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  • RAIN: 1.04 Melting Pot

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off a year and half after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.


    Episode: 1.04 "Melting Pot"

    Created by: Beth (Obsessed)
    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)

    ~ ~ ~




    A beat up car pulls up in the drive way that belches out a cloud of nauseous flumes. You can hear heavy metal music blaring from the house as it rattles the windows. CONNIE/GLORIA climbs out of the car, juggling a packet of cigarettes and an old handbag while trying to lock the door with her keys. She has on a faux fur jacket, a purple sweater, tight jeans and gold high heels. A six year old girl, with black pigtails, struggles to get out of the car on the right side while holding on to a laden ?Beauty and the Beast' back pack. Wearing a beige winter jacket, a pink sweater with a jean frilly skirt, white leggings and black sandals, the little girl runs up to the house with a huge smile on her face.

    CONNIE/GLORIA: (annoyed) RAIN! Christ, don't run off like that! I've told you before!

    RAIN stops and looks at GLORIA with her big eyes.

    RAIN: Mommy, I want to show Keith my turkey.

    GLORIA: (rolls her eyes) Whatever.

    RAIN tries to open the screen door but GLORIA slightly pushes her out of the way, opening it herself.

    As they enter the kitchen, the music grows louder. GLORIA sets her purse on the table while RAIN takes off her jacket and excitedly opens her back pack.

    GLORIA: KEITH! Will you turn that crap down!

    The music is turned off immediately. GLORIA opens up the cabinet, pulling out a bottle of whiskey. She twists the cap off and pours herself a drink. KEITH/TANNER emerges into the kitchen sporting a black a grubby ?Black Sabbath' T-shirt, black jeans and grey socks with a hole in it. His hair isn't brushed.

    GLORIA sits at the table with her drink and takes a drag from her cigarette. Her hands are shaking.

    GLORIA: (glancing at the sink filled with dishes) I see you haven't done anything useful with your free time. Just because you got suspended doesn't mean you can't help around the house, eh?

    TANNER ignores his mother but smiles as RAIN runs to him while holding something in her hand. He picks her up warmly.

    TANNER: Hey Jelly Bean. I missed you.

    RAIN: (leans against his chest) Not as much as I missed you.

    GLORIA shakes her head at them. TANNER sees RAIN has a piece of paper in her hand.

    TANNER: What ya got there?

    RAIN: (giggles) It's my turkey. We made it for Thanksgiving. It's for you. (Hands it to him)

    TANNER: (gasps) For me? Wow, you made this?

    With a gentle smile, he takes it from her observing her artwork. It's made out of construction paper and feathers.

    RAIN: You like it?

    TANNER: I love it. I'll put it up on my wall.

    RAIN radiates with happiness. GLORIA sighs, watching them and pours herself another drink. She looks tired, older than her years. TANNER puts RAIN down. RAIN runs up to mother tugging her jacket, bumping her glass.

    GLORIA: (pulls her hand off) Stop it! I just got this jacket!

    A little startled, RAIN backs up.

    RAIN: Sorry mommy.

    RAIN bites her lip wanting to ask her a question.

    GLORIA: (irritated) What do you want Rain?

    RAIN: Um... Mommy? All the kids at my school get to have a big dinner on Thanksgiving. Are we gonna have one?

    Taking a drag of her cigarette, GLORIA glares at TANNER

    RAIN: Mommy? can we, please? I am supposed to say thank you at dinner. (Beat; proudly with love) I am thankful for you, Mommy and for Keith.

    GLORIA: (more frustrated) Look Rain, I'm not like your rich friends at school. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving. I don't have the money, okay?

    RAIN'S smile fades just as TANNER walks up to her, placing his hand on her shoulder.

    RAIN: But? I want t--

    GLORIA: (blows a breath of smoke out of her mouth, scarcely turning her head to avoid her daughter) --Can't always get what you want, kid. (Points at her) Time you realized it.

    GLORIA gets up and heads for her bedroom with the bottle of whiskey in hand. Sniffling, RAIN gazes at the floor.

    TANNER reaches out to straighten her sweater. She looks up at him, snuffling loudly. He fishes out a bandana out of his back pocket, wiping her nose.

    TANNER: Don't cry. (Whispers; looks over to make sure his mother is not around, then back at RAIN) Tell you what - we'll have our own Thanksgiving, okay? We'll go to your favourite restaurant. My treat.

    RAIN starts to smile and hugs her brother.

    RAIN: I love you, Keith.

    TANNER: (dab her eyes) I love you more, Jelly Bean.

    The camera pans out as they are still in their embrace.




    RAIN is restless under the covers from the endless nightmares of the GLASTNOFT DEMON she fought a week ago. Voices of the past haunts her just as a vivid image of herself crying in the rain flashes in her mind.

    GLORIA: (VO) Do you really think anyone cares about you?

    TWIN MICHAEL: (VO) You're a bad girl, Rain, making me all hot and bothered like this.

    As the voices intensify, RAIN'S breaths become agitated.

    TWIN MADELINE: (VO) We're going to put you away. You'll be locked up forever.

    TWIN BELLA: (VO) Do you know what being seen with you has done to my popularity? Such a loser?

    RAIN turns her head back and forth, clinching her fists.

    RAIN: (VO) I'm not worth living? you don't know what I am. Who I am.

    Instantaneously RAIN recoils from the continuous voices that invade her. Quickly, she wakes up in a sweat, trying to catch her breath. She then recalls the nightmare she just had. Slowly, RAIN climbs out of bed to the window, wearing a black tank top and black lace underwear. From her back, which is now a shadowy silhouette we can see its pouring rain outside. She folds her arms and sighs somberly.

    CUT TO:


    Beyond the gold and red letter of MICHAEL'S HAVEN on the window, we can see an indistinct FIGURE behind the window sitting at the bar.

    It's RAIN polishing the glasses from her seat with a towel. She has on a white Rolling Stones t-shirt, faded blue jeans and black boots. Her black hooded jacket is on the stool next to her. MICHAEL standing in the door way just before the bar area takes a look at RAIN to see if she is done buffing the glasses. He picks this moment to ask her a question but then changes his mind and turns around. However, RAIN catches him just as he's about make way for his office.

    RAIN: (sets the towel down on the counter) Michael? (Beat) Do you need something?

    MICHAEL approaches her. He has on a faded teal t-shirt on, an old pair of jeans and hiking sneakers.

    MICHAEL: (runs his hand through his hair) I don't know if anyone told you? but I host a Thanksgiving dinner here at the restaurant every year for the staff. It's a like a family thing. (Pauses) I thought you'd like to join us.

    RAIN: (arches her brow) A family dinner? with the staff?

    MICHAEL: Well, it turns out only Nick and you will be here over the holidays. (Beat) It'll be good for you? after what you've been through last week.

    RAIN fidgets and plays with a one of the glasses, tapping the base with quick taps.

    MICHAEL: (softly) It's just a dinner. (Beat) If you want, you can invite Bella.

    After a few seconds of intense thinking, RAIN responds.

    RAIN: (puts the glass down) Okay. Fine.

    MICHAEL: Rain?

    RAIN: Yeah, sure.

    Unconvinced that RAIN wants to attend to the Thanksgiving festivities, MICHAEL lets it go.

    MICHAEL: Ok, great.

    MICHAEL soon realizes he has inadvertently touched a nerve inviting RAIN to dinner. He returns to his office feeling uncertain. Holding onto her emotions as hard as she can, RAIN looks out the window and observes a family of four walking past the restaurant, smiling and laughing, not caring they were getting wet. She sighs, continuing to polish the glasses.






    Mila Kunis as Rain Mason
    Bonnie Somerville as Madeline Blake
    Jason Behr as Nick Caro
    Emily Van Camp as Isabella ?Bella' Talmadge
    Michael Vartan as Michael Corbis

    Daphne Ashbrook as Connie Mason
    Shane West as Tanner Dubois
    Lisa Thornhill as Sheridan Talmadge
    Delta Goodrem as Devon Corbis
    Alexis Dziena as Eleni

    ~Edited by: Lex

    ~Lyrics Provided by: Odelia (SaltyGoodness)

    SPECIAL THANKS: KingofCretins
    Banner by Digital Leonardo

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    ACT I



    TANNER and RAIN are sitting at their booth about to order their first Thanksgiving meal. The jukebox softly plays music from the sixties.

    RAIN: I can have anything I want?

    TANNER: Anything you want.

    RAIN: Even dessert?

    TANNER: Yep.

    RAIN: My friends say you're supposed to eat turkey and mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving.

    TANNER: You can have hamburger and fries.

    RAIN thinks carefully.

    RAIN: I'll get turkey.

    TANNER: (smiles softly) Me too.

    RAIN grins at TANNER as the waitress approaches them.

    WAITRESS: What can I get you folks?

    TANNER: We'll have two Thanksgiving specials, a coke and apple juice.

    WAITRESS: Be back shortly.

    The WAITRESS walks away.

    TANNER: (turns to RAIN) Why didn't you get a hamburger? You love ?em.

    RAIN: I can always get a hamburger. Today's special.

    TANNER: (nods) That's right. Today is our day.

    RAIN: Can we have Thanksgiving dinner every year?

    TANNER: Of course.

    RAIN: Promise?

    TANNER: (whispers) I promise.




    A little soaked, NICK enters the restaurant wearing an old army jacket, dark grey AC/DC shirt, blue faded jeans and brown shoes. Without delay, he approaches RAIN and notices she is absentmindedly wiping down the counter.

    NICK: If you keep polishing that, you'll wear a hole in it.

    RAIN slowly looks up.

    RAIN: (blinks blankly) Sorry?

    NICK: Never mind. (Scratches his head; beat) So? did Michael tell you about the annual Thanksgiving dinner he hosts here at the restaurant?

    RAIN: (Beat) He invited me.

    NICK: So you're going?

    RAIN nods. NICK turns the bar stereo up. We hear 'Past in Present' by Feist.

    So much present inside my present
    Inside my present so?so much past
    Inside my present inside my past
    Inside my present
    So, so

    He nods his head in time to the music before turning back to RAIN.

    NICK: Gotta warn you, he does this whole elaborate speech about family. You might want to bring ear plugs.

    RAIN doesn't laugh.

    NICK: All right then. Well Michael needs me to go to Whole Foods, get some stuff. Wanna come?

    RAIN says nothing as she appears to be thinking. We hear:

    Feeling it from dark to bright
    When a wrong becomes a right
    When a mountain fills with light
    It's a volcano, it's a volcano
    It's a volcano, it's a volcano

    NICK: (raises brow) Rain?

    RAIN: (quickly) I need to do something.

    So much present, inside my present
    Inside my present
    So, so much past?

    In a rush, RAIN grabs her jacket and takes off before NICK could respond.

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    An overweight scruffily looking MANAGER in his fifties is smoking a cigarette cursing at his black and white TV just as RAIN enters the office holding a newspaper. He glances over and perks up gazing at her with a cheesy smile. RAIN'S face is blank. She observes him as he puts his cigarette in the ashtray next to him and he straightens his plaid shirt which is a size too small.

    MANAGER: What can I do for you, sweet cheeks?

    RAIN: (in a serious tone) I need information.

    MANAGER: (lick his lips) Is that all you need?

    RAIN: (disgusted; shows him a newspaper clipping from The Haven Herald pertaining to GLORIA DUBOIS' murder that also has a head shot of her in her twenties next to the article) Do you remember this woman? She stayed here in 1986, around October.

    MANAGER: (smirks) I may remember? if there was a reasonable fee.

    RAIN glares at him as she pulls a twenty out of her wallet and hands it to him. He stuffs the money in his jeans and then puts on his glasses to look at the article. It reads: LOCAL WOMAN FOUND MURDERED INSIDE HOME.

    MANAGER: (puts the paper down) The name Gloria Dubois doesn't ring any bells. This headshot looks familiar but you know a lot of criminal types come and go through here. Sorry I can't be much help to you. (Beat; smirks) If you ever want a place to stay, I can offer you a discount, if you know what I mean?

    RAIN ignores his proposition wishing the newspaper article would be enough to go on. She reluctantly pulls out the photo of GLORIA, TANNER and herself that the DEMON used to taunt her as GLORIA. RAIN puts it on the counter for the MANAGER to see. It's clear the photo has triggered emotions stemming from the nightmares.

    RAIN: (Points to GLORIA) She might have used the name Connie Mason. (Beat) The boy's name was Keith.

    MANAGER: (looks at the picture, then looks up back at RAIN after hearing the last name) Mason? (Nods with a smile as its all coming back to him) I remember her now.

    RAIN: (taken back) You knew her?

    MANAGER: (takes off his glasses; sneers) I sure did.

    RAIN: (dismayed) What can you tell me about her?

    MANAGER: (lifts his shirt and scratches his fat hairy stomach) Well, she was always draggin' that dorky kid around. (Leans in; grins) I think she was a hooker.

    RAIN: Why do you think she was a hooker?

    MANAGER: (pulls back; smirks) I don't remember.

    Looks away feeling annoyed and pissed off, RAIN picks up the still lit cigarette and she grabs his left arm to hold him down while bringing it close to his face.

    RAIN: I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. So, I am not in the mood for games. Tell me everything you know and I'll let you keep your money.

    The MANAGER shocked at her strength, tries to pull his arm away but doesn't succeed.

    MANAGER: (whimpers) All right! Please!

    RAIN lets go. The MANAGER straightens up surprised there is more to her then he thought.

    MANAGER: (clears throat) I have to check my records to be sure but I think she was here for at least for a month or so but soon after there was this limo that showed up a couple of times.

    RAIN: (runs her hand through hair) A limo? (Beat; stunned but continues on) Did you see anyone come out of the limo?

    MANAGER: No, no one came out. The minute the limo showed up, she would climb in and they'd take off together. (Beat; shrugs) I just assumed she had a sugar daddy, ya know?

    RAIN: Do you remember what days the limo showed up?

    MANAGER: Not specifically, but I do remember it was before she adopted that baby girl.

    RAIN: (amazed at what she is discovering) Baby? (Tries to hold her tears) You remember? the baby?

    MANAGER: Yep. Cute thing. Didn't cry a lot.

    RAIN: (contains herself) Wh-what do you remember about the baby?

    MANAGER: What do ya mean?

    RAIN: I don't know. Anything.

    MANAGER: Nothing really. I remember seein' Gloria with the baby maybe a couple of days after Halloween.

    RAIN: Do know where she adopted the baby?

    MANAGER: (scoffs) How the hell would I know that? (Beat) Look kid, all I know after she showed up with that baby, the limo stopped coming and she moved out a few weeks later.

    RAIN: That's it? That's everything?

    MANAGER: (throws his hands up) I swear, that's everythin' I can remember.

    Feeling a bit rattled, RAIN thanks the MANAGER and slowly leaves the motel and into the pouring rain.

    CUT TO:


    It's no longer raining but the skies are still cloudy. An SUV is parked in front of the restaurant.

    CUT TO:


    RAIN enters the restaurant, feeling empty considering the irony that she may have found a connection to the truth about what happened to her years ago. She just stands in the middle of the room, in a daze. Moments later, MICHAEL comes out of his office looking stressed from paperwork.

    MICHAEL: (concerned) Rain? Are you all right?

    RAIN: (jerks her head up) Umm? yeah? I'm fine.

    MICHAEL: I know we're still getting to know each other but I can tell something's up.

    RAIN: (fights her tears) It's nothing.

    MICHAEL: Rain, you can talk to me.

    NICK interrupts them barging in with a bag of groceries. MICHAEL runs to his aid, taking one of the bags from him but is still thinking of RAIN'S emotional state.

    MICHAEL: (to NICK) Are there more?

    NICK nods as he heads to the kitchen giving RAIN a glance but she doesn't return it.

    MICHAEL: Rain, I need to get the rest of the food. Afterwards, we can talk in my office, okay?

    RAIN says nothing. Unsure what to say back to her, he makes a decision to just get the groceries but before MICHAEL even makes a move, a self-confident WOMAN in a sleek ?Ann Taylor' suit walks in. His falls as he recognizes her. The WOMAN appears to be out of place in this causal setting as she holds on to her umbrella and leather purse.

    WOMAN: (smiles; unbuttoning her suit revealing a cream blouse underneath) Michael.

    MICHAEL: (trying to find the words to speak) Devon? what are you doing here?

    WOMAN/DEVON: What, no hug?

    MICHAEL gives her an inept hug.

    DEVON: You'll have to do better than that, big brother.

    RAIN arches her brow as DEVON squeezes him sincerely. After letting go, MICHAEL awkwardly smiles at DEVON and then becomes aware that RAIN is still in the room with them.

    MICHAEL: Uhh? (Scratches his head) Rain, this is my? sister Devon (To his DEVON) This is Rain, she recently started working here.

    DEVON picks up on MICHAEL'S discomfort in regards to her presence but brushes it off.

    DEVON: (smiles) It's nice to meet you, Rain. You'll have to forgive my manners, but I've come from a long trip and need to talk to my brother.

    RAIN: Of course. (Beat) It was nice meeting you too.

    DEVON: (to MICHAEL; leans her umbrella against the bar) Can we talk in your office?

    MICHAEL: Yeah? mm? sure. (Distractedly) RAIN, can you take care of the rest of the groceries?

    Without waiting for a response, MICHAEL leads DEVON to his office, leaving RAIN alone with her raw emotions.

    RAIN: (whispers; fights her tears) Sure, I'll take care of it.

    CUT TO:


    MICHAEL gestures for his sister to sit on the couch but she declines. He slides into his chair at his desk, crosses his leg while laces his hands over his knee and anxiously speaks up.

    MICHAEL: So what brings you here?

    DEVON: (plays with her pearl necklace) Well, I've come to see my favorite brother. It is Thanksgiving tomorrow.

    MICHAEL: (shakes his head) No, why are you here?

    DEVON: (grins light-heartedly) All right? you've twisted my arm. (Shows him an elaborate diamond ring on her finger) I am getting married!

    MICHAEL is startled.

    DEVON: (half smiles) Well, say something.

    MICHAEL: Sorry? I am just? surprised.

    DEVON: (crosses her brow) Thanks? I think.

    MICHAEL: (tries to loosen up in his seat) No? I am happy for you. (He gets up to hug her) Really, I am. (He lets go of their embrace and leans against his desk) So when is the wedding?

    DEVON: We haven't set a date yet but I am sure mother will come up with one soon. I'd like you to meet my fianc?e, Court. You can give him the older brother protective glare. (Beat; grins softly) I was hoping with Thanksgiving coming up and the timing of my engagement that you might-

    MICHAEL: (interrupts with his hand) ? I'm sorry, I can't.

    DEVON: Can't what? You don't know-

    MICHAEL: -Devon, cut the theatrics. I know you're trying to invite me to have dinner with the family.

    DEVON: Come on, Michael. (Shrugs) It's just dinner.

    MICHAEL: I have a lot on my plate right now; the restaurant and? (His voice trails off)

    DEVON sighs and spots an ancient book peering out underneath a pile of papers. Before MICHAEL could stop her, she picks up the book.

    DEVON: (flips through the pages) What are you doing with this?

    MICHAEL: (takes the book from her) Devon? please.

    DEVON: I thought this obsession of yours stopped. (Beat) You gave me the impression you were getting better.

    MICHAEL: It's not what you think.

    DEVON: So you're not researching demons, witchcraft and god knows what else? (Points the book) Then what is this, pleasure reading? I don't think so. (Beat) You're still trying to find out-

    MICHAEL: --It's something else, trust me.

    With great concern, DEVON looks into her brother's eyes.

    DEVON: (whispers) You're not? the same person anymore. Ever since--

    MICHAEL: (stops her by taking her hand) ?Look? I am happy for you. I'll come to the wedding. I promise you that.

    DEVON: Michael, don't cut me off like that. (Beat; sees MICHAEL doesn't wish to pursue the topic) I just? I am worried for you, all right? (MICHAEL doesn't respond; she sighs and jabs his shoulder slightly) You better be at the wedding. If you're not, I am going to drag you to the church in my wedding dress.

    MICHAEL chuckles and hugs her as they bid good-bye. He sits back in his chair, stares at the book. He picks it up as if he's about to read it but he throws it across the room and it hits the wall. Suddenly, RAIN is at the door way.

    RAIN: Everything, okay? I heard a thud.

    MICHAEL looks up from his chair.

    MICHAEL: Oh, yeah? dropped a book.

    RAIN sees it's more than that but doesn't push it.

    MICHAEL: (Beat) Listen, Rain about before--

    RAIN: (interrupts) -Nick and I finished unloading the groceries from the SUV.

    MICHAEL: (nods) I'll be there in a minute.

    The minute RAIN leaves the room; MICHAEL reclaims book from the floor and places it inside the bottom desk drawer filled with mystical objects, stacks of journals, and a file with newspaper clippings hanging out as well as a gun. He locks the drawer and makes way for the kitchen while the camera pans to the window where we can hear the rain has picked up again.

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    BELLA is arranging a bouquet of flowers on the counter while a chef reviews the menu for the family's Thanksgiving dinner. You can hear the rain lightly trickle outside. There are staff members coming in and out of the kitchen getting the dinner ready for tomorrow. SHERIDAN, her mother briskly walks in. We can hear Vivaldi's Four Seasons playing in another room nearby.

    SHERIDAN: Chef Paul, you can go home. Thanksgiving dinner has been cancelled.

    CHEF PAUL nods and leaves just as BELLA turns to question her mother.

    BELLA: Why is dinner cancelled?

    SHERIDAN: Your father is still tied up with the firm in New York. They need him to stay an extra day.

    BELLA is clearly disappointed.

    SHERIDAN: I am going to make reservations at The Windsor Inn.

    BELLA: (approaches her) Mom, can't we just have our own Thanksgiving here?

    SHERIDAN: (dials the phone) Why fuss over it when it's just the two of us?

    BELLA: (a little hurt but gives a soft smile) I just thought? since we already started with the decorations, we could have it together. I think it would be--

    SHERIDAN: (interrupts; talks on the phone) ? This is Mrs. Warner Talmadge. I know its short notice but I want to make reservations for two for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. (Beat) You're full? Well, I am sure the owner Mr. Emmerling will fit us in. (Beat) Oh (pauses)? thank you. (Beat) No unfortunately, my husband won't be joining us. It'll just be my daughter and me. (Beat) Good-bye.

    SHERIDAN hangs up as BELLA looks on feeling more disappointed then before.

    SHERIDAN: (oblivious to her daughter's emotions) I am going to relieve the rest of the staff. (Looks over to the flowers before leaving) Throw the flowers away. We don't need them now that you're father is not coming.

    BELLA continues to hide her feelings as her mother departs. With a sigh, BELLA walks to the counter and picks up the vase to the trash can and dumps the whole thing. She dials RAIN'S phone number using her cell phone.

    CUT TO:


    As RAIN enters the restaurant carrying a box of cheap Thanksgiving decorations from the back, she catches sight of a YOUNG GIRL sitting at the counter eating a hamburger. MICHAEL looks up and greets RAIN with a smile, taking the box from her. The contrast in atmosphere between Bella's home and the restaurant is strong. There is a happy acoustic tune playing on the bar stereo and we see a waitress softly bopping to the beat as she polishes down one of the tables. It's 'The Otherside' by Breaks Co-op. We hear:

    You was born the true pretender
    Going through your life thinking you must be the only one
    But I've seen so many like you
    Take my word for it, they feel the same, they feel the same

    MICHAEL: (puts the box on the counter) Rain, I'd like you to meet someone. (To the GIRL) This is who I was talking about.

    RAIN perks her brows at the idea at him talking about her.

    MICHAEL: This is Eleni.

    So take my hand and I'll lead you back on to the other side
    Get yourself into a better place and lift your life
    Hold your head up high and don't rely on anyone else
    Make it easier on yourself and don't ask why

    ELENI gives a meekly smile. She extends her hand but realizes it's dirty and takes it back in shame.

    RAIN: It's nice to meet you.

    ELENI seems to be studying RAIN, in fact a bit too long. RAIN doesn't know what to make of it. ELENI continues to eat her meal slowly.

    MICHAEL nods head to the right indicating to RAIN, he wants to talk to her privately. She catches his signal.

    MICHAEL: (to ELENI) I'll be right back.

    ELENI watches them leave as MICHAEL and RAIN carry their private conversation to his office. He leans against his desk and folds his arms. RAIN waits for him to say what's on his mind.

    MICHAEL: The Safely Home shelter is full due to the Thanksgiving Holidays. They sometimes refer homeless people or runways here. (Beat; bluntly) Eleni needs a place to stay.

    Well, there have been so many changes
    Flowing through your life but you learn to look the other way
    But I know that there's a better way
    Take my word for it you'll feel the same, you'll feel the same

    RAIN'S face stiffens but MICHAEL ignores it.

    MICHAEL: (cont'd) All the apartments are full and with Allie in Canada visiting her parents, I was wondering if you'd be all right with Eleni staying with you until she can sort her life out.

    RAIN just stares at him. She was looking forward to the peace and quiet, a chance to really be alone.

    MICHAEL: (cont'd) It may just be a couple of nights. (Beat) She needs a shower, a place to sleep. (Beat) I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.

    RAIN: (quietly) It's fine.

    MICHAEL: Thanks. I appreciate it.

    Together they leave the office but RAIN stops and stays in the doorframe before the bar while MICHAEL goes to talk to ELENI. With a mixture of emotions, RAIN sighs observing them. The song fades to a close:

    The earth puts forth a new life again
    Green grasses grow and flowers lift their heads
    And over all the plain wonder speads of life (of life)

    (So) hold your head up high, on the other side
    (So) hold your head up high, on the other side
    (So) hold your head up high, on the other side

    CUT TO:


    We see RAIN and ELENI slowly walking into the living room. RAIN puts her keys in her pocket while ELENI stands idly checking the apartment out.

    RAIN: (closes door) I? guess you'd like to take a shower.

    ELENI: That'll be a good guess.

    RAIN: (uneasily) Right? let me get you some fresh clothes.

    Quickly, RAIN rummages through her closet looking for clothes she doesn't mind giving away. As poor as the situation the girl is in, RAIN isn't going to give her best clothes. After finding an outfit for ELENI, RAIN discovers ELENI looking out the window. RAIN hands it to ELENI who stares at the shirt questioningly.

    ELENI: Judas Priest?

    RAIN: Yah? um? unless you want to wear one of Allie's shirts with polka dots and flowers.

    ELENI: (doesn't laugh) No? it'll be fine. Thanks. So where's the bathroom?

    RAIN: Down the hall to the left, you'll find towels in the linen closet. There is shampoo and bath gel in the shower.

    ELENI stares at RAIN again making her feel uncomfortable. After a few seconds of deadly silence, ELENI turns to leave for the bathroom while RAIN observes her in puzzlement.

    Just as ELENI hangs her jacket on the back of the door, she turns on the shower and closes the curtain. Yet before slipping out of her clothes, she pulls out her cell phone out and dials. The other line rings and a voice answers.

    ELENI: I'm in.

    MAN: Good. You know what to do.

    As soon as she hangs up, ELENI takes her shirt off, revealing an ancient tattoo at the base of her neck. A waft of black smoke recedes from it.

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      ACT II



      CUT TO:


      TANNER is packing all of his belongings in his olive green duffel bag as fast as he can. His old radio crackles beside his bed - Deep Water, by Seal is on. He wipes the blood from a cut above his eyebrow that his mother's boyfriend had given him as well as the bruises all over his face. TANNER briskly walks up to the front door and turns to look at his mother and her boyfriend who looking worse for wear.

      We hear:

      Both of them swam from a northern blue sky
      Smile on their faces they entered their doom like they knew
      If their world should end they won't care about that anyway

      GLORIA: You walk out the door don't bother coming back!

      TANNER slams the door and runs down the porch steps where a ten year old RAIN is leaning against his car crying. He throws his bag in the car. We can still hear the radio, which has become soundtrack?

      Maybe thats the way you live your life but I know
      Life it don't always live that way

      TANNER: (pulls her close) Rain, please? don't cry.

      RAIN: (sniffles) You promised.

      TANNER: What? what did I promise?

      RAIN: That we'd have Thanksgiving together? every year.

      Now that I understand the beauty of what
      they've left to hand me down
      When you need a place to live and no one understands you
      And all you want to do
      Is to cry out loud
      But you don't know how

      TANNER: (lets go of their embrace) I am sorry, Rain. (Beat) I just? I can't take it anymore. Mom? and her boyfriends.

      RAIN: So you're gonna leave me with her? them?

      TANNER: They never touched you. (Beat) Look, you'll be fine, okay?

      RAIN: (wraps her arms around him; sobbing) Take me with you! Please! (Begging) I'll do anything you want. I'll make your bed everyday. I'll do the dishes! Anything. Just don't leave me here!

      TANNER: (fights his tears) I'm sorry. I have to go.

      TANNER quickly breaks free from RAIN and climbs in the car never looking back at her for he knew if he did, he'd lose it.

      No way no one, No one understands
      The hand that strikes
      When just a touch of love is all the problem needed
      And when you hurt someone so much that still they die loving you
      And all you want to do, Is to cry out loud
      But you don't know how

      A shade of pain and then we die? Jade

      She backs away as the engines starts. RAIN wipes her tears watching his car disappear into the road. The song fades away?

      We will find a way
      Letting the sun go down
      Maybe we'll find a way
      Holding the sun
      We will find a way
      Letting our life go by
      I tell you we'll find a way
      Holding the sun




      Walking on the sidewalk with her umbrella, MADELINE shields herself from the rain on her way to RAIN'S apartment trying to hold onto her satchel. Unexpectedly, MICHAEL comes out of his restaurant bumping into MADELINE causing her fall to the pavement. In amidst of this chaos, they take notice of each other. MICHAEL picks up her umbrella and sighs as he offers his hand but MADELINE doesn't take it.

      MICHAEL: (points out) You're getting wet.

      Reluctantly, MADELINE takes his hand. They move under the awning.

      MICHAEL: (smirks) It was nice to? bump into you.

      MADELINE: (annoyed; move her hair out of her face) I bet. (Beat) Is Rain home?

      MICHAEL says nothing.

      MADELINE: (sarcastically) Ohh? you're not going to tell me? You're going to keep it a secret?

      MICHAEL: (sighs in annoyance) Are you done?

      MADELINE: (flustered) Am I done? I am no where near done. (Beat) All this time you knew about Rain's slayer status and not to mention the fact that I am her Watcher! (Lowers voice; narrows brow) Didn't you feel inclined to share this with us? (Beat) Did you really think I'd let this go?

      MICHAEL doesn't reply.

      MADELINE: And how do I know you're legit? that you're not evil, mmm?

      MICHAEL: (smirks again) You don't.

      MICHAEL hands her the umbrella and climbs into his SUV as MADELINE flabbergasted, watches him drive away.

      CUT TO:


      While RAIN is flipping through the channels, ELENI walks out of the bathroom drying her long brown hair with a towel.

      RAIN: (glances up) I see the clothes fit.

      ELENI: (rushing) Listen? I am just gonna stay one night. Mr. Corbis has been nice enough to let me stay but I don't want to get in the way? so--

      RAIN: --No. Please stay. (Beat) Really.

      ELENI: (fidgets) All right? umm? thanks.

      RAIN: (nods; gets up) I guess I'll show you Allie's room.

      CUT TO:


      As the GIRLS enter the room, ELENI surveys the ?Brittney Spear's and ?Jessica Simpson' posters all over the wall. RAIN sees ELENI'S tattoo that intrigues her. Hastily, ELENI turns around.

      RAIN: (quickly looks away) So anyway, the room is comfortable? (Gestures) if you just ignore Brit and Jess.

      ELENI: (blankly) It's enough. Thank you.

      The room is filled with even more tension then before. To RAIN'S relief there is a knock on the door. Its MADELINE soaked to the bone.

      RAIN: (surprised) Mad? (Beat) What the hell happened to you?

      MADELINE: (looks at herself) I? fell into a puddle. May I please come in?

      RAIN: Of course.

      Before MADELINE takes her jacket off, she sees ELENI monitoring her making her feel ill at ease. RAIN introduces them as she closes the door. MADELINE notices ELENI looking at her satchel forcing her feel protective of what's inside.

      ELENI: (out of the blue) I am gonna go for a walk.

      RAIN: Oh, okay. If I am not home just ask Michael to let you in.

      ELENI nods as the girls watch her exit the apartment.

      MADELINE: (turns to RAIN) That was certainly awkward. (Beat) Who is she?

      RAIN: Just a damsel in distress Michael wanted me to help out.

      MADELINE: (mutters) Michael. God? that man is infuriating.

      RAIN: Excuse me?

      MADELINE: I really think we should be careful with him.

      RAIN: Why?

      MADELINE: (puts down her satchel on the coffee table) I just? don't think we should trust him. We don't know that much about him.

      RAIN: (folds her arms) I don't know much about you. Just that you claim to work for the Slayer's Council.

      MADELINE: Touch?. You've got me there.

      RAIN: (fidgets) So... what are you doing here?

      MADELINE: (takes her jacket off) I was hoping we could talk about last week.

      RAIN: (feels awkward) About what?

      MADELINE: Your powers. I mean? you created a force field when you were fighting the Glastnoft demon. That's a new power that hasn't been documented. I've been discussing your powers with Mr. Giles and he thinks-

      RAIN: (interrupts) ?You spoke to Mr. Giles? I don't even know who this man is and you're having conversations about my life with him?

      MADELINE: (affronted) Rain, I didn't mean? I just? he's my boss and well we need to learn more about what you can do. You're the first slayer with wiccan powers that we've ever encountered.

      RAIN doesn't reply.

      MADELINE: (takes a breath) I'm sorry. I certainly didn't mean to hurt you. I haven't shared personal information about you, only just the details surrounding your powers.

      MADELINE gives a reassuring smile.

      RAIN: All right. Sorry. I just-

      MADELINE: --You don't need to explain. (Beat) You know, I'd like to patrol with you sometime. See you (trying to act cool)? in action.

      RAIN: (scoffs) What? Are you kidding me?

      MADELINE: (serious) No? I am your Watcher. I like to see your fighting methods, maybe even spar with you.

      RAIN: (laughs) Spar with you? I think I am better off sparing with Bella, no offense.

      MADELINE: Nevertheless, this is my job and I'd like to observe you.

      RAIN: (sighs; sits down) Are we really making an appointment for this?

      MADELINE: (about to retrieve her satchel) I do have my planner with me. When should I pencil you in?

      RAIN: I was kidding. (Beat; sighs again) All right. I'll call you when I am gonna patrol.

      MADELINE: (joins RAIN on the couch) Oh, you're not going to tonight?

      RAIN: (shrugs) Dunno. I gotta help Michael and Nick for tomorrow.

      MADELINE: What's tomorrow?

      RAIN: Thanksgiving? (Beat) Don't you have plans with your family?

      MADELINE: (remembers) Oh? right. I didn't realize it was tomorrow.

      RAIN: (whispers to herself) I guess not.

      MADELINE: (feeling awkward, gets up) Well, have a good time.

      RAIN: Maybe? I could ask Michael if you could come?

      MADELINE: (scoffs; picking up her satchel) No thank you. You know how I feel about the man.

      RAIN: (stands up) Right. I thought I'd ask.

      MADELINE: Thank you. It was lovely of you to do that.

      RAIN: You're not gonna hug me or anything are you?

      MADELINE: (laughs) I'll try to restrain myself.

      CUT TO:


      CUT TO:


      The relatively busy cafe has a modern and vintage feel with the alternative music blaring from the juke box. You can see employees making smoothies and sandwiches for the hungry customers.

      Sitting at the booth, RAIN and BELLA wait for their meal. An employee hands BELLA a smoothie and a chicken wrap while RAIN receives a cup of steaming hot black coffee.

      Wearing a light cashmere blue sweater, jeans and sneakers, BELLA slurps her smoothie.

      BELLA: It must have been so weird to see his sister.

      RAIN: Very weird. The air was thick with tension. No one would have been able to slice it. (Beat) Anyway, did you tell your mother about having Thanksgiving dinner with me?

      BELLA: (takes a bite of her wrap) No, I am working up the nerve.

      RAIN: Since when did you ever work up the nerve?

      BELLA mocks a laugh as she wipes her face with a napkin.

      RAIN: (changes topic) I wonder why Michael is not having Thanksgiving with his family. He apparently hosts this dinner annually with his? staff.

      BELLA: (shrugs) I dunno. Every family has issues.

      RAIN: (nods; sips her coffee) True that. Well, anyway, talk to your mom about dinner. It's gonna be Michael, Nick and me. That's too much testosterone in one room.

      BELLA: (grinning) I am so there.

      RAIN: (smirks; realizes BELLA'S head is in the clouds) You think Nick is hot, don't you?

      BELLA: Well, am I supposed to ignore his great hotness?

      RAIN rolls her eyes.

      BELLA: (coyly) You know, you never (uses air quotes) officially introduced me that night.

      RAIN: It? was a crazy night, you know?

      RAIN gazes out the window where she can see the rain continues to pour heavily.

      BELLA: (puts down her wrap) Rain? how are you doing, really? I mean, I noticed you? seem to be on edge when you walked in. Did something happen today?

      RAIN: (looks over to BELLA) Well, apart of the nightmares I've been having, yeah. (Beat; voice lowers) I went to that motel this morning.

      BELLA: (crosses her brow) What motel?

      RAIN: The one? that Gloria and Tanner stayed at years ago when I was? kidnapped or whatever.

      BELLA: (surprised) Why did you do that? I thought you were going to tell that detective, let him handle it.

      RAIN looks down and then back at BELLA.

      RAIN: I was? but this morning? I had that nightmare again and Michael invited me to a family-type dinner and you know I don't do family-type dinners, or any holiday dinner for that matter. (Beat) I just? felt alone. I wanted to know what happened? find out the truth about my past.

      BELLA: (gives a half smile) I understand. (Beat) Did you learn anything?

      RAIN: (nods gently) Yeah, but it's? really bizarre, but of course bizarre is my middle name. (Gives a sarcastic chuckle) So why should I be surprised?

      BELLA grins softly.

      RAIN: (cont'd) Anyway, the manager said that Gloria met someone in a limo a least a couple of times.

      BELLA: (sips her smoothie) Like a gentleman caller?

      RAIN: I dunno but he said they met before Halloween and after she showed up with me, the limo never come by again. A few weeks later, she moved out.

      BELLA: (offers) Maybe this limo guy kidnapped you? arranged some kind of under the table adoption plan with Gloria.

      RAIN: I don't think so; I mean? for one thing its Gloria. She wouldn't adopt a kid out of the goodness of her heart. (Beat; voice lowers) This feels different. It doesn't feel like a typical black-market baby sting. (Rushing) Tanner said Gloria just showed up with me in bloody blankets.

      BELLA: (leans back against her seat) You never told me that.

      RAIN: (taken back) Umm? I didn't? (BELLA shakes her head)? yeah he did. (Voice trails off)

      BELLA plays with the straw feeling a little hurt but focuses on RAIN'S wellbeing.

      BELLA: (with concern) Maybe you should talk to Lena about this.

      RAIN: (shakes her head) No, I'd rather not. (Beat; mumbles) I just saw her this morning and apparently she talks to Mr. Giles about me, like nobody's business. (Quickly) I was thinking of talking to Michael.

      BELLA: (astounded) Michael? But I thought you don't trust him?

      RAIN: I don't but with his resources, he could help. (Beat; leans forward, brings her arms to the table) He did find Tanner. And Michael won't try too hard to connect with me emotionally like Madeline does.

      BELLA: (nods) True. I know she comes off motherly but give it time. (Beat) What if you invited her to Thanksgiving dinner, get to know her better and I am sure her attitude towards you will tone down.

      RAIN: (scoffs) No way. (Beat) Michael wouldn't be too thrilled to see her and she is still reeling the fact that he seems to know a lot about slayers and demons then he lets on.

      BELLA: All right.

      RAIN: (pushes her mug away) Anyway, I should head back to the restaurant. Nick is supposed to teach me how to make apple pie.

      BELLA: (smiles seductively) Ohh, yummy.

      RAIN rolls her eyes and stands up getting ready to leave.

      BELLA: (Beat; puts her hand up) Rain, wait. What about Tanner?

      RAIN: (gets up; throws her jacket on) What about Tanner?

      BELLA: Invite him over for the holidays.

      RAIN: (surprised at her suggestion) Tanner wouldn't come. (Beat) It's kind of short notice, anyway.

      BELLA: You're right.

      RAIN: (zips up) Let me know what your mom says about dinner.

      BELLA: Will do.

      BELLA watches RAIN leave the caf? and turns back to her wrap.
      Standing under the awning, RAIN stares at MICHAEL'S HAVEN and pulls out her phone as she hears the rushing rain. With her thumb, she pushes a few buttons, in search for a phone number and stops at TANNER'S. Hesitantly, she ends up dialling it.

      TANNER: (answers) Hello?

      RAIN: Tanner?

      TANNER: Rain?

      RAIN: Hey? I hope I am not catching you at a bad time.

      TANNER: Is there something wrong?

      RAIN: No? nothing is wrong. I thought? (Loses her confidence but then quickly gains it back)? I thought you might like to have Thanksgiving with me.

      There is a total silence between them.

      RAIN: Tanner?

      TANNER: Sorry? umm? I already have plans.

      RAIN: (disappointed) Oh, okay. Umm? all right, yah? I guess I'll talk to you later.

      TANNER: I'm sorry.

      RAIN: No, it's okay. I did ask at the last minute. Anyway, have a nice Thanksgiving.

      TANNER: You too. Bye.

      RAIN: Bye.

      They hang up. RAIN sighs as she runs over to the restaurant, letting her hair get wet.

      CUT TO:


      No longer raining, RAIN walks on the sidewalk near the cemetery, hungrily eating a pumpkin cookie that she made with NICK hours ago. The camera pans away from RAIN, showing a small FIGURE following her. It's ELENI.

      After a few minutes of patrolling, RAIN stumbles onto what looks like a simple purse robbery between a BLONDE WOMAN and a WHITE MAN. She rolls her eyes at the idea of helping a blonde. ELENI stays behind, trying to stay out of sight.

      RAIN: (raises her voice to the WHITE MALE) Hey! Let her go!

      The MAN startled at RAIN'S presence, takes off.

      RAIN: (shrugs) Mmm? that was easy. (Smirks) Why can't all my hunts be like that?

      Slowly RAIN approaches the sobbing woman who is now on the pavement, clutching on to her purse.

      RAIN: Ma'am? Are you okay?

      WOMAN: (voice shaking) He? he? was gonna? oh god! You saved me. (She grabs RAIN holding on to her) Thank you so much.

      RAIN can barely breathe as the WOMAN is holding on very tight.

      RAIN: (with embarrassment) There? there. (Sighs) It's okay. He's gone. He's not gonna hurt you.

      Eventually, the WOMAN lets RAIN go. RAIN sees an open wallet on the ground. She picks it up before the WOMAN could. RAIN examines the driver's license in confusion. It's a picture of an AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN.

      RAIN: Wha-what? This? isn't you. (Beat; realizes) Wait? this is not your purse, is it?

      WOMAN: (smiles; places her hand over her mouth, mocking) Ooops. (Tilts head) I am busted.

      The WOMAN smiles as her forehead, eyes and fangs changes. ELENI'S eyes widen.

      RAIN: (inches away) Aww man? you're a purse snatching vamp? Tacky don't you think?

      VAMPIRE: Gotta make a living some how.

      RAIN quickly forms into slayer position. The VAMPIRE pulls out a nail file out from the purse.

      RAIN: A nail file?

      VAMPIRE: Better than a nail clipper.

      RAIN: (grins as she pulls out her stake from the lining of her jacket) Personally, I think this is better.

      The VAMPIRE is surprised but quickly realizes who RAIN is after seeing the stake.

      VAMPIRE: (amused) You're a slayer.

      RAIN: In the flesh.

      RAIN waits for the VAMPIRE to make its move. Intrigued ELENI makes cluttered noise a few feet away, causing RAIN to look in her direction but doesn't see anything. The VAMPIRE steals this moment to punch her in the face. RAIN falls to the ground, losing control of her stake. The VAMPIRE grabs it and straddles RAIN.

      VAMPIRE: You're right, this is better.

      Just as the VAMPIRE is about to stake her, RAIN'S hand crackle with a little electricity. With a flash, the VAMPIRE'S body is pushed off of RAIN. Worn out, after using her wiccan abilities, RAIN has trouble getting up. Still watching, ELENI doesn't flinch.

      VAMPIRE: (moans; mumbles) What? what the hell are you, some kind of freak?

      RAIN: (rubbing her head; whispers) I ask myself that everyday.

      RAIN spies the stake in the middle of the road. Gradually, she gets up, and acquires the stake with her right hand. The VAMPIRE jumps on her from behind and they crash into the ground. Able to wiggle out of the VAMPIRE'S hold, RAIN instantly gets up. Blood drips from the VAMPIRE'S lip and she wipes it angrily. At this point, they are both standing, facing each other.

      Still holding on to the stake, RAIN cracks her neck as she circles the VAMPIRE. It saunters toward RAIN who raises her left hand and brings her palm up as if she's pushing someone. The VAMPIRE'S body is lifted and hits the wire fence on the other side of the road.

      VAMPIRE: (weakly) You know this isn't a fair fight.

      RAIN remains silent. She lets go of the stake in her hand and it floats in the air. Within a nanosecond, the stake aims for the VAMPIRE'S chest causing it to explode into dust with swirls of cracking blue energy.

      RAIN: (tiredly) Sucks, doesn't it?

      ELENI still hiding, smiles as she watches RAIN gather her balance.

      RAIN: (hoarsely) Enjoy the show, Eleni?

      RAIN turns around and sees ELENI coming out from her hiding spot.

      ELENI: (pretends to be surprised) How? how did you know? I-

      RAIN: --I know you've been stalking me the whole time. What do you want?

      ELENI: (nervous) I just? I was-

      RAIN: (catches her breath; voice hardens) ?Eleni.

      ELENI: (quickly) I heard about you. You being a slayer and I had to come see for myself.

      RAIN sighs uninterested and walks away.

      ELENI: (stops her) My younger sister died? at the hands of a vampire. (Looks down) It? was my father.

      RAIN: (her face softens) I'm sorry.

      ELENI: A group of vampires turned him? and he brutally killed her? in front of me. I was fifteen? (Pauses)? not something you forget.

      RAIN just stares at her, not knowing what to say.

      ELENI: (cont'd) I've been on my own since then. (Hugs herself) Then I stumble in to this creepy town and? well heard about you. (Beat) I thought maybe you could? show me how? maybe? I could find my father? and kill him myself? for my sister.

      RAIN: (softly) Look, this gig? it's not something I asked for but you have a choice. (Shakes her head) Hunting vampires? it's serious business.

      ELENI: (inches closer) Maybe you can do it. Kill him.

      RAIN: (rubs her head) Right now, I want to eat. (Beat) I am thinking about getting steak with some A1 sauce, with garlic mashed potatoes and? (Nods) maybe green beans.

      ELENI perks her brow.

      RAIN: Wanna join me?

      ELENI nods gently.

      Together they turn around and stroll down the road for RAIN'S apartment. Unbeknownst to RAIN, ELENI peers over her shoulder looking behind her. A shadowy FIGURE emerges from the trees in the cemetery. The light from the moon hit his face and we can see a scar under his chin. The MAN takes a drag from his cigarette and lets out a draft of smoke as he observes ELENI and RAIN. He leaves out of the camera shot but the smoke continues to dance slowly.

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        ACT III


        CUT TO:


        There is a roar of laughter coming from the restaurant. You can see RAIN and ELENI have finished their meal. MICHAEL approaches them with a tray of desserts.

        RAIN: (grins) You have to try this. It's to die for.

        ELENI: (smirks) It's worth dying for?

        MICHAEL: (hands RAIN her plate) It's the most requested dessert on the menu.

        MICHAEL gives ELENI her plate. He looks over to her neck and sees her tattoo. He crosses his brow. Her face falls as she stares at him. Before he turns around for the kitchen, the same MAN we saw earlier watching ELENI and RAIN enters the restaurant. Everyone looks up.

        MICHAEL: We're closed, sir.

        MAN: (cocky) If you were closed, then why is the door unlocked?

        MICHAEL catches something isn't right.

        MICHAEL: (bluntly) I am going to have to ask you to leave.

        MAN: (points at ELENI) I am not leaving without her.

        Everyone looks at her questioningly.

        RAIN: (confused) Eleni, what's going on?

        ELENI: (not taking her eyes off the MAN) This is my father.

        RAIN: (sighs) Oh great.

        RAIN gets up and pulls out her stake out of her jacket. The MAN'S faces changes, revealing just like ELENI said he was, a vampire. MICHAEL'S posture stiffens.

        MAN/ELENI'S FATHER: My daughter is going home with me.

        RAIN: I don't think so. (Moves in front her) She's staying right here.

        NICK comes out the kitchen wearing an apron covered with flour.

        NICK: Hey boss, the pies are in the oven. (Looks over to the VAMPIRE; his eyes widens) Hey? wait a minute? that's? a vampire.

        MICHAEL: (to NICK) Stay where you are.

        ELENI'S FATHER: Agreed. Stay where you are. (Points to everyone) That goes for all of you. (To ELENI) Eleni and I are leaving.

        RAIN: Are you deaf? She's not going anywhere.

        ELENI'S FATHER: I guess we'll fight to the death.

        RAIN: I wager it'll be yours.

        RAIN and ELENI'S FATHER inch closer. NICK backs up with great fear while MICHAEL looks around for a weapon.

        ELENI'S FATHER: (bares his teeth) You had to meddle with family affairs.

        RAIN: I don't condone domestic violence.

        RAIN lunges after ELENI'S FATHER but he grabs her wrist and twists it causing her to let the stake to fall out of her hand. She winces in pain. Without thought, NICK grabs ELENI and runs to the bar steering clear from the fight. ELENI'S FATHER bends down to reach for the stake just as MICHAEL picks up a chair and crashes it into the VAMPIRE'S back. He barely moves. Pissed off, ELENI'S FATHER then turns around, now facing MICHAEL and RAIN.

        By then, RAIN has gained her balance and kicks him in the stomach, throwing his body across the room. ELENI'S FATHER flies through the doorway towards the back hitting the wall near the restrooms. With her stake in hand, RAIN approaches him and lets a little blue electricity crackle. He quickly gets up on his feet and runs toward the back entrance. RAIN follows him outside but discovers he is no where to be seen.

        RAIN: (returns from the back) He's gone. (Sees ELENI'S disappointment) I'm sorry. I know how much you want--

        ELENI: --It's fine. (Beat; with a soft smile) We'll get him next time, right?

        RAIN and looks around the room and sees a couple of broken chairs and pieces of glass on the floor. The damage is minimal but she feels bad about it.

        RAIN: (to MICHAEL) Sorry about the mess.

        MICHAEL: Don't worry about it.

        Together, everyone cleans up the mess while NICK is still processing what just happened. The camera pans to ELENI who gives a little smile as she watches them.

        CUT TO:


        ELENI'S FATHER is on his cell phone talking to the same MAN who spoke to ELENI.

        ELENI'S FATHER: It's done.

        MAN: And the Slayer?

        ELENI'S FATHER: She thinks I am ELENI'S father. The SLAYER did everything to protect her, just like you said she would.

        MAN: Well done.

        The MAN hangs up.

        CUT TO:


        Just as RAIN and ELENI walks out of the restaurant, MICHAEL locks the door from the inside, and then puts up the closed sign. With a few steps, RAIN aims for her apartment, but ELENI stays behind. Realizing, ELENI is not with her; RAIN turns around with a puzzled face.

        RAIN: Are you coming?

        ELENI stares on the ground.

        RAIN: (walks closer) What is it?

        ELENI: (glances up) I was wondering? if we could look for him.

        RAIN: (raises her brow) Your father?

        ELENI: Yes.

        RAIN: (sighs) It's pretty late.

        ELENI: You're right. I just... I miss sleeping. Ever since he turned, I haven't had a good night's sleep.

        RAIN doesn't respond as she herself can relate to not being able to sleep, especially since GLORIA was murdered.

        RAIN: All right, we'll patrol. Just promise me if we do end up finding him, you'll stay behind, okay?

        ELENI nods. They walk down MAIN STREET in search of the VAMPIRE.

        CUT TO:


        As the GIRLS stumble onto a playground, ELENI sees from RAIN'S demeanour they are close by.

        ELENI: What is it?

        RAIN: Ssshhh.

        There is a rustling sound coming from the woods nearby. Sure enough, the VAMPIRE in question emerges smoking a cigarette but he seems surprised to see them. He quickly bolts back into the woods.

        RAIN: (to ELENI) Stay here!

        RAIN chases him through the forest, trying to avoid branches from slapping her face. All of the sudden she stops and takes a moment to listen to the silence.

        RAIN: (to the VAMPIRE) I know where you are. You might as well come out and play.

        The VAMPIRE peers out behind a large oak tree. He doesn't respond. Immediately they get into fighting positions and start to attack each other. They throw punches and kicks, trying to knock each other down. Meanwhile, ELENI is nearby enjoying the whole show with a grin. Soon after, when RAIN and the VAMPIRE separate, ELENI runs towards the VAMPIRE pushing him down.

        RAIN: Eleni! Stop! You're gonna get yourself killed!

        The VAMPIRE and ELENI ends up rolling down a small hill, away from RAIN. They hit a boulder.

        VAMPIRE: What are you doing? This isn't part of the deal!

        ELENI looks over, searching for RAIN but she is no where to be found.

        ELENI: (turns back to the VAMPIRE) Actually, it's very much part of the deal.

        She pulls out a stake of her own and stabs him as he bursts into dust. Within moments, RAIN has discovers ELENI sobbing in front of a pile of ashes.

        RAIN: (stunned) Eleni?

        ELENI: (wipes her eyes) I didn't think? I'd be this upset.

        RAIN: (whispers) He was your father, at least partly.

        ELENI: I just? can't believe I did that.

        RAIN doesn't respond but helps ELENI to her feet. The camera pans as they walk out of the woods and toward the playground. A bolt of lightening shoots across the sky just as it starts to rain.

        CUT TO:


        MICHAEL is surprisingly awake at this hour. In front him, there are several ancient books scattered all over the desk. It's clear he has been researching all night but the reason is unknown until the camera pans over his shoulder and we see a book opened to different symbols and tattoos.

        Impatiently he tears off a piece of paper and tries to draw ELENI'S tattoo from memory. After scanning the drawing to his computer, he pulls up an instant message window. He clicks on a screen name, GEEK4MAGIK and types a message.

        MIKEHAVEN: You still there?

        GEEK4MAGIK: Yeah, did you find it?

        MIKEHAVEN: It's a drawing. Gonna send you the scan.

        MICHAEL uploads the image to GEEK4MAGIK'S instant message window.

        GEEK4MAGIK: (a few seconds later) I've seen it before. It's a demonic tattoo. Very rare. It's usually found on young girls who belong to an order.

        MIKEHAVEN: They're not demons?

        GEEK4MAGIK: No, they are humans possessing demonic powers.

        MIKEHAVEN: What kind of powers?

        GEEK4MAGIK: Telepathic. They read people's mind, trap themselves in their dreams, that sort of thing. They're Fumosoms or often called dream smokers. Gonna send you a fax with more info.

        MIKEHAVEN: All right, thanks. Take care.

        GEEK4MAGIK: You too.

        Just as GEEK4MAGIK promised, there is a fax coming with information on ELENI'S tattoo. MICHAEL picks up a sheet form the machine and reads it. He quickly puts the fax down and grabs his jacket leaving the office.

        CUT TO:


        Standing in the doorway, ELENI watches RAIN sleep. Slowly ELENI invites herself in the bedroom and we can see smoke emerging from her tattoo. She closes her eyes and RAIN starts to shift back and forth. After opening her eyes, ELENI grins maliciously as eerie music plays in the background as RAIN continues to sleep.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          MICHAEL swings the door open, looking towards the stairs leading to RAIN'S apartment. The camera pans to the fire alarm to his right. We can see MICHAEL'S hand pulling it. He then bolts of out apartment building.

          A swarm of residents, consisting of about eight people exit the apartment just in their PJs and raincoats while others are holding umbrellas against the stubborn rain.

          MICHAEL inside the restaurant is watching the commotion and spies RAIN by herself as people walk pass. He then walks out and approaches her but looks cautiously over his shoulder looking out for ELENI.

          MICHAEL: (puts his jacket around RAIN) Are you okay?

          RAIN: (hugs herself) No, I'm frickin' soaked. (Beat; Looks around) Where is Eleni? Is she okay?

          MICHAEL: (scans his surroundings) She didn't leave with you?

          RAIN: She wasn't in her room. (Beat; looks at the apartment building) Where's the fire coming from?

          MICHAEL: (looks back to RAIN) False alarm. (Beat; intensely) So, Eleni wasn't in the apartment when you left?

          RAIN: (shrugs) It's like she vanished or something.

          We can hear sirens growing louder in the background.

          RAIN: I hope she's okay.

          MICHAEL doesn't respond.

          RAIN: Michael, what's going on?

          Flashing lights of red and blue touches MICHAEL'S face as he looks at her and for the first time, she sees he is deeply worried.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          RAIN is sitting at the bar eating breakfast that MICHAEL has just made for her. He pours her a glass of orange juice.

          RAIN: So, you don't think she was going to hurt me?

          MICHAEL: (shakes his head) No, they're non-violent.

          RAIN: But they have an agenda.

          MICHAEL: (nods) Yes, unfortunately, they work for team evil.

          RAIN: (sarcastically) Yay team. (Beat) So? the whole father-vampire thing was just an act?

          MICHAEL: Yeah? to get you to trust her. He was most likely on someone's payroll as well.

          RAIN: (bites a sausage) Great. I am just feeling the love.

          MICHAEL chuckles gently.

          RAIN: Why pull the alarm?

          MICHAEL: If I went to warn you, Eleni would have sensed something from me. I had to figure out a way to get you out of the apartment without her knowing.

          RAIN: (nods) Simple but clever. (Looks down) I guess the target on my back is getting bigger.

          MICHAEL: (tries to assure her) We'll figure it out, okay?

          RAIN nods again. He picks up a tea towel and wipes the counter a bit.

          MICHAEL: Rain? we never got that chance to talk with? the distractions we've had yesterday.

          RAIN: (puts her fork down) That's right. We didn't.

          MICHAEL: Would you like to tell me what's on your mind?

          RAIN: (Beat; takes a breath) I found this motel? where Gloria and Tanner stayed at when I was a baby.

          MICHAEL: (tries not to let his face fall; folds his arms) Oh? What did you find out?

          RAIN: The manager there said that this limo picked her up more than once around the last week of October.

          Intense music plays in the background as the camera slowly pans to MICHAEL'S face.

          RAIN: (cont'd) Tanner told me that on Halloween night Gloria just showed up with me covered in bloody blankets. (Beat) And the limo stopped coming right after that.

          MICHAEL swallows hard.

          RAIN: I thought? I wanted to know what happened, how I came to be here, who are my birth parents but now? I'm not so sure. (Beat) I feel like? I am in the middle of something? something much bigger than I'd ever imagine. (Trying to breathe) And it scares me.

          A lone tear travels down RAIN'S cheek and she quickly wipes it away.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          Dark cherry wood panelling surrounds the library. On the left, there is an antique desk with the usual lamp, phone and paperwork. Toward the end of the desk is a book case filled with artifacts. A large mirror hangs above the fireplace while the morning light peers through the sheer curtains accentuated by red velvet drapes. Near the window, SHERIDAN is reading next to an end table just as BELLA walks in with two bags filled with Thanksgiving decorations.

          SHERIDAN: (looks up; still holding her novel) Isabella, what are you doing with the decorations? The staff just put them away.

          BELLA: Since you're not willing to have Thanksgiving home with me, then I am going to have it with Rain.

          SHERIDAN: (puts her book down) You know your father couldn't be here today. It couldn't be helped.

          BELLA: You dismissed me by cancelling Thanksgiving dinner and putting down the decorations.

          SHERIDAN: (defensive) I made reservations. We can still have it together, just at The Windsor Inn.

          BELLA: You don't get it. I wanted to have it at home with you.

          SHERIDAN: (folds her arms) You're acting like a child.

          BELLA: (fights her tears) You could act like a mother, but it's like pulling teeth. (Beat) I am going to go where I am wanted.

          BELLA turns around; straighten herself with a smile as she walks away leaving SHERIDAN in shock.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          Leaning against a wooden table MICHAEL flips through one of the journals that we saw earlier in the bottom desk drawer. OLIVER is pacing back and forth, rubbing his temples.

          OLIVER: You're certain someone is after Rain?

          OLIVER then stops, noticing that MICHAEL hasn't responded.

          OLIVER: (glances over to him) Michael?

          MICHAEL: (still reading) Hmm?

          OLIVER: (approaches him with concern) Maybe you shouldn't be doing this. It's been years since--

          MICHAEL: (tiredly looks up at OLIVER) --No, I'll be fine. I just? I thought I was done. I mean? (Voice trails off)

          OLIVER: (nods) I understand but you know? this isn't your fight. (Beat) Do you really want to take the risk? You could lose yourself again. I know you don't want to hear--

          MICHAEL: (puts his journal down; folds his arms) You're right. I don't want to hear it. (Beat; changes topic) And yes, it appears that someone is after Rain which is what we expected, anyway.

          OLIVER: (face stiffens) I don't like this. It's barely been a month and already two rivals are after Ms. Mason.

          MICHAEL: (shrugs) Well, they've been minor attacks at best.

          OLIVER: (raises brow) Minor? You think the Glastnoft demon trying to break down her defenses was minor? We don't even know who hired the demon. (Rushing; flustered) And what about this dream smoker? Nothing good could have come from that!

          MICHAEL: (inches toward him) I only meant that compared to what's to come, this is minor.

          OLIVER: (waves his hand) That may be but someone is obviously pulling the strings.

          MICHAEL doesn't respond.

          OLIVER: (cont'd) And now? you tell me that Ms. Mason was deliberately kidnapped, and clearly hidden from us. (Beat; whispers)
          Michael, this is not good. It's not good at all.

          MICHAEL'S face is blank as the camera pans to OLIVER who in turn looks dismayed.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          The microwave dings and MADELINE enters the kitchen wearing a Shapes t-shirt and running shorts. She opens the oven, pulling out a TV dinner and almost burns herself. Then she starts to cut the turkey but it's hard as a rock. MADELINE sighs and ends up throwing the dinner away. Soon after, she spies a MICHAEL'S HAVEN business card on the counter. She picks it up and glances over to the phone. Soft sombre music plays in the background.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          The same MAN that spoke to the VAMPIRE is sitting at his desk before ELENI.

          ELENI: I took care of our loose ends.

          MAN: Good.

          ELENI: Sir, I don't understand why I had to leave. I could've-

          MAN: (plays with his cufflinks) -It not necessary for you to understand my plans. (Hands her a thick envelope) You are paid in full. I will acquire your services again when the appropriate time comes.

          ELENI: Very well.

          After ELENI exits, the MAN looks at his watch and leaves the room.

          CUT TO:


          After a day of constant rain, the sun is finally out. A closed sign hangs on the glass door. The camera pans through where we hear soft music playing in the background ? it's Get Together, by Nick Drake:

          Love is but the song we sing
          Fear the way we die
          It can make the mountains ring
          Make the angels cry
          So the bird is on the wind
          You may not know why

          There are tables that have been put together creating one long table. BELLA'S bags are on the floor nearby. On the counter, there is a stack of plates, silverware and glasses ready to be used. The camera moves to the kitchen where we see BELLA and RAIN are throwing flour at each other, laughing while NICK is watching them, shaking his head.

          Some may come and some may go
          We will surely pass
          Will the one who left us here
          Return for us at last?
          We are but a moment's sunlight
          Fading in the grass

          Hey people now, smile on your brother
          Let me see you get together
          And love one another

          MADELINE shows up with a bottle of champagne and hands it to MICHAEL who gives an awkward but soft smile. He opens the bottle and the cork is suddenly released in the air. Champagne gushes out getting MADELINE all wet. She stares at MICHAEL in shock who just smirks at her. NICK, BELLA and RAIN glances over to MADELINE, and start laughing at her and soon afterwards, she joins them. RAIN stands there with flour all over her face smiling like never before watching her new family.

          If you hear the song I'm singing
          You will understand
          You hold the key to love and fear

          The song continues as we?

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          MICHAEL, MADELINE, NICK, BELLA and RAIN are gathered around the table that is now decorated with a dark red table cloth as well as gold candles in crystal holders.

          All in your trembling hand
          Just one key unlocks them both
          It's at your command
          Hey people now, smile on your brother
          Let me see you get together
          And love one another

          The song ends softly. With his wine in hand, MICHAEL gets up and lifts it in the air as the others follow him with their drinks.

          MICHAEL: I don't normally do this.

          NICK: (coughs) Yeah, right.

          Everyone laughs as MICHAEL gives him a glare. He continues with the toast.

          MICHAEL: I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me put this dinner together. As you know I usually have Thanksgiving with just the employees but this is a nice change. (Lifts glass) Happy Thanksgiving.

          He smiles looking at RAIN then at BELLA, MADELINE and NICK as he clinks his glasses with theirs. BELLA gives RAIN a look to make a toast. RAIN reluctantly stares at her. She rolls her eyes at BELLA'S persistence and slowly gets up holding on to her glass of water.

          RAIN feels uncomfortable with everyone looking at her. Wanting to kill BELLA right there, RAIN then speaks up.

          RAIN: (clears throat) Ummm? I- I? (Pauses, takes a deep breath)? never had anything like this before, fancy dinners with? my friends. (To MICHAEL) Anyway, thank you for inviting me. (Beat) I-I appreciate it? so? um? thank you.

          Just as RAIN quickly sits down feeling embarrassed, everyone but her looks over to the entrance. They look back at RAIN who is drinking her water unaware there is SOMEONE else in the room.

          BELLA: Rain?

          BELLA nods her head to RAIN to get her to look over her shoulder. RAIN crosses her brow and turns around. It's her brother TANNER holding his baby, a diaper bag and his backpack.

          TANNER: (to RAIN) Hey. (Beat) Got room for two more?

          RAIN: (stunned, gets up from her seat) Tanner? Wh-What are you doing here?

          NICK: (scoffs) Tanner? Who's Tanner?

          BELLA kicks him underneath the table. He winces in pain.

          NICK: Oww! What did you do that for?

          RAIN walks over to TANNER, steals a quick look at ANGIE who is sound asleep in her father's arms.

          Soft music plays in the background. An understood moment of silence passes between RAIN and TANNER. She smiles and takes his belongings. Immediately MICHAEL gets up grabs a chair gestures TANNER to sit while RAIN takes ANGIE. She introduces her friends to TANNER just as MICHAEL returns with an extra plate, silverware and a glass. The baby slowly wakes up to the voices and starts cooing at RAIN. The camera pans out as we see everyone smiling and laughing.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          The apartment is dark but there is little light coming from the moon through the French doors. There is the sound of someone inserting a key and turning the knob. The door slowly opens. It's not MADELINE but a shadowy FIGURE instead. We can see he has on a dark grey suit and black shoes but we can't see his face. It's obvious he doesn't belong here.

          THE FIGURE/MAN stands for a few minutes indicating he is looking around the room. He walks to the kitchen counter, sees a Native American hand weaved basket that has her mail in it. He flips through it; finds a couple of bills, a card from a female, a letter from a relative and a business envelope from the Slayer's Council. THE MAN stops at business envelope. He doesn't open it but keeps it by putting it in the inside lining of his suit.

          He turns around scans the living room. He doesn't seem to be concerned about getting caught. THE MAN ambles towards the large coffee table and sees ancient books. Not seeing anything of interest, he saunters down the hallway and enters her office. THE MAN flicks on the desk light and spies her satchel on the chair. Without much thought, he opens it looking for something of importance. He pulls out MADELINE'S journal. The MAN flips to the first page. It reads:

          "RAIN MASON, Age 18-

          Slayer (Activation 2003)
          Wiccan (Activation 2004)

          Known wiccan abilities include:
          - telekinesis
          - pyrokinesis (as well as reported fire-summoning)
          -electrokinesis (she appears to manipulate either ambient static electricity or electromagnetism to emit 'waves' of electrical energy offensively, as well as defensive shields)

          RAIN denies magic use prior to activation. Source of magical ability is undetermined. The use of magical abilities has been observed to leave RAIN enervated and unable to demonstrate Slayer abilities."

          THE MAN stops reading. He turns off the light taking the journal with him. Before leaving the apartment, he stops at the kitchen counter. He pulls out his wallet, extracting a business card out of it. He places the card on it letting it rest against an empty glass in perfect view. THE MAN closes the door and doesn't bother locking it.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          Hours later, MADELINE struggles to walk to her apartment carrying a MICHAEL'S HAVEN paper bag with Thanksgiving leftovers inside. Her shoes are killing her. She is dying to throw them off, take a nice hot bath and go to bed. MADELINE puts the bag down, opens her purse, rummaging for her keys, accidentally kicking the bag, knocking over the leftovers which hit the door causing it to open ajar. This startles her. MADELINE pulls out pepper spray out of her purse as quickly as she could, slowly opening the door, walking over the bag.

          The camera follows MADELINE into the living room. She crosses her brows as she discovers it is spotless, as if she left it hours before. She assumes it would have been robbed; after all she had the finest things in her apartment. Cautiously she tips toes into the apartment, checking each room with her arm stretched out ready to fire her pepper spray but only find no one is in any of the rooms. MADELINE gives a face of confusion. She shrugs, puts her spray back in her purse and puts the leftovers back in the bag. Tiredly she places the bag on the kitchen counter, knocking over the empty glass as well as the business card. The glass shatters to the floor.

          MADELINE: Oh crap!

          Before she fetches a broom and dust pan, she sees the business card on the floor. She picks it up, lightly brushing off the shattered glass. LENA flips it over and read its. Her eyes widen. She covers her mouth stepping back hitting the table behind her almost losing her balance.

          MADELINE: (her eyes start to water with fear) It can't' be? no? oh god no?

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE
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              RAIN TRIVIA-

              Coming soon...
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