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Dying without a Reflection

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  • Dying without a Reflection


    "Waking up undead was like, the uncoolest thing ever. One second I'm all over graduation, totally fighting all the monsters with all the other students, looking all kick-ass like a blonde Xena- who I could totally take- and the next, some guy is, like, sucking blood from my neck and then getting me to drink his.

    "Like, ew.

    "And I wake up a few nights later in the ruins of the school that Buffy went and blew up, and I can tell that my hair is all messed up, but when I get out my compact, I don't have a refection any more.

    "Like, hello."

    He swivels around to signal a waitress. Service at the Bronze has never been its forte. He raises his eyebrows. Purses his lips. Should he leave, or stick it out? There aren't too many people or things he knows around here anymore, and this one knows Buffy at least. He draws a deep breath.

    She'll do. He turns to face her again. Feigns interest. "What happened after that Harmony?"

    "Oh Spike." She's practically simpering. "You can't imagine how terrible my whole unlife has been so far?"