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Riley The Series 1.03 "Arachnophobia"

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  • BlasterBoy
    ACT 3

    CUT TO:


    The Woman walks closer and closer to Sam.

    Woman: Why do you look so scared? Huh?

    Sam tries to speak but she can't with tape over her mouth. The Woman is within striking distance. She raises her blade high up and begins to swing it down.

    CUT TO:


    Riley: Look who's following us.

    Intank looks in the mirror and sees Graham driving a car right behind them.

    Intank: More help. That's good.

    Riley: Intank, you know there are hundreds of spiders on Gilford Lane. How are we gonna get onto Gilford Lane?

    Intank: Back entrance.

    Riley: College street?

    Intank: Yes.

    Riley: Then move fast, because I think the spiders are taking that street too.

    CUT TO:


    Jill: Faster! They're gonna kill us soon.

    Salomie: I'm going as fast as I can so shut the hell up!

    Max: This is insane.

    Salomie: Shut up!

    John: Salomie?

    Salomie: We need to get out of here!

    Max: What if they just follow us?

    Salomie: I don't care! I'm not gonna die.

    Max: That's really not up to you!

    Salomie: SHUT UP!

    John: Everyone, calm down.

    Jill: No, we're not calming down until she does.

    Salomie: Sorry, but we're leaving.

    CUT TO:


    The blade swings down but Sam rolls away as it slams into the wooden floor.

    Woman: Get back here!

    The door swings open and Riley, Intank, and Graham run in.

    Intank: Hey lady.

    The Woman turns around only to be punched in the face by Intank. The woman flies back into the bookshelf. Riley runs over to Sam and helps her up. He takes the tape off her mouth and grabs the blade on the floor and cuts the rope. He then helps her up.

    Riley: Are you okay?

    Sam: Yeah, I'm fine.

    Riley: Then stay here.

    Riley runs over to the Woman, holding the blade. He swings it at the neck but she catches the blade part. Blood starts dripping from her hands. Her face changes and turns into a demonic face. She punches him in the stomach and he drops the blade. She then picks him up and throws him against the wall. Sam looks scared again. The two men sneak up behind her, both holding terribly sharp knives. She turns around to find them and she looks terrified. She grabs one of their hands and punches him. He drops the knife and she picks it up. She kicks the other guy but he just punches her to the ground. Intank runs over and punches his fist into one guy's heart. Then he grabs the knife Sam was holding and stabs the other man in the face. Riley then kicks the Woman but she keeps on coming closer. Graham sees this and grabs the blade. He is about to swing it and decapitate the Woman but she turns around and punches him in the stomach making him drop the blade. Riley then picks up the blade fast but the Woman grabs it and rips it out of his hands. She is about to decapitate him when all of a sudden she stops and her eyes widen. She falls to the ground to reveal a knife sticking out of her head. Intank had thrown it. Sam looks at the blade and then at the spider and skull on the map. She grabs the blade and smashes the spider and the skull. Everyone just looks to her as she does this.

    CUT TO:


    Sam is sitting on the stairs. Graham opens the door and walks outside. He then sits down on the stairs next to Sam.

    Graham: Hey Sam.

    Sam: I was so scared.

    Graham: I know, but its okay now.

    Sam: I know.

    Graham: What's wrong?

    Sam looks him in the eye.

    Sam: Graham, what do you think is wrong? I killed a man. Actually, two. Now do you know what's wrong?

    Graham: Sam, I know you killed someone but ?

    Sam cuts him off.

    Sam: No! No buts! There is no excuse for murder.

    Graham: There actually is. You were defending yourself.

    Sam: It doesn't matter, I killed them. I smashed his bones.

    Graham: Sam, don't do this to yourself.

    Sam: Do you know how bad it was? It was horrible, Graham. I should've been killed today. I deserved it. I deserve to die. I deserve it, Graham.

    Graham: No! Don't say that! It's not true!

    Sam looks at him and begins to cry.

    Sam: I'm sorry Graham. I'm sorry.

    Graham: Sam!

    Graham hugs Sam.

    Graham: It's alright. Everything's alright.

    Sam: I'm so sorry. I'm sorry!

    CUT TO:


    People are walking around the street picking up trash and remains from the attack. Many people are crying about broken things or dead loved ones. Riley then walks across the screen. The camera follows Riley. Riley has his hands in his pocket with a frown on his face. He here's loud music and looks to the side. He sees "The Gold" and walks towards there. He opens the door and walks in. People are dancing everywhere and there's flashing lights. Riley walks over to the bar where Intank is.

    Riley: Intank, we need to talk.

    Intank: Um, okay.

    He turns to his customers.

    Intank: I'll be right back.

    Riley and Intank walk into the back room.

    Intank: What is it now?

    Riley: I wanted to say, that I'm glad that we're cool.

    Intank: Really? Well, thanks. But I don't want to be friends with you.

    Riley: Oh, neither do I. But at least were not enemies.

    Intank: I wouldn't say that.

    Riley: Yeah?

    Intank: Yup.

    Intank turns blue and punches Riley across the room.

    Intank: See what I mean?

    CUT TO:


    John and Salomie are walking to John's room.

    Salomie: Sorry for making us almost leave town.

    John: It's okay Salomie. You were trying to save my life.

    Salomie smiles.

    Salomie: Well, all the spiders just went poof! So, now we're home.

    John: Yeah. I'll see you tomorrow Salomie.

    Salomie: Okay, see ya John.

    CUT TO:


    Sam is asleep and Riley is tossing and turning. He looks over at his dresser to see the picture of the girl. She looks beautiful. He then starts breathing heavily and sweating. You get a close up on the picture and then it reveals the Riley is in the very back.




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  • BlasterBoy
    ACT 2

    FADE IN:

    Sam's terrified face. She is absolutely in shock, at the 50- ft, poisonous arachnids towering over her. From behind her, the smaller, yet equally as deadly, spiders are fast approaching Sam. Sam stands absolutely still as the twin, 50- ft Tarantulas stare at their prey with amazing hunger. The little spiders are now fast approaching, and are only like one block away. She makes a dash for it, to the only route of escape, the sidewalk. She runs as fast as humanly possible inside the nearest store. The giant tarantulas follow her at super-speed! She screams bloody murder! The two tarantulas gain on her, along with the thousands of small, spiders now a half a block away! She enters Laintan's Classical Antiques Store, just before the thousands of spiders swarm into the store; she closes and locks the door. The spiders take up all view from outside the window, so none of the street is visible now. Sam's face is dead white.

    Sam (Absolutely terrified/ to herself): What the hell is happening?! Oh my God, this is absolutely unbelievable! I'm in a nightmare, I swear! A bad, bad, bad nightmare!

    Unbeknownst to Sam, a woman, the same one we saw just a minute ago worshiping the spiders, the African American one is right behind Sam, with an old glass flower vase raised in a threatening manner. Sam senses someone's presence in the room. She turns around just as the African American woman swings the glass vase on her head, and knocks Sam unconscious. Suddenly, two muscular, male arachnid worshipers, also in robes come out and hoist Sam's unconscious form up and carry her all the way to the attic. The robed woman looks at the window, and gives us a wicked smile, her dream has come true! The African American woman solemnly lifts up her robe hood, and places it carefully on her head, as she walks up solemnly to the attic of the Antique Store. We now know who is behind this arachnid invasion!

    CUT TO:


    Melissa and Lain are walking down a street; Melissa is sipping her orange juice, and Lain is just about to eat his Burger King Egg sandwich. They are walking pretty slowly, Lain is complaining.

    Lain: It's just not fair!!

    Melissa: Lain, when are you going to get over it?

    Lain (Sarcastically): Never!!

    Melissa: It's really not that unreasonable, if you think about it! Considering the time of day!

    They make there way to a small, quaint looking bench on the sidewalk. Just room enough for the two of them. They take their seats and eat their breakfast together.

    Lain: It's totally unreasonable Melissa!

    Melissa sips her orange juice.

    Melissa: No. it's not.

    Lain: Yes it is.

    Melissa: Lain, no, really, it's not.

    Lain: Yes it is!!!!! Why couldn't they have just given me a Whopper like I asked for?

    Melissa: Because it's freaking 8 o' clock in the morning, Lain!

    Lain: So, you're point, Melissa?

    Melissa: Nobody eats Whoppers this early!!!

    Lain: I do!!!!

    Melissa (Giving in): Ok, whatever.

    Lain: That's the last time in my whole existence I'm ever going to Burger King, at breakfast!

    Suddenly, a screeching noise is heard, sort of like tires speeding on the street. Melissa and Lain both get alarmed as the noise gets closer, and closer, and closer until Graham's car pulls up next to them, window down.

    Graham: Hey guys.

    Melissa: Hey Graham, what's up?

    Graham: Oh, nothing, just picking up my friend.

    Melissa: (Sounding nervous) Girlfriend?

    Graham: Well, she is my friend and a girl but she's older than me and married.

    Lain: This feels like a drive through!

    Graham: What?

    Lain: Well, you know, talking while you're in a car.

    Melissa: Don't listen to him, he's confused.

    Lain: Hey!

    Melissa: You can't deny the truth.

    Graham: Guys, I gotta get going, my friends waiting for me, see ya around.

    Melissa: Bye.

    Graham drives down the road and is about to turn on Gilford road when a huge spider jumps onto the street Graham's on. Graham's eyes widen. That spider is followed by another, and another, and another. Graham does a quick U ? Turn and rushes down the road. He stops quickly at Melissa and Lain, who are walking the direction as the car.

    Graham: Jump in!

    Melissa and Lain look behind them. Melissa screams just as Lain pulls her into the back seat of the car. Graham pounds his foot on the peddle and goes as fast as he can down the road, 120 MPH. He makes a quick turn onto the next street as the spiders begin to take the town!

    CUT TO:


    Sam is lying on the ground, unconscious, tied, and gagged. The two men are lighting candles around the spider, the skull, the blood, and the map of Laintan. The blood is spreading throughout the map slowly but surely. The African American woman walks into the room and stares at the two men with an evil stare. They watched her as she walked into the room.

    Woman: What are you staring at!?

    By the time she gets to "at" in her line, she has a demonic and low harsh voice. The two men look away from her and continue their work. The Woman looks away from them and walks over Sam, who is lying on the ground. The Woman crouches down and slaps Sam across the cheek. When you see Sam's face again her eyes are open and are staring at the Woman. The Woman smiles.

    Woman: You're awake.

    The Woman pulls her up and throws her against a book shelf filled with vases. Many vases fall to the ground, shattering. Sam looks terrified. The Woman picks up a blade from the ground and starts to walk towards Sam.

    Woman: We need more blood.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie is leaned up against the wall and Max taking deep breaths but it looks like Salomie is not breathing.

    Max: Salomie, are you okay?

    Salomie: Yeah. Why are you being nice to me? You're my boss. You're supposed to be all "grr".

    Max: I am?

    Salomie: Yes! But you're not! Why?

    Max: I don't know.

    Salomie: You're the only boss I've ever had that has treated me like this.

    Max: Salomie, I'm the only boss you've ever had.

    Salomie: Well you're still a pretty damn good one!

    Max: Thank you.

    Salomie: You're a good man.

    Max smiles. Then you hear noises from upstairs. Salomie and Max look up.

    Max: We better get going.

    Max grabs Salomie's hand and pulls her across the hallway.

    Salomie: Go where?

    Max: To the car maybe.

    Salomie: They'll rip the car apart, Max!

    Max: Then out of town, out of here!

    Salomie stops.

    Salomie: They'll kill us the second we walk out of here.

    Salomie points to stairs about ten feet away from them now.

    Salomie: If we walk out that door, we'll be dead.

    Max: Fine, then what are we going to do?

    Salomie: This.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie is on her cell waiting for someone to pick up. Someone picks up.

    JillOS: Hello?

    Salomie: Jill! Where are you?

    JillOS: In my house, why?

    Salomie: Because on Gilford Drive there are spiders destroying everything, big ones!

    JillOS: I know you're in your bed Salomie.

    Salomie: No! This is real, Jill!

    JillOS: You're serious, aren't you?

    Salomie: Yes!

    JillOS: Where are you?

    Salomie: In the cellar at the press.

    JillOS: What do you want me to do?

    Salomie: Well, there are two ways out of the cellar. One to Gilford Drive, where the spiders are, and the other one out to College Street. Drive to College Street and we'll run out and get into the car.

    JillOS: We'll?

    Salomie: Me and Max.

    JillOS: Max?

    Salomie: My boss!

    JillOS: Oh, okay, I'll pick you up.

    Salomie: Oh, and bring some clothes and food.

    JillOS: Why?

    Salomie: Because we're leaving town.

    CUT TO:


    A car pulls up. You see that Jill is driving it. She honks the horn repeatedly.

    CUT TO:


    All the spiders stop to hear the honking of the horn. Some dash towards the street they hear the noise from, College Street.

    CUT TO:


    Jill is still honking the horn. When Salomie and Max run out of the building, Jill stops honking the horn. Salomie and Max jumps into the car, Salomie in the passenger's seat and Max in the back. Jill looks through the window and sees spiders sliding onto the street. Jill screams. Max sees this and so does Salomie. Salomie just screams whole Max pushes Jill back and starts driving the car away from the spiders. Jill and Salomie finally stop screaming.

    Jill: You guys better thank me. I saved you.

    Max: Yeah, and then almost killed us by sitting still when overgrown spiders were about to kill us.

    Jill: Shut up.

    Salomie: Let's just get the hell out of here. Wait! John! And mom! And dad!

    Jill: Oh no! Mom! Brother! Bob!

    Max: Guys, stop! I know it's hard but we'll get killed as well if we stay.

    Salomie: No, you won't live. Because I'll rip you apart. Now turn around!

    Max looks back and shakes his head.

    Max: No.

    Salomie: Get out of the damn seat!

    Max: Calm down, Salomie.

    Salomie: Shut the hell up and get your ass out of that seat! NOW!

    Max stops the car and moves to the back while Salomie jumps into the front seat and starts driving. She comes upon a building titled "Malany Hall" Salomie stops the car and gets out. Max grabs her arm.

    Max: Where the hell do you think you're going?

    Salomie: To get John.

    Salomie pulls away from him and walks to the building. She then runs in.

    CUT TO:


    You see Salomie run up a flight of stairs and knock on a door, 257. John opens it, still in pajamas. John looks embarrassed.

    John: Salomie. Um, why are you here? Um, hi?

    Salomie: Get your clothes on, get out of this building and jump into my car. Well, Jill's but I'm driving. Got it?

    John: Um, why?

    Salomie: Because humongous spiders are destroying the town.

    John: Um, so, when am I waking up? Anytime soon?

    Salomie: John, this isn't a joke so get your ass down there!

    Salomie has a straight face.

    John: You better not be joking. I'll be down in a sec.

    Salomie: Thank you.

    John: Yeah.

    CUT TO:


    John runs out of the building and jumps into the car.

    John: Where are we going?

    Salomie: Out.

    John: Oh, I see.

    Salomie: Out of town.

    John: Oh.

    CUT TO:


    Intank stares at Riley.

    Intank: Riley, I'm never gonna like you. I'm never gonna be your friend. I'm a demon and you kill demons. We just don't mix. But I'm not gonna hold this grudge! If I do we're gonna get killed soon. Riley, we aren't alike. We're nowhere near alike! But we're nowhere near different as well. So, let's forget this ever happened and go back to who we were before this happened, the two people who hated each other, but didn't hate each other too much.

    Riley starts to smile. All of a sudden they hear feet. They run outside to see some spiders a few blocks away.

    Intank: We gotta go.

    Riley: Where?

    Intank pulls out a knife.

    Intank: Wherever the blood takes us.

    Riley: What?

    Intank: I need to stab one.

    Riley: You're insane.

    Intank: Thank you.

    Intank runs to them swiftly. When he gets to the first one, he stabs it. He takes the knife out and runs. The spider falls to the ground, knocking over another spider with it. They run into "The Gold". Intank runs into a back room for a second.

    Riley: What are we gonna do with this blood?

    Intank walks out of the room with a map of Laintan.

    Intank: To see where this is all coming from.

    Intank throws some blood onto the map. The blood all moves to one building on Gilford Lane, the antique store.

    Intank: There, we're going there.

    CUT TO:


    Graham is driving as fast as he can.

    Lain: We can't just leave.

    Graham: No, we can't. We need to just get away from them for a little bit.

    Melissa: And how do we do that?

    Graham: I don't know.

    Graham spots a car, Intank driving and Riley in the passenger seat.

    Graham: We follow them.

    Graham starts to follow them.

    END OF ACT 2

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  • BlasterBoy
    ACT 1

    INT ? GRAHAM'S BEDROOM - Morning

    Graham is sleeping peacefully in his bed. He continues to sleep undisturbed for a few brief seconds. Suddenly, his clock wake up call goes off and starts buzzing very loudly. Graham begins to stir. His eyes shoot open and he slams his hand strongly on his alarm clock. He sits in bed, in silence for a few seconds before he pulls the covers back, and he gets up. We only see his upper, shirtless body. He walks toward his bathroom. He enters his bathroom as we:

    CUT TO:


    Graham turns the faucet on and splashes cold water on his face. He does this repetitively, until he gets the sleep off his face. He looks up into the mirror and he sees his reflection, he stares at himself for a few seconds.

    CUT TO:


    Graham enters the kitchen, still shirtless, with just his pajama shorts on. He makes his way to the refrigerator and opens it. He's looking for some food for breakfast. He takes out a 1% Milk carton. He opens the lid, and puts his nose to the carton. He makes a face.

    Graham: Looks like we're out of milk, again. Looks like one of us needs to go food shopping soon.

    There is nothing really in the refrigerator, he closes it. He notices though a surprisingly ripe banana in the fruit basket and begins to peal it, as he sees the note on the kitchen table. He picks up the note and reads it to us.

    Graham: Graham, I've gone to find out were Riley is. I woke up this morning, and he wasn't in bed. Where could he have gone? As soon as you wake up call me on my cell, we need to talk! You know the number! Bye.

    He holds the note in his hand and ponders to himself. He says this to himself.

    Graham: Hmm. That's weird. Where is Riley?

    CUT TO:


    Salomie is absolutely terrified soon. She is getting extremely claustrophobic, and is putting her arms around her and breathing ever so heavily. Her Boss is scared to pieces too. He looks like he could just die of fright. The window is going to crack any second now. Salomie is screaming.

    Salomie: Oh my God! Oh my God! What are we going to do?

    Boss: Just calm down. Ok, we're going to be fine, ok?

    Salomie: What the hell are you talking about Max? There are thousand of Tarantulas outside! With many other poisonous spiders outside and you expect me to calm down?! What the -

    He cuts her off.

    Max: (Not listening to her) My God! There must be thousand of them out there! I wonder if it is only on Gilford Lane? I wonder if they're all over Laintan?!

    Salomie: What?! Oh my God! Oh my God! We're freaking screwed! No!

    She breaks down into hysterics and begins to sob feverishly loudly.

    Max: (Greatly concerned) Oh no!

    Salomie can't take much more of this, not at all. She now looks very alarmed. She knows they don't have much of a choice. They are stuck.

    Salomie: What?! What?!

    Max: We need to go. The glass is going to break, anytime now!

    Salomie: (Not taking this all in still): What?! No! No! That can't happen! That can't! There are thousands of them. They will kill us! We wouldn't stand a chance.

    Max: Exactly. That's why we need to move.

    Salomie: Move, move where?!

    Max: In the printing room downstairs in the cellar. There is an exit way down there! Salomie, it's our only chance!

    The window cracks more and more and more. It has tons of cracks in it already, and it keeps cracking ever so slightly. Momentarily, the glass will give out and Salomie and Max will have absolutely no barrier this time.

    Salomie: Fine, fine. I can't get up though. I'm too afraid! I'm too afraid! Any movement and it could give away!!!! God, we're done for! No! No! I have arachnophobia! I freaking hate Spiders, Max!!!!!

    She begins to sob feverishly again. Max can't take this anymore. He picks her up himself, and caries her to the printing room in the cellar, while Salomie screams like a child on his shoulders.

    Salomie: No! No! Oh God! The glass! It is going to explode!

    They have reached the cellar door and Max has managed to open it now. Just as they reach as they go into the cellar and close and lock the door, the glass gives away. Thousands of spiders pour into the store, and we get an awestruck look at the store covered in Tarantulas and other poisonous spiders filling up the entire front room of the Laintan Weekly. And more and more spiders come from the drainage pit in the street and continue to pour into the store. The whole street is cover with them too. Including other stores and restaurants that are now covered in creepy crawly arachnids! The screen begins to pile up with arachnids itself, until the whole screen is covered in them, to make it look like we are now drowning in a sea of arachnids as we:

    CUT TO:


    Intank has just closed the steel door, and has turned now around to face Riley.

    Riley: So, you live here?

    Intank: Umm, yeah. There's an apartment above the balcony.

    Riley: Oh, I see.

    Intank: (Coldly): So, why did you awake me from my sleep?

    Riley: (Taken back): Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. If you want to go back to sleep, I can come back another -

    Intank cuts him off.

    Intank (Rudely): No, no that's fine. Now what do you want?

    Riley pauses for a moment, and gets very apologetic. He looks Intank, in the eye, and begins his apology.

    Riley: I came here to tell you I'm sorry.

    Intank is completely not affected. He cannot take Riley's apology.

    Intank: Yeah, whatever.

    Riley: Ok, ok, I guess I deserved that. I just -

    Intank cuts him off for the second time.

    Intank: Damn right you are! Your pathetic, emotionally unstable outburst the other night was just pathetic. You need to sort out good from bad a little better, Finn. I never wanted that woman to die! And it sure as hell wasn't my fault! I DID here kids screaming and fooling around near by. And then when, you don't get to save every single God damn person in the world, you blame me? It wasn't my God damn fault!! You think I'm a jinx?! Then, you take all your damn problems and you take them out on me?! My God, you better watch out who you do that to next because not every demon is as nice and tolerant to human emotions as I am. And trust me Finn; there are a lot of things in this world that are WAY more powerful and stronger than YOU! You just don't any of them. Well, maybe except me.

    Riley gives him a look. He is a bit taken back, but not hurt. He knows he deserved every single word Intank said. He looks away from Intank for a minute. He glances elsewhere, unable to take the heat of his eyes.

    CUT TO:


    Sam is walking down the street in a quick pace. She's very nervous now. Where is Riley? She has the cell phone up to her ear. She is calling Riley's cell, but he doesn't pick up so she has to leave a message.

    Sam (Into her cell phone/ To Riley): Riley?! Honey, where the hell are you?! You just left this morning. You didn't even tell me where you where going, and now, I don't know where the hell to look for you! I'm worried! I can't believe you'd just take off! You didn't even tell Graham, let alone your own, wife! And I have to say... I'm pretty pissed off! How do I know what you're up to? I mean I do trust you. It's just, when you get this message call me back!

    Sam flicks her cell phone lid and puts it in her jean pocket. She continues to walk at a brisk pace. She rounds the corner, and her cell phone goes on again. Her ring tone rings loudly as she pulls it out of her jean pocket again, and flicks the lid open and puts the cell phone to her ear.

    Sam (Into her cell phone): Yes, it's me Sam hello.

    CUT TO:


    Graham is sitting at the breakfast table holding the note in his hand, still eating his banana with the same wardrobe he had on when we previously saw him earlier: shirtless with pajama shorts on. He talks to Sam on the cell phone the whole time, while still eating his banana.

    Graham (Into phone): Sam it's me. What's up? You said you didn't know where Riley was? Where are you? Are you trying to find him?

    CUT TO:


    Sam (Into phone): Yeah, it's me Sam! And yes, I don't know where Riley is! I've been looking for him since I got up this morning! I'm pretty pissed at him too! And you want to know the best part? Riley took our car! So, I didn't want to just take yours so I had to walk.

    CUT TO:


    Graham (Into phone): That was stupid. You should have taken my car... Look, where are you?

    CUT TO:


    Sam (Into phone): Well, I'm about to approach Gilford Lane. You know the street by The Laintan Weekly?

    CUT TO:


    Graham (Into phone): Ok. Ok, I know where that is, I'll come get you; ok, I should be there within like 5 minutes, ok?

    CUT TO:


    Sam (Into her cell phone) Ok, hurry up, please. Ok, bye Graham.

    She flicks her cell phone lid, and places it in her jean pocket again. She rounds the corner as we pan up to the street sign that says Gilford Lane. Sam is walking very fast now, looking down the 1 mile stretch that Gilford Lane takes up. As she looks to the horizon, she sees shades of brown and black, and they seem to be moving towards her direction quickly! Sam squints harder to see what they are. She gets alarmed when she looks around and she sees that the street is dead silent, not to mention that there is no one walking Gilford Lane for as far as I could see. The only noise she is hearing is coming from the brownness approaching her. She stares at it keenly, and becomes very curious now. A few more seconds and she begins to realize what is coming. Thousands upon thousands of arachnids quickly crawl up the street, in the direction of Sam. Dead horror takes over her face, as they get closer and closer to her. She turns around and is about to run, but a 50- ft Tarantula is standing in her way. The thousands of poisonous spiders are coming from her behind, and the 50-ft Tarantula is gaining extremely fast in front of her. She is trapped!

    Sam (Scared to death): Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!

    CUT TO:


    Graham is racing out of the house, fully clothed now, to his car. He is wearing an Adidas tank top and jean shorts. He hops into his silver Mercedes Benz, starts the ignition, puts the car in reverse, backs up, and drives toward Gilford Lane. His car speeds away from the screen and it goes black.

    CUT TO:


    Riley looks at Intank in the eye coldly, than smiles to himself. This was one thing Intank was wrong about; he did know many strong people in his life, one in particular.

    Riley: That's one thing your wrong about Intank.

    Intank: How so?

    Riley: I've met many people and things in this world that were more powerful than me. And in fact more powerful than you.

    There is a harsh, awkward silence between them, as they gaze away from one another.

    Intank (Sure of himself): Like who?

    Riley looks away in sadness towards the ground, and stares.

    Riley: You wouldn't know her, ok?

    Intank (Intrigued): Her?!

    Riley: Ok, that's really not the point right now. That's just -

    Intank cuts him of.

    Intank (Coldly): Then, what exactly is the point Finn?! Why the hell are you here?! If you've come to apologize that's fine, but -

    Riley cuts Intank off this time.

    Riley: But that IS the reason I came today! Because I know what I did last night was absolutely horrible, and you didn't deserve that all! I know that, I was stressed, and terribly misjudged you. You're not bad! I know that you weren't responsible for that woman's death. If anyone is to blame for that poor woman's death it's me! I know that, that's why I want to tell you that I'm really, REALLY sorry for what I did to you the other night and I just hope that you could forgive me for what I did to you because I'm very sorry, man.

    Riley is sincere in his apology. Intank stares at him, trying to not give in, but it's hard. Riley really feels bad for what he did the other night. But should Intank give in that easily?! There is a long, awkward pause.

    CUT TO:


    Salomie is still completely freaking out in the cellar, still. Max is trying to keep his cool, but it is still very hard. Salomie is sitting on a big crate, and Max is just pacing around. We heard the thousands of spiders upstairs, Salomie looks so frightened as she looks up to the ceiling.

    Salomie: I hate spiders!!!! I have arachnophobia!!

    Max (Sarcastically): Really? I would have never noticed.

    Salomie: It just doesn't make any sense. It doesn't make any sense at all! Why is this happening? I don't get it!!!!! Who the hell is doing this to us? Where did these freaking spiders come from?!

    CUT TO:


    There are these hooded figures in black robes. They are chanting an old, forgotten language, and are holding candles in their hand. In the center there is an octagon, about 50ft wide. In the center there is a man, dead?! He's also naked. There are spiders feasting on his form. No, he is dead. Also inside the circle, there is a map of Laintan, on top; of it is a human skull, on top of the skull, is a spider crawling on the skull, dominating it. The chanting is getting louder. The leader of these hooded figures, there are three of them, puts down his hood, she is an African American woman, she raises a blade from her side, and she slits her wrist. Blood trickles down on top of the Tarantula and the skull and splattering on the map of Laintan, particularly almost all through Gilford Lane.


    END OF ACT 1

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    started a topic Riley The Series 1.03 "Arachnophobia"

    Riley The Series 1.03 "Arachnophobia"

    Note: This episode will be rewritten shortly.

    Riley: The Series. Episode 3 "Arachnophobia"

    Intank(O.S.): Previously on Riley?.

    CUT TO:


    Riley: (irritated) Why are you here?

    Intank: Because I want to I'm part of your team, Finn - even if you don't happen to like it.

    Riley: The door isn't wide open for you.

    Intank: (smugly) Yes it was.

    Riley: (growing more irritated) I didn't mean literally.


    Riley: You're not welcome here.

    CUT TO:

    EXT. Sidewalk- Day

    Salomie: I've got to do something! It's more important! I've got a real chance to get that reporting job if I can get a decent article on this murder.

    Jill: I thought you already had the job.

    Salomie: It's some big news and the articles I'm writing now are about school plays.

    CUT TO:


    Sam: I know you guys didn't physically kill people, but you sure set them up for it.

    Dan: We didn't know -

    Sam: You d**n well knew!

    Riley: Sam. (Signaling for her to stop)

    Sam: No! I won't stop, Riley. (Starting to talk to Calk and Dan) You knew! You worked with them. Money. That's all you wanted. You are little, disgusting, greedy, idiotic murderers! I just want to get that through you're thick brain! You didn't tell those demons to kill us but you let them here. You deserve to go to hell.

    Sam punches Calk.

    Sam: Maybe you guys should think about what I said.

    Sam and Riley walk away leaving Calk and Dan looking surprised.

    CUT TO:


    Sam is looking shocked at the front door. She also looks scared.

    Calk: Hello Sam.

    Sam tries to close the door but Calk pushes it back.

    Calk: Are you trying to get rid of us?


    Sam: No. I won't work for you.

    Calk: Oh, well then, I didn't want to do this but I guess I have to.

    Riley: Do what?

    Calk: Well, if Sam refuses, we will kill her.

    Sam: What?

    Riley: No!

    CUT TO:


    Sam: No. I need to do this.

    Riley: What?

    Sam: I need to Riley.

    Riley: If you say no, I won't let them hurt you.

    Sam: It's not me. It's you. I won't let you guys get hurt.

    CUT TO:


    Graham takes out a stake and stakes two, he is then punched by one. Intank is punching one repeatedly until he finally rips its' head off. Then Riley does a roundhouse kick to Dan. He falls over and then kicks Riley while on the ground. Dan jumps up and then punches Riley. Dan then grabs hold of Riley's neck. When a vamp comes near, Riley grabs the vamp and flings him at Dan and Dan releases his grip on Riley. Calk is fighting Sam. Sam kicks Calk in the head and then takes a stake. He punches her and then pushes her into some crates. Sam then punches him twice and then slams him into some crates. He gets up with scratches all over him. Sam then throws the stake backwards so it hits Dan right in the heart. Dan falls over, dead. Riley looks shocked. Sam just looks angry and furious at Calk. She then throws him onto Dan's back. The stake is slowly going into.

    Sam: Go to hell!

    Sam pushes harder and the stake smashes through his bones. Sam looks shocked at the lifeless body and falls back, crying.

    CUT TO:


    The female vampire is cowing down and draining the poor woman. She sucks for almost like 20 seconds on the screen, until she drops the dead, lifeless elderly woman on the bike path.


    Riley: Are you kidding me? This is serious. A woman died because of us!

    Intank: Riley, there was nothing we could do!

    Riley: Yes there was! If you didn't run into me and disregard the scream that I heard none of this would have happened!

    Intank: Don't you dare blame this on me!

    Riley gets up and punches Intank hard in the face.

    Riley: No!!!! Don't talk! You're a jinx!!! You're nothing but a jinx!! Graham was wrong about you, I gave you a try, and I should never have! You're the reason for this woman's death!

    He punches Intank hard on the face again.

    Riley: I hate you! I hate everything about you! If I ever see you near Sam and Graham, people who I love, I'll kill you myself!!!!!!

    He punches Intank even harder than the previous times, and runs off. We see Intank who is bruised, and greatly hurt both physically and emotionally. A tear rolls down his cheek.




    The screen opens on the ceiling of Riley and Sam's room. We pan down to reveal Sam asleep alone in bed. The covers on Riley's side of the bed are pulled back. He is nowhere to be scene. Sam looks like she is having a really BAD dream. She is tossing and turning in bed frequently. We zoom in on her. She is definitely having a BAD dream. She mutters in her sleep:

    Sam: Please- no! I had too! Please- please no!

    Her tossing and turning gets more violent and quicker. Until, her dream climaxes and she lets a big scream as she awakens in bed.

    Sam: No!!!!!

    She is now bolt upright in her bed. Sweat pouring all over her face. She calms down, and tries to put it behind her. She cracks her neck and her shoulders. She then realizes that her husband is absent, as she looks beside her in bed.

    Sam: Riley?Riley?

    CU TO:

    EXT - Outside of the Gold Bar- MORNING

    We see an outside shot of The Gold Bar at the crack of dawn. Riley, who is walking at a brisk pace, comes into frame. He is wearing an olive t-shirt, with dark blue jeans on. He comes to a halt at the entrance to The Gold Bar. He looks almost hesitantly at the place. He has a "Why the hell did I decide do come here?" look on his face. He knocks meekly on the steel entrance. The sign does say, CLOSED, but he knows Intank is in there. He knocks a second time, with a bit more force. No answer. He turns around, and is actually about to walk away. Then, he turns around, and loudly knocks on the door three times. There is a beat. Is there really no one in there? Riley waits. And waits.
    Suddenly Riley thinks that he hears someone moving in the inside. He puts his ear closer to the steel door. Suddenly, Riley hears that someone is coming. He gets back in place and stands straight up in his spot. The steel door swings open and Intank is standing in the door frame. He is shirtless, with green silky pajama pants on. Riley almost stares at him sort of awkwardly.

    Riley: Hey Intank. I just wanted to say -

    His speech is cut short as Intank slams the steel door in his face. Riley sighs heavily. He knocks on the door perpetually this time. Riley is insisting that Intank open the door for him. There is a beat. Then, the door opens slowly this time. Intank is in the doorframe again.

    Intank: What the hell do you want?

    Intank still has a couple bruises on his face from the other night. But it doesn't look THAT bad anymore.

    Riley: I just wanted to talk to you.

    Intank looks like Riley just woke him up from a restless sleep.

    Intank (Sternly): Why should I let you? I don't owe you any of my time.

    Riley: Right. Then, I'll just leave then. Bye.

    Riley turns around and starts walking away at medium pace. Intank rolls his eyes; he is forced to give in.

    Intank: Fine. We can talk.

    Riley turns around and runs back to Intank.

    Riley: Thank you. Five minutes, I promise. That's all I need.

    Intank: Good, because I have stuff, I need to do.

    Intank moves from the door frame to let Riley in The Gold Bar. He rolls his eyes behind his back as he slams the steel door in our face, as we:

    Cut to:

    EXT. Street in Laintan- Morning

    We get an aerial shot of a street of Laintan in the dawn of morning. The street is very peaceful, hardly anyone on it. No traffic and barely any cars on the street, except shopkeepers opening up for the day. The hustle and bustle of the morning flow hasn't quite started just yet.

    Cut to: Gilford Lane Street Sign

    We get a couple seconds on a street sign on the street that says Gilford Lane. The sign is green, with Gilford Lane imprinted in clear white. We pan down, to reveal that Salomie is crossing over Gilford Lane from the other street. She walks at a steady pace, she seems like she is running severely late for work.

    Salomie: My boss might give John another interesting article if I don't hurry I disagree to work. God! Why am I always late?! Aghhhh!

    He arrives at the entrance of her job, the newspaper print, the Laintan Weekly. She opens the door, and the bell rings, as soon as we ear the bell ring, Salomie has already begun her hour long apology, to her Boss, at the desk.

    Salomie (To her Boss): I'm so sorry! I really didn't intend to be this late, honestly. I just, I just missed the bus, and really it won't ever, ever, ever happen again. Honestly, I value my job so much! I really do care about it, immensely. I love it more than chocolate; it means so much, so I hope you don't -

    Her Boss, seems completely unaffected and totally not mad. He actually just smiles kindly at her. In the midst of her pathetic, almost funny ramble, he glances over at the window to the street and his face goes dead with absolute horror. She stops her ramble and looks at the direction he is staring with pure fear at. Outside, on Gilford Lane, hundreds upon hundreds of Tarantulas and poisonous spiders pour onto the street. They are pouring from above the drainage pits in the street, and our now all over the side walks and crawling up the shop's windows. Maybe, even thousands! Salomie lets out a scream as she sees a huge 50 ft Tarantula come into frame from the window of the Laintan Weekly. It's getting to the point where they cannot even see outside, there is that many. Salomie lets out a scream:

    Salomie (Terrified): Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    Boss: What the freaking hell is this?

    Salomie looks so frightened she might fall over dead.

    Salomie: Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We see the window of the window filled with Tarantulas and other deadly spiders. There is no hope! Her boss is trying to calm her down.

    Boss: Salomie, it's ok. Were' fine, ok?

    Salomie doesn't hear him and falls to the floor in hysterics, sobbing. As she lifts her head up, she sees that the window isn't going to hold all of the spiders; it is going to crack very soon! She lets out one last bloodcurdling scream.

    Salomie: Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





    Marc Blucas - Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic - Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase - Graham Miller
    Mike Lombardi - Intank Welleee
    Keira Knightley - Salomie Sullivan