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Off With Your Pants (Drabble)

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  • Off With Your Pants (Drabble)

    Disclaimer: In Joss' universe, Joss' characters, nothing is mine, except, ya know, the writing
    Description: Just an Anya/Xander drabble set between "The Replacement" and "Out of my Mind". Also, thanks Mark for beta-reading it!

    The dirty glasses filled Xander's new apartment, some smashed and spread across the floor. The party had lasted into the wee hours of the night, and now Xander could finally say that he'd seen a drunken Buffy. All that was left in his recently ruined apartment was a beauty no one quite understood. Anya, wearing only a short robe, circled Xander, hoping to catch his attention.

    Xander laughed nervously as he peered up at his lovely lady.

    "Nice outfit."

    Anya grinned, moving closer. Stopping in front of him, she knelt.

    "What are you doing?" Xander asked.

    "Taking off your pants."