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"For a Better World" (A HP Deathly Hallows Missing Scene)

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  • "For a Better World" (A HP Deathly Hallows Missing Scene)


    Title: For a Better World
    Author: enderswrath (Joe)
    Pairing/Characters: Lupin/Tonks
    Word Count: 1,673 ... short and sweet.
    Rating: Same as Deathly Hallows
    Content: Language, and character death(s)
    Category: Missing Scene
    Summary: Needless to say I was heartbroken over Lupin and Tonks' death...but I was even more pissed that we never saw it happen. At least I don't think we did...if so then this is AU.
    Spoilers/Warnings: Did you not see the GIGANTIC spoiler warning above?
    Disclaimer: It's JKR world and I just write in it.
    Note: Okay, so I was sleeping and woke up randomly with the urge to write this. I had been contemplating it all day and I woke up and wrote. Was written rather fast, so please excuse the grammar/spelling errors I had no time for a beta as I wanted it out now, and it was so randomly written. I never usually write prose ... or hell just random fanfic for that matter. I am very pleased with it and actually got extremely teary eyes while writing it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

    - - - - - - - -

    The room was illuminated with red and green showers of sparks, causing an eerie sense of a dark Christmas to fill the air. Remus Lupin was one of the contributors to this light show, he was here to fight till the death for Hogwarts, for Harry, for Dora ... to ensure that little Teddy would not grow up in the same world that he had. Though this task was becoming increasingly difficult as more and more Death Eaters were invading the castle as the Giants had smashed right through leaving the Castle vulnerable to attack. This did not matter to him though; soon enough he would be waving to his son as he left from Kings Cross and the wrecked castle would be all but a memory. But that euphoria was dwindling quickly as a green jet of light flew right past his face, followed by another spell coming right behind Lupin and blasting the masked Death Eater off of his feet.


    That voice, it was a sweet melody; but he knew that he should not be hearing it. Not at this moment. He quickly spun around to face his wife, the mother of his newborn child.

    "Dora! What are you doing here?"

    "Saving your arse it seems!"

    "You shouldn't be down here, Ted needs you! He needs a mother."

    "And a father, yet you seem to be down here nearly getting yourself killed" she retorted with anger growing in her eyes "I am trying to ensure that our son grows up in a world free of all of this death."

    She knew that that would get to him and that is what hurt him the most about it. She knew exactly why he was fighting this increasingly losing battle.

    "The boy should at least grow up with one parent Nymphadora" he looked at her with concern "What better me than you?"

    "Don't give me this werewolf excuse again Remus, I just -"

    She was not able to finish her sentence as Remus had just launched a spell at an advancing Death Eater who was about to attack her from behind. "Coward!" He bellowed to the masked assailant, Tonks looked shocked at the level of repulsion and rage that etched itself onto Remus' face.


    The spell lashed out of the Werewolf's wand and struck the Death Eater square in the chest and just as soon as it hit he began to cry out in agony. To use an unforgivable curse you had to mean it, and the more you meant it the more damage it would inflict, and oh how Remus meant it.

    "Remmy! Stop!" Tonks' voice was full of fear and this clicked with Remus instantly and relinquished his hold on the Death Eater.

    "I won't have you die Tonks, not on my watch..."

    She nodded, and he knew that she understood that he felt it was his purpose now to ensure that she had lived. The each placed their back to one another's and went back into the fight full force. The Death Eaters seemed to be trying to advance around the Order in a circle but it seemed that McGonagall's statues were doing the trick to keeping them at bay, that woman really knew he Transfiguration. Lupin could hear Tonks let out a cry of joy as she took out two Death Eaters with one spell. She was amazing in every aspect that he could ever dream of, he was too lucky to be able to call her his own.

    He smile quickly faded. The thing that he feared most had marched through the doors of the castle; it was Fenrir Greyback. Apparently the blow to the head from Trelawney had only knocked him unconscious for a little amount of time. Lupin thought that it wouldn't have killed him, werewolves have a high tolerance to pain and one of Greyback's caliber would only suffer a concussion at the most.

    "Dora. Go no." He told her as she was still taking on the two Death Eaters from before.

    "Are you crazy?!" she replied "I am in the middle of taking on these two masked freaks! I think I may have gone to school with one of them, she keeps using the same spell over and over"

    "This is no time for jokes!"

    "What has gotten into you?" she sent out a powerful spell and it knocked the two Death Eaters into a nearby pillar knocking them out. She then whipped around and saw Greyback attacking the Order and the students.

    "I need you to go!"

    "Remus, you can't fear him forever, you cannot let him rule your life."

    "I know. Just go. Please." A sound of desperation had filled his voice.

    Too late. Greyback had spotted Remus and started charging over, wand poised and ready to go for the kill, but Lupin was ready for this.


    Greyback had been ricocheted back into a nearby wall, though his downtime was short lived.

    "Remus, is this how you treat old friends?" he asked as he began walking closer to Lupin "I thought you and I were close."

    "I will kill you before you can do anymore damage to this school or to its student Fenrir."

    "Well then, I guess I will just have to get in my fun a little more quickly then eh?"

    And before Lupin could react, Fenrir had Tonks by the throat, ready to snap it, he gave out a malicious laugh.

    "Make your move Remus. Just know that before you can even think about a spell her head will be rolling on the ground."

    "Remus, do it, do it now!" She pleaded to her husband, setting upon him a task that he knew he could not complete.

    "Actually, I think I have a better idea." Greyback said with a mischievous tone, and quickly brandished a dagger from his robes "Cutting her up into pieces would be a much sweeter way to eat her."

    Remus could not allow this to happen, but had no way of stopping it without first killing his wife. Though as Greyback had raised his dagger, Lupin had seen something in Tonks' eyes and knew what she was about to do. "Dora, NO!" but it was too late. She had knocked Greyback in the face with the back of her head causing him to stumble back but not release his grip and violently plunging the dagger into her stomach and allowing her crumpled body to fall to the ground.

    Remus had never felt this much rage in his life. It was coursing through his veins like the rapids themselves were in his body.

    "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Remus screamed with every fiber of hate in his body causing the Hall to echo with the curse.

    It did its job. Greyback was lying on the ground 10 feet away from where he had initially been standing, dead. Remus ran over to his wife's body.

    "You can't die Nymphadora you can't!"

    "Don't call me that. You know I can't stand it" she said, he voice weak and fading.

    "I - I can heal you" His voice was shaking, and muttered a few spells while waving his wand over Tonks' wound. Nothing was happening. He had feared that Greyback would have cursed the dagger with dark magic so that no one would be able to heal the puncture. The most he could hope to do is clean up the wound and her blood-soaked robes.

    "Make sure to tell Teddy that I wish I could have seen what an amazing man I know he will grow up to be."

    Tears were rolling down Lupin's face. Never had he faced this amount of grief, not even when James and Sirius had died.

    "Always my love. My Dora."

    He kissed her lips one last time before her life had faded from this world. He would not let the last things people saw of her be that of a blood-soaked. He siphoned the blood from her robes and around the wound, she looked so peaceful and quiet. Lupin quickly stood up, he had to ensure that no one else would die because of him, luckily though Fenrir would no longer be able to hurt any of the children of the school or anywhere else.

    "Damn. I told him to leave my cousin to me. Oh well; I guess I will have to settle for you I suppose."

    That voice had sent a chill down Lupin's spine with a mix of anger. He turned around to be face to face with a deranged looking Bellatrix.

    "I think I can look after your child for you, I will raise him as my own."

    "You will do no such thing!"

    Lupin raised his wand and shouted at Bellatrix and a flash of red shot out, though she had expected this and was already out of the way as it came out of his wand.

    "You need to be quicker than that if you want to take me out." She whipped out her wand and as if brandishing a lasso shot out a jet of green towards Lupin, though he quickly rolled out of harms way. "You won't be able to fight off death forever Remus. Your time has come, and I will be sure to give yours and Nymphadora regards to young Teddy."

    Hate fueled through him, just at the thought of her going near his son, he shot up and pointed his wand at her "Avada Ke-"

    It was too late, Yaxley already began to shoot off the killing curse from behind as Lupin raised his wand towards Bellatrix. The last thing he would ever know was that his son could go into the hands of that deranged woman. Though he knew that Harry would make the stand and ultimately win. He would be just a great Godfather as Sirius was to him, he would help raise Teddy fine. He would learn from the bravest wizard the world will ever know. Knowing this, Lupin died with an assured smile on his face.
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