Title: "I Have Faith In You"
Rating: I'm french so I don't know what those codes mean, but there's nothing sexual or truly violent.
Setting: Three weeks after "Chosen"

In the night, Buffy and Faith, with swords, are running through a cemetery, following something fast. They finally enters a mausoleum and directely face a demon, some giant spider?

Buffy: Eww, the illustration was very flattering. How Giles called it? Gram...Glaf...Galf?something.

Faith: Strangely? I don't really care right now.

Buffy: And I guess it won't tell us. Why do they need eight legs anyway?

Faith: As long as they have one head, I'm okay with it.

Buffy: Did I mentioned I was afraid of spiders? Since the time I almost get eaten by one and this one's much bigger...

Faith: Time to cut some head of. Ready B.?

Buffy: Well I don't know, maybe it's a nice demon, maybe he's like Spider-man...only without the man half.

Faith: You know my drill.

Buffy: What ?

Faith: The more they're hairy, the less they deserve to live.

Buffy: Remind me to never introduce you to my uncle Phil.

Faith tries to attack the demon but he hits her first.

Buffy: He's too strong, we should have bring Spi?layorettes.

Faith: Don't be sissy, I eat five like that at breakfast.

The spider hits Buffy, she fell.

Buffy:?I'm on diet

The spider is about to jump on Buffy when Faith decapitates it.
Faith help Buffy to get up.

Buffy: Thanks

They're leaving the mausoleum, and start to walk.

Faith: Are you okay?

Buffy: I've seen worst.

Faith: No I mean...


Faith: Spi?layorettes?

Buffy stops, Faith do the same.

Buffy: That's a name I created, half Spy, half Slayer.

Faith: Buffy??



Buffy sits against the mausoleum wall.

Buffy: Sometimes?like when I get up in the morning, during like ten seconds, I forget he's?not here.

Faith sits near Buffy.

Faith: But you've already been through with Angel?right?

Buffy: I guess that's what make things worse. I must be doomed or something.

Faith: Or something?It's just that you pick the wrong guys.

Buffy: Oh sure, because you only dated nice guys with good manners.

Faith: Hey, I'm trying to help here.

Buffy: I know.

Faith: I'm just saying you don't have good criteria with men.

Buffy: Like what ?

Faith: You should try Internet! Some dating-service site.

Buffy: Excuse me

Faith: (taking a sweet voice) Pretty blond, no children, sporty looking for nice, funny guy, no smokers, no souled vampires, please.

Buffy: (smiling) That's an idea


Buffy: (whispering) I'm loosing hope.

Faith: What ? Don't worry, you're strong?stronger than me even.

Buffy: Really? Wanna ask "Gramalf?"?

Faith: No I mean?you know.


Faith: (serious) I'm not really pride of my life so far, had some crappy childhood, no luck with men, I let my watcher get killed and I tried to kill you like a billion times.

Buffy: (trying to break the serious of Faith) By the way, I don't think you never apologized.

Faith: (still serious) I did it only by jealousy.

Buffy: (serious too) But you're not anymore.

Faith: The hell I am. But all these years I was jealous of what you had, today, I'm just jealous of who you are.

Buffy: (surprisely touched) Faith??

Faith: There's so much in your heart, so much kindness, so much strength...


Faith: (about to cry) I admire you, I do, and even if there are thousand of slayers?you're still unique.

Buffy: Faith?I don't know what to say.

Faith: Don't necessarily say something

Buffy holds Faith hand.

Buffy: You're unique too.

Faith: (crying) So why do I feel so bad, why do I hate myself so much ?


Faith: (still crying) I feel so ashamed.

Buffy: (serious) Don't. You deserves redemption, like anyone else.

Faith: (stops the cry) Like Spike ? He had no soul. I had mine all the way.

Buffy: You deserves it because I see in you, I see love in you. You love and that's what matters.

Faith: What if you're wrong?

Buffy kisses Faith.

Buffy:?I have faith in you.