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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Haunted Travels Ch. 1

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  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Haunted Travels Ch. 1

    Hello everybody. In case anyone hasn't read Buffy's year one comics, or doesn't want to buy them, I'm putting them into a book novel format. So this will include all her Pre-sunnydale adventures like The Origin, Viva las Buffy, Slayer Interrupted, and A Stake to the Heart. Enjoy!

    P.S. Please ignore all gramatical errors. I haven't had the chance to edit or anything!

    Chapter 1

    The Streets were dead quiet. Almost.
    Away from prying eyes a young girl was stalking her prey, her kill to be more precise. The vampire had gone from hunter – to the hunted. The Europe streets were dank and cold on her feet, but had an effect that made the demon slayer run even faster towards him. But with her hair flying about and clothes soaked, she stopped. Leaping onto the next building’s rooftop she silently pranced from structure to structure. When she had caught up the vampire was looking around.
    “Ha! To scared to fight slayer! What a joke!” As the moonlight caught his face his jagged and horrifying features came apparent: the sharp teeth and menacing yellow eyes, thirsting for blood. This vampire would never harm another human again. With a burst of exhilaration the slayer leapt to the ground right behind the vampire. Momentarily caught off guard she thrust her fist into the vamps spine hurtling him meters away. Pulling out her stake, she knew it was time to move.
    “Ye’ll not have me wench! Never!” Stumbling on a loose brick he collapsed to the ground. He would surely die now. But die proudly…for his master.
    The slayer made one last jump and drove the stake into the vampire’s heart. Satisfied, she added one last comment as he slowly turned to ash. “Ye should know not come ‘round here. What sort of a fool must ye be to walk right into the slayer’s grasp!” Her sudden boost in confidence and power was completely erased one second later though. As she turned to leave two figures emerged from the darkness. She recognized their faces from her watcher’s books, but then it hit her. The man approaching her was known for the death of many slayers. It was Lothos.
    And by the look in his devilish eyes, she knew she was about to be added to that list...

    “Whoa! Chill Buffy! The movie’s not that scary.”
    Buffy looked up. She was sitting in a movie theater chair. All she could remember was a mysterious girl dusting some creature…and then she was killed. She had always had bad nightmares like this, but lately they had been getting much worse. “Sorry,” she said to her friends, “I guess I just fell asleep.” He closest friend Jennifer didn’t seem to mind, but Kimberly seemed to think she was crazy. Sitting on her other side, Nicole just kept watching the movie. Tough crowd, Buffy thought.
    Still a little shaken up, she told them she was going to the bathroom. When she reached the exit she passed two guys that looked like they were trying to sneak in. She was used to that type of stuff though. It the city of Angels you couldn’t really expect much more. Pulling the door open, her appearance startled her. Her peppy attitude and bouncy composure seemed to have vanished half way through her dream. Staring closer she picked at her blond locks trying to make them neat again. Even her blue eyes seemed out of whack though. It hadn’t been that scary of a dream, but she couldn’t help but feel connected somehow to them. What did they mean–
    Two girls entered the bathroom and Buffy’s personality zapped right back into place as if on cue. Smiling at them she left the bathroom behind and reentered the theatre. What was she worrying about anyways? Those dreams probably meant nothing! Feeling like her old valley girl self she sat down and propped her head up.
    “Feeling better?” asked Jennifer.
    “Much.” And she actually did. Everything seemed to be normal again.

    Pike and his buddy Benny were getting annoyed. After going to the trouble of sneaking into the movie theatre, passing the security guards unnoticed, and finding some empty seats, now the movie was being ruined by some chicks sitting in front of them. They could barely hear!
    “I can’t believe it either! I mean a C+ is so unfair. Mr. Howard’s so heinous; I mean excuse me for not knowing about El Salvador! S’ not like I’m ever going there anyways!” The blonde haired girl in front of him was the worst. Full of energy, almost too much it seemed. Must be on drugs, he thought. As they continued to giggle and talk Benny reached over with a handful of popcorn.
    “Hey man, watch this!” he whispered excitedly. Taking a single piece of popcorn at a time he started to flick them at each of the girls heads. It was actually pretty funny to at first, until they stopped reacting. “Losers.” Benny mumbled.
    Unsatisfied, Pike gave it a shot. “Hey! Would you guys just shut up please?” The blonde girl turned around now.
    “Why should we? We paid for this movie. And that entitles us to do whatever we want!”
    “No it doesn’t!” Benny fired back. “You know we paid for this movie too.” One of the blonde haired chicks’ friend turned around looking skeptical.
    “Um, Benny dude,” said Pike, “No we didn’t.” He felt embarrassed.
    “Oh yeah, well we still want to know what happens, ‘kay?”
    Pike had a bad feeling about what the blonde was about to say next. “Why don’t I spare you the trouble!” She had a teasing smile. “Everyone gets killed horribly except the blonde in the nightie, who finally kills the monster with a machete.” She leaned in closer towards Benny. “But between you and me, the monster’s not really dead. He’s just waiting for revenge. A.K.A. the sequel.” The chick had guts, Pike would give her that!
    “Does that really happen?” asked one of the other girls.
    “Possibly,” said the blonde girl, “what movie is this?”
    Shortly after the movie finished once again, Benny and Pike secretly passed the guards unnoticed. However, as they left, he couldn’t help wonder about the blonde girl. He couldn’t put words to it, yet, but he knew she was different…

    Living a surreal life, Buffy Summers felt anything but different. She just had the perfect life, but you know, no biggie!
    She had decent grades, but she didn’t have plans on participating in a brain-working job anytime soon. She was the head cheerleader, and always in the spotlight of attention… which in her opinion, well, rocked. And, she was dating the captain of the Basketball team Jeffrey, who was just pulling up in the theatre parking lot. Her life was perfect, and Buffy didn’t see anything about that going to change anytime soon.
    Stepping out of the car with his friends they started to make their way towards them. “There’s my girl,” called Jeffrey. Pulling her into his arms they kissed briefly.
    “There you are. So what have you been up to?”
    “Y’ know, same old same old. I was thinking, so why don’t you come over to place this week while your parents are on that cruise?”
    “Well, I dunno, I mean –”
    “We should party! Who’s with me?” The interruption came from one of Jeffrey’s pals Grueller. No one else seemed to be with him though. He sounded drunk.
    “Grueller, maybe if you spent more time at home sleeping and sober, you’d spend less time on the court sucking.” Buffy thought Jeffrey was being a bit harsh, but he did get the message across to him. Plus, Buffy thought that lately he’d been acting like a jerk more and more.
    “Whatever man! I’m outta here.”

    Grueller was pissed off. Losers, he thought. “You guys don’t know what you’re missing!” He called back. But when he was at least a block or two away he started talking to himself. “They’re missing another long and boring night of not studying. That’s what.” Maybe he’d go down to…what was that? He could have sworn he had heard something in the bushes. “S’nothing man, just probably some raccoon. Yeah that’s what it is.” But then he saw it. And this was no raccoon. A few feet ahead of him was some science geek from school he always picked on – or it was. But before Grueller could run, the small helpless nerd he had known became a massive monster flying towards him.
    His death was painless.

    Later that night Buffy eventually wound up home curled on the couch in front of the TV. Nothing was good on at this hour though. Then, as she was drifting to sleep she remembered her terrifying nightmare just hours before, and was wishing her parents wouldn’t be gone the entire week. She could hear them packing the last things upstairs. Returning her attention to the TV her focus was captured by a reporter at the scene of a murder.
    “The sheriff was not available for comment, but police have issued a statement saying the situation is not out of hand. Tonight marks the fourth disappearance in less than two weeks. We advise everyone to stay indoors and with family at all times. For the Daily Planet in Los Angeles, I’m Kara Fitzpatrick keeping you updated as information comes in.”
    What a great weekend to leave the kids alone in the house, Buffy thought. But before she could think more of it a wave of exhaustion hit her like a tidal wave, relentlessly drifting her to sleep…
    She was in Hong Kong, sometime in the eighteenth century. “Get away from me! Please!” screamed a young girl. “What are you going to do to me?” She had been taken from her family by broken faced people with chipped teeth. She desperately longed for them. “Please don’t do this to me…please!” The girl gave up on pleading; she and her captor both knew there was no use.
    “New at this, aren’t you girl? S’ okay now… wait! What are you doing?” The girl was backing away towards the window. Carefully raising herself onto the sill, she positioned herself ready to jump. “Come down from there strumpet, we haven’t even started yet! You come down from there now!”
    The man slowly moved towards her, unaware that he was falling into the girls trap. Though she didn’t know it, she was smarter and stronger than him. “You shall never touch me!” she cried. The man jumped for her ankles but fell short and landed on the hard floor. Then leaping to the bed she bounced out the door and down the stairs into the streets. She had never intended to jump out the window; after all, it wasn’t like she had superpowers.
    She ran until she could run no more, and the sounds of the man’s violent screams were gone. But instead from behind her, came a voice much more startling. “Hello slayer. I’m hungry.” Did he say slayer? What could that mean– All the young girl felt was a cold hand brush her hair aside, inhaling her scent… and then tear away the flesh at her neck. She wanted stop this man…this thing…but she couldn’t. He played her like a song. She had no self control anymore, tonight, she was his.
    Buffy awoke in a sweat. How many times would she have to witness this man kill innocent girls? Buffy wasn’t the type to get paranoid over a bad dream, but she couldn’t help feel… that she was just like these girls… that she might be next.
    Heading up to her room she stopped to say good night to her parents. They were leaving in the early morning. After going through the normal protocol of where the meals were and numbers to call they finally seemed to quit. “We’ll be back on Sunday Buffy. And oh, try and stay away from the Jaguar, kay honey.”
    “Sure dad, no Jag.” No I’ll miss you, or be safe. Her father Hank would always be her father. But he had seemed distant lately. She hoped her mother hadn’t noticed.
    “Goodnight Buffy, we could never have dreamed to have more of daughter than you,” praised Joyce. “If you want us to come home early or anything, just call.”
    “Will do Mom. Just have fun. I’ll try and take real good care of Dawn.”
    “We know you will. Goodnight Buffy.”
    “Night mom, night dad.” She slowly made her way down the hallway, but stopped at Dawn’s bedroom. For a sister, she was actually not that half bad. Sure, one hell of a brat, but her sister. “G’ night Dawnie.”
    She was tucking in all her little stuffies. “Hey Buffy? You’re not really gonna be supervising me 24/7 are you, like you told mom?”
    “Are you kidding? Not a chance! It’s just gonna be us doing whatever we want, some sister to sister time.”
    “Okay, thanks Buffy. Have a good sleep.” Quietly closing her door and opening her own, she collapsed into her bed. Believe me Dawn, I’ll try she thought, I’ll try.

    Not a few hours later, in a burnt down amusement park, a lone vampire lay hovering over a pool of blood. “It is almost time my master. Feed. Grow. Rise again. A new family is already being assembled, one that shall be legion! Rubies will drip from your lips, and people shall tremble at your sight. Soon master…soon. Soon you will rise, and we shall claim this world as our own!” The vampire backed away from his master’s scarlet portal. He had traveled to a dimension that would make him more powerful than ever, but did not know when he’d return. The vampire didn’t mind though, he would have given his life for his leader. After all, he was Lothos…