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They Love to Watch Her Strut (a drabble)

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  • They Love to Watch Her Strut (a drabble)

    Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me. Joss would be appalled at what I have them doing these days....

    Rating: PG (but with a truly bizarre pairing)

    "I seem to attract a great deal of unwelcome attention," Miss Smurfette said.

    "Duh!" Harmony rolled her eyes. "It's the outfit, silly. Everything's on display. All the office guys love to watch your butt when you walk like that, you know."

    "I am walking incorrectly?" Illyria seemed totally baffled. No experience, maybe? Plus she kept calling herself "he". What was that about?

    "Like this." Harmony demonstrated, rolling her hips provocatively. "Guys love this."

    "I see," Illyria replied in an odd, strangled tone.

    Later, leaving Wes' office, Harmony could have sworn someone was watching her ass. Wes was such a perv.

    (Caught Illyria doing something rather startling in "Origin". I've been going on about it elsewhere...bad me. )
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