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Riley The Series 1.10 "Magic Isn't A Toy" (Part 1)

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  • Riley The Series 1.10 "Magic Isn't A Toy" (Part 1)

    Note: This episode will be rewritten shortly.

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted

    Sam: Previously on Riley...

    CUT TO:


    Marie and Graham are at a funeral.

    CUT TO:


    The sheriff, Graham, and Marie see the body.

    Sheriff (Over Voice): We think it was a murder. Someone murdered your parents.

    CUT TO:


    Graham is holding the vamp.

    Vamp: It was Neiki!

    Graham stakes the vamp and he dusts.

    CUT TO:


    Sam: Go and have the time of your life.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie runs in and kisses John as they fall onto the bed.

    John: What are you doing?

    Salomie: Having the time of my life.


    CUT TO:


    Salomie and John are in bed, laughing.

    Salomie: And then she...

    She bursts out laughing.

    John: I know!

    They laugh.

    Salomie: This was awesome, you know?

    John: I'm glad.

    They kiss.

    Salomie: So, does this mean we're officially dating or something?

    John: You could say that.

    Salomie: Okay.

    Salomie grabs her clothes and begins changing under the covers.

    Salomie: My class is in an hour. So, I've got to go.

    John: Okay, but I'm in that class to.

    Salomie: Yes, I know.

    Salomie gets up, now fully dressed.

    Salomie: But I need to go. And Jill is probably worrying. Unless she spent the night at Chris's.

    John: I'll see you at class.

    Salomie smiles.

    Salomie: Okay.

    Salomie walks out. John smiles.

    John: I love that girl.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie walks in and Jill is sitting on the bed, dressed.

    Salomie: Hey.

    Jill: Where were you, missy?

    Salomie: What time?

    Jill: Got here around 6:00.

    Salomie: Ah.

    Jill: You figured me out.

    Salomie: I'm so sneaky.

    Jill: No, really, where were you? You know where I was.

    Salomie: True.

    Jill: You got your grove on with John!

    Salomie: Jill!

    She pauses.

    Salomie: Correct.

    Jill: Bingo!

    Salomie laughs.

    Salomie: If you want him then ?

    Jill: Hello, gay here.

    Salomie: Yes, but ex-straight.

    They begin to talk in gangster like voices and fake intimidating voices.

    Jill: What are you trying to say, foo?

    Salomie: You want a fight?

    Jill: What you got?

    Salomie: Cheese puffs. Want some?

    They start talking normally.

    Jill: Okay. Oh, also, you got your grove on!

    Salomie: Thank you for that.

    CUT TO:


    It is all dark with candles lit in a circle. People in black robes are sitting in the circle with the candles. There is a man in a robe in the middle of the circle holding someone with a hood over their head.

    Man In Center: Our weakest one we will sacrifice! To give us power!

    They all scream in agreement. The man puts his hand on the man in the hoods back. He screams. He falls to the ground. Green energy goes to everyone in the circle.


    "End Of The World" by Great Big Sea.


    Marc Blucas ? Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic ? Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase ? Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring ? Intank Wellee
    Keira Knightley ? Salomie Sullivan

    Guest Starring:

    Santiago Cabrera ? Neiki
    Jewel Staite ? Jill
    Jared Padalecki ? John
    Francis Capra ? Xad
    Kristen Bell ? Susan

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    ACT 1

    CUT TO:


    The door opens and in comes Graham with all his bags. Sam comes running down the stairs to see who it was. She smiles when she sees that it's Graham. The house is cleaner now.

    Sam: Graham, you're back.

    They hug each other.

    Graham: Yeah, back for good.

    Sam: That's good. That's great. I'm really glad to have you back.

    Riley comes down the stairs.

    Riley: Who is -?

    Riley sees Graham and also smiles.

    Riley: Hey buddy.

    Graham: Hey.

    Riley pats him on the back.

    Riley: How was the...funeral?

    Graham: Good. I saw my sister for the first time in about five years.

    Sam: How was that?

    Graham: Could have been better.

    Riley: Yeah, under the circumstances it wasn't that great, right?

    Graham: Sort of.

    Sam: Well, you're back now. We'll help you get through this hard time for you.

    Graham: Thanks.

    Riley: It's no problem. We're always here for you.

    Graham: We also learned something there?

    Sam: What was it?

    Graham: My parents were killed. It was a murder.

    Sam: Oh my god.

    Riley: Who did it?

    Graham: Lame ass vampires.

    Riley gets angry.

    Riley: This is exactly why we kill them.

    Graham: It wasn't just any old vampire. They were Neiki. They shot my dad while he was driving and he drove a bridge, killing them both. Smart, aren't they.

    Sam: It's okay. It's all going to be okay.

    Graham: I killed them. It was vengeance.

    Sam: And it didn't do anything. I know the feeling. I know.

    Graham: We have to kill Neiki.

    Riley: Don't worry, we will. We promise.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie is sitting next to John and Jill. Chris is next to Jill.

    Salomie: Yawn.

    John: Shh. You don't want to get in trouble.

    Salomie: Will it get me kicked out of class? If so, yes, I want to.

    John: Well, I don't want to get in trouble.

    Salomie: Fine. Grumble, grumble.

    Professor: And that's it for today. Remember, study!

    Everyone stands up.

    Salomie: That was fun.

    Jill: You wouldn't shut up.

    Salomie: Hence the fun.

    Chris: Did you even listen?

    Salomie: He said "the", right?

    John: You never learn, my pumpkin belly.

    Salomie: You're scaring me.

    John: I scare everyone.

    Jill and Chris have their arms around each other.

    Chris: We were going to go out for pizza. Want to come?

    John: Sure.

    John looks at Salomie.

    Salomie: I'm free.

    Jill: Off we go, then.

    CUT TO:


    Intank is in the training room. He is punching the punching bag repeatedly. He punches it so hard that it breaks the chain and flies across the room. He thinks he hears something outside the door. The Gold is closed so no one should be here. He grabs a knife from the wall. He unlocks the door and charges out. He brings his knife up, ready to attack. It goes right beneath Riley's chin.

    Riley: Nice to see you too.

    Intank puts the nice down and seems annoyed.

    Intank: Why the hell are you here?

    Riley: I was looking for you.

    Intank: Well, you got me.

    Riley: I need help.

    Intank laughs.

    Intank: Is this surprising? No.

    Riley: It's Neiki. We need to get him.

    Intank: Oh, you listened to me?

    Riley: He killed Graham's parents.

    Intank: Oh. I'm so sad.

    Intank walks into the training room and Riley follows.

    Riley: He's going to kill us!

    Intank picks up a sword.

    Intank: I know.

    Intank turns around.

    Intank: That's why I'm helping.

    CUT TO:


    John, Chris, Salomie, and Jill are sitting at a table.

    Jill: So then I take the anchovies and chuck them at the wall.

    Chris: And I ate them. They were yummy.

    Salomie: I say eww.

    Chris: Hey!

    Salomie looks at her watch.

    Salomie: I've got to go.

    John: Ah.

    Salomie stands up.

    Salomie: Bye guys.

    John: Wait.

    John stands up and kisses her.

    John: Bye.

    Salomie smiles and she walks away.

    CUT TO:


    There are the robed men again. There is the robed man in the middle again. There is an unknown robed person with them. A shirtless man with a hood over his head is in the middle.

    Robed Men: Do it. Now.

    The other robed person puts their hand on the shirtless man's back. Orange energy shines and goes into the person. The person gasps. The person takes of the robe and smiles. It's Salomie.

    END OF ACT 1


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      ACT 2

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? PARK ? DAY

      Salomie is walking through the park, smiling. She falls to the ground. She is being held down by an orange demon. It has sharp teeth. People start surrounding them. They just look at Salomie on the ground being attacked. They are emotionless. Salomie shouts and screams.

      Salomie: Help! Oh, god, help!

      The demon is choking her. He then snaps her neck, quickly.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie's eyes bolt open. She's breathing very heavily. It was a dream.

      Jill: Salomie! Get the hell up!

      Salomie sits up, still breathing heavily.

      Salomie: What-?

      Jill: You've been asleep for two hours! We missed out class, Salomie!

      Salomie: Why didn't you go without me?

      Jill: I couldn't leave you, Salomie. You know that.

      Salomie: Thanks.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? CAVE ? DAY

      Intank and Riley walk into a cave. They look around.

      Riley: Why do you think he lives here?

      Intank: I could sense him.

      They turn a corner and they see books on the ground and a symbol on the ground.

      Riley: I guess could is the operative word.

      Intank: So, he's not here.

      Riley: We need to look more.

      Riley walks out of the cave. Intank follows him.

      Intank: I don't know where he is.

      Riley: Then we'll search the town.

      Intank: As long as I'm back by nightfall.

      Riley: Not promising.

      CUT TO:


      Neiki and Xad walk into a huge mansion. They're smiling and Neiki is holding a man by the hair who looks terrified. There is a sewer entrance and many vampires emerge from it.

      Neiki: Here we are, boys! Make yourself at home.

      Neiki throws the man at the vampires and they all fight to eat him. The man screams and Neiki laughs. The mansion is grayish all around and looks a little like Angel's. It is rectangular and in the middle end, it goes out farther. Close to one of the walls there is a sundial. There is another room, also. There is a door leading to it and a huge glass window goes to it. It has weapons in it. Neiki looks around the place.

      Neiki: I think I'm going to like this.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? STREET ? DAY

      Jill and Salomie are walking down the street together, both holding drinks.

      Jill: What's up with you?

      Salomie: What?

      Jill: Lately, you've been...weird.

      Salomie: Sorry. I didn't mean to be weird.

      Salomie looks confused.

      Jill: Like out of it. Tired and not really paying attention to me.

      Salomie: That's not true.

      Jill: It kind of is.

      Salomie: I don't know why.

      Jill: Are you sure?

      Salomie: Yeah.

      Jill: Okay. Now, we should go so we're not late for our second class.

      Salomie: Okay.

      CUT TO:


      Sam and Graham are in the living room. Sam and Graham are practicing fighting. Sam punches but Graham ducks.

      Sam: So everything else in Chicago go right?

      Graham kicks Sam but she blocks it.

      Graham: As good as a funeral can be.

      Sam: I understand.

      Sam punches Graham backwards and kicks but Graham blocks the kick and punches Sam back.

      Sam: I wonder how Riley's doing.

      Graham: I bet he got Intank and they've fought at least ten times by now.

      Sam: Good call.

      Sam laughs. Sam punches him. Sam then sits down.

      Sam: I'm going to give Salomie a call.

      Graham: That's cool.

      Sam: I want to just hang out...even if she's pretty young. She's a cool kid.

      Graham: She is about eight-teen.

      Sam: Yes, but I'm...what? I can't even keep track anymore.

      Graham: Sam, you're not that old.

      Sam: Whatever.

      Sam stands up and picks up the phone.

      Sam: Hey, Salomie?

      It becomes a split screen with Sam and Salomie.

      Salomie: Hey, Sam!

      Sam: Well, do you want to come with me and Graham to the movies?

      Salomie: What movie?

      Sam: I don't know. Something.

      Salomie: Okay, I like that one.

      Sam: Okay, see you in twenty minutes at the theatre?

      Salomie: Okay. Bye.

      Sam: Bye.

      They split screen turns to one. It's just Jill and Salomie on the street.

      Jill: Who was that?

      Salomie: One of my friends. I'm going to see a movie with her in twenty.

      Jill: What about class!?

      Salomie: It sucks.

      Salomie walks away from Jill and Jill is in shock.

      CUT TO:


      Sam and Graham are standing, waiting for Salomie.

      Sam: Where is she?

      Salomie walks up to them.

      Graham: Where the hell have you been?!

      Salomie laughs.

      Salomie: Chill out.

      Sam: What is up with you?

      Salomie: Nothing. Let's go in.

      They walk inside. They get into line for tickets.

      Salomie: This is taking forever.

      Sam: You took forever.

      Salomie: Shut up.

      CUT TO:


      They are sitting in the theatre, watching the movie. Salomie seems annoyed.

      Salomie: (Whispering) This is a stupid movie.

      Graham: Shh.

      Salomie: I hate this.

      She wasn't whispering the second time. Right as she said those words the area above the theatre catches on fire. People scream. They're all surprised. Graham pulls Sam and Salomie down to the ground because fire emerges close to the.

      Salomie: Oh god, oh god. Oh god!

      More things catch on fire when Salomie said that. Graham pulls Sam and Salomie up and they run out.

      CUT TO:


      They run out and turn around. The whole building is on fire.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie is sitting on their couch with a mug in her hand. She is traumatized. Graham and Sam are sitting in the chairs when Riley walks in.

      Riley: What's wrong, guys?

      Sam: The movie theatre caught on fire.

      Riley: Are you guys okay?

      Sam: Yeah, we're fine. What happened with Neiki?

      Graham looks at him.

      Riley: I got Intank but we found nothing. But we will soon.

      Graham: I hope so.

      Riley: We will.

      Graham: Okay.

      Salomie: You know what? I'm going to go back to my dorm. Get some rest.

      Sam: Okay. But be careful.

      Salomie stands up and walks out the door. She is walking in the dark. Her cell phone rings and she answers it.

      Salomie: Hello? Okay.

      Salomie hangs up and keeps on walking.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie has a robe over her head and she walks to a robed man.

      Salomie: You called me.

      Robed Man: I did. You need a power boost. You did a huge blow to the Movie Theatre. Yes, we know it was you. Now, you will get even more power. You can do this that far surpass what happened at the Movie Theatre. Are you ready?

      Salomie: Yes, I am.

      Robed Man: Good.

      The Robed Man grabs a man that is shirtless and has a bag over his head. Salomie touches his stomach and black energy shows where her hand and his stomach meet. Salomie smiles and drops the man, now dead.

      Robed Man: Do you feel better now?

      Salomie: Much.

      END OF ACT 2


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        ACT 3

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

        Salomie walks in, smiling. There is rock music on. As she walks by, she grabs a man and starts dancing with him. The man looks confused.

        Salomie: What's wrong, big boy? You don't like this?

        Salomie jumps onto him.

        Man: Get the hell off me.

        Salomie: Why?

        The man pushes Salomie off him.

        Salomie: Hey!

        Salomie punches him and walks away. She laughs. Salomie walks to the bar where Intank is handing out drinks. Intank looks at Salomie. He stares at her feet and his eyes go up slowly. She's dressed...un-Salomie like.

        Intank: What's up with you?

        Salomie: Nothing.

        Salomie moves in close to Intank. It looks like she's smelling his face.

        Intank: Move.

        Salomie: Oh, honey.

        Intank pushes her away,

        Intank: What the hell is wrong with you?!

        Salomie: Nothing. I'm perfect.

        Intank: Yeah?

        Salomie: Yeah.

        Salomie lifts up her hands and electricity comes out of it.

        Intank: What the -?

        Salomie sends it flying. Things fall and people scream.

        Salomie: You hear those people screaming? You're not screaming. But I can make you.

        Everyone runs out and there was not a band there, just the stereo.

        Intank: No, you couldn't. Not in your ?

        Salomie throws Intank onto a wall with her magic. She walks to him and starts kissing him. Intank punches her away.

        Intank: Get off me, you bit**.

        Salomie: Oh.

        Salomie smiles and laughs.

        Salomie: Strong language. Not suitable for children.

        Salomie lifts her hand up. A fire ball appears in her palm. Salomie moves her arm and the fire ball hits Intank. He screams.

        Salomie: See, I told you I could make you scream.

        Intank picks up his cell phone and dials a number.


        Intank drops his phone.

        Salomie: Who'd you call?

        Intank: I called...your mama.

        Salomie laughs.

        Salomie: You're funny.

        Salomie grabs his neck.

        Salomie: But not enough to keep you alive.

        Intank spits in her face. Salomie looks disgusted.

        Salomie: Eww.

        Salomie slaps him.

        Intank: How are you so strong?

        Salomie: I have my ways.

        Riley: (Over Voice) Get off him.

        Salomie turns around and smiles.

        Salomie: Hey! How are you, guys?

        Riley, Sam, and Graham are standing there.

        Sam: We're doing great.

        Salomie: Then we'll have to change that.

        CUT TO:


        Chris and Jill are sitting on a bed in Chris' dorm room.

        Chris: What's wrong, honey?

        Jill: It's Salomie.

        Chris: What about her?

        Jill: She's been acting weird, lately.

        Chris: Weird?

        Jill: She's being rude to everyone! It's not her.

        Chris: Jill, I'm sure that this will all blow over.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

        Salomie flipped the chair with her magic and it hit Riley. He fell backwards.

        Sam: Salomie, stop.

        Salomie laughs.

        Salomie: No.

        Salomie throws Sam back over a table with her magic. Intank jumps up from behind her but Salomie just elbows him away. Salomie's cell phone rings and she answers it.

        Salomie: Hello? Oh hey, John! How you doing, my sex poodle? What? Okay. See ya.

        Salomie smashes her cell phone in her hand.

        CUT TO:


        Chris and Jill are still on the bed. Jill's cell phone rings and she answers it.

        Jill: Hello? John? I don't know what's up with her. She called you what!? Okay, I'll go and find her. I'll try to talk some sense to her.

        Jill hangs up.

        Jill: I have to leave to find Salomie. But you can come too.

        Chris: I think I will.

        They smile.

        CUT TO:


        The robed man is there still. Another robed man walks up to him.

        Robed Man #1: Sir, Salomie is giving off a lot of energy.

        Robed Man: Good.

        Robed Man #1: But she could send so much energy that it would kill a ton of people around her.

        Robed Man: So be it.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

        Salomie lifts Intank up with her magics and throws him against the wall again. She lifts up and all the tables and chairs also.

        Salomie: Watch this.

        Graham: Salomie, don't!

        Salomie: Well, that really convinced me ? NOT!

        Salomie moves a chair at Intank and the chair legs go through Intank! Intank screams.

        Salomie: Wasn't that impressive.

        Graham goes to her but Salomie kicks him away and then sends a ton of dark energy at Graham.

        Sam: Do you like this?! Huh!!??

        Riley stands up and grabs a knife from his pocket. He runs to Salomie and scratches her on the cheek. Salomie stops the energy.

        Salomie: Ouch.

        Salomie punches Riley into the air and he lands up a table. Salomie walks to him.

        Salomie: You shouldn't have done that.

        Salomie grabs Riley and pushes him off the table.

        Riley: You have to stop.

        Salomie: Um, no.

        Riley stands up and tries to punch her but she ducks. Salomie pushes him backwards and does a spinning kick, bringing him to the floor. Riley stands up again.

        Salomie: Why won't you give up?

        Salomie punches him again but Riley blocks it.

        Riley: You're growing weaker.

        Riley punches her in the gut.

        Riley: Your power is going.

        Salomie: No it's not.

        Salomie does a jumping kick.

        Riley: Yes, it is. And it's all because of your humanity. Your love.

        Salomie: No!

        Riley punches Salomie back into a table.

        Salomie: No!

        Salomie begins to cry.

        Salomie punches him. Then she kicks him but he blocks.

        Riley: Stop for us! Please!

        Salomie falls to the ground and cries. Sam and Graham stare at them in shock. Intank is now on the ground and he pulled the chair out of him.

        Riley: It's okay. It's all going to be okay.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        Jill and Chris are walking down the street, looking around.

        Jill: Where could she be?

        Chris: The Gold?

        Jill: Nah, people left because of a fire or something.

        Chris: Oh.

        Jill: The coffee shop?

        Chris: Maybe.

        Jill: Let's check it out.

        CUT TO:


        Jill and Chris walk in and go to the cashier.

        Jill: Hello, did you see a girl that was a huge bit** lately?

        Cashier: Um, no?

        Jill: Thanks.

        They walk away.

        Jill: Next?

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

        Riley and Salomie are sitting next to each other in two chairs. Intank is standing up now. Sam and Graham are also standing around.

        Riley: So that's what happened?

        Salomie: Yeah. I took two lives.

        Riley: You didn't know.

        Salomie: Because of me, two people are dead.

        Sam: It was them. They persuaded you.

        Salomie: And I went with it.

        Sam: Don't blame yourself.

        Riley: Description of the people.

        Salomie: I didn't see them. They were all in robes.

        Riley: And it was in another dimension.

        Salomie: Yes, I had to cast a spell to get there.

        Riley: Okay.

        Sam: I've had enough for tonight! I'm going to the bar.

        Riley: Are you sure, Sam?

        Sam: Hell yeah.

        Sam walks out.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? BAR ? NIGHT

        Sam is sitting at the bar with a beer in her hand. Michael comes and sits down next to her. Sam smiles once she sees him.

        Sam: Michael! How are you?

        Michael: I'm great. How are you?

        Sam: Well, okay. I just had a weird night.

        Michael: Oh, what was weird? (To Bartender) Beer!

        Sam: Just...I don't know. I'm just being weird.

        Michael: Then I like weird Sam.

        Sam laughs.

        Sam: Thank you?

        The bartender puts a beer next to Michael.

        Michael: Thank you.

        Sam: Beer for the man.

        Michael: And for the women.

        Sam: True that.

        They drink.

        Sam: Well, I hope we have a good night.

        Michael: Amen to that.

        Sam smiles.

        Sam: Yeah, well ?

        Riley walks in and sees Sam and Michael drinking together. Sam sees him.

        Sam: Riley.

        Riley: Sam! What are you doing?!

        Sam: I'm having a drink.

        Riley: You could have just said a date.

        Sam: Riley, it's not.

        Riley: It is.

        Sam: Riley, let's at least take this outside.

        Riley: Okay.

        They stand up and walk away.

        Sam: Sorry Michael.

        They walk outside into an alleyway.

        Sam: It wasn't a date! I swear!

        Riley: It sure as hell didn't look like it.

        Sam: You know what, Riley!? I've had enough of this crap!

        Riley: What?

        Sam: I can't have a drink with a friend with you! This is insane! I can't talk to you right now! I can't look at you! Talk to me when you are sane!

        Sam walks away leaving Riley alone and shocked. Riley seems sad also. Tears start coming down. Suddenly, a vampire jumps from behind Riley and bites him. Riley's eyes widen as the vampire bites him.


        "TO BE CONTINUED..."