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Stitches in time 1.0 - Sophus.

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  • Stitches in time 1.0 - Sophus.

    Title: Stitches in time 1.0 - Sophus.
    Disclamer:I have no rights whatsoever on anything Joss & co came up with first or Russel T Davies & co either


    The T.A.R.D.I.S rocked violently as yet another wave of force hit it, sending Rose scrambling to regain her balance against one of the supports that stretched to the roof of the alien craft.

    “What the hell is that?” She asked, shouting to be heard above the suddenly amplified noise of the ships engines.

    “Not sure,” the Doctor said as he danced frantically around the central control console, “seems to be some kind of disturbance in the vortex itself.”

    “And what does that mean, exactly.”

    The T.A.R.D.I.S quietened, the noise of its overworked engines diminishing even as it’s violent lurching ceased.

    “Got it! He said triumphantly “That should sort give us more stability. Now let’s see what’s going on.” He pushed buttons and flipped switches with a preoccupied air, glancing as he did at the stranger hieroglyphs that appeared on a small screen. “that’s impossible!” He exclaimed eventually.

    “What is?” Rose asked her exasperation showing.

    “A timeline’s been altered, an important one; in fact, maybe THE important one.”

    Rose walked up beside the Doctor and looked up into his ancient eyes. “Can we do something about it?”

    “We can try.” The Doctor replied pursing his lips. “We can certainly try.” Then he turned back to the controls, a whirlwind of restless energy “Hold on to your hat Rose Tyler we’re off to save the world... Again. Alons-y!”


    Rupert ‘Ripper’ Giles warily opened one eye and almost immediately wished he hadn’t. The morning sun was dancing merrily through the crack between the curtains, sparkling and shining in a way that seemed wholly unreasonable. He groaned softly, turning away from the harsh glare and attempted to take refuge in the warm folds of the bed sheets and the sparse comfort of the thin lumpy pillows.

    It had been a good night alright, a heady mix of booze, birds and drugs to kick things off, an even headier mix of the forbidden magicks to round out the night and seep exquisitely into the early hours of the morning. Yeah, a very good night, at least the bits he could remember, but it would be nothing compared to what was to come.

    The thought was brief but delicious, the promise of hedonistic pleasures too quickly balanced by the inconvenient pain of the morning’s hangover. He rolled back over and exhaled heavily, peering blurrily at the ceiling, trying to stop it spinning in such a nauseating way. His head pounded with pain and his whole body complained of misuse. His parched mouth felt like something had crawled in there and died during his few brief hours of sleep.

    He frowned up at the swaying ceiling a nagging thought finally breaking into his foggy brain. It had been a brief sleep, in fact, too brief. The sun was far too early into its travels for it to be time for him to wake, especially after a night like that. He hadn’t roused naturally either; something else had woken him, some external influence. The thought hit him like an icy shower, shaking him from his self indulgent fugue. He strained his senses trying to concentrate in an effort to cut through the haze in his brain, to reach out and find what had caused him to stir so unnaturally early.

    There! There it was; faint but discernible. It was the sound of hushed voices, and they were coming from somewhere inside the flat. He rose, a little unsteadily and threw on last night’s pants and a stained, discarded tee-shirt, his whole body complaining at the unwelcome exercise. Pausing to pick up the golf club he kept by the side of the bed for protection he opened the door and quiet as a mouse he crept on bare feet towards the muted sounds.

    The voices seemed to be coming from the direction of the kitchen and as Giles crept closer he also became aware of delicious, alluring aroma’s that drifted from the same direction. He inched forward, taking care not to make a sound, the golf club held out in front of him in readiness. The flat wasn’t huge by any means, and the kitchen door stood only a few feet in front of him, slightly ajar. He crept ever nearer, the voices coming to him now much more distinctly, one male the other distinctly female. On he edged, each foot placed lightly in front of him with slow careful precision. Finally, after what seemed like an age he reached the door and gave it a slow push cringing as it responded with a loud creak.

    A man stood at the stove a spatula in his hand and a pan spitting and popping merrily in front of him. He had turned at the sound of the doors neglected hinges and was looking right at Giles.

    “Hallo lazybones,” He said with a sudden bright grin “thought you were never gonna surface. Now how do you like your bacon?”

    Giles could only stare at this strange apparition, totally bemusement adding to his already delicate state.

    “Cat got your tongue has it?” the man asked in that same cheery fashion “well never mind, I’ve got you down as a crispy man” he poked at the bacon with the spatula a worried look drifting across his face “which is a bit lucky really. He turned and addressed someone over his shoulder “Rose why don’t you make old Ripper here a bit more comfortable and pour him some of that coffee; looks like he could use some”

    A young woman probably a couple of years younger than himself appeared from behind the door with a large pot of coffee. “Shall we?” she said, pushing past him and back out to the hallway.

    That was it for Giles “Who the hell are you people?” he yelled “And what give you the right to break in to my home and...”

    “Make you breakfast?” the man finished, raising an eyebrow. “Don’t worry we’re not here to hurt you” He fished the crisp and slightly burnt bacon out of the pan and placed it on the buttered bread waiting on three plates “I’m the Doctor and that” he indicated the departing girl, with the greasy spatula “is Rose, as you’ve probably already gathered. As for why we’re here well, we just want a little chat really.”

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    Giles had, in his time, had some wild nights. His time at oxford had been filled with alcohol fuelled pranks and some of the things that he and his roommates would manage to bring back home with them were truly mind blowing.

    Never a seven foot tall police box though

    And yet, as the three sat in the sparsely decorated lounge, the Doctor and he on the small sofa and Rose perched precariously on a less than stable bean bag. The large blue box loomed over them, sitting in the middle of the room as if it had always been there.

    "Basically it's about Saturday" said the doctor through a mouthful of hot bacon sandwich

    "Saturday?" Giles asked, his eyes narrowing.

    "Yeah Saturday; you know the Bacchanalia or whatever you want to call it. I think you should let someone else take your place." He peered between the slices of bread pulling a strange little face "don't suppose you saw any brown sauce in there did you Rose" He asked, shooting the girl an enquiring look

    "No, and if you want some you can go get it yourself" the girl replied "honestly you want a housemaid not a travelling companion"

    Giles ran a hand through his long hair and smiled with sudden understanding. "This is all coming from Randall isn't it? He's set you up to come round here and put the wind up me so that he can jump the queue. Well if that ponce wants to do me out of my turn with Eyghon he can bloody well forget it".

    The Doctor finished his sandwich with one huge bite and raised a finger chewing frantically "Sorry, mm, I, mm, never" he swallowed and puffed his cheeks out in a satisfied way "Sorry should never talk with your mouthful. What I meant to say is I never met any body called Randall, ever, and I'm definitely nobody's messenger boy" he pursed his lips slightly "well apart from that one time: anyways Saturday is definitely a bad idea."

    "And what, you just thought you'd just pop in for a spot of breakfast and a dire warning?" Giles scoffed "Just who the hell do you think you are?" The doctor opened his mouth to answer but Giles ignored him, rising like a vengeful god from the sofa "No I'll tell you who you are you're an interfering old git who's been sent here by a two faced little tosser to try to rob me of what is rightfully mine" he glared at the Doctor, staring straight into his eyes with undisguised venom. "Well it won't bloody work."

    The Doctor seemed genuinely taken aback by this emotional outburst and looked over to Rose with arched eyebrows.

    "Told you" Rose said shortly picking at the stray breadcrumbs on her plate "said he wouldn't listen didn't I, but noo we had to handle it your way." She grabbed the rest of the plates and headed back towards the kitchen. Your problem is you've lost touch with the young people mate."

    "I have not lost touch" said the Doctor indignantly, his expression hurt. He pushed past the freshly bewildered Giles and following Rose out of the door. "I'm down with the kids!"

    Giles stood for a moment shaking his aching head, trying to clear the fog surrounding his brain and make some sense of this bizarre invasion. He glanced once more at the police box gave a snort of frustrated resignation and followed the bickering pair back out into the hall.


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      They had made their way back to the kitchen and were placing the plates from the surprise breakfast into the plastic washing up bowl, still arguing in a relaxed, familiar way

      "I am so not out of touch" the doctor said indignantly.

      "Oh come on," Rose replied with a wide smile "you said ?down with the kids' nobody says that anymore, ?specially not the kids.

      Giles followed them quietly into the room, almost forgotten as the two continued their squabbling. As he moved behind them the tarnished glint of a dirty and discarded carving knife caught his attention. Brushing past the worktop he casually scooped it up, hiding it quickly behind his back.

      "'Scuse me." he said walking straight up to the Doctor "Sorry to interrupt and all, it's just that, well, I'd really like you to get the hell out of my house." He produced the knife from behind his back "Now!"

      "Alright, alright, there's no need to get all upset about it is there" the Doctor said calmly "We'll be out of your hair just as soon as we can get you to listen to us about Saturday."

      "Alright then, I believe you." said Giles his eyes intense, his voice dripping with hard irony "Now get out, or I'll show you just why they call me Ripper"

      "I think we should think about, maybe just doing what he says." Rose offered, backing slowly away from the blade. "I mean that's a really big knife he's got there"

      "Yeah you'd better listen to the bird ?Doctor'," he moved his hand in front of the Doctor's face letting the light catch on the blade. "Big. Sharp. Knife."

      The doctor looked down at the blade as if seeing it for the first time. "That's not a knife" he said taking something form the inside pocket of his suit jacket "This is a knife!"

      "No it isn't!"

      "You know, you've got absloutely no sense of humour. Give it, ooh, about twenty years though and you'll find that really funny. Alright smartypants no; strictly speaking it's not a knife, its a sonic screwdriver." Said the Doctor "Same basic principle though, just watch." His hand shot out with unexpected speed and closed over Giles' own twisting it down and away whilst the other activated the strange device and passed it over the base of the blade. There was no heat, no sound, not even a single whisp of smoke but where the device touched the metal a dark line formed and the blade seemed to wilt away from the handle, finally dropping to the floor with a loud clatter.

      "See, cuts brilliantly, never blunts, practically a life time guarantee really." The doctor said. "Now, are you about ready to sit down and listen to what we've got to say or do you want to play silly buggers for a bit longer?"

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        It was an hour and three mugs of coffee later and Giles was feeling far more sober. The effects of last nights excess had been first tempered and then destroyed by the Doctor’s patient yet insistent explanations of the true nature of Eyghon and the damage he could inflict on this unprepared reality. He had told Giles in a low serious voice how Saturday night would see Eyghon at the very peak of his strength just as the defences put in place to contain him weakened and exactly how this could be combated successfully.

        The important thing was that Giles himself kept himself out of Eyghon’s clutches, kept himself separate so that should the worst happen and the entity break free of its bonds he could take the dreadful but necessary steps to contain it once more.

        As the slight scruffy man spoke Giles felt his scepticism melting under the blowtorch of certainty contained in that calm insistent voice. The Doctor had spoke with an air of assured authority as if his story of what could happen had already passed, each horrible detail, each moment seemed to be dredged from unwanted memories and all the time the girl watched him with belief and sorrow and unquestioning love plain to see in her wide clear eyes.

        And then they had gone, leaving him sat at the small kitchen table a broken knife and a troubled man the only evidence of their ever being. Giles sat and tried to make some sense out of the morning’s insanity. He knew that there was more to this world than most suspected, dangerous places and wild forces that could consume the unwary and the foolish. He and the others though, they were better than that surely? They were in control, despite what his father thought. Theirs was the power, theirs the right. They knew the rituals to bind Eyghon by rote, there was no real risk. Yeah, they were the ones in control.

        Weren’t they?


        Meanwhile, in another place that was not a place, in a time that was in between times two figures stood motionless around the controls of a strange vessel as it plummeted headlong through the void.

        "Well that's that then," The Doctor said. "That little seed of uncertainty was just enough to stop old Ripper from taking the plunge."

        "You had to check though didn't you?" Rose said "You couldn't be sure."

        "You rarely can in these cases. "The Doctor said with a shrug "It's alays best to check."

        "So you think that's an end of it?"

        "I'm not too sure." The Doctor mused" Someone went to a lot of trouble to change things they shouldn't have known about. That type of tampering in history takes a lot of power. No; i don't think we've heard the last of this."

        Rose glanced back at the T.A.R.D.I.S’s door a thoughtful look on her face “What gets me is how that one man can be so important to it all. I mean he’s hardly older than me, and let’s face it; he doesn’t seem the most well balanced bloke in the world

        “Well you should know by now not to judge too much on appearances.” the Doctor replied, his smile wry. “Without Rupert Giles the slayer is doomed to certain failure. If she is robbed of his guidance and knowledge she will be blinded, without his caution and his patience she will never learn discipline and without his unflinching love she will be defeated by uncertainty.” He looked now directly at her, his timeless eyes grave.

        “Without Rupert Giles the earth is definitely doomed.”

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