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  • RAIN: 1.02 Blank Canvas

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off a year and half after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.


    Episode: 1.02 "Blank Canvas"

    Created by: Beth (Obsessed)
    Written by: Beth & Odelia (Obsessed & SaltyGoodness)

    ~ ~ ~



    The camera pans up to RAIN'S bedroom opened window where we can hear Cindy Lauper's 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' blaring from BELLA'S radio on RAIN'S desk.


    RAIN is painting a wall with a roller while BELLA is painting the door trim with a brush. They are almost done painting the room. RAIN'S choice of a light blue grey reflects her changing attitude to life. The floor is covered with a drop cloth and the bed is stripped bare. There is a step ladder covered in paint resting against the closet door that RAIN has presumably borrowed from MICHAEL. On the window still, there are two glasses of cold iced tea filled to the rim, just waiting to be sipped.

    BELLA starts dancing, using her brush as a microphone lip synching to the 80's song to amuse RAIN. Her friend still holding the roller just stares at her and continues painting, hiding her smile.

    BELLA: (happily) Rain, sing with me! (Wails) ?Oh Girls, just wanna have fun?'

    RAIN looks over to her. She is wearing a plain white t-shirt with cutoff sleeves and BELLA'S overalls. Her hair is in a ponytail. BELLA gestures with her hand for RAIN to join her but she knows RAIN won't so she keeps singing.

    RAIN: (trying to be serious) We're almost done, so you better get back to work.

    BELLA: (smirks) And if I don't?

    BELLA has her hand on her hip while holding the brush with the other hand. RAIN knows she is asking for trouble.

    RAIN: (gives an evil smile) I'll do THIS!

    RAIN picks up a brush that was on top of a closed paint can and plunges it in the paint tray she near her. She smiles holding the brush, staring at BELLA. Her friend's eyes widen.

    BELLA: (backing up) What do you think you're doing with that?

    RAIN: (tilts her head) Oh, just some painting.

    RAIN slings her brush letting the paint fly off the end of it. It splatters mostly on BELLA'S father's old fraternity t-shirt and her jean shorts. A little bit of paint lands on her face and hair.

    BELLA: (gasps) Oooh, you did not just do that!

    RAIN: (smiles; smugly) Yep.

    BELLA glares at RAIN with a vengeance. She thrusts her brush into her tray. There is an extreme close-up shot of BELLA'S brush with the paint dripping on her hand. She gets into battle position and splatters the paint on RAIN with her brush. Her friend flinches trying to protect her face. The girls simultaneously submerge their brushes back into their trays, getting ready for all-out paint war.

    Within a few minutes, the girls are covered in paint and resemble a Jackson Pollock painting. Slowly, they look at each other and begin to smile. They burst out laughing but it fades as they see who is standing in RAIN'S door way. It's MICHAEL with a long face wearing a pair of old jeans, a ?L.L. Bean gray' t-shirt and brown shoes. RAIN quickly turns off the radio.

    MICHAEL: (to RAIN) I knocked? Allie let me in.

    RAIN waits for him to keep talking.

    MICHAEL: Umm? Sorry to break up the party, guys? (To Rain) but I need to talk to you.

    BELLA: (turns to the bedroom door) I should go? clean up in the bathroom.

    RAIN: (to BELLA) No, it's okay, stay. (Looks at MICHAEL) What's wrong? Was the music too loud?

    MICHAEL shakes his head.

    MICHAEL: No, it's not that. Do you remember Officer Kold? (RAIN nods). Well, he's out in the hallway. He needs to speak to you.

    RAIN'S face is blank.

    MICHAEL: I'll tell him you need a few minutes to clean up, okay?

    RAIN doesn't reply. MICHAEL feels words of comfort would not help her, so he just turns and walks away. BELLA tosses her brush on the drop cloth before approaching RAIN, slightly touching her arm to comfort her.

    BELLA: (whispers) Do you think this is about your mom's murder?

    RAIN just looks out the window somberly. The camera pans to RAIN'S hand still holding the brush as the paint drips to the floor.





    Mila Kunis as Rain Mason
    Michael Vartan as Michael Corbis
    Bonnie Somerville as Madeline ?Lena' Blake
    Emily Van Camp as Isabella ?Bella' Talmadge

    Guest Starring:

    Jamie Bamber as Detective Josh O'Malley
    Tygh Runyan as Officer Christopher Kold
    Shane West as Tanner Dubois
    Jade Harlow as Allie Collins
    Stephen Lovatt as Lachlan Bodie
    Franc Ross as Hammer
    Kirby Morrow as Brick
    Gena Lee Nolin as Gypsy
    Jim Beaver as Minister

    ~Edited by: Beth (Obsessed) & Odelia (SaltyGoodness)

    *Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon,
    Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren't on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I


    CUT TO:


    RAIN is sitting on a wobbly chair in front of an old wooden table in a cold, stark room nervously playing with her birthday bracelet BELLA gave her. She has managed to throw on a red t-shirt with Chinese lettering, a jean jacket, black jeans, and boots. Her hair is down but there are still small flecks of blue paint in it. She pulls her jacket close to her body as if she feels a cold draft.

    The bare walls are the color of hospital green and the floor is a chalky gray. A Detective in his early thirties with black hair walks in with a couple of files as well as a note pad and sits on the other side of the table. He has on a light blue shirt, a dark blue tie, brown slacks and a pair of dark brown Rockport Oxfords.

    DETECTIVE: (extends his hand to shake hers but she doesn't shake it) I'm Detective O'Malley. Did Officer Kold tell you why you're here?

    RAIN: Uh, no, not really. (Beat) He just said I was needed at the station.

    DETECTIVE: (opens one of the files) There are just a few things that we'd like to ask you pertaining to Jake Shepherd and Connie Mason.

    RAIN shifts a bit in her seat. She seems absorbed in playing with her bracelet.

    DETECTIVE: (clears his throat) What can you tell me about the disturbance between Mr. Shepherd and yourself on the night of Thursday, November 4th?

    RAIN: (looks up, arching her brow) Why is that important? (With a slight note of panic) It doesn't have anything to do with my Mom's death. I wasn't-

    DETECTIVE: --Jake Shepherd claims you attacked him; that you? beat him until he was unconscious.

    RAIN: (defensively and reluctantly) He was? drunk and? forced himself on me. I tried to stop him? then my Mom arrived just when I-

    DETECTIVE: ?When you what?

    RAIN: (straightens up; worried) Look, Detective O'Malley? do you think I killed my mother? Is this why I'm here?

    DETECTIVE: (in an assuring voice) I know you didn't kill Connie Mason.

    RAIN: (still wary) Then why the questions?

    DETECTIVE: (maintaining a calm authority) We're just tying up a few ends, Miss Mason. (Beat) It's just protocol. It's important to? make sure that we are as clear as possible as to what happened.

    His voice trails off. He looks at her thoughtfully. RAIN says nothing. She's uncertain he's telling the truth.

    DETECTIVE: Look, Miss Mason, Jake Shepherd's file is really thick (he indicates one of the files). He's an interesting guy. (Beat; he studies her carefully) There've been other situations such as yours? assault, sexual harassment and so forth. (Beat) We need to know if you want to press charges.

    RAIN: (startled; uncomfortable) Press charges? That's why I am here?

    DETECTIVE: (nods) Mr. Shepherd has been formally charged with the murder of Connie Mason. There is a lot of evidence against him. (Beat; he misreads her expression) Look, you don't have to worry about him coming after you. He's going to be in prison for a long, long time, I guarantee it.

    RAIN: (taken aback; uncomfortably) No, I-I don't want to press charges.

    DETECTIVE: Are you sure?

    RAIN nods. He pulls out a pen from his shirt pocket to write something on a piece of paper. He closes JAKE'S file and opens the other one. RAIN makes a move to leave. It is clear that thinking about JAKE has made her feel irritable and upset.

    DETECTIVE: Miss Mason? There is something else. (Rain slowly sits back down) I need you to look at these.

    He pulls out some mug shots of her mother with different hairstyles. He lines them up on the table. RAIN leans forward to get a better look at them.

    RAIN: I don't understand? why are showing me these? My mother went to jail, big deal. (Shrugs and leans back in her chair) I'm not really surprised.

    DETECTIVE: Look at the names.

    RAIN leans forward again. As her eyes scan the images, she begins to look increasingly more unnerved. The DETECTIVE observes her reactions closely.

    RAIN: (looking up) What's going on? They're all different.

    DETECTIVE: (satisfied she doesn't know anything) When we investigated her background we came across these mug shots. They were taken in different states; all under different names. (Beat) Connie Mason wasn't her real name. She was really Gloria DuBois. She grew up in Ohio; moved around a lot.

    RAIN shakes her head in disbelief.

    RAIN: She was pretending to be someone else all this time?

    DETECTIVE: (looking at file) Connie Mason is one of her aliases. It seems she stayed with this name ever since arriving in Haven eighteen years ago. She's wanted in several states for robbery and forgery. (Beat) Your brother? uh? (He looks briefly through the file again, searching for his name)

    RAIN: (distressed) Keith. His name's Keith. Except-

    DETECTIVE: (nods) ?Real name ?Tanner Dubois'. (Beat) We'd like to get in touch with him. Do you know where he is, Miss Mason?

    RAIN: (thinking, upset) ?w-wait! Slow down. Can you slow down for a second? (She holds up a hand to restrain him, shakes her head). I-I don't understand? any of this? they-they're not real? My family?? (Beat; the detective waits patiently; whispers) This is unbelievable... (Confused and thinking) I've got no clue where my brother would be. (She looks down; softly) He left when I was ten. (Realizes something about herself; looks up; urgently) What about me? Am I... who am I?

    DETECTIVE: (uncomfortably) We're not sure.

    RAIN: (wide-eyed) What do you mean?

    DETECTIVE: (looking at file again) We've confirmed that Ms. DuBois has a sister, a Carolyn DuBois in Seattle, Washington. We contacted Carolyn to inform her of sister's demise yesterday.

    RAIN: What did she say?

    DETECTIVE: She wasn't surprised, but she was sorry to hear about Gloria's passing. She was aware of the lifestyle her sister was living. They hadn't been on good terms for many years.

    RAIN: I just assumed she didn't have any relatives. (Beat) Did Carolyn ask about Keith? I mean, Tanner and me?

    DETECTIVE: (reluctantly) Yes, but there is something else you need to know. (Beat) Carolyn claims you're not Gloria DuBois' daughter.

    RAIN tilts her head looking at him in disbelief.

    RAIN: What?? N-no? you can't be serious.

    DETECTIVE: (ducking his head slightly) I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I am. Carolyn explained that Gloria had a tuba ligation operation about four years after she had Tanner. The coroner confirmed it. (Beat) Carolyn said Gloria just called her one day and announced she'd had a baby girl whom she'd called ?Rain'.

    RAIN'S expression darkens. She seems to shut down.

    DETECTIVE: (cont'd; breaking the silence) There are no adoption records concerning you either. There don't appear to be any records indicating a ?Rain DuBois' or of a baby under any of the aliases she used before setting foot in Haven. (Beat) However, we did find a birth certificate with the name ?Rain Mason'. It says you were born at Haven Memorial but there's nothing else that corroborates this.

    RAIN: (totally disorientated) I? I don't believe this.

    DETECTIVE: (cont'd) Uh? actually, Carolyn suspects Gloria kidnapped you and raised you as her own.

    RAIN'S eyes start to water. She looks away, remembering what GLORIA said to her.

    GLORIA : (VO) You're not my daughter!

    RAIN: (whispers) She really meant it?

    DETECTIVE: I'm sorry?

    RAIN: (wipes her eyes; distantly) It's nothing...

    DETECTIVE: With your permission? uh, we'd like to investigate further.

    RAIN just stares at the table. She is looking lost.

    DETECTIVE: (cont'd) Uh, you've come of age? so, uh? (He nods at her lack of response) We'd like to help you with this. But it's your choice.

    RAIN: I? (Her voice trails off?) I can't think?

    DETECTIVE: It's ok. Perhaps we can talk again soon. (Briskly) Your mother's body will be released in a few days. Carolyn is taking care of the burial arrangements. (He rips off a piece of paper off of the notepad, writes something down and hands it to her. Rain takes it numbly). This is her number. She said you can call her any time. Maybe she can answer some of the questions you have. (Beat) We'll try to find Tanner Dubois as well to see if he can answer some questions for us in regards to your? situation.

    RAIN: (suddenly angry) You call this a ?situation'? (She stands up; distressed) I don't know who I am now? what my real name is? if Connie? I mean Gloria was even my mother. Everything I've ever known was? a lie.

    DETECTIVE: (he stands up too; quietly) I apologize.

    DETECTIVE O'MALLEY gives a soft smile. RAIN doesn't look at him. He gathers the mug shots and puts back in the file.

    RAIN: (looking at him) Are we done?

    The DETECTIVE nods. He walks around to the other side of the desk and gently guides her out of the interrogation room with the files and notepad under his arm. She then stops and turns to him.

    RAIN: (numbly) Uh? can I go to the house to get my stuff?

    DETECTIVE: I'll let the sergeant know its okay to let you in. Just give us call when you're ready.

    RAIN nods. She is totally ?out of it.' He hands her his card. RAIN takes it, tips her head and moves toward the entrance of the building, folding her arms as she passes a few desks. She opens the entrance door, walks into sunlight. Alone, she leans against the brick wall of the building, short of breath and strangely numb. She looks up as a car passes. She can hear Cranberries' Empty wafting through the November air from its open window. The music invades her soul.

    Something has left my life,
    And I don't know where it went to, ah, ha, ha.
    Somebody caused me strife,
    And it's not what I was seeking.

    A mother holding on to a little girl walks past her on the sidewalk before the parking lot. They smile at each other. RAIN watches the doting mother kiss her child. The little girl laughs and kisses her mother back.

    Say a prayer for me,
    Help me to feel the strength, I did.
    My identity, has it been taken?
    Is my heart breakin' on me?

    RAIN fights her tears watching them, then hardens her expression, folds her arms and strides away.

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    RAIN and BELLA are sitting cross legged on her bed opposite each other. There are two cans of soda on the nightstand along with an opened bag of chips. Rain is petting Bella's white cat, LLYWELA. The CD player on the desk is playing Machine Head's Kick You When You're Down very low.

    Love for my love, hate for my hate
    Strength for my strength, pain for my pain
    Pride for my pride, match it inside

    BELLA: ?are you serious? (RAIN gazes at her.) No, course you are. I mean? wow.

    RAIN: Yah.

    BELLA: This is so like one of those soap operas my mother watches! (Thinking) Like on ?Stone Acres' there's this guy ? Lance and he's just found out that the woman he's in love with is really his half-sister! (Getting carried away) And then she's like this police officer who's actually in love with this criminal. I mean, can you imagine! Uh-(seeing Rain's look) ? sorry? I didn't mean?

    RAIN: (sighs; shakes her head gently) Nah, it's ok, Bella. It feels like? it does feel like I'm in a ?soap opera' starring me? like someone's just, you know, writing my life like it's some script, doing whatever they want? (Her voice trails off)

    BELLA picks up the bag of chips from the nightstand. She pops a chip in her mouth and wipes her hand on her jeans that have embroidered flowers on the side. She has a matching pink polo shirt to go with it.

    RAIN: (sighs; with irony) You know what? It's perfect actually; I was always the ?freak' at school, so I might as well have the matching freaky life to go with it. (Bitterly) I can't wait to accessorize.

    BELLA: (concerned) Come on Rain. Don't be like that.

    BELLA puts the chips back on the nightstand and turns to RAIN. She sees her friend is really upset. We hear:

    It's hard and it's brutal, it's nasty and rude and
    It's dirty and mean when they treat you like yesterday's news
    They want to keep us all down town, frowned, underground
    But no one is keeping me down

    The rain starts outside; the sound of drops softly hitting the window can be heard as BELLA continues to listen to RAIN who is still petting the cat.

    RAIN: --I have these ?freaky' powers too. (Beat) Therefore, I am a freak!

    The bag of chips explodes with her last word. BELLA flinches but ignores it. Chips fly everywhere, scaring the cat off the bed. RAIN looks at the cat, feeling sorry for her. She looks back at BELLA apologetically.

    BELLA: (reaching forward to pick chips out of her friend's hair) It's not your fault that? Gloria lied to you. You had nothing to do with that. That's all on her.

    RAIN: But why did she lie? The cop said she had all these different aliases but she stopped with one eighteen years ago, ?Connie Mason'. And she was wanted for forgery and robbery in all these different states! I mean, I never saw Mom? I mean Connie? (She struggles) Gloria? whatever? steal anything. I remember her telling me not to steal when I was small and? she was always adamant about not stealing. She never ever stole her boyfriends' cigarettes! (Beat) And now I come to found out... she might have stolen me.

    BELLA: (touches her leg for comfort) I'm sorry, Rain. It's horrible.

    RAIN: (rushing on) And then there's Keith! Except, not ?Keith', maybe not even my brother!

    She stops abruptly, leaving the question of her own identity hanging, unsaid.

    RAIN: (softly) This is just? insane, Bella. It's just? (She looks down)

    BELLA: Maybe Tanner will come to Gloria's funeral? You guys could talk, maybe?

    RAIN: I doubt it. I don't know where he is and he's been gone for so long. He? he really hated? her. They were always fighting.

    RAIN starts to cry.

    RAIN: Who am I, Bella? Who do I belong to?

    BELLA: Aw?honey, you're Rain and you belong to me kiddo. (She suddenly sits up straight; formally) I'll adopt you.

    RAIN gives a laugh mixed up with a sob, wiping her eyes. LLYWELA jumps back on the bed and slowly walks over to RAIN, brushing her body against RAIN'S leg. The cat climbs in to her lap and parks herself there. RAIN smiles as she pets her.

    I'll keep my head high
    Cause they will always kick you when you're down

    BELLA: (uncertainly) It'll sort out? it'll be ok.

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    An OFFICER is pushing a cart filled with the prisoners' lunches to the holding cells. After delivering most of their lunches, he stops at JAKE SHEPHERD'S cell. The OFFICE gasps when he sees JAKE has hung himself from the sheets tied to the cell bars. He calls for back up. OFFICER KOLD who is on break immediately arrives. The prisoners start clamoring. The FIRST OFFICER unlocks the cell door to check JAKE'S pulse.

    FIRST OFFICER: (Beat; Looking at the two officers) He's dead.

    OFFICER KOLD picks a piece of paper on the floor. He doesn't read it out loud but instead hands it over to the FIRST OFFICER. There is an extreme close up shot of the paper. In shaky handwriting, it reads:

    ?I killed Connie Mason. I refuse to go to prison for the rest of my life.

    Jake Shepherd'

    CUT TO:


    The same OFFICER from the first episode is talking on a pay phone. He has on sunglasses as he listens to the voice on the other line.

    VOICE: The coroner concluded Jake Shepherd killed himself?

    OFFICER: Yes.

    VOICE: And they confirmed he wrote the letter?

    OFFICER: Yes, sir.

    VOICE: Good work.

    The line is disconnected. The OFFICER hangs up, looks around and proceeds to his car.

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    The entrance door opens slowly. A WOMAN walks in holding on a leather satchel. It's MADELINE BLAKE, the woman who approached RAIN the night before Rain's birthday. MICHAEL is filling a bowl with nuts as he looks up. He sets the can down on the counter.

    MICHAEL: Welcome to Michael's Haven. A waitress will be with you shortly.

    MADELINE: Actually, I am looking for Rain Mason. I was told she works here.

    MICHAEL: And you are?

    MADELINE walks up to counter and offers her hand for MICHAEL to shake but he ignores it.

    MADELINE: I?m? a relative of Rain's.

    MICHAEL: (arches brow) Is that right?

    She smiles at him. MICHAEL examines her cautiously. She has on jeans, a jacket over her light blue blouse and brown loafers. Her hair is loose. MADELINE is looking around the restaurant and she sees a patron smiling at her. She starts to feel a little apprehensive, clings on to her satchel waiting for MICHAEL to tell her RAIN'S whereabouts. MICHAEL'S sees she doesn't like being here, he smirks softly to himself.

    MICHAEL: (clears throat) She's not here.

    MADELINE: I-I suppose I could wait.

    She places her satchel on the stool next to her. She takes off her jacket, tosses it on the satchel and sits at the counter. MICHAEL looks at her with irritation.

    MICHAEL: (briskly) You'll have to order something.

    MADELINE: (annoyed) Fine, I'll have a sparkling water with a lime.

    MICHAEL retrieves a glass from the shelf, scoops ice into the glass and grabs a bottle from the refrigerator near the sinks. He picks up a slice of lime from a dish at the end of the counter. MICHAEL plops the lime in the glass pours the water and parks her drink in front of her on a coaster brusquely. He leans back on the counter behind and folds his arms, observing her.

    MICHAEL: So?uh, how exactly did you say? you're related to Rain?

    MADELINE: (looks up after sipping her drink) I'm? her cousin. I came to see her when I learned her mother passed away.

    MICHAEL: (corrects her; softly) Her mother was murdered.

    MADELINE: I am sorry, yes she was murdered. Poor, Rain. (With some concern) How is she holding up?

    MICHAEL: (eyeing her suspiciously) What did you say your name was?

    MADELINE: (defensive) I didn't. (Beat) It's Madeline Blake. Most people call me Lena. Should I fetch my license, officer?

    MICHAEL: (smirks) Rain won't be back for awhile. You sure you wanna wait? I could tell her that her cousin stopped by.

    MADELINE looks at her watch feeling anxious to talk to RAIN.

    MADELINE: No? I ? I'll wait.

    MICHAEL: So you might as well order lunch.

    He hands her a menu. She rolls her eyes and takes it.

    MADELINE: All right then, I'll have? (She gazes distractedly down the list) the chicken Caesar salad will be fine.

    MICHAEL: A salad? Why I am not surprised?

    MADELINE: Are you always this rude to your customers?

    MICHAEL: You're a customer now?

    MADELINE: Yes, if I'm paying for the water and salad.

    MICHAEL: (laughs) Let me place your order.

    MICHAEL excuses himself while MADELINE shakes her head. She continues to drink her sparkling water.

    CUT TO:


    After MICHAEL orders MADELINE'S salad, he walks to his office. He picks up the phone, dials a long distance number. The other line is ringing. A MAN answers.

    LACHLAN: (with an Australian accent; groggily) Ugh? Hello?

    MICHAEL: Lachlan, its Michael Corbis. Uh? sorry to call so early.

    LACHLAN: Michael? (He wakes himself up) It's been awhile. How are you, mate?

    MICHAEL: I'm well, thanks.

    LACHLAN: (darkly) How's your father?

    MICHAEL: (evasively) He's fine. (Beat) Listen, I need a favor.

    LACHLAN: Name it.

    MICHAEL: Can I get you to run a background check on someone for me; a ?Madeline Blake'?

    LACHLAN: Anything for you, mate. Just a sec.

    MICHAEL hears LACHLAN rustling.

    LACHLAN: Uh? it'll just be a moment? (More rustling) damn ? ow ? bloody kids! (Beat; MICHAEL fidgets impatiently; suddenly we hear clicking on the keyboard) Mike, are you still there? Yes? here we go! Got four Madeline Blakes? Toronto; London; Canterbury, New Zealand; and Massachusetts.

    MICHAEL: Massachusetts.

    LACHLAN: Uh-huh. Ok...?Madeline Clare Blake, born 14 September, 1972... went to Harvard University, got her masters degree in English Literature. She is currently... a high school English teacher. (Lachlan continues looking)? da? da? da? and no criminal records... (More clicking sounds on the other end of the phone are heard). Let me dig a little further. (Beat) Huh? well, isn't that bloody interesting!

    MICHAEL: (Impatiently) What is it?

    LACHLAN: She's a Watcher!

    MICHAEL perks up.

    MICHAEL: Really?

    LACHLAN: Slayer's Council employed her recently. It looks like they've set her up a job at Haven High as her cover. There's some more... personal info-

    MICHAEL: (putting 2 and 2 together; interrupting, whispers) ? then that means? she's a Slayer.

    LACHLAN: Are you training slayers now? (Chuckles) That'd be fitting!

    MICHAEL: No, huh, it's not that; just a? favor for someone?

    LACHLAN: Did something come up? Are you coming back to the business, Mike? It's been so long since-

    MICHAEL: --Thanks, Lachlan. Again, I apologize for calling so early.

    LACHLAN: No drama, mate. The kids really miss you. We still owe you that surfing lesson. And you'll need to get away from that bloody snow that's coming in the next few months. There's always a bed here for you.

    MICHAEL: (laughs) Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. Give them all my love. Tell Sianoa I said hello.

    LACHLAN: I'll do that.

    They both hang up. MICHAEL stares at RAIN'S application on his desk and rubs his temples.

    MICHAEL: (whispers) Not again.


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      ACT II


      RAIN is standing in the middle of the kitchen, holding a box she has packed. The blood stains from GLORIA'S murder are still on the floor. She looks around the room, remembering her life here; nothing but bad memories. We hear more lyrics from Machine Head's Kick You When You're Down.

      BELLA: You good?

      RAIN: (looking at the house one last time; gives Bella a small smile) I sure am.

      BELLA: (overly enthusiastic) Well! I am sooo craving for a smoothie! We can go to Smoothie Addict before we load your stuff into your apartment. Sound good?

      RAIN: (quietly) Sounds great. (Relieved) I just wanna get out of here.

      Life for my life, soul for my soul
      Truth for my truth and heart for my heart
      Drive for my drive, match it inside

      She takes a deep breath and walks out of the house. BELLA, waiting near her car, approaches RAIN, takes the box from her and puts it in the back seat with the other boxes including Rain's TV and CD player.

      Fight for this fight and don't you ever never
      Give up, give up - you gotta play like a master of chess
      It's a long road and its mental endurance stress test

      OFFICER KOLD is leaning against his car. RAIN waves good-bye to him. He tilts his cap at RAIN and climbs in his car. BELLA and RAIN watch the officer leave.

      Sometimes you fight and you win,
      sometimes you fight and you lose
      It's the fighter in you not to lose

      The girls climb into BELLA'S BMW and put on their seat belts. They look at each other and share a smile as they head for Main Street.

      So keep you head high
      Cause they will always kick you when you're down

      CUT TO:


      CUT TO:


      RAIN and BELLA finish loading the last of the boxes into her apartment. They notice MICHAEL has apparently finished painting RAIN'S room for them. The clock on the kitchen counter reads 4:30 pm. BELLA hugs her friend good-bye. RAIN closes the door and takes off her jacket, tosses it on the chair in the kitchen. Finally alone, she allows her exhaustion to show. Before she makes it to the bedroom to unpack her things, there is a soft knock on the door.

      RAIN: (raises her voice through the door; tiredly) Did you forget something, Bella?

      She opens the door and finds MADELINE standing before her with her hands tucked into her jacket pockets. She offers RAIN a half smile. RAIN glares at her.

      RAIN: (startled) What? what? are you doing here?

      MADELINE: (strongly) I was looking for you. I had to eat at the restaurant to wait for you. I told your boss I was a relative. I have to say, (inwardly scowling) I'm not at all sure that he is someone who you want to be working for, he's rather rude.

      RAIN: --You what?!

      MADELINE briskly invites herself into RAIN'S apartment. RAIN is dumbfounded but closes the door anyway.

      RAIN: And you don't think you're rude?

      MADELINE: (turns to RAIN) I needed to see you again. I'm sorry if I'm intruding, I-

      RAIN: (quickly) You have no right to speak to him or? or? to be in here or? any right whatsoever!

      MADELINE: I'm sorry but we need to-

      RAIN: (getting very irritated) I don't think we need to do anything. I already told you I'm not interested. (Drained) Look, I think you'd better just leave.

      She turns away from MADELINE, hands on hips but doesn't open the door. RAIN feels worn out. The day has taken its toll.

      MADELINE moves towards RAIN.

      MADELINE: (finally noticing RAIN'S tiredness; with some concern) The other night? I said I could help you. I want to help you.

      RAIN turns around abruptly.

      RAIN: (exasperated) You're gonna help me by lying to my boss? By inviting yourself into my apartment? How's that work exactly?

      MADELINE pulls a card out of her pocket and tries to give it to RAIN. RAIN folds her arms.

      RAIN: I've got one already.

      MADELINE: (letting her extended arm fall) But you didn't read it? I'm a Watcher. I would very much like to be your Watcher? if-

      RAIN: --I read it. We've already been through this ? I don't know what a ?Watcher' is? or what this ?Slayer's Council' is that you belong to but I don't need either of you. I've got this place; I've got a job? (Less convincingly) and I'm ok.

      MADELINE: (gently) Maybe so. Maybe you are? but I'm guessing that I'm the only person who knows that you are a ?slayer', that you kill vampires and can handle weaponry like most people handle a knife and fork.

      RAIN: (wavering) Uh-no. My friend?

      MADELINE: (sharply) You've told others?! I don't-(backing off at RAIN'S expression) I see. Well, I'm sure you trust them. Friends can be helpful, yes.

      Beat. RAIN and MADELINE are figuratively circling each other, gauging each other. MADELINE tries to maintain an open posture.

      MADELINE: (decides to launch in) A? a Watcher is someone who guides and teaches the Slayer; prepares you to face your duty. It has been this way for centuries. And now that there are many slayers-

      RAIN: You're a teacher? (Sarcastically) Great. That's brilliant. Cause every teacher I ever met has done just soooo much for me.

      MADELINE: No? well, yes? I am a teacher in that sense. The Council has arranged for me an English position at Haven High but that's not-

      RAIN: --Great.

      MADELINE: A Watcher is not like that. I? I've been trained, by the ?Slayer's Council'. It's new. When Willow Rosenberg, a witch-

      RAIN: You've got to be kidding?

      MADELINE: (ignoring RAIN'S response; determined to go on) When Willow released the Slayer power and activated all the potential slayers, Buffy Summers and Rupert Giles set up the Council; to train watchers and slayers. It's based in Los Ange-

      RAIN: (thinking, remembering something) --Wait? this witch Willow, she has red hair?

      MADELINE: Yes, as a matter of fact, she does. How?? (Nods with realization) You've had more dreams.

      RAIN says nothing but just looks Lena for a moment, internally struggling. MADELINE senses that RAIN is desperate for knowledge, despite her pretence otherwise.

      RAIN: (guarded) A vampire I killed, called me a ?slayer'. I figured that's what I am, but??

      The camera pans to the clock, it slowly flickers to 6:30pm indicating two hours have passed. Camera pans back to RAIN and MADELINE who are sitting on the couch silently, half facing each other. There are two empty mugs on the coffee table beside them and a couple of ancient books near MADELINE'S satchel as well as her jacket. RAIN shifts awkwardly, clearly thinking and trying to assimilate all that MADELINE has told her.

      RAIN: ? so ?

      MADELINE: So.

      RAIN: I'm a ?chosen one'?

      MADELINE: You are. (Smiling) I'm afraid there's not much choice in that respect.

      RAIN: And in each generation, there was just one slayer until Willow did the spell activating all potential slayers? Now there are thousands of slayers all over the world?

      MADELINE: Yes, that's correct.

      RAIN: (Beat) And? you're my Watcher?

      MADELINE: (softly) If you'd like me to be; that? that you do have a choice about.

      RAIN: (softly, to herself) You know? today just couldn't get weirder.

      RAIN gets up from the couch and grabs the mugs, heading to the small kitchen.

      RAIN: (uncomfortably) Uh? Allie, my roommate will probably be back soon.

      MADELINE: (stands; quietly confident) You don't have to decide right now. I understand how hard all this must be to? I mean? on top of your mother's death and your expulsion from school?

      RAIN abruptly turns back to face MADELINE at what she has just said. Thoughts of GLORIA and everything that has happened today invade her mind.

      RAIN: (vehemently) How do you know about--? You know nothing about her or me!

      The mugs in her hand shatter. The pieces of the ceramic shoot off around the room.

      MADELINE throws her hands up to block the shards and one hits her square on the cheek. Blood starts trickling down her face. She looks up at RAIN, shocked and horrified.

      The rest of the shards are embedded in the walls, couch and floor indicating the force with which the mugs exploded.

      RAIN: (horrified) Oh my god!

      She drops the mug handles still in her hand and rushes to MADELINE'S side.

      RAIN: I'm so sorry. Are you ok?

      MADELINE: Uh?

      RAIN: (upset) I didn't mean? oh ? god.

      RAIN reaches up to MADELINE'S face.

      MADELINE: Uh? I'm ok. I think it's just a scratch. (She gazes around the room, at the shards sticking out from the walls) I? think? I escaped the worst of it.

      RAIN looks around following MADELINE'S gaze. She looks upset, embarrassed and awkward.

      MADELINE: I? don't understand. What just happened?

      RAIN: (softly, hanging her head) I guess I do need someone who knows about Slayer powers?

      She moves to sit on the couch, carefully brushing away the ceramic fragments. She keeps her head down and avoids looking at MADELINE.

      MADELINE rummages in her bag and pulls out some tissues. She dabs at her face with them, looking very perplexed.

      MADELINE: Rain?

      RAIN: (reluctantly) I? guess? I guess you should be my Watcher.

      MADELINE: (more forcefully) Rain.

      RAIN: I mean? I'm dangerous sometimes? there was Jake and?

      MADELINE: (shouts) Rain!

      RAIN looks up at MADELINE. Her face pales a little at MADELINE'S expression.

      MADELINE: (worried) That wasn't something typical to Slayers. That was? something else altogether. I don't know?

      RAIN: (worried, confused) You don't know? I thought?

      MADELINE: Slayers don't have telekinetic or natural Wiccan abilities. Not that I've been taught, in any case.

      RAIN: What? That wasn't-?

      MADELINE: (looking at RAIN slightly fearfully) No. Mr. Giles never indicated-

      RAIN: (becoming upset, seeing MADELINE'S look) ?Y-You're afraid of me?

      RAIN gets up and backs slightly away. She folds her arms around herself.

      RAIN: You don't know what I am. (Softly) Who I am.

      MADELINE clears her expression, moving toward RAIN. She puts her hand on RAIN'S shoulder. MADELINE is indeed afraid of RAIN, but she tries to conceal it.

      MADELINE: (inclining her head) You're a Slayer. I know that. I can work with that. And these Wiccan powers you seem to have? I'll contact the Council. It's happened before?

      RAIN: (turns to MADELINE; nods) Yes. I didn't know it was me to start with and then? (Beat; she struggles with her admission)? then I knew it was? (She looks squarely at MADELINE) Sometimes I can control it? and-

      MADELINE: --sometimes you can't.

      RAIN: (in agreement) Sometimes I can't... It? (Hurting, miserably) I've? hurt people. (Whispers) It feels like a bad thing.

      MADELINE: (mustering confidence that she doesn't feel) I'm sure it's not. If you can control it sometimes it just means that you need to learn how to use it. I'll find out. We'll learn together. I'll help you.

      RAIN looks up; her eyes are full of tears. There is a yearning in her expression.

      There is the sound of the door knob turning. The moment between Watcher and Slayer is suddenly broken. RAIN'S defense mechanism clicks back on as she steps backward. MADELINE'S hand falls from RAIN'S shoulder as ALLIE steps into the apartment. RAIN wipes at her eyes with one hand and straightens.

      ALLIE: (grinning widely) Hey, RAIN, how are-? (Seeing the apartment)? oh my god?! What happened here? Were we robbed? My computer!!!

      Before either RAIN or MADELINE can get a word in edgewise, ALLIE has bolted into her room.

      RAIN: (calling out) ALLIE! Its ok, nothing's happened!

      MADELINE and RAIN look at each other awkwardly.

      MADELINE: Um? I'll help you clean up.

      RAIN: No? it's okay. I got it.

      MADELINE can see that it's probably a good time for her to leave.

      MADELINE: All right then, perhaps I should I'll go. I'm staying at the Maple Leaf Motel, room 122 until the Council sorts me out a place to live, but you can find me there or? call me anytime. I'll be in touch with you once I've spoken with? (Lowers her voice) the Council? about your powers.

      MADELINE gives RAIN what she hopes is a reassuring smile. She quickly puts her books in her satchel and her jacket on. They nod to each other good-bye. MADELINE opens the door to leave and RAIN closes it behind her. RAIN starts cleaning up the living room, pulling the shards of ceramic out of the walls, couch and floor. She shakes her head at the day and gives a sigh. She wonders how she is going to explain the damage to MICHAEL.

      RAIN looks at her watch. She's tired, confused and frustrated but on edge; the urge to get away and to hit something is very strong. She puts on her jacket heading for her room. She rummages through the packed boxes looking for a stake. Just as she finds one, she hears ALLIE calling for her in the hallway. She quickly hides the stake in her jacket.

      RAIN hurriedly walks to the living room finding ALLIE in the kitchen making popcorn. ALLIE has her long brown hair pulled into a pony-tail. She is wearing a yellow T-shirt that that says in glitter ?I love Canada' and a pair of jeans with yellow rhinestones on the back pockets as well as yellow flip-flops.

      ALLIE: Hey Rain, thanks for cleaning up!

      RAIN: Yah sure, about the holes? everywhere, I'll cover it.

      ALLIE: O?K. (gives RAIN a look) I won't ask. Listen, my friend Chris Galathea is coming over later tonight to watch Dark Angel. Wanna join us?

      RAIN: Oh, no thanks. I got plans.

      ALLIE: You sure? Jensen Ackles is really hot!

      RAIN: (laughs) Thanks for the invite but I'm heading out.

      ALLIE: Sure thing, roomie.

      ALLIE gets a big bowl from the cabinets for her popcorn. The microwave dings just as RAIN exits the apartment.

      CUT TO:


      Black Rose Cemetery is Haven's largest cemetery. As RAIN nears the entrance, the large iron gate appears to be locked as it usually would at be at this time of night. She applies some slayer strength on the lock but she is surprised to find that it swings open as she touches it. RAIN has never been here before contrary to what the students of Haven High would assume. She checks out the view. It's rather beautiful, with the moon casting its light on the headstones and mausoleums. The air is cool and crisp as RAIN enters the cemetery, feeling the pleasant release of activating her slayer senses. The lawn is lush and there are a few trees scattered about.

      Walking down the main path, she locates a gang of vampires drinking by an angel statue in the middle of the cemetery; a biker gang to be more specific. RAIN counts three vampires; two male and one female. She sees two motorcycles resting against a couple of headstones. Like any biker gang, they are all wearing leather.

      She assumes the bulkiest male is the leader. He appears to be in his fifties. He has black hair and a scruffy beard. The blonde female vampire younger than him is by his side rubbing his chest. She is wearing a black bandana over it. The youngest vampire of the group, swigging from a bottle of beer, shares a familial resemblance to the female vamp.

      RAIN can hear them laughing and has second thoughts; a gang of three vamps is more than she's handled before. She appears to reconsider, backing away slightly. The older vampire looks up. She gulps.

      MALE VAMPIRE #1: Well? Looky here, what's this?

      MALE VAMPIRE #2: (chuckles) It's a girl, Hammer.

      HAMMER: (rolling his head back in irritation) I know that, Brick, you idiot. I was being sarcastic. Did you even graduate from high school?

      FEMALE VAMPIRE #3: (grinning maliciously) He never finished middle school.

      BRICK: (growling) Argh! Shut up, Gypsy! Mama's told you to stop making fun of me!

      HAMMER: Both of you shut up! (To Gypsy) Baby, grab the chains. We've got a fight to- (Turns to see RAIN is gone; his head pivots). Where'd she go? Damn it!

      BRICK takes a last chug of beer and smashes the bottle against a headstone. He spots RAIN running towards the gate and points her out to HAMMER. HAMMER jumps on his motorcycle. GYPSY has already grabbed her chains while BRICK is nonchalantly leaning against the statue picking his teeth. Just as HAMMER revs up the motorcycle, GYPSY hops on. They ride to the gate as HAMMER uses his bike to successfully block RAIN from leaving the cemetery. The couple gets off his bike. BRICK gives up trying to look cool and runs over to them. RAIN turns around but finds BRICK marching towards her. She looks back at HAMMER and GYPSY.

      HAMMER: Gee, (spreads his arms out in front of him) looks like you're trapped!

      RAIN looks nervously at them. She inwardly agrees with him but pulls out her stake anyway. As they slowly move in on her she abruptly turns around, head down, full force trying to knock BRICK over. RAIN hits a solid wall of black leather; she gasps from the impact and stumbles back but regains her balance. However, BRICK falls backwards and struggles to get up. HAMMER and GYPSY laugh loudly at him.

      HAMMER: (mocking) Aw, Brick?she hurt you bad?

      BRICK: (furiously to Rain) You-!

      RAIN starts running away from them. BRICK growls and charges after her

      HAMMER: Go get her Brick! (Laughs) What a joke!

      He turns to GYPSY.

      HAMMER: (quizzically) You sure he's your brother?

      GYPSY: (smiles) I always figured he was adopted.

      The couple laughs. BRICK eventually catches up with RAIN. She is at the spot where she found them, near the angel statue.

      BRICK: You're gonna pay for that, bitch. I am NOT going to be the laughing stock of? of? (Trying to think of something catchy to say) uh?Vampire land.

      RAIN: (laughs) Vampire land? That's the best you can come up with? You're not big with the wit, are you?

      BRICK: Maybe not, but I'm a good fighter. (He straightens up, posing) My Pa taught me.

      RAIN: Oh, yeah, like your real smart, running away from your pals all by your lonesome? That was pretty smart!

      BRICK: (almost stops to think) Eh?

      RAIN uses this moment to launch at him with the stake. He sees the stake just in time and makes a grab for her arm. She pulls back before he can.

      BRICK: What you have a stake for? What's that all about, anyway?

      He parries another stab of the stake in question and jumps to the side.

      RAIN: (panting slightly) And here I thought I was dealing with the smart one. Can't you figure it out?

      BRICK slightly primps himself at RAIN'S ?compliment' not at all grasping her sarcasm. She shakes her head at his stupidity. HAMMER and GYPSY walk closer to watch them fight. They make themselves comfortable by sitting on a bench.

      GYPSY: (calling out) You give it to her good, BRICK!

      RAIN kicks him in the stomach while his attention is briefly on the others. He stumbles backwards.

      BRICK: (grimacing with pain) What the hell?

      BRICK regains his balance and punches her in the chin, her face twisting violently to the right. Quick as a flash, she punches him back. BRICK grabs her, flips her body and knees her in the kidneys. She groans in pain. BRICK pauses to flash a grin at HAMMER and GYPSY.

      As RAIN makes a move to get up, he picks her up and throws her against the statue, pinning her against it with his body.

      BRICK: (sniffing her; drawling) You sure smell tasty.

      BRICK presses his body against her getting ready to bite her. She pulls her head back, repulsed.

      RAIN: And you (she knees him in the groin) smell like something dead? (Sarcastically) oh, wait, that'll be cause you are dead.

      He winces in pain, falling to the ground. RAIN moves into staking position. BRICK pushes up suddenly, grabbing her hand tightly. She drops the stake.

      BRICK: (irritated) Enough with the stake already!

      RAIN: Duh, I'm a Slayer.

      BRICK gives her a worn out and confused look still holding her hand.

      BRICK: Slayer? What's the hell does a rock band have to do with stakes?

      RAIN shakes her head at him and pulls herself away with a powerful jerk. As BRICK struggles to his feet, she remains still and focuses on the statue. Her eyes glow white; there is a gritty, loud cracking noise coming from the statue. As it cracks, large chunks of the statue fall down toward him.

      BRICK looks up, his eyes widen.

      BRICK: Hey!

      He throws his arms up to protect his face as the statue explodes over him. RAIN grabs her stake up off the ground and dusts him.

      HAMMER and GYPSY look at each other and back at the pile of dust and rubble. RAIN huffs a breath and jumps to her feet. She tingles with energy

      RAIN: So, which one of you wants to go next?

      HAMMER growls and stands up to meet her. GYPSY grabs at him.

      GYPSY: (nervously, scared) Wait, Hammer! She's strong! Hammer! I think she's a-

      HAMMER: (shrugs off Gypsy; childish, mocking voice to Rain) Well, look at you, little girl, all with your little stake and everything! You're just positively edible.

      RAIN adopts a fighting stance, twirling the stake in her hand.

      GYPSY: (cries) Hammer! She killed Brick, man!

      HAMMER: (cocking his head) You're a slayer, aren't you?

      RAIN: (looks over at Gypsy, points at HAMMER, mocking) Oh, he's the smart one? (Looking back at Hammer) Let's see what kind of smart moves you have.

      HAMMER and Rain circle each other.

      HAMMER: And you're a witch! Kinky! (Calling over to Gypsy) Time for chains, luv!

      GYPSY looks around, finally remembering she slung them over the bike. She grabs them.

      GYPSY: Hammer! I got em! Let me have a go at her!

      HAMMER: Go for it baby!

      HAMMER lights a cigarette while she runs back with the chains getting ready to fight the Slayer. RAIN is suddenly drained. She realizes the spell she just cast to break the statue must have weakened her. She shakes her head trying to clear it, steps back a couple of paces.

      RAIN: (confused; to herself) Uh...

      GYPSY twirls the chains to her left then to her right, back and forth. She approaches RAIN who is still reeling from the power drainage.

      GYPSY: You think you can get away with that? Killing my brother?

      GYPSY growls at RAIN.

      RAIN: (regaining some focus) Yep.

      GYPSY whirls her chains, bringing them down suddenly, hitting RAIN across her face and abdomen. RAIN gasps as her head jerks to the right.

      The VAMPIRE does it again. RAIN yells out in pain.

      HAMMER: (proudly) That's my honey!

      The SLAYER looks up at GYPSY. As GYPSY moves to fling the chains down again, RAIN grabs the end of the chain, pulls it toward her. GYPSY lurches forward.

      RAIN gasp. Blood spills out of GYPSY'S mouth. She lets go the chain and grabs her jaw in pain. RAIN aims a kick in her stomach.

      With a roar, GYPSY lunges at her, fist raised. RAIN ducks and grabs GYPSY, turning her around. She flails the chain and wraps it around her neck. With a sharp and strong jerk, GYPSY is beheaded and turned into dust.

      HAMMER: (shrugs his shoulders; throws his cigarette on the ground) Alone at last!

      RAIN says nothing. They stare at each other, a few feet away, waiting for each other to make a move.

      RAIN: Sorry I killed your girlfriend. (Beat; pretending to think) No wait, I'm not.

      HAMMER: (shrugs) Gypsy was a package deal and Brick was deadweight ? literally. (He closes his eyes and inhales deeply; cocky) I feel lighter already!

      RAIN: (circling him warily) No kidding? (Points at his stomach) Cause you don't look it.

      HAMMER: (rubbing it) Many tasty meals, like you! (Beat) Hey, guess I should thank you for getting rid of the brother-sister act. (Bows down) Thank you, Slayer. Now, how about we make your torturous and painful death the icing on my cake tonight?

      RAIN rolls her eyes as they continue to circle each other. HAMMER remains chilled, laid-back. RAIN watches his moves very carefully, trying to anticipate what he may do next, but he appears to be the talkative type.

      RAIN: Uh, thanks all the same, but I think since you're kinda dead already, it should be you that goes first.

      HAMMER: (ignoring her comment) So, uh?what's with the whole witch thing? Is this a new breed of slayers that the Initiative cooked up? (Thinks) You know, it's kinda sexy, ever thought about maybe having a vampire as a boyfriend?

      RAIN: (utterly disgusted) Ok, first? the witch-thing is still in it's experimental stage ? highly unpredictable. (She gives him an ?I'm unpredictable, so watch out' look.) Second ? Intia-whats-it? And third ?ew, gross. You're like 50 years old and a vampire ? who ever heard of a vampire dating a slayer? So I'm thinking NO- (shakes her head) And can we just fight already? I can't believe I'm having a conversation with a vampire!

      HAMMER: (shrugs again; agreeing) Fair enough. (he nods) You're the Slayer. Ok.

      He leers at her and squares up.

      HAMMER: Let's get it on, then!

      They start circling each other again.

      HAMMER: (he stands down for a moment) What about living forever, huh? Can't tempt you with eternal life? an eternity of hotness with me?

      RAIN: (pretends to puke) Ewwww? You're disgusting! You just don't let up!

      HAMMER: (shrugs again; slightly offended) Oh, well. Can't blame me for trying, being as it's you kind of dusted my last woman.

      He lunges at her, managing to punch her in the face and knee her in the stomach. He grabs her bodily and throws her, sending her flying up in the air. She crashes down on BRICK'S motorcycle, with a sickening crunch.

      HAMMER: (strolling over to her) You know? I always thought that slayers were, like, supposed to be really strong? And you've got this whole ?boogedy-boogedy' thing going for you too? but?

      He reaches her, just as she is struggling to get up; he picks her up again tossing her in the air once more as if she is a rag doll. She slams down into a concrete bench. Blood starts trickling out of the corner of her mouth. RAIN can barely move.

      HAMMER: (cont'd)?I really don't think you're all that after all. I need a woman with a bit more; you know (he thrusts lewdly with his hips) stamina. Oh, come on Elvira, get up! Get up! It's getting boorrr-inng!

      RAIN: (mumbling) Oh? (She wipes her arm across her mouth) Now you want to fight?

      RAIN gradually struggles up. She is covered in powdered dust. She touches her head, finding blood on her hand, but not enough to alarm her. By the time she is upright, HAMMER is facing her. She swings at him and they start to fight in earnest. Camera zooms out and pans away from them.

      Behind the gate of the cemetery we see a shadowy figure watching RAIN fight HAMMER.

      Cut back to RAIN and HAMMER, just as she throws a particularly vicious punch at his nose. Blood spurts. RAIN is rapidly tiring; HAMMER seems to be stronger than before. She looks around quickly, trying to come up with a plan. Suddenly she pitches to the left to avoid a punch. She straightens and freezes. Her eyes turn white. HAMMER whirls round to attack her again.

      HAMMER: (wiping his arm across his bleeding nose) Are you gonna drop a rock on me like you did Brick? Not very original.

      RAIN is silent. He shrugs his shoulders and lunges again as she lifts her hand. It's clear to HAMMER that she is weak; just as he is about to grab her, loud cracking and snapping sounds are heard, he looks around, hands frozen, still poised to grab RAIN. HAMMER'S eyes widen in shock and he tries to cover his face with his hands. The branches from the trees break off and hurl at him like a swarm of bees.

      HAMMER: Aww? shi-!

      The branches pierce everywhere in his body. Before his body hits the ground, he turns into dust. RAIN is breathing heavily. Her arms are still up. She tries to move but finds herself rigid, paralyzed. Sweat pours down her face. Suddenly, her eyes roll backward into her head and she falls backward, unconscious to the ground. We hear the scrunching sounds of someone walking on gravel. There is a close up of the person's feet standing before RAIN'S body. The camera zooms out and we see the back of the FIGURE as it picks up RAIN and turns around, carrrying her out of the cemetery.


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        ACT III


        CUT TO:


        RAIN is unconscious on the couch in the living room. Gradually she comes to, jumping to a sitting position off the couch, realizing she is home. She brings a hand to her head, still dizzy. Looking up, she notices MICHAEL is sitting on a chair watching, holding on to her jacket. He gives her a worried, tight smile.

        RAIN: (disorientated and startled) Michael? (Touching her head) What? what are you doing here?

        MICHAEL: You fainted.

        RAIN: What? (Rubbing her temples) You? brought me here?

        MICHAEL: (nods) Yes. You'll be fine.

        RAIN: How? how did-? Ohh? (She sways and leans back on the couch, shutting her eyes)

        MICHAEL: (leaping up) You ok? Here, let me get you a glass of water.

        MICHAEL goes to the kitchen and returns with a glass of water. He sits gingerly down beside her and offers the glass. One hand on her forehead, RAIN slowly opens her eyes and accepts the glass of water. She sips it gratefully.

        RAIN: (awkwardly smiles) Thanks. Just feeling a bit? (her voice trails off)

        MICHAEL: I? uh? I was at the cemetery. I saw you.

        RAIN: Uhmm... you saw me faint? Did you see what happened before-?

        MICHAEL: --You staked three vampires? well staked two and beheaded one.

        He smiles meekly.

        RAIN: (chuckles, jiggling her head but then grimaces from the aching pain) Ohh? You're kinda freaking me out. (Beat) But actually, considering today? I really shouldn't be surprised.

        MICHAEL: I know you're a slayer.

        RAIN: (nods) Yup. And right about now you're gonna tell me? let me guess? you're a secret agent? (He gives her a look of confusion) (Beat) I really don't know- Did the Mad chick tell you?

        MICHAEL: -- (grins) Uh, no? not a secret agent. And by ?mad' chick you mean Madeline? No, your watcher didn't tell me anything.

        RAIN: (revolving her eyes round to look at him, careful not to move her head) Well? uh? you just seem to know everything.

        MICHAEL: And you seem to be a witch too. That's new.

        RAIN: (softly, aghast) You saw that too?

        MICHAEL: (nods) I saw the whole show; can-can dancers, strobe lights. Everything. (Attempts a chuckle, but stops at her look).

        RAIN: Wonderful. (Beat) Wait? (She struggles into a sitting position, flinching slightly) What were you doing there? (Searching his expression) You were stalking me?

        MICHAEL: I wanted to make sure-

        ALLIE appears out of her bedroom in her PJs and knocks on RAIN'S bedroom door.

        ALLIE: Rain? Are you there?

        RAIN slowly gets up off the couch. She is shaking. MICHAEL grasps her arm to steady her. A look passes between them. MICHAEL lets go and takes a step back.

        RAIN: (calls out) Allie, I'm out here, in the living room.

        ALLIE runs to the living room. She is surprised to see MICHAEL there.

        ALLIE: Mr. Corbis? hi? umm? (Turns to RAIN; looks at her sidelong)? uh, (puzzled by how RAIN looks at the moment, she ignores it) Turn on the TV quick! Channel 8!

        ALLIE realizes that RAIN isn't capable of moving very quickly. She races over to the TV and turns it on. It's the evening news. A British-Indian news reporter named IRENE ASHOK is talking.

        REPORTER: The only suspect in the Connie Mason killing has died this afternoon. While details are sketchy as to the circumstances of his death, it has been confirmed Jake Shepherd was found dead earlier this afternoon in his prison cell. The Haven Police Department say in spite of what happened today they want residents to know that investigation into Connie Mason's death, which has shocked the Haven community, will continue; more news at 11:00.

        RAIN: (in shock) Oh god? I must have-

        She sinks back down onto the sofa.

        RAIN: (weakly) I can't?

        MICHAEL: --Allie, why don't you give us a moment alone?

        ALLIE: (looking at them with uncertainty) Oh sure, of course. I? I'll go to Chris's place for awhile.

        ALLIE looks at RAIN with concern before leaving the apartment, wishing she could do something more for her roommate. RAIN is staring at the floor wondering how JAKE died. Abruptly she stands up, but she sways with vertigo. MICHAEL grabs her.

        MICHAEL: You need to take it easy.

        RAIN pushes him back awkwardly. She takes a couple of deep breaths, insisting she is fine. She makes a grab for her jacket that MICHAEL left on the chair.

        RAIN: I'm ok?

        MICHAEL: RAIN, where do you think you are going? You've been unconscious for the last couple of hours. I've never seen a slayer with powers such as yours. I think the two are fighting each other, overwhelming you ? you need to find out why.

        RAIN: (feeling faint) How do you-?

        MICHAEL: You need to rest.

        RAIN: No? I need to go to the police station.

        MICHAEL looks at her in amazement.

        MICHAEL: You can barely move. What on Earth do you need to go for? You've have nothing to do with Shepherd's death.

        RAIN says nothing; slowly she looks up at him.

        RAIN: (softly) I may have contributed ?

        MICHAEL: I highly doubt that. He was probably murdered in his cell.

        RAIN: (reeling) I have to find out. I have to know.

        MICHAEL: The police won't tell you anything at this point. Why not until tomorrow morning ? you might be able to find out all you want to know on the news, anyway.

        RAIN again lunges for her jacket, then stops, thinking. She looks up at MICHAEL and nods.

        RAIN: (thinking) Ok? that does sound sensible.

        MICHAEL: (relieved) Ok. (Smiles back at her) Are you going to be alright? Can I get you some food or something?

        RAIN: (looking nauseous at the mention of food) No, no? I'm okay. I'm just going to take a shower and go to bed? thanks, though. (She looks up at him, smiles softly)

        MICHAEL: (touching her arm for a little longer than necessary) Okay. Take it easy. I'll? uh? roster you off for a couple of days.

        MICHAEL gives her a half smile. RAIN closes the door after him. As soon as he is gone, RAIN takes a deep breath and gathers what strength she has left. She strides to the window, pulls the curtain back a little bit, watches him walk out of the apartment building and into Michael's Haven. She puts on her jacket, grabs a stake just in case and leaves for the police station, looking decidedly wobbly and worse for wear.

        CUT TO:


        CUT TO:


        RAIN walks in the police department looking for DETECTIVE O'MALLEY. She approaches to the front desk but there is no one there. RAIN walks around the front desk searching for him. The place seems deserted. It?s late, she figures.

        She passes an office. RAIN sees the detective's name is on the door. The door is ajar but she doesn't go in. She hears a voice coming from the office. RAIN looks around to make sure no one is watching her so she can listen in. She recognizes DETECTIVE O'MALLEY'S voice and presumes he's talking on the phone.

        DETECTIVE: (OS) The media is going to have a field day with this. I can already see it in the headlines. We can't afford to have any leaks! (Beat) Yes, but if it gets out that we've had a suicide on the premises- (Beat) No! Just make sure it doesn't happen, all right?

        RAIN hears him slamming down the phone. She glances over her shoulder and sees OFFICER KOLD walking in her direction. He is engrossed in his novel Seniority and doesn't notice her. She quickly turns around and heads for the entrance and disappears out into the night.

        CUT TO:


        CUT TO:


        RAIN slowly walks into the restaurant. She doesn't look like she has had much sleep. It's early; the chairs are still up on the tables. MICHAEL is nowhere to be seen. RAIN asks a new waitress, ROSE who just moved from London, if MICHAEL is in his office. ROSE nods as she fills the salt and pepper shakers at the counter.

        RAIN knocks on MICHAEL'S office door. He is reading an ancient book about witches. He quickly puts it aside.

        RAIN: Uh, sorry? Don't stop on my account.

        MICHAEL: Oh, no? it's fine. (Beat) Are you feeling better?

        RAIN: (she nods) Yeah.

        RAIN shifts around the office uncomfortably. She studies the place properly for the first time, running her eyes across the photos on the walls. They are professional looking shots of various graveyard scenes.

        RAIN: I see you finally got something on the walls.

        MICHAEL: (chuckles) Yeah, after five years.

        RAIN: Did you take these?

        MICHAEL: Yep.

        RAIN: (arches her brow) Interesting theme. (Beat) They're good.

        RAIN looks at him but he says nothing. She runs her fingers down the spines of the books, examining their titles in the book case.

        RAIN: (murmuring) ?Orystion's Almanac'?'Witches ? History and Deviancy'?

        MICHAEL clears his throat uncomfortably, shifting in his chair. She looks up.

        RAIN: Light reading?

        MICHAEL: Uh?yah? I've come across some vampires in my day. I mean-did you want to talk about-?

        RAIN sighs and moves to sit on the couch. She looks over to him, waiting for him to say something.

        MICHAEL: (nodding to himself; nervously) Ok. Yes?.ok. I guess I owe you some kind of explanation.

        RAIN: (giving him nothing) That'd be good.

        MICHAEL clears his throat again stares at the wall as he sits at his desk. RAIN can see he is trying to think of a way to begin.

        RAIN: Are you a watcher?

        MICHAEL: (bursts out laughing; looking at her) No! Uh, no, no. Not a watcher. Uh? Look, I? (Beat) How'd you like Madeline?

        RAIN: (shrugs) She's all right. I think she's scared of me.

        MICHAEL: Why would you say that?

        RAIN: My powers. I'm having some? well, you saw.

        MICHAEL: (nods) I am sure it's a surprise to her, that's all. I wouldn't worry about it but she's treating you all right?

        She continues to look at him, waiting.

        MICHAEL: (seeing she will not be brushed off) Ooooo-k? so suave change of subject not working?

        RAIN: (shrugs her shoulders; relenting a bit) You don't want to tell me, that's ok. It's just that?

        MICHAEL: (looking at her seriously) You can trust me.

        RAIN: (brushing him off) Thanks? for last night.

        He nods. The look between them becomes tense. RAIN gets up.

        MICHAEL: (by way of explanation; very uncomfortably) Look, I? have? some stuff in my past. I'll tell you? when? (His voice trails off)

        RAIN: (nods at him) It's ok? just? (She struggles; overly forcefully) Look, next time you want to follow me, just, uh? it'd be good to let me know first.

        MICHAEL nods, chastened. He smiles at her. She returns it tightly. She moves toward the door and then pauses. MICHAEL stands up.

        RAIN: (turning around) Michael? Uh? (Choosing her words carefully) I was wondering? if, uh? if I wanted to find someone, would you help me? No questions asked?

        MICHAEL: (hiding his curiosity; inclining his head) Maybe. (She gives him a look; he realizes he shouldn't be cagey under the circumstances) Yes? Uh, who would I be looking for?

        RAIN: Tanner Dubois.


        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          CUT TO:


          RAIN is holding a piece of paper with MICHAEL'S handwriting that has TANNER DUBOIS' address on it. Her Greyhound bus ticket is sticking out of her bag. She stares the door, trying to find the courage to open it. RAIN straightens her army jacket, run her black painted fingernails through her hair. She has on a dark orange t-shirt with ?You're Too Close' written on it and baggy khaki pants as well as her black boots. RAIN takes a deep breath and knocks on the door.

          A MAN answers the door, wearing a blue mechanic's uniform and holding a baby girl.

          His face drops when he sees RAIN. She arches her brow as she sees the baby then looks back at him. He awkwardly gazes at RAIN.

          TANNER: Rain? this is? a surprise.

          RAIN: You're surprised? (Bitterly, pointing at the baby) I guess you got yourself that family you always wanted.

          TANNER looks away then back at RAIN while the baby is cooing at her.

          TANNER: (uncomfortably) What are you doing here?

          RAIN: (coldly) Mom's dead.

          She folds her arms defensively.

          TANNER: (nods) I know? I saw the news.

          RAIN shakes her head in disgust.

          RAIN: So you what? felt you didn't need to come? Call me or something? Pay your respects?

          TANNER: (laughs; there is an edge to his voice) Pay my respects? (More gently) Rain, who are you kidding?

          RAIN: Why didn't you tell me?

          TANNER: (he recoils slightly) About--? (Nods slowly) Do we have to do this? I need to take--

          RAIN: (interrupts angrily) --Hell? actually, yeah. I just found out that my mother's name isn't Connie Mason and yours isn't Keith. (Beat) Oh and there is a strong possibility that I am not even her kid! (Quiets down as she sees the baby is getting fussy) In fact, Aunt Carolyn says I was kidnapped. Now, you wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?

          TANNER: (startled) That's a mouthful coming from you.

          RAIN: Look, help me out here. (Voice breaking) Did you know? (Beat) What do you know?

          TANNER: (evasively) I have to go to work soon. Please, I need to take Angie to the sitter.

          RAIN: You owe me, Tanner. You left me all alone with? (Vehemently) that (lowers voice) bitch and her groping boyfriends. I begged you to take me with you. And here you are, living the paradise.

          TANNER: Yah, I'm living the paradise (indicating his uniform).

          RAIN: (darkly) You are compared to me.

          TANNER: (angrily) You know nothing about my life, so don't turn up here with your accusations and attitude, Rain. I don't owe you anything. I got out when I could. And now? (More softly) now I've got Angie. It's just the two of us; I don't need any more crap.

          RAIN: (taken back) Oh? I'm sorry. (Sighs) I didn't mean to come over here and attack you. (Beat) It's just that I've been on a four hour trip on a bus filled with people who never have heard of showers. This is the first time I've ever set foot out of Haven. I need answers. I think I deserve answers.

          TANNER steps backward and opens the door further, indicating that she should follow him in. He leads her to the kitchen, gestures her to sit down at the table near a small window. There is a worn-out couch against the wall and a small TV on a wobbly TV stand on her left. Everything is spotless except for a few brightly colored toys lying about and a playpen. RAIN can see he doesn't have much, but a lot of love and care is evident. TANNER kisses the baby tenderly on her forehead and gently places her in the playpen in the living room.

          TANNER: I need to make a couple of calls.

          RAIN nods as he picks up the phone in the kitchen calling ANGIE'S sitter and his workplace. The afternoon sun is shining through the window. TANNER hangs up and fetches two glasses of iced tea. He sets them down on the table. He pulls out a chair, sits and sips his tea. She doesn't touch hers, waiting for him to begin.

          TANNER: (clears his throat; traces the rim of the glass) Ever since I can remember, I had a new name every month. (Thinks back) I think it started when I was five or six. Mom told me it was a game. I didn't think about it. (He shrugs) But, when I got older? I realized she was in trouble. She was always weird when we were out ? really nervous, rushing. And every time she saw cop cars (he chuckles wryly and shakes his head)? she tried to make it all a game but I knew? I figured she was running from the law, though from what? I don't know. I've lost count of all the names I had and the places we stayed.

          TANNER takes another sip from his iced tea.

          TANNER: (cont'd) Before you were born, Mom and I always traveled. We lived out of cars; we hopped around, stayed with friends and in motels. When we settled in Haven, it wasn't until a week later, Mom had you-

          RAIN: (interrupts) ?But your mother didn't have me. They think? they think she kidnapped me. That's what Carolyn is saying. The police can't find any records about me at all. I mean there is a birth certificate with my name ?Rain Mason' that says I was born at Haven Hospital but there are no records I was even born there.

          TANNER: (shrugs; looks her in the eye) All I remember is Mom just showed up one rainy night holding you with a wet, bloody blanket. She said you were ours. You were? (His voice trails off; he smiles softly at the memory).

          RAIN eyes start to water. She stares at the melting ice in her tea in front of her.

          TANNER: (cont'd) I know you weren't hers. She couldn't get pregnant after she had me. She always rubbed that in my face. (Thinking) I never saw her pregnant anyway... (Beat) But when I was older? I knew there was something strange going on, the way she just showed up with you like that. It was the way she looked at you; as if? (He sighs) She never looked at me like she did at you. You had some kind of meaning, like you were special or something. I was just?

          TANNER looks out the window and then back to RAIN.

          TANNER: (cont'd) She said Haven would be our home forever and I could keep the name Keith Mason until I died. (Beat) I thought it was weird but I didn't question it. I was secretly happy because I wouldn't have to keep saying good-bye to my friends, whoever they were at the moment. We finally had a home. We were a family. (Beat; grinning bitterly) Though, I realize it wasn't a home. (Quietly) It was never a home. It just? looked like one.

          RAIN: (swallows) So that's it?

          TANNER: That's it. (With a hint of pain) Mom ignored me all my life.

          RAIN: (angrily) She ignored me too.

          TANNER: (with frustration) What do you want me to say?

          He gets up, grabs her glass and his. He takes them to the sink and washes them roughly.

          RAIN: Why couldn't you take me with you? She never? she? (Choking on her tears)? you left me with your mother and? her? (Swallows hard) boyfriends. Do you know what they did to me?

          TANNER: (turning back to her; harshly) Rain, I was twenty. You must remember what it was like. All we ever did was argue; the booze, all those guys? hell. I had to get out of there. (Beat) I got a new life now. I am a father. And I am a much better person than she'll ever be.

          RAIN stares back at him fighting her emotions.

          TANNER: (sees she's in pain) Why does it matter? She's dead. We're free of it. We're free of her.

          RAIN: (her eyes water; softly) Are we?

          He folds his arms still standing near the sink and looks at the floor. He doesn't answer.

          RAIN: I grew up thinking this woman was my mother, that you were my brother. It's all I ever knew? and then I find out? I have this life that's empty? there's nothing there. I don't know who I am; who my real parents are, nothing. You know who you are, you have a name. Tanner Dubois. I don't.

          TANNER: Rain, I am sorry. I don't know what to say. (Beat; softly) I? I'm still your brother.

          RAIN looks at him, wishing.

          ANGIE starts to cry. TANNER and RAIN look over at the play pen. He picks up the baby, starts rubbing her back, whispering soothing words.

          RAIN: Not that's it's any of my business, but? uh, what happen with Angie's mother?

          TANNER: Dunno. (Looks at Rain) She didn't want Angie. (Smiling) I did. Angie is all worth it.

          RAIN starts to feel uncomfortable and decides it's time to go.

          RAIN: I should get going.

          TANNER: Rain...

          RAIN: No really? I gotta go. I have a job that I need to get to, so thank you. It was nice seeing you and? Angie.

          The baby has calmed down and TANNER puts her back in the playpen. He walks RAIN to the door but they don't hug. She just looks at him somberly. He touches her shoulder and she resists the urge to pull back. She envies his life, his knowledge of who he is and his purpose in ANGIE.

          TANNER: I am sorry, Rain. I truly am.

          RAIN: (holding back tears) I know. I am happy for you, really. You deserve it, after everything you've been through.

          TANNER: (giving her a lopsided grin) Thanks.

          RAIN: (realizes something) What was the date?

          TANNER: Date?

          RAIN: Do you remember the day Mom- your mother brought me back? Was it November 4th?

          TANNER: Actually no, it was October 31st, 1986.

          RAIN: (stunned) Really? Why would she say I was born November 4th?

          TANNER: (shrugs) I dunno. She just announced you were born on November 4th and that was that. I just know it was Halloween night because I thought it was all spooky with the rain and how you appeared and all; like magic. (He grins)

          RAIN: (tenses at his choice of words; she shakes her head) Do you remember where she brought me?

          TANNER: Yeah, it was a motel? (Thinks) I think it was the ?Autumn Sun'. We only stayed there for two weeks and then we all of a sudden could afford the house.

          RAIN thinks about this new information wonders if she should tell DETECTIVE O'MALLEY. She realizes she hasn't told him about GLORIA'S burial.

          RAIN: Tanner, umm? Carolyn is gonna pay for the burial. It should be in a few days in Haven at Black Rose Cemetery. I just thought you might want to know.

          TANNER shrugs his shoulders, indicating with silence he isn't interested in going. RAIN feels hurt but accepts his answer. They say their good-byes.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          RAIN is somberly sitting at the window seat in the middle of the bus. She sees a sign, ?You are now entering Haven' while listening to BELLA'S I-Pod. She looks down at her lap; a blank sketch pad just lies there in front of her, beckoning.

          CUT TO:


          The autumn sky is clear and crisp. The air is a little chilly hinting winter is on its way. RAIN is standing before a new headstone. She has on her army jacket, a brown t-shirt that says ?For Rent' on it, faded jeans and her black boots. There is a MINISTER standing next to RAIN, dressed in black, holding a bible. BELLA is leaning against a tree behind her wearing a light blue fleece pull over, jeans and sneakers.

          The SLAYER looks over towards the angel statue that she destroyed a few days ago. She glances at BELLA who gives her a soft, reassuring smile. RAIN looks at the headstone. It reads: GLORIA DUBOIS, born Jan 18, 1963- died November 4th, 2004. We hear Katrina Elam's ?I won't Say Good-bye' playing softly.

          I won't write a note
          That's a coward's way out
          I won't bring it up
          There's nothing left to talk about

          CAROLYN and TANNER did not attend the funeral. RAIN knew TANNER would not come. Even though it hurt he didn't come, she is grateful that CAROLYN took care of the arrangements. RAIN feels a mixture of emotions before this woman's grave.

          I won't draw it out
          I won't stop to cry

          Her expression reveals how strange it feels for her to read the name ?GLORIA DUBOIS, instead of 'CONNIE MASON'. There is a soft breeze playing with RAIN'S hair.

          MINISTER: Would you like me to stay a few words?

          RAIN: No? thank you.

          The MINISTER nods at her but remains in position. RAIN lifts her hand revealing she is holding a rose. She tosses it at GLORIA'S grave, and shoves her hands into her jacket pockets. She turns and looks over at her friend letting her know she is ready to leave. BELLA gives her a half smile, walks up to her and they link arms. The MINISTER follows them from behind heading for the limo waiting for them. The wind picks up a just a bit more as they all leave the cemetery.

          So I'll just go on and
          Skip to the healing

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          The room has finally been decorated to RAIN'S liking. A corkboard hangs over her desk. She has a small lamp on it that provides ample light. The walls are adorned with mostly posters of rock bands. She has her drawings and paintings scattered on the walls as well. There are still a few boxes waiting to be unpacked. Some folded clothes are on the window seat. Her CD player rests on the dresser near the closet while her TV is on a wooden truck that Michael has let her use, at the edge of her bed.

          MADELINE is sitting cross-legged on the floor wearing a lavender V-neck T-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. Wiccan paraphernalia and various ancient-looking texts are spread out around her and on the black velvet quilt on RAIN'S bed. RAIN is standing in the center of the room completely still. Her eyes are closed and she has her arms held straight out before her, palms facing upward. MADELINE flips through the pages of a large old book looking for something. RAIN heaves an irritated sigh.

          RAIN: So what exactly am I supposed to do? This isn't actually as comfy a pose as it was (emphatically) 20 minutes ago.

          MADELINE doesn't look up at RAIN. She flicks more pages back and forth

          MADELINE: (distractedly, concentrating on the book)? I'm not sure? it's here somewhere?

          RAIN opens one eye, revolves it to look at MADELINE.

          RAIN: Can I move now?

          MADELINE: Wait, please? it's here? (Finds the passage) ah!

          She stands up and reads from the book.

          MADELINE: Here. Listen: "If the subject is positioned according to fashion they will able to grasp the Sight and force it to their will."

          MADELINE looks up at RAIN expectantly. Beat. RAIN continues to stand with her eyes closed and MADELINE watches, waiting for something to happen. She blinks.

          RAIN: (she shakes slightly as her muscles get tired) Uh?Huh? In what country is that English?

          MADELINE: Uh? (She looks down at her book again and back up at RAIN). I think it means that if you focus on your powers, it will come forth.

          MADELINE struggles to interpret the text. RAIN'S face scrunches a little as she tries to do what MADELINE asks.

          There is a sudden flash of light followed by a crackle and sizzle. A burst of flame shoot up in the air near RAIN'S feet. Her eyes fly open and she jumps back with a sharp cry. MADELINE, book still in hand, grabs a blanket from a chair and throws it down to quell the flames. A cloud of nasty black smoke wafts up from beneath the blanket.

          RAIN: (startled) What? (In a shrill voice) Did I do that? Was that me?

          MADELINE looks back and forth from her book to the sooty mess on the carpet.

          MADELINE: (perplexed) It doesn't say anything here about fire-raising. I? I don't get it.

          RAIN gives her a look and throws herself on her bed, sending books and papers sprawling. She shimmies herself up to lean against the wall and puts her hands behind her head. She frowns at the ceiling.

          RAIN: (softly; irritated) You don't have a clue, do you?

          MADELINE picks up the books and papers.

          MADELINE: (with authority) Well?I? (Beat; admitting defeat) Not exactly, no.

          RAIN: (blankly, holding back her disappointment) I mean, just then? I could have? burned the apartment or? or? even? killed you or Allie? you don't know.

          MADELINE stops tidying and slowly sits down at the desk chair opposite RAIN'S bed. She leans her chin on her hand and looks at her charge with concern.

          MADELINE: (unconvincingly) That's not true. It was? the recitation was very specific ? n-no killing magicks involved.

          RAIN: (skeptically and disappointedly) Yah? sure.

          MADELINE stands up and moves to the bed. She glances awkwardly at RAIN for permission to sit. RAIN nods slightly in assent. She brings herself into more of a sitting position to allow MADELINE some space.

          MADELINE: (softly) I don't know everything-

          RAIN: (darkly) ?anything-

          MADELINE: (Conceding) ?much about you? (She corrects herself) about your Wiccan abilities; that's true. There's never been? there's no precedent? the Council?

          She pauses. There is an uncomfortable silence between them. RAIN'S face has closed, she looks resigned.

          RAIN: Then, why?? (She sighs, shrugs and looks away from MADELINE)

          MADELINE: (with feeling) But I want to know you. I want to learn, to see who you are; to help you to? (She searches for the right word) to master yourself.

          RAIN doesn't move, but she is clearly listening.

          MADELINE: You are?unique, Rain. Special.

          RAIN looks over at her contemptuously.

          MADELINE: (seeing her look, guessing she has been misread) No? I mean-

          RAIN: --I'm a ?freak'.

          MADELINE: (assertively) NO. That's not what I mean. I mean you are special; in the true sense of the word. I feel?

          Beat. RAIN folds her arms.

          MADELINE: (very softly; slightly awkwardly)? honored to have been given the chance to be your Watcher.

          At LENA'S words, RAIN'S posture softens. She raises her eyes to meet MADELINE'S; she feels guarded and confused. RAIN has no idea how to deal with MADELINE'S open interest and concern for her. MADELINE smiles at her gently.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          RAIN is under the covers in bed watching 'The Heather Sullivan Show' She has on black PJs with dog bones all over them that BELLA has given her. The window is open letting in the cold air. RAIN laughs at a couple of jokes as the show starts but she finds herself staring at her bag on a chair near her desk. Her sketch book in the bag is calling her name. We hear the rest of the lyrics to 'Machine Head's Kick You When You're Down.'

          Get our heads right
          Shine our star too bright
          Nothing in life is for sure
          It's just a gamble
          So play it for all that its worth

          She pulls the covers and turns the TV off and approaches her desk. She lifts the bag, unzips it, pulling out the sketch book. RAIN puts the bag on the floor and sits down at her desk.

          And don't forget to keep our heads high

          She selects a pencil from a Michael's Haven glass and opens the top drawer, rummaging for an eraser. She finds it. Then she flips over the cover of her sketch book.

          Cause they will always kick you when you're down
          They will always kick you when you're down
          And don't you let their kicking get you down

          RAIN slowly begins to draw as the camera pans away from her and through the window showing Main Street then the stars and the moon in the sky.

          You have to trust in yourself
          You must believe in yourself
          You have to follow your heart
          You overcome, improve, endure

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE
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            VOICE: Next on RAIN...


            RAIN sighs as she stares at her arm where she has drawn a heart with a bloody stake pierced through it during her break.

            CUT TO:

            EXT. ALLEY- NIGHT

            RAIN'S eyes widen. A VAMPIRE has lunged out of the darkness and grabbed a WOMAN by the hair and is now attempting to drag her away. She is kicking and screaming.

            RAIN: (VO) It was a vampire. (Beat) I'm the one has to kill ?em so you normal people can pretend they don't exist, okay?


            INT. HAVEN HIGH- DAY

            RAIN looks up and discovers the most popular girl at 'Haven High' and the captain of the cheerleading squad, NEEVE FOURNIER is standing in front of her. It is clear the girls have a history of high school rivalry. RAIN is in no condition to deal a round with her enemy and NEEVE is quick to notice something is amiss.

            NEEVE: (smirks) Are you just going to stand there or are you gonna magically disappear?

            RAIN gets out of NEEVE'S way.

            TRENT: (VO; calls out) Hey ? everybody, it's da Freak! She's back and ffffffreakier than ever!

            Full of fear, anger and frustration, RAIN'S eyes widen as she sees NEEVE, TRENT and the rest of the class closing in on her.


            EXT. ALLEY- NIGHT

            RAIN'S hand reaches toward the glow emerging from one of the DEMON'S eyes. The moment her hand makes contact with the DEMON, there is an enormous flash of light and RAIN is thrown backward near MADELINE in a pile of rubbish bags.

            RAIN: (VO) What was that thing?

            MICHAEL: (VO) The demon is going to come find her and finish the job it started.



            RAIN glances at a photograph of herself with GLORIA and TANNER when she was younger. The camera zooms to the photo and we see GLORIA'S body in the photo moving. RAIN drops it, stunned at what she has just seen.

            GLORIA: (VO) Aren't you going go pick that up, dear?

            RAIN freezes, recognizing the voice. She slowly looks back over her shoulder. GLORIA is smoking a cigarette leaning against the wall. She has on the same clothes as in the picture.

            RAIN: (VO; stammers) Ho? ? How? you're dead!



            RAIN is running down the side of a dark street, occasionally looking back over her shoulder.


            INT. CLUB HAVEN- NIGHT

            RAIN shuts her eyes and begins to dance, her hands up in the air. We see the lights reflect off the tears streaking her face.

            MAN: (VO) Rain, what's wrong with you?

            A MAN moves closer and she grabs him into a harsh kiss.

            CUT TO:

            INT. BATHROOM- NIGHT

            The mirror in front of RAIN begins crack and pieces of glass tear out and dart for RAIN'S face.

            MADELINE: (VO; shouts) Rain!? Rain!? Are you okay in there? Rain!

            CUT TO:


            RAIN throws her hand forward and a fireball the size of a baseball shoots out of her hand.

            MICHAEL: (VO) Rain, don't!



            MADELINE bangs on the bathroom door and turns the doorknob, but it doesn't budge, seeming to be locked from the inside. Before MADELINE can break the door down, it opens slowly by itself.

            MADELINE: (VO) Oh, dear God.

            BELLA: (VO) Rain?

            RAIN: (VO; whispers) I can't make them go away.
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              RAIN TRIVIA:

              -coming soon-

              ~ ~ ~

              BW Member References.

              Act I:

              -Detective O'Malley refers to a character named Josh O'Malley from a fanfic called Raven

              -Officer Kold- refers to Andrew.

              -Bella's cat- LLYWELA is Jo.

              -Act II:

              -Rain's roommate Allie is Vaelteea.

              -Chris (Galathea) likes Jensen Ackles.

              Act III:

              -The reporter on the channel 8 news- Irene Ashok is Shred.

              -The novel Seniority that Officer Kold was reading his own fanfic- Seniority.

              -The waitress Rose from London is Rosely.

              Act IV:

              -The baby Angie is Kumquat.

              -The Heather Sullivan Show refers to Heather and her character Andy on her fanfic Chosen.

              ~ ~ ~

              Special Thanks-

              Vaelteea, Amber, Alex, Ben, Irene, Joe, Andrew, Thomas, Zack, Heather, my mother and of course the wonderful Odelia!
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