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Riley The Series 1.06 "Returning The Call"

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  • Riley The Series 1.06 "Returning The Call"

    Note: This episode will be rewritten shortly.

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted

    OPEN ON:


    A girl is walking through the cemetery but you can't see her face as she walks. She hears a rustling noise and stops cold. She looks around and then continues walking at a faster pace. She hears a growling noise and looks around. Then you see that the girl is Salomie! About four vampires jump out and one grabs Salomie's arm. Salomie looks slightly scared.

    Salomie: NOW!

    Riley, Graham, Sam, and Intank jump out and attack the vampires. Riley attacks one, Graham another, Intank another, and Sam helps Salomie fight the one grabbing her. Riley punches his vamp and then kicks him onto the ground. Riley takes out his stake and is about to stake him when he jumps up and kicks Riley. The vamp kicks and Riley ducks. Graham punches his vamp and then the vamp does a spinning kick and grabs Graham by the neck. Graham tries to get loose but can't! Intank kicks his vamp but the vamp ducks. Just as the vamp gets back up Intank punches the vamp. Intank then punches the vamp in the gut and he goes flying onto a tombstone. Sam punches the vamp holding Salomie and the vamp drops her. The vamp punches Sam back and then Salomie takes out a stake. The vamp turns around as Salomie is about to stake him. The vamp grabs her arm and head butts her. She drops the stake and falls down. Salomie gets back up slowly while Sam punches the vamp and kicks him. Salomie picks up the stake. Sam punches her backwards and Salomie stakes him in the back. He dusts. Salomie smiles a little. Riley punches the vamp down to the ground and Riley stakes him and then he dusts. Intank runs over to the vamp and decapitates him with his bare hands. Graham is barely alive while being chocked by the vamp. Riley runs over to the vamp and stakes him in the back. He dusts and Graham falls to the group, gasping for air. Riley helps him up and the others walk towards them.

    Graham: Thanks.

    Riley: No problem, bud.

    Salomie: That was...interesting. It's weird being the bait. I don't really like it.

    Sam: It's okay. We had your back.

    Salomie: So, this is like a regular night for you guys.

    Intank: Well, yeah. Pretty much.

    Salomie: Cool.

    Riley: We should go back home.

    Salomie: I should go back to the dorm. Me and Jill planned a chick flick marathon. She loves though and she really needs comfort right now.

    Riley: Why?

    Salomie: (Sighs) I've told you a million times. Bob died with her. Remember?

    Sam: Oh, yeah. Now I remember.

    Salomie: You guys got to listen to me!

    Graham: Like you listen to us.

    Salomie: I do.

    Riley: Then what color does this moron over here turn?

    Salomie: (Guessing) Green?

    Intank: Blue.

    Salomie: That was my second guess.

    CUT TO:


    You see a shot of the door. It suddenly opens and Salomie walks in. She puts her coat down. The camera turns to show Jill on the bed watching Tom And Jerry.

    Salomie: So, how's it going Jill?

    Jill: Poor cat. He's hungry. Evil mouse.

    Salomie sits down next to Jill.

    Salomie: Jill, get it together.

    Jill: What?

    Salomie: What happened to Bob, It was horrible. But it's also in the past. We can grieve, but not dwell. Now tonight is chick flick night and then we're going bowling.

    Jill: But it's already 8:00 PM. We're going to watch a movie and go bowling in a few hours?

    Salomie: As long as it takes us.

    Jill smiles a little.

    Jill: Okies.

    Salomie: There's the Jill I know!

    CUT TO:


    You see a car driving down the road, only that one. It stops and a vampire walks out of the driver's seat. The vampire walks to the back and opens the door. A figure walks out from the car. It reveals that it's Neiki.

    Vampire: Okay, now that'll be 20 bucks.

    Neiki: Okay.

    Neiki looks around through is pocket looking for something.

    Vampire: Why are you here anyway?

    Neiki: Well...

    Neiki pulls out a stake from his pocket and stakes the vampire and watches it dust.

    Neiki: I'm just returning the call.



    Marc Blucas - Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic - Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase - Graham Miller
    Mike Lombardi - Intank Welleee
    Keira Knightley - Salomie Sullivan

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    ACT 1

    CUT TO:


    Sam is walking down the street and walks into a coffee shop. She bumps into someone.

    Sam: Sorry, I ?

    Sam notices that it's Michael.

    Sam: Um, hi. I haven't seen you in awhile.

    Michael: Yeah, where have you been?

    Sam: Well, I've been...looking for a job.

    Michael: Oh, really? Found one?

    Sam: Well, no.

    Michael: What do you want to do?

    Sam: Oh, you think I'm looking for a permanent job?

    Michael: Kinda.

    Sam: Oh, well, I'm not. Just so I can get some cash.

    Michael: Oh.

    Sam: Like...bagel shop or something.

    Michael: Bagel shop?

    Sam: Just an example.

    Michael: Okay.

    Michael looks sort of confused.

    Sam: I know. I'm strange.

    Michael gives a little laugh.

    Michael: Well, who isn't?

    Sam smiles a little.

    Sam: What are you doing tonight?

    Michael: Just a normal night at home.

    Sam: Yeah, same here.

    CUT TO:


    Sam kicks a vampire and then swings her sword at it. The vamp moves backwards, dodging the sword. Riley runs up from behind with his sword and tries to decapitate the vamp. The vamp punches Sam back and turns around as the blade is about to hit the vamp. The vamp suddenly ducks. The vamp punches Riley back and then as Sam gets up he knocks the sword out of her hand and throws her down to the ground. Riley and the vamp's swords clash and then they separate. They sword fight. The vamp swings near Riley's feet so Riley jumps and then kicks the vamp backwards. Riley jabs the vamp in the chest and then does a spinning kick. The vamp punches him to the ground. The vamp raises his sword and he suddenly dusts. Sam appears behind the dust with a stake. Sam helps Riley up.

    Riley: Rough vamp tonight.

    Sam: You can say that again.

    Riley: But why was he so strong?

    Sam: And he seemed like he was looking for us.

    Riley: Yeah, agreed.

    Sam: There is definitely something up.

    Riley: We should tell someone.

    Sam: Maybe Intank.

    Riley: Nah. He'll just think its Neiki.

    Sam: Riley, it may be Neiki. Intank is the only one who can help us fight Neiki.

    Riley: We know nothing about this Neiki!

    Sam: My point exactly. And if we see him at The Gold it'll be fun. Dancing at the club.

    Sam smiles.

    CUT TO:


    Sam and Riley walk in as a rock band is playing. Lots of people are dancing. Sam and Riley make their way to the bar and sit down. Intank walks over.

    Intank: How may I help yo ??

    Intank notices them.

    Intank: You.

    Riley: Yes, me.

    Intank: What do you want? I'm trying to run a club here.

    A man sitting at the bar is getting annoyed with the wait.

    Man: Come on! Hurry up! Just order your stinking drink!

    Intank: See?

    Sam: Okay, we'll hurry.

    Intank: So, what?

    Sam: Well, Riley and I went patrolling tonight.

    Intank gives thumbs up.

    Intank: Good job.

    Sam: I'm not done, Intank.

    Intank: Okay, go ahead!

    Sam: Okay, well we were patrolling. And then, we faced this vamp.

    Intank: (Sarcastically) Interesting.

    Sam: Shut up.

    Intank: Fine.

    Sam: Well, this vamp, it was strong.

    Intank: Like most are.

    Sam: Intank! It was stronger.

    Intank: So?

    Sam: We think it might be Neiki.

    Intank: And why do you think that?

    Sam: Well...I don't know.

    Intank: Guys, I know he's coming or he's here. I can feel him.

    Riley: Feel?

    Intank: We have this special bond.

    Riley: Oh.

    Sam: So you know Neiki is in Laintan?

    Intank: Yeah.

    Riley: Great.

    Intank: Okay, I have to go back to my customers!

    Intank walks to the others at the bar. Sam and Riley get up.

    Riley: Okay, we need to find Neiki now.

    Sam: Riley, he'd kick out butts. I say we hold off.

    Riley: No, Sam! We have to get the upper hand.

    Sam: And is the upper hand falling flat on our faces.

    Riley: Sam, we need to surprise him.

    Sam: And then do what? It won't matter! We'd have to go with everyone. This isn't a little patrol. This is a crazed demon that is incredibly strong!

    Riley: Then what do you propose we do?

    Sam: (Romantically) Well, maybe we could have a little dance.

    Sam smirks and Riley smiles a little.

    Riley: And show me what that dance would be like.

    Sam: Okay.

    They start to dance to the fast music. Sam grabs his arm and smiles.

    Sam: Come on.

    They both run up onto the balcony and no one is there. They look out.

    Sam: It's amazing, right?

    Riley: What?

    Sam: That we finally danced. We haven't done that in what...a year?

    Riley: I guess.

    NeikiOS: Hey guys.

    They turn around to Neiki.

    Riley: Hi, do we know you?

    Neiki: Well, in talk, but not in person.

    Sam: Who are you?

    Neiki smiles.

    Neiki: I'm Neiki.

    Sam's eyes widen and she runs to him and punches him.

    Neiki: Now let's not make a big scene.

    Sam: Or we should.

    Sam kicks Neiki back.

    Riley: Sam!

    Neiki laughs as Sam punches him again.

    Sam: What's so funny?

    Sam kicks him in the face.

    Neiki: Nothing.

    Neiki grabs Sam and throws her against the wall and then holds her up by her neck. Riley runs back up from behind them but Neiki punches him back, almost falling off the balcony.

    Neiki: Stay back, boy!

    Riley: My name is Riley!

    Riley pulls him off Sam and punches but Neiki catches his hand.

    Neiki: Man, you have some mighty anger in you.

    Neiki punches Riley back. Neiki laughs. Neiki walks closer to him and Sam runs over to him and kicks him in the face.

    Neiki: The girl again!

    Sam punches but Neiki hits her arm away and backhands her across the face sending her backwards. The camera goes to the bar. Intank gets some coke for a man and is about to hand it to him until his eyes suddenly turn blue and he drops the glass and it shatters. The man is furious with the drop.

    Man: Come on! I'm paying good money for this coke!

    Intank looks to the balcony and sees Neiki. Intank looks very solemn. Intank runs through the crowd and near the balcony. Neiki runs faster before he runs because he sensed Intank. Neiki runs out, soon followed by Intank. The camera follows him outside. He stops running as he sees Neiki is running like lightning. Sam and Riley run outside.

    Intank: I see you've met Neiki.

    Sam: Unfortunately.

    Riley: He's tough.

    Intank: You noticed?

    Sam: We need to stop him.

    Riley: I'm right with you there.

    Intank: It's not that easy.

    Sam: Why not?

    Intank: Cause he can kill you in a second. He was toying with you, Sam.

    Sam: I noticed.

    Intank: Good.

    CUT TO:


    A girl is walking around her apartment. The doorbell rings. She opens it and sees Neiki.

    Girl: You are?

    Neiki: Julie, its Neiki!

    Julie: Oh, Neiki! Online buddy!

    Neiki: Yep.

    Julie: Okay, come in.

    Neiki walks in and Julie closes the door. Julie turns around and Neiki grabs her neck. Julie screams so Neiki grabs her mouth.

    Neiki: Shh.

    Neiki throws Julie at the wall. Neiki starts suffocating her. Then he lets go and punches his fist through her chest. She is dead. Neiki smiles. He walks towards the door.

    Neiki: Nice to meet you.

    END OF ACT 1


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      ACT 2

      CUT TO:


      Police are all over the apartment looking for clues. Sam, Intank, and Riley are standing out in the doorway staring at the inside.

      Riley: So you think it's Neiki?

      Intank: No, I know its Neiki.

      Riley: How?

      Intank: I can feel his power. It's what he would do.

      Sam: Punch his fist through someone is what he would do?

      Intank: Yep. I do the same thing, only with demons.

      Sam: Yeah.

      Riley: Let's go. Nothing we can find here.

      CUT TO:


      Sam, Riley, and Intank are walking through the graveyard.

      Sam: So, he turns red?

      Intank: Yeah, just like how I turn blue.

      Sam: You turn blue?

      Intank doesn't respond.

      Riley: Do you suppose he brought a gang?

      ManOS: Go away! Stop looking for the might Neiki!

      They turn around to see a group of vamps.

      Riley: Guess so.

      Riley kicks a vamp and then it punches him to the ground. Sam punches one and then another but they both block. A vamp punches her and she rolls onto a tombstone, almost unconscious. A vamp kicks her as she's on the ground. Riley gets up and kicks the vamp near Sam away. Intank is holding his own but is having some difficulty.

      Riley: Come on, Intank! They're too strong.

      Intank punches one and decides to run with Riley and Sam.

      CUT TO:


      Jill and Salomie are bowling. It is Jill's turn.

      Jill: Wow! Two nights of bowling in a row.

      Salomie: Don't tell me you don't like this.

      Jill bowls. She watches as the bowling ball glides down the alley. It knocks down all the pins. Jill jumps in joy!

      Jill: Yes! Strike, baby! Cha-ching!

      Jill walks back down to the seats while doing a little dance and Salomie smiles.

      Salomie: Nice, Jill.

      Jill: Thank you. I've been practicing.

      Salomie: What? The bowling or the dance?

      Jill: Guess.

      Salomie: Dance?

      Jill: Bingo.

      Jill sits down and takes a bite of a cheese burger.

      Salomie: Is that good?

      Jill: Yummy yummy in my tummy.

      Salomie: Good.

      Jill: Thanks.

      Salomie: For what?

      Jill: Bringing me back to normal. I'm my old self again!

      Salomie: You certainly are!

      Jill: Yay?

      Salomie: Yay.

      They smile.

      Jill: So, where's John? Shouldn't you have brought him?

      Salomie: Nah. I thought it should be out girls' night out. I mean, I did bring him yesterday.

      Jill: Ah.

      Salomie: Are you okay?

      Jill: Perfecto!

      Salomie: Good.

      Jill: So, why don't you meet up with John again? He's really great, Salomie.

      Salomie: I know. But tomorrow's school so I'll see him tomorrow.

      Jill: True. But who else will be there?

      Salomie: I'm kind of getting used to Susan.

      Jill: What?

      Salomie: Well, not like I want to be friends with her but who cares about her.

      Jill: You and John. She wants to get him.

      Salomie: (Smiling) But she'll fail.

      CUT TO:


      Riley, Sam, and Intank are sitting in the living room.

      Riley: So, is there any way we can kill this Neiki?

      Intank: Not easily.

      Sam: That's great.

      Riley: We need to surprise them.

      Intank: That's not possible. Just like I can sense him, he can sense me.

      Sam: But in The Gold it took awhile.

      Intank: Hundreds of people were there.

      Sam: So all we have to do is turn their lair into a club!

      Riley: Sam, this is no time for jokes.

      Sam: Sorry.

      Intank: I can find him but then I don't know what to do.

      Sam: We need the gang.

      Riley: I'll call them.

      CUT TO:


      Jill and Salomie walk through the door and they jump down on their beds. Jill has the remote and turns on the television. You here a ringing. Salomie takes out a cell phone from her bag. She answers it.

      Salomie: Hello?

      There is a split screen with Riley.

      Riley: We need you over here now. Something is going to go down and since you're part of the group, you should be here.

      Salomie: Okay, I'll be right over.

      Salomie hangs up and the split screen goes away.

      Salomie: Um, Jill, I gotta go.

      Jill: (Her smile fading) Oh, okay.

      Salomie: Sorry, I might be in real late. Don't stay up for me.

      Jill: Okay.

      Salomie grabs her coat and bag and walks out the door.

      CUT TO:


      Intank, Sam, Riley, and now Graham are there. The door opens and in come Salomie.

      Salomie: You rang?

      Riley: I did.

      Salomie walks to the couch and grabs a seat.

      Salomie: About?

      Riley: Well, there is this guy from Intank's past we need to get.

      Salomie: Well, now you got my attention.

      Riley: Good, so ?

      Intank: We need to sneak up on him. He has a gang of vampires who are incredibly strong. Almost killed those two (indicates Sam and Riley) and gave me a little challenge. So, be prepared for this. They're tough ones. Also, don't go near this guy that's with me. He's by the name of Neiki. He's incredibly evil and entirely annoying so just leave him to me. Got it?

      Salomie: Yup.

      Sam: Yeah.

      Graham: Sure.

      Riley: I was about to say that.

      The doorbell rings.

      Salomie: I'll get it.

      Sam: You don't live here.

      Salomie: Thank god.

      Salomie opens the door and sees a man.

      Salomie: What do you want?

      Man: Well, I'm selling this makeup.

      Salomie: You? You better be buying some.

      Man: Do you wish for some?

      Salomie: Sure.

      Man: Can I come in?

      Salomie: Whatever.

      Sam: Salomie!

      Salomie: What!?

      Sam: This isn't your house.

      Man: Well, I need an invite from the owners.

      Salomie: Why? Policy or something?

      He vamps out.

      Vamp: No, it's just been like this for centuries! Do you think I study it or something?

      Salomie puts her arm out of the house to push him away but he just grabs the arm that's out of the house and throws her down the driveway. He runs to her and pulls her out of sight. They run down the driveway and turn to run after them but they're stopped by three vamps around the corner. Riley punches one and then Intank kicks another. Graham runs and gets a crossbow and pulls the trigger, hitting on in the heart. He dusts. Intank grabs the remaining two's necks and decapitates them. They look down the street and see no trace of Salomie and the vamp.

      Riley: Crap.

      END OF ACT 2


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        ACT 3

        CUT TO:


        A door opens quickly and in comes the vampire holding Salomie. Salomie is struggling. The door slams shut. The vamp throws Salomie to the ground. You see a dark figure walking toward Salomie, her head still faced to the ground.

        Figure: (While walking): Thank you, Higgins.

        Higgins: You're welcome, sir.

        Figure: (Still walking) So, Miss Sullivan, what do you feel? Scared, cold, begging for you life? Huh?

        He walks closer into the moon light and Salomie looks up at him. The moon light reveals him as Neiki.

        Neiki: Or are you just wondering who the hell I am?

        Salomie: All of the above.

        Neiki: Oh. I see.

        Salomie: Now who are you?

        Neiki: Neiki, nice to meet you.

        Salomie: What do you want with me?

        Neiki: Well, you're just simply bait.

        Salomie: Bait?

        Neiki: Your little friends. They're gonna come to save you. And then they'll die.

        Salomie: Why?

        Neiki: You're new to this, aren't you? I can tell.

        Salomie: (Bitterly) You didn't answer my question.

        Neiki: Well, I don't really have to.

        Salomie: Answer me.

        Neiki grabs her by the neck.

        Neiki: No thanks.

        Neiki throws her back.

        Salomie: Please.

        Neiki: Please what? Tell you who I am?

        Salomie: Please.

        Neiki: Fine. I'm someone Intank knows. Enough said?

        Salomie: More.

        Neiki: Well, he killed my sister who turned us into demons because she was a vengeance demon. That's the short version.

        Salomie looks stunned.

        Neiki kicks Salomie in the face.

        CUT TO:


        Sam is on her computer while the others are sitting around talking.

        Riley: Sam, what are you looking up?

        Sam: Well, I was thinking we could find out where Neiki lived before so we know around where to look for him.

        Intank: Not going to work.

        Sam: Why?

        Intank: Well, he seems to have a variety of living areas. One day he kills the owner of a mansion and lives there and then he's sleeping in a cave. He's random.

        Graham: Then how are we going to find him?

        Riley: You're forgetting that these vamps don't necessarily have any connection with Neiki.

        Intank: They do.

        Riley: And why?

        Intank: Because the vamps were real strong and why would they go through all this for just a meal?

        Sam: Okay. We need to go now.

        Graham: What? That's insane.

        Sam: No, they might be torturing her. We can't let her suffer like this. We have to help her.

        Riley: We will. Soon.

        Sam: No! Now! She needs us, Riley.

        Graham: He'll kill us.

        Intank: I think we shouldn't. I have better idea.

        Graham: What?

        Intank: I recall exchanging cell phone numbers.

        Sam: Genius.

        Riley: Yeah, genius. Call her and then whatever we tell her, Neiki will hear it. Genius.

        Intank: No, when she answers I can sense if Neiki is there.

        Sam: I repeat, genius.

        Riley: We'll give it a try.

        Graham: This'll work.

        Intank: Hope so.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie is sitting down, not chained or tied. Her phone vibrates in her pocket. She takes it out and answers.

        Salomie: (Whispering) Hello?

        IntankOS: Salomie! You're there.

        Salomie: Intank, you guys have to come save me. Neiki is going to kill me I think.

        IntankOS: Don't worry. We have a plan without making a big scene.

        Salomie: What is it?

        Salomie listens and you don't hear Intank. She looks over to the two vamps talking who are supposed to be guarding her.

        Salomie: If that's all I have.

        Salomie hangs up and puts the cell in her pocket. She stands up. A vamp hears and turns around to see her.

        Vamp #1: Sit down!

        Salomie sees a shard of glass on the ground.

        Salomie: No.

        Vamp #1 and Vamp #2 rushes over to her and she picks up the shard of glass. She kicks one vamp and then ducks from a punch from the other. She runs towards the door but one of the vamp pulls her back. She shoves the glass into his heart making him dust. She headbutts the other backwards. Salomie holds her head.

        Salomie: Ow.

        Salomie runs to the door. She opens it and is confronted by Neiki.

        Neiki: Hello Ms. Sullivan.

        Neiki grabs her ear and pulls her back in.

        Neiki: Trying to escape, huh?

        Neiki throws her against a wall and picks up a piece of glass.

        Neiki: You killed one of my vampires.

        Neiki stakes the vamp on the ground with the glass. He dusts.

        Neiki: If you're that weak you should die.

        Neiki walks to Salomie and puts the glass next to her neck. Salomie tries to move more back.

        Neiki: Next time, this shard of glass will be a little closer to your neck. Oh wait, sorry. I meant in your neck.

        Neiki moves back and grabs Salomie and throws her to the ground.

        Neiki: Be a good girl for Neiki. Please. I've gone through tough things. Don't you want to comfort me?

        Salomie: You want to kill me and my friends. What do you think?

        Neiki kicks her while she's on the ground. Blood comes out of her mouth. Her cell phone rolls out of her pocket. Neiki spots it and picks it up.

        Neiki: So this is what you used to contact your little friends. Man, I thought vamps were supposed to have super hearing or something. Useless imbeciles.

        Salomie: Or maybe I'm just a genius.

        Neiki: I stick with my theory.

        Salomie stands up and Neiki punches her down.

        Neiki: Did I say get up?

        Salomie: I forgot.

        Neiki punches her.

        Neiki: Idiot! Test me Ms. Sullivan. Please do. I want to have some blood on my hands. So just keep going. It'll be so much more fun that way.

        Salomie: Funny, you sound like my second grade teacher. Without the blood thing.

        Neiki: You're a comedian too.

        Neiki kicks her across the room.

        Neiki: Well, so am I. When you're little friends come to save you, I'll kill them. That'll be a laugh riot.

        Salomie: I like mine better.

        Neiki: Well, you've always been a critic.

        Salomie: Yeah.

        Neiki: That's all you say? Yeah? That's sad Ms. Sullivan. I thought you were a talker.

        Salomie: No, I'm a fighter.

        Neiki: Oh yeah?

        Salomie: Well, I think so.

        Neiki: No, you're not. You're a brat idiot girl who works the stupid paper and thinks she's amazing at everything. You're not a fighter.

        Salomie: But I am a screamer.

        Salomie screams. Neiki runs to her and shoves her mouth shut.

        Neiki: Now that isn't a good thing for you.

        Salomie gets loose and steps away.

        Salomie: Get away!

        Neiki: You're not leaving.

        Salomie tries to run but Neiki throws her down. She's crawling away from Neiki.

        Neiki: Stay still.

        Neiki punches her and slides her across the room. Neiki walks over to her.

        Neiki: Idiot! Just stay and be a good little bait! Okay?

        Salomie: Never!

        Salomie kicks him in the chest and he moves back. She stands up and runs for the door. Neiki throws her back and punches her. Salomie picks up glass and tries to stab him but he jut grabs it away and stabs her in the arm. She screams. She falls to the ground, holding her arm.

        Neiki: Now, I repeat, be a good girl.

        CUT TO:


        Intank: SO, I called and Salomie said she would try. Only two vamp guards.

        Riley: I really don't think this'll work.

        Sam: I think it did.

        Riley: Why?

        Sam: I don't know. I just think so.

        Graham: Let's check.

        Riley: How?

        Graham: Call her cell.

        Intank: Okay.

        Intank gets up to the phone and dials some numbers. It rings and then answers.

        Intank: Salomie?

        NeikiOS: Hi Intank.

        Intank's eyes widen.

        Intank: Neiki! Where's Salomie?

        NeikiOS: With me. Why?

        Intank: Is she hurt?

        NeikiOS: Well, I did stab her in the arm but I don't know if it hurt her. Although, she did scream.

        Intank: Neiki! Stop that!

        NeikiOS: It was her fault. She wasn't being a good girl. But now she's perfect.

        Intank: What's your definition of perfect?

        NeikiOS: Chained to a wall.

        Intank: Neiki, stop this! We're going to find ?

        He hangs up. Intank, raged with anger, smashes down the phone.

        Intank: We need to save her.

        CUT TO:


        A professor is their packing up when a girl walks in.

        Professor: Oh, hello Chris.

        Chris: Hey Professor! Um, I'm here to check what the assignment was tonight.

        Professor: Listen better but it was page 198 in your red book.

        Chris: Thank you.

        Jill walks in.

        Jill: Um, hi Professor. Me and Salomie were ?

        Professor: I know, sick today. The homework is page 198 in your red book.

        Jill: Thank you.

        Professor: And you're suddenly better?

        Jill: Well, yeah, I am. Salomie isn't that great. She's a friend's house getting better.

        Professor: Oh, I see. And you just happen to be roommates.

        Jill: Yeah, well, it spreads quicker that way, huh?

        Professor: I guess. See you tomorrow Jill and I hope to see Salomie here as well.

        Jill: Thanks again.

        Jill walks away and Chris was waiting for her. They walk out.

        Chris: Hey!

        Jill: Hey?

        Chris: I'm Chris. And you are?

        Jill: Jill. Nice to meet you.

        Chris: Same here.

        They start walking and talking.

        Chris: So, I have a feeling you guys weren't sick and this Salomie's just at a friend's house.

        Jill: You're quite the eavesdropper.

        Chris: Yep, that's me.

        Jill smiles.

        Jill: Well, yeah. She was making me feel better while bowling.

        Chris: Oh, didn't expect that one.

        Jill giggles.

        Jill: Well, someone died in my arms and it's been kind of tough. Past few nights we've been having girls' night and we were thinking, why not girls' day.

        Chris: I guess school doesn't matter.

        Jill: It does.

        Chris: And it sounds like Professor's watching you and Salomie, especially after that outburst of Salomie's.

        Jill: Ah, you heard.

        Chris: The next city could hear that.

        Jill: Yeah, Susan's...

        Chris: I know. Words cannot explain her.

        Jill: True.

        Chris: So, cool. I'll see you in class tomorrow, unless you're still sick.

        Jill: No, I'm fine now. Thanks.

        CUT TO:


        Sam, Intank, Graham, and Riley are walking around. Intank is sensing where Neiki is.

        Graham: Is he close?

        Intank: Yes, very.

        Sam: Good, let's go.

        Sam starts to run but Intank stops her.

        Intank: No, this way.

        Intank runs another way and they follow him. Riley is holding a sword and so is Intank. Sam is holding two knives and Graham has a crossbow and a stake. They come to a group of warehouses and they stop.

        Intank: Here, in one of these warehouses.

        Intank points to one.

        Intank: That one. They're in that one. Let's go.

        They run towards it and they run in. No one's there.

        Intank: What the ?

        A vamp tackles him to the ground. The group looks around and sees multiple vamps. They see a hole through the wall.

        Intank: They went through there.

        They all run towards there with the vampires following. They get to the cemetery again and Intank sees Neiki with Salomie. Sam throws a knife at Neiki and it hits him in the arm. He falls to the ground and looks back. He gets up just in time for Intank to punch him. Intank slashes him with his sword, making him bleed from his cheek. The others are fighting the vamps. Graham shoots one in the heart and he turns to dust. He punches another but the vamp punches him back to the ground. The vamp jumps on him but he jumps right atop the stake, dusting him.

        Intank: I've got Neiki!

        Neiki punches Intank to the ground.

        Neiki: Guess again friend!

        Intank: I am not your friend!

        Intank stands up and punches Neiki but he ducks and kicks Intank to the ground. Neiki begins to laugh and Sam goes up behind him and is trying to slit his throat.

        Neiki: Not going to work.

        Neiki pushes her back and kicks her away.

        Neiki laughs.

        Riley decapitates a vamp and then kicks one. Intank stands up and punches Neiki into Riley, who then dropped his sword. Neiki picks up the sword and runs to Intank and is about to begin a sword fight. When they're about to clash swords Neiki turns red and Intank turns blue. They begin a sword fight. The vamps are getting dusted one by one. Sam is on the ground unconscious, though. All the vamps have been dusted. Neiki slashes at Intank but he ducks and then Intank tries to jab him but Neiki backs up and then thrusts his sword into Intank's chest. Intank spits blood and then punches Neiki away. He falls to the ground. He pulls the sword out of his stomach and coughs. Neiki laughs. Riley tries to punch him but Neiki grabs his hand and throws him away.

        Neiki: Do you like that bud? Huh? Is that what it felt like when you broke Jenny's neck? Well, I guess not because they're different methods, but still, they're both painful. Very painful. And believe me; you are going to feel lots of pain. Just you wait and see.

        Neiki runs away and Riley goes to Sam, who's unconscious. Then Graham unties Salomie and then they both help Intank up.

        CUT TO:


        Riley is lying in bed with Sam, looking depressed.

        Sam: What's wrong Riley?

        Riley: What do you think?

        Sam: We'll get through this.

        Riley: How do you know? Neiki's ten times stronger than Intank and Intank's ten times stronger than all of us!

        Sam: You could've just said twenty times stronger than us.

        Riley: Funny.

        Sam: Riley, we'll find out his weakness and kill him and then it'll be all good. Okay?

        Riley: And what about Xad?

        Sam: What?

        Riley: Xad. He escaped. What'll we do about him?

        Sam: Easy. Kill him.

        Riley: He's strong. Memories. He's almost as good as Neiki.

        Sam: Riley, its okay. Just stop.

        CUT TO:


        Jill is sitting on her bed, watching T.V. Salomie walks in with a scar on her face.

        Jill: Hey! Are you okay?

        Salomie: (With no emotion) Great.

        Jill: What happened?

        Salomie: Nothing.

        Jill: Whatever you say.

        Salomie: Thanks.

        Jill: Well, I've met a new friend.

        Salomie: Cool. Who is it?

        Jill: A girl named Chris. You should meet her.

        Salomie: Okay, will do.

        Jill's cell phone rings. She answers it.

        Jill: Hello? Oh, okay. Be right there. Bye.

        She hangs up.

        Jill: Um, Salomie, I have to go somewhere.

        Salomie: Where?

        Jill: Oh, I'm gonna meet Chris. Bye.

        Salomie: Bye.

        Jill leaves.

        CUT TO:


        Intank is sitting on a couch and just looking out a window at the night stars. A tear drops from his eyes. The screen turns white.



        Neiki and Intank are standing there. Neiki is crying.

        Neiki: She was my everything, Intank! You knew that! But you killed her anyways.

        Intank: Neiki, no matter how much she loved you, she was evil.

        Neiki: No. No! She was not evil! She was not a monster! You are the monster. How could you do that to anyone? How?

        Intank: Neiki, she turned us into monsters. Now we have to try to resist it!

        Neiki: No! She made us beautiful. We're beautiful.

        Intank: We have to stop it. We have to resist.

        Neiki looks at him with a sad face. Tears falling from his eyes.

        Neiki: You can't resist. That's not what she would've wanted.

        Intank: Neiki! She wanted to kill people!

        Neiki: Then we'll kill people. You don't get it. She's everything. She's amazing.

        Intank: Neiki, you have to stop.

        Neiki: No! You're going to pay! First, you kill her and now you don't respect her wishes. You have to die.

        Intank: Neiki! Stop this!

        Neiki: You're going to pay. And Jenny's going to come back and you're going to regret everything. Just you wait and see. Just you wait.

        The screen turns white.


        CUT TO:


        Intank continues to sit there looking out the window. It zooms in on the stars.