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Buffy's rise to power (PG 15+)

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  • Buffy's rise to power (PG 15+)

    All characters are from the Buffy and Angel TV serials and are copyright protected.
    This fan-fic is probably PG 15.
    Due to several characters finding a new found freedom in expressing themselves.
    Timeline? Buffy had just fought the Master, and lost.......maybe?


    Angel lifted Buffy's limp body from the water, her wet hair sticking to her skin was darkened with the moisture. Gently brushing her hair from her face, he turned to Xander. "She's dead."
    Xander looked at her.
    "No she isn't, she just isn't breathing, she's been drowned, so we give her CPR."
    "You'll have to give her CPR then, I've no breath," said Angel.

    Xander brushed Angel aside. Time after time he forced his air into Buffy, until she spat out the water that was in her lungs.
    "Oh, thank God," said Xander as Buffy stood up, she looked around.
    "Take it easy Buffy," said Xander.
    "I feel good, strong, come on!, I'm going to get the Master. He owes me a death card."
    Angel and Xander followed her.

    "At last! at last! it is here! the girl of the prophecy is here. Glory!, Glory be!" cried out the Master.
    Raising his arms to the skies.
    "May the very stars themselves bow to honour her!" he exclaimed.
    Turning he looked to the stairs.
    "Shield yourselves or bow to her. As it is written, she is the chosen one."

    Buffy led the way to the library roof.
    "Guard the door boys."
    Going upstairs she saw the Master.
    "What are you doing here?" he asked
    "I don't like playing second fiddle, especially to a has been like you. But, well, one thing, thanks for siring me," said Buffy.
    "What do you think you can do?" asked the Master, "You could not beat me before, why do you think you can now?"

    "I am a vampire slayer that is a vampire! you are nothing to me."
    Buffy let loose a barrage of kicks and punches on him, not stopping until his dazed and bruised body fell to the floor, then sinking her fangs into his neck she drank him dry.
    Picking up his empty body she threw it through the glass, it landed on a long chard of wood.
    Giles saw the Masters body disintegrate before his eyes, he started to smile.

    Buffy looked to the stars, the whites of her eyes turned to red, blood red. She let out a blood curdling screech. Giles looked up, he saw her, he was about to ask her who else was up there until she looked at him, rising from the roof she floated into the library. With a twist of her wrist Jenny burst into flames. Gently landing on the floor next to him. He confronted her with a large cross.
    "Be gone demon!, be gone!" shouted Giles.

    Buffy lifted the cross from her neck, the one that Angel had given her. She held it for Giles to see.
    "Pathetic ornaments! I do not fear anything. But as you say, I do need a watcher!"
    Giles stared at her, all the fear in him joined as he saw Buffy become a vampire. She exhaled, loudly, smiled, showed him her fangs, then slowly she sank them deep into his neck.

    Holding back she slid a fingernail across her firm breasts, letting the blood ooze from her.
    Lifting Giles to her, she forced him to drink from her, then she dropped him.
    Angel and Xander came into the library just as Giles' body fell to the floor. She turned to face her old friend Willow
    "Buffy! no!, please no?" asked Willow, pleading.

    "What's wrong my dear, don't you want to be with me for-ever?"
    "What just happened?" asked Xander.
    "I did," said Buffy.
    She stared at Angel, "Now."
    "Buffy! what are you doing?" Xander asked.
    Angel morphed into Angelus, happily digging into Xanders neck, then let him drop to the floor, smiling he wiped the blood from his teeth.

    "Willow? come to me, feel me, let me see what it is in you, that I seek to know."
    As Willow came to her she licked her teeth then gently slid then into a vein on Willows neck, slicing into her right bosom she held Willows head to her, feeling Willow begin to drink from her. Buffy flexed both her arm muscles, groaning with sheer delight, "Enough," Buffy exclaimed pulling Willows body from her.

    "Right, hmm, I know, I'll put both the bodies in rear by the history books. They'll have something to read when they wake up."
    "Now, how about a trip to the Bronze? Angelus," Buffy smiled, "I'm still thirsty."
    "What about him?" asked Angel.
    "I can always get myself another watcher," said Buffy, "Seems like I have all the right contacts now."

    Holding her arm for him, "You can be my consort."
    Slowly shaking her head, her lovely hair swirled on her shoulders then together they strode towards the Bronze.
    Singing a duet as they went. "Oh happy day, oh happy day."
    The bouncer at the Bronze asked them for some money. Buffy smiled
    "I've no pockets, but I do have this." growling fiercely at him, she violently twisted his head, then watched him flop to the ground.

    Smiling to Angelus, "I'm just spoilt for choice."
    "Like the freedom do you?" asked Angelus.
    "Yes," she grinned, "Let's have a party in there."
    Walking in as normal people.
    "God, they let any-one in here," said Cordelia, "At least the other losers aren't here."
    Buffy motioned her consort, she pointed to the toilets.

    "I'll see you both soon."
    She went and waited for them, watching them as they entered.
    "So Cordelia, got anything nice to say to me?" asked Buffy.
    "How's loser? and where that man magnet friend of yours?"
    "Oh Willow?" asked Buffy, "She won't be coming."
    "Good! I hope she's ill."
    "I wouldn't say she was ill, not ill as such."

    "What are you on about?" asked Cordelia.
    "Didn't you know?" asked Buffy, as innocently as she could, "She's dead."
    "Oh no."
    "Yeah, she caught fire, burnt to a crisp she did. Right in front of me."
    "Oh gross!, morbid much!"
    Buffy smiled to Cordelia.

    "Jeez, what's your problem!"
    "Me, I don't have a problem, but you do, you're in the same room as me, and know this, I killed Willow"
    "What! Angel." Cordelia turned to leave the rooms.
    "Angel doesn't live here any more," said Angelus.
    He roughly grabbed hold of her, throwing her across the room. She landed on some boxes, holding a damaged arm she stared at Angelus.

    "And guess what, you ugly, lop-sided bitch, he's not the only vampire in here."
    Buffy morphed into a vampire, growling incessantly at Cordelia.
    "She is so gonna kick your ass," said Angelus grinning with anticipation.
    Buffy grabbed Cordelia's hair with both hands, pulled her up to head height, staring at her she let Cordelia see the glistening fangs

    just before she sank them into her neck. She threw her down.
    "Just guessing here, you really didn't like her did you," said Angelus.
    "No, I didn't but I do now," said Buffy smiling, "Your turn, who would you like?"
    "Why did you lie to her about Will?"
    "I don't know, but did you see the look when I told her, that was simply delightful."
    "I know, I know what's required now, tell you what," said Angelus,

    "A celebration, would you fancy a drink? a real drink? from the bar?"
    "Why not?"
    They walked into the next room, up to the bar.
    "What do you want? take your pick."
    The barman glanced at her.
    "She's to young. I?m not going to give her an alcoholic drink."
    "Fair enough," said Angelus.

    Pulling him onto the bar Angelus sucked the blood from him then let him slide back and onto the floor.
    "All drinks are all free!"
    Buffy slid her hand down Angelus's back.
    "Nobody's drinking, dearest. You should drink them, all of them."
    Having left the door open, the police responded to the numerous phone calls about sons and daughters not returning from the Bronze.

    The sight that befell the eyes of the police, they wanted to forget. At least forty bodies, several of them had been gratuitously mutilated. At the hospital a ward was closed, space was needed for the dead. At the scene, even the TV crews and the journalists kept back, the story was wanted but no-one wanted to risk seeing the bodies.
    "Tonight has been enjoyable so far," said Angelus, "I think I'll sleep in the library."

    "While the sun is bright, okay, I want to be there when my Willow and Giles awake."
    Walking back to the library Buffy knew there was a risk of them being found while they slept. Ripping a metal spike off a fence, she carried it back to the library. Smashing the doors windows, then bending the spike through them she wrote 'closed for repairs' on the doors.
    It was after the close of school before Snyder had the library opened.

    Looking about, "Why was this place closed?"
    He went to inspect the back rows, saw her lying there, kicking her feet.
    "Miss Summers?, I should have guessed, closing the library," smelling the air, "I can smell a dismissal, and guess who going to be the star?"
    "Oh you'll be the star, just not the way you'd think," said Buffy.
    He didn't hear Willow and Giles walk behind him.
    "Well, I'm going to go and get the forms to expel you," he said

    Willow loosed a long growl, "You are not leaving here."
    "What she said, and I'll add alive," said Giles.
    "Giles, now I know you'd want commandant Snyder to be here and I'm guessing Willow doesn't either. Your pressie dears enjoy him."
    They drank him dry, both smiling to Buffy.
    "Angelus dear!" called Buffy. He came saw Giles and Willow and smiled to them.

    Buffy placed her hands on his head twisted violently, looking at Angelus's faced as his body fell to the floor.
    "You know, trying to be good, bad choice."
    Buffy dropped the head but it turned to dust before it touched the floor. With a arm around Giles and Willow they went across the library floor, "You need to tell some-one a prophecy Giles, about the slayer who is a vampire and her two best friends."

    "Have you two any plans for tonight?" asked Giles.
    "I don't think so," replied Willow.
    "Nope," agreed Buffy.
    "Oh good, two reasons, I was reading one of those books, it said about a vampire called Spike. It says that he killed two slayers."
    "That sounds good," said Buffy, "What's the other reason?"
    "They've got an all night showing at the cinema," said Giles.

    "Okay, get Spike here," said Buffy, "and the cinema? I like that idea."
    "Ooh Buffy, an all night snack bar!" exclaimed Willow.
    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.

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    Buffy's rise to power

    All characters are from the Buffy and Angel TV serials and are copyright protected.
    This fan-fic is probably PG 15. Due to several characters finding a new found freedom in expressing themselves.
    Timeline? Buffy had just fought the Master, and lost.......maybe?

    BUFFY'S RISE TO POWER The non recyclable humans

    "We're all going on a summer holiday, no more dresses for a day or two."
    "Oh shut up Spike," grumbled Dru.
    "You just read the map and tell me what direction to go in," ordered Spike.
    "Sunnydale! that way," she shouted, "I think."
    "Well you should know."
    "Hey don't blame me, I can't see the stars."
    "And who's fault is that, you trying to put a sun roof in a convertible didn't help, then there's the getting chased by the police. I told you to drink the owner."

    "I know, but he made my teeth hurt!, an you told me he had on a dog collar!" exclaimed Dru.
    "Yep you got me there Dru, but pratts with spikey hair, safety pins zips an' chains usually means a real studded dog collar."
    "Speaking of which we'll need to stop soon," said Spike.
    "Oh, ok, er best make that a stop now."
    "That sign was for Sunnydale."
    "About bloody time, which way?"

    "Didn't say which way Spikey, it just said Sunnydale Cemetery."
    "Huh? what the!, oh ruddy 'ell, look out!...........crap."
    "I still can't see the stars Spike."
    "Flamin' cars not working either. But that could be ?cos we?re upside down."
    "I wonder if the cops will want this car back, it'll be easy to find."
    "Go on then Dru, why's that?" asked Spike.
    "It's in the dead centre of town," remarked Dru, happily.

    Trying hard to laugh, unsuccessfully. Spike clambered out of the car, he helped Dru from the car. Then looking around.
    "Where now? where are the big wigs?"
    "Er, we go that way," said Dru.
    So they set off in that direction, they'd been walking for ten minutes
    "Why are we going this way Dru?"
    "When I looked at my hand, the finger was pointing this way."
    "So, it could be the opposite way," said Spike.

    "Why not?"
    "Cos I was pointing at the girl who was waving us to follow her," said Dru smiling at Spike, "And now we go in that building."
    Going into the place Dru inspected the heads of the people. Spike watched Dru, he knew from experience not to ask what she was doing.
    "So what do you do for entertainment here?"

    Willow walked to him, circled him, fluttered her eyelashes at him, went to Dru, "We'll if we want to enjoy ourselves, we won't ask you to drive."
    Dru inquisitively looked at Buffy, "Spike dear, she's a vampire slayer."
    Buffy looked at Spike, "It can't be him, he's a Billy Idol look-a-like."
    "Oh ha-ha, that was funny, the first thousand times I heard it," said Spike.

    "I want a drinky," said Willow, "So where do we go first?"
    "The police station or the hospital, one of the police each week and supplies from the hospital."
    "Why's that?" asked Spike.
    "The police will be replaced, so will the nurses and they have regular supplies of blood. And the rest of the time Willow and Buffy go into a pub, get the guys or girls out and we all have a drink."

    "Sounds ok so far," said Spike, "Why don't we get some hookers."
    They all looked at him.
    "Look at this place, it's a flamin dump. We run the crime in this town and get a nice place to live," suggested Spike.
    "So who's on the menu tonight?" asked Dru.
    Willow and Buffy look at each other.
    "I know, lets go to the mall. Get some nice clothes, then go and have a look at the college," said Buffy.

    "Look, that's nice of them isn't it," said Willow.
    "What's nice?" asked Giles.
    "A bus! or meals on wheels, any one else peckish?"
    Scrambling on to the bus, pushing the passengers back then drinking each one of them.
    Buffy was about to jump out the rear door when Spike asked if she was able to drink anyone else.
    "I suppose I am a bit full."
    "Right then I'll empty the wallets."

    "What do they want money for?" asked Giles
    Dru pointed to her belly, "Blood retention."
    Spike looked at Giles, at the wide red line down his front.
    "Reckon I'll call you Niles."
    "Why?" asked Willow.
    "Look at the big red line down his front!" exclaimed Spike.

    "Oh right," said Giles, "A river of blood, nice one."
    Walking to the mall the girls were saying what they'd like to wear. Niles suggested he give the money to Dru and they go on.
    Spike enthusiastically agreed, but not so the girls would hear. They had a look at the college campus.

    The next evening the girls decided to go to the nightclub, for a bit of exercise. Spike and Niles held back, they didn't feel brave enough to get into the conversation about who looked the fattest in the leather outfits, then when Buffy and Willow began chatting to each other Dru went ahead, getting nearer to the nightclub they heard the music. Dru had gotten herself trapped by a girl.

    "You've taken to long," said Dru, "If you look behind you, I've a few friends.
    "And like I'm going to fall for that one," said Faith.
    "Does she mean us Buffy?" asked Willow.
    "Well she doesn't mean Niles and me," said Spike.
    "Buffy? the slayer?"
    "Not now, it's Buffy the vampire, shall we make her like us?"

    "Nah, I don't like the name Faith," said Willow.
    Dru moved, Faith span to look at her, Buffy landed a powerful kick to Faith's back sending her into the wall.
    When she regained consciousness a vampire was sitting on each of her limbs.
    "Get off me! exclaimed Faith loudly," but the pain in her head made her stop. The pain was caused by Buffy kneeling on her hair.

    "Don't worry little Faithy poos, we're not going to kill you, well not completely. Cos we are going to bring you back," smiled Buffy.
    As they wandered towards the college.
    "Liar," said Willow, "Not complaining though."

    As they entered the college grounds
    "Any where here you guys reckon we should go?" asked Willow.
    "Well there's a building there we could go in, there's a couple of vampires stay there now, there's a frat house that gives of lots of strange vibes, so take your pick," said Spike.
    "Say Willow, how would you like to live at a college?" asked Buffy.
    "What were those places called?" asked Buffy.
    "There was the strange place that's Lowell house, then the vampire house," said Spike.

    "We did a bit of criusin' about on the net," said Niles.
    "You, ha-ha-ha, you used that, what is it you call it, oh yeh, that dread machine?" asked Buffy.
    "Hmm alright, I got Spike to use it and he got Willow to do it. Any-way, that place was used by the Psi Theta Fraternity until the place was closed in 1982," said Niles.
    "So we go and have a nice little chat about the disadvantages of out staying their welcome."

    Going to the vampires lair Buffy was hit with a Taser gun.
    "Net it, then tie it up," said a vampire.
    "That's not very nice," said Dru.
    "Hey there's two of them, quick get her."
    "Nothing good will come of it if you do."
    "Three of them get back up," said Gates.
    "Best make that lots of back up," stated Willow.
    "Five against two, that isn't good odds," said Niles.
    "What? there is three of us," said Williams.

    Niles flew at the third one sinking his teeth deep into the army guys neck, as Niles drank he violently twisted his head. Looking at the red all over his friends neck he tried to call for back up but Willow knew what he'd do and slashed his throat. Gates nervously freed Buffy.
    "You ok?" asked Willow.
    Looking menacingly at Gates, Buffy replied, "No, but I will be in a minute."

    Searching their pockets Dru found a key that had Lowell House written on it.
    "Seems like there's two places to stay."
    Opening the door Buffy faced a group of four vampires.
    "You know I had a thought that I might let you join us, but it's been a bad night. Kill them all," ordered Buffy.
    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.