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Beam me up, Buffy: a season 8 drabble

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  • Beam me up, Buffy: a season 8 drabble

    Xander was sitting at the castle's kitchen table with some of the others, playing "match the Star Trek character to the Scooby."

    "Giles is Scotty," said Dawn. "Cause, British. And, though he's not a doctor, he did go to Oxford. So, with the learnin'."

    "I rather thought I was spock. Stiff upper lip and all that."

    "Buffy's Kirk," grinned Willow.

    "Eww! And Andrew's in a huff cause we said he was a red shirt," added Buffy.

    "Oh God," exclaimed Xander. "Taking into consideration my current role in slayer central?with the comms co-ordination?and the earpiece?" he made a face. "I'm Uhura!"

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --