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Riley The Series 1.05 "Memories Part 2"

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  • Riley The Series 1.05 "Memories Part 2"

    Note: This episode will be rewritten shortly.

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted

    OPEN ON:


    You see an alarm clock on a desk and it the alarm starts. On the bottom of the screen it says "4 Years Ago". The camera moves over to the bed and shows 17 or 18 year old Riley in a bed with Sara. Riley opens his eyes while the alarm is still going. He gets out of bed and turns off the alarm. Sara sits up in the bed.

    Sara: Why the alarm?

    Riley: Jobs.

    Sara: Um, sorry to break it to you don't have one.

    Riley: I know that. I'm looking for one.

    Sara: Oh, well, what you looking for?

    Riley: Something that gives me money.

    Sara: Well that's always a good job.

    Riley turns around to face Sara.

    Riley: Why are being like that?

    Sara: Like what?

    Riley: Like you being so sarcastic!

    Sara: Ah, and that will destroy all human kind.

    Riley: See!

    Sara: Riley, calm it down. Sarcasm is a good thing.

    Riley: I'm sorry. I'm just so scared.

    Sara: Why?

    Riley: I left all the people that loved me.

    Sara smiles.

    Sara: Not all of them.

    The camera moves over to reveal present day Riley and Xad standing in the corner.

    Xad: Wow, she's so sweet.

    Riley: I remember.

    Xad: This is not the best part though.

    Riley: But it is. The love. The joy.

    Xad: Yeah, this is one of the only bad parts about it.

    Riley: It ended so soon.

    Xad: My point exactly.

    Riley: I wanted more.

    Xad: But you're just not that lucky. This is what happened, Riley. There's no changing that. And with Sam though, it's all good. Oh wait, I think I'm wrong. Right?

    Riley: Shut up.

    Xad: Oh yeah. Sorry, got off topic.

    The camera moves back into the center. Now Riley and Sara are kissing in bed.

    Riley: I gotta go.

    Sara: Of course.

    Riley gets out of bed and starts getting into other clothes. The camera goes back to Xad and Riley.

    Xad: What happens next? Oh, I know! You are all depressed and what do you do?

    Riley: Shut up.

    Xad: What did you do?

    Riley: Shut up!

    Xad: Did you just happen to ?

    Riley cuts him off.

    Riley: SHUT UP!!!

    Riley punches Xad and it actually makes him feel pain.

    Xad: What the hell? You're the only one who has ever, ever make me feel pain in these dreams.

    Riley: Well, you got me really pissed.

    Xad: Ah, I see.

    Xad walks towards the door. Riley follows.

    Riley: What are you doing?

    Xad: Well, you are leaving.

    Riley: What?

    The past Riley walks to the door and opens it. He walks out.

    Xad: Come on.

    Xad and Riley follow him.

    The camera moves to the bed where Sara is lying. Sara smiles.

    Sara: I love you, Riley.



    Marc Blucas - Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic - Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase - Graham Miller
    Mike Lombardi - Intank Welleee
    Keira Knightley - Salomie Sullivan

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    ACT 1

    CUT TO:


    On the bottom of the screen it says "Present". You see Salomie sitting on her bed, lights off. The TV is on and it's the security tape. Salomie has a weird look on her face. You see the TV and it shows the gang fighting while Salomie is hiding in a corner. The weird thing is that the gang was fighting no one. Salomie picks up the remote and presses a button. The picture on the TV stops and zooms in on a blurry Riley. Salomie walks to her desk and takes a good picture of the blurry Riley. Salomie shuts off the TV, grabs her coat and walks to the door. She opens the door and Jill is there, looking sad.

    Jill: Hey.

    Salomie: Hey. What do you want?

    Jill: I live here, don't I?

    Salomie: Yeah. Go in. Stay.

    Jill: Where are you going?

    Salomie: Out.

    Jill: Out where?

    Salomie: Why do you want to know!?

    Jill: Cause I'm your friend.

    Salomie: Then you better prove it.

    Salomie walks out of the room. Jill looks as she marches down the hall. Jill walks in the room and shuts the door.

    CUT TO:


    Sam and Intank are walking through the graveyard.

    Sam: Where the hell are they?

    Intank: I don't know. Can I leave now?

    Sam: What?

    Intank: Why am I helping?

    Sam: Because...

    Sam can't find an answer.

    Intank: Exactly.

    Intank starts walking away when Sam grabs his arm.

    Sam: Intank!

    Intank: What!?

    Sam: I need to find him.

    Intank: Then find him.

    Sam: I can't. I need you.

    Intank: Sounds so romantic. Yet...gross.

    Sam: I don't love you Intank! I don't care about you! But I do care for Riley. And I need him. And the way to get to him is to find him with you.

    Intank: Why?

    Sam: Because.

    Sam points behind Intank.

    Intank: What?

    Intank turns around and he falls to the ground because a Vamp punched him. The Vamp looks to Sam.

    Vamp: Hey sweetheart.

    Sam: Shut up.

    Sam kicks him but he blocks and punches Sam.

    Vamp: Nice try.

    Intank jumps up and kicks the Vamp away. Intank does a spinning kick and then throws the Vamp into a gravestone. Vamp gets up and Intank grabs his neck. Intank then decapitates him. He dusts and his head dusts in Intank's head. Sam is looking at Intank when he turns around.

    Sam: See what I mean?

    CUT TO:


    You see Xad with his eyes closed and his hands are still on Riley's head.


    CUT TO:


    17 or 18 year old Riley walks to his car and gets in. You see Xad and present Riley standing near the hotel.

    Riley: So, do you have a dream car or something, Xad.

    Xad; No, I have my fingers.

    Riley: What?

    The past Riley gets into his car. Xad snaps his fingers and suddenly there at a parking lot next to a beach. Riley gets out of the car and walks to the beach.

    Riley: That worked.

    The past Riley keeps on walking closer and closer to the water. Present Riley and Xad follow.

    Xad: Sad, weren't ya?

    Riley: Yes.

    Xad: Yeah. I see.

    Riley: Let's leave.

    Xad: Um, let me think about it, no!

    Past Riley looks at the sea. His phone rings. He answers it.

    Riley: Hello? Oh, hi Sara. Job opening? Where? A diner!? I am not working there. Fine, I'll check it out. Bye.

    Riley hangs up and heads towards his car. He gets in. It all of a sudden turns to night. Riley gets out of the car and walks towards the sea.

    Xad: I got bored of the job thing but I like this part.

    Riley: I remember this.

    Xad: I thought you would.

    Xad smirks.

    Riley is looking out onto the sea. There is a scream and past Riley turns around to the warehouses. He hears more screams. He runs off the beach.

    CUT TO:


    A vampire is walking closer and closer to a girl and she continues to scream. Past Riley jumps through a window into the warehouse. The girl and the vamp look to him. The Vamp smiles.

    Vamp: Good. I was really hungry.

    The girl looks really scared. Riley and Xad walk into the warehouse.

    Riley: What the hell are you?

    Vamp: Your worst nightmare.

    Riley: I'd like to test that theory.

    Riley runs to the vamp and punches but he ducks. Riley punches but the vamp grabs his arm. Then Riley punches with the other arm but the vamp grabs that one as well.

    Vamp: Vamps got your arms.

    The vamp throws him onto the ground. Riley tries to trip the vamp but he just jumps. The vamp grabs him at the neck and lifts him up.

    Vamp: You're in for pain.

    The vamp throws Riley across the room. The vamp smiles. Riley gets up.

    Vamp: You just never give up, do you?

    The vamp runs over to him and knees him in the stomach. The vamp then punches him and he flies back into the wall. Riley kicks but vamp blocks and then Riley punches but he ducks. The vamp punches him hard in the stomach and he coughs up blood. The vamp punches him into a corner and then goes to the girl.

    Vamp: Hello sweetie.

    The vamp grabs her by the shirt and pulls her to him and he digs his teeth into her. Riley looks up and sees this. He looks sad and confused at the same time. The vamp drops her to the ground. He looks over to Riley. He grabs Riley and bites him. Riley's eyes widen. You see Xad.

    Xad: Doesn't that hurt.

    You see present Riley with Xad and bite marks in his neck while blood is running down is neck.

    END OF ACT 1


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      ACT 2

      CUT TO:


      Salomie walks in and goes to the desk. An old man with a grey beard is sitting there.

      Salomie: Hey Joe.

      Joe: Hey Salomie. What brings you here?

      Salomie: Him.

      Salomie takes out a picture of Riley.

      Joe: Who's this young man?

      Salomie: I don't know. That's why I'm here.

      Joe: You saw him break the law?

      Salomie: No. I saw him save me.

      Joe: What?

      Salomie: He saved me.

      Joe: How?

      Salomie: There was this man. He was demented. Um, this guy came beat the crap out of him and then the bad man was gone. Then he went away.

      Joe: Why do you want to know who he is? Are you stalking him?

      Salomie: No. But I need to know who he is. I need answers.

      Joe: About what? A mugger?

      Salomie: (Thinking about how to answer that question) Yes! About the mugger.

      Joe: Well, I'm not aloud to do this?but you're Salomie, which means I have to.

      Salomie: Thanks Joe.

      Salomie hands Joe the picture.

      Salomie: I'll be back in an hour to get the info.

      Joe: See you then.

      Salomie: You got it.

      Salomie walks out the door.

      CUT TO:


      Sam and Intank are walking. Sam has a stake in her hand.

      Intank: This will take hours.

      Sam: Maybe. Unless...

      Intank: Unless?

      Sam stops.

      Sam: Magic.

      Intank: And who would do this magic?

      Sam: You.

      Intank: of course. It has to be me.

      Sam: You're the strongest.

      Intank: There with the compliments again.

      Sam: I'm saying them because that's the only way you'll do the damn spell!

      Intank: Fine, I'll do it. But you and your little friends owe me.

      Sam: Okay.

      Sam and Intank start walking towards "The Gold".

      CUT TO:


      Sam and Intank walk in there. Everyone's dancing and there's a band. Many people are at the bar, angry because the bartender, Intank, is not there. Intank walks over to the bar. He puts a closed sign on it. Many people moan. Intank and Sam walk into the back room and lock the door.

      Intank: We can't be disturbed.

      Sam: It's only a little spell.

      Intank: I've never done one spell in my life.

      Sam: Oh, yeah. Um, we need something of his.

      Intank walks over to the weapons. He grabs a curved knife off the wall and stares at it.

      Intank: This is his. I remember. He stabbed me with it.

      Sam: Intank ?

      Intank: No. Don't be sympathetic.

      Sam: I wasn't gonna be. I was gonna say you're a dumb ass.

      Intank: So much better.

      Intank sits down, cross legged and holds the knife in both hands. He closes his eyes.

      Intank: Let me see where he has gone.

      A wind of blue energy swirls around Intank. Sam backs up and her eyes widen. Her hair starts blowing in the wind. You see a flash of Xad holding Riley's head. Xad opens his eyes and looks around. Xad punches the air. While Intank is closing his eyes his head moves as if it were punches. You see another flash of Xad holding Riley's head and you see Graham chained up in the background. Xad scratches the air. All of a sudden claw marks appear on Intank's face. You see a flash of the outside of the cave. The wind stops. Intank drops the knife and falls over, still conscious. He is breathing heavily. Sam runs over to him.

      Sam: What happened?

      Intank: Riley...and Graham. They're chained up in a cave. It's near an old rock. A big one too.

      Sam: Is it Old Rock? He's out trusty rock here in Laintan.

      Intank: I don't know.

      Sam: Probably is.

      Intank: And there's this demon...holding Riley's head.

      Sam: And this is the last thing you mention? We have to get there.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

      Xad is still holding Riley's head and is looking aggravated. Graham is staring at him.

      Graham: What the hell are you doing?!

      Xad: Shut up!

      Xad closes his eyes again. The screen turns black.

      OPEN ON:


      You see present day Riley with Xad. Blood is running down his neck.

      Xad: The pain. The blood. It runs down your neck. How does it feel?

      The screen moves to past Riley and the vampire biting him. Riley screams. You hear a noise and Riley falls to the ground. It is revealed that a man in a military suit is standing behind them with a gun in hand. Other men in suits run in. The vamp gets up. Vamp punches one man and is kneed by another. He is hit with a tazer gun and is then shocked by it. He falls to the ground. Riley is holding his neck and is staring at everyone. He gets up slowly.

      Riley: What the hell?

      A man walks over to Riley.

      Man: Are you okay?

      Riley: No! This thing just bit me!

      Man: Will you be okay, though?

      Riley: I guess.

      The man looks suspicious.

      Man: Who are you?

      Riley: Riley. Riley Finn. You?

      Tom: Tom Meschechansker.

      Riley: Long name, huh?

      Tom: You could say that.

      Riley: But you can't say your name.

      Tom: Wait, you said you were Riley Finn?

      Riley: Yeah, why?

      Tom: Follow me.

      Riley: Why should I?

      Tom: Because Walsh needs you.

      Riley: What?

      Tom: Walsh is interested. You could become so powerful we couldn't even throw a punch at you.

      Riley: Would a job?

      Tom: You'd be paid.

      Riley: Okay. But this is no deal. It's a test. And it's testing you.

      Riley walks to follow the other men.

      Tom: (Under his breath) Wrong Riley, we're testing you.

      CUT TO:


      Jill is walking down the hallway, looking tearful. She runs into a man, Bob.

      Bob: Sorry, dude.

      Jill: It's okay.

      Bob: Okay, bye.

      Bob starts walking away. Jill just stands there. Bob goes into an elevator. Jill runs back to the elevator and it opens. She gets in. When she gets downstairs she runs out of the dorms. She sees Bob walking through the park. She runs across the street to him but can't catch up. She finally catches up with deep in the woods.

      Jill: Bob.

      Bob: What, lady?

      Jill: Name of Jill.

      Bob: Oh, whatever.

      Jill: Bob, have you ever felt like you've betrayed someone? Like...your best friend hates you.

      Bob: No. My best friend died in a car crash.

      Jill: Oh my god. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to ?

      Bob: No, it's fine.

      Jill: I didn't know.

      Bob: Yeah.

      Bob and Jill just look down, looking like they have nothing to say.

      Jill: So ?

      A vamp jumps from the darkness and pushes Jill down and screams. She gets back up and you see random arms going around and millions of cuttings back and forth. You see the vamp teeth biting on something. Jill falls face front onto the ground. Bob falls to the ground and the vamp falls to the ground as well. You see Bob's eyes widen and blood running down from the neck. Jill runs to him.

      Jill: Get up! Come on! We have to go. We have to get out of here.

      Jill lifts him up slightly and Bob is having trouble standing up. They both run down the hill, Jill helping Bob. At one point Bob just falls out of her arms and onto the ground. Jill's eyes widen puts her hand over her mouth. She falls back, leaning on a tree. A tear begins to fall. She looks to where the vamp was from and hears rustling. She gets up and runs down the hill.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie walks down the hallway and opens her dorm door. She walks in and sees Jill on her bed, tears going down her face. Salomie runs over to her and sits next to her.

      Salomie: Oh my god. What happened? What's wrong?

      Jill: Dead. He's dead.

      Jill is completely shocked and is at a loss of words.

      Salomie: Who's dead? Jill? What is happening?

      Jill: It all just happened. We talked. And he just went away.

      Salomie: Who, Jill!?

      Jill: The devil. He came. He came and he killed and came for me and he killed.

      Salomie: What?

      Jill: I'm evil. The devil came for me. I need to die.

      Jill tries to get up but Salomie pushes her down.

      Salomie: No Jill. You don't. Now just tell me, what was the devil like and who died?

      Jill: His face. It was bumpy and his teeth were sharp as knives. He came for me and Bob.

      Salomie's eyes widen.

      Salomie: Bob. It was him. He died. And teeth?

      Jill: He killed. We died. In the woods.

      She begins to cry.

      Jill: I had to leave him. I didn't want to but I had to leave him. I couldn't take with me. He stayed and just laid there.

      Salomie: Shh. It's okay.

      Salomie begins to cry as well.

      Salomie: It's all gonna be okay.

      Jill: He died in my arms.

      Salomie: And that thing that killed him will die in mine.

      CUT TO:

      EXT ? PIER ? NIGHT

      Tom and Riley are walking towards a lady, Maggie Walsh. Maggie turns to them.

      Maggie: Hello Tom...And Riley.

      Riley: How did ?

      Maggie: We've seen you. You would be a great agent.

      Riley: For what?

      Maggie: The Initiative.

      Riley: Inti-what?

      Tom: The Initiative, Riley.

      Riley: This is just insane! And what the heck was that thing!?

      Maggie: That was a vampire.

      Riley: So I'm in a horror movie, a bad one, by the way.

      Maggie: I know this is hard to take in.

      Riley: You are crazy.

      Riley tries to walk away but Tom puts out his hand. Riley punches him to the ground.

      Maggie: Riley!

      Riley turns around.

      Riley: What!!??

      Maggie: Stay with us.

      Riley: And be evil monster fighter? No thanks! I have a life! There is someone I love and someday wish to marry! You want me to give that all up so I can kill these evil monsters!? No, I never will do that! I will never.

      Maggie: Riley, please.

      Maggie walks next to him and puts her hand on his shoulder.

      Maggie: It's what people like you and me are meant to do. You're a runaway. You want to lead your own life and this is the one you were meant to lead. To protect people. To save people and the world with it.

      Riley: But...

      Maggie: No buts. Please, it's what you were meant to do.

      Riley looks up, tearfully.

      Riley: Okay.

      END OF ACT 2


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        ACT 3

        CUT TO:


        Salomie and Jill are there. People are running around and Salomie and Jill are talking to one specific officer.

        Officer: Where?

        Jill: In...the woods.

        Officer: And when did this happen?

        Jill: Um...

        Officer: I know this is hard but we need this. We also need the description of the man.

        Jill looks up at him.

        Jill: Bumpy.

        Officer: What?

        Jill: His forehead. It was bumpy.

        Officer: Okay, thank you.

        Salomie: (To Jill) I'll be right back.

        Jill: Okay.

        Salomie walks over to Joe.

        Salomie: So?

        Joe: So what?

        Salomie: Info.

        Joe: Oh.

        Joe walks over to the counter and hands the picture back to her.

        Joe: His name is Riley Finn. Raised here. Runaway. Now he's back.

        Salomie looks from the picture to Joe.

        Salomie: Um, thank you.

        Joe: Salomie, just be careful with this. I mean, stalking is dangerous.

        Salomie: Joe, I'm not gonna stalk him. I'm gonna go talk to him.

        Joe: Okay.

        Salomie walks away.

        CUT TO:


        Sara is lying on her bed when Riley comes in.

        Sara: Hey. What took you so long?

        Riley: Looking.

        Sara: So?

        Riley: No luck with the jobs.

        Sara: Well, there's another day in...

        Sara looks at her watch.

        Sara: ...ten minutes.

        Riley: Sorry about that.

        Sara: It's okay.

        They both go into bed and begin to go to sleep. It suddenly turns into morning. Riley gets up and sneaks out without waking up Sara. The camera zooms in to Sara's face. Her eyes open.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? PIER ? MORNING

        Riley walks there and Tom is standing behind him.

        Tom: You showed.

        Riley: Yes.

        Riley turns around.

        Riley: Where's the boat?

        Tom: Look behind you.

        Riley turns around and sees a boat there with Maggie on it.

        Maggie: Riley.

        Riley: Maggie.

        Maggie: Come.

        Riley gets onto the boat followed by Tom.

        Riley: Where are we going?

        Maggie: Sunnydale.

        Riley looks tearful.

        Maggie: What's wrong?

        Riley: Nothing.

        The boat starts to move.

        SaraOS: Riley!

        Riley turns around and sees Sara in the pier.

        Sara: (While crying) Riley! Riley, come back to me!

        Riley: Oh my god.

        Maggie: Riley.

        Sara: RILEY!

        Sara falls to her knees and breaks out crying.

        Sara: Riley!

        Riley looks at her as they sail away.

        You see Riley and Xad on the top of the boat.

        Xad: This is like a bad drama.

        Riley is tearful.

        Riley: Let's leave.

        Xad: How about no?

        The setting turns into a forest. You see Riley with Sam in agent uniforms. They are walking with a other soldiers.

        Sam: So, this demon, it has sharp nails?

        Riley: Can grow them rapidly.

        Sam: Wow, not good.

        Riley: Strong too. It'll be a toughy.

        Sam: Yes, but then we can have some alone time.

        Sam smiles at him. They run into someone.

        Sam: Man, move it.

        The person turns around and reveals its Sara. Riley and Sara look surprised.

        Sara: Riley.

        Riley: Oh my god.

        Sara: It's you. You jerk.

        Sam: Hello?

        Sara: You left me!

        Riley: I didn't mean ?

        Sara: Shut up!

        Sara slaps Riley.

        Sara: How could you do this to me? You cause me so much pain!

        Demons jump out at them. Their nails are sharp. Riley punches one. Sam kicks another. She takes out a knife and stabs one and scratches one across the neck. Sara does a flying kick and then punches the demon. It scratches her in the arm with its nails and then kicks her onto the ground. Other soldiers are fighting. One gets stabbed with the claws and some others do to. The demon is about to give the finishing blow to Sara when Riley kicks the demon in the stomach and snaps his neck. He helps Sara up and they fight side by side. She kicks kicked in the face as does Riley. One demon grabs Sam from the back and stabs her. She gasps. She falls. Riley runs to her aid but a demon slashes him across the cheek and stops him. Riley kicks him and then punches him in the stomach. He then knees him. The demon punches but Riley ducks and goes under his arms. He then takes out a knife and stabs him. He runs to Sam but another demon kicks him and he falls down again. The demon lifts him up by the neck. Riley stabs him in the face and he drops him. Sara is fighting for her life. She kicks one and then punches another. She is stabbed in the back by one and she turns around and punches him. She holds her stomach. She kicks another. She turns around quickly only to be slashed at the neck by one demon. She holds her neck and falls to the ground. Riley rushes to her side.

        Riley: Oh my god.

        Riley looks to Sam.

        Riley: She's dead.

        You see Riley and Xad standing near some huge trees. Xad smiles.

        Xad: See, this is the part I was waiting for.

        Xad's smile widens. You hear a shot from a gun and you see a bullet in Xad's stomach.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

        Xad drops Riley's head and falls to the ground. The Demon Boss is standing behind them with a gun. Xad stands up and runs towards the demon boss. He punches him and knees him. Other demons run in and start fighting off Xad.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

        Sam and Intank run in.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

        Sam and Intank start fighting. Sam takes out two knives. She stabs and demon and kicks another. Intank runs to Riley and Graham. Intank pulls off the chains and sets Riley free. Riley runs towards the demon and begins fighting them. Then Intank let's Graham free. They all start fighting.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie is walking swiftly done the hallway until John stops her.

        Salomie: Oh, hey John.

        John: Hey, um, I was wondering if you wanted to come and study at the library.

        Salomie: Oh, um, sorry, I really can't. I'm super busy!

        John: With what?

        Salomie: Stuff...studying!

        John: Bad excuse.

        Salomie: Sorry, something happened with Jill today. Um, someone was killed.

        John: Jill!?

        Salomie: No! She's fine. Well, physically. Emotionally, not so much.

        John: Poor Jill. Wait! Who died?

        Salomie: A guy.

        John: Salomie, I have a feeling I know this guy because you want to hide it.

        Salomie: Fine. It was Bob.

        John: Oh my god. Bob. I didn't know him that much but. Oh my god.

        A tear drops from his face.

        Salomie: I'm sorry John.

        John: No, thank you. I needed to know.

        Salomie: Bye.

        John: Bye.

        Salomie walks off. Susan sees this and walks over to John.

        Susan: Hey John.

        John turns to see her.

        Susan: I heard what happened and I must say that I'm incredibly sorry. But maybe a little studying and talking will you feel a little better?

        John: (In a serious voice) Susan, get lost.

        Susan: Excuse me?

        John: Okay, you're excused.

        John just walks away. Susan runs after him.

        Susan: John, what did I do?

        John: Breath.

        Susan: I don't get this!

        John: That's because you're a dumb, idiot, Susan! Now leave me alone or else you won't have a face.

        Susan looks offended and runs away.

        CUT TO:


        Salomie is walking up the driveway. She walks to the door and knocks. No one answers. She twists the doorknob to see if it's unlocked. It opens. She walks in and closes the door quietly. She walks around and it looks like an ordinary house. She opens a closet door and her eyes widen. The closet is full with weapons.

        Salomie: Oh my god.

        Salomie slams the door.

        Salomie: Murderers.

        Salomie realizes something.

        Salomie: Unless. No, it can't be true.

        Salomie looks on a table and sees a note. It says "Big rock".

        Salomie: They went to Mr. Big Rock. Time to see them.

        Salomie walks out the door.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

        They're all fighting. Intank kicks one and then ducks from another's punch. He lifts two up by the neck and smashes their heads together. He kicks another in the stomach and then punches his fist through ones heart. Sam has her knives and is using them well. She stabs one in the head and punches one but the demon blocks and punches her back into a wall. She kicks him into other demons and does a spinning kick. She stabs him and picks up his gun. She starts shooting repeatedly at the demons until it runs out of ammo. Riley punches one and then moves in for Xad. He kicks Xad in the face and punches him but Xad catches his punch and punches him. Xad holds Riley's head but it does nothing. Riley looks up at him.

        Riley: You've run out of memories to torture me with.

        Riley slams his fist into Xad's face sending him onto the ground. Riley goes over to him and grabs his neck. He punches repeatedly. Xad throws him off and gets up. He grabs and gun and tries to shoot Riley but ends up shooting demons instead. Riley hits the gun out of his hands.

        Riley: Beat that.

        Xad throws Riley across the cave. There is a close up on Xad's face.

        Xad: Okay.

        Xad and Riley run towards each other in slow motion. It's regular when they meet. They begin to fight. Riley punches but Xad blocks and then ducks. The Xad punches Riley and slides him across the ground. Riley gets up and does a spinning kick, sending Xad backwards. Xad punches but this time Riley blocks. Then Xad tries to trip him but he jumps just in time. Then Riley kicks him and punches him. Xad is surprised at him loosing. Xad punches Riley repeatedly in the stomach. Riley spits blood and then Xad picks him up by the neck. Riley kicks Xad in the face while in the air. Xad drops Riley and they both fall. They both get up. Xad grabs Riley and throws him against a wall. Xad runs out. Sam helps Riley up. Sam, Intank, and Graham finished off the demons with their boss.

        Sam: Riley, Xad ran out.

        Riley: Great.

        Sam: And that things here.

        They look over to see the machine made of the heart. Riley picks up a knife and stabs it repeatedly.

        Riley: Now it isn't.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

        Xad is running out of the cave. You see Salomie walking to the cave and she gasps when she sees Xad. Xad throws her into a bush. Then Riley, Graham, Sam, and Intank run out. Salomie sees them pass but doesn't have the strength to get up. They're running but they're not fast enough.

        Riley: We'll never catch up.

        Graham: We're too slow.

        Intank: I'm not.

        Intank runs faster and starts catching up. Xad goes into an abandoned school and Intank follows behind.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? SCHOOL ? NIGHT

        It is all dark with only the moon light. Intank is walking slowly in the hallway. He suddenly kicks down a door and runs in. He turns around and Xad jumps at him and holds his head!


        CUT TO:


        Past Intank is looking at a tombstone, Jenny's tombstone.

        Intank: I'm sorry Jenny.

        You see Neiki standing behind him.

        Neiki: You're sorry.

        Intank turns around swiftly.

        Neiki: But I thought it was her fault.

        Intank: It was.

        Neiki walks closer slowly.

        Neiki: Then why are you so sorry.

        Neiki circles him and Intank just looks down.

        Neiki: Is it because...

        Neiki stops.

        Neiki: You care for her. We both do.

        Intank: I do, but I needed to do the right thing.

        Neiki: The right thing!? The right thing to do was kill my sister?!

        Intank looks straight into Neiki's eyes.

        Intank: Yes.

        Neiki punches Intank. Neiki laughs.

        Neiki: It isn't the right thing. But I will do the right thing. I'm gonna kill you.

        Intank: Guess again.

        Intank kicks but Neiki grabs his leg.

        Neiki: I promised to kill you.

        Neiki throws Intank onto another tombstone.

        Neiki: I never break promises.

        Neiki kicks Intank in the face as he gets up.

        Neiki: Weakling.

        Neiki punches Intank in the gut.

        Neiki: Love always prevails.

        Intank: But this isn't love. It's revenge.

        Neiki: Same thing.

        Neiki punches Intank again and then kicks him backwards. Intank doesn't seem to be even trying to fight back to Neiki.

        Neiki: Weak! Why aren't you fighting?

        Neiki kicks Intank in the face and then punches him. Then Intank punches back and does a spinning kick.

        Intank: This isn't fighting?

        Intank punches him and then kicks but Neiki blocks and then punches but Intank ducks. Intank kicks him and then jumps on his shoulders and then off behind him. He then elbows him backwards. Intank turns around towards Neiki. Neiki kicks but Intank grabs him foot. Neiki jumps up and kicks Intank in the face. Intank then drops Neiki.

        Neiki: You see Intank, I got something you didn't.

        Neiki turns red.

        Neiki: I got more special powers.

        Neiki punches Intank.

        Neiki: She loves me better!

        Neiki kicks him.

        Neiki: She loves me better!

        Neiki punches but as Neiki's punching, Intank turns blue and grabs the hand.

        Intank: Yes, she definitely loves you better.

        Intank throws Neiki onto the ground. Intank picks up Neiki by the neck.

        Intank: Your sisters dead! Deal with it!

        Intank throws Neiki onto Jenny's tombstone, smashing it.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? SCHOOL ? NIGHT

        Xad lets go of Intank's head. Intank's eyes widen. Intank punches him but Xad blocks and then Xad kicks Intank and throws his against the chalk board.

        Xad: What? Was that a little too much?

        Xad knees him.

        Xad: It usually is for wimps.

        Xad punches him.

        Xad: She deserved it, so don't feel bad!

        Xad punches Intank down.

        Xad: Now, how do you feel about that?

        Intank: Angry.

        Xad: Good. Now paint a picture in ?

        Intank punches Xad and kicks him in the stomach. He turns blue and kicks Xad again.

        Xad: Ow.

        Intank kicks but Xad ducks. Xad punches and grabs Intank by the neck and moves him onto a wall, lifting him up.

        Xad: Don't hurt Xad, he gets angry.

        Xad throws Intank across the room. Intank is all bloody with bruises and cuts everywhere while Xad doesn't look too bad. Xad walks towards Intank.

        Xad: You feel bad that you killed that vengeance demon. You shouldn't. It was the right thing. Although, I do always hate the right thing.

        Xad grabs Intank's hair and pulls him to a desk. He smashes his head into the desk multiple times until the desk breaks. Xad moves to whisper to Intank.

        Xad: Is that what it felt like when you snapped her neck.

        Intank punches but Xad blocks.

        Xad: Woah! This one's alive!

        Intank punches again but Xad just ducks.

        Xad: You can't win.

        Xad kicks him across the room.

        Xad: Just give up.

        Riley, Sam, and Graham run into the room. Xad looks annoyed when they run in with their swords and knives.

        Xad: Crap.

        They run towards Xad. Xad punches Riley away. Sam swings her sword at Xad and he ducks and then pushes her away and they kicks Graham to the ground.

        Xad: You guys are pitiful. AH!!!!

        Graham just stabbed Xad in the foot. Xad kicks Graham with the other foot. Xad takes the knife out of his foot.

        Xad: You fool.

        Xad lifts up Graham by the neck and is about to stab him when Sam tackles him. Xad is a little weak now by the stab. Sam kicks him and then punches him. Xad then punches her across the room. Riley gets up and picks up a sword. Riley runs at him with the sword. Riley punches him and scratches him across the cheek. Xad reaches for his head but Riley punches him again and kicks him.

        Xad: A little mad, now are ya?

        Riley: A little.

        Riley kicks him and stabs him the arm. Xad screams in pain.

        Xad: (Angrily) What's with the limbs today?!

        Xad knocks the sword out of Riley's hands. Then he punches his and knees him. He then punches him to the ground.

        Xad: That's better.

        Intank runs to him looking tired. Intank punches him and grabs his neck. Intank throws him to the ground. Intank puts him up only to punch him again.

        Intank: I hate you!

        Xad: Why am I not surprise?

        Intank kicks him onto the ground. Intank grabs a sword. Xad gets up only to get stabbed through the chest by Intank. Xad gasps. Xad punches Intank away and takes the sword out slowly. He spits blood. He drops the sword and runs. He runs out of the room and down the hall. They all get up. Intank grabs a crossbow. They all run into the hall, watching Xad run down. Sam begins to run but Intank holds her back. Sam is surprised.

        Sam: Aren't we gonna kill him.

        Xad is almost at the end of the hall and about to turn to exit. Intank just stares and then raises the crossbow slowly. He then suddenly shoots, the arrow moving as fast as lighting. Just as it is about to hit Xad he turns and it hits a billboard instead. Intank has no expression. There's a close up to a notice on the bulletin board. The notice the arrow hits says "Make Your Memories Last Forever!"

        CUT TO:


        Riley and Intank are sitting in the living room, silent. The camera moves to the kitchen where Graham is seated at the table with coffee in hand and Sam making coffee for her.

        Graham: What do you think that demon did to them?

        Sam: Exactly what I have said a million times, relive their memories.

        Graham: I know, but what did he see.

        Sam: Riley wouldn't say, but it must be horrible.

        Graham: I was more wondering about Intank, he looks devastated. Did you see him in the school?

        Sam: Yeah, I have no idea. But he has to tell us sooner or later. If it's about this Neiki then we have to know. I mean, if he's coming for us we have to.

        Graham: Agreed. But let's not harass him now. He looks horrible.

        Sam sits down next to Graham.

        Sam: Yeah, poor them.

        Graham: And to think that Xad is still out there.

        Sam: We should've followed him.

        Graham: Sam, don't worry. We'll find him, we always do.

        They hear a door open. They head over to the door and Salomie is standing in the house. Riley and Intank stand up.

        Riley: Hello?

        Salomie: Hi, Riley.

        Riley: How? Who the hell are you?

        Salomie: Salomie. The girl you saved. You don't recognize me?

        Riley: Oh, you? Anyways, you don't need to say thanks.

        Salomie: I wasn't planning on it.

        Sam: What were you planning on then?

        Salomie: To talk to you about what attacked me.

        Graham: Well, robbers.

        Salomie: You don't need to lie. I figured it out. I used to think they were all fictional. Then that moment made me realize, they weren't.

        Intank: What moment?

        Salomie: The cave, near the big rock. The one you were supposedly in.

        Riley: You were there?

        Salomie: Yep. But you see this scar?

        Salomie points to a scare on her arm.

        Salomie: It was because of what that supposedly fictional character did.

        Intank: Xad.

        Salomie: Pushed me away. I'm useless according to everyone. You see, now I know about demons and monsters and zombies and everything that goes bump in the night. There's nothing left to hide. So stop trying to.

        Riley: Salomie ?

        Salomie: I see an excuse coming. I won't believe it.

        Riley: Fine, you're right.

        Sam: Riley!

        Riley: What!? It's the truth. She knows it. Why lie?

        Intank: To protect her, moron.

        Riley: No one is protected in this world, Intank! Everything is horrible. No one can protect anyone!

        Salomie: Had a bad day, or is he always like is?

        Everyone stares at her.

        Salomie: Sorry. Anyways, I'll be seeing you soon. And please, I want to learn and help. So please let me.

        Salomie walks out the door. The camera follows her. She walks down the street. The camera moves and you have a shoot of the house zooming out.