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  • 1.01 What starts with an apocalypse

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    (it looks like it has just been blown up)

    The light is strangely strong, but the sky is full of clouds, moving fast. There's no sound at all, everything is silent.
    We can see dead bodies everywhere in the ruins of the town. The only buildings left standing are a club, with its Sign saying "Inferno" and some houses. There's only three people still alive: a blonde girl (played by Hayden Panettiere) dressed with a black top and black leather trousers; an asian girl (played by Brenda Song), she's very pretty and dressed with a fashionable white shirt and a mini-skirt. She's crying. The last person is a boy (played by Beau Mirchoff), around seventeen, dressed with a black shirt and jeans.

    They are all looking at the same thing in the ground, a bit far from them. The camera moves and shows at what their looking: it's the body of another girl (played by Willa Holland) laid on the ground. Her eyes are closed and a bit of blood is dripping from her mouth. She could be sleeping, but she isn't moving.

    The asian girl screaming and crying tries to go to the body, but the boy with the black shirt stops
    her. He's also crying now. There's still no sound.

    But suddenly the sound of wings flapping can be heard.

    It is louder than it should be and echoing.

    They all turn around to the sound and see a demon coming to the ground. He looks a lot like a human (he is played by Chace Crawford) but he has long horns and his eyes are fire-red. He's flying with two enormous wings with black feathers. Black energy is sparkling from his hands. He's dressed with a ripped shirt and black trousers.
    The people all look scared of him, but stand between him and the body. The demon steps forward them and roars. His roars gets louder and louder, turning into a rumble, until?

    The boy that was in the dream (the one with the black shirt and jeans, played by Beau Mirchoff) abruptly wakes up. He can still hear the roar from his dream. His name is Nathan.

    NATHAN (still panting, in shock for his dream): Oh crap.



    Abaddon: Chace Crawford
    Matt: Willa Holland
    Nathan: Beau Mirchoff
    Kim: Brenda Song
    Also starring: Stephanie Romanov as Lilah Morgan
    Hayden Panettiere as girl from the dream
    Carly Pope as Melissa
    Sean Faris as Scott
    David Tennant as Stalker Man
    Ellen Pompeo as Medea Jenoff
    Max and Charles Carver as the twins
    Special guest star: Lindsay Lohan as Shannon O'Doyle

    The Inferno is a very dark club. The walls, tables and armchairs are all black. Red lights come from the dancefloor. Two girls are standing in front of the bar desk: it is the asian girl from the dream (the one played by Brenda Song) looking cheerful an shaking a bit her head to the rhythm of the music (Pokerface, by Lady Gaga is playing). She's wearing a short sparkly red dress. The other girl is the dead girl from the dream (played by Willa Holland). She's looking bored as she sips her drink. She's dressed with a mini skirt and a long sleeved t-shirt.

    KIM (Brenda Song): C'mon, Mattie, what's wrong? You've been a drag all evening. It's Saturday night, let's have fun.

    MATT (Willa Holland): What do you mean? I'm having tons of fun. Look? (she shakes her ass to the music with no enthusiasm at all) Fun.

    KIM: Mattie, I've known you since you wore those smelly underwear thingies?

    MATT: They're called diapers, Kim. You wore them too.

    KIM: Yeah, but mine were cashmere's. Anyway, whatever, that's not the point. The point is you being like a total bitch all night. So I repeat my question? What is wrong? PMS?

    MATT: I've told you. Nothing. Well, actually? That's kind of the problem.

    KIM: Okay, now you've lost me.

    MATT: I mean? Nothing ever happens here. It's always the same thing. We come here every saturday night, and every time?

    KIM (giggling): Scott is staring at you.

    Matt turns around and sees Scott, played by Sean Faris, looking at her with a smile. One of his friends is talking to him, but he clearly isn't listening to him.

    MATT: Get what I mean? He's always staring at me? And then he'll come here and ask me to dance.

    KIM: Well, duh, he is your boyfriend.

    MATT: Is not!

    KIM: Well, whatever, he should be. I mean, he's like, so hot!

    MATT: Already been there. Remember how it ended up?

    KIM: Yeah? With him spread all over that Symphony-slut in the Inferno's bathrooms. Eeew, has he ever heard of syphilis?

    Scott wants to the girls, smiles to Matt and takes her hands in his. She pulls them away and gives him an annoyed look.

    KIM (smiling): Oh, look, Rosie's calling me!

    MATT: Who's Rosie? You don't know any Rosies.

    KIM: Yes I do. It's that one with red hair.

    MATT: That's Shannon O'Doyle. We have Biology together.

    KIM: Well, whatever, she was calling me.

    Kim leaves and walks to Shannon (played by Lindsay Lohan).

    KIM: Hey, Rosie, great shoes!

    SHANNON: Do I know you? And my name is Shannon.

    Scott and Matt smirk looking at Kim, and then Scott gets closer to Matt but she steps away.

    SCOTT: So? Wanna dance?

    MATT: No.

    SCOTT: Do you want something to drink?

    MATT: No.

    SCOTT: Do you want? Anything?

    MATT: Yes. I want you to get away as far as possible from me.

    SCOTT: Mattie, how many times do I have to apologize about that Symphony mistake?

    MATT: Symphony mistake? That's what you call it?

    SCOTT: I was very drunk.

    MATT: No. You were just being a jerk. Like every other man from this world.

    SCOTT: I'm sorry, Matt. It won't happen again.

    MATT: It always happens again. Everything is always the same. It's just so?

    CUT TO

    Inside an old church. Five little kids are tied to the floor, screaming, forming a pentacle. Five women dressed in a black robe and black hoods covering their faces are standing upon them with a each a knife in their hands.

    MATT (V/O): ?Boring really.

    WOMEN (chanting): Abaddon, animas obscuras protegante,
    Lucis angelum devastatore,
    nos te expectamus.
    Veni ad nos et
    Lucis regnum termina.
    Quinque sacras vitas te offeramus.
    Veni et nostrum cupio perfici.

    They stop chanting and lower their knife on the kids. Blood spurts from the mouth of the five kids as they stop screaming and die.
    Then the women just stand in silence for a couple of seconds. Then one of them takes the hood away from her face and brown hair and speaks.

    WOMAN (she's a brown-haired woman, played by Carly Pope) (sarcastic): Oh wow, that was a blast.

    Another woman takes her hood off. It's Lilah Morgan. Her neck isn't showing any sign of wounds.

    LILAH: She said it would work. Or are you saying you don't trust her, Melissa?

    MELISSA (the brown-haired woman): Oh, why wouldn't I trust her? Oh, maybe because she's even playing the senior partners. Why do you think she wouldn't lie to us?

    LILAH: We wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for her. She brought us back.

    MELISSA: Just because we were the brightest employees at Wolfram and Hart. She needs us for her plan. I still don't get why we should trust her.

    LILAH: Woman's intuition. Nothing you should know about.

    MELISSA: Hey, I'm not the one that everyone calls the frigid bitch.

    LILAH: Clearly, none of these people have been in bed with me. I know you would like too, but? I don't swing that way. (Beat) Well, Maybe once.

    MELISSA: Oh, you stupid, slutty cow, why don't you just f-

    Suddenly the kids burst into flame.

    LILAH: Oh, look. Fire. Pretty.

    When there's nothing left of them but ashes, suddenly there's a burst of light and the screen goes white for a second. When the light goes back to normal, there's a big, ugly demon laying on the floor in the middle of the church, where the kids were.
    It's huge and completely black. It human-shaped, but has red eyes (it looks as if there's fire in them), a pair of big horns, big black wings and no hair. On his forehead there's the tattoo of a pentacle upside-down. The demon stands up and roars, making the earth tremble. He's the demon from Nathan's dream.

    LILAH (stepping forward the demon as the other women go as far as possible from it): Hello precious.


    Kim is standing by one side of the desk, watching worried Matt and Scott quarrelling. Suddenly someone grabs her shoulder from behind. Kim turns around and looks horrified.

    KIM: Oh my god! Satan!!!

    The camera shows who grabbed her. It's just Nathan.

    NATHAN: I love you too. What are you doing here all by yourself?

    KIM: I've left Matt with Scott.

    NATHAN: Is she still dating that jerk?

    KIM: Look who's talking. Anyway, no, she dumped him like in June. How can you not know? Everyone in school was talking about it.

    NATHAN: Sorry if I have something else to do in my life rather than listen to stupid gossips. Anyway, I dreamt about you last night.

    KIM: I don't blame you, a lot of people do. Must be my "oh my god she's so hot"-ness. But, no, I don't want to have sex with you.

    NATHAN (smirking): It's a little bit late for that, isn't it?

    Kim looks kind of hurt for a second, but then turns to Nathan with an annoyed look on her face.

    KIM: Two words: Vodka. Mistake. And it wasn't all that great anyway.

    NATHAN: No one has ever complained before.

    KIM: Yeah, whatever, I don't even want to think about it? I mean, eew. So, is there some reason you're annoying me or is it just for your personal pleasure?

    NATHAN: Mostly personal pleasure, yes. But also? Do you know if Matt is? I don't know, in danger or something?

    KIM (suspicious): No, I didn't until you asked me this question. Why?

    NATHAN: I don't know, I just had a weird? feeling? You know, whatever, forget about it.

    Nathan walks away and Kim looks at him puzzled. Then Nathan hears an echoing voice whisper to him.

    VOICE: You have to sssave the girl. She'sss in great danger?.

    NATHAN (whispering): Yeah, well, there's nothing I can do about it.

    Suddenly the ghost of a rotten corpse materializes in front of him, screaming. No one else in the club seems to notice it.


    Suddenly the club is full of ghost of every type, screaming, but no one notices them apart from Nathan, who's now scared.


    Nathan runs away and the ghost disappear. Kim watches him leave, more confused than before, and mouths "crazy".

    CUT TO

    The demon looks at Lilah and the other women with a disgusted look.

    DEMON: Humans?

    LILAH: Yes, how perceptive of you? We need your help.

    DEMON: And you think you can just summon me here and ask for help? (laughs evilly) Fools. I am Abaddon, the destroyer, the guardian of the Hells, protector of the dark souls?

    LILAH: Yes, yadda yadda yadda, we all know the drill. But I used to work for Wolfram and Hart. Will you listen to me now?

    ABADDON: The Wolf, the Ram, the Hart? They don't scare me. They are nothing compared to my masters. And they're nothing compared to me either.

    Abaddon gets over Lilah with a jump, and grabs the head of one of the other women, who are now scared and trying to run away. He just squashes the head effortlessly and laughs. Then gets to another woman and kills her putting a fist through her stomach- He grabs her dagger and throws it to another woman who had almost got out, killing her as well. Only Lilah and Melissa are still alive, scared and trembling. The demon walks to Melissa, grabs her and lifts her in the air. Just as he's about to snap her neck, Lilah walks in front of him, taking a shiny sphere out of her robe.

    LILAH: I think we'll need to be more convincing? A demone ad mali ferante hominem?

    Abaddon screams in pain and lets go of Melissa, who goes behind Lilah. He starts shrinking and changing. Soon he's transformed into a naked boy, panting on the floor. He's played by Chace Crawford.

    ABADDON: (angrily) What have you done to me?!

    LILAH: Don't worry, we'll get you back in your demon form as soon as you'll do something for us.

    ABADDON: I won't do anything for you!!

    LILAH: Well, then you'll better start looking for a job. Humans can die of starve, you know.

    ABADDON (roaring): I'm not human!!!!!

    LILAH: You're right, you're not. But you're trapped in a human body now. Your powers have been immensely reduced. You have human needs now. And like every mortal, one day you will die.

    ABADDON (resigned, though still angry): What do you want me to do?

    LILAH: That's a good boy. We're not asking you to do anything too difficult? Not for the Destroyer.
    (She smirks evilly)


    What? You?ve taught a psycho killer demon how to be human by making him watch Sex and the City?

    1.02 Never been kissed OUT NOW/ 1.03 Damned by the bell COMING SOON

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    ACT II

    Matt gets out from the Inferno into a dark alley (isn’t that original…). Scott quickly follows.

    SCOTT: It’s late, at least let me give you a ride home.

    MATT: I’m perfectly capable of walking. That’s what God gave us legs for.

    KIM (who just got out from the Inferno): But then he gave us cars so that we could move faster.

    MATT: Whatever … But Kim, weren’t you talking with “Rosie”?

    KIM: She was.. boring and she thought her name was Shannon. Yeah right.

    MATT: Kim, can I talk with you for a second? In private.

    KIM: Ok. (Whispering) What is it?

    MATT (whispering): Why are you trying so desperately to hook me up with Scott?

    KIM: (whispering) Because he is popular. So… You hang with him, I hang with him, I become even more popular than I already am and then I will become the prom queen when I’m a senior.

    MATT: (whispering) Senior? Wow, I didn’t know you had such long terms plans. So basically you’re just using me, your best friend, for popularity?

    KIM (whispering): Well, duh, what are best friends for? Plus… I do think he is a nice guy and you should give him another chance.

    MATT (to Scott, resigned): Okay, I’ll let you drive me home.

    KIM: Yay!!!

    MATT: But don’t get strange ideas.

    KIM: Okay, I’ll just sit in the backseat and won’t disturb you. And I get down before Mattie does.

    MATT: Oh no, you are walking. (Whispering in her hear) Consider it my revenge. And if he tries to
    kiss me you will have to make all my summer homework.

    KIM: You’re evil.

    Matt and Scott leave together. Kim goes back into the Inferno.

    KIM: Rosie? Do you have a car?

    As Kim disappears into the Inferno, the man with glasses from Nathan’s dream steps out from the shadows where he had been spying Matt, Scott and Kim.


    Abaddon is now standing. Lilah handles him some clothes.

    ABADDON: What are these?

    LILAH: Clothes. You put them on so you don’t get seen naked.

    ABADDON: Why?

    LILAH: Well… (flirtatious) I wouldn’t mind having you walking naked all the time, but… Humans usually are dressed.

    ABADDON (dressing up with a shirt and a pair of jeans): It’s stupid.

    LILAH: Tell that to the Parent Association.

    ABADDON: They’re uncomfortable and tight.

    LILAH: Note to self: next time buy boxer shorts, not boxer briefs.

    ABADDON: You are annoying and half the things you say don’t make sense.
    MELISSA: Finally someone that thinks it like me.

    LILAH: Well done, Mel, you have the same sense of humor of a thousand years old demon. (She turns to Abaddon, who’s now fully dressed). Hey, handsome, you almost look like a proper human now. If you could get rid of that “I’m going to kill you all” look you would be perfect.

    ABADDON: I don’t want to look human.

    LILAH: Fine, whatever. Let’s move to phase two of the plan.

    MELISSA: What about the others?

    LILAH: Hey, they used to be dead, didn’t they? At least they got back for a couple of months.

    MELISSA: And the bodies?

    LILAH: I’m sure SHE’ll find a way to get rid of them. It was predicted that there were going to be some losses. And now let’s go, we’ve lost enough time.

    She walks out of the Church. Melissa and Abaddon follows her annoyed.

    MELISSA: You’ll get used to her… Actually, thinking about it, you won’t. God knows I haven’t.

    They get out from the Church into a CEMETERY. They walk through the graves and get out into a lonely road. They get into a black limo that leaves as they get in.

    Abaddon is sitting in front of Melissa and Lilah, who’s smirking drinking champagne.

    ABADDON (To LILAH): This car… Is so small. It’s like a cage. Still… You enjoy it. A lot.

    LILAH: A cage? No, honey, this is freedom.

    ABADDON: You know that Hell is full of people like you.

    LILAH: Oh, I’ve been here. It wasn’t that bad.

    MELISSA: Could we just stop with this pointless conversation and talk about the mission?

    ABADDON: She’s right. So… What do I have to do to get back to my demon form?

    LILAH: Nothing special… Kill five targets. Should be an ordinary work day in Hell.

    ABADDON: Why do I have to kill them?

    LILAH: You don’t need to know that. (the limo stops) Hey, this is the place.

    The limo gets past a sign saying “Welcome to Levitown”
    They get out of the limo in front of a squalid building.

    ABADDON: What is this place?

    LILAH: It’s your home sweet home, until you’ve completed the mission.

    They go into the building and climb three floors of dirty stairs. Finally they stop in front of an old door, open it and get inside a cheap apartment.

    They’re inside a small room with a table, a fridge and a bed. Lilah sits in front of the table and takes five pictures out of her bag and puts them on the table.

    ABADDON: What are those?

    LILAH: Your targets.

    Abaddon looks at them. There is a picture of an old man (played by ), of two twins (played by the Carver twins), of a woman (played by Ellen Pompeo) and finally there is a picture of Matt.

    ABADDON: When am I killing them?

    LILAH: Well, we thought that maybe tomorrow after you’ve had a good night rest…

    ABADDON: I don’t need to rest.

    LILAH: You’re one impatient little bee, aren’t you?

    MELISSA: Lilah is, for once, right. You need to work on how to be a human and your new identity before we go on with the mission.

    ABADDON: Why? I’m not going to stay a human for long anyway.

    MELISSA: That’s what you think. Killing the targets could take more time than you think.

    ABADDON: Clearly you don’t know me.

    MELISSA: Oh, we do, believe me.

    LILAH: Quoting from my thesis about you “Abaddon, demon of the second order. He is the protector of Hell’s gate and was called the “Destroyer” after the massacre of the Angels in 2000 b. C. He was Lucifer’s physically stronger ally.” Do we know enough or should I go on?

    ABADDON: How do you know this things? Humans shouldn’t even know I exist.

    LILAH: Let’s just say that Wolfram and Hart have been keeping an eye on you. Anyway--- Back to your new identity. You are now Donnie Barkes for anyone who asks. Age 17. Your parents both died in a car accident and you got emancipation instead of having to go to an orphanatrophy.

    ABADDON: I still think it’s useless. Shall we get started?


    Matt gets out from Scott’s car in front the gate of her house. We can see her enormous house and her swimming pool.

    MATT: Thanks for the ride. Bye.

    SCOTT: Hey, Matt, wait! Are you coming to the Inferno tomorrow?

    MATT: I was there today, I don’t think I’ll come tomorrow too.

    SCOTT: Oh, c’mon, it’s the summers holiday, we deserve to have fun.

    MATT: Okay, I might come and take a look around.

    SCOTT (smiles): Okay. I’ll meet you there then.

    MATT: Fine. But it’s not a date.

    SCOTT: No date, I get it.

    MATT: Just friends.

    SCOTT: Just friends, of course.

    MATT (smiles): Okay then. See you tomorrow.

    SCOTT: No goodnight kiss?

    Matt gives him an angry look.

    SCOTT: On the cheek, I meant.

    MATT (smiling): Goodnight.

    She kisses him on the cheek. As she gets away, though, the two of them find themselves looking into each other eyes. Then Scott lean closer and they kiss. Once the kiss has stopped, they both smile.

    SCOTT: Goodnight to you.

    Then he leaves. Matt sighs and shakes her head, then opens the gate and gets in. She walks through her nice garden and gets into her big house.


    It’s a luxurious living room. Matt clearly comes from a rich family.
    MATT: Mom! Dad! I’m home!

    Nobody answers.

    MATT (cont’d): But of course, you aren’t.

    She notices a note on the table and reads it.

    MATT: “Sweetie, we’re out for dinner at the Powell’s. We’re probably going to be late. Remember to feed the cat. See you tomorrow morning, Mom.”

    A black cat comes in the living rooms and meows. Matt picks him up and cuddles him.

    MATT: Oh, Cagliostro, at least you’re always here.

    She walks, still holding Cagliostro, to the sofa. She throws herself on it and lays down, looking at the room.

    MATT: So tell me, Cagliostro…

    She whirls her fingers and suddenly all the objects in the room are flying in the room, twirling.

    MATT (cont’d): What should I do?

    She then snaps her finger and all the objects go back to their places.

    MATT: And another boring day is over.


    The old man from Lilah’s pictures is sitting at the counter. There’s no one else in the little shop. Lilah, Melissa and Abaddon walk in. The old man looks at them.

    OLD MAN: Oh, if it isn’t Abaddon himself. With agents from… Wolfram and Hart, right? Only you wear suites when going around with the Keeper of the Hells. That’s unexpected.

    MELISSA: Aren’t you scared?

    OLD MAN: I know the rules of the game. You can’t harm me. Not yet.

    MELISSA (smiling): Unluckily, we don’t play by the rules.

    Abaddon walks to the old man. He has a scared look on his face for a second, but then Abaddon simply snaps his neck and he dies.

    ABADDON: One down, four to go…. How did he know who I was?

    LILAH: You’re more popular than you think, Donnie.

    ABADDON: Don’t ever call me that. That’s not my name. I’m not a human.

    LILAH: ‘Kay. Do you prefer “Abbey”?

    ABADDON: I’d prefer if you’d just shut up.

    MELISSA: Oh, I like this man more and more.

    ABADDON: Can we go to the next target?

    LILAH: It’s not going to be that easy. She lives isolated in the mountains. Hippie freak.

    She takes out from her pocket the picture of the woman played by Ellen Pompe.

    LILAH (cont’d): But I’m sure Medea doesn’t mind waiting a bit.


    Kim and Matt are in a shop trying clothes, in a dressing cabinet.

    KIM: So?…

    MATT: So what?

    KIM: How did it go yesterday night?

    MATT: Well… We… talked….

    KIM: You just talked?

    MATT (unconvincing): Yeah…

    KIM: Oh my god!!!! You slut!!! You totally kissed him!!

    MATT: No! Well… Maybe just a little bit…

    KIM: See? I was right!!! You like him!

    MATT: You still have to make all my homework.

    Kim sees someone spying them from the curtain. She quickly puts on a t-shirt, Matt does the same and she opens the curtains. There’s no one outside. Puzzled, she closes the curtain again.

    MATT: Is something wrong, Kim?

    KIM: I don’t know… I just have this weird sensation like we’re being followed….

    Just then she sees Nathan pretending to look at some clothes and she walks to him with Matt.

    KIM: Nathan, are you following us?

    NATHAN: No, I’m… I’m just looking at some clothes. Gotta renew my wardrobe.

    KIM: Nathan, these are woman clothes.

    NATHAN: Oh… I… I am a transexual.
    KIM: You’ve had sex with more girls in school then John Holmes has in his whole life. You’re definitely not a transsexual. So why are you following me, Nathan?

    NATHAN: Following you?

    KIM: I mean, yesterday you came to me after we haven’t talked for like one year, then you spy on us in a shop… What’s going on? Did you want to see us in our underwear?

    NATHAN: Hey!! I didn’t look in the cabinet!

    KIM: Yeah right.

    NATHAN: I really didn’t!!! I mean, okay, I was following you but I’m not a perv.

    MATT (angry): So why are you following us?

    NATHAN: ‘Cause you’re in danger!!

    MATT: Excuse me?

    NATHAN: I think someone’s trying to kill you. I had a… vision.

    MATT: Really… Was Elvis there?

    NATHAN: You have to believe me.

    MATT: Mmm… Let me think about it… No! Kim, let’s go.

    Matt walks away. Kim is about to go to, but Nathan grabs her arm and stops her.

    NATHAN: Please, Kim… You need to trust me.

    KIM: I stopped trusting you a year ago.

    NATHAN: Just… Keep an eye on her, okay?

    KIM: Let me go.

    She frees her arm and follows Matt, leaving Nathan in the shop.

    CUT TO

    Matt walks in with two shopping bags.

    MATT: Mom!! Dad!!! I’m home!

    She sees a note on the table.
    MATT (cont’d): But of course you aren’t. “Honey, we’re at a business lunch. You know how long this things take. We probably won’t be home before dinner, but we have to go at the Mazika’s. See you tomorrow, Mom”.

    Cagliostro jump on the table.

    MATT: Cagliostro…. Just the cat I was looking for.

    She takes him in her arms, and then closes all the curtain in the room. Then she grabs a piece of
    coal from the chimney and draws a pentacle on the floor, then puts Cagliostro in the middle of it. She starts chanting.

    MATT:Ilasa viviala pereta! Salamanu balata, das acaro odazodi busad, od beliarxa balita: das inusi coasaji lusudanu emoda! Zodacare od Zindameranu. Zodareje, lape zodiredo Noco Mada, hothate Saitan!
    You of the second flame, house of justice! You who walk on the Earth with the feet of fire! Show me the hidden truths and the mysteries of Creation! Reveal yourself to me, for I am the authentic servant of Satan, the King of Darkness!

    The pentacle starts glowing, and Cagliostro’s eyes change color and become shiny and blue. He opens his mouth and a spirit comes out from it and floats mid-air. It looks like a woman with blue eyes and cat’s ears.

    CUT TO

    Kim is walking with a shopping bag in her hands.

    KIM (mumbling to herself): Can’t believe Matt forgot her bag in my mom’s car… She’s usually so careful about her shopping.

    She gets to Matt’s door and knock. Nobody answer, but she can hear weird noises coming from inside.

    KIM: Mattie? Is everything okay?

    No answer. Kim notices that the door is unlocked, so she opens a little bit suspiciously. And so she sees the glowing pentacle, the spirit coming out from Cagliostro’s mouth and Matt.

    MATT: Bast… You came.

    BAST (the spirit. Her voices seems made of echoes): You called me.

    MATT: I have a question.

    BAST: That’s what I’m here for.

    MATT: Nathan… Is he telling the truth?

    BAST: Yes. You’re in danger, child. Listen to the seer. He knows the truth. You need all the help you can get, for two demons have been called to kill you, and one of them is Abaddon, the destroyer, who will unleash his wrath upon you. And the other is…

    Kim, who was spying from behind the door, stumbles. Afraid to be caught, she closes the door and runs away, leaving the bag there. Matt hear the noise of the door closing, turns around. The pentacle stops glowing, Bast disappears and Cagliostro’s eyes go back to their normal color.
    Matt, worried, goes to see who was at the door. Kim is already gone but she sees her shopping bag.

    MATT: Kim…

    She looks worried about what her friend might think of her now.


    What? You?ve taught a psycho killer demon how to be human by making him watch Sex and the City?

    1.02 Never been kissed OUT NOW/ 1.03 Damned by the bell COMING SOON


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      ACT III

      INT. LIMO

      ABADDON: Do we have to travel in this steel cage every time?

      LILAH: I like it.

      ABADDON: Why did you summon me? It’s not complicated to kill this beings. You could have taken on the old man easily.

      MELISSA: Only because he didn’t think we were going to harm him. But the next target may already be aware that we are after her.

      ABADDON: Does it have powers?

      MELISSA: It’s a she. Medea Jenoff. She’s the daughter of two hippies, and has always lived her life surrounded by nature.

      ABADDON: I hope she’ll be more fun than the old man. That was just boring.

      LILAH: Don’t worry, I think we’ll find her rather entertaining.


      Kim lives in a big house, though not as big as Matt’s, and she clearly comes from a rich family. Matt walks to the door and knocks. Kim’s mother opens the door.

      MATT: Hi, mrs Yoshimo, is Kim here?

      MRS YOSHIMO: Oh, hi, Mattie. Yeah, she’s in her room. She’s kind of upset though… Do you know what’s going on? Usually she’s so happy after going shopping, instead today…

      MATT: You know how we teenagers are nowadays… I’ll try to cheer her up.

      MRS YOSHIMO: I’ve read every single parenting guide on earth and I still don’t get you people.

      MATT: Must be the hormones.

      MRS YOSHIMO: We weren’t this schizophrenic when I was young, hormones or not hormones…. Oh, sorry, I’m keeping you on the door… Please, come in… Kim must be upstairs.

      MATT: Thanks, mrs Yoshimo.

      MRS YOSHIMO: How many times do I have to tell you to call me Miko?

      MATT O/S (as she’s climbing the stairs to get to Kim’s rooms): Ok, misses Yoshimo.


      The room is completely pink: there’s pink walls, a pink bed, and even a pink desk. Kim is lying on the bed, with an angry look on her face. Matt knocks on the door.

      MATT: Kim? Can I come in?

      KIM: No.

      MATT: Please, Kimmy… Well, I’m coming in anyway, so get yourself presentable.

      Matt walks in and sees Kim on the bed.

      MATT: You saw me, right?

      KIM: Did that cat-thingy tell you?

      MATT: No… You left the bag on the door.

      KIM: What was going on in there?

      MATT: It’s not that easy to explain…

      KIM: But you should’ve told me!! I mean, I’m supposed to be your best friend and you hide me big stuff like this? I mean, what was that… Are you a frickin’ Satanist?

      MATT: No! I’m… Kim, I’m a witch.

      KIM: Maybe Nathan isn’t the one Elvis has been talking to.

      MATT: Kim, you have to believe me… I have… weird powers. I discovered them when I was like twelve.

      KIM: Yeah right.

      MATT: You saw Bast –the cat thingy- in the living room! How can you not believe me? Look… (She points at a book on the desk and the book starts floating. Kim stares at it amazed.)

      KIM: Oh- my- god. How do you do that?

      MATT: I don’t know… One day it just happened, so I started getting informed on magic and that kind of stuff…

      KIM: And why didn’t you ever tell me anything?

      MATT: I… thought you wouldn’t be my friend if you knew. I thought you would be afraid of me.

      KIM: Instead you’ve lost me this way. Now get out, please…

      Matt walks to the door and is about to get out, but then she says, without turning around and looking at Kim…

      MATT: I’m sorry.

      Then she leaves, and Kim watches her with a bit of regret. Just as Matt is about to get out of the house, Kim stops her.

      KIM: Matt.

      MATT: Yes?

      KIM: I…. I kind of… Well, you know… I forgive you.

      Matt runs to her and hugs her.

      MATT: Oh, thank you, Kimmy!

      KIM: Of course, you’ll have to do all my summer homework.

      MATT: Well, you had to do mine so we’re even.

      KIM: Couldn’t you just use a spell to do them effortlessly?

      MATT: No, I don’t think I know there is kind of magic…

      KIM: What’s the use of having a witch best friend if she can’t even do your homework?

      MATT: So I’m your best friend again?

      KIM: I still was your best friend during your emo phase. It can’t get much worse than that… Plus, magic: you can turn Symphony into a frog. Life suddenly seems so beautiful.

      They laugh together. Then suddenly Kim stops laughing and gets worried.

      KIM: Mattie… If magic really is true…

      MATT: Yeah?

      KIM: Then what Nathan told us… Could that be true too?
      MATT: It is. I asked Bast… The cat-thingy spirit coming out of Cagliostro. She told me that two demons have been sent after me, and to listen to the seer… That would be Nathan.

      KIM: Seer? He’s more of a “stalker”… Did you see the way he stares at every girl’s ass he sees?

      MATT: You only hate him because last year he-

      KIM: Don’t even mention that horrible night. Remember I should still be angry with you for hiding me you witchyness. So… Demons exist too?

      MATT: Yeah.

      KIM: Have you ever seen one? Are they really with horns and fangs and smell of sulphur? I mean, eeew.

      MATT: The few I’ve summoned, yes. Except they don’t stink that much.

      KIM: Is that all you do? Summon demons? It’s kind of creepy. I thought you were much more a Sabrina type of witch.

      MATT: Well… I can make things float.

      KIM: And that’s kind of useless… Unless you wanna pull a Wynona. Don’t you have like a spell to do your hair?

      MATT: I guess I could try, but Kimmy… That’s not the point. The point is kind of “me about to die”… Any suggestions?

      KIM: We go talk to the perv and try to find out as much as we can about his vision, and then I’ll save your butt like I always do.

      MATT: I like your plan.

      KIM: I know, I’m a genius.

      CUT TO

      Matt and Kim are walking down a dirty street full of homeless. Kim looks around a bit disgusted.

      KIM: Eew. Are you sure Nathan lives here? I thought he was rich.

      MATT: I did a locator spell. I always get it right.

      KIM: If you say so… Oh, look at that prostitute, she looks like Dolly Parton! (She waves at the prostitute who just gives her and angry look) Excuse me for being polite.

      Matt stops in front of a poor house with broken windows repaired with tape with a little messy yard in front of it.

      MATT: This is it.

      KIM: Eeew. Can’t believe I used to like a guy who lives in a place like this.

      MATT: Okay, try not telling this to Nathan. Try to be kind.

      KIM: Be kind to that jerk? Keep on dreaming, hon, I’ll make fun of him until he’ll kill himself.

      MATT: Okay, then it’s best if I do all the talking.

      They go to the door and knock. Nathan opens the door and we hear the sound of the tv coming from the inside.

      NATHAN (opening the door): Yes?

      He sees Matt and Kim and becomes a bit embarrassed.

      NATHAN: oh… It’s you… What are you doing here?

      He hastily closes the door behind him.

      MATT: We’re sorry about our behavior at the mall… I know you’re right.

      NATHAN: Really? Why did you change your mind?

      MATT: I’m a witch.

      NATHAN: Oh.

      KIM: Just “oh”? I freaked out when I discovered it.

      NATHAN: Well, I see ghosts who talk to me and sometimes give me apocalyptic visions of the future, so I’m not that surprised.

      KIM: And I have a great fashion sense. Hey, we’re like super heroes! Without the hideous tight costumes!

      NATHAN (looking at Matt and Kim): Well, I wouldn’t mind seeing you two in latex …

      KIM: You pig! Wasn’t the show at the mall enough?

      NATHAN: I told you, I didn’t spy you in the cabinet!

      KIM: Yeah right. You perv.

      NATHAN: Bitch.

      KIM: Jerk.

      NATHAN: Cow.

      KIM: You big stupid pig with the brain of a…

      MATT: Okay, could you two just stop? We’re here to talk about my death! How do we save me?

      Kim and Matt both look at Nathan.

      NATHAN: Why are you looking at me? I don’t know how to save you.

      KIM: Then get your Jennifer Love Hewitt within working and ask a spirit.

      NATHAN: They didn’t tell me how to save Matt, they just told me how she was going to die.

      KIM: Whatever, Jenny, then just describe us your vision. Knowing how she’s going to die would be very helpful.

      NATHAN: Well… Actually… Matt was just dead in my vision. I didn’t really see how it happened.

      KIM: You’re even more useless than I thought. But just tell us your vision already, we can’t stay here all day.

      NATHAN: Ehm… We were in Levitown… But everything had been destroyed, and Matt was laying dead on the ground. There were only bodies except for me, you, a man with glasses, a woman, and then a blonde girl… Quite hot, by the way, she had a great ass…

      KIM: How is her ass useful to the story?

      NATHAN: I just thought details would have been a good thing. Anyway, you and the blonde woman were crying and then… A devil came flying.

      KIM sneers.

      KIM. Sorry. A devil?!

      NATHAN: I’m serious. There was this demon, and black bolts kept on coming from his hands… And then he screamed, and it was all over.

      KIM: You mean the vision?

      NATHAN: I mean the world.

      KIM: Nothing my fashion sense won’t be able to prevent.


      We’re in a lovely, Disney-like waterfall in the middle of the forest. A Hippie woman (played by Ellen Pompeo) is sitting on a rock in the middle of the little lake under the waterfall. She’s meditating. Little birds from everywhere are flying around her or standing on her arms, singing happily.
      The camera moves around, until it shows Lilah, Melissa and Abaddon appearing from the trees and watching her.

      ABADDON: She’s not even aware we’re here. This is too easy.

      MEDEA (without moving or opening her eyes): Oh, I know you’re here. The birds told me you were coming a long time ago. I got prepared.

      LILAH: By “prepared” you mean sitting on a rock completely helpless?

      MEDEA: Not exactly. I mean… This.

      Suddenly the sun is obscured by something. LILAH, ABADDON and MELISSA look up and see it is an enormous flock of birds. Suddenly the birds all throw themselves against the three of them, so fast that they almost don’t have time to do anything: ABADDON is immediately surrounded by the birds, until all we can see of him is a mass of feathers and beaks; MELISSA manages to hide behind a tree; LILAH instead dives under the water.

      ABADDON roars, and he is suddenly surrounded but a dark flame, that burns and kills the birds, freeing him. The birds who survived all fly away.

      Now ABADDON can be seen again. He’s full of cuts and scratches, and his shirt is ripped. His eyes are once again firey-red. The dark flames surrounding him don’t hurt him, and slowly disappear.
      MEDEA isn’t meditating anymore. She’s up on her feet, scared but ready to defend herself.
      ABADDON walks towards her menacingly and LILAH comes out of the water.

      LILAH: Kill her good, Donnie. My dress could only be dry-washed.

      Now MEDEA looks scared. DONNIE walks to her and grabs her by her neck. He’s about to snap it when…

      There’s a FLASH.

      DONNIE sees himself as a demon, killing a woman whose screaming, in the middle of the desert.


      ABADDON is laughing, surrounded by dead bodies, in an ancient city on fire.


      ABADDON is in what probably is an Hell dimension. The place looks like the desert, but the ground is black and there are several magma rivers. ABADDON is torturing an old man, getting pleasure doing this.


      DONNIE is back in the forest, holding MEDEA by her neck. He’s sweating and he looks scared.

      DONNIE: What have you done to me, bitch?!

      MEDEA is terrified and confused. He has no idea what the demon is talking about. She’s crying.

      MEDEA: I… I didn’t do anything…

      DONNIE: Don’t you dare lie to me! What have you put in my head? Take it out!

      MEDEA cries harder, struggling helplessly, trying to free herself.

      MEDEA: I have no idea what you’re talking about… Please, let me go… Please…

      LILAH: Donnie, this is getting boring. Just kill her already.

      MEDEA notice that something has changed in DONNIE. He doesn’t look as sure as before at killing her.

      MEDEA: Please, please… I know you’re not so evil… Please.

      DONNIE snaps her neck and lets go of her. Her body falls to the ground.

      DONNIE: I am the Destroyer. I am the very definition of evil.

      LILAH: Oh, finally. Let’s go grab something to eat now, I’m starving. Where’s Mel?

      DONNIE shrugs. But he looks shaken by what’s happened, and as he watches MEDEA’s body there’s a new sparkle in his eyes: he’s feeling guilty.


      Is MELISSA’s hiding spot. While LILAH and DONNIE were fighting, she had just stayed there. But she was busy doing something else: she’s holding a orb of thesula. She looks at it and says…

      MELISSA: Hope you enjoy your soul, Abaddon.

      Then she hides the orb inside her pocket and comes out of her hiding spot. She looks at MEDEA’s body and then at LILAH and DONNIE.

      MELISSA: Well, that was fast. Anyone up for pizza?

      What? You?ve taught a psycho killer demon how to be human by making him watch Sex and the City?

      1.02 Never been kissed OUT NOW/ 1.03 Damned by the bell COMING SOON


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        ACT IV

        CUT TO – INT. KIM’S ROOM

        KIM, MATT and NATHAN are in the room. MATT is sitting on her panda-shaped arm chair, while KIM and NATHAN are sitting on the bed.

        NATHAN: I didn’t remember this bed was so comfortable.

        KIM: Shut up.

        NATHAN: I could stay here all night.

        KIM: I think I’m gonna throw up.

        MATT: Ok, kids, focus. I’m the one dying here. So, what do we do?

        NATHAN: Well… I don’t know… I think first we should find out why someone is trying to kill you.

        KIM: Do psycho demons need a reason? You’re so stupid.

        MATT: No, he’s right. Bast said that these demons were sent specifically after me. There must be a reason.

        KIM: Oh god… Matt, you think… Maybe it’s the same thing that happened to… You know… To Rachel.

        There’s a moment of silence. KIM looks worried at MATT, like she’s afraid of her reaction. Who is this Rachel?

        MATT: What happened to Rachel was caused by a disaster. She wasn’t the only one to die. I don’t think it’s the same thing.

        NATHAN: Who’s Rachel?

        MATT: My sister. But it doesn’t matter right now. She’s part of the past. Right now, it’s my future that is a stake.

        NATHAN: ‘Kay. So… How exactly do we find out why a demon will kill you in the future?

        They all stay in silence, not knowing what to say. After a few seconds….

        KIM: Google!

        NATHAN: Yahoo answers. You can find anywhere there.

        MATT looks unsure.

        MATT: Google? Yahoo answers?

        NATHAN: They explain you how to make biscotti. I’m sure we can find who a badass demon is and why would he want to kill you as well.

        MATT: I guess trying doesn’t hurt. Let’s look it up.

        KIM: We can’t use my computer. My dad has put a password, he’s afraid I could find out inappropriate things about “the sex”.

        NATHAN smirks.

        NATHAN: Oh, you’ve already found out enough.

        KIM punches him.

        MATT: We can go to my house.

        KIM: Does he have to come too?

        MATT: He had the vision, he’s the only one who knows what this demon is like.

        KIM: Whatever. Let’s go.

        MATT: Oh. Can you go first? I forgot I had to take a thing from my dad’s office.

        KIM: We’ll come with you.

        MATT: No, really, don’t worry, I’ll give you the keys and you wait for me there, my parents aren’t home anyway.

        She gives KIM the keys.

        NATHAN: You and me alone in a empty house, Kimmy… Sounds fun.

        KIM rolls her eyes.

        KIM (to MATT): Please try to be quick.

        MATT: It’s only going to take a minute.

        CUT TO- INT. LIMO

        LILAH, DONNIE and MELISSA are sitting, as the limo speeds in a lonely road.

        LILAH: The next one are only going to take a minute. They’re only fifteen.

        DONNIE isn’t listening to her. He’s still thinking about his terrible actions in the past millennia.


        ABADDON is taering apart the body of a woman.


        LILAH: Is everything?

        DONNIE: Yeah, sure. Fifteen, okay.

        LILAH : They’re twins, so these times you’ll get to kill two in one round. Doesn’t this make you happy.

        MELISSA: Yeah. Doesn’t it, Abaddon?

        He’s looking at Donnie very closely, observing all his reactions. DONNIE’s almost in tears, but he’s trying not to show it.

        DONNIE: Yeah. Very happy.

        The limo stops.

        LILAH: We’re there. Ready?

        DONNIE sighs.

        DONNIE: Yeah. Ready.

        They get down the limo. They’re in the street of some big city.

        LILAH: Welcome to Brooklyn. You should feel right like home here.

        MELISSA: Melissa’s right. This is as close to hell as it gets.

        DONNIE: Where are the targets?

        LILAH points a building.

        LILAH: Last floor. Follow us.


        The elevator stops with a PING and LILAH, DONNIE and MELISSA come out of it.

        DONNIE: Are humans so lazy they don’t even want to climb the stairs they built themselves?

        LILAH: Do you have to whine about everything? Just be grateful you didn’t have to walk.

        She walks to a door and rings a bell. Two young identical twins (played by the Carvier twins) open the door.

        TWINS (simultaneously): Yes?

        LILAH puts on a fake smile.

        LILAH: I’m Miss Morgan, from social services. Bill and James Wells? Did you run away from you foster family again? You’re two very naughty boys.

        BILL WELLS (smirking): What are you going to do, spank us?

        LILAH smiles sensually.

        LILAH: You’d like that? Mmm… Kinky. Unfortunately, it’s not up to me to decide the way to punish you. It’s up to him.

        She moves over from the door, showing DONNIE behind her.

        BILL : Erm… We’re not really into that.

        LILAH: Too bad. Go on, Donnie.

        DONNIE enters the apartment. It looks like it’s been abandoned. The twins only have a pair of sleeping bags in the middle of the empty living room.

        JAMES: Hey, dude, step back, you don’t scare us at all.

        DONNIE’s eyes turn fire-red.

        JAMES: Okay, maybe a little bit.

        DONNIE grabs him and throws him across the room. JAMES gets up, hurting.

        JAMES: Well, unfortunately for you, we’ve got our little own superpower. (To BILL) Grab my hand.

        BILL: That’s so gay. Do I really have to?

        JAMES: You know our powers don’t work otherwise!

        BILL: We really need to work on a way around that.

        JAMES: Just grab my hand!

        JAMES annoyed does as he’s been told. When he does, it’s like electricity goes through them, and then a bolt comes out of their body and hits DONNIE, sending him flying backwards until he hits a wall.

        DONNIE gets up, now pissed off.

        DONNIE: You –can’t- hurt- the- DESTROYEEEEEEEEEERR!

        With a jump, he is in front of the twins. They shoot a bolt at him again, but he easily dodges it, then grabs both boys’ heads in his fists and squishes them until we hear a terrible crack. He’s broken their skulls.

        He let’s of the twins and the lifeless bodies fall to the floor, their eyes almost out of their sockets, blood everywhere. MELISSA can’t even stand looking at them, but LILAH only looks slightly disgusted.

        LILAH: Eew. Couldn’t you kill them in a less disgusting way?

        MELISSA: Can we just go? That was… That was nasty.

        She and LILAH leave the apartment, but DONNIE stays still. He’s looking at the dead bodies, shocked and horrified of his own actions.

        DONNIE (whispering): I’m sorry. So… So sorry.

        Then he follows LILAH and MELISSA.


        It’s twilight. MATT is walking down the alley. There’s nobody else but her. She knocks on a old-looking wooden door. The door opens by itself, revealing a long, dark corridor.
        MATT walks in.

        She walks in the darkness, until she practically disappears in the shadows. When she reappears out of the shadow, she is in a wide room, lightened only by a flickering light coming from a dusty lamp. There’s an OLD WOMAN on a rocking chair. She’s completely covered by her black robe, and we can’t even see her face, but just her white, wrinkly hands coming out of it.
        She’s got long, sharp, black nails.

        OLD WOMAN (Her voice is echoing, and seems made of many different voices): Matilda… Here again? You already had your fix this week.

        MATT: I need more power.

        OLD WOMAN: This is the first step into corruption. More power.

        MATT: I’m in danger. I need kick ass mojo, and I need it now. I’ve got money.

        OLD WOMAN: We don’t care that much about money. We’re the Obscure. The money doesn’t buy us anything we can get another way.

        MATT: So what do you want?

        Suddenly, the Obscure isn’t sitting anymore. She’s on her feet in front of MATT, stroking her hair with her long, pale fingers. We can’t see much of the Obscure face, since it’s hidden in the shadow of her black hood: but we can see her lips, pale and a little blue-ish, like those of a drown woman.

        THE OBSCURE: You’ll find out. When we’ll need it, you’ll give something to us…. Agreed?

        MATT nods.


        It’s now night. MATT comes out of the wooden door. She’s clearly been there a while. Now her eyes are completely black, and her hand is fizzling with energy. She blinks a couple of time and her eyes go back to their normal color.


        Matt’s room is very large, decorated mainly with black stuff. KIM and NATHAN are sitting on the bed, looking at Matt’s portable.

        NATHAN: You know, this bed is way too comfortable to just stay here and look at a computer screen.

        KIM: I’d really appreciate if you stayed at three feet from me.

        NATHAN: Oh, c’mon, why do you hate me so much?

        KIM: Why? Don’t you remember something that happened some months ago?

        NATHAN: Yes, I do. It was fun. Where’s the problem? I say we can do it again anytime.

        KIM: You’re the problem, Nathan.

        NATHAN: I don’t get it. I thought you came.

        KIM turns at him, angry.

        KIM: You just don’t get it, don’t you?

        NATHAN: Get what?

        KIM: That, for me…

        In that moment MATT opens the door and walks in.

        KIM: Mattie! You said you were going to be quick! It took you more than an hour.

        MATT: Sorry. Have you found anything?

        KIM: Yes. It turns out Wikipedia as a whole section about demons and that sort of stuff. It took us about three second to found him. He was the first of the list in alphabetical order. Matt, let us introduce you to… Abaddon!


        LILAH and MELISSA’s limo drives past a sign saying “Welcome to Levitown!”

        CUT TO- INT. LIMO

        LILAH: Just one target left, then it’s hello Satan again. Aren’t you happy, Donnie?

        DONNIE: I thought you said this would take time.

        LILAH: You were stronger than we thought you would be. But this one might be harder. She’s probably already aware of her power, and she’s much stronger than the other four. We’ll have to use a different approach for her. Not the old “Hello!” and then kill.

        DONNIE: I don’t any other approaches.

        LILAH: That’s what me and Mel are here for.

        MELISSA: I’ve already planned something. You’ll befriend her, you know, making your attack unexpected. You’re a good-looking guy, I’m sure it will be easy for you to, you know, take her somewhere dark, make out with her and kill her when she least expects it.

        DONNIE: Make out? What does that mean?

        LILAH: Oh, just flirt with the girl.

        DONNIE: Flirt?

        LILAH: Oh god damn it. Let your penis do the thinking. You’re in a teenage boy body, it will come naturally.

        DONNIE: So… Who is she?

        LILAH shows him a picture. It’s MATT.

        LILAH: Abaddon… Meet Matilda.

        END OF ACT IV.
        What? You?ve taught a psycho killer demon how to be human by making him watch Sex and the City?

        1.02 Never been kissed OUT NOW/ 1.03 Damned by the bell COMING SOON


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          ACT V


          The limo stops near the main entrance of the Inferno (not the one Kim and Matt had used last time).
          LILAH, MELISSA and DONNIE come out of the car.

          LILAH: Are you sure she's going to be here?

          MELISSA: I did my homework. This is the only club in this town. She'll definitely be here, unless she's a social spaz, which I don't think she is, seeing how pretty she looked in that picture.

          LILAH: I hope you're right. You know She doesn't like waiting. We better end this story soon.

          DONNIE: So what do we do?

          LILAH: We? We as in plural? Nothing. You're on your own this time. Matt could get a little suspicious seeing two thirty year old ladies in a club for teen agers. You go in, you mingle with the crowd?

          DONNIE: I what with who?

          LILAH: Just? Talk to her. Take her somewhere where you're alone. And then, you kill her and we send you back to your sweet cozy hell.

          DONNIE: What if she isn't there?

          MELISSA: I told you, she'll be there.

          CUT TO ? MATT'S ROOM

          MATT: Okay, so we know he's the guardian of hell etc. etc., but how do we kill him?

          NATHAN: Isn't he immortal or something?

          MATT: Well, let's hope not. Can't you ask you spirits?
          NATHAN: I can't ask them a thing. They come to me. And it's more of a one-sided conversation, with them screaming things at me.

          MATT's cell phone starts ringing.

          MATT: Oh crap! Scott! I was meant to meet him at the Inferno half an hour ago!

          KIM: We've got to go! Now!

          NATHAN: Hey! You're life is in danger? Maybe you should start prioritizing.

          KIM: Have you seen Scott? Matt's prioritizing. And ugly killer demon is going to have to wait.

          NATHAN (to MATT): So you're saying a date with a cute boy is more important than your life. I would've expected something like this from Kim, but you looked like a smart person.

          KIM: Hey! I'm smart!

          MATT: Well? We've just started seeing each other again, I can't start with the bad foot.

          NATHAN rolls his eyes.

          NATHAN: God, girls are so stupid. Inferno it is, then.

          CUT TO- INT. INFERNO

          DONNIE stares awkwardly at the crowd of people dancing, and talking, or just socializing. He feels like an outcast for the very first time.
          He's so lost in his thoughts that he doesn't even see MATT rushing inside the club, followed by KIM and NATHAN.
          She immediately sees SCOTT: he is sitting at the bar, very close to SHANNON O'DOYLE, actually stroking her hair.
          Furious, MATT walks to him, takes Shannon's drink and throws it on Scott's shirt.

          SCOTT: I have the feeling you're mad.

          MATT: Mad? Mad isn't even the start! We've been dating for less then one day and you're already cheating on me again?

          SCOTT: Sorry? You were late? I just thought you weren't coming anymore?

          MATT: So that authorized to start hitting on Shannon over here?

          SHANNON: I'm sorry, I didn't know you two were dating again, I would have never?

          MATT: Just? Leave us alone please?

          SHANNON: Sure.

          She gets up and leaves.

          SCOTT: I'm really sorry, Mattie?

          MATT: Don't call me Mattie! God, I can't believe I actually thought you could change!

          Saying this she gets so mad, that she can't control her improved powers, and involuntary let's out a wave energy that throws SCOTT on the floor.
          SCOTT gets back on his feet, scared. DONNIE, hearing the noise, looks at them, recognizing MATT. His last target. He can't take his eyes off of her.

          SCOTT: What the-?

          MATT: You feel.

          SCOTT: But? It was like?

          MATT: You feel and now just get out of here and leave me alone.

          SCOTT: But?

          MATT: GO!

          SCOTT gets up and leaves the club.

          KIM immediately runs to the bar, to comfort her friend, followed by NATHAN.

          KIM: Mattie, I'm so sorry, are you okay.

          MATT: Yeah. Yeah. I just thought it was going to take a little bit longer until the drama started all over again.

          KIM: Well, you know what you must do, right?

          MATT: What?

          KIM: Find someone else. It will take your mind right off Scott.

          MATT: I don't wanna see someone else. My life is already complicated enough.

          KIM: C'mon, Mattie! This way you'll also piss Scott off? Don' t you want that?

          MATT grins.

          MATT: A little revenge has never hurt anyone, has it?

          KIM: Good. So, spotted anyone you like?

          NATHAN: Hello? Demon trying to kill you? Ring a bell? Don't you think you have something more important to do then hook up with a random guy to make Scott jealous?

          MATT doesn't even listen to a word he's saying, looking at the guys in the Inferno.

          MATT: I don't know? I know all these guys. They're all? Kind of boring. I want someone new. Exciting.

          NATHAN: You know what? I'm leaving, since nobody seems to listen to me.

          KIM: Shut up, we're talking about important stuff. (To Matt) Maybe you should hit on the bartender, he's hot.

          NATHAN rolls his eyes and leaves.

          MATT: What? No, he's gay. He did the single ladies dance on youtube!

          MATT looks around? And then he sees him: DONNIE, who's staring straight back at her, looking totally out of place. She smiles at him.

          MATT: I think I found just the one.

          She goes to DONNIE, walking slow and smiling at him.

          MATT: Hi.

          DONNIE: Hi?

          MATT: Were you checking me out?

          DONNIE: Checking you what?

          MATT giggles.

          MATT: You're kind of weird. I like it.

          DONNIE shrugs.

          MATT: So.. Are you going to offer me something to drink?

          DONNIE: Why?

          MATT: Well? You know? So you can get me drunk enough that I'll be having sex with you.

          DONNIE: Do boys really do that?

          MATT: Oh my god, are you a catholic? You know, one of those freaky home-schooled ones?

          DONNIE: Catholic? Really not. It's just, why should I get you drunk? I got the feeling I don't need to gat you drunk to have sex with you.

          MATT looks thrown off by DONNIE's honesty.

          MATT: I would be very offended? If what you just said wasn't true. You're? Surely bold, aren't you?

          DONNIE shrugs again.

          DONNIE: I'm just honest. You know, humans? They hide behind all these lies. They never say what they really mean. There's always another sense hidden inside of a sentence. Wouldn't it be easier to just tell the truth?

          MATT: Wow, you really are weird.

          DONNIE: I guess.

          MATT: You know what? You're right. Let's be honest. I think you're hot. And I have to find someone to make my not-boyfriend jealous. Are you down with that?

          DONNIE remembers what LILAH and MELISSA told him.

          DONNIE: You want to go somewhere dark and more private?

          MATT: Woah. Hold your horses, cowboy. Okay, you're hot, but I'm still not that much of a slut. At least let's introduce ourselves before?

          DONNIE: Donnie Barkes. I'm new around here.

          MATT: Matilda Melphis. Unfortunately, I'm not.

          DONNIE: It? It doesn't seem so bad here.

          MATT: Only because you're new. Everything is always so boring.

          DONNIE: But you must like it here. I saw you before with your friends. You looked? Loved. Wouldn't you miss them?

          MATT is thrown off once more.

          MATT: Yeah. I would.

          DONNIE: Then you're lucky. I? I don't have anyone. Where I lived before, love wasn't exactly appreciated. But here? Love is everywhere. People worry, people suffer, all because of love. And? I don't even know what love is. And? I guess I would like to learn, but I can't, ?cause the only thing I can do is destroy love and happiness.

          MATT: I didn't really get what you meant. But it sounds depressing. But, well? My parents don't give a crap about me if that makes you feel better. Ever since my sister disappeared, we barely even speak? And, god, why am I telling you this? I just wanted to you know, dance with you, and then maybe get the smoochies on later, and now I'm telling you about my parents' issues and my dead sister.

          DONNIE: I don't mind. You can talk if you want to. Maybe I'll learn something about humanity.

          MATT: You talk like you're an alien or something. You're a human too, you know. You want to learn about love, and humanity? Just look inside of yourself. And what do you see?

          DONNIE: Sorrow. Despair. Damnation. And? A new feeling. Guilt, maybe? Is it normal? Is it human?

          MATT: It's as human as it gets.

          DONNIE gives her a sad smile.

          DONNIE: Thank you.

          MATT smiles back and kisses him on the cheek. DONNIE looks very surprised at this.

          MATT: No, really, thank you, Donnie Barkes. This is the best conversation I've had with some random guy met at a club.

          FLUX by BLOC PARTY starts playing.

          If your hand is causing you pain,
          Cut it off, cur it off

          MATT: I love this song! Come and dance with me!

          She drags DONNIE into the corwd on the dance-floor and starts dancing closely to him.

          If your colors have started to run,
          Let them all run, run away from you

          Donnie looks confused and doesn't know what to do at first, but then he slowly starts dancing, at first awkwardly, but then really gets into the rhytm.

          There is lightning in this room
          Above our heads, waiting to strike
          I'm a thinker not a talker
          Put you faith, your faith in God

          They seem to have fun, then Donnie has a flash of what he's done. Of the body of Medea and of the old man.

          We were hoping for some romance
          All we found was more despair
          We must talk about our problems
          We're in a state of flux

          DONNIE has another flash, of the dead twins. Suddenly, he pushes MATT away, who looks at him confused.

          I'd kill for an adventure
          Just you and I in the Curzon Bar
          Dancing till we knew
          So all that we've learned disappears

          DONNIE: I can't be with you. You have to stay away from me.

          He runs out of the club. Doing that, he bumps into NATHAN, who's coming back into the club, and then rushes off.

          NATHAN: Don' mind me, nobody does today anyway.
          Then he remembers. That boy looks like Abaddon! He sees MATT following him.

          NATHAN: Matt! That's Abaddon!

          MATT frowns.

          MATT: The Abaddon?

          NATHAN: No, the other one? Of course THE Abaddon, how many Abaddons do you know?

          MATT runs after DONNIE.

          NATHAN: What? I just told you he is the demon who's going to kill you and you follow him? What is wrong with everyone today?

          KIM sees him and goes talk to him.

          KIM: Didn't you leave?

          NATHAN: Yeah. Then I remembered I had a free drink to consume and I came back. And guess who I see? Little Miss Matilda running after fricking Abaddon.

          KIM: Abaddon is here? Quick, we have to find them?

          NATHAN: Yeeees. Let's go after killer psycho demon. Sounds like a wonderful idea.


          The music still plays from inside the club, but it's too low to really hear it. DONNIE comes out of the club running.

          LILAH: Is she dead?

          DONNIE: Yes, she is, let's go.

          LILAH smiles satisfied, then she and MELISSA get back into the limo. DONNIE is about to get in when MATT comes out of the club, her eyes completely black. She shoots a bolt from her hands, hitting DONNIE on the chest and throwing him on the street.

          MELISSA: Well, she looks alive. And pissed off.

          LILAH (to the driver): Go. Quickly.

          MELISSA: Shouldn't we stay and help Abaddon?

          LILAH: Like we could do that. (To the driver) I said go.

          The limo speeds away.

          MATT: Looks like your friends bailed on you? Poor little demon, all alone.

          DONNIE: Please? Don't make me hurt you?

          MATT: You can't hurt me. You won't hurt me.

          She shoots another bolt, hitting him again. When he gets up, this time, his eyes are red and there are black flames around his hands.

          DONNIE: I said please. I don't want to kill you.

          MATT: But you see, you are going to kill me. Unless I kill you first, that is.

          She shoots another bolts. This time DONNIE avoids it. He gets back on his feet, grabs MATT and pushes her on the ground. Then he gets on top of her, and starts punching her in the face.

          DONNIE: I ? DON'T ? WANT ? TO ? KILL ?YOU!

          MATT: Weird way to prove that!

          She pushes him off with a wave of mystical energy. Now they're both standing up, looking in each other's eyes, with their guards up.

          DONNIE: Please. Don't make me do this. I've already killed too many.

          In that moment, NATHAN and KIM come out of the Inferno, and look at the two of them worried.

          KIM: Matt! Run! Now!

          MATT: I know I can do this.

          NATHAN: Are you crazy? He's going to kill you!

          DONNIE: Do you humans have ears? I don't want to kill anyone!

          NATHAN: See, Matt? He's innocent as a puppy. Now let's run away before he changes his mind.

          MATT lowers her guard. Her eyes go back to their normal color. She gets nearer to DONNIE, until she's right in front of him.

          MATT: Why? Why aren't you killing me?

          NATHAN: Stop asking, just be grateful, and let's run away.

          MATT (ignoring Nathan): You could do it, right now. What's wrong with you?

          DONNIE: I- I wish I knew.

          MATT: What you told me in the club? You weren't lying, were you?

          NATHAN: Girls. Give them a hunky boy with puppy eyes and they'll believe anything he says, even if he's a demon who's going to kill her.

          KIM punches him on the chest.

          KIM: Shut up, you're spoiling the moment. This is so romantic.

          NATHAN rolls his eyes.

          DONNIE and MATT are now silent, studying each other, trying to predict the other's next move. Then, suddenly, DONNIE takes a knife out of his pocket and throws it in MATT's direction, but misses her for inches.

          MATT's eyes go back to black.

          MATT: I should've learned to never trust boys!

          But then she hears the knife hitting something. She turns around and she sees Shannon O'Doyle, pointing a gun at her. But DONNIE has hit her on the hand, making her drop the gun.

          KIM: Rosie? What are you doing? Is that a gun?

          MATT: What the-?

          SHANNON: Damn. I almost did it. All these months? Following you? Going undercover? Trying to be your friend? And I finally had the perfect occasion to kill you and I blew it.

          MATT: What?

          SHANNON: The four are gone. You're the only one left. Selene will have your heart.

          MATT: Who?

          SHANNON: I won't fail!

          Suddenly, with a jump, she's behind MATT. She looks more demonic now: her skin is greenish and she's got pulsing veins all over her face. She takes the knife from her own hand and tries to stab her, but DONNIE grabs her arm and stops her. Then he old her still, as MATT, NATHAN and KIM come nearer to observe her.

          MATT: Thank you.

          DONNIE: It's the least I can do, after actually thinking of killing you.

          NATHAN: So you really are good? What about my vision?

          MATT: Maybe we changed the future.

          NATHAN: How? By dancing with him?

          KIM: Why don't we focus on Rosie, right now? She's looking psychotic. (To Shannon) I knew we couldn't trust a girl wearing converse.

          MATT: So, Shannon. Can I ask you why you want to kill me so bad? Or is it just because I didn't let you copy that science test last April?

          SHANNON: I won't speak a word, I won't betray the Sisterhood of Selene.

          MATT: Sisterhood of Selene? That's a start.

          She flips her hand, and the gun goes flying into her hand. She points it threateningly at SHANNON.

          MATT: You can either tell me more or I'll have to introduce you to my dear friend Mr Bullet.

          SHANNON grins. She kicks DONNIE behind her and frees herself. Than she kicks the gun off of MATT's hand and grabs it. But before she can shoot, DONNIE's already behind her, taking her neck in his hands.

          DONNIE: You kill her, I kill you. So just talk or I'll make it slow.

          SHANNON smiles again, then points the gun at her own head and shoots. Her body falls to the ground, where it completely melts.

          KIM: What was wrong with her?

          MATT: Bast had told me that two demons were sent after me. One was Abaddon, and the other, I guess?

          KIM: ? Shannon. So, are you still bored, Matt?

          MATT: No?


          MATT is handing DONNIE some sheets. The room is very clean, Rachel was a very tidy and simple girl. The only sign that someone used to stay there, it's a framed picture of a 10 year old Rachel holding baby Matt.

          MATT (V/O, continued): ? I don't think boredom will be a problem anymore.

          DONNIE: Thank you for letting me stay here.

          MATT: You saved my life. It's the least I could do. And my parents won't mind. I don't think they'll even notice, actually.

          DONNIE: Thanks? for trusting me. Nobody's ever done that. I? I know this all so weird.

          MATT: You're the one who's just been pulled out from hell. I think for you it's even weirder than for me.

          For a little, they just smile at each other, then?

          MATT: It's been a long night. I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

          DONNIE: Goodnight.

          CUT TO- INT. MATT'S ROOM

          Matt has changed into her pajamas. She's in her bed, holding Cagliostro. Bast is coming out of Cagliostro's mouth.

          MATT: Abaddon.. Can I trust him? Does he really want only to protect me?

          BAST: Yes. He has a soul now. His intention are the purest. But don't forget the vision.

          MATT: Is it true, then? He is going to kill me?

          BAST: Visions are usually inevitable. A future that can't be stopped. But right now, you need him. He may be the cause of your death, but for the moment, he's the only one who can keep you alive.

          MATT: What does that mean?

          BAST: The sisterhood of Selene. Then there's SHE. Even humans are after you. Abaddon is your strongest ally.

          MATT: Please, be more clear?

          BAST: I do not know more. I only know the present, I can't see the future. And I've already been in this dimension too much, Matilda. I don't think you'll be able to summon me again.

          MATT: Wait?

          BAST: One last question.

          MATT: Why does everyone want to kill me?

          BAST: You're unique. You're ancient. You're pure.

          BAST disappears again, leaving MATT alone and confused.


          A british man with glasses is drinking a cup of tea (we know he's british because he's drinking a cup of tea in the middle of the night? And he's played by David Tennant). His cell phone starts ringing and he answers.

          MAN: Oh, hello. No, no disturb. So, the Four are dead? This means she's the only one left. Oh, don't worry. I'll take care of her.

          END OF EPISODE 1.


          -The first episode! Hopefully it will get better? It's just I had to introduce all the characters, so it's kind of a slow episode? and the battle in the end is really confusing, sorry.
          -Donnie and Matt's conversation in the Inferno is terribly cheesy! And it doesn't make much sense either? I just wanted them to have a deep conversation so that Donnie would decide not to kill her in the end, but I suck at writing meaningful stuff. Clearly.
          -So Lilah's alive! How? Who brought her back and why? You'll discover it soon? What did you think of what I did with her? Did I do a good job or did you find her out of character?
          -The chant to summon Abaddon is in correct (more or less) latin.
          -The chant to summon Bast is an adaptation of the Twelfth Key of Enoch, a chant used in satanic rituals to reveal the truth.
          -Bast is the Egyptian goddess of cats, and in truth has nothing to do with divination and this kind of things.
          -Casting Donnie and Matt was really hard! At first I thought of Benjamin McKenzie and Kristen Bell, but they didn't feel right, plus they're way too old to play high school kids right now? So I changed it up to Chace and Willa, and that was before Willa went on Gossip Girl as well?
          What? You?ve taught a psycho killer demon how to be human by making him watch Sex and the City?

          1.02 Never been kissed OUT NOW/ 1.03 Damned by the bell COMING SOON