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Hell's Gate: 1.01/Pilot "The Quiet Life"

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  • Hell's Gate: 1.01/Pilot "The Quiet Life"

    He's a little Jossverse story that I've been kicking around in my head for quite some time now. It features mostly original characters and a couple of very minor ones from Buffy. I'm not sure if anyone else will find it interesting, but I thought I'd throw it out there and see what people think. This is the first time I've attempted anything like this, so I appreciate any constructive input you guys and gals can offer. So, without further ado-

    The Premise
    The Initiative and Watchers Council (before their mutual disbandment/destruction) joined together in a limited partnership to form ten teams which were stationed at mystical hot spots around the world. Many of there teams are still in operation even though The Initiative is no more and The Watchers Council is in the rebuilding stage.

    The sleepy college town of Heaven's Gate, California, is the home of one of these teams. While quiet on the surface "Hell's Gate" sits squarely in the middle of a trans-dimensional convergence, a place where the barriers between this world and other realms are at their thinnest. Portals from other dimensions open and close allowing hostile entities to pass through. The team investigates the mysterious source of this phenomena and battle the demons that it attracts. All the while, they operate under the facade of running a shabby diner.


    Frank McGann (Bruce Campbell): Late 40's. Formerly career military, Frank is now the leader of the Initiative/Watcher cell. His typically stern demeanor rarely slips, but when it does, those around glimpse the caring man that lies under all that military training.

    Tamsin Sinclair (Jemima Rooper): Mid 20's. Tamsin, daughter of former Watcher Council Head Quentin Travers, works for the new Watchers Council. Growing up, she always wanted to work for the Council which inadvertently made her her father's favorite child. While not conventionally beautiful, she has a confidence that makes her sexy. An excellent fighter, her Initiative trained martial arts skills are almost as lethal as her sarcastic wit. After being widowed, she chose to join the team where she fights along side her brother Lon.

    Lon Travers (Matthew Macfadyen): Early 30's. Member of the new Watcher's Council, Lon spent most of his life trying to prove himself to his overbearing father. He is high strung and repressed. Feeling he needed to log some "field time", he joined the team to get some real world experience.

    Vi Clark (Felicia Day): 18. Just a normal girl until the power of one became the power of many. Vi is now a Slayer, infused with the power to stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. A force to be reckoned with in battle, she is a bit awkward and unsure of herself otherwise. She moved to Heaven's Gate to not only join the team but also to attend the local college, Wilcox University.

    Tyler McGann (Jesse Bradford): Mid 20's. Newly arrived in Heaven's Gate, Tyler is looking forward to starting his job at MacroWare, a large computer company who's headquarters are unlikely located in the small little town . Through a twist of fate, he finds himself at his Uncle Frank's diner needing a place to stay for a few days.

    Mike Czajak (Jonathan Jackson): Mid 20's. When last Buffy fans saw Tyler's best friend Mike, he was a goth kid whose dabblings in the Occult caused him to be harassed by his peers at Sunnydale High. Years later, Mike is now a cocky, charismatic, wise-ass whose good looks attract women and men alike, though his preference is for the latter alone. His plans of working on his Masters Degree in Commercial Art at Wilcox University may have to be put on hold due to new developments.

    Corinne DuBois (Sanaa Lathan): Mid 30's. Brainy and beautiful, Vice-President of MacroWare. All business, but within her something else is beginning to emerge.

    Recurring Characters

    Callie Ford (Tina Majorino): Cute geek-girl employed at MacroWare whom Tyler is smitten with.

    Jon Bates (Dylan Neal): The handsome CEO of MacroWare.

    Mitch Peterson (Michael Emerson): Jon Bates' mild mannered assistant.

    Hester (Hudson Leick): 400-year-old vampire. There's something in Heaven's Gate that she wants badly to get her hands on.

    Silas (David Sutcliffe): Hester's companion for the past four centuries.

    Rick (Dave Annable): Bartender at the local watering hole. Crushed on by more than one member of the team.

    Tommy (Jackson Rathbone): A street-wise runaway.


    1X01 - The Quiet Life

    Mike and Tyler move to Heaven's Gate but find more than they bargained for in this sleepy town.
    html version / .PDF Version

    1X02 - Dirty Jobs (currently in rewrite stage)

    Tyler starts work. Mike starts training. Someone plots revenge. The truth about Corrine comes out.

    1X03 - Here Comes Trouble (teaser completed)

    Vampires Hester and Silas arrive in town leaving death and chaos in their wake.

    1X04 - Family Ties

    Mike learns more about his gift as he and Vi start school. Tamsin's sad past surfaces. Tyler decides to move out.

    1X05 - Unstill Life

    Strife develops between team members as one of Mike's drawings comes to life.

    1X06 - Untitled
    Tyler meets Callie, a mystical object cause his fantasies to seem like reality.

    1X07 - Untitled
    A new drug craze at the college may have a link to unexplained deaths.

    1X08 - Untitled
    A ghost from Tamsin's past arrives seeking answers.

    1X09 - Untitled
    Lon is abducted by an evil enemy.

    1X10 - Untitled
    Callie's life is slowly being taken over by a Doppelganger.

    1X11 - Untitled
    A werewolf gang terrorizes Heaven's Gate. Someone close to the team may fall victim.

    I have a rough outline of 22 episodes with a complete story arc including the Buffy/Angel prerequisite "Big Bad".

    I look forward to your thoughts and input.

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