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City Of Ruin: Chapter One-You, Me, and the Undead

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  • City Of Ruin: Chapter One-You, Me, and the Undead

    City Of Ruin: Chapter One- You, Me, and the Undead
    This is actually a Resident Evil FanFic, but I hope you guys like it!
    It was a bright and sunny day when it all started. Maggie Blaine stood in front of her full length mirror that hung on her wall, making last minute adjustments before heading off to school. She wore a light pink laced sweater and black skinny jeans, with black low-top converse to top it off. Her strawberry blonde hair is curled and pulled back into a loose ponytail.

    "This will have to do for now" she said before grabbing her backpack and messenger bag and heading out the door into the living room. Her parents had both left for work, and the news was on the television.

    "Well, it's a beautiful day in Raccoon City. Temperatures are at 76 degrees, with a low of 70" said Amberly Rodchester, the weather lady.

    "Perfect, the day I wear a sweater, is the first day in months that it's warm" she said

    Maggie threw her backpack down and ran back to the bedroom to try again.


    "Alright, so the quiz is on Friday, I want everyone to study, its worth 15 points. Some of you need it" said Maggie's English teacher Mrs. Foster.

    "Yeah, I am so not passing this quiz on Friday," said Micki Alpine, Maggie's best friend. Miicki is one of the prettiest girls in the grade. She has light brown hair that goes half way down her back, and wore a blue sundress with white espadrille shoes. Although she was very pretty, she wasn't as smart as Maggie.

    "Oh come on Micki you have two days to study. I'll help y-"

    Just then the door opened and the room went silent. A guy and a girl walked in.

    "Oh right, I forgot we have new students today. Everyone this is Dean and Jane Liebermann. They're transferring from?" said Mrs. Foster

    "Homeschooled, actually, until recently when both our parents passed away" explained Dean. Dean was very tall and built. To tell the truth he looked like he shouldn't be in High School anymore. Jane looked younger though, but she didn't resemble her brother in the least bit.

    "Are you two twins?" the teacher inquired.

    "Yes, fraternal twins." Said Jane

    "Well I hope that you both feel very welcome here. "Said Mrs. Foster with a smile

    Maggie could have sworn Dean was staring at her. She had to admit that he was very good looking.

    "I'm sure that I will" said Dean with a wink.

    "What was that, did you see that?" Maggie asked Micki

    "See what?" Micki replied

    "Him, that wink"

    "I didn't see anything."

    "Right?" said Maggie, as she raised her hand.

    "Yes, Maggie"

    "Would it be alright if I used the restroom pass?" Maggie asked

    "Sure, you know where it is" Mrs. Foster replied

    In the hallway it was quiet, unusually quiet. Maggie listened to the echoing of her footsteps on the tile floor. She began to regret wearing her blue t-shirt instead of her sweater. It was chilly down the hallway. As she neared the corner, she noticed that the front door was left wide open, letting in all the cool air.

    "Why would someone leave that door open" she asked out loud

    She started to turn the corner again, and another chill ran down her spine.

    As she walked into the girls restroom she glanced at herself in the mirror, and then she noticed something. Nobody else was in the bathroom with her. Normally the girl's restroom in the centre of the school.

    Back in the hallway Maggie felt yet another chill run down her back. She turned and glanced in the direction of the front doors. They still swayed open. Since nobody was around and she couldn't stand the constant chills from the breeze, she turned her attention in that direction. As she began to reach the doors she heard footsteps behind her and she jumped. As she turned around she saw nobody.
    "Hello" she called, but there was no answer.

    ?Stop being so stupid Maggie, it's just an empty hallway' she thought to herself.

    She reached for the door handles and stopped, there were no cars in the street. There was complete silence.

    "What is going on?" she said aloud

    She closed the doors and turned around, just as she heard footsteps behind her.

    There was a man standing about 10 ft. away from her. He wasn't any ordinary man, his clothes were dirty and there was a rip on the sleeve that revealed a large bloody wound.

    Maggie knew that something wasn't right with him.

    "Who are you, what are you doing here?" She asked

    The man staggered a foot closer. Maggie stepped back.

    "Are you supposed to be here?" she tried again

    The man staggered a foot closer. Maggie stepped back.

    "Are you okay?" she tried again

    This time when the man stepped closer, Maggie noticed that there was blood dripping from his mouth.

    "Oh my god, what are you?"

    The man ran towards Maggie, catching her off guard. She turned to her left and ran as faster as she could.

    She ran back towards the corridor that lead to the bathroom. She had to get out of the building.

    Just as she turned the corner she bumped into something hard. She looked up from the ground and saw that someone had the monster pinned to the ground and was in the process of breaking its neck. She was in disbelief. What had just happened? Who had just saved her?

    The man turned around and walked over to her. His shirt was covered in the monsters blood. He reached down and held out his hand to Maggie. It was Dean.

    A/N: I hope you all like the first chapter! Please continue to read!