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Missing Scene: The Flowers Willow-Dawn

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  • Missing Scene: The Flowers Willow-Dawn

    Title: The Flowers

    Rating: G

    Characters: Dawn and Willow

    Episode: Hell's Bells

    Why wasn't Giles at the wedding that never happened?

    A/N: A REAL missing scene from the episode Hells Bells between Dawn and Willow. The dialog was taken from the new Watcher's Guide (Volume 3).
    This is going to be part of the Missing Scenes series ficlets that lusciousspike and I are going to write, sometimes separately sometimes together.

    Thanks to lusciousspike for the quick beta.


    Dawn frowned as she looked at the large number of multi-colored flowers. She had heard Xander tell Willow that his father was going to pay for the decoration, after frustrating insistence from Xander's mother, while Xander had to pay for the rest. The happy couple had paid for most of the important stuff, made the reservations, the dining room, not to mention Anya's dress, but there weren't enough money for the flowers so they thought they had to do without them.

    "I thought Xander and Anya couldn't afford flowers," she told Willow, who was standing next to her.

    Willow had a wide smile on her face, staring at the lovely flowers. "Giles sent 'em. Aren't they gorgeous?" The redhead smelled one of the white flowers and sighed happily.

    "Yeah," Dawn whispered sadly. "I wish Giles was here."

    "Me too." Willow nodded agreeing with the young brunette. "And I'm sure he'd much rather be here than fighting that nasty demon?"

    "Da-e-mon," Dawn corrected slowly pronouncing the name. "In England, it's daemon."

    "Daemon, too right. But Giles's got responsibilities. And so Anya and Xander have flowers. And flowers. And more flowers. Ooh, it's going to be so pretty." Willow continued to look with awe at all the flowers.

    Dawn grinned. She couldn't wait for the big event, when Xander and Anya say 'I do' and then exchange the rings and then kiss sealing the beginning of their future together. She sighed happily about the romance of it all. Today was going to be a happy day and Dawn knew that nothing was going to ruin it.

    Made by Trickyboxes
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