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What lies beneath: a season 4 Supernatural poem

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  • What lies beneath: a season 4 Supernatural poem

    There are things so terrible that you think
    I could never...
    From the safe ground of life
    Of one wound at a time
    Shot, stabbed - hell, tortured
    I could handle whatever they threw at me
    Swaggering around up there
    I was so sure
    It was all so clear

    There were things I could never imagine
    Nothing would make me
    Black and white
    Right and wrong
    There's a line in the sand
    And nothing would make me
    But down here
    They made me
    Into this.

    Are my eyes black yet?
    Can you see it in my eyes?
    Or is it just for me, private
    Filthy snuff that I made
    Flashing over and over
    The knowledge that
    Dean. You did this. Dean. You did this.
    These are your true colours
    Red on your hands
    This is what you really are.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --