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Utopia - a Doctor/Master ficlet

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  • Utopia - a Doctor/Master ficlet

    I can see right through you, Doctor. Your skin is like a film of ice over a pond, and I have frozen visions of fish and tangled weeds below. You're a mess inside. A delicious mess.

    Insight is one of the benefits of madness. Of evil, too. Those states of which you so heartily disapprove, my dear old idiotic boy? they help me understand humans far better than you ever will. I know what they need. What they long for. What they fear in the night, when the shadows dapple the walls with monstrous fingers and pillows feel like they're full of rocks, and the bed seems far too big for one.

    They help me understand humans, and they help me understand you ? because although you don't understand them, you're a little like them, really. You are equally impossible to please. Me?I know what I want ? power and destruction. I know how to get it ? by being the very best at being bad. I know what I have to do to get it ? destroy you, Doctor.

    You?well, your desires are far less straightforward, far less achievable. Your eyes are always on the bigger picture ? goggling out on stalks in the universe, always searching for something that you'll never find. Just like humans, you're looking for love, and for purpose. And just like humans, you will always want the love you cannot have, and the purpose you can't fulfil. You're a squirming sack of anguish and frustration, of anger and fear, of joy and disappointment. You feel too much, Doctor. You'll never be happy if you carry on that way.

    Better to let go, dear. Better to let me take you over. If you let me inside your mind, I will squeeze out all those troubling thoughts, like toothpaste from a tube, leaving you empty and calm. Let me save you, Doctor. Let me give you the gift of oblivion. I will hold you while you sleep forever. Wouldn't that be better?

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --