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Riley The Series 1.07 "Happy Holidays!"

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  • Riley The Series 1.07 "Happy Holidays!"

    Note: This episode will be rewritten shortly.

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted

    OPEN ON:


    It opens on a shop window on a cold winter night. In the shop window is a beautiful white dress. The camera moves out to show Jill and Salomie starring in at the window. They seem under a trance.

    Salomie: Look at that.

    Jill: I know. I want it.

    Salomie: I called it first.

    Jill: No, Salomie, you actually didn't.

    Salomie: Oh, my bad.

    Jill: Okay, I'm going to get it.

    Salomie grabs her back.

    Salomie: Um, you do know that it's $200,000.

    Jill: Why didn't you tell me that?!

    Salomie: Because.

    Jill: Ah, I see.

    Salomie: Yes, you're not blind you know.

    Jill: Yes, that's why I said I see.

    Salomie: That was my point.

    Jill: We're geeks.

    Salomie: Agreed.

    Salomie and Jill walk along the sidewalk. Many people are walking around.

    Salomie: So, how was your study date with Chris last night?

    Jill: What?

    Salomie: Remember? The cell phone call? You leave?

    Jill: Oh, yeah. It was fine.

    Salomie: That's cool.

    Jill: Do you feel any better about Susan?

    Salomie: Well, if new is me asking "Is she dead yet? Please say yes" then definitely.

    Jill: Ah, so much rage.

    Salomie: Anger. She must die.

    Jill: That's the spirit.

    Salomie: Thank you very much.

    Jill: And how are you and John doing?

    Salomie: Okay, haven't seen him much after Bob died.

    Jill: Oh, well, meet him. Annoy him. And then date him.

    Salomie: Sounds good.

    Jill: Good.

    Salomie: I just said that.

    Jill: Oh.

    CUT TO:


    Sam and Riley are sitting at a table drinking hot chocolate.

    Sam: What do you want?

    Riley: What?

    Sam: You know, Christmas?

    Riley: Oh, you want to know about Christmas stuff?

    Sam: Or Hanukkah. Whatever.

    Riley: Well, I think our main priority should be Neiki. Not presents.

    Sam: Oh, come on. Don't tell me you're not dieing for something.

    Riley: Well, I'm not.

    Sam: Riley, I know many things about you. And one thing is that you're a horrible actor.

    Riley: Fine, there's something.

    Sam: And what is that?

    Riley: I'm not telling.

    Sam: Riley! It's in four days. Please!

    Riley: How about no?

    Sam: Fine, but I will find out. I promise you, I will.

    Riley: I might tell you.

    Sam: Really? How bout now?

    Riley: Sam.

    Sam: Fine. Evil.

    Riley: Mean.

    Sam leans over to him and kisses him.

    Sam: I love you. And I mean, who doesn't?

    CUT TO:


    You see a coffin looking thing. It is all dusty. It flings open. You see a man's face, eyes closed. His eyes open. He stands up and stares around. You see white on the ground, which is snow. He steps out of the coffin onto the snow. He starts to walk as the camera zooms out which reveals that there is miles of snow showing that it is the arctic. It continues walking across the arctic as the camera zooms out more and more.



    Marc Blucas - Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic - Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase - Graham Miller
    Mike Lombardi - Intank Welleee
    Keira Knightley - Salomie Sullivan

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    ACT 1:

    CUT TO:


    Lain and Melissa are standing at a street corner. It looks like they're waiting.

    Lain: Where is he? I told him 5:00. It's 5:05!

    Melissa: Impatient.

    Lain: What was that?

    Melissa: I called you impatient.

    Lain: Hey!

    Melissa: It's true you know.

    Lain: So not true.

    Melissa: Whatever.

    Graham runs to Melissa and Lain.

    Graham: Hey.

    Lain: You're late!

    Graham: Only by 5 minutes.

    Lain: That's 5 minutes wasted!

    Melissa: He really wants to see Charlie Brown.

    Graham: Oh, you're obsession.

    Lain: It's not obsession.

    Melissa: It's addiction.

    Graham: Why did you guys call me?

    Melissa: Because we have to meet you tomorrow night at my place.

    Graham: Why?

    Melissa: Because.

    Lain: Because ?

    Melissa: Shut up!

    Lain: Sorry.

    Melissa: Just come.

    Graham: Okay. See you then.

    Melissa: Bye.

    CUT TO:


    The warehouse is all dark with just a little light from the sun coming from the window. The camera moves over to show a young girl chained to a wall and beaten. The camera moves across to her to show Neiki pacing back and forth across the room.

    Neiki: So, how are you doing?

    Girl: Please, let me go.

    Neiki: But that would be no fun.

    Girl: Please.

    Neiki kneels next to her and grabs her ear.

    Neiki: I said no.

    Neiki let's go and grabs her arm. He pulls her, making the chains rip from the walls. A vamp goes to Neiki.

    Vamp: Sir, some of the boys are hungry.

    Neiki: So?

    Vamp: Well, its day. Can you get us some food?

    Some other vamps walk behind him waiting for an answer.

    Neiki: Why don't you get some?

    Neiki grabs the vamp and throws him out the door. He screams as he dusts. The other vamps look scared.

    Vamp: Isn't there any food, sir?

    Neiki looks at the girl and then snaps her neck. He throws the dead girl at the vamps.

    Neiki: Eat up.

    The vamps start feeding.

    CUT TO:


    The man is walking through the snow. A blast of cold wind comes by and he falls to his knees, shivering. He seems almost dead. Another cold blast comes from behind him and he screams as he gets turned into dust being carried by the wind!

    CUT TO:


    A lady is walking until the man reappears in front of her. The lady looks so confused and scared.

    Lady: just...

    Man: I know what I just did. I'm just as confused as you.

    Lady: No, go away.

    The Lady turns around to leave but the man turns around.

    Man: Stay!

    The lady starts turning to become frozen.

    Lady: Help! Help! He-

    She is frozen solid. She falls to the grass. The man looks scared and runs away.

    CUT TO:


    Riley and Sam are sitting on the couch watching the news.

    Sam: This is dull.

    Riley: Well, compared to our lives.

    Sam: Christmas is soon!

    Riley: Yes, I know.

    Sam: So, what are you getting present wise?

    Riley: Sam, you know presents right now is not good. There is Neiki out there ?

    Sam: And he wants to kill us all. I know but we can still exchange.

    Riley: I'm sorry Sam.

    Sam: Fine.

    Riley hears something on the news that gets his attention.

    Riley: Sam, turn that up.

    Sam: What for?

    Riley: Just do it.

    Sam: Okay.

    Sam turns it up.

    Newscaster: Police found a frozen woman on Sentimal Lane tonight at 10:00 PM. Police have no suspects yet but they are doing the best they can.

    Riley and Sam look at each other and then stand up.

    CUT TO:


    There are different colored lights everywhere. Everyone is dancing and going crazy. It is rock music. It sounds like the music you hear in "Bad Girls" of BtvS Season 3 at The Bronze. Lain and Melissa are dancing!

    Lain: I love this music!

    Melissa: I imagined.

    Lain: Finally this place is cool.

    Melissa: I guess.

    Lain: I guess!!?? This place freakin rocks!

    Melissa giggles a little.

    Melissa: Whatever you say.

    The camera moves to Susan and all her friends sitting at a table. Susan is looking around as her friends are talking.

    Friend #1: Susan, what are doing?

    Friend #2: Yeah, who are you looking for?

    Susan: That little whore, Salomie. She took my man and I want him back.

    Friend #1: And we'll help you.

    Friend #2: Definitely!

    Susan spots Salomie and Jill walking in. Susan signals for them to go over to them. Susan gets to them, her two friends following her.

    Susan: Hello freak.

    Salomie: Can you stop talking to yourself?

    Susan: Heh, that's funny. It's also funny that you think you can have John.

    Salomie: And why is this funny?

    Susan: Because you obviously can't.

    Jill: Shut up.

    Susan: Excuse me?

    Jill: Shut up.

    Friend #1: Don't speak to Susan like that.

    Jill: Or we can say don't speak to Susan. That would make life a hell of a lot easier.

    Susan: You think that hurts me?

    Salomie: Well, I hope.

    Susan: I'll get you.

    Susan and her friends walk away. Salomie and Jill start to giggle.

    Jill: Boy, that was fun.

    END OF ACT 1


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      ACT 2

      CUT TO:


      Salomie and Jill are sitting at the table watching everyone dance.

      Salomie: Why can't I dance?

      Jill: Because you suck at it, remember?

      Salomie: Thanks for pointing that out.

      Jill: It was your words.

      Salomie: Actually, I said I wasn't very good.

      Jill: And I interpret it as you suck.

      Salomie: Ah.

      The camera moves to Intank at the bar. Intank is handing out drinks. Sam and Riley run up to him.

      Sam: Intank, we have to go.

      Intank: Again?

      Riley: We have to.

      Intank: What for?

      Sam: We saw on the news that some lady got killed. Froze to death.

      Intank: So?

      Riley: Not really your everyday murder.

      Intank: Then you go and look at this murder. Leave me out of this!

      Riley: Come on, Intank.

      Intank: Get me if you find something supernaturally. Okay?

      Riley: Intank, -

      Intank: Get Salomie. I think she's in here somewhere. Bye.

      The camera moves back to Salomie and Jill.

      Salomie: Susan's stupid.

      Jill: Obviously.

      John walks up to them.

      Salomie: Oh, hi.

      John: Hey. I just saw Susan.

      Salomie: I'm sorry you had to see that.

      John smiles.

      John: Thank you for the comfort.

      Salomie: Yeah, she's...

      John: Loss of words?

      Salomie: Kinda.

      John: So, um, do you want to kind of, dance?

      Salomie: To this?

      John: Well, maybe.

      The music changes to very slow music.

      John: Oh! This music's good. Right?

      Salomie: I'd love to dance.

      John: Cool.

      Salomie gets up and they both walk to the dance floor. Jill smiles.

      Salomie: Ready?

      John grabs Salomie's arms.

      Salomie: I think that's a yes.

      Salomie rests her head on John's shoulder as they dance. Salomie suddenly turns around because of someone pulling her. It's Riley and Sam. Salomie looks pissed.

      Salomie: (Bitterly) What?

      Riley: We need you right now.

      Salomie: Why?

      Sam: You know, bump in the night?

      Salomie: Oh, great.

      Salomie turns to John.

      Salomie: I'm sorry. I have to go. Can we do this again?

      John: I hope. Bye...

      Salomie, Riley, and Sam run out of The Gold.

      John: (Sarcastically) Thanks for leaving.

      CUT TO:


      Sam, Riley, and Salomie are walking quickly down the street.

      Salomie: What are we dealing with?

      Sam: Frozen lady.

      Salomie: Um, what?

      Riley: The police found a frozen lady Sentimal Lane.

      Salomie: So, how is this supernatural?

      They both look at her.

      Salomie: Sorry, dumb question.

      They see a spot covered by "Do Not Cross" lines. They run over to it.

      Sam: You see anything weird.

      Salomie: Not really.

      Riley: I do.

      Sam: What?

      Riley: This area, there's snow. We never snow. Never ever.

      Salomie: We have snow? Awesome!

      Riley: I'm saying this is strange.

      Sam: Riley, it's great we finally have snow, not strange.

      Riley: Guys, -

      Salomie: Girls.

      Riley: Whatever. Girls, look around. There's only snow here. Where the body was found.

      Sam: I see what you're saying now. This is strange. What do you think happened?

      CUT TO:


      The man seen before is walking down the street, hands in pocket. He is looking sad and shocked at what he's done. He sees a motel and walks into the room where she rents a room. There is a man standing there.

      Man In Motel: You want a room.

      Man: Yes please.

      Man In Motel: K.

      The man grabs a key and hands it to him.

      Man In Motel: There. Right now you'll have to pay $15.00 now.

      The man looks shocked mad because he doesn't have money. He realizes what he has to do.

      Man: Sorry.

      The man grabs his neck and he starts to freeze. The man falls down, frozen and dead.

      Man: Sorry.

      CUT TO:


      Intank is handing out drinks still. Riley, Sam, and Salomie run over to him.

      Sam: We got evidence.

      Intank: Excuse me?

      Sam: You said we get you when we have evidence that it's supernatural.

      Intank: Fine, amuse me. What's your evidence?

      Salomie: There was snow only in the spot the lady got frozen. That is evidence.

      Intank: Fine.

      Intank gets out of the bar and goes with them out of The Gold.

      CUT TO:


      They're all there talking, except Graham.

      Intank: So, what do you think we're dealing with?

      Salomie: We don't know.

      Riley: We need to research.

      Intank: Good idea. Did I just say that to you?

      Riley: Kind of.

      Intank: Let's get cracking.

      Riley pulls out their laptop and gets on the internet.

      Riley: Okay, it seems like theirs an old warlock whose powers all dealt with the snow and ice. He can freeze people, obviously.

      Sam: Any other mystic powers?

      Riley: Um...I don't see any. Wait a minute; it says he's pretty strong.

      Intank: Where do you find this?

      Riley: Watchers council. Very useful.

      Sam: Guys, wait a minute. Where's Graham.

      CUT TO:


      You see a view of part of the graveyard. Then Graham falls into the view and onto the ground. A vampire goes to him and Graham kicks him while still on the ground. Graham gets up and punches the vamp. The vamp kicks him and he groans.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie: You're right. Graham's not here.

      Riley: Sam, patrol in the graveyard. It's not safe for anyone.

      Intank: Except me.

      Riley: What?

      Intank: Super powers.

      Riley: Oh yeah.

      Sam: I'll be fine.

      Riley: K, be quick.

      CUT TO:


      Graham kicks the vamp and then punches him. He runs over to get his stake. The vamp then punches him. The vamp grabs him and is about to bite him.

      CUT TO:


      Sam is walking down the street when she hears a scream. She realizes that it's Graham's scream. Sam's eyes widen and she runs towards the graveyard!

      CUT TO:


      Graham is about to be bitten when he throws him off him. The vamp gets up and punches Graham to the ground. Sam runs behind them.

      Sam: Graham!

      Graham sees her.

      Graham: HELP!

      Sam runs to them and kicks the vamp. She punches it but the vamp blocks and then the vamp punches her. Graham runs behind the vamp and grabs it.

      Sam: Keep it still!

      Sam runs to the vamp and stakes it. It dusts. They both sigh.

      Sam: Thank god he died.

      Graham: Thanks.

      Sam: No problem.

      Graham: So, anything happening?

      Sam: A lot actually.

      Graham: What is it?

      Sam: Lady. Found frozen. Demonic stuff.

      Graham: Do we know anything else?

      Sam: Old warlock and pretty strong.

      Graham: Did you meet him yet?

      Sam: Not yet. I don't know if I want to.

      Graham: Good point. Let's go back to the others.

      Sam: Good idea.

      CUT TO:


      Sam and Graham are walking down the street. They pass the motel spot. They see police cars there. They look at each other and go over to the motel. They go under the "DO NOT CROSS" line and see the frozen body. They go to the room with the lights on. The knock.

      CUT TO:


      The man hears this and turns off the television. Then he turns of the lights and hides in the corner of the room.

      CUT TO:


      Sam and Graham see the lights turn off.

      Sam: He's really bad at fooling people.

      Sam opens the door and turns on the lights. The man jumps behind her!

      Sam: Graham!

      Graham pulls the man off her. Sam punches him. The man punches Sam and kicks Graham in the gut.

      Man: Stay away.

      Sam: Who are you?

      Man: Call me Josh.

      Sam: Okay, bye Josh.

      Sam kicks him and throws him across the room. The man kicks her down and then punches her. Then Graham runs to him but he just punches him away. Josh runs out.

      Sam: That didn't work.

      Graham: True. Really didn't.

      END OF ACT 2


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        ACT 3

        CUT TO:


        Graham: I got that.

        Melissa: Okay, time to exchange Christmas presents.

        Graham: Hanukkah presents.

        Melissa: Oh, sorry, forgot.

        Graham: Don't worry about it. It's over now.

        Melissa: Okay! Christmas presents it is.

        Lain hands each a present.

        Lain: Open now!

        Melissa opens her and it's a rubber chicken. She laughs.

        Melissa: Thank you so much.

        Lain: You're welcome.

        Graham opens his. It's a box. He opens it and a clown flies at him. He laughs.

        Graham: Thank you for this.

        Lain: You're not welcome.

        Melissa: Well, my present to you is five dinners and movies on me.

        Lain: Why thank you.

        Melissa: Welcome.

        Graham: Love it!

        Graham hands Lain a present and hands Melissa a present. Lain opens it. It's the DVD "Mary Poppins".

        Lain: YAY! I love it! Thank you!

        Graham laughs.

        Graham: You're welcome.

        Melissa opens it slowly. It's a small box. She lifts the top off. She smiles. She lifts up what's inside. It's a beautiful necklace. It has diamonds.

        Melissa: Oh my god. Thank you.

        Graham: You're welcome guys. But I got to go. See you guys later. Happy Christmakka.

        Melissa: Bye.

        Graham leaves with Melissa smiling. Melissa looks at the bottom of the box and sees a price. It says $200.