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    Buffy and Angel characters are copyright protected by the holders of Buffy The Vampire Slayer copyright.
    Marius and Lestat are from Queen Of The Damned.
    any copyright infringement is apologised for.

    Bored now! I'm leaving. [1st]

    Anya was well fed up, Willow had just left the room taking her chance at getting her necklace back. Kneeling, she looked down again. She picked up the plate.
    "It's not here! nothing, NOTHING!" she smashed the plate on the floor.

    Willow curiously looked around the room.
    "Where have they all gone?"
    Leaving that empty place, she slowly walked towards the town, passing several shops. She was puzzled, why were so many people
    and even children playing and in the dark?, why wasn't there any others like her?
    Passing what she once known as the snack bar, [ the cinema ] remembering..........................
    "Xander!, I'll get Xander."

    Moving like the quiet of the dead she gradually got closer to Xanders house. Knocking on the door his mother smiled to her.
    "He's in the usual place, shall I let him know you're here?"
    "No," said Willow, smiling..."I think I'll surprise him."
    Gracefully she flowed down the stairs, seeing his back was turned, she walked in. She softly growled, Xander span around, saw Willow. "What!"
    Quick as a flash Willow morphed into a vampire, she leapt at Xanders neck sinking her teeth into his neck sucking his blood from him, waiting to feel the weight of his body. Now, she sliced the vein on her neck, lifting his head to it, letting him drink from her. Feeling him against her she smiled. She carried his body to the graveyard and put it behind a crypt and covered the body with a few bushes. She sat on a stone wondering whose body he'd like to drink first, casually at first then with a bit more thought.

    "I know, I'll get the other me for him."
    She walked to the bronze, as she felt bored to tried to liven up the journey by killing a few people, but it didn't help. Swiftly climbing to the sky light at the bronze, she looked in but Willow wasn't there. Running across the rooftops she saw Willow near the school, she carefully followed her, watching her go into the library. She crept to the doors, she noted the opened both ways. In the room were two others, the girl held her attention, she could feel her. Realising that would work both ways she moved back from the doors, when the girl was only a foot from the door she darted forward slamming the door against the girl. She stood, smiling at the panic that she had caused. The old man pointed a rifle at her, he started to pull the trigger. Sensing the movement she flashed over to Willow pushing her hard into the wall; as the body began to fall she grabbed it, turned, watched the dart from the rifle hit the door. A tranquilliser gun, must remember that she thought as she ran out and into the night with the body of Willow. As she headed back to the graveyard she realised the girl might go there looking for her. She remembered about the snack bar. I'll put the bodies in there tonight. It'll give me somewhere to stay during the day as well.

    The next evening Xander awoke, she watched him pace about the room, waiting until he was ready she entered the room. Smiling she asked if he was ready.
    "What do I do," he asked.
    "Simple, I put the body near you and you start to feed from it, but this one is special this one we'll make like us then later we can go and get a few others."
    She dumped Willow's body at Xanders feet, he looked at her, smiled then started to gorge himself. She watched, waited then as Willows body relaxed she pulled him off, forcing Willow to drink his blood.
    "Will that make her like us," he asked.
    She smiled, "Who will she want?"
    Xander wiped the blood from his lips, I know.
    He led her to the bronze, "She'll be here. How do we get in," asked Xander.
    "Everything has to be done sneakily, nobody is to see us. We go onto the roof and look in the skylight, but don't smash it, it might come in handy tomorrow night."
    On the roof Xander showed her the target, "Her name is Cordelia. Willow will enjoy drinking her, yes we will make her one of us, when she wants a drink I know who to send her after."
    "Who's that Xander?" she asked.
    "In the school library, there's a little blonde girl, her name is Buffy, the vampire slayer," said Xander.
    "I got Willow from there, there was a blonde there. I took her down easily."
    "Really," asked Xander, "she has a friend, another vampire."
    "You lot can do what you want, I'm going somewhere else."
    "There two ways to skin a cat, take all her friends," said Xander, "then it'll make her soft
    and weak, just right for the picking."

    Three nights later the slayer had to kill Anya, Oz, Devon, Giles, Cordelia, several of the teachers from the school and her mother. Xander and the Willows had sired fifteen others, they left them to take their pick of anyone in Sunnydale. The Willows and Xander headed for California. As they did in Sunnydale they found an all night snack bar, but not drinking anyone in the place, letting their victims go to them they avoided being caught in a trap. Willow and Xander were becoming a bit to brazen and carefree, then one night they didn't return. She watched the film that evening, she didn't know what had happened, but by thinking the worst she hid herself when all the people left. Sure enough at the first light she felt humans, she could hear they were looking for her. Knowing she was trapped in the building she kept quiet and motionless.

    The next morning brought heavy rains, looking around she saw a constant cloud cover, carefully she stood in the open, dropping to the street she headed for a film set and the rich pickings. Joining a tour all was going well until she noticed a shadow, knowing that the sun was shining through the clouds she moved unseen into a house on a lot she looked at the scenery. Smiling she realised it was a horror movie set. Being unable to resist it she moved to where she'd be noticed by the camera's. Watching what was happening, several actors paraded themselves as vampires, as casually as she could she joined the crew watching a star pretend to be a vampire, waiting to the side three extras sat reading their lines. She smiled to her self, standing in front of them. Two of them left.
    "Sorry I haven't seen you here before are you in any of the scenes," the actress asked, "and what are you wearing? that isn?t what we were told to wear."
    She looked at her, she didn't feel as good as she thought she would, pouting, looking at the actress, "Bored now."

    Sitting at the top of the building she heard the commotion, smiling to herself, listening to the screams when the body was found. That made her happy again and she'd had a good drink. As the evening swung into motion she started a conversation with an actor who was meant to portray a vampire. She complained at the time it took to put on the make up that made her appear as a vampire.
    Smiling to her.
    "I don't have that problem, but two things are different here, for one, I don't have to pretend." She faced her as she became a vampire, her eyes widened, she smelt the fear, she ripped into her neck. This time she took the body up to the rafters with her, hiding her in an enclosed room. Appearing as a vampire she went to where the director waited.
    "Nice costume, but not the one I want."
    "It fit's my character, I like how it feels," she said.
    "Look it isn't right....
    She let out a long slow growl. "You do want me to stay like this....don't you?"

    Looking at his shoes, she slowly lifted her gaze to his eyes, then she smiled and opened her mouth.
    "Hold it!, hold it, you dressing like that, it makes you behave like that? you're so much better than what I wanted, great look Laura."
    She hissed at him, glaring deep into his soul.
    "My name is Willow."
    "Okay, okay if you can react like that, you've got it, come with me," said the director. He led her to the set,
    "Listen up people, I am going to try something new, Laura is to be called Willow. She has a few," he looks at her, "behaviour modifications so just go with it."
    He faces Willow,
    "Right. Jeremy! I want you to jump out at Willow, you will both battle, she will try to take a bite from your neck then you escape and run."

    "Ok people, places please," he continued, "Willow, you have just walked to here, you are going to a fresh grave a bit further on, just make the fight scene seem real, remember to flash those eyes and teeth at the camera. The way you look is great, where did you get that look from?"
    Willow smiled to him "I had it specially made," she said.
    "Can we get some more like them?" asked the director.
    Willow smiled, "Mmmmmmm."
    Standing in the spot, looking around at the camera's.
    Willow took two steps forward, suddenly Jeremy jumped on to a graves headstone and flew at her, catching him in mid air she flung his body to the ground, she was about to throw him through the next set, then thought of where she was. She lifted him, as she turned to face the camera she twisted him to face her, glaring for the benefit of the camera, she started to smile.

    Pulling a few inches from her Jeremy plunged the stage prop stake into her chest. She looked down at it, smiled, growled to him, then looked into his eyes
    Opening her mouth wide, just for the camera, she pretended to bite him.
    Two of the make-up people rushed to Willow, they put fake blood on her teeth then went off set.
    "Back to your places!, and...Action!
    Willow dropped Jeremy and he ran, Willow watched him, then turning to face the camera she cleaned her teeth, smiled turned to walk away.
    Jeremy came back to the director,
    "That was fantastic!, I'm telling you, keep her in the film, she'll make us all stars. Put us both in your next film."

    Bored now! I'm leaving 2nd

    "Jeremy! hi, this is Angela Button, I'm your new representative at Creative Actors America. There is a new film being planned, a story about vampires in love, they'd like you and Willow to play the leads. You'll both be vampires A script has been sent to you so if you could read it we'd appreciate it."
    He sent a copy to Willow, but she wasn't impressed by it.
    "What was wrong with it?" asked Jeremy.
    "I wouldn't pay to watch it. All it is, is vampires walk into town, vampires kill, people kill vampires end of story. There's no fun."
    Jeremy rang the new rep.
    "I was nearly happy enough with it, but Willow wasn't very happy, she said didn't like the script as it was boring and she wasn't agreeable to how much she was going to be paid."

    "I am sorry about her pay offer, but because it is her first film the finance people say they won't increase the offer."
    "In that case she won't do your film, and considering the feedback I am only in the spotlight because of her, so I won't be in your film.
    We are looking at another script so if you want us in your film, a substantial increase in her offer is needed."
    Angela got back to Jeremy in two days.
    "They've upped the offer to her by fifty thousand dollars, can you pass that on?"
    "I don't need to, she won't accept it. I know she won't, if they wanted her to star in the film they should have offered her a suitable amount, sorry."
    "Jeremy it's Willow, I've just read a script, it's ok, the action could be better, the script is a bit easier to remember and the pay is a lot better. Most of the film can be shot in the studios, you know how much I hate travelling, have a read of it, see what you think but I'd recommend it."
    "Have you accepted it?" asked Jeremy.
    "No, the agreement was that we both appear in a film, that is what I will do."

    Jeremy spent the next day reading the script.

    "Willow? it's Jeremy, I've read the first twenty pages of the script you sent to me, I'll trust you on this. So if you want to phone them, and if your ok with it we can go out for a meal, and no funny business," said Jeremy, "About eight?"
    At seven fifty Jeremy went back to his place, then to the old gatekeepers lodge to get Willow.
    "There's a nice little place I know I've been there once or twice, but the neighbour-hood isn?t exactly welcoming."
    "That's ok," replied Willow.

    "And about your clothes, don't take this the wrong way Willow, I mean you do look good in a short dress but if you want to get ahead in this business you need a gimmick.
    It might be good if you always wore that leather and lace outfit."
    Jeremy was right, it was a quiet little place, but the neighbour hood wasn't overflowing with nice people. Two blokes had offered to look after their car, for a price. Walking to the restaurant Willow sensed they were being followed by two men, she knew that two others were ahead of them.
    Stepping in front, a gun each, the others came up behind them.
    "Get in the alley."
    "Best do as they say," said Jeremy.
    He only gone two paces, he turned to kick one of them but they were ready for the heroics and knocked him out. Willow looked at Jeremy,
    "I like him." Then she smiled sweetly "But now I can play."
    She slowly looked to them, smiled again, "Fun time!"
    One of them pointed a gun at her, "Give me all your money bitch!"
    "No, and I'm not gonna, so gimme the gun," said Willow.

    He shot her twice in her belly.
    "Why am I on my back?" she thought, she heard them start to empty Jeremy's pockets.
    Silently her body rose to her feet, even though she didn't move a muscle. Then looking at her
    "You've put holes in my top, I've never been shot before."
    "H, H, How are you standing up?"
    "This is gonna cost a bit to fix, better still who's gonna pay for this?"
    They shot again at her again, seeing the next bullet start to leave the gun.
    "Any last words?" she asked as she darted forward bit two, then went back just after the bullet. Moving forward four paces, she took the last of them, drinking him enough to make him know she is a vampire. With one of their guns, held to his side she pulled the trigger just a bit, "Empty your pockets, now!"
    Three of them did, Willow pulled the trigger. The blood flowed from his wounds,
    "You, take this one to hospital, you two stay there."
    They both emptied their guns into her. "I think you should remember that doesn't work."
    She slammed one of them hard against the wall, then drank the other dry, throwing them both deep into the alley.
    Jeremy slowly regained consciousness, "What happened?'
    "One of them shot his friend, I stuck my finger in the hole where the bullet had gone, but they left in a hurry."
    "I didn't do much good then," said Jeremy.
    "That's because you did tried to do the same sort of fighting as you would in the studio."

    Bored now! I'm leaving 3rd

    A few questions were asked in the media, accusations were hurled. It was Willow who stopped the media asking questions, she went on a late night variety show. When asked about what really happened she pointed out that she had been accused as being responsible for them dying. Willow showed her contact lenses saying.
    "If they really want to though they can say I am a vampire, but if that is so, how long ago would they have died?"
    The interviewer laughed with her at them. She left the interview a bit later, looked about the city then decided she'd like to sleep in her own coffin, so she left New York and just over an hour later she walked into the room where her coffin was, in Los Angeles.

    The next evening she went onto the set of the film with Jeremy. The director approached them, one of the other actors broke his leg today, the film will continue but, I'm sorry Jeremy but tonight's acting for your character will have to be cut. All you are needed to do will be some action scenes tonight and one scene tomorrow crossing the bridge.
    "I thought that bridge crossing scene was going to be done at night?" asked Willow.
    "Sorry about that, but that broken leg has meant that scene will need to be done during the day, there's no way around it."
    "How are you going to have a vampire be in the sunlight?" asked Willow.
    "The big bosses say that the computer boys will be able to cut the daylight bits out."
    "I know never to do a film for you again," said Willow.
    "What's the problem?"
    "I told you I'm allergic to direct sunlight, but you don't care, if it's to sunny I'll walk off the set, and I won't be happy."

    "Ok," said the director, "If that scene is left to about three in the afternoon, your side of the bridge and most of the car will be in the shade."
    As they were crossing the bridge the car exploded, fire crews on set rushed to save them. Willow turned to the driver.
    "There's plenty of smoke, but I can't see any flames? why not?"
    "It's a methanol car, it burns but you don't see the flames."
    "Oh crap! I'm getting out of this car in three, you run to the fire crews, you'll be alright," said Willow.
    "What about you?" asked the driver.
    "I'll take my chances in the river, right then, one, two, three."
    Willow was just about over the side railing when she saw the bridge was over a shallow river. As she hit the rocks on the river bed she knew her acting career was in doubt
    Allowing the wet parts of her body to freak the surface she kept under water the rest of the time. Finding a suitable place further down stream, she waited in the shade for them to find her dead body.
    Realising a body bag would be used, all she would have to do would be to get some make up so that it would look like she had died on the rocks.

    The film unit announced her death the next day, saying that the film was cancelled.
    Jeremy spent two weeks after her funeral in his home, he was very distraught at her passing.
    He had tried not to, but he had started to like Willow, that and his career had taken a couple of steps back. He heard a noise in the garden, looking out the window, he questioned his own sanity, that couldn't be her...could it.
    He didn't believe what he was doing, he went to her flatlet, without knocking on the door he went straight in, then stood, facing Willow.
    "What the blu...ddy hell?"
    "I hope you can keep a secret."
    "I think I can, what are you going to tell me?"
    "Jeremy, I am a vampire," said Willow.
    "But how?, or why?, or when?, how did you?, why did you?, hang on? why are you here? why are you talking to me?" asked Jeremy.
    "I'm not sure, well I am sure about that, but I'm not sure."
    "Jeremy, I think I'm falling in love with you," said Willow.
    He looked at her, "The feeling is mutual, but er, can we skip the necking part?"
    Willow smiled to him,
    "This is going to be awkward, very awkward. To keep you safe I will need to go away and try to see if these people will help me," said Willow, "If I can, I'll ring you every night."
    "Where are you going to go?" asked Jeremy, "And why can't I be with you?"
    "The help I'm going to ask for is from some-one who will probably want me dead."
    "Then why go to him?"
    "Because he is a vampire."
    "And why would you risk going to see him?" asked Jeremy.
    "I know the reason, but I did ask myself why, several times."
    "Personally, I hope it is a good reason, I know I shouldn't have these feelings for you, considering who or what you are, but I do."

    "You are the reason Jeremy," said Willow.
    "Oh, that's good then," he said smiling broadly.
    "I'll get back to you, when it's safe."

    She sat in the chair waiting to see some-one, not knowing what she could say, or how she could say it. While she sat there she saw a girl come into the room. That girl put her own coffee in the coffee machine. Willow smiled to herself watching the girl act various commercials. Another vampire came into the office and started speaking to the girl, yet he wasn't threatening her. Then the one she had been waiting for came into the room and the threats started, but Angel couldn't get to him because of the sunlight then a guy came in, he was held by the vampire. The girl called him Wesley. Willow sensed a friendship to Wesley, she appeared just long enough to scare the other vampire.
    He ran out of the office into the sunlight.
    "Angel? what just happened?" asked Wesley.
    "I'm not to sure but I think she just saved your life, on purpose."
    "Oh guys, really, no big deal," said Cordelia.
    "Not you Cordy, her," said Angel.
    "Her?, who her?" asked Cordy.
    "Was that Willow?" asked Wesley.
    "Willow? but Willow is dead," said Cordy.

    Wesley looked at Angel,
    "Not the other one, oh please no!, but."
    "She saved you! why?" asked Angel.
    "What other?" asked Cordelia.
    "The vampire Willow."
    "Didn't Buffy kill the vampire Willow?" asked Cordelia.
    "The one we know, but you both met the other one," said Angel
    "Guys? how long had she been here?" asked Cordelia.
    "I saw you come in to the office and make a cup of coffee," said Willow, "Wesley, Cordelia, Angel, I want you to help me. I'll prove myself helpful to you first."

    "That sounded like Willow, Willows a ghost?" asked Cordy.
    "That was Willow the vampire."
    "What?, so how long has she been a vampire?"
    "No-one really knows," said Wesley.
    Cordelia shrugged her shoulders,
    "Oh well, Willow how old are you?"
    "Angel!, the one you know as Marius, I made him a vampire."
    "Bloody hell!" exclaimed Angel.
    "As I understood it was Marius who sired Lestat," said Wesley.
    "Marius was sired in four hundred BC."
    "I'm almost three thousand years old," said Willow
    "And you want our help, do what?" asked Wesley.
    "To be like you Angel, to be a friend to the human's," said Willow.
    "Cordelia, if you still want to be an actor, I can tell you who to see. That one you spoke of Cordelia, Angel's friend, the one with the police, I will help her."
    "She has gone," said Angel.

    Bored now! I'm leaving 4th

    Buffy sat alone in her house, not doing anything, just sitting staring at the wall. She had done a quick patrol earlier that night, killed two vampires but they didn't grant her the peace that came with thinking she was making the world a safer place for her friends. The door being knocked awoke her from the trance like state she had retreated into. Going to the door she looked to see who it was, puzzled by who she saw, she opened the door.
    "Harmony? why are you here?"
    "Every-one I knew has left, I've no where to go."
    "I haven't seen you around here for awhile."
    "I went down south after the graduation do, I had quite a lot of counselling. I'm not expecting you to help me with what I'm going to do, but if you could point me in the right direction, I would be grateful."
    "What happened to you after the fight?" asked Buffy.

    "I was bitten by a vampire, it was killed, er dusted before it could do any lasting damaged but it gave me a few problem. I've been having those problems sorted for me."
    "Ok Harmony, but before you go on, I need you to hold the cross, just to be safe." Buffy gave Harmony the cross to hold.
    "What are you going to do?" asked Buffy.
    "I had a hard time coming to terms with being bitten. The counsellor told me I'd need to talk to the vampire, try to help the vampire become a better person. I don't think she believed the vampire bit though."
    "There isn't many here, you might be best seeing Angel though, he might be able to help point you in the right direction, right now, unless I know the vampire is ok, I'll stick a bit of wood in it. Here I think you?ve held the cross long enough."
    As Buffy held out her hand for the cross she noticed that Harmony was wearing a cross necklace.

    "Sorry, I didn't notice that. I'll let Angel know your on your way to see him."
    "Once bitten was enough," said Harmony.
    It was four days later before Harmony walked into Angel's office.
    "We were told that you were coming, Cordelia will be pleased to see you," said Wesley.
    "I was told about her being here, I'll be very surprised to see her," Harmony replied.
    "Why do you say that?"
    "Well, a couple of days ago I was at her grave."
    He was trying to comprehend Harmony's statement when Angel came into the room. He felt the tension in the room.
    "What is it?"
    "Harmony was just here said about Cordelia," replied Wesley.
    "I can guess what that is, she isn't aware that she died yet, she's a ghost," said Angel.

    Wesley was about to question Angels comment when the phone started ringing, undecided about asking Angel about Cordelia he answered the phone.
    "So, who was it, who did you just tell we?ll be with them by tonight?" asked Angel as he watched Wesley put the receiver down.
    "That was Buffy, she's having problems, seems like there is an increase in the number of vampires there."
    Buffy was making herself something to eat, when she saw Angel and Spike at the kitchen door, opening the door she asked them in.
    Sitting in the front room Angel tells Buffy not to make a big thing about Cordelia being with them.
    "Why would I?" asked Buffy.
    "We don't know how yet, but Cordelia died in Sunnydale; she is a ghost."
    "The other thing we need to talk about will be who is with Harmony. She said she wanted to be thrown in the deep end, to help a vampire. There is only one we know who asked us for help, Harmony should be safe enough though," said Spike.
    "Who is the vampire? anyone I know?" asked Buffy.

    "Wesley will be here soon enough, he's coming with Cordelia. Harmony's coming as well."
    "I'm not sure how I'll react to that Willow being here, but I'll worry about that later. If you're ok I've got to do a bit of patrolling, if you'll come with me I'd appreciate it."
    So the three of them started a sweep of the back lanes. Nearing the Bronze several vampires appeared, Spike and Angel ran to get them, as Buffy waited, a noise behind her made her turn around then she was hit, pushed to a dumpster, three vampires were about to free her body of it's soul. Harmony ran towards then, screaming they should leave her alone. One of the vampires moved aside, tripped Harmony and letting her forward momentum do the rest. Harmony landed unceremoniously on top of Buffy.
    "What are you doing?" asked Buffy. Getting free of Harmony.
    "Protecting you."
    "How is this protecting me?"
    "They were going to attack, but they didn't, erego I protected you!"
    "Thanks Harmony," said Buffy, "I think."
    The vampires joined by a few other vampires moved toward them. Willow appeared in front of them, she looked to Buffy then to Harmony, "You want that one protected as well?"
    "This is Buffy," said Harmony.

    Willow looked to Buffy again, "Stay with Harmony."
    Willow turned to the vampires, "You have my permission to leave."
    "We want the slayers blood first," replied some of the vampires. Willow flicked her hand to them, "Leave us." And they all burst into flames.
    Spike was just about to fly at one of them, he saw what happened, he looked at Willow.
    "It is you!" he got down on one knee and bowed to her.
    Two paces behind Spike, Angel stood still facing Willow, "Before, I thought it was you, but I wasn't sure." He knelt and bowed to her.
    "Thank you, now get up and help the human's," said Willow.
    Going back to Buffy's house they walked in silence.
    "I read about you ringing Angel, wanting some help, I will stay here with you," said Harmony.

    "Thanks, but, well I think I may need more help," replied Buffy.
    "Willow and Harmony are as one, where ever you go if Harmony is with you Willow will protect you. It was nice to see you but we should be going back," said Angel.

    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.

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    Bored now! I'm leaving.

    Bored now! I'm leaving [ 5th ]

    As they opened the door to leave, Wesley and Cordelia came in, "Sorry we're late, but we got held up. Cordy couldn't find the latest issue of Cheerleaders Anonymous," said Wesley.
    "We were just about to leave, Willow and Harmony will be staying here," said Angel.
    Wesley and Cordelia waved, then cheerily said goodbye to Buffy, leaving
    with Angel and Spike.
    Fifteen minutes after they had left Buffy needed to answer the door, seeing a stranger in front of her.
    "Who are you?, what do you want?"
    "Is Willow here?"
    Buffy was just about to ask him who he was, as Willow brushed her aside and hugged Jeremy.
    Turning to face Harmony, "What?"
    "That is Jeremy, the first human to treat Willow as a friend."
    Willow stood back from Jeremy, looked at Harmony and Buffy.
    "I will now tell you a bit about me."
    They go into the front room, Willow sat on the coffee table. She looked at the carpet.

    "I can't remember when I first was, but I was thought to be a wise person when I helped an Egyptian develop a unit of length, as I remember it they were having problems making buildings, even though a building was said to be forty seven high as there was no set value of one, some of the rooms had the doorways in the wrong place."
    "So what was that thing Willow?" asked Jeremy.
    "It became known as a Cubit stick, it was the length of the designers arm plus the width of his hand."
    "What happened next?"
    "That was when that other wanted me gone, Akasha. And I was in that other place, I found out how to move to this dimension but only for short bursts of time, then I was here."

    "In the alley Spike and Angel knelt to you, why?" asked Buffy.
    "Because of who I am, until then and now I am God-Queen to the damned..., the vampires."
    "That cubit stick was first used nearly five thousand years ago, you were as you are, even then?" asked Jeremy.
    "And now you want help to be as Jeremy?" asked Buffy.
    "No, I will always be as I am, but I would like to be like Jeremy."
    "You know there are many things you cannot do, you can't be in the sunlight," said Buffy.
    "Yes she can, but she doesn't like to," said Jeremy, "Why is that?"
    "For the new vampires, like Spike and Angel, they cannot survive in the sunlight. I think it is after I have drunk the blood from enough humans that I have enough power to survive the light," said Willow.
    "So you want to change to never drink from or harm any humans again?" asked Harmony.

    "I want to be with Jeremy, but if he is threatened I will want to stop him from being harmed."
    "Is that what you did before?" asked Jeremy.
    Willow looked at him, "When they threatened to kill you, yes."
    "Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing, but I have never met any-one as old as you. Do you know about me?" asked Buffy.
    "What do you want to know?" asked Willow.
    "How do I know when a vampire is near?"
    "I can tell you that," said Jeremy.
    "Before I met Willow I had been in many Vampire films, those that were said to fight the evil had to pretend to feel a cramp in their stomach," said Jeremy.
    "You've been in films? has Willow?" asked Buffy.
    "About that, your last film Willow, it had the ending re-written. They've kept the name Bridge of the Damned, it'll be released next week," said Jeremy.
    "What will you do now?" asked Harmony.

    Willow looked to them.
    "I still want to learn how to live in the humans world, so that I can be with Jeremy?" asked Willow
    "I helped teach Angel how to be in the human world," said Buffy.
    "Would you be willing to help Willow?" asked Harmony.
    "I think so," said Buffy.
    "I?ve noticed you have the will, but some guidance would be good, if that is ok with you, I'd like to guide you," said Jeremy.
    "If this is acceptable to you all, we could all help each other," said Willow.
    "It is because of you that most of my friends died, yet here I am contemplating helping you," said Buffy, "I think it may be best if you say exactly what happened."

    "Ok, well as I just told you I was put back in this world a short time ago. The first I killed was Xander, I gave him the other me for company, he said that Cordelia would be wanted by the other me. But she was already dead.
    He got two others for her but I was bored by them, so I left."
    "Where did you go?" asked Buffy.
    "I went to where I would soon meet Jeremy."
    "I can say what happened then," said Jeremy.
    "And I can say after that," said Harmony.
    "After you left town did you ever come back?" asked Buffy.
    "Not until today."
    "Would you ever want to be like the Willow I knew?"
    "No, I am me, I can hopefully change, but I will always be me. I do not want to be any-one else," said Willow.

    "How will you react if I go out and end vampires?" asked Buffy.
    Willow looked to Harmony then to Jeremy.
    "Harmony and Jeremy have said they want to be friends with you. If you want I will be at your side, what is it that is said?, oh right, to watch your back. But killing vampires won't bother me, I killed seven of them earlier, why d'you ask anyway?"

    "Tomorrow night I will go out and patrol the town, to try and make it safe," said Buffy.
    "Then I'll go with you, they can stay here," said Willow.

    It was nearly eleven that night before Buffy and Willow got back.
    Willow went to be with Jeremy. Buffy poured herself a glass of water in the kitchen, sitting down she noticed Harmony come into the room.
    "What do you think of her?" asked Harmony.
    "She's a strange one alright, you've got your work cut out there."
    "Not really," replied Harmony, "I mean she wants to be with Jeremy, she'll stop anything that gets in her way, but only if it endangers what she wants."
    "I saw that myself tonight, there were some vampires tracking me, as they confronted me, she told them we were talking and she dusted them all and we carried on. A bit later she pulled me back and we watched some army guys capture a vampire. She said they were watching the body temperature, she altered hers to be the same as mine, so we could carry on walking and talking."

    "Do you understand her, even a bit?" asked Harmony.
    "A bit more than what I did, but not as much as I want to," said Buffy.
    Jeremy went downstairs in the early hours to get a drink, he found the kitchen looking like a riot had happened. He shouted for Willow. She came quickly, looked at the room then to Jeremy.
    "I think Harmony and Buffy were in here," said Jeremy.
    "I will get them both back, give me a few hours then call Angel. I will expect him to be here when I get back tonight."

    Bored now! I'm leaving [ 6th ]

    Jeremy watched as Willow walked down the garden path and away from him. Sighing, he looked about, went into the kitchen and started to make the place look respectable again. That only took an hour. So being a bit lonely he decided to call Angel.
    Willow went to the Bronze, not feeling Harmony's presence she tried to think why she had been taken. Drawing a blank she turned her thoughts to the slayer. The only thing that was out of the usual was those army people.

    Going back to the house she knew she'd soon pickup the army boys smell.
    "One of the ways human's are different, they always smell. Even when they smell to much they insist on wearing something that smells even more and those army people wear stuff that is very distinctive," smiled Willow to herself.
    Knowing it would confuse those who watched for a vampires body temperature she lowered hers down to fifteen degrees.
    Waiting until they found her, she sat on a park bench, hearing them creep up behind her she turned to face them.
    "Come on then, do your best."

    She allowed them to take her to the containment cells. She knew neither Harmony or Buffy would be in the cells, so she waited until all was clear.
    Having sat on the cold floor for long enough, she stood up then she walked through the glass Reaching the wall she went into it, following the passage she stopped only to listen to the army people in the passages.
    Going to where they had come from she saw two of them standing by a door. She slowly emerged from the wall, they pointed their guns at her and fired, they kept firing at her until their guns stopped working.
    "Be a good idea if you left now," said Willow smiling at them. They ran from the doorway, Willow made the door vanish, seeing Harmony, she asked her where the other one was.

    "She is in the next room," replied Harmony, "They saw Buffy and you together, they followed to the house I was with her at the wrong time I guess."
    "I'll send you back to be with Jeremy," said Willow. Harmony started to reply "But I don't........."
    Looking at the space where Harmony was, "One gone, two to go."
    Walking in to the next room, she surprised the two army people questioning Buffy.
    "What! where did you come from?, how did you get in here?"
    "I walked in here."
    "No, we would have seen the door move," they said.
    "I didn't say I used the door."
    "But you demon's, you can't do that."
    "Well, there's your answer, I'm not a demon and yes I can."

    The army boys stared at her.
    "Leave now." She sat on one of the seats and smiled to Buffy, "Why did you stay here?"
    "I can't get out," said Buffy, she sounded ready to admit defeat, "There would have been to many of them."
    "You think you know who you are, what you are, but you really don't know, do you," said Willow.
    "I'm like them, a human," said Buffy.
    "What makes you think that? You were chosen to save those on this world, you were given the spirit of a demon; so how can you be human?" asked Willow, "You've been taught by those that are human, they really don't know what you are capable of."
    "So tell me what can I do?"

    "Who do you miss the most?" asked Willow.
    "Willow, sorry, the other Willow," said Buffy.
    "So think about her and she'll be here!. You are chosen, you have been given the power to help others here, all that you will be doing is using those powers."
    In the control room the army personnel on the security detail called the Colonel.
    "What is it?"
    "Take a look at this screen sir, there is a lot of strange things happening."
    "Where?" asked the Colonel.
    "Our men disappeared and now two others have appeared."
    The Colonel looked at the monitor, he sent three others to the room.

    Buffy looked at them, "I can't tell which one of you is you."
    Willow looked at herself, remembered how Xander had bitten her, then that Buffy had killed her. "We shouldn't stay here," she said.
    "Buffy, Just think of us, and your room."
    Buffy sat on the end of her bed looking at Willow, and Willow.
    "How?" she asked.
    "My fault, sorry. On the night that I took Willow to Xander she was to meet and be a close friend with Tara."
    "I know a Tara, she's in the Wicca club," said Willow.
    "Yes, well she is, sorry, she was meant to say something to you Buffy. She was meant to say a few things that would lead you in new directions Willow."
    "New directions? like what?" asked Willow.
    "She was meant to say to you, ?they will find out, you know, about you'."

    "What is it about me that they could find out?" asked Willow.
    "Look at me!, I look like you."
    "I said that before," said Buffy.
    "No, you said we look like each other, that is wrong because I became a vampire, I do not have a reflection, and as that is so, you could not see Willow. So Willow is the real one, I am but the reflection, while I am, Willow will always be."
    "What?" asked Buffy.
    "For me to be seen there will have to be the one that allows me to be seen."
    "But if that is right then....." Buffy looked at Willow.
    "Yes Buffy, we are both the same. All the talk of reincarnation it is of Willow.
    "Will I still meet this Tara?" asked Willow.
    "Do you still want to?"

    "I think you should Will, she sounds important," said Buffy.
    "I'll do what I can, it'll take time though. There is a few things that need doing now. I'll need to tell Buffy that Tara tells her. ?You think you know, what's to come, what you are' that simply means that you should keep searching."
    "What should we do now?" asked Buffy.
    "Go down stairs, get Cordelia to come up here, don't tell her why as we have to go and stop the army boys," said Willow.
    "I don't think Buffy would want them dead," said Will, she smiled, "Speaking of the dead, when I was...where ever I was, I felt as though something was watching me, do you know what it was?"
    "I know, the part of Buffy that will always be, the part that is of the chosen one. She waited for you to be here again," said Willow.

    Buffy and Cordelia came into the room.
    "Were they surprised to see you?"
    "Yes Will, even more surprised that I went downstairs to see them," said Buffy.
    "Cordelia, we need to go and get rid of the army boys and help the Monks of Dagon," said Willow.
    "Do you want me to go with you?" asked Buffy.
    "No Buffy," said Willow, "That reminds me, something that I need to tell you. It should be said now, about today... it's nearly begun, it's about the beginning of the day, it's, you need to be here before...Dawn."

    Bored now! I'm leaving [7th]

    "What do we do first?" asked Cordelia, "And why?"
    "We stop the army then we help some others," said Willow.
    "Oh, helping them to live? that's nice," said Cordelia.
    "No, but they'll live a bit longer."
    "Why? is there something they should do?"
    "More like something I want them to do, see they have found how to make a life, I'll want them to make a few more."
    "What if they say no?" asked Cordelia.
    "More fool them. I?ll tell them who?s behind door one."

    "Who do you want them to make?" asked Cordelia.
    "My coming into this world upset the flow of time, I'll try to put that back."
    "By doing what?" asked Cordelia.
    "By sending Buffy her sister."
    "But Buffy doesn't have a sister," said Cordelia.
    "She should have had a sister, and soon she will have again. Will and Tara need to be together, that and a few other people in Buffy's life," said Willow.

    "Ok, so about these army guys, what is it that we have to do to stop them, why do we need to stop them?"
    "They want to try and harness the demons powers, then use it for their own purposes."
    "Well, that isn't right," said Cordelia.
    "It's a damned sight more than not right, the main reason you are here is to tell Angel to get the slayer away from here if I can't stop them tonight."

    "Those stupid army people have been capturing demons, doing tests on them, killing them. The demons are about to retaliate, big time, unless I can stop them."
    "So wouldn't a few others be helpful Willow?"
    "Yes, but if Buffy goes then Harmony and Jeremy will go."
    "How many demonic types will be here if you can't stop the army?"
    "For one the evil wants to win on it's own terms, this would lead to a full out war. That's the thing about slayers, one here, one there that isn't a problem to the balance, but a hundred here or there and the evil would take notice," said Willow.

    "So how come you know what the evil would do?" asked Cordelia.
    "After I became a damned but before I was tricked into the other dimension I was the evil. I controlled it, formed it, I was the First."
    "If you were, then was?"
    "Yes, she was, maybe she still is, but it isn't that important."
    "Why not?" asked Cordelia.
    "To a microbe on an anthill in your garden you are like a god, would you really bother enforcing your rule?"
    "Then what are you?"
    "I'm known, or was known as a God-Queen but I see no reason to make others bow to me."
    "So at a guess, what you intend to do won't be a pretty sight?"

    "In no way whatsoever, but the outcome will be," said Willow.
    "Especially if the demons do it?"
    "Yes, for one side to win it has to be all powerful. Here, the good was trying to win. Even if the humans that were doing it didn't know, that would cause an imbalance and they are good. Being bloody stupid and ignorant doesn't come into it," said Willow.
    "What do you want me to do here?"
    "Tell me where all the exits are, then leave."
    "What if I don't?"

    "Tomorrow you'll be like Harmony was, trying to find any-one she knew, a friend."
    "How many exits do you know of?"
    "Seven. The way I was brought in, there's a way in through the caves. There are the stairs and the lift to one of the frat houses, another way for the technicians, a passage for the army and the official way for officials to use," said Willow.
    "Are you going to kill everyone here?" asked Cordelia.
    "No, a few of them are needed, for life to continue as it would have done if I hadn't happened."

    "So will you be going there again?"
    "No I won't be going back to Buffy's house and yes, they will see me, in the movies. And if they come visiting, as long as they call first, as Jeremy will always have work."
    "He will? how?" asked Cordelia.
    "Any film he is in will have two ghosts, you and me, oh when you see him, tell him I'll see him at his house."
    "Then thanks, and about what you'll be doing here, oh, I'm not sure if I should say this or not," said Cordelia.

    "It's alright, I can guess what it is. Whilst the out come might be good, the killing of so many means saying good luck would be, against your belief. So let me put words in your mouth, ?it's the thought that counts', that alright?" asked Willow.
    "Yes, thanks," said Cordelia.
    "Just a thought Cordy, before you have a looksee here, when you find an entry or exit, make sure it can't be opened."
    "Okay, I'll leave through the frat house, any chance of a bit of a show before I leave?" asked Cordelia.

    "Yeah ok," said Willow smiling, "When I see you ready to leave."
    "What? but I'll be invisible? how could you see me?"
    "A word from some-one who has been around a lot longer than you, you're invisible to the visible but you are always visible to the invisible."
    "What?" asked Cordelia.
    "You can see me now can't you?" asked Willow.
    "Yes, oh, you mean we are both invisible to the humans?"
    "Look, we're in the army boys lair!, bye." She smiles to Cordelia.

    As Cordy is about to leave a long growl echoes around the place, and a twenty foot high skull with two horns protruding from the side of it's jaw appears floating.
    Cordy floats up the elevator shaft, just as she is about to move through the mirror she sees agents Finn and Williams having a retinal scan done, knowing she is to save them, as the mirror slides back she appears as a large skull emitting a long growl.
    She watches as they run away. Realising she just did exactly the same as Willow, she leaves.

    Bored now! I'm leaving 8th

    Cordy knew it, she'd felt it, she'd told Angel that Willow's life as a ghost wasn't as good as it could be. She was hoping that something could be done to help her. As it was, Spike and Angel were to fearful of this Willows powers.

    "Jeremy, your character is to move across the set to the entrance to that crypt, Alannah will join you at that point, she will caress the side of your face, push the door of the crypt open. She will look into the crypt and see the ghost. She will react to it, and I'll call Cut. This scene is to promote the eerie presence of the film so I'll want to see the dear in your eyes," said the films director.
    "I understand that, how much fear do you want the ghost to bring to the film?" asked Jeremy.

    "I know you said you can control the ghosts but.."
    "No!, I do not control the ghosts, I ask them to do what is needed. If you want the fear factor increased, then stand back," said Jeremy
    The director looked twice at Jeremy, unsure how to react. Shaking his head he thought of the CGI team.
    He made sure Alannah was primed and ready.
    "And action!" he shouted

    Jeremy slowly moved through the graveyard, stopping to look where each sound was coming from. Alannah was in front of him, her eyes glistened as she ran her fingers down the side of his face.
    "Smile for me, I will make you one of mine." Alannah tripped as she stepped back.
    Jeremy heard Cordelia's voice telling him to hurry as Willow was getting very irritated. Jeremy persuaded the director to have Alannah confront him by the crypt door, the director was confused when he was told that one of the ghost wasn't impressed at having to wait for the scene to be done. But he agreed to Jeremy's suggestion. When every-one was ready he called action.

    This time, all was well except for Alannah, she pushed open the crypt door, then ad-libbed. Grabbing hold of Jeremy's throat,
    "In here and you will be mine." she looked into the crypt. Willow heard her threaten Jeremy, Willow's jealousy reared it's ugly head, from the darkness the flash of her yellow eyes made Alannah stop. An uncontrollable growl began in her diaphragm, echoing menacingly in the enclosed space. The hatred of a thousand years emitted from Willow's eyes... piercing the light in Alannah's mind. Alannah screamed as horror filled her being it sprang to life in her, still screaming, Alannah ran from the set.

    The crew were stunned, the camera was left running, the director, stunned at the outburst suddenly realised where he was, "Cut."
    Completely confused at what could have caused his lead to react like that he looked into the room that was called a crypt, seeing Willow's eye fade he became concerned as to the safety of every-one.
    Willow apologised to Jeremy, "I can't keep doing this, I know it's all make believe but some of the lead actresses are so annoying, I'm really going to lose my temper with one of them soon. My pretending to be a vampire was a lot easier than pretending to be a ghost," said Willow.

    "What are you saying?" asked Jeremy.
    "I need to leave, I'll go and see Angel or the girl."
    "You don't mean that's it do you?" asked Cordelia.
    "No, just that I should do something, you should stay here with Jeremy, I'll be back from time to time," said Willow.
    Jeremy felt the warmth of her smile, then it faded.

    In the house, all had changed, the very feeling was altered. Tara and Dawn's personalities had seen to that. Buffy and Will were being torn apart by their new different causes, Willow was glad to see Xander, even though his shell had been filled, he wasn't the same as he was when he was dead. Noticing that Tara could feel her, she told her other to calm her. Even so Tara was unsure.
    "Will has told me you are here, where are you?" asked Buffy.

    Dawn looked at her sister, then glanced sideways at the drinks cabinet.
    Tara smiled to Dawn.
    "I didn't expect to see you quite so soon," said Buffy.

    "Pretending to be a ghost is a lot harder than I thought it would be, I'd like to do something useful," said Willow.
    Seeing herself looking at her, "How do you cope?"
    "By having people around me, by not doing what you are doing."
    Willow looked at herself and she smiled back.
    Giles and Harmony joined them.
    "By not thinking of one person only, by interacting with others you will be a happier person and so will the one you want to be with," said Will, "That isn't always right and sometimes life isn't what you want, but you know that already otherwise you wouldn't be here."

    "Are you saying I should help Harmony, Jeremy and Cordelia."
    "Think about it, Jeremy likes you, he likes you a lot and he does miss you, but it is you that wants to be with him. Cordelia had a life, even as a ghost she had a life, admittedly you gave her another life, but she would have been able to carry on."
    "She decided what she wanted to do, she wanted to help others, and that helped herself to be able to help others," said Will, "I just felt your thoughts and yes Buffy would like that, Willow, we have the power to help others but we need to stand back and watch how others react. That is like helping ourselves."

    "So by asking for Harmony to be amongst us?"
    "Cordelia will like to have Harmony back in her life, Jeremy will appreciate having some-one to talk to. You are putting to much pressure on yourself by concentrating on yourself. That actress, see how she messed up, understand her. Try to see that happening tomorrow if you give her your friendship. Maybe she is a bad actress, but maybe she is just nervous."

    Jeremy invited Alannah to his trailer, when she arrived he started to arrange snacks for them. She knocked over a cup of coffee, spilt the biscuits on the floor. Alannah was about to run away when Jeremy stopped her.
    "Willow was right. The scene we did today, would you like to practise it again? only this time you'll know a bit more about what is happening," said Jeremy.
    "What do you mean?"
    "Ever seen a ghost? Alannah?"
    Cordelia and Willow materialised. Alannah stared at Willow.

    "I was worried about being in a scene with Jeremy, I believed the stories about you being a vampire," said Alannah.
    "My temper in the crypt didn't help then."
    "That was you?" asked Alannah.
    "Sorry, I was just a bit bored."
    "Are you really a ghost?" asked Alannah.
    "Do you know what'll happen if you are told?" asked Willow.
    Alannah nervously looked about the room.
    "Don't be nervous Alannah, you don't need to be, not from me. I hope you and Jeremy will be in quite a few films together."

    "Willow?" asked Jeremy.
    "Where has she gone?" asked Alannah.
    "To find herself? I don't know. I hope she will be happy, I hope she finds the peace that can come with friendship," said Jeremy.

    "Angel? what is it?" asked Wesley.
    "You feel it too," asked Spike, "Run and hide."
    "Wes! go!" exclaimed Angel.
    Angel looked to the stairs, but saw nothing. He turned to see...he saw Spike kneeling, a sudden realization. She was in the room, Angel moved to Spike, saw her, then knelt.
    "Thank.. you.. boyzz. Where.. is he thatt lives.."
    "Wesley, she wants to see you," said Angel.
    "You told me to hide."
    "Wesley!, don't make her look for you," said Spike.

    Wesley came out of the wardrobe, still holding the only three crucifixes he could find. He looked at Angel, and Spike. Confused at why they were kneeling to her.
    "That is Willow, why are you kneeling?"
    "Because of who she is. Those of the Order of Aurelias would kneel to her, Aurelias himself would bow in her presence," said Angel.
    "Kneel...human...I am... their God Queen."
    Wesley knelt to her, he saw her move to him, as she moved he saw her body's echoes. Her touch, though her skin looked smooth, yet it felt like a cat's tongue, her skin was cold, yet as she kept her hand on his he felt her body warm.
    "Thank you human...."
    Looking to Spike then to Angel, "Bored now!, I'm leaving."

    "What? she's gone! where?" asked Wesley.
    Spike looked around the room, suddenly facing Angel.
    "Wes! ring Buffy quick," said Angel.
    "Do I ring her... " but he was alone.

    Buffy was chasing three vampires through the graveyard, "Slow down!" she was thinking about to throwing a stake but they erupted in flames, as their bodies were completely enveloped in fire Willow walked from the flames towards Buffy. Then they were gone.
    Breathing hard, desperately trying to catch his breath Giles. He saw what was left of them, "Well.. done.. yes, well done, oh, hello Will."
    "Wrong one Giles, this is Willow."
    Looking at Giles, watching as he gasped for air, "If you want I can stop you breathing that hard."
    "You can...I'd be so...grateful...Wait?.. you mean?"
    "She means she'll make you a vampire," said Buffy.

    "Normally yes, but for you I can do it without drinking your blood, but you will need to taste my blood," said Willow.
    "Vampires cannot do that," said Giles.
    "Yes Giles, but Willow is not your normal vampire."
    Buffy saw that Willow was crouching behind a headstone.
    Angel and Spike ran to be at Buffy's side. Giles looked at them.
    "Why are you here?"
    "We thought that Willow would have been here," said Angel.
    "You came to rescue us?" asked Giles.
    "Not rescue, more like pick you up and run from her, why?"

    "She just told me she could stop me breathing heavy, can she?"
    Angel quickly looked about, "She said she'd drink you?"
    "No, only that I'd have to taste her blood."
    "What!" exclaimed Spike.
    "Can she do that? can you?" asked Giles.
    "We cannot, she wanted to help you?"
    "Willow killed three vampires for me," said Buffy.
    "It is good that you would risk all for them," said Willow. As she stood up.
    "I'll go back," said Angel, "We left Wes alone."

    Willow looked to her side.
    "He is not alone, Cordelia is there. But you can leave us, while I am here no harm shall come to these two."
    Angel and Spike knelt to her. Stood, then went away.
    "What just happened?" asked Giles.
    "I'll tell you later," replied Buffy.
    "Time is nearly right, your mother is at home Buffy, waiting for you, I will leave but I'll be back, one day."
    "Please come and meet every one," said Buffy.
    Willow looked long and hard at the both of them.

    "Happy now, I'm leaving."

    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.