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  • RAIN: 1.03 Eye of the Beholder

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off a year and half after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.


    Episode: 1.03 "Eye of the Beholder"

    Written by: Beth & Odelia (Obsessed & SaltyGoodness)

    ~ ~ ~



    There is a long zoom slowly turning into a medium shot of a narrow alley. A row of steps lead to a few rear doors of various businesses each with their own loading dock. Moonlight glints off the damp concrete. From the back entrance to MICHAEL'S HAVEN a faint bass line can be heard. Rubbish bins, bags, newspapers and trash clutter the area.

    Sitting on the loading dock, RAIN swings her legs as she bites into her apple. Her hair is down but she flicks a wayward strand out of her face with irritation, clearly wishing she had it up in a ponytail. She is wearing the required uniform: a MICHAEL'S HAVEN black t-shirt along with a pair of jeans splattered with paint from her paint fight with BELLA a week and half ago. She has a bored and impatient expression on her face as she stares at her scuffed black boots while listening to MADELINE.

    MADELINE: (OS) Rain, you need to listen to me. I'm just saying that things are not going to get easier for you. We need to spend more time finding out what you can do with these? powers? who you are. Your limitations and strengths? before? something?

    MADELINE wearing a white sheer blouse with a white camisole visible beneath, a silver watch, beige slacks and brown shoes is in the middle of the alley, pacing before the nonchalant RAIN. Lost in her thoughts, she attempts vainly to get RAIN to listen to her. RAIN rolls her eyes, taking another loud bite of her apple.

    RAIN: Yeah, it went soooo well last time we spent quality time with just you, me and my (she air-quotes, sarcastically) powers. Anyway, things won't be easier for me if I don't have a job.

    MADELINE: (stops pacing) Huh?

    RAIN: (irritated, as MADELINE isn't following) I'm late. Not a good look, you know, arriving late. I mean? I just got this job.

    MADELINE: (distractedly, glancing at her watch) Fine. Yes? all right. But-

    RAIN'S eyes widen as she looks behind MADELINE.

    RAIN: (leaping up; shouts) ?Mad!

    Two black bony hands with red, weepy spots grab at MADELINE'S throat from behind. Her hands claw at the demon's as she struggles to pull them away. She tries to scream for help but can't. RAIN looks at her apple for a split second, shrugs, and throws it at the demon. The apple hits MADELINE on the head instead.

    RAIN: (winces) Sorry!

    MADELINE'S eyes cringe in frustration and growing terror. Her face is turning red. The SLAYER jumps off the loading dock, searching desperately for some kind of weapon to use against the demon. She spies a metal garbage can near her and launches it at the head of the extremely tall DEMON who also has long horns spouting out of his forehead. Twisting to avoid the trashcan before it can hit him; he roars and throws MADELINE aside to face RAIN. The garbage can glances off his right shoulder and rolls out of shot.

    RAIN: (gathering herself for a fight) Huh - that's it? You barely even flinched! It always works in the movies (she shakes her head in mock confusion).

    The DEMON and RAIN face off. She throws a brutal punch at his gut.

    DEMON: (his breath forced out of him, hisses) Slayer!

    RAIN aims a kick to his shin, causing him to fall forward, before bringing both her hands together, fingers linked together to smash them down on his left shoulder. He tumbles to his knees, his head falls forward.

    RAIN: There? that's more like it!

    The DEMON'S eyes turn silver as he struggles to his feet. RAIN moves to hit him but he grabs her fist and wrist with a vice-like grip, twisting painfully

    RAIN: (gasps, struggles to stay standing) Ah? (Pants; grimaces) B-big deal, I can make my eyes glow too.

    She attempts to cast some kind of spell, eyes flickering with the now familiar white glow, while punching out at the DEMON with her free left fist. With a surprisingly agile step, the DEMON avoids her punch and simultaneously pulls RAIN down, hard. Her knees hit the concrete and she stifles a cry of pain. The DEMON falls to his knees as well, abruptly letting go her wrist and instead reaching for her face. Its eyes bulge and glow more strongly, the light becoming blinding. RAIN struggles to avoid his gaze.

    RAIN: (panting, her face contorting; struggling) Well my eyes don't bulge out like that - it's really gross by the way ? and the? (She concentrates, but the glow fizzles in her eyes and she is forced to gaze into the DEMON'S, his rough hands on either side of her face).

    The camera quickly zooms to an extreme close up of the DEMON'S eyes in which we see an eerie reflection of RAIN, eyes wide and wearing an extremely creepy grin. The camera pans back to RAIN who clearly isn't grinning at all.

    RAIN: ?glaring eye thing? Only (softly)? I? do? that?

    The camera pans slowly over to MADELINE, who is slowly regaining consciousness, sprawled on her back against a bunch of trashcans. She brings her hand to her head to check for blood; there is none. MADELINE looks over to RAIN and gasps in horror at what she sees.

    MADELINE: Rain? (She shakes her head to clear it, before struggling to her feet.)

    RAIN and the DEMON are still kneeling, facing each other. The DEMON'S eyes appear to spark and strange silver flames flicker from them. Unable to stop herself, RAIN leans forward.

    DEMON: You? need? to? see...

    RAIN: (distant, as if hypnotized) Yes?

    DEMON: Just? look? in? the mirror? and see.

    RAIN'S hand reaches toward the glow emerging from one of the DEMON'S eyes. The moment her hand makes contact with the DEMON, there is an enormous flash of light and RAIN is thrown backward near MADELINE in a pile of rubbish bags. The DEMON has disappeared into thin air. RAIN appears unconscious although her eyes remain eerily wide open, staring straight up at the pitch black sky.





    Mila Kunis as Rain Mason
    Bonnie Somerville as Madeline ?Lena' Blake
    Jason Behr as Nick Caro
    Emily Van Camp as Isabella ?Bella' Talmadge
    Michael Vartan as Michael Corbis

    Guest Stars:

    Daphne Ashbrook as Gloria Dubois (Connie Mason)
    Victor Garber as Warner Talmadge
    Imelda Staunton as Jackie
    Gerry Becker as Oliver
    Danneel Harris as Neeve Fournier
    Chris Carmack as Trent Whittington
    Jade Harlow as Allie Collins

    *Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon,
    Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren't on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I


    MADELINE is bending over RAIN who is perfectly still, her eyes still wide open, staring vacantly ahead.

    MADELINE: Rain? Oh? goodness. Are you okay?

    MADELINE reaches out and touches her cheek lightly. RAIN flinches, suddenly conscious and aware again. She shakes her head and allows MADELINE to help her to her feet.

    RAIN: (mumbles; slightly out of it) I'm fine? (She closes her eyes for a second and opens them to focusing on MADELINE)? got a bit of a headache. Wha? (Rubs her head) what was that thing?

    MADELINE: Mortgaht Demon... I think.

    RAIN: A Mortgage Demon? Huh. What is it, some kind of swindling home-loan demon? You gotta be kidding. (Looks down at her uniform; she is covered in dirt) Oh, god! Look at my uniform!

    MADELINE: That's Mortgaht Demon. They're dangerous and powerful. (Thoughtfully) Mr. Giles mentioned them in a course I took at the Slayer's Council.

    RAIN: Let me guess, Intro to Demonology 101?

    MADELINE: (not amused) Very funny. It was a fascinating course, actually. Mr. Giles really gave a lot of insight-

    RAIN: (interrupts with her hand) --Mad, can just you give me the basics? I mean, besides it's (she peers around the alley, searching for the demon) disappearing act, what else can it do? And how do I kill it?

    MADELINE: Well? I'll have to brush up on my reading? I--

    RAIN: (interrupts again; irritated with the whole incident) --It's gone for now, anyway and I'm really late. You can figure out the demony thing? right? That's your job, isn't it? Now, I gotta go do mine.

    RAIN goes up the steps to MICHAEL'S HAVEN, but before she opens the back door, she turns to face MADELINE. MADELINE looks up at RAIN distractedly; she is clearly already lost in mental research.

    MADELINE: (nods) All right. I'll? I'll contact you later.

    As they say goodbye, RAIN is suddenly startled by what appears in front of her: two images of MADELINE as if they were twins. RAIN blinks her eyes trying to clear her vision. Opening them again, she observes only one MADELINE. RAIN rubs her eyes in confusion.

    MADELINE: (looking at her quizzically) Are you okay?

    RAIN: Yeah, I'm fine. My eyes are blurry or something. (Shrugs her shoulders) I just saw double. It's nothing.

    MADELINE nods as RAIN disappears into the rear of the restaurant. MADELINE looks around her suspiciously, suddenly feeling that she is being watched. She hugs her shoulders revealing her nervousness as she walks down the alley towards her car. The DEMON has been monitoring MADELINE for the past few minutes. As she drives away, the DEMON moves out of the shadows. It is clutching onto an ancient-looking necklace set with a very large emerald stone and pointing after MADELINE'S direction.

    The camera zooms into the stone and zooms out, revealing the back of a MAN in a dark grey suit, sitting at his desk. We can't see his face. The office has a cold feeling due to the deep grey striped wallpapered walls and the black carpet, giving the room a haunted, strangely cloying atmosphere.

    There is only one source of light, a silver lamp glows dimly on the MAN'S glass desk.

    He fiddles with a VCR that has a monitor on the top of it. He turns on the monitor but the screen showing snow. He bangs on it trying to get a clean picture and fiddles with a couple of buttons on the VCR. The screen suddenly clears up revealing a grainy black and white picture - two figures fighting each other; it's footage of RAIN and the DEMON fighting earlier, seemingly from the DEMON'S perspective. The MAN picks up the remote, clicks on the fast forward button and stops at the point where RAIN touched the DEMON and was sent flying into the air. The screen swiftly turns black but then the picture returns - we see MADELINE looking around her, then heading towards her car. The MAN rewinds the tape again, watching the incident over and over again.

    CUT TO:


    A disheveled RAIN is tying her apron on as she enters the bar from the back. She smoothes her hair which is mussed from the altercation outside and as she looks up she sees a BARTENDER passing a napkin with handwriting on it over the counter to a beautiful blonde woman. The BLONDE is wearing a light blue, glittered halter top that brings out her ocean blue eyes, a pair of dark blue boot-legged jeans and open-toed sandals. She has on shiny pink lip-gloss and smoky eye shadow. She is clearly attracted to him as she flirts with him, playing with her silver hoop earrings. The bar stereo is on softly. We hear the two talking OS as RAIN begins her shift, unloading plates from a dishwasher tray.

    BARTENDER: (OS) So? I expect you to call me, yeah? Tomorrow is good for me.

    BLONDE: (OS; quizzically, but teasingly) You do?

    BARTENDER: (OS) (smugly) Yeah. You will.

    The camera follows RAIN'S glance over her shoulder, panning across to a medium shot of the pair. The BARTENDER is wearing the same uniform as RAIN, but he has on black jeans and heavy brown boots. His dark hair is long and tousled.

    BLONDE: (flicks her hair back; softly) Why would I? (Beat) you're just full of yourself, aren't you?

    BARTENDER: (smiling, raising his left brow) Only when I'm right.

    RAIN rolls her eyes. After she unloads the dishwasher tray, she begins taking dirty glasses out of the sink and putting them into another adjacent sink filled with sanitized water, pretending not to listen to the exchange between them.

    BLONDE: (OS) Huh. Well?

    The BLONDE puts the napkin with his phone number in her leather ?Louis Vuitton' handbag and turns around on the stool. She turns to look over her shoulder as she moves to leave the restaurant.

    BLONDE: (moistening her lips and giving him a sultry smile) Maybe I'll call.

    The BARTENDER grins. He is enormously attractive, his smile is very compelling and RAIN catches the strong scent of his cologne, thick enough to be toxic. She gives a half cough as a whiff of it catches in her throat. The BLONDE walks out of the bar, flipping her hair back suggestively while the BARTENDER tilts his head, watching her walk appreciatively and his eyes glint sinfully.

    RAIN: (groans; to herself) Oh puh-lease. (Under her breath) What a cliché.

    MAN: (OS) Hey, Caesar, when you're not busy conquering the ladies I'd like another beer over here!

    The BARTENDER makes a show of his reluctance to turn away from the blonde's retreating form and gives his attention to the MAN at the other end of the counter. RAIN is drying the glasses with a towel.

    BARTENDER: Yeah, sure. What'll it be, Vince?

    VINCE: (chuckles) Same as usual, with a side of that charm of yours, eh? (Beat) How'd ya do it, anyway? They always fall for the same shtick with you. (Shakes his head)

    RAIN looks over at the BARTENDER, clearly appraising him. He shares a laugh with VINCE as he hands him a foaming glass of beer he has just poured. He takes his customer's money and heads over to the cash register on the back counter. RAIN is now kneeling down putting the clean glasses away on the bottom shelf next to the register. Just as the cash register opens with a loud ding, she straightens up right beside him. They pause and then look at each other.

    We hear a new song begin softly on the restaurant stereo; ?Underdog' by Turin Brakes:

    Two black lines streaming out like a guidance line.
    Put one foot on the road now where the cyborgs are driving,
    With the WD-40 in their veins-
    your screeching little brakes complains


    He smiles lazily at her as he sorts VINCE'S money into the till.

    RAIN: Uh. Hi.

    With the cash secured the BARTENDER thrusts out his hand to shake hers. She goes to take it uncertainly, a look of reluctance crossing her face. There is an extreme close up shot of their hands almost touching. A lock of hair falls into the BARTENDER'S eyes. He takes back his hand before it touches hers to sweep his hair back and their opportunity to shake hands is missed.

    BARTENDER: I'm Nick.

    RAIN: (arches brow) Nick? Why does he call you Caesar?

    NICK: (waves hand) Vince's nickname for me. Long story. (Beat) You're the new girl.

    He closes the cash register drawer with his hip and turns to face her, leaning against the closed drawer, arms folded.

    RAIN: (she barely looks at him). Yeah. I'm Rain.

    We hear:

    With the briefcase empty and the holes in my shoes,
    I try to stay friendly for the sugary abuse.
    So tell my secretary now to hold all of my calls,
    I believe I can hear through these walls.

    VINCE : (OS; shouts over, chuckles) That's our Caesar.

    RAIN looks over to VINCE.

    VINCE: (nods) Oh yeah. You get fair warning about this one, girl.

    RAIN looks at him blankly before turning back to face NICK. He grins sheepishly and shrugs his shoulders.

    RAIN: (dryly) Your reputation precedes you.

    NICK: (smirks) I have nothing to say in my defense. (Beat; playfully) Scared?

    RAIN doesn't give her face away, simply choosing to meet his gaze. He waits for her response, but we hear the bell ring from the restaurant entrance as a couple walk in. RAIN and NICK both look up watching the couple seat themselves at a table. Without a word, RAIN abruptly leaves, grabbing a pair of menus from the slot on the side of the bar and heads over to tend the new arrivals.

    We hear:

    Oh please save me, save me from myself.
    I can't be the only one stuck on the shelf.
    You said you'd always fall for the underdog.

    NICK watches her for a moment, a look of blatant curiosity mixed with confusion on his face.

    WOMAN: (OS) Hey, can I get a drink here, please?

    NICK: Sure, sorry. I'll be right there.

    We hear the rest of the song as NICK moves over to serve the customer:

    Well I've been dreaming of jetstreams and kicking up dust,
    A thirty seven thousand foot wonderlust
    And with skyline number 9 ticked off on my mind,
    Oh can you hear me screaming out now through the telephone lines.

    Oh please save me, save me from myself.
    I can't be the only one stuck on the shelf.
    You said you'd always fall for the underdog.

    Save me.
    Save me.
    Save me.
    Save me.

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    Moonlight pierces through the light grey curtains. The same MAN that was watching the monitor of RAIN and the DEMON fighting is sitting on his black leather office chair talking to the DEMON who attacked RAIN and MADELINE the same evening.

    The DEMON is standing, still as a statue, before the desk.

    A CHINESE WOMAN with long dark hair enters the office holding a tray with tea and shortbread. She sets the tray on the desk, turns back around and closes the door as she leaves.

    DEMON: (speaking slowly, gravely) As? you? asked? it? is? done.

    MAN: (disinterested but with a vague note of disgust) Uh-huh. Saw it through the necklace.

    DEMON: My?

    MAN: (distastefully) Uh-huh?

    Beat. The DEMON shifts his position; clears his throat.

    DEMON: My? agreement? was? honored? bound? to? you? my? liege-

    MAN: (with irritation) --Oh, please. This is the 21st Century; can we dispense with the archaic fawning? When the job is completed, you'll be paid.

    DEMON: Indeed? (He bows)? My? liege? thy? will-

    MAN: (with disgust) ?Go. Just get it done.

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    Sitting at the counter, RAIN dials BELLA'S cell phone number. She hears the line begin to ring through at the other end. WARNER, BELLA'S father, answers. RAIN winces.

    WARNER: Hello?

    RAIN: Uhh... is Bella there?

    WARNER: (irritated) Who is this? (Beat) Is this? Rain?

    RAIN: (bites her lip) Um?Yes.

    WARNER: Do you have any idea what time it is? It's eleven-thirty in the evening. It's a school night.

    RAIN: (disappointed) Sorry. I thought she'd still be up.

    WARNER: You'll have to speak to Isabella tomorrow. (Beat) Good night, Ms. Mason.

    The phone clicks. RAIN sighs as she stares at her arm where she has drawn a heart with a bloody stake pierced through it during her break. NICK moves up behind her and peers over her shoulder at her arm, recoiling slightly in surprise at her doodle.

    NICK: Eh? Earth to Major Tom?

    RAIN: (Quickly looks up and scowls; rather harshly) God, Nick. Anyone ever tell you you're a walking cliché?

    NICK: (affronted) Uh? not directly or with quite as much venom.

    RAIN: Well, you are.

    NICK: (dryly) Thanks. (Beat) Anyone would think I've done something to upset you. Which I struggle to wonder what, since, I've managed to know you exactly? oh (he checks his watch) a whole five hours and thirty minutes. That would be a record ? even for me.

    RAIN: (grudgingly) Sorry.

    NICK: Well, as a ?walking cliché' I feel it's only proper to offer my services as the caring and broad-shouldered stereotypical hunk-o-Brian Flanagan bartender that I am.

    She looks up at him, eyebrow raised, her distaste of him palpable.

    NICK: (seeing she has misinterpreted him) If you want someone to talk to, of course? I mean, (he gives her a sultry smile and shrugs his shoulders) we hardly know each other (struggles with an irresistible urge to smirk)?you just look like ? you, know ? like you might need someone to talk to, that's all.

    RAIN: (deceptively and sweetly) If I want to talk to someone?

    NICK: I'm listening.

    RAIN: I'll find someone with a more? (She searches for some witty comeback) well developed shoulder and less well developed ego. Thanks.

    NICK: (taken aback) You really are quite rude-

    RAIN: --Well, you are really in my way.

    RAIN pushes past him, annoyed with herself for having bothered to talk to him.

    MICHAEL: (calling across, annoyed) Are you two actually gonna help me close or are we just hanging round until we reopen tomorrow?

    RAIN: Sorry, Mr? um, Michael. I'm coming.

    RAIN walks towards the tables and chairs, overhearing NICK as she passes him.

    NICK: (to himself) What a freak.

    RAIN looks back over her shoulder.

    RAIN: (sharply) What was that?

    NICK: (struggling) Uh, nothing. I? I said? sure, uh? (Failing) this evening was ?uh? weak?

    RAIN: (raises an eyebrow) Well, I guess it takes one to know one.

    NICK doesn't bother replying. They give each other looks of contempt. He makes his way around the bar and beings to tidy up.

    RAIN proceeds to put the chairs up. Glancing up at one point, she observes MICHAEL who is placing silverware and dishes in a dish pan. Behind him, slowly and hauntingly, a second MICHAEL materializes. Thinking her vision is blurry again; RAIN rubs her eyes and opens them experimentally. There are still two MICHAELS. One of them gives her a grimacing smile while the other MICHAEL simply continues clearing the tables. RAIN jerks back in confusion, stumbles and hits the table behind her, knocking the chairs over as she falls. The back of her head strikes the floorboards with a nasty thud.

    MICHAEL rushes to RAIN and hearing the crash, NICK follows behind. They help her up and she massages her head from behind, discovering a small bump is already swelling.

    NICK steadies her while MICHAEL briskly walks over to the counter to get some ice. He returns with a bundled up dish towel containing ice and hands the makeshift ice pack to her. RAIN looks up at MICHAEL warily, looking for the other MICHAEL who has disappeared. Reluctantly, she takes the ice pack and wriggles away from NICK.

    MICHAEL: (speculating there is more to her fall) Are you okay?

    RAIN: Yeah?I guess? (Putting the towel on her head) thanks.

    RAIN is chilled thinking about what she has just seen.

    NICK: What happened?

    Remembering that NICK isn't aware of her secret mission in life - slaying vampires and demons with her wiccan powers - she quickly comes up with a fib.

    RAIN: Uh? I guess I got dizzy?

    MICHAEL senses RAIN is lying but he tables it for now. He looks at his watch. It's 11:38 pm.

    MICHAEL: Why don't you head upstairs? I'll take you up. NICK can finish closing.

    NICK nods in agreement and RAIN hands him the towel.

    NICK: Yeah, sure. (Indicating RAIN'S injury) Take care of that head of yours.

    RAIN gives him a wary look, blinking as MICHAEL helps her outside to her apartment. RAIN pulls her keys out of her right jean pocket as they stop at her door. She turns to him.

    RAIN: (awkwardly after seeing Michael's twin) Thanks? I appreciate it.

    MICHAEL: Of course. (Beat) Uh?is there? anything you want to tell me?

    RAIN: (avoids his gaze) Like??

    MICHAEL: Well?like, what happened back there? I got the impression there was something going on but Nick was there--

    RAIN: (interrupting him; briskly) --Oh? no? there's nothing to tell.

    MICHAEL: (concerned) Rain let me help you. I know there is something going on.

    RAIN: (sighs) All right. (Beat) Just before work, Lena and I were out back and this demon just? attacked us.

    MICHAEL: (raises his brow) I would like to think that you'd let me know about any demon encounters you might have.

    RAIN: (evading his comment) And? shortly after that I saw double. Lena's and well? (Shifts uncomfortably) ?yours as well.

    MICHAEL: (purses lips) Huh. Well? it's possible it might have infected you, I suppose. (Beat) Did it touch you?

    RAIN: (disgusted) Eww? no! It just stared in to my eyes - all stalker-like - and then it's eyes went all glowy. I? (Trying to remember) I guess I got knocked somehow? and then, when I got up the demon was gone.

    MICHAEL: I think you should tell Madeline about this.

    RAIN: It's fine. I'm sure it's nothing.

    MICHAEL: Rain, you could be infected and the demon is still out there.

    RAIN: (getting annoyed; still feeling uncomfortable with him) Look, I know you have this mysterious vibe going on and this is probably all really exciting for you, but right now, I'm really tired and I just want to go bed. All right?

    MICHAEL: (a little affronted; backing off) Ok. Sure. (Beat) Well, get some rest. Ice that bump, okay?

    RAIN nods. They bid each other good-night. She winces in pain when she touches the bump on the back of her head. RAIN enters her apartment and closes the door gently after her, ready to jump into bed.

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    The following day, RAIN paces around her bedroom talking to BELLA on the phone. She has on a black t-shirt displaying the profile of a skull with a mow hawk of bones, black jeans and a sterling silver wallet chain hangs from her back pocket and clips on to the front belt loop.

    BELLA is sitting at a picnic table at HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL eating her lunch listening to RAIN through her cell phone.

    BELLA: Sounds very creepy. I mean, the idea of your boss smiling at you like that.

    RAIN: It was. I couldn't look at Michael straight in the eye after that. He was? I dunno how to describe it? (She shivers, remembering).

    BELLA: (takes a sip of her Coke) So do you think it could be connected to that demon thing last night?

    RAIN goes to the window and pulls the curtain back to look outside. We see NICK coming out of SMOOTHIE ADDICT with the blonde he was hitting on last night. She rolls her eyes as they cross the street.

    RAIN: Maybe? I dunno.

    She lets go of the curtain and sits herself down at her desk, grabs a pencil from a MICHAEL'S HAVEN mug and absentmindedly begins to sketch.

    BELLA: Did you tell Madeline?

    RAIN gives groan, but doesn't answer. She opens the top drawer looking her more drawing pencils and stumbles across a picture of GLORIA, TANNER and herself, taken twelve years ago.

    RAIN: (sighs; puts down the photo) No but I told Michael. It's not a big deal. I am sure it's nothing.

    BELLA: Rain, I really think you should tell Madeline. She's your Watcher.

    RAIN doesn't reply as she is looking at the photo again, especially at GLORIA.

    BELLA: Look, I know you find her annoying but I really think you should give her a chance. She can help you. (Beat) Rain?

    RAIN: Mmm?? (Beat) Yeah, I'm here. Sorry. (Beat) I don't want to. She's just gonna start researching and worrying like crazy.

    BELLA: We don't know a lot about your powers yet.

    RAIN: Bella, I can't take this from you too ? Michael was already at me last night to tell her. It's Madeline. (Puts down the photo; returns to her sketch) I mean? she's just too much. I don't need another mother. The one I had was one way too many. Besides, I'm sure this whole double-vision thing will go away. I'm just tired.

    BELLA: (throws her lunch bag in the trash can) I understand, hon, but think about it okay? The bell is ringing and I am gonna be late for class, I'll talk to you later?

    RAIN: (sighs) Okay. Thanks Bella. Bye.

    BELLA: Bye!

    The girls hang up. The camera cuts back to RAIN'S bedroom. RAIN puts down her pencil, not noticing that she has drawn a picture of a woman. Pushing the sketch book aside, she once more glances at the photograph. Suddenly she peers closer at it. The camera zooms to the photo and we see GLORIA'S body in the photo moving. RAIN drops it, stunned at what she has just seen.

    VOICE: (OS) Aren't you going go pick that up, dear?

    RAIN freezes, recognizing the voice. She slowly looks back over her shoulder. GLORIA is smoking a cigarette leaning against the wall. She has on the same clothes as in the picture.

    RAIN leaps out of her seat and backs up.

    RAIN: (stammers) Ho? ? How? you're dead!

    GLORIA: (tilts head) You sure bout that, sweetheart?

    RAIN: Bu-But?

    GLORIA: (cocks her head; pulls away from the wall) ?Bu-But?' what? It's impossible? I tell you what's impossible, you being a Slayer and a witch. What were they thinking? Giving a slut like you all that power? was a big? mistake.

    RAIN: This can't be!

    GLORIA: (aggravated) I'm here kid, deal with it. (Picks up the picture; cocks her head looking at it) You know, I always hated this picture. J.D. had that stupid ass camera with him like always. He wanted a picture of us, as if we were a family. (Laughs; Beat) You remember J.D. don't you, Rain? He left us because of all those lies you told. You were always good at making my boyfriends leave; always good at destroying my life!

    GLORIA tosses the picture back on the desk and observes a strip of photos of BELLA and RAIN that were taken at a photo booth. There are several different poses of BELLA making funny faces and RAIN laughing. GLORIA tears it off the corkboard.

    GLORIA: (waving the photo) Do you really think that snotty, rich, brat cares about you? (RAIN backs up) Do you really think anyone cares about you?

    GLORIA shakes her head and throws the photo at her. She moves menacingly toward RAIN who backs away in terror.

    GLORIA: You always had to have what wasn't yours. If you left Jake alone, he'd still be alive. But nooo -- you just had to have him too. (With venom) Once a slut, always a slut.

    RAIN is now cowering in the corner as GLORIA looks down at her from above, her face twisted in anger.

    RAIN: (tears stream down her face) Mom? nothing happened! I swear!

    GLORIA bends down towards RAIN and whispers in her ear. A whiff of GLORIA'S cheap perfume penetrates the air. It makes RAIN want to gag.

    GLORIA: You are nothing but a big disappointment. (Beat) Enjoy your precious lifestyle while it lasts-

    RAIN hunches further into the wall, trying to get away from GLORIA.

    GLORIA: -because I doubt you'll be able to last it. Michael pities you, you know. He'll get sick of you like all the others. And when he does, there will be no place for you to go cause I'm dead! No one is gonna to take you in. Not even stuck-up Princess Isabella!

    RAIN: (sobbing, pleading) Stop it! Just stop it.

    GLORIA: What are you gonna do about it? (Smirks) Hmm? I'm in your head, can't get me outta here! (Tapping RAIN'S forehead with a finger) I'll always be in here, a part of you.

    Abruptly, GLORIA gets up and saunters over to the desk where she spies a letter opener. Picking it up, she plays with the tip, all the time looking at RAIN callously.

    GLORIA: (softly, sweetly; crouches down) You know, the world will be a much better place without you in it; one less stealing, dangerous, little slut who destroys people's lives.

    RAIN lunges out, attacking GLORIA, screaming at her.

    Suddenly, the door flies open. It's RAIN'S roommate, ALLIE, looking worried. She has on her bathrobe and her hair is dripping wet.

    ALLIE: (panicked) I heard you screaming from the bathroom, are you okay? Did you hurt yourself?

    RAIN: (getting up from the floor; madly) She's here! She's trying to-

    ALLIE: (scans around the room and only sees RAIN) Who? Rain, there's nobody here.

    RAIN: (looks around the room) But? I could have sworn- (spots the letter opener on the desk; tilts her head in confusion).

    ALLIE: What is it?

    RAIN: Nothing, I thought I saw something.

    ALLIE: You must have hit your head harder than you thought, eh?

    RAIN: (still eyeing the letter opener) Yeah? I guess.


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      ACT II


      CUT TO:


      RAIN is leaning in a state of agitation against a row of lockers. The halls are empty. Soon the bell rings and the classroom doors open as students scramble eagerly out of their classrooms. RAIN edges sideways looking panic-stricken, afraid of seeing double again. She tries to avoid catching anyone's eye. She turns her gaze concertedly to the floor hoping no one will talk to her as she waits for BELLA.

      GIRL: (OS) Excuse me? can I get into my locker sometime today?

      RAIN looks up and discovers the most popular girl at Haven High and the captain of the cheerleading squad, NEEVE FOURNIER is standing in front of her. NEEVE runs her hand through her auburn hair as she stares at RAIN with her green eyes. She has on a black blouse, dark blue flared jeans and brown vinyl boots. It is clear the girls have a history of high school rivalry. RAIN is in no condition to deal a round with her enemy and NEEVE is quick to notice something is amiss.

      NEEVE: (smirks) Are you just going to stand there or are you gonna magically disappear?

      RAIN gets out of NEEVE'S way wishing BELLA would get out of class as quickly as possible.

      NEEVE: (glances at the skull print on RAIN'S t-shirt). Planning to join a coven are we? (Looking RAIN up and down, taking in her wild look) You look wasted, honey. And that cheap makeup you use isn't hiding any of your flaws today.

      RAIN: (cringing slightly) Hey, I didn't do-

      NEEVE: -Whatever.

      NEEVE rolls her eyes as she opens her locker to gaze into the mirror, deciding to touch up her makeup. NEEVE pulls out a tube of shimmering pink gloss out of her red leather book bag and applies it to her lips as she continues to harass RAIN.

      NEEVE: What ever you're on, Rain, it's doing your wit no favor.

      Without warning, NEEVE'S locker suddenly slams shut, nearly hitting her face in the process. She looks at RAIN in shock, gripping on to the now oozing tube of gloss. RAIN quickly figures out she used her powers and pretends to be just as stunned, giving NEEVE a wide eyed, questioning look.

      NEEVE catches sight of her friends approaching, including her boyfriend, TRENT WHITTINGTON, the star quarterback. Quickly she cleans up the tube and tosses it in her bag. She greets TRENT with a smile as they hug. He detects RAIN staring at him.

      TRENT: (as if talking to a person of limited intelligence) Can? I? help? you?

      Like NEEVE before him, he picks up RAIN'S odd behavior and sees the opportunity this affords. The hallway bustles with more students. He looks around and then grins at her, nastily.

      TRENT: (calls out) Hey ? everybody, it's da Freak! She's back and ffffffreakier than ever!

      RAIN, afraid to do anything, remains motionless. It is apparent she is desperate not to look at them, not to move uncertain if what happened earlier will happen again. A crowd slowly begins to gather around her as the students smell a potentially interesting diversion from class.

      TRENT: Heard you got expelled. What're you doing back here? Huh? Did you come back to do a spell on us, Rain-Man?

      He laughs at his own joke. NEEVE rolls her eyes and joins in with the titters from the rest of the students.

      TRENT: (full of himself; looks at NEEVE for her approval) Get it, Rain-Man?

      NEEVE reluctantly grins at his lame joke.

      Full of fear, anger and frustration, RAIN'S eyes widen as she sees NEEVE, TRENT and the rest of the class closing in on her.

      STUDENT AT REAR: Call Principal Reyers!

      ANOTHER STUDENT: Yeah, someone get the RAY-GUN!

      There is an extreme close up shot of a hand grabbing at RAIN'S arm, pulling her.

      BELLA: (OS) It's me. Come on.

      She manages to pull RAIN out of the fray. BELLA drags RAIN awkwardly away from the crowd and down the hall. The school bell rings, but the crowd is reluctant to disperse, still sensing there is fun to be had.

      BELLA: (back over her shoulder, to the crowd) What are you looking at, huh?! Don't you all have class or something?!

      The students laugh at RAIN and begin chattering. RAIN clenches her fists. Suddenly, as if a switch has been flicked on, water rushes out from the sprinklers above them. Shrieking, the students run in different directions, putting their bags and books over their heads in a futile attempt to avoid getting wet. Without thought, BELLA lets RAIN go to cover herself with her purse. At the door way, she waits for RAIN to follow her outside, but RAIN just stands in the hallway, watching the students run around like maddened rats.

      BELLA: (shouts) Rain! Come on!

      Tears stream down RAIN'S face, but BELLA doesn't notice with the water from the sprinklers dowsing them both.

      CUT TO:


      As RAIN leans against the school building, BELLA tosses her books on the pavement. Luckily for RAIN, her shirt is dry since she still had on her jacket when she turned on the water sprinklers. BELLA, on the other hand, is soaked to the bone. Hastily, she pulls the antique barrette she is wearing out of her hair and drops it into her damp purse.

      BELLA: (wiping her face with a tissue) What's going on, Rain? As good as it is to see you, what are you doing here? You're still suspended. And what was with the 'Heathering' in there? (Beat; Rain doesn't reply; realizing) Was that you? Did you turn on the water sprinklers?

      RAIN looks at her, eyes brimming again. BELLA steps closer and gently touches RAIN'S shoulder.

      BELLA: Hey, what's wrong?

      RAIN: I... didn't realize I had done that. (Beat) Bella, it's happened again.

      BELLA arches her brow and then guesses what she must mean, but asks anyway.

      BELLA: What happened again?

      RAIN: Remember I told you I saw Michael's double?

      Bella nods.

      RAIN: Well, after we talked earlier, I was looking at a picture of Gloria, Tanner and me when we were kids. Gloria started to move? in the photo. (Bella's eyes widen) She came to life. She started talking to me. It was surreal. (Beat) It felt like it was really her, Bella. I could even smell her nasty perfume.

      BELLA looks at RAIN with great concern.

      RAIN: I am not crazy, Bella.

      BELLA: I didn't say you were.

      RAIN: But you're thinking it.

      BELLA: No I am not, Rain. (Beat; sees RAIN doesn't believe her) I believe you saw something; what do I have to do to convince you? Do I need to bop you on the head?

      RAIN gives her a half smile but it's clear she is not convinced within herself and very frightened by what's happening to her. BELLA indicates that they should sit down on a concrete verge. She puts her hand on RAIN'S arm and nods at RAIN to continue.

      RAIN: (stares at the ground) I know what I saw, Bella. But? (She looks up at her friend; softly) what if? it is me? Maybe there is something wrong with me?

      BELLA looks at her sadly and shakes her head gently.

      BELLA: I don't know. But either way, we'll fix it, ok?

      RAIN: I can't? deal with this. (Starts to cry)

      BELLA: (with concern) Oh, hon. Don't cry.

      She wraps her arms around RAIN as she sobs.

      BELLA: I'll help you, you know I will? (Pulling back from the embrace, she looks at RAIN; beat) I'm gonna ditch class and go home to change ? it'll take them all ages to sort this mess out anyway (referring to the school buildings, from where the faint sound of the rushing sprinklers can be heard). Rain, I am sorry, but I have to put my foot down. I really think we should see Madeline. She's specially trained for this kind of thing.

      BELLA sees RAIN'S reluctant expression. RAIN wipes at her tears.

      RAIN: (sighs; relenting) I don't even know where Mad lives ? she's moved. She's not at the motel anymore.

      BELLA: (smiling at Rain) I know where she lives. I wrote it down when she told you the other day. I figured I should. (RAIN rolls her eyes; beat) Well, you never pay attention to anything she says. (Sees RAIN is annoyed but ignores her) Anyway, she lives at River Rocks Apartments. (Beat) Let's go.

      BELLA picks up her books. She links arms with RAIN as they head off in search of BELLA'S car.

      CUT TO:


      CUT TO:


      There is a small kitchen to the left; a large window can be glimpsed through which sun is streaming. In the large living room, you can see French doors that lead to a small porch. Two cream couches face each other in the center of the living room. Between them is a large Moroccan kilim in rich orange and red tones. There is a large coffee table made of dark wood atop that. The coffee table has a few of magazines on it titled ?Travel + Leisure' and ?National Geographic'. There is a large brass incense holder and couple of ancient leather-bound books on the coffee table as well. A sideboard made of similar wood is against the wall to the left which is full of various esoteric items, African voodoo dolls, student exercise books, candles, literary novels. The walls are a soft golden yellow with colorful photos that she has taken herself on her travels to many countries all over the world. Several large bookshelves line the back wall of the apartment; they hold a mixture of more research books regarding demons and magic as well as English literature.

      There is a continuous urgent knocking on the door.

      MADELINE: (OS) Coming? all right, for goodness sake, I'm coming!

      MADELINE has on her ?Harvard' grey t-shirt and dark grey jogging pants with a well-read copy of ?Macbeth' tucked under her arm. Without looking through the peep hole, she quickly opens the door and is surprised to see RAIN and her companion - a BLONDE girl holding a couple of bags of groceries.

      Holding on to her damp black jean jacket, RAIN gives MADELINE a small, tight smile. BELLA is wearing a lavender V-neck shirt with a tattooed heart print and a pair of light blue jeans.

      MADELINE: Rain, what are you-?

      RAIN: -I have to talk to you.

      MADELINE: (with concern) Of course, come in.

      MADELINE gestures for them to come inside. She indicates RAIN to talk with a nod.

      RAIN: This is Bella.

      BELLA: (takes her hand out while grasping on to the groceries with the other) You're Mad-uh? eline. She told me about you.

      MADELINE: (dryly) Huh. Well, it's nice to meet you. (Raises brow at BELLA who smiles back meekly) Just call me Lena, all right? (Looks to RAIN) Okay? so??

      RAIN: (hugging her jacket; reluctantly) I've?been? seeing things. Since last night? after the demon attacked us.

      MADELINE: (confused) Uh? should we be talking about this in front of your friend?

      RAIN: She already knows about me. Bella is the reason I'm here. (Beat; gives BELLA a glare) She made me come tell you.

      MADELINE: Tell me what?

      RAIN: I? I've been seeing? (Looks at BELLA; she nods at her to continue) double? two people at once? you know, supernaturally.

      MADELINE: (with concern) When did this start?

      RAIN: Remember that night, before I returned to work? I said my eyes were blurry? (Lena nods) I thought I saw two of you. (Beat) And then it happened again later - I saw Mich-my boss' twin staring at me.

      MADELINE: What happened next?

      RAIN: (uncertainly) You believe me?

      MADELINE: (scoffs at RAIN) Why wouldn't I? If you say you saw two people at the same time, then that's what you saw. (Beat; sees RAIN'S uncertain expression) You're not crazy, Rain, okay?

      BELLA: (smiles) See, I told you.

      MADELINE rushes with enthusiasm at the idea of researching this demon, clapping her hands together as she strides over to the bookcase. She shoves 'Macbeth' into an empty space before pulling out another huge, ancient book. She opens the book and faces the girls.

      MADELINE: Has anything else happened since then?

      RAIN: Well, actually? yes? it happened again today but it was? (Swallows; softly) Gloria. I was looking at a picture of her and? suddenly she was in the room?

      RAIN waits for MADELINE to respond but she is flipping through the book, while BELLA is looking around the room still holding onto the groceries.

      MADELINE: I'm listening, go on.

      RAIN: She said things. It was like she was really there? (She falters)

      BELLA: (supportively) Maybe she really was.

      RAIN: ?and then she just vanished.

      MADELINE: (looks up) What did she say? (MADELINE stops, remembers something) Wait, are you telling me you're having conversations with dead people? This reminds me of a case we discussed at the Council - Ms. Summers and her frie-

      RAIN: -Mad! Can you just? (She shakes her head in frustration). I only saw one dead person (Realizing how this sounds; stops herself). Look, not everyone I saw is dead. I saw Mr. Corbis and you. (Sighs; Beat) All I know is something's wrong here? someone or something is taunting me? or else.... (She lets the sentence hang; Beat) I thought you were going to research the mortgage demon last night?

      MADELINE: (nods slightly) I did, but I only came to the conclusion it's not Mortgaht demon. They inflict blindness first, and then restrain their prey by vomiting on them and waiting for their prey to dissolve. Since your eyesight is clearly fine and you're still here, we'll have to assume it's not a Mortgaht.

      MADELINE grins happily at RAIN her face then falls abruptly at RAIN'S look of exasperation, disgust and frustration. She clears her throat uncomfortably and ducks back into the book. BELLA - repulsed by what she just heard - pretends to vomit. RAIN gives a small chuckle.

      MADELINE: (looks up and realizes the girls haven't sat down) Oh, forgive my manners. Please have a seat. (She sees BELLA'S groceries; puts down the book) And I'll take these.

      BELLA: (hands her the groceries and pulls out a bottle of Coke for herself; grins) Thanks. It's munchies. I figured since you do the researching thing, you might want some brain food.

      MADELINE: Right. (Nods) Good thinking. Take a seat.

      MADELINE takes the bags to the kitchen and quickly unpacks them, appalled at the assortment of brightly colored junk food that BELLA has bought. The girls plop themselves down on one of the couches whilst they wait for her to return.

      BELLA: (calling to MADELINE) So what can I do? (Beat) I'd like to help.

      MADELINE: (OS) I take it you can read?

      BELLA: Last time I checked.

      MADELINE: (OS) Know anything about demons?

      MADELINE emerges from the kitchen with a bowl of chips which she sets on the coffee table.

      BELLA: Demons? (She grins sarcastically) Sure! We have lots of those at school. There's Mr. Winter ? he's just desperate. Then there's ?Ray-Gun' Reyers. He definitely could be a demon (she nods to herself, considering) -with all that Sci-Fi geeky stuff he has in his office and oh -- (she attempts to demonstrate) --there is his patented ?hypno-techno' stare.

      RAIN throws a look to BELLA. MADELINE rolls her eyes and then passes over the book she was looking at earlier.

      MADELINE: (She indicates the book BELLA is holding) Start at Chapter 3; the first two chapters of ?Fortunian's Compendium' are just about flesh-eating ancient demons; we want to focus on the sense-invading and maybe the sense-extracting ones.

      BELLA: (slightly cowed) Oh? we do? Oh? good? (Lightly sarcastic) cause that's a relief?

      CUT TO:


      On the window, ?Oliver's Occult Oasis' is painted above a cheery-looking genie floating next to a palm tree. Various mystical products are displayed in the window including candles, charms, herbs, wooden boxes and books.

      A FIGURE wearing a suede brown jacket turns the doorknob and enters the shop.

      CUT TO:


      A small bell over the door tinkles softly. The minute the figure saunters in he can smell the pungent aroma of incense. There are vibrant colorful rugs all over the floor. The deep red walls are lined with shelves exhibiting more magical objects and on the back wall there is a doorway partially hidden behind a beaded curtain. A woman sitting at the counter is reading a book called the ?Sacred Circle'. She looks up as she hears the figure approaching the counter.

      VOICE: (OS) Hello, Jackie.

      The camera pans to the figure's face, revealing it to be MICHAEL CORBIS.

      MICHAEL: How's business?

      JACKIE: (grins widely, putting her book down) Hey, Michael! It's been too long! Oh ? you know ? sell a coupla of curses there, remove a coupla hexes there; pretty good. How's the restaurant?

      MICHAEL: Ah well, accounting nightmares? don't ask.

      JACKIE: Well, you know, probably could hook you up with Bob. He's a demon with accounts ? well, actually, he's a Finchlink Demon, but he may as well be an accounts demon-

      MICHAEL: (abruptly; clearly in a hurry) --Thanks, Jackie, but, uh? you know me, it's kinda?cathartic, working through them all, you know? (Beat) Is Oliver around?

      JACKIE: Sure. He's out back. Knock yourself out? uh, well ? not like last time ? just mind that lintel, eh!?

      He moves past her as she is still speaking, carefully ducking under it.

      MICHAEL: Thanks.

      He draws the curtain back and enters the back room. There is a rather wizened old man is sitting cross-legged on a pile of velvet cushions. His eyes are shut and his expression is blank. A brass brazier is sitting in front of him, rich smoke wafting out.

      MICHAEL: (clearing his throat) Uh? bad time?

      OLIVER: (slowly opening his eyes and breathing deeply; seeing MICHAEL he smiles) Michael! Course not! Come in, come in!

      Very spryly, he gets up off the floor and warmly shakes MICHAEL'S hand.

      MICHAEL: Sure I'm not interrupting some important magicks?

      OLIVER: (grins, indicates the brazier) You can't smell it? You musta got the cold too (seeing MICHAEL'S momentary puzzlement) ? it's eucalyptus ? to, uh, (he indicates his sinuses) help clear the head and nose. So, what can I do for you? (His expression darkens slightly as he notes MICHAEL'S seriousness) We haven't seen you for a long while?

      MICHAEL: (nods) Yes? it's been a while?

      OLIVER: But? something's up?

      OLIVER looks carefully at MICHAEL.

      OLIVER: (with growing concern) Something big.

      MICHAEL: (suddenly tired; evasively) Yes? (His voice trails off) It's part of the reason I'm here.

      OLIVER: Oh? Do enlighten me.

      MICHAEL: (with difficulty) It's? a girl.

      OLIVER rolls his eyes.

      OLIVER: (falsely cheerful) Nothing mystical about that? although, given the right girl?

      MICHAEL looks at him seriously.

      MICHAEL: A slayer.

      OLIVER'S eyes widen. He moves away from MICHAEL in thought and then turns back.

      OLIVER: (urgently; eyes widening) Here? In Haven?

      MICHAEL: (nods dismally) Yes. (Dropping his head) I? I'm afraid I've known for a couple of weeks.

      OLIVER: (shocked) Why didn't you-?

      MICHAEL: --I was hoping I wouldn't need--

      OLIVER: (angrily) --You thought she'd just disappear? (He snaps his thumb and forefinger together) Poof?

      MICHAEL gives him a withering look that reveals the extent of his worry and his tiredness.

      OLIVER: (thoughtfully, with urgency) I? understand, but you should have-

      MICHAEL: (harshly, with agitation) --I do realize I should have told you, Oliver. (He runs his hands through his hair, looking miserable) I know I should have? set things in motion but? (He sighs)

      OLIVER: (softly, with fear) Then it's already begun.

      OLIVER'S expression is one of deep horror.

      CUT TO:


      MADELINE is pacing the room, book in hand, muttering occasionally to herself. Sitting on one of the couches, RAIN skims through the book in front of her wondering if they will ever find out what's wrong with her. She glances over to BELLA who stifles a yawn and makes disgusted faces as she is confronted with various hideous supernatural beings on each page. RAIN softly smiles.

      RAIN: Mad? Can you point me to the bathroom?

      MADELINE: (absently) Oh? down the hall, second door on the left.

      Following her instructions, RAIN finds it and closes the door. While she lets the water run, she gazes in the mirror feeling more worn out than before. RAIN bends down to splash water on her face. Just as she's about to grab a hand towel from the towel rack, she sees MICHAEL'S TWIN reflected in the mirror. RAIN gasps.

      TWIN MICHAEL: (scans her up and down) You're a bad girl, Rain, making me all hot and bothered like this.

      RAIN: Wh-what? Nooo, please.

      TWIN MICHAEL chuckles. RAIN inches away from him in the cramped space.

      RAIN: You're not real? you're not here?

      TWIN MICHAEL: So that would make me a figment of your twisted, little head, wouldn't it?

      RAIN looks at the door, aching to leave.

      TWIN MICHAEL: You can't escape. You're stuck with me.

      RAIN tries to get to the door, but TWIN MICHAEL moves to block her way. He takes a moment to sniff her. She shakes her head hoping she can get rid of him by pushing him out of her mind.

      RAIN: (whimpers; backs up) Stop. Please stop.

      TWIN MICHAEL: Ohh, are you gonna cry? Run to mommy dearest? Ooops, she dead! (Beat) And that was your fault! You're a slut, hmmm? (He slides a finger lasciviously down her neck). You dirty, dirty girl?

      RAIN tries to push pass him, but TWIN MICHAEL grabs at her shoulders with icy-cold fingers.

      TWIN MICHAEL: Where are your slayer powers, now? (Snorts) How can you possibly think that you have what it takes to save the world, when you can't even get out of the bathroom?

      RAIN wriggles out of his grasp and backs into the room, looking wildly for an alternative way out.

      TWIN MICHAEL: And where is your so-called Watcher when you're trapped in here, hmmm? She clearly doesn't give a damn about you or? maybe? (grins maliciously)... she's scared of you knowing what you'll become.... a menace to society.

      RAIN'S tears overwhelm her and she clenches her fists. The mirror starts to rattle. It begins to crack and pieces of glass tear out and dart for RAIN'S face. She doesn't lift her arms to protect herself as the glass cuts her face.

      Cut to MADELINE and BELLA in the living room. They hear the commotion at the same time and rush to the bathroom. MADELINE bangs on the door and turns the doorknob, but it doesn't budge, seeming to be locked from the inside.

      MADELINE: (shouts) Rain!? Rain!? Are you okay in there? Rain!

      Before MADELINE can break the door down, it opens slowly by itself. They gasp in horror as they see RAIN, covered in blood, sitting on the floor rocking back and forth. There are deep cuts on her arms. BELLA shoves the Watcher aside without thinking and rushes to RAIN. She pulls RAIN'S matted hair away from her face revealing more cuts all over it.

      MADELINE'S eyes trail around the room where we discover RAIN has scrawled ?go away' all over the walls in her own blood.

      MADELINE: (covers her mouth) Oh, dear God.

      BELLA: (eyes water) Rain?

      RAIN: (eyes distant; hoarsely) Go away? go away?


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        ACT III


        CUT TO:


        RAIN rests on the couch, her arms bandaged. MADELINE observes her from the kitchen counter, sipping mint tea. BELLA, worried about RAIN, sits at the table pretending to read the book in front of her.

        MADELINE: I don't understand why she didn't tell me.

        BELLA: (looks up) I guess? she doesn't know you well enough yet.

        MADELINE: I am her Watcher. I made it clear that I'd be there for her. I've been trying to get her to trust me.

        BELLA: She's stubborn. (Beat) Lena, no offense, but? she's not looking for a mother.

        MADELINE: (turns to BELLA; a little surprised) I'm not trying to be her mother. I- (cut short by the doorbell)

        MADELINE: (distractedly) Who could that be? (Opens door) What? you?! (Beat) How did you know where I live?

        The door is pushed open and we see MICHAEL holding onto a silver dagger, the blade is encrusted with broken pieces of mirror glass. He has an aggressive edge we haven't seen before. He looks slightly relieved to see RAIN sleeping on the couch. BELLA and MADELINE look fearful at MICHAEL'S demeanor.

        MICHAEL: She's here. Thank? goodness.

        BELLA: (nervously, seeing his dagger) Mr. Corbis, uh, hi-

        MADELINE: --How did you know Rain was here?

        MICHAEL: (noticing RAIN'S condition; anxious) What happened?

        BELLA: (awkwardly; looks at MADELINE and then back at MICHAEL) I? she was in the bathroom. I think she used her powers to break the mirror and? (She swallows) cut herself.

        MICHAEL: You left her alone? In her state?

        BELLA looks at MADELINE slightly cowed by his authoritative attitude.

        BELLA: (back to Michael; meekly) ?we didn't know this would happen. I mean, she was just going to the bathroom-

        MADELINE: (interrupts) Wait? (To MICHAEL) you know Rain is a slayer-?

        MICHAEL: (in a rush; aggressively) ?You shouldn't have left her alone! Not for a minute-she's been infected by a Glastnoft demon-

        MADELINE: (arches a brow at hearing MICHAEL'S knowledge about demons) --a Glastnoft demon? I've never heard of it.

        MICHAEL: (rushing) -Its power is rooted in the mind; it's eyes are like mirrors, reflecting what the victims thinks of themselves. The infection breaks down the victims' defenses ? forces emotions to the surface. The victims hallucinate; see the people close to them through the demon- dead or alive. They can have psychotic episodes. It gets to the point where--

        MADELINE: (gasps, realizing) ?they go insane!

        MICHAEL: (harshly) and if the demon is successful, the victims kill themselves.

        BELLA emits a soft cry.

        BELLA: (getting increasingly more agitated) Is it after Rain because she's a slayer?

        MICHAEL: I don't know. But ? I do know that they are warrior demons ? they live and die by ancient codes of honor. They are knights, in a way.

        MADELINE: (nodding, understanding) And knights serve someone, a king or a lord, don't they?

        MICHAEL nods.

        BELLA: (rushing; incredulous) Someone sent it? Who would-?

        MICHAEL: (agitated) --The first thing we need to focus on is getting Rain help. The demon is going to come find her and finish the job it started. We'll worry about who sent the demon after her later.

        MADELINE: How do you know all--?

        MICHAEL: (interrupting; harshly) --There isn't time for twenty questions, Ms. Blake. (Beat) We have to wake Rain up ? get her to snap back to reality.

        MADELINE: And how, exactly - say we do trust you - do you propose to-

        MICHAEL interrupts her, bringing up his hand holding a scrappy piece of ?Oliver's Occult Oasis' stationary from the inside pocket of his jacket.

        MICHAEL: -We're gonna have to do an incantation to reach her. We should start--

        MADELINE abruptly steps in front of him, putting a hand up against his chest to stop him.

        MADELINE: (firmly) -She needs the sleep, Mr. Corbis. She's been through a lot. (Beat) I think it would be wise to research the demon in more depth to make sure this is what we're dealing with.

        MICHAEL: (pushing her hand away) Actually, it's not ok.

        MADELINE: (insulted) Excuse me? I don't know how you know this but you can't just expect us to obey at your every whim.

        MICHAEL: (ignores her) I'm going to read this aloud - a clarification spell. Her mind is fogged. It's trapped in with her emotions. This will elucidate her thoughts. Otherwise, she won't be able to defend herself against this thing.

        MADELINE: (aggravated) I think you're rushing into this. We don't know for certain it's a Glastnoft demon. (Beat) I am her Watcher. I think the best course of action is to--

        MICHAEL: (sighs) --Will you just listen to me! It could be too late! (Beat) Do you want to help her or not?

        MADELINE swallows, realizing he is right and nods. He pushes her aside and strides over to the couch. MADELINE and BELLA follow behind. They see RAIN is awake and has been eerily watching their conversation for the last few minutes.

        Voices whisper in RAIN'S ears. She closes her eyes as she shifts back and forth, in and out of reality.

        RAIN: (whispers) I can't make them go away.

        MICHAEL, BELLA and MADELINE look down at RAIN fearfully.

        MICHAEL: She's hallucinating. I need to recite the spell right now.

        MADELINE: Are you sure this will work?

        MICHAEL doesn't reply as MADELINE gives him a concerned look.

        RAIN: I can hear them. They're everywhere.

        RAIN scans desperately around the room looking for the voices that only she hears. All at once, MICHAEL and MADELINE'S twins materialize and surround her, goading her.

        TWIN MICHAEL: I know you're crazy.

        TWIN MADELINE: We're going to put you away. You'll be locked up forever.

        RAIN stares at her friends vehemently. She sees MICHAEL is chanting, reading the spell. RAIN lifts her arms, forms a small tiny blue fireball and aims at in MICHAEL'S direction.

        RAIN: (angrily; moves to get up) You want to put me away.

        She stands up and pushes past MADELINE and MICHAEL. In the center of the room, she turns back to face them. She raises her hands, her eyes glow white, her head tips forward.

        MICHAEL: (moving forward toward her, bringing his hands up to stop her) Rain, don't!

        MADELINE: Oh dear god...!

        BELLA: (fearfully) Rain! What are you doing!?

        TWIN MICHAEL: You're trash, honey. And trash? (Leering at her) is only good for one thing.

        RAIN'S head flies up, she brings her right hand back as if about to throw something. There is a loud crackling noise. RAIN throws her hand forward and a fireball the size of a baseball shoots out of her hand toward both MICHAELS. MICHAEL dives out of the way at the last second. The fireball hits the wall of the apartment with an unearthly hissing noise and disappears with a cloud of acrid smoke.

        MADELINE: (to MICHAEL) Do the spell now!

        MICHAEL inches toward her, swallowing fearfully.

        MICHAEL: Dispergere de umbris idearum?

        TWIN MADELINE: (Hisses in her ear) You're just a loose-cannon, waiting to go (she draws out the word) ?booooom.

        RAIN: (to MADELINE; starting to cry; wildly) You never wanted to be my Watcher, did you? (Another fireball grows in her hand, larger than the first) When you found out I was a witch, you were horrified!

        MADELINE'S belongings on the bookcase start to wobble. Everyone but RAIN looks around the room, more afraid than before. BELLA is frozen to the spot. MICHAEL continues to chant as quickly as possible.

        MICHAEL: Expellyth and driuith awaye all visions, and fantices in slepe or other wuse.

        BELLA: (softly but urgently, moving toward her) Rain, you're going to hurt yourself. This is not who you are!

        MICHAEL: I exorcyse the o ye creature of bloude, Ye creature of salte.

        His head shoots up from the paper in his hand. He looks at RAIN for any signs of a change.

        MADELINE: Did it work?

        TWIN MICHAEL and TWIN MADELINE converge to stand on either side of RAIN. MICHAEL inches toward RAIN. She reels away from his touch, bringing her arms up around her shoulders, cringing back.

        RAIN: (to MICHAEL; screams) Don't you touch me! (Voice breaking) I'm not like that, I'm not a slut, I'm not!

        MICHAEL: (whispers) No? it didn't.

        The group backs away slightly as RAIN drops her head. The camera moves to a close up shot of her worn out face then away again, revealing BELLA'S TWIN standing behind her.

        TWIN BELLA: Do you know what being seen with you has done to my popularity? Such a loser?

        RAIN quickly looks up and turns around. TWIN BELLA with a ghastly smile on her face, her eyebrows raised, cocks her head. RAIN backs away, horrified.

        RAIN: No? god? no, not you Bella? NO!

        BELLA: Rain? I don't?

        MICHAEL: (to BELLA) She's hallucinating. She thinks she sees you through the demon.

        Overwhelmed by what she sees, what is real and what is not, she looks at each of them in turn and suddenly bolts out of the apartment.

        Just as she leaves, the glass in all the picture frames dotted around the room explode outward with a fierce noise. Everyone shields their faces.

        All three of them look at each other just before MICHAEL runs after her clutching the dagger.

        MICHAEL: RAIN!!!

        BELLA follows MICHAEL. MADELINE, panicking, grabs her keys and scrambles after them, slamming the door behind her.

        CUT TO:


        RAIN is running down the alley. She risks a look behind her and bumps hard into someone ahead of her. Stumbling in her panic, she unbalances and falls onto the pavement.

        MALE VOICE: (dryly) Well, uh? fancy meeting you in a dark alley. Seems appropriate.

        The camera follows RAIN'S view as she looks upwards and we see NICK and the BLONDE who is clinging to his arm. RAIN is wild-looking and nearly hysterical. By contrast, NICK and the BLONDE are groomed and primped for a night out. The BLONDE looks at RAIN contemptuously. NICK sees the cuts on her face.

        NICK: Geez, what happened to you? (Beat) Have a fight with a rose bush?

        RAIN doesn't respond.

        BLONDE: (stage whispers to NICK) Is she mute or something?

        NICK: She's not known for her social courtesy.

        Finally she gets up and picks off the debris off her clothing ignoring, NICK and his date but soon the BLONDE grabs her attention by screaming at the top of her lungs.

        BLONDE: (OS; screams) ACCCKKK!!!

        RAIN'S eyes widen. A VAMPIRE has lunged out of the darkness and grabbed the BLONDE'S hair and is now attempting to drag her away. She is kicking and screaming. NICK is frozen in shock as he sees the VAMPIRE'S face.

        NICK: (terrified, backing away) OH GOD, OH GOD! It's not human. It's not human!

        RAIN'S mind suddenly clears as she is faced with the vampire, her slayer instincts taking control, compelling her.

        RAIN: (in a low voice) Well, you got that right.

        She strides past the gibbering NICK as if on autopilot, roughly pushing him out of the way.

        Approaching the VAMPIRE, she reaches inside her jacket for a stake and lunges toward her prey. RAIN grabs the VAMPIRE'S wrist, twisting and pulling viciously at the same time. There's a crack as the VAMPIRE'S bone snaps; he cries out in pain and releases the BLONDE who falls to the ground, crying loudly. Without hesitation, RAIN stakes the VAMPIRE. The whole event is over in seconds.

        NICK: (observing the dust pile; gob smacked) That was that was that was? (Runs a hand through his hair, confused and frightened) uh? huh?

        The BLONDE picks herself up off the ground, looks at her red dress which is torn and filthy; she abruptly starts sobbing hysterically. She looks from RAIN to NICK before running off down the alley, leaving a shiny-red stiletto sitting incongruously in the middle of the alley by the rapidly dispersing pile of dust.

        RAIN: (turns to NICK; grabs him by the collar, eyes wild) It was a vampire. Let me spell it out for you- bloodsucking vampires, flesh-eating demons, freaky monsters, snot-colored bogey men. Yes, they're all REAL and guess what ? I'm the one has to kill ?em so you normal people can pretend they don't exist, okay?

        She lets him go and roughly shoves him out of her way, heading off down the street.

        NICK: (uncertainly) I? I just saw a? vampire? (Beat; turning to look after RAIN) Hey! Wait!!!!

        He runs up behind her and grabs her wrist.

        NICK: Wait a minute!! Rain!!

        As he touches her she flinches back. She whirls around; her face displaying a mixture of fear and anger at his touch. He sees how miserable she is and notices the condition she is in. She violently pulls out of his grasp and runs off down the alley.

        NICK: (calling after her) Rain!? What the hell is going on?

        RAIN disappears around the corner. NICK nervously glances over his shoulder before running after her.

        The GLASTNOFT DEMON steps out of the shadows, holding the necklace up in front of him. He follows them at a distance with long, heavy strides.

        CUT TO:


        CUT TO:


        The MAN slams a fist down on his desk. The VCR is on pause, revealing RAIN staking the vampire. He picks up the phone and dials it. A WOMAN'S voice answers.

        MAN: (with irritation) She's still sane.

        He takes a sip of his tea from a delicate china cup, waiting for her response.

        MAN: I paid good money for that Demon. I want the Slayer situation dealt with. (Pauses; listening to the end of the receiver) I don't care. Just make it happen!

        The other end of the line clicks. He takes another sip, puts down the phone on the desk, picks up the teacup and hurls it violently against the wall. He sighs. Tea stains the wallpaper and slowly dribbles to the floor.


        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          RAIN is running down the side of a dark street, occasionally looking back over her shoulder. Loud dance music blasts from ?Club Haven' near the end of the street. Beside the door is a poster advertising a new edition of the novel ?The Outsider' by Albert Camus. RAIN glances at the poster unseeingly and ducks inside.


          We hear ?Girls Can Be Cruel' by Infusion playing. It is a dark, dance track with a low, fast but hypnotic beat. There is a mid-shot of the interior of club and the camera pans around room. The dim lit club is slightly seedy and packed out. The crowd seems to pulse as one organism in time to the beat. A few red-orange neon lights flash throughout the room combined with the crowd's movement give the place a strange, womb-like feeling. The camera pans round to close up of RAIN as she stands in a corner.

          We hear:

          And my senses tell me danger
          (Knock yourself out)
          And my senses tell me
          (Knock yourself out)
          And my senses tell me
          (Knock yourself out)
          And my senses tell me
          (Knock yourself)

          RAIN looks panicked but curiously relieved, perhaps knowing that she can disappear into the crowd. We sense that she is familiar with this kind of environment. She shuts her eyes for a moment, seems to make a decision. Slowly, she sways out into the throng, starting to move with them.

          We hear:

          Your honey smell makes me sick
          Your lies are spreading so thick
          Pins in your photos that stick

          The camera tracks her as she weaves in and out through the crowd. When she reaches the center, she shuts her eyes and begins to dance, her hands up in the air. We see the lights reflect off the tears streaking her face.

          We hear:

          Your lovers all gather round
          They clap and cheer at your sound
          I'm all but lost in the crowd
          You don't need me to survive
          Too busy ruling your hive
          You barely know I'm alive

          Her dancing becomes more energized. It seems she is trying to lose herself in the club. We see some male members of the crowd near her start to look at her appreciatively. A couple of attractive (but clearly leery) men move up to dance beside and in front of her.

          We hear:

          You're a stranger when we kiss
          And if I cease to exist
          Just cross me off your list

          RAIN opens her eyes and sees them blankly. She offers the man closer to her a smile that does not reach her blank eyes. He moves closer and she grabs him into a harsh kiss. The camera slowly zooms out to a long shot, looking slightly down at the heaving crowd in the club with RAIN and the man in the center, all moving as one.

          We hear:

          And my senses tell me danger
          (Knock yourself out)
          And my senses tell me
          (Knock yourself out)
          And my senses tell me
          (Knock yourself out)
          And my senses tell me
          (Knock yourself)

          CUT TO:


          MADELINE and MICHAEL are arguing and walking down the sidewalk just behind BELLA.

          MADELINE: (acerbically) ?a better way to handle this and it's because of you that she ran off! You should have been straight forward abo--

          MICHAEL: (harshly) --Now, just stop right there! You didn't look like you knew what you were doing and-

          MADELINE: -HOW exactly have you managed to come to that conclusion?

          MICHAEL: (firing back; growling with irritation) There is a time and a place for this! We need to--

          MADELINE steps in front of him to block his path. She points a finger at him and we are reminded, suddenly, of her vocation as teacher. Walking just ahead, BELLA hears them stop walking and turns to face them.

          MADELINE: (raging) -The reason why we're all out here is because you mysteriously appear with the accurate information at the perfect damn time and we're just supposed to trust you and you say it's not the-

          MICHAEL: (vehemently) -You can just back off, lady. For someone who calls themselves a Watcher you seem to SEE damn-near nothing and know less than that-

          BELLA: -FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!! (She jumps in between them) Will you two shut up!

          MADELINE and MICHAEL turn from staring each other down and glare, finally united, at BELLA - who suddenly looks very small beside them.

          BELLA: (surprised she just yelled at them; meekly) Sorry. Did I just do that? (Clears her throat; more forcefully) She doesn't trust either of you, ok? And frankly, I don't blame her. Mr. Corbis is right- (MADELINE s tarts to interrupt, but BELLA glares at her) -this isn't important now. You can yell at each other all you want after we find Rain, okay?

          MADELINE gives MICHAEL a terse nod and MICHAEL responds in kind before pushing on down the street.

          CUT TO:


          RAIN runs into shot from the entranceway of the club dragging the man she was kissing earlier out with her. The music from inside the club can still be heard. The MAN grabs at her and pushes her roughly against a building across the street. RAIN doesn't protest.

          NICK: (OS) Rain, is that you? (Peering around the corner) What are you doing? I've been looking for you!

          RAIN ignores him.

          NICK: Rain!

          He grabs at her arm.

          MAN: Is this your boyfriend? (Looks at RAIN for answer but she doesn't reply) Typical! I don't want domestic issues, man. I'm outta here.

          The MAN walks back into the club shooting a backward look of contempt at RAIN. RAIN shakes NICK off and glares at him. Her face is dirty and tear-stained, her hair mussed and her jacket is missing.

          NICK: Rain, what's wrong with you?

          RAIN remains quiet.

          NICK: (sighs; almost to himself) Geez, I am having the weirdest night ever.

          RAIN: (whispers) It seems pretty ordinary to me.

          NICK: You're kidding, righ-?

          RAIN: (angrily, growls) -Go away!

          NICK: Wait, come on. Tell me how you were able to kill that (looks around; whispers) ?vampire? You're strength is amazing! You can kick ass!

          RAIN pays no attention to him and shoves him out of her way. He goes after her as they ended up a few streets away from the club to a more deserted area. At the end of the street MADELINE, MICHAEL and BELLA appear from around a corner. They see NICK and RAIN walking towards them. RAIN abruptly stops as she sees MICHAEL and the girls. NICK recognizes his boss and waves him over. RAIN starts to turn in the opposite direction but BELLA runs up to her, preventing her from leaving.

          BELLA: (hugs her tightly) Oh, thank god. You're ok?

          RAIN: (coldly) I'm fine.

          NICK: (extremely relieved as he approaches MICHAEL) Am I glad to see you. She's kind of out of it. I think she's been (makes a drinking motion with his hand). You'll never guess? are ready for this? I saw a vampire! Fangs and everything!

          NICK notices MICHAEL is holding the dagger. He inches away from him.

          NICK: (eyes widen) Wh-what? What are you doing with that, boss? (Beat) Who ARE you people?

          NICK turns around to see the DEMON walking down the middle of the street toward them and backs up with BELLA. RAIN looks over her shoulder, studying the DEMON as it continues to stride ahead. She stands her ground, unafraid. MICHAEL and MADELINE continue moving closer to RAIN.

          NICK: What the hell (points) is that? (Panicked) Is that a DEMON?! Oh my god! (Beat; makes a disgusted face) Geez?he's a f-ugly demon!

          MICHAEL catches up with RAIN, swiftly handing her the dagger.

          MICHAEL: (confidently; reassuringly) You can only kill it with this ? straight between the eyes and through the head. (Beat; looks her directly in the eyes) You can do this.

          RAIN looks back at him blankly, shivering, as if in some kind of daze. She looks down at the dagger in her hand and closes her fingers slowly around the hilt. MADELINE joins MICHAEL while NICK is standing behind them. BELLA is just a few feet away. The moment is tense. The DEMON suddenly stops. RAIN takes a few steps forward, but then also stops, uncertain. Slowly, the demon forms into RAIN'S twin before her eyes. TWIN RAIN and RAIN, each completely identical circle each other.

          RAIN: (hurt and angry; but as if in a trance) You!

          TWIN RAIN: (scathingly) Who else did you think it would be?

          RAIN: (softly) I look so tired?

          BELLA: (panicking) What's going on? Why isn't she attacking!?

          MICHAEL: (working it out) I think she sees herself in the demon.

          NICK: (confused) Eh?

          MICHAEL: Rain, fight him! Use the dagger!

          BELLA: Oh man? this is not good.

          MADELINE touches BELLA'S shoulder in comfort.

          TWIN RAIN: (her voice growing darker, more guttural) I do not belong to anyone?

          RAIN: (trancelike) ? I am a freak.

          NICK: (uncertain but concerned) Shouldn't we be helping her? You know... fight the demon with her?

          MICHAEL: No, we'd be in the way but we need to distract her.

          BELLA: How?

          MADELINE: (following MICHAEL'S lead) Reinforce her. (To RAIN) Do not listen to it! It's not you!

          BELLA: You're not a freak!

          NICK: (joining in but feeling out of place) It's really a? ugly ass demon!

          TWIN RAIN: There is no point in living?

          RAIN dry sobs, her TWIN copies her mockingly. The windows in the nearby buildings start to rattle. The others shift uncomfortably, not sure who is more dangerous, RAIN or the DEMON.

          TWIN RAIN: ?so I might as well end it.

          RAIN: (still in her trance, nods slowly bringing the dagger to her neck) ? end it?

          In fear for RAIN'S life, BELLA races forward grabs a large rock on the ground and hefts it at the DEMON. It glances of its shoulder, but it turns towards her angrily, it's eyes aglow.

          BELLA: (screams at the top of her lungs) Kill him! KILL him now!

          MICHAEL: (shouts out desperately) Rain, whatever the DEMON said, it lied! You know the truth. Trust yourself!

          RAIN, still seeing herself, observes her doppelganger's glowing eyes turn menacingly toward BELLA.

          RAIN: (as if waking from a dream; shaking her head to clear her mind) What-what? are you doing? no? (Brings the dagger down from her neck) not her? don't? touch her? (Looks at BELLA and then at her twin confused) This? can't? be me?

          She looks sidelong at the DEMON. BELLA, MICHAEL, MADELINE and NICK see a sudden determination in her eyes mingled with a new kind of fear. Just as TWIN RAIN is about to make it's move against BELLA, RAIN shuts her eyes, throws her head back, lifts her arms up. An enormous field of bluish light emanates in a pulsing circular motion through her body and through her hand and creates what the others realize must be a kind of force field.

          The group is shocked at RAIN'S new power. She now no longer sees herself in the DEMON as it rushes at the force field only to crash against it and falls backward as it crackles with electrical energy.

          NICK: (without thinking) Now that is what I call special effects.

          MICHAEL: (without turning; to NICK, sharply) -Quiet!

          The force field in place, RAIN looks back at her friends apologetically. She uncontrollably shakes from the enormous pressure of holding the force field up. She moans slightly and stumbles to her knees.

          BELLA: (extremely concerned) Oh my god, Rain.

          All four are standing stock still watching RAIN struggle to her feet as she breathes heavily. She looks straight at the DEMON who is growling and punching at the force field, mere inches from her. RAIN is still shaking. She turns back to her friends.

          RAIN: (breathlessly; resolved) The power? it's so overwhelming. The demon? it's too strong. I can't kill it.

          RAIN gasps; the force-field shimmers as if about to dissipate. RAIN clenches her jaw in concentration and it visibly re-strengthens. She closes her eyes and shakes her head at the enormous pain. RAIN opens them, stumbles, landing again on her knees on the ground, her head falling forward. BELLA whimpers, aching to go to her friend.

          The DEMON suddenly shakes its head as if to clear it from the bolts of electricity in the force field soon falls backward. It pulls it self together and charges at the field again as it fizzles slightly.

          RAIN: (despairingly, gasping for breath) -I can't hold it much longer oh god oh god-

          With a tiny electrical pop, the force field suddenly crackles and disappears. The DEMON, frailer from the force field's power, still game, lunges forward.

          MICHAEL: LOOK OUT!

          BELLA screams and NICK rushes forward, grabbing her out of the way. MADELINE is struck to the ground as the DEMON forces his way to RAIN.

          MICHAEL: Rain! The knife! You need to get it between its eyes!

          Cut to mid-shot of RAIN raising the dagger with her hand as the DEMON circles her.

          DEMON: They? see? you? now? (It cocks its head) For what you really are?

          A huge plank of wood crashes down on the DEMON'S back. Fast zoom out to reveal NICK hanging on to the end of it looking absolutely terrified.

          The DEMON wheels around for RAIN and before it can get its bearings, RAIN unexpectedly launches herself right up into its face, a fraction of an inch from his skin. Caught unawares at this maneuver, she swiftly brings up the dagger and shoves between its eyes.

          RAIN: I am? the Slayer? and you're? (She continues to shove the sword and twists it, hard, using her wiccan and slayer powers at the same time) my bitch.

          The DEMON gives an unholy gurgle and silver viscous blood starts to ooze from the wound. It sinks to the ground as it dies. RAIN quickly steps out of the way as it puddles at her feet, turning into pile of silver metallic goo which solidifies into a strange, distorting mirror. RAIN smashes her heel down and it shatters into pieces.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:

          INT. OFFICE - NIGHT

          Through the grainy image of a VCR recording, we see RAIN killing the DEMON. The monitor turns black as the camera pulls back and we see the MAN sitting in his chair, silently watching the darkened screen.

          Suddenly he gets up, and without a word, walks out of the room, slamming the door behind him. A picture frame of Haven, Massachusetts rattles on the wall.

          CUT TO:


          Scene opens as before, with RAIN stepping back from all that remains of the DEMON ? a pile of broken mirror pieces. The others move toward her.

          RAIN is suddenly hyperaware of her friends knowing what she went through. She looks up, awkward and embarrassed. Memories of the last couple of days ? flood her mind just as she's about to collapse but BELLA grabs RAIN to steady her while the others look on with great concern.

          BELLA: You ok?

          RAIN: Yeah? very tired and worn out. (Beat) Whew, that was some spell.

          RAIN smiles softly as the others gather around them. All look quite dazed ? in their own respective ways. Pulling back from BELLA, RAIN faces them, a meek and scared look on her face.

          MICHAEL: Are you really? all right?

          RAIN nods gently as he grins at her.

          RAIN: Sorry about? everything.

          He nods as he steps back from RAIN and the group starts to move off down the road. MADELINE moves past MICHAEL to walk beside RAIN.

          RAIN: (to MADELINE) Uh? Lena...

          MADELINE: -don't. You don't need to be sorry.

          RAIN: I want you to know? I don't hate you, if that's what you think.

          MADELINE: (smiles) I know. But I can be pretty annoying some times, huh?

          RAIN grins dimly.

          MADELINE: It's ok, Rain. I don't expect you to trust me. You shouldn't.

          RAIN looks up at her in confusion.

          MADELINE: (matter-of-factly) Trust's an earned thing.

          Beat. They walk in silence for a moment.

          MADELINE: (choosing her words carefully) But? (She looks at RAIN) I hope you'll trust yourself more now?

          RAIN doesn't reply.

          MADELINE: It'll take time? (Lightly; as if changing the subject) You ever read 'Macbeth'?

          RAIN: (stares at her in confusion) Yeah? they made us read it at school.

          MADELINE: You remember all the theories on why he did it? Why Macbeth ended up dead?

          RAIN looks at her more puzzled but now irritated.

          RAIN: (raising an eyebrow) I just slayed a demon and you wanna talk about Shakespeare now? (Sighs as she sees MADELINE is serious) Mad? I am pretty wiped out.

          MADELINE: (persisting) Humor me, okay? (RAIN shrugs letting MADEINE continue) Where do you think he went wrong? Was it because he was too ambitious, believe the witches, didn't listen to his friends ? what?

          RAIN: (rolling her eyes but thinks for a minute) He knew it was wrong, right from the start. I guess? he just didn't wanna trust himself.

          MADELINE grins.

          RAIN: (with a sarcastic smile) Is there gonna be a literature lesson after each slay?

          MADELINE laughs. Soon after, they share a look. An understanding passes between them. Camera zooms out to show their backs as the five all catch up together and walk down the street.

          NICK: So? uh? guys? (Beat) Vampires I get and uh? demons, ok? ok? (Beat) But what's a Slayer?

          We hear: ? Remedy' by Bird York

          Wrapped inside you like a diamond
          waiting for the dark to burn away
          counting on your heartbeat's constant rhythm
          to carry me back to myself
          all of my thoughts, like junkyard dogs, guarding scraps of nothing
          filling my head with senseless things that keep me from you
          but I found the remedy
          I found the cure for everything
          take me into your hands
          help me love a world that I don't understand
          lying in the grass I listened
          underneath a black sky soaked in stars
          til I heard the sound of my heart spinning
          all my panic into love
          out of the fire of false desire
          beat up but I'm breathing
          trying to stay wide awake
          while all the world's asleep
          and you're taught to want
          all of life's shiny trinkets
          and you're hoping that they will save you
          but when it's all over
          none of these things will matter
          and you'll ask yourself "did I love?"

          The group reaches the end of the street and turns down the road to the right, walking out of shot.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE
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            VOICE: NEXT ON RAIN?


            RAIN is polishing glasses at the bar just as MICHAEL approaches her.

            MICHAEL: I host a Thanksgiving dinner here at the restaurant every year for the staff. It's a like a family thing. (Pauses) I thought you'd like to join us.

            RAIN: A family dinner? with the staff?

            NICK: (VO) So you're going?



            RAIN: (VO) I went to that motel this morning. (Beat) The one? that Gloria and Tanner stayed at years ago when I was? kidnapped or whatever.

            RAIN shows the motel manager a newspaper clipping from The Haven Herald pertaining to GLORIA DUBOIS' murder that also has a head shot of her in her twenties next to the article.

            RAIN: (in a serious tone) I need information.

            We see the manager talking to RAIN who has a stunned look on her face.

            BELLA: (VO) Did you learn anything?

            RAIN: (VO) I thought? I wanted to know what happened, how I came to be here but now? I'm not so sure.



            MICHAEL: (at the bar, to RAIN) This is Eleni.

            ELENI seems to be studying RAIN, in fact a bit too long. RAIN doesn't know what to make of it.

            CUT TO:


            RAIN and MICHAEL are in his office.

            MICHAEL: I was wondering if you'd be all right with Eleni staying with you until she can sort her life out.

            RAIN just stares at him. She was looking forward to the peace and quiet, a chance to really be alone.

            MADELINE: (VO) Who is she?

            RAIN: (VO) Just a damsel in distress Michael wanted me to help out.


            A self-confident WOMAN in a sleek ?Ann Taylor' suit walks in Michael's Haven. His falls as he recognizes her. The WOMAN appears to be out of place in this causal setting as she holds on to her umbrella and leather purse.

            WOMAN: (smiles) Michael.

            MICHAEL: (trying to find the words to speak) Devon? what are you doing here?

            CUT TO:


            ELENI: (VO) My younger sister died? at the hands of a vampire. (Beat) It? was my father.

            A MAN enters the restaurant. MICHAEL, RAIN, NICK and ELENI look up. ELENI seems to recognize the MAN.

            MAN: My daughter is going home with me.

            RAIN gets up and pulls out her stake out of her jacket. The MAN'S faces changes, revealing just like ELENI said he was, a vampire. MICHAEL'S posture stiffens.

            RAIN: I don't think so. (Moves in front her) She's staying right here.


            FLASHBACK- NOVEMBER 1996-


            GLORIA: (VO) You walk out the door don't even bother coming back!

            A beaten up TANNER slams the door and runs down the porch steps where a ten year old RAIN is leaning against his car crying.

            TANNER: (pulls her close) Rain, please? don't cry.

            RAIN: (wraps her arms around him; sobbing) Take me with you!



            RAIN is restless under the covers from the endless nightmares of the GLASTNOFT DEMON she fought a week ago.

            MICHAEL: (VO) Rain? Are you all right?

            RAIN: (VO) Umm? yeah? I'm fine.

            CUT TO:


            At the bar RAIN looks out the window and observes a family of four walking past the restaurant, smiling and laughing, not caring they were getting wet. She sighs, continuing to polish the glasses.

            CUT TO:


            ELENI'S FATHER is standing before ELENI, RAIN and her friends.

            ELENI'S FATHER: (bares his teeth) You had to meddle with family affairs.

            RAIN: I don't condone domestic violence.

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              RAIN TRIVIA:

              We've spent a long time working on this episode compared to the first two. Hope you enjoyed it.

              ~ ~ ~

              The book that Jackie was reading, the 'Sacred Circle' refers to the fanfic Raven and it's spin-offs.

              ~ ~ ~

              The clarification spell that Michael performed on Rain is a made up spell from chunks of real spells, in Latin & Olde English. Here is the translation-

              Drive away

              de umbris idearum
              the shadow of ideas

              expellyth and driuith awaye all visions,
              expell and drive away all visions,

              and fantices in slepe or other wuse.
              and fantasies in sleep or other wise.

              I exorcyse the o ye creature of bloude,
              I exorcise thee, you creature of blood,

              ye creature of salte.
              you creature of salt.
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