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Riley The Series 1.04 "Memories Part 1"

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  • Riley The Series 1.04 "Memories Part 1"

    Note: This episode will be rewritten shortly.

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthrized usage of these characters is permitted.

    OPEN ON:


    You get a bird's eye view of the cemetery/graveyard.

    CUT TO:


    Intank is walking through the graveyard when he spots a demon. The demon is hovering over a young girl, around 16. Intank runs over to the demon while turning blue. He grabs the demon and throws him onto the ground. The demon stands up and punches Intank into a tombstone. Intank gets up slowly having a bloody nose.

    Intank: You're strong.

    The girl stares at Intank.

    Girl: Save me.

    The demon picks up Intank and throws him onto the ground. Intank trips him while he's on the ground. The demon falls and is about to fall on Intank but he punches the demon as he's falling just to make him fly in the other direction. Intank jumps up and does a roundhouse kick to the demon. He takes out two stakes from his jacket, one from each side. He runs to the demon and jabs at him but the demon grabs his wrist. The demon spins around and flings Intank into a mausoleum. Intank gets up and chucks a stake at the demon and it hits the demon in the arm. The demon looks from the stake in his arm to Intank. He then charges at Intank and rips the stake out of his arm. He holds the stake in a threatening position. Intank kicks the demon in the stomach and flies back and lands on the ground next to the girl. He stares at the girl and then gets up and pulls the girl up with him. Then he takes the stake and thrusts it into the girl's stomach. She screams and then falls to the ground, dead. Then Intank sprints to the demon and slashes the stake at his cheek making a huge scrape. He then grabs the demon's neck and is about to stake him when?


    You just see a girl throwing power at Intank and another person.


    It goes back to the graveyard. Intank has now gotten to the ground and he sees a black figure in the distance. Then the demon jumps down but Intank rolls away and once the demon gets to the ground he thrusts the stake into the demon's neck.

    CUT TO:


    Intank, Sam, Riley, and Graham are there. Sam, Riley, and Graham are on the couch and Intank is in the recliner chair.

    Intank: I'm not kidding. There was this flash of light!

    Sam: Intank, shut up.

    Intank: Guys, this is important, there's something in this town.

    Sam: (Sarcasticly) No. I thought it was empty. I guess I know now.

    Intank: Sam! A demon! A strong one! With incredible power!

    Graham: And how do you know this?

    Intank: The flash!

    Riley: You were probably just thinking about something else other than the fighting.

    Intank: Wrong!

    Graham: Why's that?

    Intank: Because I saw a black figure! I have a bad feeling about it. I have a feeling its Neiki.

    Sam: What? Really?

    Intank: Yes, he plays with you. He doesn't just kill you. If he does, then you're real lucky. I've seen him do horrible things.

    Riley: And you've probably done them with him.

    Intank: No, I didn't. I was almost going to do them. He can make you do things. I almost gave in. I almost lost it.

    Riley: And what world is this in? You have lost it!

    Intank: Guys! For once I'm not trying to annoy the crap out of you!

    Sam: Guys, I think he's telling the truth.

    Graham: But could Neiki do this?

    Intank: I didn't think so. He doesn't have that power.

    Graham: So, who is this?

    Intank: I don't know. But I think it's related to Neiki.

    Riley: This is absurd.

    Intank: Riley, this is serious. It's life or death when it comes to Neiki.

    Sam: Bad history?

    Intank: I thought I told you.

    Riley: Not that much.

    Intank: Well, this isn't the time for this! We need to get to work! That means everyone just needs to research or patrol or something. Don't be useless idiots!

    Intank stands up and goes to the door. He opens the door and looks back at the others.

    Intank: Get your asses off that couch.

    Intank walks out the door and slams it shut.


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    ACT 1

    CUT TO:


    There are a bunch of demons there that look exactly like the demon that attacked Intank. Then one walks in, pulling a man by his ear.

    Demon: Look what I found, boss.

    A demon turns around. He doesn't look like the rest. He doesn't look as demonic or gross. He was blackish. He had red eyes and pretty sharp claws but he didn't look as fierce as the others.

    Boss: That's nice. But I was working. Now, rip him open.

    Demon: Got it boss.

    The demon throws the man to the ground and then the demon kneels down next to him. The boss turns back around to where he was before. You hear something ripping and then a scream. The demon stands up you see in the background.

    Demon: I got him. It was fun.

    The boss doesn't turn around.

    Boss: That's nice.

    The camera moves down to see what he's working on. It's all bloody and then the demon throws a heart on the table.

    Boss: Thank you.

    The boss grabs the heart and starts forming it into the machine type thing made out of other parts.

    Boss: Soon, it will be finished.

    Demon: Now, boss, what else do we need?

    The boss turns around again with a picture in his hand. It has blood on it. He raises the picture and it reveals that it's Riley.

    Boss: Bring him here, dead or alive.

    CUT TO:


    Riley is sitting at the table with the phone book out in front of him. He is flipping through the pages. Graham walks into the room.

    Graham: What are you doing?

    Riley: Looking for something.

    Graham: And what may that something be.

    Riley: A bar (Without looking up)

    Graham: Riley, sorry to rain on your parade but it's no time for drinking now.

    Riley: Not drinking you idiot. Information.

    Graham: At a bar?

    Riley: Yes.

    Graham: Riley, you know you're talking about a bar, right?

    Riley: Listen, I've seen some bars like this.

    Graham: Okay...

    Riley: I'm talking about demon bars.

    Graham: Oh.

    Riley: Here's one, it hasn't opened yet.

    Graham: So, what now?

    Riley stands up.

    Riley: I'm gonna check it out.

    Graham: Okay, have fun.

    Riley: I'm sure I won't.

    Sam walks into the room.

    Sam: Hey guys.

    Riley: I'm leaving.

    Sam: What? Where?

    Riley: Demon bar. Information.

    Sam: I'm coming too.

    Riley: No, stay.

    Riley walks out the day.

    Sam: (Sarcastically) He sure says a lot.

    CUT TO:


    A car parks on the side of the street. The door opens and out comes Riley. He looks at an old building with cracks all over. Riley walks over to the building and walks through the door. He sees another door and opens it. There are stairs. He walks down them only to come to another door at the end. He opens the door only to find a bar with red lights everywhere. There are also big screen TV's everywhere! They are all turned off. Riley looks around and looks confused. There are many tables as well. A man walks from outside the back room behind and the bar and is surprised and worried to see Riley.

    Man: Hello?

    Riley turns around to see him.

    Riley: You. Owner of this bar?

    Man: Yeah, but it's not open ye ?

    Riley: I know. Demon bar?

    Man: What?

    Riley: Is this a demon bar!?

    Man: Um, who are you?

    Riley: Answer the damn question!

    Man: Well, if you want to know then yes.

    Riley: Good, I need information.

    Man: What?

    Riley: Information! Do you need me to spell it out for you?

    Man: What is wrong with you?

    Riley: Shut up!

    Man: What information?

    Riley: Memory demon. A demon that makes you have the memories back.

    Man: Um, well, there are a few I know of.

    Riley: Where?

    Man: Wait one sec.

    The man walks behind the bar and goes into the room. He emerges with a book. He opens it and skims through the pages. He gets to a page and drops it on the bar.

    Man: Look.

    He points to a picture.

    Man: This may be the demon.

    Riley: Maybe, this demon makes you relive your memories.

    Man: Wait! Relive?

    Riley: Yeah.

    Man: Then it's this one.

    He turns the page to another demon.

    Man: The Xaldor demon.

    Riley: Xaldor.

    Riley grabs the book and closes it.

    Riley: Thanks.

    Man: Hey! That's my book.

    Riley: And now it's mine.

    Man: What's your problem, man?

    Riley: What's my problem? All these damn demons!

    Man: You're afraid.

    Riley: Afraid?

    Man: Yes. Afraid about the Xaldor demon. You have a bad past, I can feel it.

    Riley: No, get away!

    Man: I can feel it.

    Riley punches the man.

    Riley: Stay away from me.

    Man: You know that you can't beat this demon easily.

    Riley: Yeah, so what.

    Man: You're gonna have a tough time.

    Riley: Then I'll have a tough time!

    Man: Fine, go away!

    Riley turns around and starts walking towards the door.

    Riley: No problem.

    Man: Wait, I didn't get your name.

    Riley: Don't need it.

    Riley opens the door and walks away.

    CUT TO:


    Sam is sitting at the table with a laptop in front of her. Graham walks in the room.

    Graham: So, how's it going Sam?

    Sam: Crappy.

    Graham: So, nothing.

    Sam: Nothing at all.

    Graham: Where are you looking?

    Sam: Search engines.

    Graham: Which?

    Sam: Multiple ones.

    Graham: So, what are we gonna do?

    Sam: Keep looking.

    Riley walks into the house.

    Riley: Hey.

    Sam: What do you have?

    Riley: Nothing except the demon.

    Graham: Who?

    Riley: Well, this demon's called the Xaldor demon.

    Sam: Okay, time to search.

    Sam is searching through the internet.

    Sam: Ah! I love!

    Riley: What you got?

    Sam: The Xaldor demon makes its victims relive their darkest memories. That's all it has. It says it's smart too but that's about it.

    Riley: Great.

    CUT TO:


    Intank walks into the church and looks around. You see a shadow in the corner. He waves his hand and the screen flickers white. Then Intank falls to his knees. He eyes turn white and the screen turns to white.


    CUT TO:


    A girl is there in a suite. You hear a door open and you see a man walk in.

    Man: Hello sis.

    The girl turns around to face the man.

    Girl: Hello Neiki.

    Neiki: You called me.

    Girl: Yes, yes I did.

    Neiki: So, what do you want Jenny?

    Jenny: I want you and Intank. Bring him.

    IntankOS: I'm here.

    They look over to see Intank in the doorway. He walks in and shuts the door.

    Intank: What do you guys want?

    Neiki: I don't know, Jenny called me here.

    Jenny: I wanted to make you something better.

    Intank: What?

    Jenny's face turns into a vengeance demon's face.

    Jenny: It's time for you to be a demon!

    Jenny sends energy out of both hands. One wave of energy hits Neiki and the other hits Intank. It stops and they both fall to the floor. When they get up Intank is blue and Neiki is red.

    Intank: What the hell!!??

    Neiki: I feel?strong.

    Neiki punches Intank is the face.

    Neiki: I am strong.

    Intank: Your not that impressive.

    Intank kicks Neiki and he flies across the room.

    Intank: But I am.

    Jenny: Stop fighting! It's time we go out and kill. Have a little fun.

    Intank looks at Jenny, confused.

    Intank: What? Killing? No.

    Neiki gets up.

    Neiki: I'm with you on that sis.

    Intank: No.

    Jenny: Well, I'm sorry to hear, Intank. Kill him.

    Neiki smiles.

    Neiki runs over to him and punches but Intank blocks and then he kicks Neiki in the stomach. Neiki then punches but Intank ducks and punches Neiki twice. Jenny gets mad and flings herself at Intank who falls to the ground. She grabs a pen and is about to stab him?


    CUT TO:


    You see Intank on his knees of the church, panting and sweating. You see the shadow figure in the corner of the room. He vanishes into darkness.

    CUT TO:


    Intank is walking down the sidewalk on a busy street, shaking. He starts crossing the road. The shadow appears in an alley and waves his hand. Intank's eyes widen as he falls to the ground, holding his head. Then a car is about to drive over him.

    END OF ACT 1


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      ACT 2


      CUT TO:


      Jenny is hovering over Intank with the pen, about to stab him. Jenny swings her arm down and the pen lands in Intank's chest. Blood squirts out of his mouth. She walks away from Intank, lying down.

      Jenny: You should have joined us. Now I have to finish it all.

      Jenny walks to her desk and opens a drawer. She pulls out a gun. She points it at Intank.

      Jenny: Goodnight Intank.

      Intank rolls over while in pain right as Jenny fires. The bullet hits the ground next to him. Intank stands up.

      Jenny: Let's try again.

      She shoots again just as Intank grabs Neiki and pulls him in front of him. Neiki's eyes widen as the bullet hits his chest. He falls to the ground.

      Jenny: Brother.

      Jenny stares at Intank evilly.

      Jenny: Die.

      She shoots repeatedly as Intank runs around the room until he gets to Jenny. He grabs her from behind. His left arm is under her chin and the other is holding the gun that he stole from Jenny aimed at her head. Neiki's eyes open.

      Neiki: Don't.

      Intank: I'm sorry Neiki.

      Intank drops the gun from his right hand and uses it and his left hand to snap her neck. She falls to the ground, dead.

      Neiki begins to have tears fall from his eyes.

      Neiki: Jenny.

      Intank: She shouldn't have done this. It was her fault she died.

      Neiki: You ? you killed her.

      Intank: Good observation.

      Intank walks to the door but Neiki grabs his ankle loosely.

      Neiki: I need to promise you something.

      Intank looks down at him.

      Intank: What?

      Neiki: I will kill you.

      Intank looks mad. He pulls away from Neiki's grip and walks to the door. He opens it and slams it closed.


      CUT TO:


      People are hovering around Intank, unconscious. You see the shadow. It vanishes into the darkness.

      CUT TO:


      Intank is in a bed, unconscious. He opens is eyes slowly and looks around.

      Intank: What the hell?

      SamOS: Car.

      You see Sam sitting on a chair in the corner of the room. Intank looks over to her.

      Intank: Um, Sam, what?

      Sam: It was a car. You collapsed while crossing the road. You could've been killed.

      Intank: Well, I am a ?

      The door opens and the doctor walks in while Sam saves Intank from saying he's a demon.

      Sam: An almost dead dude.

      The Doctor looks at them.

      Doctor: Yes, an almost dead dude. But you're not dead, and that's a good thing.

      Sam stands up.

      Sam: So, can he come home tonight.

      Doctor: Oh, well, he can barely walk.

      Intank: Wrong.

      Intank pulls the sheets away from him and stands up. He starts walking around in circles.

      Intank: See!

      Doctor: Well then, I don't see a reason why he can't. But I think he should stay an hour more or so.

      Sam: Okay.

      Sam sits back down.

      Sam: I'll wait.

      Doctor: Okay.

      The Doctor opens the door and walks out.

      Intank: So, where's Graham and Riley.

      Sam: Hunting the demon.

      Intank: Ah.

      Sam: Yeah.

      CUT TO:


      Salomie is sitting at a table with a book open in front of her. John walks over and sits down next to her.

      John: Hey ?

      LibrarianOS: SHH!

      John: (Whispering) Hey Salomie.

      Salomie: (Whispering) Hey John. What ya doing?

      John: Well, studying. Hence the sitting in the library.

      Salomie: Oh, yeah, that makes sense.

      John: Really does. Um, I also wanted to thank you.

      Salomie: For what?

      John: Thinking of me. When the town was endangered you came to only certain people and I was one of them. Thank you.

      Salomie blushes a little.

      Salomie: No problem. I'm just glad you believed me.

      John: Well, I didn't. Until I saw it.

      Salomie: Yeah, same here.

      John: But at least the town isn't gone or something.

      Salomie: Yeah, that's a plus.

      JillOS: (Whispering) Yep, it's a plus. They look across the table to see Jill's eyes peeking from up above the book.

      Salomie: Jill?

      Jill puts the book down.

      Jill: Yep.

      Salomie: Spy.

      Jill: Well, I just wanted to know John's room number.

      John: Why?

      Jill: Because of Bob.

      John: Oh, okay.

      John takes out a piece of paper and a pen. He writes down the number 206 and hands it to Jill.

      Jill: This building.

      Jill: Thanks.

      Jill gets up and walks away.

      Salomie: Freak.

      They both giggle a little.

      CUT TO:


      Bob is lying on his bed with earphones on. There is a knock on the door. Somehow, under all that music, he hears it. He takes of his headphones and walks to the door. He opens it and there Jill is, with a HUGE grin.

      Jill: Hi!

      Bob: (Confused) Hi?

      Jill: Thanks for inviting me in!

      Jill walks in and closes the door.

      Bob: Um, who are you?

      Jill: You're girlfriend.

      Jill walks over to the headphones and picks them up. She stares at them funny.

      Jill: What are these?

      Bob: Headphones.

      Jill: Ha. I knew that!

      She drops them and they break as they reach the ground.

      Jill: So, what's up Bob?

      Bob: Get out freak show!

      Jill: What?

      Bob: I said get out! Freak show, stalker, whatever you call yourself!

      Jill: I call myself Jill.

      Bob: I don't care.

      Jill: Well, okay.

      Jill walks to the door with a tear falling from her cheek. She walks out and closes the door.

      CUT TO:


      Riley is walking in the graveyard with Graham. Riley is holding a sword and Graham is holding a knife.

      Riley: So, where do you think this demon would be?

      Graham: Maybe a cave or something.

      Riley: Maybe.

      Five tan demons jump out at them.

      Graham: Is this the demon?

      Riley: Nope.

      Riley decapitates one and is then punched by another onto the ground, sword flying out of his hand. Graham punches one and is picked up from behind by another. He is then thrown to the ground. Riley tries to crawl over to his sword but a demon picks it up first. Riley looks up at him. The demon jabs his arm with it. He then hits Riley in the head with the handle. He is unconscious now.

      CUT TO:

      INT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

      You see Riley's eyes open. He looks shocked. The camera zooms out to reveal that him and Graham are in a cave and are chained up against the wall. The Boss Demon walks in front of them.

      Boss Demon: Hell Riley and...Guy.

      Graham: Graham's the name.

      Boss Demon: I didn't want him. He should die.

      Demon: I'm sorry Boss.

      Boss Demon: Kill him.

      The Demon walks towards Graham until Boss Demon pushes him back.

      Boss Demon: Not now.

      The Boss Demon walks towards Riley. He grabs Riley's neck.

      Boss Demon: I want your blood!

      Riley: Yeah?

      Boss Demon: Yes.

      Riley head butts Boss Demon and he staggers back with some blood coming out of his mouth.

      Boss Demon: You will die. Along with that Graham. Enjoy your last few hours on earth.

      Riley: I will.

      Riley sees a tiny knife on the ground near his feet. He then kicks it as Boss Demon is walking away and it hits the Demon, who was right next to him, in the head. Demon falls down, dead. Boss Demon stops for a second, and then walks away.

      END OF ACT 2


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        ACT 3

        CUT TO:


        Intank and Sam are walking towards the door.

        Intank: We're finally gonna be out.

        Sam: Yeah. And Riley and Graham should be back at the house by now.

        Intank: Good, hope they have info.

        Sam: Or a dead demon.

        Intank: That would work.

        They walk out the doors.

        CUT TO:


        There's a short clip of it.

        CUT TO:


        Sam and Intank walks into the house.

        Sam: Hello!!?? Riley! Graham!

        Intank: They're not here.

        Sam looks at Intank.

        Sam: Then where are they.

        CUT TO:

        INT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

        Riley and Graham are still in chains. Graham is asleep but Riley is wide awake. There is no one in the cave except for them. You see someone walk into the cave. Riley looks over. The camera reveals that it is the Xaldor demon.

        Xaldor Demon: Hey.

        Riley: The Xaldor demon.

        Xaldor Demon: They call me Xad for short.

        Riley: Alright, Xad.

        Xad: Well, what's up?

        Riley: Did you really just ask me that?

        Xad: Yep.

        Riley: well, I've been beaten, scared, and I'm chained up. That's what's up.

        Xad: That's nice.

        Riley: No, it's not nice. It sucks like hell!

        Xad: I see, maybe you should stop...yelling?

        Riley: Shut up.

        Xad: Well, that's rude. Don't ya think?

        Riley looks down and sees a loose chain on the ground, not attached to anything.

        Xad: Don't think about it.

        Riley looks up fast at Xad.

        Xad: You couldn't get that around my neck fast enough to snap it.

        Xad smiles.

        Xad: Now, be a good boy and hold still.

        Riley: What?

        Xad: Oh, and try not to scream.

        Riley's eyes widen. Xad puts his hand on Riley's head and he starts shaking. Xad closes his eyes and...


        CUT TO:


        You see a caption on the bottom of the screen. It says "5 Years Ago". Riley is lying in bed. He looks like a teen, maybe 16 or 17. He is reading a magazine when he hears a knock. He puts it down and looks around to see a girl in the window, the girl in the picture on his desk. He smiles and opens the window.

        Riley: Hey Sara!

        Sara: Riley.

        Sara gets into the room. She grabs Riley.

        Sara: I love you.

        Sara starts kissing him. She throws him onto the bed. Sara jumps on him.

        Riley: Sara, parents, here.

        Sara: Oh yeah, I forgot why I was here for a second.

        Sara gets off him.

        Sara: Sorry.

        Riley gets up.

        Riley: It's fine. I would but...parents.

        Sara: I know.

        You see the modern day Riley in the corner crossing his arms with Xad next to him.

        Xad: She loved you. Until -

        Riley: Shut up.

        Xad: Sorry, I'll let you watch more.

        The camera goes back to the middle with the past.

        Riley: So, we're gonna leave now.

        Sara: Now?

        Riley: Yeah, my parents. Marriage isn't option here.

        Sara: Then, what are we waiting for?

        ManOS: You're not going anywhere, son.

        They look over to see a man and a woman, Riley's mom and dad.

        Dad: Son, just get her out.

        Mom: Yes, please Riley.

        Xad: Oh, I love this part.

        Riley: No, we're leaving.

        Riley takes Sara's hand and pulls her towards the door. Dad pushes them back.

        Dad: Stay.

        Riley looks mad.

        Riley: No.

        Riley punches his Dad out of the way and runs with Sara out of the room. Dad and Mom get up and walk down the stairs as Riley and Sara walk out the door.

        Dad: Riley, come back here!

        Present day Riley and Xad are standing at the top of the stairs looking down. Past Riley stops outside but doesn't turn around.

        Riley: Goodbye.

        Riley and Sara run away. Dad and Mom watch and Mom breaks down into Dad's arms.

        Xad: Man, so romantic.

        Riley looks to Xad.

        Riley: Enough.

        Xad: No, I think we've just begun.

        Riley tries to punch Xad but he goes right through him.

        Xad: Sorry.

        Xad punches Riley into the wall.

        Xad: Let's go.


        CUT TO:

        INT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

        Xad's eyes open and so do Riley's. Xad smiles with his head still on Riley's head.

        DemonOS: Get away!

        Xad backs away and looks to see a Demon from the group with a gun in hand.

        Xad: Uh-oh, I'm in trouble!

        Demon: You are. Who are you? Tell me!

        Xad: Hey, slow down bucko! I'm not against you.

        Demon: You were gonna release Finn.

        Xad: His name's Riley ?

        Demon: Finn!

        Xad: Sorry.

        Demon: You better be!

        Xad: Oh well.

        Xad waves his arms and the demon screams. He drops his weapon and falls to the ground, holding his head. Xad walks over to him and picks up his gun.

        Xad: I see you have a bad past. You don't have to relive it.

        Xad shoots him in the head and he falls down, dead.

        Xad: There we go.

        Boss DemonOS: Hell Xad.

        Xad looks over to see Boss Demon.

        Xad: Oh, hi Chuck!

        Chuck: My name isn't Chuck!

        Xad: Well, you don't have one. What am I supposed to call you?

        Chuck: Boss!

        Xad: (Sarcastically) Okay. Boss, I want to know what to call you other than Boss.

        Chuck: Shut up!

        Xad shoots him in the leg. He screams.

        Xad: I'd like you to shut up. Good, now, let's talk.

        CUT TO:

        EXT ? HOUSE ? NIGHT

        Sam and Intank walk out of the house and walk to the car.

        Sam: We need to find them.

        Intank: Right.

        They get into the car and drive away.

        END OF ACT 3


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          ACT 4

          CUT TO:


          Salomie is sitting at her desk and is doing her homework. Jill walks in the room. She looks sad.

          Salomie: Hey Jill. Why ya down?

          Jill: Why am I down!!??

          Salomie: Yeah, you're not deaf.

          Salomie looks nervous.

          Salomie: You're not, right?

          Jill: No, idiot.

          Salomie: Excuse me?

          Jill: You're excused.

          Salomie: Jill, what the hell are you doing?!

          Jill: Talking, dumb ass.

          Salomie: Jill, stop!

          Jill punches Salomie. Jill looks stunned.

          Jill: Oh my. Sorry!

          Salomie looks at Jill.

          Salomie: Get out.

          Jill: What?

          Salomie: Leave, come back when you don't feel like hitting your best friend, or else I'll hit back.

          Jill looks stunned and walks out the door.

          Salomie sits back down and starts doing homework again. She hears a noise and looks outside. She sees the car with Sam and Intank in it.


          The gang kills the gang and saves Salomie.


          Salomie grabs her jacket and runs out the door.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

          Salomie is walking down the street. She gets to the press and walks in. She goes into the security room and Max is in there.

          Max: Hello Salomie. What are you doing here?

          Salomie: I need something.

          Max: Oh, okay. What is it?

          Salomie: A security tape.

          Max: Which tape?

          Salomie: A few weeks ago.

          Max: Day?

          Salomie looks at the dates out the tapes.

          Salomie: Um, this one.

          She takes one.

          Salomie: Thanks.

          Max: Hey! Salomie!

          Salomie: What?

          Max: Thank you.

          Salomie: For?

          Max: For saving us all.

          Salomie: No, we saved everyone.

          Salomie and Max smiles.

          Salomie: Thanks for the tape.

          Salomie walks out.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

          Xad is there holding the gun. Chuck is on the ground in pain.

          Xad: So, you're my boss, huh?

          Chuck: No, just please stop.

          Xad: Okay.

          Xad kicks him in the stomach and he flies across the room. A demon walks in with a gun, aimed at Xad. Xad shoots the demon and he falls to the ground, dead.

          Xad: Okay, time for you all to stop trying to kill me!

          Chuck looks at him.

          Chuck: I'm sorry.

          Xad: It's not fine.

          Xad walks closer to Chuck.

          Xad: But, I will not kill you. Lucky you.

          Chuck: What will you do?

          Xad: Hurt you like hell.

          Xad punches Chuck repeatedly and then suddenly stops.

          Xad: That'll do for now.

          Xad walks away from Chuck.

          Xad: Now onto you two.

          Xad looks at Riley and Graham. Want to see what happened before?

          Riley: No, get away!

          Xad walks closer.

          Xad: Let's go, sparky!

          Riley: Don't!

          Xad: Yeah, that'll stop me.

          CUT TO:


          Sam and Intank are walking through the graveyard. They both have stakes in hand.

          Sam: It's gonna be over. We're gonna stop this demon.

          Intank: If we can find it.

          Sam stops and looks to Intank.

          Sam: Do you think they're dead?

          Intank: I don't really care.

          Sam: Intank, you must be honest. Tell me. I know you care.

          Intank: Well, I care just a little. And they're too strong. They're alive.

          Sam smiles.

          Sam: Good.

          Sam falls to the ground. They look over to see five vamps.

          Intank: Now the question is if we'll be alive in five minutes.

          Sam stands up.

          Sam: Let's make it so we are.

          Intank: You got it.

          Intank kicks a vamp and then stakes another. Sam punches one but it blocks so she kicks him. Sam then punches again and stakes the vamp. Intank grabs a vamp's head and rips it off, dusting it. Sam punches one and then kicks the other. Sam dusts one and grabs the other and throws him onto the ground. The vamp gets up and punches Sam to the ground. Sam looks up at the smiling vamp hovering over her when suddenly he turns to dust and Intank is standing right there. Intank helps her up.

          Intank: We gotta go. Find them.

          Sam: We do.

          CUT TO:

          EXT ? STREET ? NIGHT

          Jill is walking down the street with tears in her eyes. Her phone rings. She stops and answers it.

          Jill: Hello.

          Jill's eyes widen.

          Jill: Hello. Okay.

          Jill hangs up and starts walking down the street again. She's looking at all the people walking down the street, happily. She frowns.

          CUT TO:

          INT ? CAVE ? NIGHT

          Xad is walking closer and closer.

          Xad: Come on, Riley. It wasn't that bad. Let's do it again.

          Riley: No further!

          Xad: Why? The second half is so much better. Entertaining, I must say.

          Riley: No, it hurts!

          Xad: I see, it hurts. Well, suck it up. Let's go into your past.

          Xad runs at Riley and puts his hands on Riley's head. Riley starts shaking and Xad smiles.

          Xad: Here we go again.

          FADE TO BLACK

          TO BE CONTINUED...

          ROLL CREDITS

          END SHOW