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Riley The Series 1.08 "Like Father, Like Son"

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  • Riley The Series 1.08 "Like Father, Like Son"

    Note: This episode will be rewritten shortly.

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted

    OPEN ON:


    You just see the graveyard and then you hear noises, fighting noises. The camera moves over to show Intank on top of a vampire punching him repeatedly. Then Intank rips his head off and he dusts. The camera moves over more and it shows Sam doing a jumping kick against a vamp. The girl vamp punches Sam and then throws her away. The vamp runs to her. Sam kicks her but she grabs her foot. The vamp throws Sam at a tombstone. Sam gets up and punches the vamp. Intank is just standing there watching.

    Intank: You're taking mighty long tonight.

    Sam: Shut up!

    Sam kicks the vamp and then punches the vamp back. Intank is smiling, enjoying the fight. Sam punches the vamp twice and then kicks the vamp in the face. Intank is still watching them. He suddenly gasps. He looks down and sees a sword sticking out of his chest. The demon behind him pulls it out and Intank falls to the ground face first. Sam sees this.

    Sam: Intank!

    The vamp punches Sam into a mausoleum. Five orange demons come at Sam since they already stabbed Intank. Sam punched the vamp away but a demon is swinging their sword down at Sam. As it goes down Intank suddenly grabs the sword.

    Intank: Hey, it's my turn to kill you.

    Intank throws the sword back into his face. Intank punches another demon and kicks another in the face. Intank snaps one demon's neck. Intank punches two demons at once and his fist's go through them. There is one demon left. Intank does a jumping kick and then a punch to the face. He then grabs Sam's stake and slams it in his head. Sam stands up. Intank sees the vamp fleeing. Intank tosses the stake to Sam and runs to the vamp. Intank turns to the vamp around.

    Intank: Where are you going?

    Intank throws the vamp to Sam. Sam punches the vamp twice and stakes her. She dusts. Intank then falls to the ground, screaming in pain.



    Marc Blucas - Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic - Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase - Graham Miller
    Mike Lombardi - Intank Welleee
    Keira Knightley - Salomie Sullivan
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    ACT 1

    CUT TO:


    Intank is sitting on their couch drinking coffee. Sam and Riley walk into the room.

    Sam: So, how are you?

    Intank: In intense pain.

    Riley: Come on, get over it Intank. It's just a mere flesh wound.

    Riley giggles.

    Intank: You're hilarious.

    Sam: What were those things?

    Intank: Demons.

    GrahamOS: I think she means what kind.

    Graham has just walked into the room.

    Intank: Um, Sinka I think.

    Sam: Sinka?

    Intank: Vicious demons. Just for the kill. Stupid. Not really strong but great at taking orders.

    Riley: They're dead so it doesn't matter.

    Intank: No. They usually travel in huge packs.

    Sam: There were five.

    Intank: I emphasize on the word huge.

    Sam: Oh.

    Riley: So, how many demons are we looking at?

    Intank: Fifteen, maybe twenty.

    Graham: That's a large amount.

    Intank: Tell me about it. I faced some about a year ago when this guy wanted to take over this town. It was a hell of a battle. Wicked fun.

    Sam: Wicked fun?

    Intank: I like fighting.

    Sam: I bet you loved it tonight.

    Intank: That doesn't usually happen.

    Riley: Don't make me cry.

    Intank: Very funny.

    Riley: I've always wanted to be a comedian.

    Intank: You would've failed.

    Sam: No, he would've been great.

    Graham: Back on track.

    Sam: Sorry, this demon, they're real strong.

    Riley: And don't let down your guard like someone I know.

    Intank: Not too good to do that.

    Sam: Patrol.

    Graham: What?

    Sam: Patrol. We need to patrol more.

    Riley: Tomorrow night, yeah.

    Sam: No, let's just get this done and kill those things.

    Riley: Okay.

    Riley stands up and picks up an axe.

    Riley: Let's go.

    Sam walks over to the weapons and gets a sword. Intank stands up slowly.

    Intank: I'll try to fight.

    Graham grabs two stakes and puts them in his pockets.

    Graham: I'm ready.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie is watching T.V with Jill.

    Salomie: This is strange.

    Jill: I know, but that makes it funny.

    Salomie: Very true.

    Jill: What is that bunny doing?

    Salomie: Talking.

    Jill: No, now.

    Salomie: Oh, I really don't know.

    Jill: I think he's attacking that guy.

    Salomie: When bunny's attack.

    Jill: We're dorks.

    Salomie: Yes, we are.

    There is a knock at their door. Salomie turns off the television and opens the door to see John there.

    Salomie: John, hey.

    John: Hey, what have you been doing?

    Jill: Watching bunnies.

    John: Oh.

    Salomie: Why don't you come in?

    John: No, it's fine.

    Salomie: Come on.

    John: Okay.

    John walks in and sits down in a chair. Salomie shuts the door and sits back down on the bed.

    Salomie: What have you been doing?

    John: I've been looking for a new roommate since Bob died.

    Salomie: Yeah, I'm sorry about that.

    John: It's fine.

    Jill: Have you met Susan's squeaky toy?

    Salomie looks at her.

    John: What?

    Jill: Just something Salomie wants to kill.

    Salomie: Shut up.

    John: Um, what?

    Salomie: Nothing.

    John: Um, do you guys want to go to a movie tonight?

    Jill: I'd love to.

    Salomie: Ditto.

    John: Cool, let's go.

    CUT TO:


    The Sitka demons walk into the cave. There are five. They are talking in a different language but there are subtitles.

    Sitka Demon #1: Those humans killed most of out men.

    Sitka Demon #2: Only one was human. The other was ?

    Another demon cuts him off.

    Sitka Demon #3: A demon. One of our kind?

    Sitka Demon #4: No, another type. Now we must kill them.

    Sitka Demon #5: Agreed. We'll be able to smell them out.

    The camera moves to show the gang in the opening of the cave.

    Riley: GO!

    Riley runs to them and punches one. Riley swings his axe but the demon catches it.

    Sitka Demon #1: DIE!

    The demon grabs the axe and knees Riley. The demon does a spinning kick and then Riley punches the demon three times. The demon falls to the ground and Riley grabs the axe. Riley swings down, killing it.

    Riley: We can do kill these guys!

    Intank kicks one and then punches another. One throws him across the cave. He drops to the ground. Intank stands up and snaps one of their necks. Intank kicks another back! Sam runs to one and punches it and then kicks it. Graham jumps on the demon Sam is fighting. Sam takes out her knife. The demon throws Graham back onto the ground. Sam tries to stab the demon but grabs her arm and throws her back. The demon walks to her and picks her up by the neck. Graham takes the knife and stabs the demon in the back. The demon screams and drops Sam. He falls to the ground, dead. Riley throws the axe to Intank and he decapitates another. There is one left. It runs to the group and punches them all. Intank punches the demon but it grabs his hand and knees him in the stomach. Then the demon punches him to the ground. Riley takes the axe and forces it into the demon's head. The demon falls to the ground, dead. They all get up.

    Sam: That was fun.

    Graham: Sure as hell was.

    Riley: Ouch. That hurt.

    Intank: I don't like being thrown into a cave wall.

    Graham: Really? I find it rather enjoyable.

    Intank stares at him.

    Graham: Sarcasm.

    Intank: Ah.

    Riley: That's it. I'm going to sleep.

    Sam: Then I will too.

    Riley: Good.

    Intank: Well, I need to go to The Gold. People have been killing people about how much I haven't been there.

    Riley: See how much I don't care.

    Graham: I'm just going to go out for a little while. I promise I won't wake you two when I get in.

    Sam: We'll still be awake.

    CUT TO:


    Jill, Salomie, and John are walking into the movie theatre.

    CUT TO:


    Jill, Salomie, and John sit down together.

    Jill: What is this movie again?

    Salomie: Um, I think it's something like, Like Father, Like Son.

    Jill: Sounds stupid.

    John: No. It's a great movie!

    Salomie: About?

    John: A son following his father's footsteps, obviously.

    Jill: Still sounds stupid.

    John: Just watch. You'll love it.

    Jill: Let's find out.

    The movie starts.

    Salomie: Popcorn!

    John: Shh!

    Salomie: (Whispering) Popcorn.

    John: You go get that.

    Salomie leaves the theatre.

    CUT TO:


    Graham is sitting at a bar with a drink in his hand. He looks depressed. A girl sits down next to him and looks over at him romantically.

    Girl: Hey handsome.

    Graham: Shut up.

    Girl: What?

    Graham: I said shut up.

    Girl: Why?

    Graham: Because you're talking.

    Girl: You make no sense.

    Graham: Just go away.

    Girl: Fine.

    The girl stands up and takes one last look at Graham.

    Girl: Could you be any ruder?

    Graham looks up at her, very annoyed.

    Graham: Yeah, wanna see?

    The girl turns around and walks away, disgusted. The bartender saw all this.

    Bartender: Um, I saw what you just did.

    Graham: Good for you.

    Bartender: Why are you being like that?

    Graham: My life, it isn't working out.

    Bartender: Why is that? What happened?

    Graham: Hello Mr. Snoopy.

    Bartender: Fine, bye. I'll just leave you to sulk.

    The Bartender walks away leaving Graham to just think. He takes out his cell phone slowly. He stares at it for a second and then flips it open. He plays a message. The girl talks quietly.

    PERSON ON PHONE: Hey Graham. It's sis. Something happened that you need to know about. I don't know if I should tell you over a message like this but I have to tell you now and you need to know. Graham, mom and dad were driving home from a concert yesterday. They were both drunk. They drove off a bridge over another street and slammed into a car below. Graham, they're both dead.

    END OF ACT 1


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      ACT 2

      CUT TO:


      Salomie, John, and Jill walk out.

      Jill: I was right. It sucked.

      John: It didn't. Right Salomie?

      Salomie: Well, um, it kind of sucked.

      John: Come on! I'm the only one who appreciates this film.

      Jill: Yep.

      Salomie: Let's go to a movie tomorrow.

      John: We just went to a movie.

      Salomie: I meant a good one.

      CUT TO:


      There are lights everywhere and everyone is dancing to the song playing in "Bad Girls". A man in a brown coat walks through the crowd of dancing people. A girl jumps right in front of him.

      Girl: Hey. Why are you all alone in this place?

      Man: Excuse me?

      Girl: Dance.

      The girl grabs him. He pushes her away.

      Man: Stay the hell away.

      Girl: Don't try to fight it.

      The man throws her against a wall and then grabs her ear.

      Man: Come. You must pay now.

      Girl: Stop it!

      The man throws her into the back alley.

      Girl: What the hell?

      Man: Hell is where you're going.

      The man throws the girl onto a trash can.

      Girl: (Almost crying) Stop.

      Man: You need to pay.

      Girl: I didn't do anything.

      The man pulls her by the hair. The girl scratches his face and he drops her. The girl tries to run into the light but she trips. The man grabs her hair and pulls her into the darkness. You hear a scream.


      CUT TO:

      INT ? HOME ? NIGHT

      A boy around the age of 8 is sitting at a table. He is writing on a piece of paper. It appears to be homework. He stops writing for a question.

      Boy: Uh, I don't know this one.

      He gets up and walks to a door normally. He hears noises inside and pauses. He quickly opens the door and sees blood everywhere. He doesn't seem shocked or anything, he just stands normally. You see someone's back.

      Boy: Daddy, I need help on my homework.

      The dad turns his head and it reveals that the dad is a vampire.

      Dad: You know not to disturb me when I'm eating.

      You see a dead man on the ground.

      Boy: I'm sorry daddy. I'll wait.

      Dad: Good boy.

      The boy closes the door.


      CUT TO:


      Someone is sleeping on the ground, snoring. A boy walks over to the sleeping girl.

      Boy: Hey, are you okay?

      The girl wakes up and vamps out.

      Girl: Hey.

      The vamp grabs him and throws him onto a tombstone.

      Girl: Want to dance?

      Intank suddenly walks up behind her.

      Intank: Think fast.

      Intank takes his stake and is about to stake the vamp but she turns around and grabs the stake. The vamp punches him back and then kicks Intank. Intank grabs her hair and pulls her towards him. He pulls her next to him and then stakes her. She screams as she dusts. The boy is unconscious. Intank sees him.

      Intank: So helpless. Everyone's so helpless.

      Intank turns around and sees Neiki.

      Neiki: Agreed. Nicely said.

      Intank: You know what?

      Intank tries to punches Neiki but he catches the punch and then punches Intank.

      Neiki: What were you going to say?

      Intank: You're helpless.

      Neiki: I think you covered that with the "everybody's helpless" thing?

      Intank: But you're more helpless than anyone.

      Neiki: Now why would you say that?

      Intank: You're hiding. From what the world really is.

      Neiki: No, the world sucks. So I just kind of want to fix it.

      Intank: By killing millions of people.

      Neiki: Yeah, pretty much.

      Intank: I don't believe you.

      Neiki: Well, too bad for you. Now, I'm going to go kill that guy.

      Neiki starts walking but Intank stops him.

      Intank: No you're not.

      Neiki punches Intank to the ground.

      Neiki: Yes, I am.

      Intank looks up as Neiki walks to the boy. Neiki grabs the boy's head and snaps it. Neiki looks back to Intank.

      Neiki: Dead. Just like you and your little puny friends will be soon.

      Neiki walks away.

      Intank: Neiki!

      Neiki turns around slowly.

      Intank: They are not my friends. I don't care for them.

      Neiki giggles.

      Neiki: Keep lying to yourself.

      Neiki walks away.

      CUT TO:


      Graham walks in and walks slowly upstairs, still very depressed. Graham is walking down the hallway to his room. You hear noises in Riley and Sam's room. The door opens and Sam walks out with covers wrapped around her.

      Sam: Graham! Home so early?

      Graham: Yeah.

      Sam: What's wrong?

      Graham: Nothing.

      Sam: I'll be right out.

      Sam walks back into her room. Graham walks into his room. He takes a bag and plops it on his bed. He starts taking clothes from his drawer and stuffing them in his bag. Sam walks into his room, now with clothes on.

      Sam: What are you doing?

      Graham: Packing my clothes.

      Sam: Why? Where are you going?

      Graham: Chicago.

      Sam: Why?

      Graham: Sam, my parents are dead.

      Sam's eyes widen.

      Sam: Oh my god. I'm so sorry.

      Graham starts to cry. Sam hugs him.

      Sam: I'm so sorry.

      Graham: Sam, I'm sorry to leave you guys through all this Neiki stuff but I have to.

      Sam: I understand, Graham. Go be with your family and show your love for them.

      Graham: Thank you, Sam.

      Sam: Anytime.

      Sam stands up and walks slowly out of the room. Graham continues to pack his stuff.


      CUT TO:

      INT ? HOUSE ? DAY

      The dad is sitting on the couch. His demon buddy is sitting next to him. The boy walks in.

      Boy: Hey daddy.

      The dad looks over at him.

      Dad: Where's my food.

      Boy: Um...

      Demon: You better tell him. He has a short temper.

      Boy: I ? I couldn't get any.

      The dad stands up quickly.

      Dad: What!?

      Boy: I'm sorry daddy.

      Dad: I've had enough at how annoying you've been. Just another puny mortal! It's time for you to die!

      Boy: No. Daddy?

      The dad grabs the boy and throws him onto the floor.

      Dad: Die.

      The boy gets up and opens the door. The dad pulls him back. The boy pushes him out into the day. He starts to light on fire. He screams as he dusts. The demon buddy sees this and slams the door. He kneels down next to the boy and puts his hands on the boy's shoulders.

      Demon: Hey, are you okay?

      Boy: (Terrified) I think so.

      Demon: Good. You killed your father.

      Boy: I'm sorry.

      Demon: I would've too.

      The boy looks shocked.

      Demon: It's okay, buddy. I'll be your dad. I won't torture like him. It'll be good.

      Boy: Thank you.

      Demon: You're welcome, buddy. Now, you only have to do one thing.

      Boy: What's that?

      Demon: Let me stick this horn in your stomach.

      Boy: What?

      The demon has a horn on his forehead.

      Demon: No, don't worry. It'll make you super powerful. Don't you want that, buddy?

      Boy: I don't know.

      Demon: You get so much of it.

      Boy: But, I don't ?

      The boy gasps. The demon has stuck the horn in the boy's chest, already. The demon takes it out.

      Demon: See, was that so bad?

      Boy: I don't feel different.

      Demon: Lift up that T.V.

      Boy: I can't ?

      Demon: Do it!

      The boy walks over and lifts the T.V without any problems. The boy smiles.

      Boy: Thank


      END OF ACT 2


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        ACT 3

        CUT TO:


        Salomie walks in. She looks around.

        Salomie: Anybody here?!

        Salomie sees something on the table. She walks over casually and sees a plane ticket. She looks confused. Riley runs downstairs and sees Salomie.

        Riley: Hey Salomie. What are you doing here?

        Salomie: Well, I actually came here to hang out but then I saw this.

        Salomie picks up the plane ticket and Riley looks confused also.

        Riley: What? What is that?

        Riley snatches it out of her hand. Riley looks at it.

        Riley: Chicago?

        Sam comes downstairs.

        Sam: Hey RI...and Salomie.

        Salomie: Hey Sam.

        Sam: What are you looking at RI?

        Riley holds up the ticket.

        Riley: You know anything about this.

        Sam: Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you?

        Riley: Tell me what, Sam?

        Sam: Graham is going away for awhile.

        Riley: Why?

        Salomie: I second that why?

        Riley: Sam, he can't go. Not with all this Neiki stuff.

        Sam: He can go, Riley.

        Riley: So you talked him into this little, vacation?

        Sam: If you call a funeral a vacation!

        Riley: What?

        Sam: Graham's parents are dead. Thanks for showing some respect.

        Riley: I didn't ?

        Sam: Well, don't just start attacking me.

        Salomie: Guys, just calm down.

        Sam: I was calm. Now I'm kinda not.

        Sam just shakes her head.

        Salomie: Okay. Well, I got popcorn and many enjoyable movies.

        Sam: Can it be a comedy?

        Salomie: Well, no, I just got all the drama's.

        Sam looks at her.

        Salomie: Joke.

        Sam: Well, do I have to repeat my question?

        Salomie: They're mostly all comedies.

        Sam: Thanks.

        They all sit down and Salomie puts the movie on.

        Salomie: Do you have a microwave? Popcorn.

        Sam: Yeah, in the kitchen.

        Salomie: Thanks. I'll be right back.

        CUT TO:


        It is Chris's dorm room. There is a knock at the door. Chris gets up and opens it. It's Jill.

        Jill: Hey, Chris.

        Chris: Oh, hi Jill. What are you doing here?

        Jill: Well, Salomie's out so I thought, maybe, we could hang out.

        Chris smiles.

        Chris: I'd like that.

        Jill walks in and Chris shuts the door.


        CUT TO:


        The song "In Your Honor" by Foo Fighters starts playing!

        "Can You Hear Me?
        Hear Me Screaming
        Breaking In The Muted Sky
        This Thunder Heart
        Like Bombs Beating
        Echoing A Thousand Miles"

        The boy, now a teenager, is outside with the demon. They are fighting. The boy does a spinning kick and then dodges a punch.

        "Mine Is Yours And Yours Is Mine
        There Is No Divide
        In Your Honor I Would Die Tonight
        Mine Is Yours And Yours Is Mine
        I Will Sacrifice
        In Your Honor I Would Die Tonight
        For You To Feel Alive"

        He kicks but it is blocked. The demon pushes him back and then punches him and then kicks but the boy ducks and the boy punches several times but they are blocked. The demon jumps over him and then punches but it is blocked. The boy punches the demon and then does a jumping kick. The demon punches twice but it is blocked. The boy punches but the demon ducks. The demon then punches the boy back into the fence. The demon punches him and then throws him into a bird-feeder. The boy gets up, bloody.


        Demon: Is that all you got?

        Boy: No.

        Demon: Then show me your true power.

        Boy: You want to see it.

        Demon: What did I just say?


        "Can You Feel Me?
        Feel Me Breathing
        One Last Breath Before I Close My Eyes
        This Offering
        For Receiving
        Deliver Me Into The Other Side"

        The boy runs to him and punches him twice. The demon tries to punch him but he grabs his arm and pulls it down while he continues to punch the demon. The demon is getting bloodier. The boy begins to scream as he's punching the demon repeatedly.

        "Mine Is Yours And Yours Is Mine
        There Is No Divide
        In Your Honor I Would Die Tonight
        Mine Is Yours And Yours Is Mine
        I Will Sacrifice
        In Your Honor I Would Die Tonight
        For You To Feel Alive"

        The boy throws the demon across the yard. He screams. He punches random things, destroying the yard. You see the demon's face. He is shocked and scared at the same time.


        The boy looks up and screams loudly.


        CUT TO:


        Salomie, Sam, and Riley are all sitting on the couch. The door opens, quickly. Intank storms in. They all just turn their heads, looking surprised.

        Intank: Neiki's still here.

        Salomie: Okay.

        Sam: Thanks for that.

        They all turn back to the movie.

        Intank: Let's go! Hunt him.

        They all point to the television.

        Intank: What?

        Riley: We're watching a movie.

        Intank: Which one?

        Sam: I don't know.

        Salomie: Something about bunnies.

        Intank: What's happening in it?

        Riley: The bunny princess is being chased by the wizard dog.

        Intank: Um, okay, but ?

        Salomie: SHH! This part is good.

        Intank just shakes his head.

        Intank: Dorks.

        Sam: It's a good movie.

        Intank: Guys, Neiki is a threat.

        Riley: Intank, you told us nothing new. We knew Neiki wouldn't just leave.

        Intank: But, I couldn't stop him.

        Riley: No surprise there.

        Intank: He killed a boy right in front of me.

        Sam: Intank, we're gonna find him. But not now. Go home.

        Intank: Fine.

        Intank walks by the ticket and stops.

        Intank: Who's going to Chicago? Please tell me it's Finn.

        Riley: Sorry to burst your bubble but it's Graham. His parents died in a car crash.

        Intank: Oh. Tell him I said sorry. Actually, on second thought, don't.

        Intank walks out.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

        Intank is walking down the street, going to either The Gold or his apartment. A man bumps into him and keeps walking. Intank looks at him.

        Intank: Hey! Can you say excuse me?

        The man stops. He turns around slowly. It is revealed for him to be the man in the alley.

        Man: Excuse me.

        The man keeps walking.

        Intank: (To himself) What the hell is his problem?

        Intank keeps walking.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? THE GOLD ? NIGHT

        Intank walks behind the bar and puts an open sign up. Some people start coming up and getting drinks. His cell phone rings.

        Intank: Hello?

        You hear noises in the background.

        Intank: What? Come to a warehouse? Why?

        You hear the person hang up. Intank hangs up.

        Intank: I'm sorry customers, I'll be back soon, I hope.

        CUT TO:


        You have a shot of the door. Then the door opens and in comes Intank. His eyes widen. The camera moves around to reveal ten dead bodies lined up against the wall. There is a note pinned to the wall. Intank runs to the wall and takes the note. He begins to read it aloud.

        Intank: Hello Intank. I told you people will die. ? Neiki.

        Intank drops the note.


        CUT TO:

        INT ? HOUSE ? NIGHT

        The boy is still a teenager. He is sitting on the couch, watching television. The demon walks down the stairs.

        Demon: Hey buddy. Want to go out for some killing?

        Boy: Sure. Wait one second.

        The boy stands up. He walks to the bookshelf and grabs a book.

        Demon: What are you doing?

        The boy opens the book and looks to the demon.

        Boy: I love you. But I have to be on my own.

        Demon: What?

        The boy starts reading in Latin.

        Demon: NO! I won't go back to my dimension. This is where I belong!

        The boy continues to read. The demon runs to the boy but the boy punches him into the wall. Wind rises in the room and a dark, black portal appears behind the portal. The boy walks over to the demon and throws him in the portal.

        Demon: NO!

        The wind stops and the portal closes and the boy drops the book. He looks sad. He falls to his knees. He begins to cry.


        CUT TO:


        Sam, Riley, and Graham are standing in the living room. Graham has his bags and his coat on.

        Sam: We're going to miss you while you're gone.

        Riley: We really will.

        Graham: Guys, I'll be back in about two weeks. Okay?

        Riley: Okay. I'm sorry. About your parents.

        Graham: Thanks. They were great people.

        Sam: Obviously. They raised you.

        Graham smiles.

        Graham: Thank you.

        Salomie charges into the room.

        Salomie: Wow. I can run.

        Graham: Hey Salomie.

        Salomie: I almost missed you. Bye.

        Graham: Bye.

        They hug. Then he hugs Sam and then shakes Riley's hand.

        Graham: We're manly.

        Riley: Indeed.

        Graham: Bye guys.

        Graham walks out.

        Salomie: Poor Graham.

        Sam: I know. I feel sorry for him.

        Riley: Who wouldn't?

        CUT TO:


        Intank is just sitting in a chair. There is a knock at the door. Intank gets up slowly and he opens the door. It's the man from before.

        Intank: Hello?

        Man: You kill...people like my father!

        Intank: What?

        Man: You kill demons!

        The man throws him onto the ground on the other side of the room. The man walks in and slams the door, shut.

        Intank: How do you know all this?

        Man: A local demon.

        Intank thinks and then realizes.

        Intank: Neiki.

        Man: Was that his name?

        Intank: Please tell me you killed him.

        Man: No, he's a demon. I don't want to be like you, killing demons!

        Intank: But you will if you kill me.

        Man: What?

        Intank turns blue.

        Intank: I'm a demon, idiot.

        Man: I guess I can make an exception.

        The man runs to Intank but Intank jumps over him. Intank kicks him and then punches him. The man isn't stunned at all. The man punches him twice. Then he knees him and kicks him into the wall. He punches but Intank moves his head and he hits the wall instead. He kicks him and then punches but he blocks and then he punches him and it hits. He pushes him back and he jumps on the couch. He jumps off, kicking Intank. He does a jumping kick. Intank lands next to a window. He walks over to Intank. He grabs Intank's head and smashes the window with it.

        Man: This is how you made the demons feel.

        Intank: They killed so many.

        Man: But you killed more. Stop lying to yourself. You need to be killed. You need to die.

        Intank: No, I don't.

        Man: Sure you do. But there's one thing I don't understand. Can you fly?

        The man throws Intank out the window.

        Man: Guess not.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? SKY ? MORNING

        Intank falls onto a roof. He's all bloody.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie and Sam are sitting at the table while Riley's making coffee.

        Salomie: I'm going to miss him.

        Sam: Everyone is.

        Salomie: Except Intank.

        Sam: Yes, except Intank.

        They hear the door open. They all walk to the door. Intank walks in and closes the door. He is all bloody.

        Sam: Oh my god! What happened?

        Intank: This man. He threw me out the window.

        Riley: See, there are things stronger than you.

        Intank: He wasn't a demon.

        Sam: What?

        Salomie: You remember that he threw you out a window, right?

        Intank: I know but he said we killed people like his father, he would've said him if he were a demon.

        Riley: Guessing.

        Intank: No! He's coming for us and he's strong.

        Sam: Okay. Do you think he's killed a lot before us?

        Intank: Yes, I really do.

        CUT TO:


        Intank, Salomie, Sam, and Riley are all there. Riley is sitting in a chair with an axe.

        Salomie: So, where do you think he is?

        Intank: I don't know.

        Sam: Guys, we need to find him but get weapons, people.

        Riley: I got axe.

        Intank goes to the chest and grabs two knives. He puts them in his pockets. Sam and Salomie walk over to the chest. Salomie grabs a sword and Sam takes a very curved knife.

        Sam: Time for some killing.

        Intank: I don't know if we should kill him.

        Sam: What?

        Riley: Why not?

        Intank: He's a human.

        Riley: So that suddenly makes him a good guy?

        Intank: No, it makes him human.

        Sam: Intank, he has super powers. There's nowhere where we can just keep him.

        Intank: But ?

        Riley: But nothing Intank. He can't stay out in the world. If we put him in jail what the hell will that do?

        A window is smashed and the man jumps through the window. They all stare at him.

        Man: Hello. Were you looking for me?

        CUT TO:


        Graham is sitting in a seat. Someone walks up to him.

        Women: Peanuts?

        Graham: Um, what?

        Women: Do you want peanuts?

        Graham: Um, no thanks. Not really interested.

        Women: Okay. Anything to drink?

        Graham: No. I don't want anything.

        Women: Okay.

        The woman walks away. There is a women sitting next to Graham.

        Women: Hey, what's wrong?

        Graham looks to her.

        Graham: What?

        Women: What's wrong?

        Graham: Nothing.

        Women: You don't look like you're in a nothing mood.

        Graham: Hey, it's none of your business.

        Women: Sorry, I just thought ?

        Graham: Hey lady, I don't know you. Stop acting like you know me.

        CUT TO:


        They're all staring at the man, still in shock.

        Riley: Who are you?

        Man: I'm Joe.

        Intank: That's the man who threw me out the window.

        Sam: I could've guessed.

        Salomie: Are we going to fight?

        Joe: No. I'm going to kill.

        Salomie: Um, I've only killed a vampire once so you know; I'm not like a big evil killer person.

        Joe: You all will die.

        Salomie: Did you hear me?

        Joe runs to them. Joe punches Riley down and knees him. Intank throws him back and punches him. Joe kicks him into the air and he lands on Sam. He starts walking to Salomie. She jumps behind a table and lifts a sword high. Joe jumps over the table and lands behind Salomie. Joe grabs her neck. Salomie drops her sword as Joe lifts her off the ground. Intank pulls Joe off of her and Salomie falls to the ground. Intank punches him. Joe punches but Intank grabs his fist and twists it. He screams.

        Intank: This is for throwing me out that window!

        Intank punches Joe to the ground. Joe looks up and is all bloody.

        Joe: Lacosees.

        Intank flies back onto the table. Joe stands up, slowly. He starts chanting in Latin. Intank looks up and has a bloody nose.

        Riley: What the hell is he doing?

        Intank: I don't know and I don't care. I'm stopping him!

        Intank runs to him but Joe puts out his hand. Intank flies backwards. All of a sudden an arrow flies into Joe's chest. He looks hurt but continues chanting. They all look at Sam.

        Sam: It didn't work.

        Joe screams. A black portal appears behind him. The old demon jumps out of the portal. Joe smiles at him.

        Joe: They want to kill you.

        Joe points to the gang.

        Demon: But so do you.

        Joe: No, I don't.

        Demon: But you ?

        Joe: That was in the past. Father, this is the present.

        The demon looks to the gang and charges at them. Riley's eyes widen. Riley kicks him but it does nothing. Intank punches him but the demon just ducks and punches him into the wall. Sam puts another arrow in her crossbow. Riley punches the demon onto a wall. He is about to run when an arrow flies into his hand and he's attached to the wall.

        Sam: See, my aim doesn't totally suck.

        The demon pulls the arrow out of his hand and runs towards Sam.

        Sam: Crap.

        He is about to hit Sam when he is tackled by Intank. The demon gets up and punches but Intank catches his fist and knees him. Joe runs to them but Riley punches him before he can get there.

        Riley: Stay awhile.

        Riley punches but Joe blocks and then Joe jumps over Riley and punches him onto the ground. Before Riley can get up, Joe kicks him. He laughs. Salomie runs to him with her sword. She swings it at him but he just hits it out of her hand. Joe then kicks her onto the table and she then falls off. Riley gets up and kicks him in the face. Intank starts to choke the demon. Riley pushes him backwards and then punches but he ducks. Joe punches Riley in the face and then kicks him back. He falls over and stares up at Joe. Joe sees a knife lying on the ground and picks it up.

        Joe: Let's see how you like it when you die.

        Joe is about to stab him when Salomie's sword goes through Joe's chest. The camera reveals Salomie behind Joe.

        Salomie: Let's see how you like it.

        Joe falls to the ground. Salomie pulls the sword out of him and then helps Riley up.

        Riley: Thanks.

        Salomie: Anytime.

        They smile. Intank keeps on choking the demon. Intank then snaps his neck and he falls to the ground, dead. The house is a mess.

        Sam: This is not cool.

        Joe stands up, looking angry.

        Joe: You will die.

        Riley tries to grab him but Joe throws him across the room, into the television.

        Sam: Not the T.V!

        Joe then runs to the door. He smashes it down and runs as fast as he can away. Sam runs to Riley and helps him up.

        Sam: Are you okay?

        Riley: Yeah, thanks. We need to get him.

        Sam: Agreed but we've had a long night.

        Intank: I doubt he's going to stay in Laintain. That would just be stupid of him.

        Sam: I suppose but we should check the news for strange murders or something.

        Intank: You're forgetting about Neiki. He's still at large. Did I mention the 10 people getting slaughtered?

        Riley: We're going to get him.

        Salomie: And kill him, right?

        Riley: Right.

        CUT TO:

        INT - AIRPORT - DAY

        Graham walks out of the plane and is now in Chicago. He looks around as the camera zooms out.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

        Joe walks in and there is a candle in the cave. Joe looks surprised and walks closer.

        XadOS: What are you looking at?

        Joe turns around and sees Xad from episode 5.

        Joe: Who the hell are you?

        Xad: I could ask the same question or you know, just kill you.

        Joe: Let's see you try.

        Xad throws him at the wall.

        Xad: Wanna take that statement back?

        Joe: I'll kill you.

        Xad: Why can't you all just be friends? Oh yeah, because you were spying on me.

        Joe: Don't worry. I won't tell anyone about your candle.

        Xad looks mad.

        Joe: I'm leaving town anyways. This place sucks.

        Xad: You've noticed that too, huh?

        Joe: Yeah, and if you've noticed that, why are you here?

        Xad: I want revenge. Don't ask how or why, just accept it and leave.

        Joe: Sir yes sir!

        Xad: Leave.

        Joe: Fine. Leaving.

        Joe walks out of the cave.

        Neiki walks out from the shadows of the cave and behind Xad.

        Neiki: You promise that those little brats know you're still around.

        Xad: Promise. They won't see it coming.

        Neiki: Good.

        Xad: I just have a question. Can you stop being the classic, evil; hide in the shadows villain because that's just really cheesy.

        Neiki just stares at him.

        Neiki: I could've got a Fyral demon.

        Xad: Hey! I'm not your lackey. I'm not you sidekick. I'm a kick ass friend!

        Neiki: Whatever you say.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie walks in and all the lights are off. She turns them on and sees no one in the room but she hears noises. She walks to her bed and in between the two beds she sees Chris and Jill, naked on covers. They look to, shocked. Salomie's eyes widen.