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Drabble: Heartbreaking Gaze

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  • Drabble: Heartbreaking Gaze

    Drabble: Heartbreaking Gaze
    Character: Buffy
    Rating: G
    Summary: It hurts when you can't return the feelings of your friend.

    She tells him spontaneously that she wishes for ways to make her forget about screwing up her history exam.

    "Well, off the top of my head, maybe relax into the warmth of my manly embrace," he offers with an inadequate sly look.

    "Or maybe I need a little Giles 101, always helps with stress." And with that she turns away quickly, because that heartbreaking look she sees so often on Willow's face is twice heartbreaking on Xander's. Simply because it was her who put it there.
    Made by Trickyboxes
    Halfrek gives Spike the curse that will change his entire life. Teenage Dirtbag