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Challenge#11 Want, Take, Have.

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  • Challenge#11 Want, Take, Have.

    Title: Want, Take, Have.
    Description: A slightly different take on the scene from 'Bad Girls', not a huge divergence but hopefully it's enough
    Disclaimer: Not mine, no momey.

    Buffy watched as Faith marched purposefully towards the sporting goods shop, her own progress halted by the gnawing doubts that nagged at her conscience. The last few days had been a blur of rebellious excitement as her growing closeness to the dark haired slayer had freed her from her cage of responsibility, allowing her to revel in her freedom and power. This though this was something different, this was wrong.

    Ahead of her, Faith stopped as well, noticing for the first time that her progress wasn't being matched by her sister slayer. She turned and gave a questioning shrug, indicating her displeasure, demanding to know what was going on. For her part, Buffy remained rooted to the spot and with a furtive glance around her beckoned Faith back to her.

    "What?" Faith asked in a hoarse whisper as she approached Buffy's position "We got some kind of problem here?"

    Buffy looked Faith squarely in the eye. "I don't think we should be doing this." She said, "We've got plenty of weapons back at the library. We don't need to steal from these people."

    Faith turned away from the blonde slayer and raised her hands imploringly. "Geez, I actually thought you were getting this, B. We're slayers; we get a chance to take the bad guys down we take it, we see something we can use to do that, we use it, we need weapons and a handy supply is suddenly sitting in our laps then we go right ahead and take it. It's that simple B: Want, take, have."

    Buffy frowned. The thing was that over the last few days the way of life Faith espoused had started to make some kind of sense. There was a freedom to the way she lived her life, an easiness that was somehow seductive, especially for Buffy. It seemed like a million years ago now that she had arrived in Sunnydale, ready to embrace a new start, to live a normal life. As soon as she had acted to save Willow from the vampire that had abducted her though, as soon as she had acted to halt the Masters harvest she had known that she could never escape her destiny. She had fought small battles since then, rebelled against Giles and the council, determined to make herself master of her own life and to inject some modicum of normality into her life but deep down she had always known that hers was a life burdened with duty and that that would always come first.

    Faith though, Faith had shown her another way. Not just to accept being the Slayer but to revel in it, to use the things that set her apart from the others to, well, set her apart from the others. By embracing the strength and power of the Slayer Faith lived a life of choices, of independence, refusing to get tied down by societies rules and that liberty spoke to a part of Buffy that had always resented her responsibility, had always yearned for the life she had once expected to lead. Yes it had all started to make such wonderful sense? until now.

    "No." she said flatly, breaking the silent moment "No. I wont do it.. If there were no other way, if it were life and death right now at this very moment, then yes we might just be justified. As it is though we have other options and we should take them."

    "Look B you don't get it?"

    "No, you don't get it. Yes we could go in there and take what we want, but just because we can doesn't mean we should." As Faith began to turn away Buffy caught by the arm and looked directly into her eyes. "We're stronger than just about anyone else out there Faith, more powerful than most people ever dream about but it's not about how much power you have it's about how you use it. We're Slayers, that power is power we use to help people, to protect them from the things out there that would enslave them, that would use their power, their strength to turn the human race into nothing more than cattle, to be used or destroyed as they see fit. We're different from them Faith and we have to watch ourselves to make sure we stay different, we have to have rules, lines we don't cross, because if we do we end up being the thing we're fighting. ?Want, take, have' might sound simple, might sound like it's something that makes sense but if you really want to see it in action then I guess all you need to do is look at that thing in there."

    Faith pulled herself free from Buffy's grasp and half turned away, her face unreadable. She stood motionless, staring at the ground as the force of Buffy's words hit home. Finally she raised her head and glared at Buffy, her eyes hostile.

    "Fine." She said "Have it your way, we'll go back to the library." And turning on her heel she walked away.

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