Ron getting away. Good, he thought. Bill turned to see his dad, his mother, Fred, George, and Charlie all standing next to him with their wands out. Bill smiled at then.

    "Bill, congratulation on..." started Fred.

    "Getting married!" finished George.

    "Let's do this, guys!" Bill said while pulling out his own wand. As they stood there, many other order members appeared beside them. Lupin and Tonks had come back just to fight and Kingsley was there as well.

    As people ran around, screaming, they started to throw curses at the Death Eaters. Yaxely pointed his wand at Mr. Weasley and shouted "Stupefy!" but Mrs. Weasley had already put up a shield charm around Mr. Weasley. Mrs. Weasley shouted "Stupefy!" back at Yaxely, sending him flying.

    "Impedimenta!" screamed Bill. Red sparks shouted from his wand, blasting into Bellatrix. Bellatrix took a step back a laughed loudly.

    "Having a nice wedding, Weasley?" asked Bellatrix, cackling.

    "Until you interrupted it, yes!" Bill flung his wand at Bellatrix and white fire shot out from it, sending Bellatrix back onto the ground.

    Then they saw him. Snape was walking towards the Order. George raised his wand at Snape but before he could do a thing, Snape calmly said "Expelliarmus," and George's wand flew out of his hand. "Sectumsempra," said Snape, pointing his wand at George.

    "Not again," whispered Fred, as he pushed George out of the way. The spell hit a woman trying to run away. She screamed as she fell to the floor, becoming all bloody. Snape laughed under his breath and smiled.

    "You were always a Death Eater, Severus and I knew it!" screamed Lupin, his wand at Snape. "CRUCIO!"

    "No, Remus!" screamed Tonks.

    Snape fell to the floor screaming in pain. While being tortured, he brought his wand up to Lupin's face as the rest of the Order continued fighting Death Eaters. Tonks was pulling on Lupin to make him stop. Snape whispered, "Avada Ke" but he was cut off.

    Lupin had stopped the Cruiciatis curse and now screamed, "Impedimenta!" before Snape could finish. Snape was talking super slowly, not finishing his curse. Lupin kneeled next to Snape, with his wand in Snape's face and said, "Stupefy." A bright light smacked into Snape's face and he was unconscious.

    As Lupin stood up and turned around slowly, he saw Alecto Carrow sprinting towards Tonks who was facing towards Lupin. "Incarcerous!" shouted Lupin and invisible ropes shot from his wand. They hit Alecto and she fell to the ground.

    Mrs. Weasley turned to a hooded Death Eater and used a non-verbal spell. Arrows shot out of her wand and slammed into the Death Eater's chest.

    Luna Lovegood was running away when a hooded Death Eater turned her around and stuck a wand at her. "Petrificus Totalus!" shouted Luna and the Death Eater fell back, stunned.

    Fred was running at a hooded Death Eater. The Death Eater turned to Fred and shouted, "Avada Kedavra!"

    When the Killing Curse was about to hit Fred, he shouted, "Protego!" and the Killing Curse hit the Death Eater and he fell to the ground, dead.

    The battle was far from won but the Order needed it to end. Kingsley realized this and yelled, "Incendio!" Fire burst from his flame and the yard was on fire. More screams came from everywhere. Some Order members started running away or apparating while the Death Eaters noticed that the fight was over. The Order had retreated and Harry Potter had, once again, gotten away.