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RAIN: 1.01 Happy Birthday, Rain (Pilot)

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  • RAIN: 1.01 Happy Birthday, Rain (Pilot)

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off a year and half after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.


    Episode: 1.01 "Pilot/Happy Birthday, Rain"

    Created by: Beth (Obsessed)
    Written by: Beth & Odelia (Obsessed & SaltyGoodness)

    ~ ~ ~


    RAIN: (VO) Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:


    BUFFY is addressing a living room full of potentials and her friends.

    BUFFY: So here's the part where you make a choice: What if you could have that power... now? In every generation, one slayer is born... because a bunch of men who died thousands of years ago made up that rule. They were powerful men. This woman (points to Willow) is more powerful than all of them combined. (Willow whimpers) So I say we change the rule. I say my power... should be our power.


    A YOUNG GIRL stands at the plate staring at the pitcher, waiting to bat. She looks a little nervous.

    BUFFY: (VO) From now on, every girl in the world who might be a slayer...


    A TEENAGER breathes heavily as she leans on her locker for support.

    BUFFY: (VO) will be a slayer.


    A young WOMAN is lying across the floor, having fallen out of her chair.

    BUFFY: (VO) Every girl who could have the power...


    In a Japanese style dining room, an ASIAN WOMAN stands up at family dinner.

    BUFFY: (VO) will have the power... can stand up,


    Another YOUNG WOMAN grabs the wrist of a man who's trying to slap her face, preventing him.

    BUFFY: (VO) will stand up.


    The GIRL at the plate changes from nervous to confident, smiling as she waits for the pitch.


    WILLOW is performing a spell while holding onto the scythe laid out in front of her. Suddenly, she's overcome with power. She looks up, as the scythe and WILLOW start to glow with a bright white light.


    EXT. STOCK FOOTAGE OF - Haven, Massachusetts - NIGHT

    CUT TO:


    November 2004 appears on the screen.

    There is a worn out baseball field with dried patches of grass. Beyond the baseball field is a swing set with only one swing, a picnic table, a trash can turned over, a sand box near an large oak tree and an empty parking lot. There is a soft cold breeze in the air.

    A YOUNG GIRL named RAIN with long wavy black hair with tints of red in it is sitting on the swing doodling on her arm. She is wearing a black t-shirt with bleached lettering, ?Go Away' she had written herself. RAIN has a thin knitted scarf tied around her neck, olive green pants and black combat boots. Her fingernails are painted black but the polish is starting to chip away. Near her feet is a bag that she handmade herself with left over fabrics from a craft store she frequents.

    A shadow approaches in front of her.

    RAIN: (not looking up) Buzz off.

    Standing before RAIN, there is a 30-something WOMAN dressed in dark but casual pants, dark gray shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her forearms and the top button undone. She carries a soft looking leather satchel ? old and much loved. A casual denim-like jacket is tucked over her satchel. She is blonde and her hair is loose, nearly shoulder length; she wears little perceptible makeup and although clearly a confident woman, we are aware that she is uncomfortable in this situation. A tiny silver chain and cross can just be seen at her throat and a lightweight silver sports watch is on her wrist. She is markedly in contrast to RAIN in every way.

    WOMAN: (insulted) Well, its nice to meet you too.

    RAIN still ignores the WOMAN.

    WOMAN: (impatient) Excuse me? I need to speak with you. (Beat) My name is Madeline Blake.

    MADELINE pulls out a card and hands it to her. RAIN looks up but doesn't take it. MADELINE gestures her to take the card. RAIN sighs. She snatches and reads it.

    RAIN: (with an arch brow) Slayer's Council? Is this some kind of cult?

    MADELINE: Of course not.

    RAIN looks at the card again.

    RAIN: Uhhh... Mad, whatever you're selling, I'm not interested.

    RAIN tries to hand back the card but MADELINE ignores her, folding her arms. She wears an almost imperious expression. She soon realizes she is losing RAIN'S attention. RAIN gets off the swing and picks up her bag. She starts to leave but MADELINE stops her.

    MADELINE: (feeling desperate) I know about your powers!

    RAIN dead pans and slowly looks up at MADELINE.

    MADELINE: (cont'd) You can't tell me that you haven't noticed an increase in your strength? Dead men walking around with fangs at night?

    RAIN just stares at MADELINE with a blank face.

    MADELINE: (cont'd) You found yourself able to punch through brick walls to release that teenager angst you girls are so fond off and you've found out you heal more quickly than usual.

    RAIN tilts her head.

    RAIN: (dryly) It was a car door.

    MADELINE crosses her brow.

    RAIN: (sighs with annoyance, seeing MADELINE doesn't understand) I hit? the? car? door. (Beat) Not a wall.

    MADELINE: Ah. (Looks carefully at RAIN and nods to herself as if mentally checking off a list) ... and you've had strange dreams, haven't you?

    RAIN sits back on the swing. She looks at MADELINE for a bit and stares at her doodled arm. She has drawn a vampire on it.

    The air is hauntingly silent.

    MADELINE: (nervous but in control) I... can help you. You have my card.

    MADELINE smiles a little but realizes RAIN isn't going to listen. She notices the wind has picked up. MADELINE nods again to herself, clinches onto her bag, looks at RAIN and walks away. RAIN doesn't look up. She remains on the swing and gazes at MADELINE'S card. She stuffs it her in her bag. Then she stares at the ground for a few minutes. RAIN licks her thumb and smears the doodled drawing on her arm. She gets off the swing; looks in the direction MADELINE had walked in but finds her gone. RAIN walks the other way. The swing continues to swing back and forth really fast without her and then all off the sudden stops.





    Mila Kunis as Rain Mason
    Bonnie Somerville as Madeline ?Lena' Blake
    Emily Van Camp as Isabella ?Bella' Talmadge
    Michael Vartan as Michael Corbis

    Guest Starring:

    Zach Galifianakis as Jeffery Reyers
    Daphne Ashbrook as Connie Mason
    Rodney Rowland as Jake Shepherd
    Victor Garber as Warner Talmadge
    Lisa Thornhill as Sheridan Talmadge
    Gail Garcia Bernal as Vampire

    ~Edited by: Odelia (SaltyGoodness)

    *Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon,
    Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren't on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I


    The house is gated in as trees surround the house. There are two BMWs in the driveway, a black one and a red one. On the sidewalk a pregnant woman wearing a t-shirt with an Australian flag printed on it is pushing a baby stroller with twins.

    CUT TO:


    Magazine pages of different actors are pinned up all over the walls. There is a vanity with a large mirror with tons of make up, bottles of hair products and a stack of schoolbooks. A pair of ballet shoes hangs on the mirror. A banging noise is coming from the walk in closet.

    VOICE: (OS) Rain? Are you up?

    A TEENAGE GIRL with dark blonde hair is on the floor on all fours, looking for her sandals. She is wearing pearl earrings, a mint green polo shirt and jeans. The GIRL is lifting her clothes and throwing them in the air. Eventually, she finds them and triumphs with victory.

    GIRL: (smiles) I found them! Yay!

    The GIRL puts her sandals on while still on the floor. She walks over to her bed and pulls the covers off the bed revealing RAIN underneath. She is motionless.

    GIRL: Come on! You gotta go. Mom is gonna have a fit if she knows you slept over on a school night.

    The GIRL pulls the drawer of her nightstand and retrieves a small box that was wrapped with all the trimmings. RAIN slowly gets up. She is wearing her friend's PJs: light blue tank top and matching pants with poodles all over them. The GIRL hands RAIN the box with a smile. RAIN gives her friend a long look.

    GIRL: Happy Birthday, Rain.

    RAIN smiles back. She takes her gift and opens it. It's a silver bracelet with different charms - a skull, a bone, a bat, a spider and a headstone. RAIN smiles again.

    RAIN: Thanks, Bella.

    BELLA: Welcome, Spaz!

    BELLA pats RAIN on her head. RAIN affects mild irritation, but grins back at her sheepishly. BELLA looks at her watch. It's 7:00 am. She indicates to her friend its time to go. BELLA leaves the room to get some muffins for breakfast while RAIN goes to change back into the clothes she had on the day before. Bella returns just when a fully dressed Rain picks up her bag. She hands her a blueberry muffin.

    BELLA: We have to be very quiet. Daddy's gone, but Mom's still asleep.

    RAIN nods holding on to her bag. She puts the muffin down on BELLA'S dresser and hooks on the bracelet her friend just gave her.

    BELLA grabs her backpack that was resting on a wooden toy chest near the bed. She slowly opens the door with RAIN following behind eating her muffin. The GIRLS manage to creep out of the house without making a sound.

    As they reach the steps of BELLA'S house, she pulls out her keys and presses on the alarm clicker to turn off the car alarm of her red BMW. She presses on the clicker once again to unlock the doors. The GIRLS climb into the car. It slowly backs out and trails off. The camera pans upward to BELLA'S mom looking on from her bedroom window. She has a look of disapproval.

    CUT TO:


    HAVEN HIGH is a small school where everyone knows each other. It's clear to the teachers and students that the school is falling apart but no one cares to do anything about it. Like any school, there are cliques: the cheerleaders and football players, the nerds who have their own sci-fi clubs, the trouble makers with tattoos all over their arms and then there is the group of kids that doesn't fit into any category.

    BELLA pulls into the school parking lot that is paved with gravel. They get out of the car and walk towards the school. As they get closer to the building, camera pans to reveal a group of skater BOYS huddling and joking around near the entrance. One of them is wearing a baseball hat with ?Shadyside' embroidered on it. He hollers at RAIN.

    BOY: (with a 100 watt grin) Yo freak!! It was a full moon last. Did you do any (he waves his fingers in the air) voodoo spells?

    He laughs, turning just enough to check if his friends are watching. RAIN doesn't look at them. BELLA pushes the BOY. He falls but he continues to laugh on the ground. His friends laugh along with him.

    BELLA: Dork.

    BELLA opens the doors and lets RAIN in. There are teenagers and teachers throughout the halls. Some of them look at RAIN and BELLA. They whisper to their friends as the girls walk to their lockers. RAIN stares at hers. Someone has written ?freak' on it with nail polish.

    BELLA: Jerks.

    She looks at RAIN who is still staring at her locker.

    BELLA: It's only nail polish. (Bleakly) We can get rid of it.

    RAIN doesn't respond. She opens her locker to get her English textbook. RAIN doesn't bother putting it in her bag. The school bell rings and all of the students rush to class. BELLA looks at her friend somberly.

    BELLA: See you at lunch, birthday girl.

    She tries to smile but RAIN just stares at the locker with a blank face. BELLA runs to her class. While holding on the textbook with one hand, RAIN closes her locker with the other. Slowly, she walks to class. The hallway is now empty. Unbeknownst to RAIN, all of the doors to the lockers slowly open one by one as she walks past them.

    FADE TO:



    CUT TO:


    WILLOW is sitting on a blanket doing a spell. She has the scythe in front of her. BUFFY walks up to her and touch her shoulder. WILLOW'S eyes are closed. KENDRA walks behind BUFFY and puts her hand on her shoulder. Then FAITH walks up behind Kendra and places her hand on her shoulder as well. WILLOW touches the scythe. Her hair is blowing in the wind. Soon after RONA, VI, KENNEDY and a whole line of new slayers follow behind FAITH.

    WILLOW: We changed the world. I can feel them, Buffy. All over. Slayers are awakening everywhere.

    RAIN walks up to WILLOW and stares at her angrily. She grabs the scythe and breaks it. All of the sudden the slayers and WILLOW disappear.

    CUT TO:


    RAIN is in a forest running. Leaves rustle underneath her feet. Tree branches cut her face. She keeps running as fast as she can. RAIN looks behind her to see who is following her. It's a VAMPIRE. She trips on a rock and turns to see the VAMPIRE is approaching her. He grabs her and gets ready to bite her. RAIN is trembling with fear.

    VOICE: (OS) Rain? Rain? Ms. Mason!



    RAIN gasps at her desk. She realizes she was dreaming. The TEACHER is standing in front of her with the class glaring all around.

    TEACHER: Ms. Mason, this is the third time this week you've fallen asleep during my lesson! See me after class.

    RAIN says nothing but shifts uncomfortably in her seat, accidentally kicking her bag. A wooden stake falls out and rolls on the floor. The rest of the class silences and cranes to see what just happened. A snide titter can be heard from the back of the room, followed by various whispers. The word ?freak' hisses out from somewhere behind her.

    TEACHER: That's enough!

    The TEACHER looks down at the stake and picks it up. RAIN didn't realize she had left it in her bag. She sighs knowing she is busted.

    TEACHER: (in confusion) What's this, a weapon of some kind?

    RAIN doesn't reply. The class is intrigued and tries to look at RAIN'S stake. The murmuring starts up again.

    TEACHER: I said, that's enough!

    The TEACHER turns to RAIN still holding on to the stake. She picks up RAIN'S bag.

    TEACHER: We're going to the principal's office right now. Heather, please continue today's lesson with the class while I am gone.

    A blonde perky GIRL wearing a yellow t-shirt with ?This is my witty comeback' written on it gets up and walks over to the TEACHER'S desk. RAIN gets up and follows the TEACHER out of the classroom. The class ignores HEATHER and begins talking amongst themselves about RAIN and her stake.

    CUT TO:


    RAIN is sitting before the PRINCIPAL'S desk by herself. On the edge of the desk, a nameplate says: ?PRINCIPAL JEFFERY REYERS. The desk is a little messy; a bunch of papers with coffee stains, a ?Shadow Stalker' novel with a post-it note as its book mark and a few ?Rogue Redemption' comic books are scattered about. There is a black coffee mug on the desk that says ?Stargate' on it. Behind the desk is a bookcase with toys from different sci-fi TV series arranged on top. There is a frame with a picture of the PRINCIPAL with his arms around a woman at the Grand Canyon, they are smiling.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS walks in and closes the door holding on to a file. He sits down at his desk. His tie is loosened. PRINCIPAL REYERS has curly brown hair and is wearing thin-rimmed glasses. He scratches his beard and glances at the file. PRINCIPAL REYERS looks up at RAIN who is staring at him, her face blank but displaying traces of defiance. He takes off his glasses and clears his throat. He gets up, walks around the desk and sits on the edge. He looks down at her for a moment.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: Why did you feel the need to bring a wooden stake to school? Hmmm?

    RAIN says nothing.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: Are things not going well at home?

    RAIN looks down.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: (cont'd) You have been sleeping in class a lot lately, haven't you? Your grades are suffering. Ms. Mason, you used to get A's in all of your classes, even your art courses. This is not like you at all.

    RAIN looks up and stares at the photo of the PRINCIPAL with the WOMAN.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: (cont'd) I don't believe this is really you, Rain.

    He returns to his seat. He brings his hands together on top of the desk; when she doesn't respond, he continues on with an air of finality.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: (cont'd) You brought a weapon on school property. I am at the point where I need to take some action in regards to your behavior today.

    RAIN sees PRINCIPAL REYERS isn't happy with the silence between them. She speaks up but in a low voice.

    RAIN: Do whatever you want.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: (disappointed) Ms. Mason, you're one of the brightest students here. You've excelled in all your subjects until recently. (Beat) You intend to go to art school, don't you? You need to focus on your future.

    RAIN: (looks away) It was taken away from me.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: That's not true. (Beat) It's your choice, Rain.

    RAIN remains silent, continues to focus on the photo.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: (resigned) I get the impression you don't care about your future at all. Perhaps some time away from the school will give you some perspective?

    RAIN turns to stare at him.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: I'm going to suspend you for two weeks. Your suspension starts today. I'll inform your parents this afternoon.

    RAIN: (darkly) Parent.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: (taken back) Oh, I am sorry. (Beat) I forgot.

    He looks suddenly very tired and old, chastened. It is clear that this school has not been easy for him.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: (cont'd) Regardless, your mother needs to be informed.

    RAIN looks down and plays with her bracelet. There is a trace of fear in her gesture. PRINCIPAL REYERS and fills some paperwork for RAIN to take home. One of his toys on the bookcase, a robot, rattles back and forth and then falls to the floor. RAIN looks confused and slightly alarmed. PRINCIPAL REYERS is oblivious.

    CUT TO:


    RAIN is outside BELLA'S classroom waiting for her. The school bell rings. One of the students opens the door with the rest of the class following behind. BELLA is heading towards her locker but suddenly notices RAIN is standing behind the door.

    BELLA: Rain... what are you doing here?

    RAIN: Suspended.

    BELLA: Seriously?!

    RAIN nods.

    BELLA: What happened?

    RAIN: My stake fell out of my bag.

    BELLA: Oh man. Did Ms. Sophonisba freak out?

    RAIN nods with a sly smile. She pauses and tucks her hair behind her ear.

    RAIN: I had one of those weird dreams again in class.

    BELLA: The witch with the red hair?

    RAIN says nothing. BELLA sighs at her friend in concern. She takes her arm and together they walk to their lockers. Before BELLA opens her locker, she stops and turns to RAIN.

    BELLA: For how long?

    RAIN: Two weeks.

    BELLA cringes at her friend.

    BELLA: Yikes. (Beat) Maybe Mom will let you stay with me.

    RAIN shakes her head.

    BELLA: But Rain, what about Jake?

    RAIN: I'll be fine.

    BELLA: I really don't like this.

    RAIN shrugs but smiles at her friend knowing she is worried for her.

    BELLA: Are you gonna go home?

    RAIN: I guess. I'll walk.

    BELLA opens the small section on the front of her backpack and pulls out her lavender-jeweled cell phone. She hands it to RAIN.

    BELLA: Take it.

    RAIN objects.

    BELLA: Please, just take it. I'll feel better knowing you have a phone. I'll just tell Daddy I lost it.

    RAIN sighs and takes BELLA'S phone.

    RAIN: Thanks.

    The school bell rings. BELLA gives her friend a small hug.

    BELLA: We'll get together tonight, okay?

    RAIN nods. She turns around and walks down the hallway towards the entrance doors. RAIN looks over to her friend who was trying to open her locker. She appears to make a decision and stares at BELLA'S locker for a few seconds. It swings open really fast. RAIN is slightly surprised, but a look of uneasy understanding passes across her face. BELLA is startled. She smiles and turns to look in RAIN'S direction but she has disappeared into the rushing crowd.


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      ACT II


      The old house is in need of a serious paint job. The wooden boards on the porch are rotten. Overgrown weeds take over the front yard. A beaten down pick up truck is parked in the driveway. There is a wire fence that surrounds the house but a gate is obviously missing. A moving truck with a Kentucky license plate drives by.

      RAIN walks up to the steps of the house, opens the screen door and enters it. The colors of her clothing match the colors and atmosphere of the house.

      CUT TO:


      RAIN sees that there are dishes in the sink, pots and pans on the stove with food still in it. There are bottles of different kinds of alcohol on the counter. An ashtray on the table is filled with cigarettes. The linoleum floor is cracked and the cabinets are dirty. It looks the same as it did yesterday.

      She plops her bag on the table and starts to head for her room but hears her mother's voice talking softly in another bedroom. RAIN walks over lightly on her toes and leans against the door to listen.

      CONNIE: (OS) I did everything you asked me to do. (Beat) I don't care who you are. I want my money today.

      CONNIE slams the phone down.

      CONNIE: (OS) Jackass.

      RAIN quickly walks to her bedroom. CONNIE walks down the hallway. She sees RAIN on her bed looking at the ceiling.

      CONNIE: I didn't hear you come in.

      RAIN just looks at her. CONNIE is wearing a robe and hasn't showered. She walks over to the sink, retrieves a grubby glass and rinses it.

      CONNIE: (louder) Did you get the job last night?

      RAIN gets up and enters the kitchen. She leans against the refrigerator and crosses her legs.

      RAIN: No.

      CONNIE looks up at her daughter. She sighs and sets the glass on the counter.

      CONNIE: Why am I not surprised?

      She pours herself a large scotch and drinks it in one gulp.

      CONNIE: (turns to RAIN) Jake is coming over tonight, so you might want to beat it.

      RAIN doesn't reply.

      CONNIE: What are you looking at?

      It doesn't dawn on CONNIE that RAIN never came home last night and she is home on a school day. Not to mention the fact she has forgotten RAIN'S birthday.

      RAIN: Nothing, Mom.

      She hears her mom pour herself another drink as she walks back to room. RAIN closes the door.

      CUT TO:


      The walls are painted black and there are extremely skilled drawings taped to them. The drawings are of people, old and young; all different but their faces are all haunted and dark. There is an old desk covered with art supplies. Plastic cups are filled with colored pencils, paintbrushes and markers. There is no mirror above her dresser. RAIN'S clothes have taken over the floor and her bed is unmade. She falls into bed and turns to look at the ceiling. From the kitchen a radio crackles to life and ?Same' by Snow Patrol wafts into her room; the music gradually fades up until we hear:

      Maybe somewhere else
      Will not be half as cold as me

      RAIN doesn't want to sleep because she doesn't want to dream again but she is too tired to fight.

      Baby won't you breathe
      Baby won't you breathe
      It's the same
      It's the same
      It's the same

      The music fades to silence.

      CUT TO:


      The camera flashes to one slayer to the next starting with the first slayer fighting BUFFY. Then the camera flashes to the Chinese slayer kicking SPIKE. Next, the camera flashes to NIKKI fighting with SPIKE in the subway. In slow motion, the camera flashes to BUFFY punching into ADAM'S chest and pulling out his power source.

      GILES: (VO; garbled) In all the world... vampires.... a Chosen one? into each generation... with the strength...

      Soon after, the camera flashes to KENDRA punching DRUSILLA and then to FAITH staking a vampire outside the Bronze.

      BUFFY: (VO; garbled) Change the rules.... my power... our power... in every generation... you make a choice... our destiny.... every girl in the world... a slayer... will be a Slayer... stand up... make your choice.

      The camera flashes to the new slayers killing the Turok-han vampires in the Hellmouth and then to DANA fighting ANGEL.

      BUFFY: (VO; clearer) Are you ready to be strong?



      RAIN shifts her head back and forth in her sleep. She wakes up suddenly in a sweat. A heavy shuffling noise she hears outside her room startles her. A big man opens her bedroom door. He has medium brown hair and diamond stud earring in his left ear. He is wearing a faded gray t-shirt that has holes on it, a pair of jeans with grease all over them and heavy hiking boots.

      RAIN: (confused and bleary but assertive) Jake, get out of my room.

      JAKE: No one tells me what to do, last of all you, girl.

      RAIN quickly gets up. He approaches her and tries to kiss her. She reacts to the smell of booze on his breath.

      RAIN: You're drunk. Get off!

      JAKE gets more rough with RAIN, trying to kiss her again. RAIN pushes him really hard and he falls to the floor. She runs out of her room.

      CUT TO:


      RAIN runs into the small kitchen. He grabs her arm and twirls her around, shoving her up against the refrigerator.

      RAIN: Get off! Get off! You're hurting me.

      RAIN twists her head and neck, her body writhes trying to escape his grasp.

      JAKE scoffs at her with a laugh. He pushes himself against her again. She suddenly freezes but she is visibly shaking with a mixture of fear, repulsion and anger.

      RAIN: Let me go or I'll--

      JAKE: (interrupts) --what? What are you gonna do? (He nuzzles her neck) Huh?

      RAIN closes her eyes for a moment. She gathers strength into herself.

      RAIN: This.

      RAIN throws JAKE cross the room apparently without moving. His body hits the window over the sink but not enough to break the entire window. He crashes into the sink and falls to the floor. There is blood on the window and the back of his head. He slowly recovers and looks at RAIN in amazement. RAIN looks shocked at what she has done.

      JAKE: What the hell... ?

      He touches the back of his head and we are shown an ECU of his fingers, covered with blood. Cut to mid-shot of kitchen again. JAKE smears his hand on his jeans. He picks himself up.

      He staggers towards RAIN. She remains motionless. He punches her in the face. RAIN doesn't wince but he has hit her hard enough to cut her lip. He grabs her and tosses her in the air. She stumbles on to the floor. JAKE walks up to RAIN and picks her up. He throws her over to the kitchen table, which breaks her fall with a crunch. She rolls off the table and lands on the floor.

      JAKE: We're gonna end this, little girl.

      RAIN slowly stands up behind the table. Her hair hangs over her face. Only one of her eyes is visible. It glows an uncanny white.

      RAIN: What, so what are you gonna do? Kill me?

      JAKE looks confused in his drunkenness but he is maddened. He scowls and begins to stumble towards her.

      RAIN'S head comes up and she adopts a fighting stance. She flicks her head and hair back, attempting to look him down. She appears very small next to his lumbering bulk.

      RAIN: Yes we are. Only, I'm gonna end it.

      She jumps on the table and kicks JAKE in the face with her boot. His head is twisted violently to the left. RAIN gets off the table and punches his face. She knees him in the stomach. For a good few minutes, RAIN beats JAKE without stopping. She appears totally mindless, caught up in beating her tormentor. His face is all bloody. He falls to the floor, barely breathing. RAIN stands up and backs up to the wall by the refrigerator. The camera slowly zooms in on RAIN from a medium shot to a CU of RAIN'S face. She begins to shake again. Her face is empty. (Beat) CONNIE opens the door holding a bag of groceries. CU shot of CONNIE'S look of horror as she sees Jake on the floor. She drops her bag and rushes to his side.

      CONNIE: Jake, baby? (She looks up at Rain with venom). What have you done?

      RAIN: (upset at her mother's response and desperate for some empathy from her) He was hurting me.

      CONNIE: I had enough! You're out of here.

      She is hurt by her mother's words and fights her tears. CONNIE grabs a grubby dishcloth from the counter and tenderly touches the wounds all over JAKE'S face.

      RAIN: But Mom...

      Her voice is small, plaintive. She is openly crying now and wraps her arms around herself.

      RAIN: (cont'd) ... he was in my bedroom.

      CONNIE glances up at RAIN.

      CONNIE: You're not my daughter.

      Thunder rumbles in the sky.

      RAIN: (hurt) Mom? ?

      CONNIE: You're not listening to me.

      RAIN stares at CONNIE in confusion.

      RAIN: What... what are you talking about?

      CONNIE: (angrily) You're not my daughter. Get of here! Don't you ever come back!

      RAIN fights her sobs. She struggles to hold herself together as she looks around for her bag. RAIN finds it on the floor. She picks it up and runs out of the house.

      Music fades in: Baby Bird ?I Was Never Here':

      We were happy being stupid, happy being dumb,
      Sad not being happy, happy having fun.

      Within minutes, rain starts to pour. She stops walking and turns back at the house.

      And the rain comes down and makes a fool out of us.
      We wet our hair and murder the raindrops
      Oh but we don't hear it coming, we don't hear it coming

      RAIN looks down on the ground listening and watching the water hit the pavement.

      I won't say goodbye, because I was never here.
      And I won't say hello, because it wouldn't be true.

      She turns around, pulls herself up straighter and continues forward.

      I I I was never here, never here, never here.
      I I I was never here, never here, never here.
      I I I was never here, was never here, never here.


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        ACT III


        It's still pouring rain while RAIN is walking in the middle of Dover Road. It's been a few hours since CONNIE kicked RAIN out of the house and she looks wretched and horribly young. She clings onto her bag to keep it dry as possible. Her head hangs down and her hair is dripping wet. The thunder rumbles and lightning flickers across the pitch-black sky. RAIN stops at the same deserted park on Palmer Street. She stares at the swing and recalls meeting MADELINE BLAKE.

        MADELINE: (VO; echoes) I can help you.

        RAIN walks under a big tree that shelters her from the rain. She leans on the trunk and looks at the swing again. She puts her bag down by the tree. She hears a voice from behind.

        MAN: (OS) Now, I ask myself, what's a young girl like yourself doing out here on such a nasty night?

        RAIN swings around and finds a MAN with medium length black hair standing before her. He is dressed in black; leather jacket, collar shirt, jeans and boots. The man is smoking a cigarette. RAIN doesn't say anything, takes a step backward.

        MAN: Want a smoke? You look like you could use one.

        The MAN smiles at her; his smile is clearly not genuine. RAIN'S eyes widen.

        MAN: Oh the hell with it, I hate small talk.

        He flicks his cigarette with his second finger and thumb. The MAN'S forehead slowly forms ridges and bumps. His eyes turn yellow and he bares his fangs. RAIN grabs her bag and hits him with it but she stumbles back. It's obvious to the VAMPIRE she is physically and emotionally exhausted. He uses this to his advantage. The rain starts to pour even harder. It becomes unclear as to whether RAIN'S face is wet from tears that have resumed or if it is simply the rain.

        VAMPIRE: Oh, I do love the chicks that try to fight.

        RAIN doesn't reply.

        VAMPIRE: Oh, you're the silent type, eh? I love the quiet ones--

        The VAMPIRE lunges forward and grabs her by the shoulders.

        VAMPIRE: --especially when they're squirming underneath me.

        She tries to kick up at him but he grabs her leg and pulls her causing her to lose her balance and flip backward. She hits the muddy ground with a loud thump. ECU shot of RAIN'S face as she grimaces in pain. Again, there is an impression that she is crying. She gets up and runs in the other direction still holding on to her bag. She whips her head round to look for him behind. He is still pursuing her effortlessly and we are aware that despite his cocky tongue he is extremely dangerous. Still looking over her shoulder she abruptly disappears out of the frame as she trips over a muddy sand box. CU of RAIN'S as it's covered with wet sand. She wipes it off her face. The VAMPIRE saunters over to her, his fingers hooked into the belt loops of his pants. Reaching her, he steps one foot onto the edge of the sandbox and surveys his prey lasciviously. RAIN tries to get up but her body won't let her. He straddles her and reaches down with a hand to softly lift her hair away from her neck.

        VAMPIRE: (whispers) This will hurt? but, just for a minute.

        He bends down, preparing to bite her.

        RAIN: (suddenly bold) Actually, you should know I'm the violent type (using her remaining strength, knees him)? and this is gonna hurt you even longer (punching him in the face).

        The VAMPIRE stumbles backwards groaning in pain. She grabs her bag and runs past the tree. He struggles to his feet. Mud covers one half of his face and he spits to get it out of his mouth. He turns around angrily. RAIN is nowhere in sight.

        VAMPIRE: Bitch.

        CUT TO:


        RAIN is still running against the hard wind and pouring rain. She looks back and sees the VAMPIRE is no longer chasing her. RAIN slows down a bit and finds shelter underneath a door frame of a building which she notices is called ?Michael's Haven Restaurant and Bar' according to a large window with the restaurant's name hand painted on it. She is breathing hard, but catches it back quickly, betraying her slayer powers. She touches her neck and realizes she lost her knitted scarf at the park.

        The restaurant is in the middle of a business district on Main Street. It is closed. The camera pans to reveal a help wanted sign taped to the window from the inside. There are clearly apartments above the restaurant.

        RAIN looks at her reflection in the glass door. Her hair is lank and filled with sand. There are smudges of eye shadow and eyeliner all over her face. She doesn't look eighteen. She turns around and leans against the door to rest and think. A squad car pulls up and flicks its lights. RAIN attempts to shrink into the limited shadow that the doorway provides. An officer gets out of the car. He walks over to RAIN. He assumes she is a homeless person looking for a place to sleep.

        OFFICER: Young lady, you can't sleep here. This is private property. (Beat) How old are you ma'am?

        RAIN: Eighteen.

        OFFICER: May I see some identification?

        RAIN bends down to rummage through her damp bag and pulls her driver's license out of her wallet. She hands it over. He scans it. ECU of driver's license: we see RAIN'S birth date and a photo of her looking much cleaner and displaying a gentle smile. The photo barely resembles the RAIN standing before us now.

        OFFICER: (almost sympathetically) Ah, it's your birthday. Happy Birthday.

        RAIN doesn't smile. The officer hands back her license.

        OFFICER: I just needed to make sure you were not a minor. Sometimes we get runaways around here this time of night. (Beat) There is homeless shelter just a few blocks down. Why don't I take you there?

        RAIN: No thanks.

        RAIN and the officer are interrupted by a man's voice.

        MAN: (OS) What seems to be the problem here?

        The MAN has brown hair which is a little wet from the rain but he doesn't care. He is wearing a blue gray collar shirt, faded jeans and brown shoes.

        The OFFICER turns to see whom the voice belongs to and recognizes him.

        OFFICER: Mr. Corbis, I found this young lady trespassing but she's just leaving. (Turns to Rain) He owns this place but don't you worry about that. You picked a lucky doorway. He's known round these parts as someone who helps people like you.

        CORBIS nods back to the officer and smiles at RAIN. He notices she is roughed up and is clearly underdressed for the weather.

        CORBIS: Why don't you come inside? I can make you some coffee. Get out of this rain for a bit.

        RAIN just stares at him. She is clearly suspicious of their friendliness.

        OFFICER: (seeing her expression) Look, Mr. Corbis is a decent guy. He's always helping out young folks like you. I'd take his offer. (He gives CORBIS a friendly grin) And his coffee's not too bad.

        CORBIS laughs with the officer. He pulls out a set of keys and opens the door to his restaurant. He gestures for RAIN to go in. She reluctantly walks in. The OFFICER waves good-bye to CORBIS.

        CUT TO:


        CORBIS puts his keys back in his pocket. He clicks on the light switch on the right side of the entrance. The lights flicker and eventually come on. RAIN clutches onto her bag and just stands near the entrance. He pushes a few buttons on an alarm keyboard near the light switch. CORBIS walks around her and heads for the back.

        RAIN looks around the restaurant. There are brick walls and hardwood floors. The walls are adorned with vintage items and black and white photos of Haven, Massachusetts. On the right side there is a bar, where the patrons drink and sometimes eat. Behind it are thick wooden shelves that hold glasses varying in size and a row of bottles of alcohol. On RAIN'S left, she sees tables and chairs turned over on them. In the back of the building, there is a lounge area with a large leather sofa and a coffee table. A display of photos of customers who have eaten at 'Michael's Haven' hangs on the wall behind the sofa.

        CORBIS returns with a clean hunter green t-shirt with white lettering that says ?The Sosa Stuff, where anything goes Sosa' and a pair of gray sweatpants. He hands them to her. She slowly takes them.

        CORBIS: The restroom is in the back. I'll make that coffee for you unless you'd prefer hot chocolate?

        RAIN: Coffee is fine. Thanks.

        While RAIN changes into dry clothes, CORBIS adds beans and water to the coffee maker. He turns it on. He gets two white mugs from underneath the bar and sets them on the counter. Within a few minutes, he has the coffee poured into mugs. He turns on the stereo behind the bar and strains of ?Forest' by The Feelers filter very softly through the room. RAIN returns all dressed in his clothes. She has left her shoes in the bathroom. She is holding on to her bag. CORBIS looks up and smiles.

        RAIN: I... I hung my clothes in the bathroom... to dry.

        CORBIS: That's fine. I do have dryer.

        RAIN: stares at him in confusion.

        CORBIS: (by way of explanation) I own the apartments above the restaurant but I stay in the attic.

        RAIN walks up to the bar and puts her bag on a stool. We hear:

        And I wish I could see, cause then I just might believe
        That everything's alright if I was still with you

        RAIN: Attic?

        CORBIS: Yeah, it's been remodeled into an apartment. It has everything I need. I rent out the other apartments to the staff.

        RAIN: Oh.

        She looks around the room, clearly uncomfortable. CORBIS hands her a cup of coffee as well as the creamer and a few packets of sugar. He indicates that she should sit. She does so and pours the cream in her coffee. She drinks it eagerly. CORBIS stays behind the bar and drinks his black. He observes her carefully. We hear:

        Run, run, run, the trees are falling down
        Run, run, run, the trees are falling down
        Oh my head, hold my head, Oh my head
        The trees are falling down

        CORBIS: Are you hungry? I can make you something.

        He hands her the menu.

        CORBIS: Anything you want.

        RAIN is silent. She continues to sip her coffee but doesn't touch the menu. Her posture reveals how tired she is.

        RAIN: (guarded, looking up at him) Uh... Mr. Corbis... why are you being nice to me?

        CORBIS: Please, call me Michael. Mr. Corbis makes me sound like a teacher at Haven High. (Beat) Well, you kinda look like you had a bad day. I can relate.

        RAIN raises her eyebrows at him. She clearly doubts it.

        MICHAEL: I've had plenty of them. Like Officer Kold said, I take in runaways from time to time.

        He sips his coffee and sets it behind him.

        RAIN: (quietly) Kold? Huh?weird name.

        MICHAEL: So? shall I make you something to eat? The Haven burger is our signature. It's really good.

        RAIN: Gotta be better than Doublemeat Palace.

        MICHAEL grins.

        MICHAEL: I guarantee it.

        RAIN nods with a soft smile and drinks another gulp of her coffee. MICHAEL goes OS to the kitchen out back. The camera slowly zooms out from RAIN and we are shown RAIN sitting completely alone in the large restaurant. The sound of the storm can be heard outside. We also hear:

        God is watching, God is feeling
        Guard my actions and guard my feelings
        And if I stand here, will I hear the trees fall down or will I bend

        CUT TO:


        CUT TO:


        The dining room is very grand with its crown moldings and the deep red oriental carpet. The curtains are made out of silk, the finest fabrics from India. A chandelier with Swarovski crystals hangs in the middle of the room. There is a large mahogany table with the best dishes, silverware and Irish crystal ware on it. The TALMADGE FAMILY is in the middle of their dinner. BELLA'S FATHER, WARNER is sitting at the head of the table with his wife, SHERIDAN to his right and their daughter BELLA, to his left.

        WARNER has black hair with touches of gray and a chiseled face. He is wearing a Brook Brothers white collar shirt, a pin-striped gray tie, a pair of black slacks and black shoes. A servant approaches him and asks if he would like some more wine. He declines as he cuts into his filet mignon. The air is thick with silence broken only by the rasping and ?scathing' noises of expensive cutlery against fine porcelain. BELLA keeps looking at her watch worried about RAIN.

        WARNER: Do you have plans, this evening Isabella?

        BELLA is caught off guard and almost knocks over her water glass. Her father is not amused.

        BELLA: Uh?sorry, Daddy?

        WARNER: You keep looking at your watch. It's not polite.

        BELLA: I apologize.

        SHERIDAN is playing with her pearl necklace that WARNER gave her for Christmas while glaring at BELLA as she knows why her daughter's mind is elsewhere. SHERIDAN has on a cream silk blouse, a light gray skirt to her knees and a pair of black Jimmy Choo shoes. She leans over to WARNER.

        SHERIDAN: It's that strange friend of hers. I'm sure that's what this is all about.

        WARNER looks at his wife and pats his mouth with a linen napkin.

        WARNER: What friend are you referring to, Sheridan?

        BELLA eyes widen. She wonders if her mother knows RAIN spent the night.

        SHERIDAN: That girl who dresses in black all the time. (To BELLA) She does witchcraft, doesn't she?

        BELLA laughs nervously.

        BELLA: Mother, what have you been watching? Of course Rain isn't into witchcraft. She is just different. (Beat) Daddy, you're always telling me not to judge people.

        SHERIDAN sees her daughter is buttering her father up.

        SHERIDAN: (sternly) I know Rain slept over last night. I saw you leave the house with her this morning.

        WARNER signals the servant to take his plate away. He looks at his daughter.

        WARNER: Is this true?

        BELLA looks down at her plate.

        BELLA: (quietly) Well? yes?

        WARNER: I thought we agreed not to have your friends sleep over on a school night. It interferes with your studies.

        BELLA: Well, Mother and you agreed. I didn't really have a choice in the matter.

        WARNER: (low voice) Isabella.

        BELLA: I'm sorry. It's just... Rain needed a place stay. Some horrible stuff is happening to her right now.

        The servant returns to take SHERIDAN and BELLA'S plates.

        SHERIDAN: (sharply) This ?horrible stuff' - as you put it - is happening to you, Bella. I think you should stop seeing this friend of yours. She's clearly a bad influence on you.

        BELLA: (irritated; she has clearly heard this before) Mother, please. You don't know her. You've never even said more than two words to her. How do you know what she's like? And what--

        WARNER: (interrupting; firmly) --Alright.

        He gets up and stands behind his chair and places his hands on the chair back.

        WARNER: Let's just table this for now and we'll discuss it tomorrow. (Beat) Isabella, I think you should stay in for the evening.

        BELLA starts to protest but her father gives her a look. The servant starts to serve coffee and desert. BELLA sulks in her chair while she surreptitiously sneaks a look at her watch, still worried for RAIN. SHERIDAN abruptly gets out of her chair and strides out of the room, glowering at her husband as she passes him. He ignores her.

        CUT TO:


        MICHAEL has returned with RAIN'S hamburger and French fries. MICHAEL puts the plate on the counter. RAIN doesn't touch it. MICHAEL pushes it toward her and she takes it. She starts eating her burger hungrily. Despite the strangeness of the situation, the warm atmosphere and soft music are in marked contrast to the previous scene at BELLA'S home.

        MICHAEL: More coffee or would you like a soda?

        RAIN: Soda.

        MICHAEL nods with a smile and pours her a glass of Coke. He finishes his coffee and leans against the counter behind him. He crosses his arms. RAIN pops a fry into her mouth.

        MICHAEL: So, where are you from?

        RAIN looks up while eating a bite of the burger. She wipes her mouth with a napkin and takes a sip of her soda. She clears her throat.

        RAIN: Why do you want to know? (Beat; she looks a little chastened) Um? Haven.

        MICHAEL: (ignoring her initial response) Oh, you're from around here. I take it you went to Haven High?

        He notices that his close scrutiny is unnerving RAIN. He picks up a clean tea towel and sets about polishing some clearly already polished glasses, avoiding eye contact.

        RAIN nods.

        MICHAEL: Does Mrs. Haffner still teach music?

        RAIN: Yeah.

        MICHAEL: Huh. Every time I saw her in the hallways, she was carrying an instrument of some kind. I always had to help her carry them to her classroom.

        RAIN: She still does. I always tried to avoid her.

        MICHAEL gives a soft chuckle. RAIN is half way done with her burger. Now feeling dry and well fed, she begins to also feel out of place and uncomfortable. She eats a couple more fries.

        MICHAEL: So how old are you?

        RAIN: (defiantly) I'm old enough. (Beat) Eighteen.

        MICHAEL: (bluntly) Where do your parents live?

        RAIN moves to stand up, staring at him coldly.

        RAIN: Listen, thanks for? but I'm not--

        MICHAEL puts down the glass and tea towel as she starts to speak and steps up to the bar in front of RAIN who is now backing slowly away.

        MICHAEL: (softly) Hey. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bombard you with the Spanish Inquisition.

        RAIN is moving toward the bathroom, presumably to recover her stuff.

        MICHAEL: (calling after her) Where are you gonna go? You need somewhere to stay, right? It's cold out and it's raining.

        RAIN has stopped at the door to the back of the restaurant. She knows what he says is true.

        MICHAEL: If you need a place to stay, there is a couch in my office. I've slept on it myself.

        RAIN: (facing the doorway, away from Michael; slowly) No, really you've been nice enough. I am sure I can--

        MICHAEL: (interrupts) Please stay. I insist.

        RAIN thinks for a minute. She really does have nowhere else she can go and she didn't feel like seeing BELLA'S parents. She turns back into the eating area but does not look at him. She is awkward. She shoves her hands in her pockets.

        RAIN: Okay? but only for tonight.

        MICHAEL: Great.

        RAIN: (roughly) Just so we're clear? I'm not a runaway.

        MICHAEL: Ok? duly noted.

        She faces him, arms folded, chin held up high. She returns to the counter and sits down and finishes her meal. MICHAEL brusquely resumes polishing.

        CUT TO:


        About thirty minutes later MICHAEL takes RAIN to his office.

        The walls are gray and empty. There is a row of bookcases on the back wall filled with books from head to toe. To the right, a large dark wooden desk is parked to the end of the wall. On it, there are a few papers and labeled files stacked on top of each other as well as a newspaper open to the sports page. An electronic calculator with a roll of paper hanging from it lies next to the paper. An old computer is sitting on the dark gray carpet. On the other side of other room is the couch. MICHAEL has put some sheets, a blanket and a pillow on it. There is an antique trunk that holds his clothes and linens. His desk lamp is on providing a little warm-toned light.

        MICHAEL: This is it. There's an extra blanket in the trunk if it's not enough.

        RAIN walks to the couch and sits on it.

        MICHAEL: I'll dry your stuff in the dryer. If you'll still hungry, help yourself in the kitchen.

        He walks to his desk to look for his business cards. He finds one among the piles of papers and writes on it. He hands her his card with his home phone number written on the back. She takes it and looks at it quizzically.

        MICHAEL: Just so you know, I'm Kosher.

        RAIN: (looks up at him, confused) You're Jewish?

        MICHAEL: (laughs) No, I mean?uh? (He lets it go and indicates the card) My home phone number is on that card. Just ring me if you need anything.

        MICHAEL looks at his watch. It's 11:59 pm. There is sudden awkwardness that wasn't there before.

        MICHAEL: (backing off toward the door) Well, I'll see you in the morning.

        RAIN gives him a soft smile. MICHAEL smiles back a little awkwardly and leave her alone in his office. She puts her bag on the floor near the trunk and picks up the sheets and covers the padding with it. She puts another sheet over it as well as the blanket. RAIN fluffs up the pillow and puts it on the armrest. She reaches over to open her bag and pulls out BELLA'S cell phone. She clicks on a few buttons. ECU of phone screen: 5 missed calls. RAIN looks at the timer on the phone; it's now 12:00 am. She puts the phone back in the bag. RAIN lies down and covers herself with the sheet and blanket. She stares at the ceiling. Soon after, a tear rolls down her cheek as she closes her eyes, leaving the light on.

        RAIN: (whispers) Happy Birthday, Rain.

        CUT TO:


        CUT TO:


        CONNIE is on the phone looking out the window while JAKE is lying on the bed asleep or unconscious. His breathing is ragged and his face is seriously beaten up and swollen.

        CONNIE: Don't blame this on me! (Beat- listening to other line) She was beating the crap out of my boyfriend with her... powers! What was I supposed to do? (Beat- listening) Please? I need the money. (Beat- listening) Wait... wait! What'll I do if she comes back?

        The other line clicks and as CONNIE drops the phone down from her ear, the dial tone can be heard. She looks terrified.


        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          CUT TO:


          It's nine in the morning. RAIN slowly wakes up. She is surprised by the quietness in the air, as she is not used to it. She looks around and sees her clothes folded on the trunk. RAIN then realizes MICHAEL has dried them for her. She sees her boots are on the floor near her bag. She forgot she left them in the bathroom last night. RAIN gets up, folds the sheets and the blanket. She puts the pillow on top.

          MICHAEL enters the office with a Starbucks bag and an iced mocha. She turns around. He is wearing a black t-shit with 'Michael's Haven Restaurant & Bar' on it, a pair of jeans and the same brown shoes.

          RAIN: Morning. I'll be out of here soon.

          MICHAEL: Don't be silly.

          He hands her the bag and drink.

          MICHAEL: I figured you might like something from Starbucks. It's right around the corner.

          RAIN: Thanks.

          RAIN smiles and takes the bag and drink.

          MICHAEL: I need to do a few things before the lunch hour. (Beat) Er? Listen, I was thinking? if you're looking for a job, I have an opening. You'd be doing me a favor.

          RAIN: Yah, I saw the help wanted sign. (Beat) What kind of job? I... (Her voice trails off)

          MICHAEL: Oh, you know ? serving, a bit of waiting. I am sure you'll be good at it. I can have one of the staff members train you. (Beat; Rain is silent) I can't pay you much, but I can let you have an apartment upstairs in a couple of days at a reduced rent, since Kirsi is moving on ? it's her job you'll be taking over.

          RAIN: Oh. I guess?

          She looks almost defeated, but is still wary of MICHAEL. A variety of emotions pass over her face in the next few seconds: defiance, surrender, pain and finally, release, as she decides to accept his offer? clearly going against her nature.

          RAIN: I'll... take it.

          MICHAEL claps his hands and rubs them gently together.

          MICHAEL: Great. That's great. (Seeing her hesitant expression) I mean, you'll be helping me out ? Kirsi leaving and everything. The apartment isn't much? but it'll be your own space.

          RAIN: It... sounds good.

          MICHAEL: All right, then. You'll have to share with Allie for a bit. A little fair warning about her, she shouts out random sentences but she's really cool.

          MICHAEL gives a small laugh but RAIN just looks at him.

          MICHAEL: Okay then. I'm gabbling, aren't I?

          RAIN grants him a grin. There is the tension of a sudden connection between them.

          MICHAEL: (breaking the moment) Anyway? Kirsi should be out of the apartment by Saturday. In the meantime? uh? well, you're welcome to claim the office. I'll give you the keys later. You can hang out at the bar or do whatever you need to do before moving in. And? you can start whenever; either, tonight or in a couple of days.

          MICHAEL smiles.

          RAIN: Mr. Corb- I mean Michael? thank you.

          MICHAEL sees it was hard for her to express her gratitude.

          MICHAEL: No problem.

          MICHAEL nods at her and leaves her to breakfast. RAIN sits back down on the couch and sips on her mocha. It's a little watered down as the some of the ice has melted but she enjoys it anyway. She takes the coffee cake out of the bag. RAIN eats it with a smile.

          CUT TO:


          Long shot: RAIN is standing in the shadow of a tree a few yards beyond CONNIE'S house on the other side of the road. There is a police car parked outside. The rain has stopped, but a cold wind slices through her thin t-shirt. She tucks into the tree trunk in an effort to keep warm. Slow zoom to RAIN'S face ? we see her at first look irritated ? cut to medium shot of an ambulance and another police car drawing up simultaneously outside the house. She clutches onto her bag. A group of neighbors huddle whispering to each other. Cut back to CU RAIN ? we see her expression change as it dawns on her that something else has happened since she has been away. She stays behind the tree trying not to let anyone see her but she is close enough to hear them.

          NEIGHBOR # 1: Do you know what happened?

          NEIGHBOR # 2: I heard someone was murdered.

          RAIN sees two police officers walking out of her house with JAKE. He is in handcuffs but he's resisting them. He is covered with blood.

          JAKE: I didn't kill her! I swear!

          The police officers take him to the car while he continues to protest his innocence. They open the door and push him inside. Slowly the police car drives away. Soon after, two paramedics emerge from the house pushing a body bag on a stretcher. RAIN gasps when she realizes it must be CONNIE inside it. She can't fight her tears this time. RAIN runs away from the neighbors and throws up violently. She feels someone touch her back. RAIN turns to see who it is as she wipes her mouth.

          BELLA: Rain?

          RAIN wraps her arms around her friend and clings on to her as she sobs uncontrollably.

          BELLA: Oh, God? Rain? I'm so sorry about your mom. Sssh... it's okay.

          BELLA touches her friend's hair. She notices it's full of sand. RAIN pulls back just as BELLA wipes her eyes.

          BELLA: (softly, shocked and concerned) What? where have you been? I've been calling you all last night. I came over to find you and I found all this? (She indicates in the direction of the house) I've been so worried.

          RAIN steps back out of BELLA'S embrace and slides down against a tree trunk, oblivious to the wet earth. BELLA slips down beside her. She grasps RAIN'S hands in her own.

          RAIN: Do you know why he killed her? I mean... when she kicked me out last night, he was so weak... after I? beat him.

          RAIN looks down in shame. BELLA'S eyes widen in shock and horror at RAIN'S admission, but she hides her feelings.

          BELLA: Uh? No I don't, sweetie. I just heard from the neighbors they found him? he was? (She is unsure as to how much to tell her friend; Rain's eyes seek hers and seeing her look, Bella reluctantly goes on) ?he was? covered with blood? they found a knife.

          RAIN closes her eyes at this and shudders. She begins to rock. Bella puts her arm around her friend.

          BELLA: I brought my car. Let me take you to my house.

          RAIN doesn't move.

          Camera slowly zooms out through the branches of the trees to a birds eye shot of the scene from above. Slow motion as the other police car and the ambulance pulls away; the neighbors drift off in different directions. We see RAIN fall into BELLA'S lap and Bella stroke her hair. There is the sound of the wind picking up.

          OS dialogue during the silent bird's eye shot:

          BELLA: (very softly) Come on.

          RAIN: No, I have... a place.

          BELLA: You do? (Beat) You need some clothes. Come on. You can shower at mine and I'll give you a couple of my outfits.

          RAIN: (muffled, her head is buried in Bella's lap) No lavender.

          BELLA: (laughs softly) Or flowers.

          RAIN: (snuffles) Or butterflies.

          BELLA: Better yet, we'll use Daddy's card. Let's get out of here before the cops find you, mm?

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:

          INT. LOCKER ROOM - DAY

          There are two POLICE MEN in the locker room. The FIRST OFFICER has his cell phone out and seems to be waiting for the SECOND OFFICER to finish up. He ties his laces, twirls the combo on his locker and leaves the room. The FIRST OFFICER hits dial and put the phone to his ear.

          FIRST OFFICER: Yes. I took care of it. (Beat- listening to other line) He's been arrested. They're sure he did it. (Beat- listening) Yes, sir.

          He hangs up and walks out of the locker room, looking slightly ruffled, but pleased with himself.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          RAIN is aimlessly moving about the room. She seems at a loss. There is the muffled sound of the open restaurant through the wall ? chatter and laughter. RAIN crosses her arms feeling her new shirt that BELLA has bought her. It's a long sleeve black shirt with a white collar. She is wearing new jeans and her boots. RAIN lies down on the couch, arms behind her head and looks at the ceiling. She frowns when she thinks of CONNIE.

          CONNIE: (VO) You're not my daughter.

          RAIN gets up, agitated, and decides to patrol. She gets a stake from her bag that she had left at BELLA'S. RAIN throws on an Army jacket, puts the stake in the pockets and leaves the room.

          CUT TO:


          This is the same deserted park from the previous night on Palmer Street. She is hoping to find the same VAMPIRE she fought before. She looks slightly nervous and lightly turns the stake over and around in her hand. She sees him smoking, leaning against the tree. RAIN puts the stake back in her pocket.

          RAIN: (clears her throat) Hey? (When he ignores her, she's stronger) How about we finish this?

          The VAMPIRE turns to see who is talking to him and smiles menacingly. He smashes his cigarette against the tree.

          VAMPIRE: You again. (Beat) You?re on.

          RAIN and the VAMPIRE circle each other on the street, waiting for each other to make the first move. She is focused, concentrating hard; we can see she is still unsure of herself. The VAMPIRE lunges at her, unaware that she is a slayer. As he gets close enough, she grabs his shoulders and pushes him down slightly. She brings the top of her skull down in a crashing blow against his. He stumbles backward.

          VAMPIRE: (shocked, rubbing his forehead) Hey! That hurt! What are you playing at?

          He growls, rights himself and lunges at her again. She deftly steps out of his way and he lurches forward landing sprawled on his face at her feet. She folds her arms. CU shot of RAIN'S face as she finds confidence in her slayer powers and says:

          RAIN: (newly confident) What? I had to spend hours washing the sand out of my hair this morning. You think I was just going to let you get away with that?

          The VAMPIRE has rolled over and is struggling to get up. He looks shocked at the strength of her flippant comment. A look of recognition passes over him.

          VAMPIRE: (gasps) You're a slayer!

          RAIN: What else would I be?

          He attempts to get up off the pavement. In a flash, she has straddled him, one foot on each side of his jacket so that he is pinioned to the concrete. She reaches for her stake from her jacket. The vampire reaches up just as she has it and knocks it flying out of her hand. Unnerved, her confidence melting away again, she loses her balance slightly and he pushes her over. As she falls, she bites her tongue.

          The VAMPIRE is now standing up. He runs at her again, but she kicks him in the groin, then his stomach. She flips herself up off the pavement and touches a finger to her tongue. It is bleeding. She glares at him.

          VAMPIRE: I've always wanted to kill a slayer. There are far too many in this world.

          RAIN: Is that right? (Beat) Too bad you'll never get to live that particular dream.

          RAIN runs away from him to leading him to the picnic table passing the trees and sand box. The VAMPIRE saunters towards her. She picks up the trash can and hurls it across the distance between them to hit him full in the torso with a loud clang. The garbage flies out and falls and splatters all over him. The VAMPIRE is enraged. She leaps up on to the table. He picks and brushes off the garbage as he approaches the picnic table. He grabs one of her legs to pull her down. She loses her balance.

          VAMPIRE: You're just making this way too easy for me.

          RAIN kicks him in the face. He fumbles backwards but regains his balance. She quickly gets up as he jumps into the air and lands on the table. RAIN reaches across and punches him square across the jaw. He hardly flinches. He picks her up and throws her off the table. She lands near the swing set on her side, facing away from the camera. The vampire slowly approaches her. RAIN doesn't get up yet.

          VAMPIRE: This is that your best shot?

          RAIN: No? (She twists on to her back, swings her leg up and it hits him square in his stomach) this is.

          He grunts in pain, falling backward. His head hits the bar of the swing set. He opens his eyes but stays on the ground. By the time he has recovered enough to attempt to get up, she has straddled him again. Her face is assertive and stronger than we have ever seen it. RAIN lifts her right hand. (CU hand) It's trembling. (ECU RAIN'S face) the rings of her eyes glow white. The stake she dropped earlier flings up in the air and flies to her hand really fast. The VAMPIRE is taken aback by what he sees.

          VAMPIRE: (cocks his head, unsure and frightened): What??

          RAIN: Let's get one thing straight (she grabs his collar with one hand and pulls him up to meet her gaze)? I got exactly three things going for me in my life at the moment (she rolls her eyes as she mentally ticks them off) ? one of them is my hair (she grips the stake, looks thoughtful)?and one is this amazing magic whammy I seem to have?and? (Mockingly, as if just remembering) oh yeah?the third one is my skills with (she stakes him, his eyes widen in horror) this.

          She twirls the stake in her hand before putting it back in her jacket. RAIN slowly gets up. She dusts herself off. She looks around and heads for the restaurant. For the first time, she has an air of self-confidence. It is clear that she has made some kind of mental decision.

          Camera pans over from RAIN'S receding back to a limo parked with the back window open, on the other side of the deserted park near the baseball field. It's been there the whole time RAIN was fighting the vampire. The window rolls back up and drives off.

          CUT TO:


          RAIN walks up to the main entrance and enters the restaurant just as MICHAEL is closing up inside.

          CUT TO:


          The restaurant stereo is on low. An instrumental song is playing.

          MICHAEL: (wiping down the counter; turns to face her) Hey, there.

          RAIN: Hi.

          RAIN stands for a minute, putting her hands in her back jeans pocket and then decides to sits down at the bar. There is a half empty bowl of nuts on the counter. She's starving (what with all the slayage) and helps herself. MICHAEL grins.

          MICHAEL: Are you ready to start tomorrow?

          RAIN: Yah, sure.

          MICHAEL: Great. (Beat) You look like you're doing better.

          RAIN: (smiles) Yeah, I'm? (She searches for the phrase she wants) five by five.

          MICHAEL gives her a confused look.

          MICHAEL: Okay... I am gonna take that as a good thing.

          RAIN: (smiles and nods) It's a good thing.

          He nods back at her and tosses his dish cloth on the counter. He walks around the bar.

          MICHAEL: Hey. I got a surprise for you.

          She stops eating and looks at him warily. We are reminded that her new confidence is merely associated with her having just killed the vamp. It's a very small step forward and a very precarious one at that.

          He straightens up and puts a set of keys on the counter between them.

          MICHAEL: Kirsi left early.

          She looks up at him

          MICHAEL: The apartment's yours.

          CU RAIN. Her wariness breaks and her face softens.

          RAIN: (softly, slightly disbelieving) Now?

          MICHAEL: Yup.

          The instrumental song ends. ?Chances Are' by Sheryl Crow begins playing very softly.

          CUT TO:


          The song can still be heard playing (as soundtrack). RAIN and MICHAEL stand facing each other outside the door. RAIN has her bag, unzipped with the new clothes BELLA has bought her spilling out. He hands her the keys (ECU his hand tipping the keys into hers).

          MICHAEL: All right, well... good night.

          RAIN: Night.

          He walks down the hallway.

          RAIN: (calling him) Michael?

          He turns around.

          MICHAEL: Yeah?

          RAIN smiles at him, tentatively, but fully. It's as rare a-sight as ANGEL'S smile. It lights her face up.

          RAIN: Thank you.

          He shrugs his shoulders at her, grins. He doesn't want to draw attention to her openness.

          MICHAEL turns to the rest of the stairs that lead to his apartment. RAIN watches him leave. She faces the door. The letter B is upside down. RAIN stares at it with concentration, and watches as it slowly moves back into place. She unlocks it and enters her apartment, slowly closing the door behind her, smiling the whole while.

          Song fades up. We hear:

          My Karma was living inside a failure
          No matter how it don't matter now
          Rest assured the rest is blurred

          With her back to the door, we are shown a POV shot of the small apartment. It is threadbare and Spartan, but welcoming. The main door has opened into a small sitting room with the kitchen on the right. The walls are painted a creamy-beige and there is an extremely old and unfashionable rug in the center. A large window looks out over the town. The lights from the buildings and the color of the night make it appear beautiful, in contrast to the poor little town we have seen so far.

          It all comes down to doing time
          You don't always have to make it a crime
          We'll all drive off in our hybrid lives
          Chances are we'll make it back
          We'll make it back... We'll make it back

          There are two couches ? one on each side of the room against the walls and a TV in the left hand corner. A pot plant sits on top. There are a couple of posters on the walls one of which is an enormous promotional poster for ?The Sorceress of Crimson Falls'.

          There are three doors leading off the room. The one to the right is open and a soft light pools out from the doorway. RAIN assumes this is Allie's room. Light tapping of computer keys can just be heard. POV shot of one of the doors opposite on the left-hand wall.

          CUT TO:


          After a few minutes of settling down, RAIN is looking out the window. She has a perfect view of Main Street. There are few people walking on the boardwalk. She closes the curtains. She touches one for a minute feeling the softness of the fabric. RAIN looks back around the room.

          It is better to explore within
          We were apes before we spoke of sin
          The cosmos sits on the tip of a pin

          Camera zooms slowly back so we can see her room. There is a small double bed with a plain duvet and a couple of pillows. Above the headboard there are a couple of shelves, currently empty. On the other side of the room, there is a dresser with a mirror above.

          It all comes down to creating time
          You don't always have to make it alright

          The closet has the few clothes hanging up that Bella bought for her. Zoom in to CU of desk on left hand side of room and into ECU of a new sketchpad and pencil sitting on top of the desk.

          We'll all drive by with our hybrid lives
          Chances are... Chances are... Chances are
          We'll make it back... We'll make it back
          We'll make it back... We'll make it back

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE
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            VOICE: NEXT ON RAIN?


            In RAIN'S bedroom, RAIN and BELLA are covered in paint and resemble a Jackson Pollock painting. Slowly, they look at each other and begin to smile. They burst out laughing but it fades as they see who is standing in RAIN'S door way. It's MICHAEL with a long face. RAIN quickly turns off the radio.

            MICHAEL: I need to talk to you.

            RAIN: What's wrong?


            MICHAEL: Do you remember Officer Kold? (RAIN nods). He needs to speak to you.

            RAIN'S face is blank.

            CUT TO:


            BELLA: (VO, whispers) Do you think this is about your mom's murder?

            RAIN is sitting on a wobbly chair in front of an old wooden table in a cold, stark room. A DETECTIVE in his early thirties with black hair walks in with a couple of files as well as a note pad and sits on the other side of the table.


            DETECTIVE: (opens one of the files) There are just a few things that we'd like to ask you pertaining to Jake Shepherd and Connie Mason.

            RAIN: Do you think I killed my mother?


            DETECTIVE: There is something else you need to know.

            RAIN looks at the table as the DETECTIVE shows her something. She begins to look increasingly more unnerved. The DETECTIVE observes her reactions closely. RAIN'S eyes start to water.

            RAIN: I? I don't believe this.

            CUT TO:



            The entrance door opens slowly. It's MADELINE BLAKE, the woman who approached RAIN the night before RAIN'S birthday.

            RAIN: (VO) What? what? are you doing here?

            MADELINE: (VO) I would very much like to be your Watcher? I've been trained, by the ?Slayer's Council'.

            CUT TO:


            RAIN looks nervously at group of biker vampires. She pulls out her stake. As they slowly move in on her she abruptly turns around, head down, full force trying to knock one of THE VAMPIRES over. RAIN hits a solid wall of black leather; she gasps from the impact and stumbles back but regains her balance. However, THE VAMPIRE falls backwards and struggles to get up.

            RAIN: (VO) I'm a ?chosen one'? and? you're my Watcher?

            MADELINE: (VO, softly) If you'd like me to be; that? that you do have a choice in the matter.


            MALE VAMPIRE # 2: (VO) What's with the whole witch thing? Is this a new breed of slayers that the Initiative cooked up?

            RAIN'S eyes glow white; there is a gritty, loud cracking noise coming from the statue. As it cracks, large chunks of the statue fall down toward THE VAMPIRE.

            CUT TO:


            MADELINE: (VO) Slayers don't have telekinetic or natural Wiccan abilities.

            RAIN closes her eyes trying to perform a spell. Suddenly, a flash of light is followed by a crackle and sizzle. There is a burst of flames at RAIN'S feet. Her eyes fly open and she jumps back with a sharp cry.

            CUT TO:


            RAIN: (VO) You don't know what I am. (Softly) Who I am.

            MADELINE: (VO) You are? unique, Rain. Special.

            RAIN leans against the brick wall of the police building, short of breath and strangely numb. She fights her tears, then hardens her expression, folds her arms and strides away.

            CUT TO:


            RAIN: (VO) I need answers. I deserve answers.

            BELLA: (VO) It'll sort out? it'll be ok.

            RAIN is breathing heavily. Her arms are still up. She tries to move but finds herself rigid, paralyzed. Sweat pours down her face. Suddenly, her eyes roll backward into her head and she falls backward, unconscious to the ground.

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              RAIN TRIVIA:

              Originally, Odelia and I were going to do a mini-series revolving around Angel/Spike & Buffy. Then we decided to do a series on various slayers throughout the world starting off after BtVS Season 7/AtS Season 5. However, we fell in love with a character I created for that series? Rain. Therefore, we decided to create a series focusing on Rain.

              Haven, Massachusetts is a fictional town but it's roughly based on some areas of my hometown in Massachusetts.

              I had Brooke Nevin in mind for Bella Talmadge. Brooke was a guest star on Charmed and Supernatural. I couldn't find any pictures of her to work with for the series banner. So I went with Emily Van Camp from Everwood instead.

              James Read from Charmed was originally cast as Warner Talmadge but the more I developed Warner, the more I realized Victor Garber from Alias should be play him.

              ~ ~ ~

              I thought it would be fun to thrown in references to some BW Members.

              Act I:

              -The pregnant woman with the Austrian t-shirt pushing the stroller with twins in it is Beck (Radiant Evil, Radiance, Shiny Soccero)

              -The boy with Shadyshade on his hat is Thomas. Shadyside is his fanfic that's coming out soon.

              -The perky blonde with the ?witty comeback' t-shirt is Heather. Witty Comeback is the name of her fanart site.

              Fanfic references on Principal Reyer's desk:
              -the Shadow Stalker novel is Lex's fanfic
              -the Rogue Redemption comics is Amber's (Queen C) fanfic

              -Rain's English teacher is Nikki (Sophonisba).

              Act II:

              -The moving truck with the Kentucky license plate refers to Lyn

              Act III:

              -Officer Kold is? Kold.

              -The t-shirt Michael let Rain borrow refers to Farah's feedback fanfic thread-
              ?The Sosa Stuff, where anything goes Sosa'

              Act IV:

              -Kirsi, the woman who moved out of Apartment B is? Kirsi.

              -Rain's new roommate is Vaeltaa- she really does shout out in random sentences.

              -The Sorceress of Crimson Falls poster refers to Travis' (Digital Leonaro) fanfic

              ~ ~ ~

              SPECIAL THANKS to those who contributed to our fanfic by steering us in the right direction. We are eternally grateful.

              Jo, Heather, Amber (QueenC), my mother, Odelia's brother and especially Odelia who is a god send.
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