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The Way it Could have Been. (Ats Season 3 based Story)

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  • The Way it Could have Been. (Ats Season 3 based Story)

    Ok this is my first time posting something here. I wrote this with a friend a long time ago. Its quite long so i will post it in small sections...and bear with me as its alot to type up, so it will take me a

    Its an Ats story. its seaon 3 based, pretty much right after 'Waiting in the Wings' The only difference is...Groo never turned up.

    I guess you could look at this as a what could have been...All characters are Joss's. all story ideas a artyl my own and patrtle made up. But all of this is my own wrting, so sit back and enjoy the first few paragrahes and let me know what you think and more will follow over the weekend.

    The Way it Could have Been...

    Chapter 1

    Angel sat back in his dark leather chair, his fingers drumming upon his wooden desk in front of him. The files of Angel Investigations latest cases were piled up on the corner, yet he had no patients to sift through them. He hoped Fred would sort them out, but she was out on a breakfast date with Charles Gunn.
    Angel envied them a little. They were in Love and not afraid to show it, or know who cares. Although they didn't shout it from the roof tops around former watcher Wesley Wyndam - Price. it was obvious to them all that Wesley had strong feelings for the shy brunette Texan. yet Fred being Fred was oblivious to this and she chose Gunn over him. Wesley being the man he was accepted this and was happy for them, but Angel knew the truth behind his friends act.

    Lorne hummed as he pottered around fussing over Connor who was gurgling in his crib. Wesley sat across from them, his head buried in on of his hundreds of books, researching for one of their cases, which was no doubt sprung from Wolfram and Heart, or from on of the many alliances after Connor.
    "Well I'm off, gonna around up some well needed information about this little Cup cake" Lorne spoke out aloud as he slid on his blue jacket and cooed at Connor once more. Wesley briefly looked up from his book, his face unshaven and eyes showing the lack of rest. "My advise Wes....sleep" He added as he placed his hat over his hair and headed towards the big glass double doors, and left the Hyperion.
    Seconds after Lorne left Cordelia Chase breezed in, and walked up to the front desk and placed fresh drink on top of it. "Hey Wes" She said to the older English man as she slipped off her demin jacket, and eyes him carefully. "Ok do you actually remember where you live? You haven't left the office in days!" She glanced over at a now sleeping Connor, before handing Wesley his drink. Wesley's reply to her comment was a gruff "Thank you"
    "You're welcome" And with that Cordy flicked her bobbed hair away from her face and picked up her and Angels drink and turned on her heel towards Angels office.

    Being a vampire meant Angels senses were shaper than any humans. He heard Cordelia enter and he stood and watcher her through his office window. He watched her slip of her jacket to reveal a black lacy top which complimented her figure ,and a smile crossed his lips as his mind was thrown back to a few weeks ago when they had all attended the ballet, and how beautiful and fantastic Cordy had looked. They had shared a magical night that night, as well as a sensual and meaningful kiss. Though they both put that down to the curse a pone the room, but secretly deep with in themselves, they both knew different. It wasn't magic working that night, it was their emotions. It was real to them, even thought for now neither of them would let it on.
    That Fallen Little Angel on your shoulder.
    Scary Just got Sexy!