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East Wick 1.05 "Mr. Reaper Man"

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  • East Wick 1.05 "Mr. Reaper Man"

    East Wick: 1.05 "Mr. Reaper Man"



    OPEN TO:


    A young woman sprints down a dark alley way, in down town East Wick. We don’t know what she’s running from.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (screaming) Help! Someone help!

    She looks tired and worn out as she continues to run down the alleyway. She looks behind her; nothing is there. She slowly comes to a stop, looking around, franticly.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (heavy breathing; whisper; frighten) Hello?

    She hears chains dragging along the pavement.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (terrified) Oh, god!

    She turns to run, but there’s a large creature-like man standing in her path. The creature-like man is about seven feet tall, and very muscular, like a body builder. Symbols are tattooed all over his body. He has piercing all over his face and chest. He has razor sharp teeth and red eyes. He wears strips of binding leather that wrap around his body and ripped dingy clothes. Frightened, the young woman steps back.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (crying; begging) Please, mister, don’t kill me.

    The creature-man stares down at the Young Woman with fury. As the creature-man walks towards the Young Woman, his chains drag on the pavement. The Young Woman looks down to see that the creature-man carries long metal, chains in his hands. The chains drag on the pavement as he walks. The chain in his right hand has sharp, small blades on them.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (crying) No!

    The Young Woman turns around, running away. The camera follows her, leaving the creature-man behind. She sprints down the alleyway.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (screams) Help! Someone hel –

    Suddenly, a metal chain violently wraps around the Young Woman’s neck. It tightens around her neck and the small blades sink into her neck. She gets snatched back out of the screen.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (screams) AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!



    Purple, dingy letters that spell: EAST WICK stretches across the screen.


    THEME SONG: ’Creep Show’ by Kerli


    Holly Marie Combs - Maureen Cromwell
    Sophia Bush - October Eastwick
    Shane West - Asher Armstrong
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Rorri Cromwell
    Dominic Purcell - Carter Michaels
    Danneel Harris - Katarina “Kat” Sherwood
    Matt Dallas - Darwin Eastwick
    And Adam Brody as Spencer Cromwell


    Courtney Cox- Arquette - Genevieve “Geni” Eastwick
    Jeffery Dean Morgan - Gabe
    Famke Janssen as Selma Eastwick


    Jared Padalecki - Parker Doven
    Jordana Brewster - Adele
    Megan Fox - Danika
    Gina Holden as Quinn


    Jessica Lucas - Keegan Burke
    Joshua Jackson as Charles






    DISCLAIMER: This is a spin off of the Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy televisions series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I do not make any money off of this FanFic, it’s for fun and fun only. East Wick is affiliated with Riley the Series by BlasterBoy (Ben)
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    East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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    ACT I

    OPEN TO:


    October, Darwin, and Geni stand on the side walk. Geni has a suit case sitting by her feet and she carries a large bag on her shoulder. She wears a black suit. Darwin wears a blue t-shirt, under a gray jacket and blue jeans.

    OCTOBER: Bye, Aunt Geni.

    October gives Geni a warm hug.

    GENI: Bye, honey.

    Geni kisses her on the forehead, they break apart. Darwin looks upset as he steps up to Geni, giving her a long hug.

    DARWIN: Mom, I’m going to miss you.

    GENI: I’m going to miss you too.

    They break apart and Geni gently grabs Darwin by the face.

    GENI: I’m only going to be gone for a month. I know that seems like a long time, but I have to do this.

    DARWIN: Why can’t you work for the Watcher’s Council here?

    GENI: Because, I have more access there to stop Selma.

    Geni kisses Darwin on the forehead. She steps away from Darwin. She looks at October and Darwin with a smile on his face.

    GENI: (to October) Take care of him.

    OCTOBER: I will.

    GENI: And get him enrolled into school. I want him to finish off his senior year.

    OCTOBER: (laughs) I will.

    GENI: Also don’t let Selma get near him.

    OCTOBER: (serious) I won’t let her touch him.

    Geni looks at Darwin.

    GENI: And remember what I said…

    DARWIN: Don’t contact dad until this is all over.

    GENI: Exactly.

    A black SUV pulls up on the street, behind Geni.

    OCTOBER: Your ride’s here.

    A young and beautiful bi-racial woman climbs out of the SUV. She’s (played by: Jessica Lucas) She walks up to Geni.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (to Selma) Mrs. Eastwick-Giovanni?

    GENI: (to Young Woman) Yes, that’s me.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (smile) Hi, I’m Keegan Burke, a slayer. I’m your transporter to the Watcher’s Council.

    GENI: (smile) Hi, Keegan. You can call me Geni.


    DARWIN: (to Keegan) Take care of her.

    Keegan turns to October and Darwin.

    KEEGAN: (smile) I will; don’t worry.

    Keegan turns back to Geni.

    KEEGAN: I’ll get your bags.

    She bends down, picking Geni’s bag up. As Keegan is loading the SUV, Geni gives October and Darwin one last hug. Keegan shuts the back door and turns back to the others.

    KEEGAN: You ready, Geni?

    Geni wipes tears from her eyes and turns away from the most two important people in her life. She faces Keegan.

    GENI: Yeah.

    Geni doesn’t look behind her as she climbs into the passenger seat of the SUV. Keegan walks around the SUV, climbing into the driver side. October and Darwin wave as the SUV pulls off, driving down the street. October and Darwin stand there in silence for a moment.

    OCTOBER: (to Darwin) Are you okay?

    DARWIN: (cert) I’m fine.

    OCTOBER: “I’m fine” is printed right across your forehead. Are you really fine?

    DARWIN: (snaps) Yes, stop asking me!

    October turns, towards Darwin. She grabs Darwin’s shoulders, turning him, facing her.

    OCTOBER: I just want to know if you’re okay. You’ve been through so much in such small time. Your ex-boyfriend died…in front of you. Your mother just left. (sighs) I want my little cousin to be okay.

    DARWIN: I’m fine…I just need to be by myself. You need to worry about getting the book back and that demon out of your friend. (beat) I’m going for a walk.

    Darwin turns away form October, walking away.

    OCTOBER: (yells) Be careful!

    Darwin doesn’t respond; he continues down the sidewalk. October lets out a stressful sigh.

    OCTOBER: (to self) I’m taking care of a teenager. Oh my god! When did I become thirty-five?!

    October walks over to the driveway, where her 1965 black Mustang is parked. She opens the driver side door, climbing into her car.

    CUT TO:


    Rorri is standing up in-between two metal poles, holding herself up. A male nurse (played by: Joshua Jackson) guides her as she takes one step at a time. He has eyeglasses on his face and scruff. Rorri wears a hospital robe and her long brown hair is pulled up into a ponytail. Rorri’s legs wobble violently, trying to hold up her body.

    MALE NURSE: (encouraging) C’mon, Rorri, you can do it.

    Rorri’s face is bright red frustration and pain, as she takes all her energy to take another step. Rorri’s legs then give way and she drops. The male nurse catches her.

    MALE NURSE: Okay, well this is it for today.

    RORRI: (angered) No, I can finish.

    MALE NURSE: No, Rorri, you’re pushing yourself too hard.

    RORRI: (sighs; annoyed) I’m not, Charles, I can do it.

    MALE NURSE/CHARLES: Yeah, tomorrow.

    RORRI: No, now!

    CHARLES: I’m sorry, Rorri, but no.

    Charles lifts Rorri up, carrying her back to her wheel chair. He carefully sits her down in the wheelchair.

    RORRI: (angered) I hate this wheelchair.

    Charles kneels down, lowering to Rorri’s level.

    CHARLES: I know, Rorri, but you will be able to walk again. Be grateful about that. They’re some people who will never leave they’re will chair again. You will. Just be patient about it.

    Rorri lets out a stressful sigh as she pulls her ponytail out. Her long brown hair falls to her shoulders. She looks into Charles’s eyes.

    RORRI: Okay.

    CHARLES: (smiles) Good.

    Charles turns the wheelchair around, pushing Rorri out of the room.

    CUT TO:


    Charles pushes Rorri down the hallway in her wheelchair.

    CHARLES: So, other than this wheelchair, how have you been?

    RORRI: (annoyed) I don’t know. I really haven’t been doing anything, but sitting on my ass.

    CHARLES: (smile) You’ve been looking at me.

    RORRI: (smirk; joking) Yeah…you got boring quickly.

    CHARLES: That’s what you say.

    Charles turns, pushing Rorri into her hospital room.

    CUT TO:


    Charles rolls Rorri over to the hospital bed. He puts the breaks on Rorri’s wheelchair, and then he lifts her up out of the wheelchair. Rorri wraps her arms around Charles’s neck.

    RORRI: Am I gaining wait?

    CHARLES: (smiling) Nope!

    Charles lays Rorri onto the hospital bed.

    RORRI: (smile) Thanks.

    CHARLES: No problem.

    Charles pulls the blanket up to Rorri’s waist.

    CHARLES: You’re all tucked in now. (beat) Okay, well I’m gonna go check on Mrs. Peterson down the hall.

    RORRI: (sarcastic) You go do that.

    Charles turns and walks out of the room. As he exits Maureen and Spencer enter.

    RORRI: Hey, guys.

    MAUREEN: Hey, honey.

    Maureen and Spencer walk over to Rorri’s hospital bed. Maureen leans over the bed, kissing Rorri on the cheek. Maureen steps back as Spencer steps forward, giving Rorri a kiss on the forehead. Spencer wears

    SPENCER: Hey, sis, how are you doing?

    Spencer sits at the foot of the hospital bed. Maureen stands next to the bed, with her arms crossed over her chest. She wears fitted blue jeans, a black blouse, under a brown jacket; she carries a black purse on her shoulder.

    RORRI: Spencer, I’m crippled, I’m not okay.

    SPENCER: You’ll be able to walk again, sis.

    RORRI: I know, but you don’t understand. I feel useless and helpless. We live in a town full of demons. How am I supposed to protect myself?

    MAUREEN: You don’t need to protect yourself. That’s why we’re here.

    RORRI: (upset) That’s the point, Maureen, I don’t want to be dependent on you and Spencer.

    MAUREEN: You’re not being dependent. It’s us being a family. We protect one another and you don’t have to like it, but I’m gonna protect you always, until the day I die.

    There’s silence in the room.

    RORRI: (puts head down) I know.

    MAUREEN: And I’ll protect you from October.

    Spencer and Rorri let out a sigh of annoyance.

    RORRI: Oh my god, Maureen, not this again.

    SPENCER: Stop blaming this on her.

    MAUREEN: But it is her fault! Her mother came here because of her, looking for that book!

    SPENCER: But the reason why she came here is to help us.

    Maureen sighs, rolling her eyes.

    MAUREEN: I don’t get you two. She has brought hell into our lives. (gestures to Rorri) You can’t walk for Christ’s sake! And she got Delilah possessed with a demon!

    RORRI: Yeah, I can’t walk, but October didn’t do this to me. It was those two bitches; Danika and Quinn. The Delilah situation sucks, but we will get her back. It’s not like October opened the box herself, and released the demon.

    MAUREEN: But it’s October’s fault that Black Blossom has caused all this mayhem and havoc!

    SPENCER: The thing you’re not realizing, Maureen, is that Black Blossom was gonna come here anyway to destroy our family line. October came here and stopped that from happening.

    Maureen shakes her head in disbelief.

    MAUREEN: The Eastwick’s and the Cromwell’s’ have never got along and never will. We will always be at war with them and now we’re working with one that could be dangerous to us.

    SPENCER: She’s harmless and I think this war should be squashed between out families and October is proving that.

    MAUREEN: I can’t believe you two.

    RORRI: I can’t believe you, you’re putting this on a person that doesn’t deserve it.

    Maureen holds back tears.

    MAUREEN: (raises voice) I’m trying to protect you! You guys are everything to me and if I lost you I wouldn’t know what to do.

    Maureen wipes the tears from her eyes.

    MAUREEN: Sorry, I’m being a good sister. (angered) Screw both of you.

    Maureen turns, walking out of the hospital room.

    Rorri and Spencer look at each other.

    SPENCER: (to Rorri) Was that a mistake? We were too harsh?

    RORRI: No. She needed to hear that.

    CUT TO:


    Carter is standing behind the checkout counter, ringing up a customer’s items. Carter places the items in a brown paper bag, handing it to the customer that stands on the other side of the checkout counter.

    CARTER: (smile) Here you go, have a nice day.

    CUSTOMER: Thank you, you too.

    The customer walks out of Cromwell’s as October enters.

    CARTER: October.

    OCTOBER: Hey, Carter.

    October walks over to the check out counter, leaning against it.

    CATER: Here to train?

    OCTOBER: No. I’m here because we need to get that book back, and get that demon out of Delilah.

    CARTER: Then we need to plan something fast, but careful.

    OCTOBER: (sighs) Yeah, that’s why I came here…I have plan.

    CARTER: What is it?

    OCTOBER: I was doing some research and I found a spell I can do. It’s called an Airgo walk.

    CARTER: Yeah, I’ve heard of those before.

    OCTOBER: Its basically astral projection and a very powerful located spell put in one. Since we don’t know where Black Blossom is hiding this spell can show me where they are. When I get there in my astral form I can see where everything is, so when I come back we know what we’re working with.

    CARTER: That’s a good idea. Do you need my help?

    OCTOBER: Yeah, I actually do. I have the list of items we need.

    October pulls a folded paper out of her back pocket. She unfolds it and hands it to Carter. Carter looks over it.

    CARTER: Yeah, we have some of this stuff in here. I have to see some friends to get the other stuff.

    OCTOBER: Okay, cool.

    CARTER: Don’t you need something of Selma’s?

    OCTOBER: I have something. Before I left Black Blossom I took one of her hair brushes. I figured one day I would need something of hers.

    CARTER: (smirks) Smart move, October. (beat) So, I’ll get this stuff to you soon. I’ll give you a call.

    Maureen then enters the store. The sight of October instantly makes her upset.

    CARTER: (under breath) Oh, god.

    October turns, facing Maureen as she approaches October.

    MAUREEN: (curt; to October) Get out!

    OCTOBER: (confused) What? I came here because I have a plan to get the book back.

    MAUREEN: (anger) Because if you don’t have the book then there’s nothing to talk about.

    OCTOBER: Maureen –

    MAUREEN: Do you have the book?

    OCTOBER: (giving in) No, but –

    MAUREEN: But nothing. You failed. There’s nothing more to say. You got the book taken and your friend possessed by a demon.

    Carter walks from behind the counter over to the women.

    CARTER: Honey, let –

    MAUREEN: (to Carter; stern) I’m not talking to you and I’m not your honey.

    CARTER: (sighs) You’re overreacting.

    MAUREEN: (smiling) No, not at all.

    OCTOBER: (confused) I don’t get it, why are you so mad? We haven’t even said one word to you.

    MAUREEN: (lying) You don’t have the book!

    CARTER: (angered) That’s a load of bullshit!

    MAUREEN: (getting mad) What!?

    CARTER: That’s not really why you’re mad, right?

    OCTOBER: (understanding) If we’re going to work together, you’re going to have to trust me.

    MAUREEN: Who says we have to work together?

    OCTOBER: If we don’t, Black Blossom will win. Do you want them to win?

    MAUREEN: (defensive) No…do you?

    CARTER: Maureen!

    OCTOBER: (annoyed) Oh, this again! After all this time how could you even ask that?!

    MAUREEN: She’s your freakin’ mother! I find it hard to believe that you betrayed her like that!

    OCTOBER: I betrayed her? She’s evil!

    MAUREEN: Which means you’re probably evil, too. It’s called genetics.

    CARTER: Maureen, you know this is crazy! I’ve told you that a million times before.

    MAUREEN: (to Carter) Stay out of this, Carter!

    OCTOBER: Genetics? You suck at science, ya know that?

    MAUREEN: At least I don’t kill people for fun.

    OCTOBER: (sarcastic) Yeah, killing people is a really fun hobby.

    MAUREEN: See! You just admitted it!

    October gives a little laugh.

    OCTOBER: What are you, five?!

    Carter jumps back in.

    CARTER: She was kidding, Maureen!

    MAUREEN: You don’t joke about people’s lives! But I guess you wouldn’t know that, seeing as you’re training a serial killer!

    CARTER: This is getting out of hand.

    MAUREEN: Get out!

    CARTER: I’m not leaving you two alone in here.

    OCTOBER: Why!? You don’t think I can take this bitch!?

    MAUREEN: (to October) What the hell was that?!

    OCTOBER: You say I’m evil!? You’re the biggest bitch from hell.

    CARTER: Being a bitch does not make her evil, October!

    MAUREEN: (to Carter) Shut the hell up! Don’t defend me! (to October) You’re mother and her little friends come in and wreak havoc everywhere! At that same time, you try to get the book, and somehow, they get the book. You know how they got the book?

    OCTOBER: Yeah. They kicked our asses.

    MAUREEN: Wrong! You let them, that’s how. And you got your friend infected with a demon. Not just any regular demon at that. Your mother’s sister!

    OCTOBER: I didn’t mean for that to happen, Maureen! (hurt) I tried to save Delilah, you weren’t there!

    CARTER: Guys, calm down.

    Maureen turns to Carter and slaps him, making him take a few steps back.

    OCTOBER: Hey!

    Maureen turns back to October, makes a fist, and attempts to strike October. However, you see Carter hold Maureen’s hand, and then pull her back. You hear the door open, and the camera shows Spencer rushing in, surprised.

    OCTOBER: (to Maureen) You idiotic bitch!

    October attempts to hit Maureen this time, but Spencer runs up and pulls October back.

    CARTER: (holding Maureen back; to Spencer) Get her out of here!

    SPENCER: (holding October back) Okay.

    MAUREEN: (being held back; to October) You’re going to lead us to our doom!

    OCTOBER: (being pulled back by Spencer; to Maureen; sarcastic) Yeah, I’m the harbinger of death!

    Spencer pulls October out of the store.

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    East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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      ACT II

      OPEN TO:


      Spencer just pulled October outside. October tries to run back in, but Spencer pushes her back.

      SPENCER: October, calm down!

      OCTOBER: (threateningly) Get the hell out of my way.

      SPENCER: No. Calm down.

      OCTOBER: (yelling) I can’t! Your sister is a bitch!

      SPENCER: I know, October, I’ve lived with her! You need to calm down.

      October begins to pace back in forth, breathing heavily with anger, calming herself down.

      OCTOBER: (angered; to Spencer) I’m not evil. Do you think I’m evil?

      SPENCER: No, not at all. (sighs) Maureen just has a lot of trust issues. She doesn’t trust everyone and when she does it’s a very long time to get that trust. She doesn’t even trust my brother, Kemper. October, you’ll break her barrier soon.

      OCTOBER: I just came to East Wick to help and this is how I’m treated?

      October continues to pace.

      Spencer steps in front of her, stopping her.

      SPENCER: Calm down!

      CUT TO:


      Carter and Maureen stands in the middle of Cromwell’s

      CARTER: What is wrong with you!

      MAUREEN: (yells) What?!

      CARTER: That was the last time you will ever disrespect me. I know why you hate October and that sucks, but I’m more worried about us. You treat me like a child, like I’m your play toy.

      MAUREEN: I don’t care what you say, Carter. You’re going to say something stupid that I don’t care about. How about this….there’s some beer in the fridge upstairs. Go get drunk then jump out the window.

      Carter is taken back for a moment. Fury then quickly crawls across his face. Carter steps up to Maureen, getting in her face. She crosses her arms across her chest like she’s bored. Carter points his finger in her face.

      CARTER: (through clutched teeth) You say you want our marriage to be done, but deep down inside I know that you don’t want that. Well guess what…

      MAUREEN: (annoyed) What?!

      CARTER: I want it. I’ve had divorce papers stashed in my safe. We’re signing them today.

      Carter walks off, brushing by Maureen. Maureen’s face drops as she holds back tears.

      CUT TO:


      Spencer and October are leaning on the side of building.

      SPENCER: You relaxed?

      OCTOBER: No. I’m far from relaxed. I should go in there and kick your sister’s ass…but I’m not.

      SPECNER: Good, sexy momma.

      OCTOBER: (disgusted) Spencer, stop calling me that!

      SPENCER: (laughing) Sorry. (beat) So, what are you doing tonight?

      OCOTBER: I hope you’re not asking me out on a date?

      SPENCER: Umm, maybe. There’s a party in my dorm building tonight. Just wanted to know if you wanted to come?

      OCTOBER: Umm, I’ll pass. I don’t want any dirty frat boy humping my leg. Besides I have something to do tonight.

      SPENCER: (bummed) Oh.

      OCTOBER: But! I know someone you can take.

      SPENCER: Who!?

      OCTOBER: Darwin.

      SPENCER: Darwin?

      OCTOBER: He’s going through some tough stuff. I’m pretty sure some frat guys and beer will cheer him up.

      SPECNER: (laughing) Okay. I’ll see if he wants to tag.

      OCTOBER: (smiling) Good. Thanks.

      SPENCER: No prob.

      Spencer stares at October with bliss. He leans in, trying to kiss her.

      OCTOBER: Kiss me and I’ll rip your damn lips off.

      Quickly, Spencer leans back against the side of the building. October pushes off the building and makes her way down the street, walking away from Spencer. Spencer tilts his head to the side, staring at October’s butt as she walks away.

      OCTOBER: (strutting away) Stop staring!

      Spencer quickly looks the opposite way.

      CUT TO:


      Asher is thrown to the ground. He looks up at an ugly demon, standing over him. The demon is about seven foot tall with green scales all over his body and brown horns coming from his head.

      DEMON: He sent you to kill me?

      ASHER: (smirk) Yeah. We get paid for it. We’re hunters.

      VAMPIRE#1: (confused) We’re –

      Asher extends his leg, kicking Vampire#1 in the stomach. Vampire#1 stumbles back. Asher jumps to his feet. Kat comes from behind a crypt, holding a book, chanting in a different language.

      DEMON: (worried) What is she doing?

      ASHER: (smirk) Sending you back to hell.

      As Kat continues to chant, the demon begins to grab his stomach in pain.

      DEMON: (in pain) What’s happening? (yells) No!

      Suddenly, the demon explodes into ash. Kat stops chanting and closes the book.

      KAT: That was way easier than fighting.

      ASHER: Yeah, it was.

      Kat shuts the spell book.

      KAT: That was a paycheck.

      Asher walks over to Kat, giving her a kiss on the mouth.

      ASHER: I know. He has to go pick it up.

      KAT: I love this job, killing evil for money.

      ASHER: (smiles) I know, babe.

      He gives her another kiss. He grabs her hand and they begin to walk towards the exit of the cemetery. Kat stops walking, pulling Asher back. Asher faces her.

      ASHER: What?

      KAT: (clears throat) I have to talk to you.

      ASHER: What? Should I be worried?

      KAT: (nervous) I don’t know.

      ASHER: (worried) Okay, tell me.

      KAT: (stressful sigh) I found my father.

      ASHER: (surprised) What! No way!

      KAT: (smile) Yeah.

      ASHER: That’s awesome! Congrats!

      Asher grabs Kat, pulling her close, giving her a hug,.

      KAT: (smiling) Thanks.

      They break apart.

      ASHER: How and where is he at?

      KAT: A private investigator. (sighs) The private investigator found my father in a small town in Iowa. (beat) That’s why I’m leaving in two days.

      ASHER: (shocked) What!? Your just going to leave and go meet him? No phone call?

      KAT: I cant. The private investigator only told me that he’s in the town. He doesn’t know where my father lives in the town or his telephone number. My father trail stops after the town limits.

      ASHER: I’m coming with you, right?

      KAT: No. I don’t want to overwhelm him with my life.

      ASHER: I don’t want you going by yourself.

      KAT: I’ll be fine, Asher.

      Kat grabs Asher’s face, giving him a peck on the lips.

      KAT: Trust me. (smirk) Plus if he rejects me… no one’s there to see me cry.

      ASHER: (comforting smile) He wont reject you, Kat.

      Asher kisses Kat on the forehead. He holds her hands, looking into her eyes.

      ASHER: I love you, Kat Sherwood, and whatever you do is fine by me. As long as you’re okay. I’ll support you. Go see your father, I’ll be here…kicking some demon ass.

      KAT: (smiling) I love you.

      She wraps her arms around Asher’s neck. Asher wraps his arms around Kat’s waist.

      ASHER: I love you too. Now can we get home so you can give me a massage.

      KAT: (smiling) Yes.

      Kat and Asher break away from each other, turning, walking towards the cemetery exit.

      CUT TO


      Asher and Kat walk across the street to Asher’s black pick-up.

      MAN: (O/S; yells) Help!

      Suddenly, a man bumps into Asher and Kat. All three of them fall to the pavement.

      KAT: Ouch!

      Asher and Kat stands back to their feet. The man jumps to his feet, frantic and paranoid. He has cuts all over his face and his shirt is ripped.

      MAN: (panicked yells) Help me!

      ASHER: What’s wrong?! What happened?

      Asher grabs the man’s shoulder, trying to calm him down.

      MAN: (yells) Help! He’s going to kill me! He’s going to kill me!

      ASHER: Who!?

      MAN: Him!

      The man points over Asher’s shoulder. Asher and Kat turn around to see the demon-like, creature-man with chains. The same demon from the teaser.

      KAT: (in shock) What the hell is that?!

      ASHER: I don’t know. (turns to man) Is that the thing after you?

      MAN: Yeah!

      As the creature-man approaches them, his chains drag against the pavement. The frantic man turns to run down the street. From about 30 feet way, the creature-man grips his chain in his right hand. With one quick movement of his large muscular arm, the chain rips through the air, flying passed Asher and Kat’s face, and wraps around the frantic man’s neck. The creature-man pulls back, throwing the man to the pavement. The creature-like man begins to pull the frantic man towards him. The frantic man drags along the pavement, moaning in pain. Asher rushes over to the creature-man as Kat rushes over to the frantic man getting dragged. Kat tries to free the man from the tight chain that is wrapped around his neck.

      MAN: (choking) He – he –

      KAT: (panicked) I’ll get it off.

      Asher sprints up to the creature-man. Asher extends his leg, kicking the creature-man in his chest.

      ASHER: (yells) Let him go!

      The creature man narrows his red eyes at Asher, not affected by the kick at all. The creature-man lets out a grunt. The creature-man takes his free hand, raising it up and swiftly bringing it down, hitting Asher in the chest. Asher flies back, landing on the sidewalk, out cold.

      KAT: Asher!

      With his other chain in his other hand, the creature-man swings the chain and it rips through the air, hurling directly at Kat. The end of the chain knocks Kat in the head. Kat falls to the ground, out cold.

      CUT TO:


      Darwin stands on the balcony, looking over the town. The very cool, fall wind blows, making Darwin cross his arms across his chest, trying to warm himself up. From inside of the apartment he hears a door slam shut.

      OCTOBER: (O/S) Darwin! Some people are here to see you!

      A look of confusion grows across Darwin’s face. He turns around, walking off of the balcony, into the apartment.

      CUT TO:


      Darwin closes the balcony doors and turns around to see October and Spencer.

      DARWIN: (confused) Spencer, what are you doing here?

      OCTOBER: (smile) Spencer is here to invite you to a college party.

      Darwin rolls his eyes in annoyance.

      SPENCER: Well, there’s a party going on in my dorm building. Wanted to see if you wanted to come.

      Darwin looks over at Spencer who has a forced smile on his face. Darwin lifts is eye brows, annoyed.

      DARWIN: October!

      OCTOBER: (smirk) What?

      DARWIN: (angered) You made him hang out with me! (through clinched teeth) Out of pity?

      SPENCER: (not convincing) No. It’s not out of pity; we want you to come. It’s gonna be fun. October said you’d love it. Beer, and hot frat guys.

      Darwin’s eyes grow large with embarrassment. Darwin is embarrassed by the information October shared with Spencer.

      DARWIN: (to October; angered) Did you really say that!?

      October elbows Spencer in the arm.

      SPENCER: Ouch! What!?

      Darwin angrily squints his eyes, narrowing them to October, mouthing the word: “Bitch”

      Darwin looks at Spencer then back at October.

      DARWIN: October, this is a sad attempt to get me out and about!

      OCTOBER: I was just trying to do something nice.

      DARWIN: (rolls eyes) Whatever! I’m gonna go and get drunk and have tons of sex….

      Darwin walks pass October and Spencer. He snatches his jacket off of the coat rack.

      DARWIN: (yells) With strange men!

      Darwin walks out of the apartment. October lets out a stressful sigh.

      OCTOBER: You look after him. And don’t let him get drunk or have sex.

      SPENCER: I won’t.

      OCTOBER: Good.

      Spencer turns, leaving October’s apartment. As they walk out of her apartment, she shuts the door behind them. October spins around, leaning against the door, stressed.

      OCTOBER: (disbelief) I’m taking care of a teenager.

      Suddenly, October’s cell phone begins to ring. October digs in her tight pants pocket, pulling it out. She flips it open, putting it to her ear.

      OCOTBER: Hello.


      OCTOBER: Hey, Carter.


      OCTOBER: It’s fine, Carter, its not your fault Maureen is a bitch.


      OCTOBER: So you got the stuff?


      OCTOBER: (smile) That’s awesome. I’m at my place, come over and we can start the ritual.

      CUT TO:


      The camera is above and we can see Kat sprawled across the pavement in the middle of the street, out cold. The camera pans down on Kat as she begins to come to. Kat quickly sits up into a sitting position, holding her head. She runs her fingers though her long red hair, letting out a sigh.

      KAT: (to self) Damn, that hurt.

      Kat has a cut on her forehead. She stumbles to her feet, looking around. She runs over to Asher, who’s lying on the sidewalk, unconscious. Kat kneel down next to hem, carefully waking him.

      KAT: Babe, wake up.

      Asher comes to, looking up at Kat. Kat helps Asher up. Asher looks around their surroundings, curious.

      ASHER: Where the hell did he go?

      KAT: I don’t know; he took the man.

      Asher looks at Kat, noticing she has a cut on her forehead. He slowly rubs her head.

      ASHER: You okay?

      KAT: I’m fine, but that man is not. We have to find out what that was, and why he wanted that man.

      ASHER: Let’s go.

      Asher grabs Kat’s hand, pulling her towards the pick-up.


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        ACT III

        OPEN TO:


        Loud music blares from the dorm building. People are gathered around the entrance of the dormitory, talking and drinking beer.

        CUT TO:


        Darwin pushes through the crowd of drunken and over sexual co-eds. Darwin carries a red cup. Darwin looks disgusted at all the co-eds grinding and kissing on each other.

        DARWIN: Eww.

        Darwin then turns, entering a dorm room.

        CUT TO:


        Parker lies on the bed stomach down, writing in a notebook. Next to the notebook is an open textbook. Parker wears a gray University of East Wick t-shirt and a black pajama pants he’s also barefoot. Parker looks up as Darwin slips into his dorm room. Darwin shuts the door, his back is facing Parker. The loud music is muffled now since Darwin has shut the door. Darwin turns around to see Parker looking up at him.

        DARWIN: (briskly) Oh, sorry!

        PARKER: (smirk) It’s fine. I was just finishing up my homework.

        DARWIN: I can leave if you want me to?

        PARKER: Oh, no! You can stay.

        Parker shuts his textbook. He pushes up, off of his stomach and into sitting position.

        PARKER: Aren’t you Spencer’s friend?

        DARWIN: Yeah. (curious) How do you know Spencer?

        PARKER: I’m his roommate. This is our dorm room.

        DARWIN: Oh!

        Parker slides off the bed, walking over to Darwin. Parker 6’4” frame towers over Darwin. Parker sticks his large, muscular hand out for a handshake.

        PARKER: I’m Parker Doven.

        Darwin accepts the handshake.

        DARWIN: Hey, I’m Darwin Eastwick.

        Parker walks back over to his bed, sitting down.

        PARKER: Wanna sit? Partying isn’t your thing?

        Darwin walks over to Spencer’s bed, sitting down. Darwin and Parker are now sitting across from one another.

        DARWIN: I like to have fun, but they’re animals. Including Spencer. When I was looking for him I found him drunk as a skunk, pissing in the bushes.

        PARKER: (laughing) Yeah, he pees in the same bush every time he’s drunk.

        Darwin forces laughter out of his mouth. They sit in awkward silence for a moment.

        DARWIN: (breaking awkward silence) So…you don’t like to party?

        PARKER: I do, but not tonight. Just felt like chilling.

        Parker notices the red cup in Darwin’s hand.

        PARKER: (smirk) What’s in the cup? (beat) If you don’t mind me asking?

        DARWIN: Beer…that I haven’t even sipped.

        Parker begins to laugh. Darwin begins to smile at the fact that Parker finds that funny.

        Suddenly, the dorm room door opens and a random guy sticks his head into the room.

        GUY: Parker, I think you need to go get Spencer.

        PARKER: Why?

        GUY: He’s drunk and he’s running through campus. Go find him before he draws attention to this building. If the administrators find out we’re drinking in here…we’re dead.

        PARKER: Damn! Okay. I’ll go get him.

        The guy disappears back into the party in the hall.

        Parker stands to his feet. He looks down at Darwin.

        PARKER: Coming?

        DARWIN: Yeah, what the hell!?

        Darwin stands to his feet.

        CUT TO:


        October is sitting Indian style on the floor in the middle of the living room. Purple sand is surrounding October in a circular formation. Sitting in front of October is a black bowl frilled with orange thick liquid, sitting next to that is a small brown sack, and a knife. Carter stands outside of the circle.

        CARTER: Are you ready?

        OCTOBER: (nerves) Yeah. I’m just a little nervous. I have never astral projected before.

        CARTER: You’ll be fine, October, I’m here and I won’t let anything happen.

        OCTOBER: (stressful sigh) Okay.

        October pulls her long dark hair into a ponytail as she takes in a breath.

        OCTOBER: I’m ready.

        October picks up the small brown sack, pouring a sand-like substance into the black bowl. October sits the empty brown sack down and picks the knife up. She presses the blade against her palm and slides it across gently, cutting her palm. October sets the knife down. She holds her hand over the black bowel as her blood drips into the liquid.

        OCTOBER: (looking up at Carter) Okay, I’m ready to start.

        October picks up the bowl with both hands, holding it over her head. She closes her eyes.

        OCTOBER: (Latin) EGO dico super vos cedo mihi donum of astral exertus. EGO professio vobis meus animus huic donum Utor pro tantum articulus in vicis. EGO imbibo ut thee.

        October’s eyes open and her eyes are black.

        OCTOBER: (in a trance) I drink to thee.

        October brings the bowl to her lips, drinking all the liquid inside. She sets the bowl down onto the floor. A few seconds later October stops moving, she stares ahead blankly. Her eyes suddenly go white, she’s dormant. Carter stares at October for a moment. He kneels down, looking into her eyes.

        CARTER: October?

        She stares ahead, not moving. Carter waves his hand in front of her face.

        CARTER: October, you in there? (beat) Must’ve worked.

        Carter stands up to his feet, taking in a deep breath. Carter looks down at his feet to see October’s white cat at his leg, looking up at him.

        CARTER: Hey, buddy…I guess it’s just us two.

        Carter kneels down, picking up the white cat. He holds the cat in his right arm as her looks down at October, worried.

        CARTER: Hope this works.

        CUT TO:


        The mausoleum is empty and the crackling of the fireplace echoes through the mausoleum. In the middle of the room a reddish/gold energy begins to gather and swirl. The energy disappears, leaving October standing in the middle of the room. October breaths heavily, looking around the room, cautiously. She notices the mausoleum is very nice looking, furnished and all.

        OCTOBER: (nice) Nice. (confused) Where the hell am I?

        October scans the room, spotting the “Book of Encrypted Souls” sitting on a bookstand in the corner of the living room area.

        OCTOBER: (smile) Bingo.

        The front door to the mausoleum begins to open. October looks around panicking, not knowing where to hide. It’s too late by this point. Quinn and Danika enter the mausoleum. They’re talking and oblivious to October’s existence in the room. They continue to walk, they walk right through October. October’s incorporeal and is invisible to Quinn and Danika. October is amazed at what just happened.

        CUT TO:


        Maureen sits behind the checkout desk. She’s looking down at her divorce papers that Carter issued to her earlier that day. She holds back her tears as she holds the pen in her hand, resisting signing.

        MAUREEN: (to self) I can’t believe I’m doing this.

        As she starts to sign the divorce papers, the front door opens. Kat and Asher enter the store. Maureen looks up from the papers. She quickly flips over the papers.

        ASHER: (panic) Maureen, we need your help!

        MAUREEN: Calm down, what is it?

        KAT: We fought something tonight. Something big and strong. We need to find out what it is.

        MAUREEN: You guys have no clue what it is?

        ASHER: We’ve looked through all of our books we have at our place and we came up with nothing. We figured since you have more books we can use them.

        MAUREEN: Of course.

        Maureen stands up walking from around the checkout desk.

        MAUREEN: Follow me. They’re back here.

        Maureen walks across the store in-between the isle of bookshelves. Asher and Kat follow.

        CUT TO:


        Danika flops down into the chair that sits across from the couch. Danika wears a fitted white button down shirt, under a black biker style leather jacket, fitted blue jeans and black heels. Quinn leans against the fireplace, fixing her eye glasses. Quinn wears a fitted gray and black argyle sweater, under a black jacket, black mini-skirt, black tights and black stiletto boots.

        QUINN: I hate that woman.

        DANIKA: Yeah, me too. I’m happy you’re coming around. She treats us like crap. Especially Prudence, who’s too blind to see it.

        QUINN: She’s not blind to see it, Danika, she’s scared. Selma will kill us if we look at her the wrong way.

        October stands in the middle of the room watching all of this.

        DANIKA: (sighs; impatient) We’ve been sitting here all week doing nothing. Just being ordered around by Selma and Adele.

        QUINN: I think there up to something and they’re not telling me.

        DANIKA: (whisper) Ya, think?

        October moves in to hear them better.

        QUINN: (whisper) Yeah. Also last week I caught Selma talking to herself…or something. She told it to stop looking like Gabe.

        October puts her hands over her mouth in shock.

        OCTOBER: (shock) Dad?

        Suddenly, the front door opens and Adele enters. Adele locks eyes with October, and her eyes instantly go black.

        ADELE: (angered; to Danika and Quinn) Why is she hear?

        Confusion grows over her face.

        QUINN: (confused) Who?

        ADELE: (yells) October!

        OCTOBER: (confused) Can she see me?

        ADELE: Yes, I can see you, you little bitch.

        DANIKA: Adele, what are you talking about?

        Adele charges towards October.

        OCTOBER: Shit!

        Adele extends her arm, punching October square in the face. October flies back, exploding into reddish/orange energy.

        CUT TO:


        October still stares blankly ahead, still sitting Indian style on the floor in the middle of the living room. Suddenly, October’s body jerks back, and she comes to. She looks around the room, breathing heavily. Carter, who is sitting on the couch, jumps to his feet, running over to October, kneeling down next to her.

        CARTER: You, okay?

        October looks up at Carter, her nose is bleeding.

        CARTER: Your nose.

        OCTOBER: I know.

        October wipes the blood from her nose.

        CARTER: Did it work?

        OCTOBER: Yeah, but Adele saw me.

        October stands to her feet, and then Carter does.

        CARTER: What do you mean saw you?

        OCOTBER: The spell made me invisible and incorporeal. Quinn and Danika couldn’t see me. But when Adele walked in, she saw me. She punched me right out of the spell.

        CARTER: It’s probably because she’s a demon.

        OCTOBER: Yeah, you might be right. The sucky thing is that Selma’s gonna know I was there.

        CARTER: Did you find out where they are?

        OCTOBER: All I know it’s in some doped up glamorous mausoleum. I don’t know where the location is though. I didn’t get a chance to go outside of the mausoleum. But I saw the book.

        CARTER: You did?

        OCTOBER: Yeah. (beat) I also heard something else.

        CARTER: What?

        OCTOBER: Quinn and Danika said that my mom has been talking to herself…or something. She apparently she told the “imaginary” person she was talking to, to stop taking the appearance of Gabe.

        CARTER: Who’s Gabe?

        OCTOBER: My dad. My dad is dead.

        CARTER: What are you saying?

        OCTOBER: I think she was talking to The First.

        The camera zooms in on October’s face.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV

          OPEN TO:


          Parker and Darwin walk down the path calling out Spencer’s name.

          PARKER: (calling out) Spencer! Spencer, where are you!?

          DARWIN: Spencer! (beat) Where the hell is he?

          PARKER: (frustrated) I don’t know.

          DARWIN: (calling out) Spencer!

          PARKER: He can be so immature sometimes.

          In the distance we can hear chains dragging along the pavement. Darwin stops and he signals Parker to stop.

          PARKER: What?

          DARWIN: You hear that?

          Parker and Darwin listen. The dragging of the chains are getting closer to them and heavy breathing.

          PARKER: What the hell is that?

          CUT TO:


          MAUREEN: It’s called a Reaper.

          Maureen is sitting at the table that sits in the middle of Cromwell’s. She has a book open in front of her. Kat and Asher stand over Maureen, peering down at the book too.

          ASHER: The reaper? As in the Grim Reaper?

          Maureen reads on.

          MAUREEN: Kind of, but not quite. It takes souls. It’s from one of the hell dimensions and every year it leaves its dimension to go to other dimensions to collected missing souls.

          ASHER: Missing souls?

          Maureen reads in.

          MAUREEN: People that should've died, but where saved or skipped death somehow. They come back to collect their souls, bringing them to hell. I guess it’s to keep balance in the universe.

          KAT: Oh my god. Then it could be after anybody.

          MAUREEN: (worried) We live in East Wick, there has been so many potential deaths.

          ASHER: It could be anyone of us.

          CUT TO:


          Parker and Darwin stand on the path, looking around their surroundings, cautiously. The dragging chains on the pavement and the heavy breathing get closer.

          DARWIN: (scared) What the hell is that?

          Scared, Darwin grabs Parker’s arm.

          DARWIN: Something’s here!

          PARKER: I know.

          Parker and Darwin slowly turn around. At the end of the path the Reaper steps from the shadows. He breathes heavily as he grips chains in his hands. His dark red eyes stare down Parker and Darwin.

          DARWIN: (scared) What the hell is that?!

          PARKER: Run!

          Parker turns, running in the opposite direction, pulling Darwin along. The Reaper steps forward, hurling the chain in his right hand, the chains with the sharp, mini blades. The chain rips through the air after Parker and Darwin. Parker glances behind him, seeing the chain hurling towards them.

          PARKER: (panicked; to Darwin) Keep running!

          The chains wraps around Darwin’s legs, the chains tighten up, sinking the blades into Darwin’s legs.

          DARWIN: (in pain) Ahhhh!!!

          The Reaper pulls back on the chains, pulling Darwin to the pavement.

          PARKER: Darwin!

          The Reaper begins to pull, dragging Darwin down the concrete path, towards him. Darwin sticks his hands out, yelling for Parker.

          DARWIN: (in pain; yelling) Parker, help me! It hurts!

          Parker scrambles after Darwin, trying to grab his hands.

          DARWIN: (yells, crying) Parker, don’t let him take me!

          PARKER: I won’t!

          Parker grabs Darwin’s hands, pulling, causing Darwin to lift off the ground. Parker is pulling at Darwin’s arm and the Reaper is pulling at Darwin’s legs. As the Reaper continues to pull the chain, the blades continue to rip into Darwin’s legs. Darwin screams in pain. The Reaper swings his left hand, hurling the other chain, without the blades at Parker. The chain wraps around Parker’s neck, snatching him away from Darwin, and pulling him violently to the ground. Darwin slams to the pavement. The both of them are now being bragged towards The Reaper, Parker by his neck and Darwin by his legs. Parker attempts to pull the tight chain from around his neck, that’s choking him. Darwin tries to grab the ground as he is getting pulled down the path.

          DARWIN: (yelling) Someone help!

          CUT TO:


          Maureen is standing at the open weapons case. She pulls a sword out.

          ASHER: (O/S) We’re gonna go look around town for The Reaper. If we see it, we’ll kill it.

          Maureen turns around to Asher and Kat who’s standing across the shop at the entrance door. Asher holds a sword.

          MAUREEN: Okay, I’m going to head to the hospital and get Rorri out of there. I have a feeling that the Reaper will be stopping by the hospital.

          KAT: (to Asher) I’ll just go with Maureen. If he’s there we can both fight him off. (turns to Asher) Go get October. She can help.

          ASHER: Okay. (to Maureen) Where’s Carter?

          MAUREEN: (instantly annoyed) With October.

          KAT: Oh, okay. So Maureen and I will go to the hospital. Asher, you call October and Carter, and sweep the town.

          ASHER: Let’s do that. Let’s go.

          All three of them exit Cromwell’s.

          CUT TO:


          Darwin and Parker are still being dragged down the concrete path by the Reaper.

          DARWIN: Help!

          As The Reaper is reeling in Darwin and Parker, Spencer approaches the Reaper from behind. Spencer holds his hands out touching the Reaper’s back.

          SPENCER: (Latin; yells) Desumo offensus!

          An electrical shock goes through the Reaper’s body. The Reaper stops pulling Parker and Darwin. His large seven foot tall body drops to the pavement, unconscious. Parker pulls the chains from around his neck. He begins to cough uncontrollably, taking air into his body. As Parker coughs he crawls over to Darwin, who’s trying to pull the bladed chains from around his leg. Parker helps Darwin unwrap the bladed chains from around his legs.

          PARKER: (coughing; to Darwin) You, okay?

          DARWIN: (in pain; angered) No! What the hell was that!? You okay!?

          PARKER: (horsed) Yeah.

          Darwin looks down at his legs. His jeans are ripped and he has cuts and gashes allover his legs. Parker stands to his feet, and then he pulls Darwin to his feet. Darwin recoils in pain as he puts pressure on his feet.

          PARKER: (clearing throat) Are you sure you’re okay?

          DARWIN: (forced smile) I’m fine.

          SPENCER: (O/S; slurred) A little help.

          Darwin and Parker turn around to see Spencer standing next to the Reaper’s unconscious body. Spencer is swaying back and forth and electrical energy is shooting through his hands and arms. His eyes are pitch black.

          SPENCER: (slurred) I’m a little drunk and I can’t really control my powers.

          Spencer looks down at his hands that are still sparking up with electrical energy.

          SPENCER: (slurred) Wow, that’s cool.

          Suddenly, the electrical energy dissipates from his body.

          SPENCER: (out of it) I think I’m going to fall.

          Spencer begins to fall. Parker rushes over to him, catching him before he hit the ground.

          PARKER: (horsed) He‘s absolutely wasted (looks to Darwin) Let’s get out of here before that thing wakes up.

          CUT TO:


          Selma is leaning against a mausoleum with her arms folded across her shoulder. Selma wears a black fitted top, under a black jacket, black fitted jeans and black stiletto boots. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail, which makes her look more like October. Standing across from Selma is The First, which is in the figure of Selma’s dead husband and October’s and Prudence’s father, Gabe. (played by: Jeffery Dean Morgan)

          SELMA: (annoyed) So, what’s the next move?

          THE FIRST/GABE: You know what the next move is, Selma. You need to gain all the power.

          SELMA: (uneasy) I thought we were going to do that last?

          THE FIRST: (angered) No, we have to do it soon! You need all the power you can get to rise Vartox. He’s the key demon that will help us in this apocalypse.

          Selma lets out a stressful sigh.

          THE FIRST: I know it’s hard, but you need to kill every member of Black Blossom and October. You need to inhabit their powers into yourself. If you don’t….(curt) Our dream will not come forth. And I’ll be very angry.

          SELMA: (rolls eyes) When do I need to do it by?

          THE FIRST: When the sun and the moon a line. To kill October I’ll be sending a visitor to take her out.

          SELMA: And what would that be?

          THE FIRST: (smirk) A Turok-Han.

          ADELE: (O/S) Selma!

          The First disappears into the flash of light.

          Selma turns around as Adele turns the corner, spotting Selma.

          ADELE: (to Selma) We have a problem. (beat; curious) Who were you talking to?

          SELMA: (quickly) No one. (changing subject) What’s the problem?

          ADELE: Your daughter paid us a visit. She did an astral projection spell. She might’ve gotten some information.

          SELMA: Damn! The others inside?

          ADELE: Yeah.

          Selma walks pass Adele leaving her alone outside. Adele looks around the small grave yard, suspiciously for a moment, and then she walks inside of the mausoleum.

          CUT TO:


          October stands in front of the mirror, she wipes the blood from her nose with a wet cloth. Carter is leaning against the threshold of the door with his hands in his pockets.

          CARTER: You think she’s working with The First?

          OCOTBER: Yes, I do. I don’t think the others know.

          CARTER: Then we can use that to our advantage. Maybe somehow we can get the others on our side, turning against Selma. But that’s if she’s even screwing the others over.

          OCOTBER: Believe me, Carter, she is. Selma will kill anyone that gets in her way. She’s a bitch and a manipulator.

          CARTER: If this is the First working with her, we’re screwed.

          OCTOBER: (sighs; sarcastic) You’re a great watcher.

          CARTER: It’s the truth, October. We need everything we got to fight the First. We need to contact the Watcher’s Council. They can help us.

          October lets out a stressful sigh, pulling her long hair out of a ponytail.

          OCTOBER: Okay.

          October cell phone begins rings. October digs in her back pocket, pulling out her cell phone.

          OCOTBER: (answering it) Hello.


          OCTOBER: (surprised) What!?


          OCTOBER: Okay, meet us outside!

          October hangs the phone up, slipping it back into her back pocket.

          CARTER: Who was that?

          OCTOBER: Asher, he’s outside. Some demon thing is attacking people. He’s outside waiting for us. We’re going to take it out.

          October and Carter exit the bathroom.

          CUT TO:


          Rorri sits in her hospital bed, plopped up, watching TV, which hangs across the room from ceiling.

          Rorri is brushing her long brown hair as she looks up at the TV, blankly.

          RORRI: (to self; solemnly) I am bored.

          Suddenly, the room door swings open. Rorri looks over to the door to see the Reaper’s yellow eye’s staring in at her. But the Reaper doesn’t carry chains, it carries a large rusted battleaxe.

          RORRI: Ahhhh!

          Rorri throws her hairbrush at The Reaper, but it bounces off his firm chest, slamming to the floor.

          RORRI: (yells) Help!

          This Reaper enters the room, approaching Rorri’s bed.

          RORRI: (screams) Help! Someone help me!

          The Reaper swings the axe down at Rorri. Rorri rolls off the bad, slamming to the floor. The battleaxe imbeds itself into Rorri’s hospital bed. Rorri pulls herself across the floor with her legs dragging behind her. The Reaper rips the axe from the mattress and throws the bed across the room, it slams into the wall. Now there’s nothing in-between him and Rorri. The Reaper raises his battleaxe, ready to kill Rorri.

          RORRI: (scream) Help!

          Kat and Maureen rush into the hospital room.

          MAUREEN: (frantic) Rorri!

          The Reaper turns around, facing Maureen and Kat. Kat notices the Reapers yellow eyes and his battleaxe.

          KAT: That’s not the same reaper!

          MAUREEN: What! There’s two of them!?

          KAT: I guess so!

          The Reaper swings his battleaxe at Maureen and Kat. Maureen and Kat duck, falling to the floor as the battleaxe flies above their heads.

          KAT: (to Maureen) Get Rorri out of here! I got him.

          Kat extends her leg, kicking the Reaper in his shin. The Reaper snarls in pain. Kat jumps to her feet. The Reaper begins to swing the battleaxe nonstop. Kat dodges every swing that comes her way. As Kat is distracting the Reaper, Maureen pulls Rorri out of the hospital room to safely. The Reaper swings again at Kat. Kat ducks and the blade of the battleaxe imbeds itself into the wall. Kat comes back up, elbowing The Reaper in its face. The Reaper stumbles back, leaving his battleaxe in the wall.

          KAT: Thanks.

          Kat grabs the handle to the battleaxe and pulls it out the wall. She spins around; swing the battleaxe, stabbing it into The Reaper’s shoulder. The Reaper lets out a loud screech.

          KAT: (smirk) Did that hurt!?

          The Reaper swings his arm, hitting Kat across the face, sending her flying across the room, slamming into the wall. Kat slides down the wall, smacking the floor, unconscious. Furiously, The Reaper rips the battleaxe from his shoulder. He tightly grips the battleaxe, exiting the room, going after Rorri.

          CUT TO:


          The Reaper enters the hallway. He turns to the right, looking down the all, spotting Maureen and Rorri on the elevator. Maureen holds Rorri up. The doors to the elevator haven’t closed yet.

          MAUREEN: Damn!

          The Reaper breaks out into a sprint down the hall, directly towards the screaming women. Frantically, Maureen begins to press the ‘door close’ button. Over and over again.

          RORRI: (screams) Maureen, hurry!

          MAUREEN: I am!

          The Reaper gets closer and closer.

          RORRI: Oh, god!

          Suddenly, Charles comes from a door way, stepping in front of The Reaper. Charles holds a sword. As The Reaper charges forward, Charles swings his sword, decapitating The Reaper before it reached Maureen and Rorri. The Reaper’s body falls to the floor. Charles turns, looking at Maureen and Rorri. The girls stare at him in utter shock.

          CHARLES: (to Maureen and Rorri) Sorry, ladies, I was almost too late.

          CUT TO:


          October, Asher, and Asher make their way down the neighborhood side walk.

          OCTOBER: (to Asher) You last saw it over hear somewhere?

          ASHER: Yeah.

          All three of them cross the street, entering East Wick Cemetery gates.


          October walks ahead of Asher and Carter. She scans the cemetery.

          DARWIN: (O/S) October!

          October, Asher and Carter turn around as Darwin, Spencer and Parker, quickly make their way over to them. Darwin and Parker holds up a drunken Spencer to his feet.

          CARTER: (worried) What happened to Spencer?!

          PARKER: He’s drunk.

          CARTER: Oh.

          OCOTBER: (to Parker) Who are you?

          CARTER: Spencer’s roommate.

          OCTOBER: Oh.

          October notices Darwin’s bloody legs.

          OCTOBER: What the hell happened!?

          DARWIN: Something attacked us!

          ASHER: Large man-thing with chains?

          DARWIN: Yeah!

          ASHER: Holy shit!

          DARWIN: What?

          OCTOBER: It’s after one of you?

          PARKER: (worried) For what!?

          OCTOBER: It’s a reaper. It takes souls that should’ve died. Every year they leave they’re hell dimension for 24 hours to collect. Who did it go after first?

          DARWIN: Me.

          OCTOBER: Damn! (to Darwin) Looks like your on death’s most wanted list.

          DARWIN: Not funny.

          CARTER: Guys, he’s coming.

          October looks pass Darwin’s head, spotting The Reaper as it approaches.

          OCTOBER: Move.

          Darwin, Spencer and Parker, turn around, moving behind October, Asher and Carter. October locks eyes with The Reaper. The Reaper stops walking, standing several feet away. He glares at October in furry.

          OCTOBER: (not taking eyes off The Reaper) Darwin and Parker.

          DARWIN: What?!

          OCTOBER: Just run, damnit.

          Darwin and Parker turns, running away from the group, dragging Spencer along with them. The Reaper steps forward swinging the chain in his right hand, the chain with the blades. The chain hurls itself at October. October steps aside and the chain pass October heading towards Carter. Carter grabs the chain and raps it around his arm. He then realizes the chains have blades on them.

          CARTER: (in pain) Ouch!

          The Reaper pulls, tightening the chain around Carter’s arm, causing the blades to sink into his arm.

          CARTER: Ah!

          The Reaper pulls Carter to the ground, dragging him towards him. The Reaper then throws the other chain in his left hand. The chain flies through the air directly at October. October grabs the chain and pulls it from The Reaper’s grasp. October throws whips the chain back at The Reaper. The chains raps around the Reaper’s neck.

          OCTOBER: Bye!

          October pulls, breaking The Reaper’s neck, killing it. The Reaper falls to the ground. Carter stands up, unwrapping the chain from around his arm.

          CARTER: Bitch!

          Carter walks over to The Reaper’s body and kicks it.

          OCTOBER: (smirk; to Carter) Calm down, Sparky. (turns to Asher) That was really easy. I thought I was going to at least put up a fight with it.

          ASHER: We’re not done.

          OCTOBER: What else do we have to do?

          ASHER: Lock the portal. So The Reapers can’t come through every year.

          OCTOBER: Gotcha…can you do that?

          ASHER: Yeah…I guess…

          OCTOBER: Okay, good! I’m going to bed.

          October turns, walking away.

          ASHER: (confused) Wh-- what?!

          OCTOBER: (walking away) Oh! And find my cousin!

          Asher lets out sigh of annoyance. He looks up at Carter who is walking away also.

          ASHER: Carter, where you going!? Aren’t you gonna help me clean this up?

          CARTER: No!

          Asher stands there alone, pissed. He looks down at the large Reaper.

          CUT TO:


          The hallway is now empty, the partying is over. Empty cups and beer cans lie on the hallway floor. Darwin stands against the wall, outside of Spencer and Parker’s dorm room. Darwin looks down at the floor, thinking. The door opens and Parker steps from the room into the hallway. He shuts the door behind him. Darwin looks up at Parker and a smile grows across his face.

          DARWIN: How’s Spencer?

          PARKER: (chuckle) Sleeping it off.

          Parker looks down, briefly at Darwin’s ripped jeans and bloody legs.

          PARKER: You okay?

          DARWIN: Yeah.

          PARKER: Want me to clean the cuts for you?

          DARWIN: No, it’s cool. I’ll do it later. Your neck?

          PARKER: I’m fine too. Just a sore throat.

          DARWIN: That sucks. (beat) So you know about Spencer and his magic?

          PARKER: Yeah. He told me at the beginning of the year. (chuckles) He was drunk when he did. When he realized I knew he begged me not to tell his sister. After that he told me about the demon world. It was hard to take in, but I’m happy he told me.

          DARWIN: (looking down at feat, timidly) Yeah.

          PARKER: Are you a warlock? If you don’t mind me asking?

          DARWIN: Not really. My family is. I guess my body doesn’t want to pick it up.

          PARKER: Oh.

          They stand there, awkwardly, for a moment. Parker stuffs his hands in his pocket, looking around aimlessly.

          PARKER: (breaking silence; nervous) Can I ask you a question?

          Darwin looks up at Parker.

          DARWIN: Yeah.

          PARKER: (forcing words from his mouth) Are you gay?

          DARWIN: Yeah.

          Parker lets out a sigh of relief as a big smile stretches across his face.

          PARKER: Thanks god!

          DARWIN: (laughing) Why are you smiling!?

          PARKER: Because I’ve wanted to do this all night.

          Parker pulls his hands out of his pockets and wraps his arm around Darwin’s waist, pulling Darwin into his firm chest. Parker gently grabs Darwin’s face and they lock lips. Darwin wraps his arms around Parker’s neck they continue to make out.

          CUT TO:


          Rorri lies in the hospital bed. Kat sits at the end of the bed, and Charles stands in front of Kat, cleaning and dressing the cut on her forehead. Maureen leans against the wall.

          MAUREEN: (defensive; to Charles) Who are you?

          Charles puts a band-aid on Kat’s cut. He turns to Maureen as he takes off his sterol gloves.

          RORRI: And are you really a nurse?

          CHARLES: Yes, Rorri, I’m really a nurse. But I was sent to protect you... The Cromwell family.

          MAUREEN: What?!

          CHARLES: I’m apart of the resistant against Black Blossom. There’s covenant rising called White Heart. I’m a part of it. We’re recruiting. I was sent to recruit your family and to protect your family...your family is the key to winning this war.

          RORRI: How can you protect us?

          CHARLES: The covenant gave me power. So I can fight and skilled a weaponry.

          KAT: White Heart is the opposite of Black Blossom?

          CHARLES: Exactly. Our families are all connected.

          MAUREEN: What do you mean?

          CHARLES: The members in White Heart, including myself. Our ancestors were the ones that helped your ancestor, Elizabeth Cromwell to bring down Natalya Eastwick back in 1698.

          Maureen steps away from the wall.

          MAUREEN: The war begins…Cromwell’s vs. Eastwick’s. We’re in, Charles.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          ROLL CREDITS

          END OF EPISODE
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            East Wick: 1.05 "Mr. Reaper Man" Trivia

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            - I got this idea from one of my favorite movies ‘Final Destination'
            - Geni will be coming back to the show. She’s going to work for The Watcher’s Council.
            - Geni’s escort to the council, Keegan, will appear on the show again.
            - October and Maureen’s arguments will worsen as the season progresses
            - Charles will cause alot of problems between the Cromwell's and the Eastwick's.
            - Parker and Darwin’s relationship will grow stronger.
            - I didn’t forget about Parker’s secret. In upcoming episodes you guys will discover what he’s hiding.
            - My character Kat will be crossing over to my brother/sister series ‘Riley: The series’ 2.05 for an episode. She’ll be back in episode six. She has her own storyline in ‘Riley: The series’ 2.05 and it will be branching off into my series. It’s going to focus on her long lost father.
            - Carter and Maureen maybe getting a divorce, but something will force them together.
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