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The Destroyer 1.03 Conflicts Arise

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  • The Destroyer 1.03 Conflicts Arise

    1.03- Conflicts Arise


    We open up on Connor getting throw into a wall. The camera pans around to show Sofia and Marty swinging axes at this giant green demon with hooves for feet and tentacles for hands. He backhands Marty and kicks Sofia. Sofia drops her sword and falls to the floor. Connor gets back up and jumps the creature from behind and stabs it in the back. The creature grabs Connor by his hair and throws him over his head. Connor flies and hits the wall. He slumps to the floor. He looks over to see Casey sitting cross legged on the floor hands glowing.

    Connor: (annoyed) Um… you can jump into this fight at any time Casey.

    Casey: Just give me a second.

    Connor looks over to the demon that has his tentacles around Sofia and Marty’s neck chocking them. Connor looks shocked.

    Connor: Casey you have to do something

    Casey throws his head back and his eyes go black. He looks at the demon.

    Casey: Shatter.

    With that the demon blows up throwing goop and body parts all over the place. Sofia and Marty fly backwards and hit some boxes. Casey’s eyes return to there normal color. He smirks and stands up. He helps Connor up as well.

    Casey: Wow that was a pretty impressive blast. I didn’t think that would happen

    Connor: (shocked) are you joking? You didn’t know if that would work?

    Casey shakes his head. Connor rolls his eyes and goes over to Sofia and Marty. Sofia is already helping Marty up.

    Sofia: This is really stupid. I can’t believe I have to wash my hair….again.

    Marty: (Smug) well it’s a good thing I don’t. Although I think I need a shower. (To Casey) What kind of spell was that?

    Casey: One that saved you asses. You’re welcome. Now if you will excuse me. I have to go see Gordy. We have a test in Spanish tomorrow.

    With that Casey levitates and then flies off. Connor, Sofia and Marty look at him in shock.
    Connor: What…

    Marty: ….The…

    Sofia: ….Hell….

    Connor: He can fly? Since when can he fly?

    Marty: I have no idea. But that was cool.

    Sofia: I agree. But next time could he at least teleport us home first.

    With that the gang pick up there fallen weapons and walk out the alley.

    Cut to Connor and Marty’s apartment door opening, the camera pans around to show the living room is a total mess. There are texts all over the place. Along with takeout cases as well. On the floor are weapons and a map. The camera pans to the door opening. In walk Connor, Sofia, and Marty who are looking tired, beaten up and covered in sort of goop.

    Connor: I can’t believe that demon exploded.

    Sofia: (shock; turns to Connor) you can’t believe it? I have goop in places that it shouldn’t be.

    Sofia keeps walking into the apartment and sits down on a stool.

    Marty: Well the demon wouldn’t have exploded if Casey had done that spell right.

    Sofia and Connor nod. Just then the door opens and in walks Gregory. He walks right past the others not noticing them. He picks up some texts and walks back to the door and close it. The others look at each other. The door opens again. Gregory comes back in and looks at the gang.

    Gregory: So what happened?

    Connor: (sarcastic) Oh thank you for noticing now.

    Gregory: I’m sorry. But I’m on the verge of discovering who Clarice is.

    Marty: Really? What have you found out?

    Gregory: A lot. But seriously, what happened?

    Sofia: Well this demon we went after tried to kill us. So Casey said some ass backwards spell and it blew green goop on us.

    Gregory: Uh huh. Well whatever. I’m off. I have to continue researching.

    With that Gregory closes the door. Sofia glares at the closed door.

    Sofia: (Angry) that was so rude. I have half a mind to kick his a-

    Connor: What ever. Right now I need sleep and plenty of it. So I will see you guys in the morning right?

    Marty: I have an early class. But I might see you guys later.

    Sofia: I don’t have my classes until tomorrow. So I guess I can help Gregory research. Or look for a job. (Shrugs) Whichever comes first?

    Connor: Okay. Well I’m going to call Casey and let him know…

    Connor looks at the clock and it reads 12:45 AM. Connor sighs.

    Connor: Okay maybe tomorrow.

    With that Connor and the gang went to there separate rooms. Cut to the old abandon warehouse. Clarice and Wesley are standing over something. Clarice is smirking while Wesley is looking serious.

    Clarice: I can’t believe our best demon got blown up by some stupid kid.

    Wesley remains silent

    Clarice: Do you think we can still do this without the Destroyer?

    Wesley: Maybe. I still hope this works. Although I don’t think we need to worry so much about the small stuff. This is almost nearly complete.

    Clarice: Yes I know. Thanks to the blood of that stupid slayer it has already begun to form. I hope it is ready soon.

    Wesley: Oh don’t worry. It will be complete by then.

    The camera pans around to show they are standing next to the almost complete Seal of Danzalthar.

    Fade to Black-End of Teaser

    Opening Credits

    Theme Song: Quutamo by Apocalyptica

    Vincent Kartheiser as Connor Reilly Angel
    Sam Jones III as Marty Jackson
    Thomas Dekker as Casey Parker
    Emily Browning as Sofia Romero
    Bradley Cooper as Gregory Pierce

    Special Guest Star:
    Genevieve Cortese as Krista
    Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

    Guest Stars:
    Romola Garai as Clarice
    Rachael Bilson as Tracy Morgan

    Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters that have appeared or have been mentioned on Angel or Buffy. I do however own the characters that haven’t been mentioned or shown on the shows.

    Created by: khurd15 (Karl)

    Written by: khurd15 (Karl)

    Story by: khurd15 (Karl)

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    Act 1

    We open up on the living room. It is morning. It looks better than when it did last night. All the clutter is off the floor and everything is where it should be. The camera pans around to show Casey sitting cross legged on the floor. His eyes are closed and he is breathing slowly and calmly. He slowly starts to levitate into the air. Soon little bright lights start swirling around him going slow at first but then going faster. The door opens and Gregory walks through. He looks over to see Casey levitating and the lights swirling. Gregory is shocked and confused. Connor comes from the hallway into the living room in a towel drying his hair and he looks up to see Gregory and smiles but then looks over and notices Casey and his smile slowly fades. Connor slowly walks towards him.

    Connor: Casey?.what-

    But before Connor could do anything he is blasted backwards back into the hall while Gregory is blasted into the hall. Casey falls to the ground and opens his eyes. He stands up and rushes to Connor's side.

    Casey: (worried) Connor?.are you okay?

    Connor: (sarcastic) yeah I am freakin fantastic.

    Casey helps Connor up while Gregory comes charging through the door holding his head.

    Gregory: Dammit Casey. Next time warn us when you meditate.

    Casey: Sorry it's such a big deal that I need to channel my powers or I might?.

    Connor and Gregory catch up on to what he is saying and nod there heads. Casey smirks and walks into the kitchen.

    Casey: Oh well now that you're here Connor this came for you.

    Casey hands Connor the letter and sits at the table with his apple. Connor turns the letter over and notices the slayer scythe insignia on the envelop.

    Connor: This isn't mine. I mean, I don't even think I work for the council. (To Gregory) Do I?

    Gregory: It's probably for me.

    Gregory takes the envelop and sits at the table. He opens it and something falls out. Casey notices and picks up the coin. Connor looks at it and looks confused.

    Connor: Okay you know what. I need to get dressed. We can discuss the apocalyptic stuff until after I urinate and get dressed.

    With that Connor walks to his room and closes the door. Cut to the living room later on. Connor and the gang are sat around looking through the texts.

    Marty: Okay why are we looking up info on a damn coin? I mean it could just be a regular coin.

    Casey: Then why would the council send it to us? Boy I wonder why you're the genius of the team.

    Sofia: Hi can we focus.

    Gregory: Agreed. Maybe it would be better if we divide and conquer. Sofia you and Marty hit the demon bars and see what you can dig up. (To Casey) Casey you try calling the council and see what they have on this coin that they sent. Meanwhile Connor and I will be looking through texts most of the time. All right Avengers assemble.

    Everyone stops what they are doing and looks at Gregory like he is crazy. He smirks and hides his face with his book.

    Cut to the streets of New York. Sofia and Marty are walking along and both are looking moody.

    Marty: I can't believe this is so hard.

    Sofia: What's so hard about telling Connor you are a demon?

    Marty: Are you kidding? It's not something I can just bring up in a conversation and expect it to go well.

    Sofia: true. But look at it this way. If you tell Connor the truth, he won't hate you for it later on when it's to late.

    Marty: What do you mean to late?

    Sofia stops and turns to look at Marty.

    Sofia: How long have you known you were a demon?

    Marty: Half-demon.

    Sofia: Sorry. A half-demon?

    Marty: A couple of weeks. (Confused) what does this have to do with anything?

    Sofia: Boy Casey is right. Why are you the smart one?

    Marty just looks at her confused, while Sofia just chuckles.

    Sofia: Come on Marty. I will by you a drink.

    With that the two head off toward the bar. Cut to the apartment. Gregory is searching through the texts while Connor is looking at something in his lap and Casey is on the phone.

    Casey: (into phone) really? I didn't know that. Thanks Willow, you totally just saved my ass. What's that? Oh okay. You should really send that book and that scroll over here. We might need it. So any new hellmouths discovered? Really? Where? Oh my God. There is one in where? Cleveland. Yeah I know about that. Wait there is one in San Francisco. Willow how is the council going to handle?.Xander and Faith are going? Why? What an ass?.Oh okay. Well tell Xander and Faith to be careful. Alright you take care now. Bye.

    Casey hangs up the phone and goes over to the couch.

    Gregory: So. Did you get the info?

    Casey: Yeah. Willow says the coin is just your standard run of the mill key of bezel.

    Gregory gasps and stands up in shock. Casey just looks confused while Connor continues to stare out the window.

    Gregory: So this coin is a key of bezel?

    Casey nods

    Gregory: Oh. I will be right back.

    With that Gregory walks out the door. Casey looks after him and makes a face. He looks over and sees Connor still sitting in the same spot since before. He walks over to him and sits next to him.

    Casey: You want to tell me what's up? And why you have been sulking in this same spot for (looks at watch) 45 minutes?

    Connor: I don't want to talk about it.

    Casey: Okay.

    Casey looks down and notices a picture in his lap. He reaches for the picture and takes it. He studies it and it has Connor, Marty and a girl sitting next to a tree smiling. Casey gets a confused look on his face.

    Casey: Who is this?

    Connor: It's Tracey, My ex-girlfriend

    Casey: Oh. When did you date her?

    Connor: Before I came to New York, When I was living in Palo Alto.

    Casey: Why did you guys break up?

    Connor: (sighs) it was because she wasn't safe around me. I?told her my secret.

    Casey: Oh. And wait a minute. Didn't you get your memories back 4 months ago?

    Connor: Yeah. So since I got them back I was patrolling more often. I told Marty about it and he was fine. But Tracey she was a bit?..excited about it.

    The caption on the screen says July 2004, Palo Alto, California. The camera pans around a graveyard. Somebody is seen running through it. Bobbing and weaving through the tombstones. The figure is a vampire running through the cemetery. The camera pans behind it to show Connor is the one chasing it. He flips over a headstone and kicks it in the back. The vampire rolls and gets back up. Connor punches it in the face and then kicks it in the chest but the vampire grabs his foot and throws him into a tree. Connor hits the ground and tries to get up but the vampire grabs it by the arm and throws him into a headstone. The vampire gets on top of Connor and is about to bite him but before he could he turns to dust. Connor looks up to see Marty standing there. Marty extends his hand and helps Connor off.

    Connor: You know I could've used some help beforehand.

    Marty: Well I thought you could handle it. (Looks around) Where is Tracey?

    Cut to a girl with long brown hair, blue jeans, and a red shirt covered by a black leather jacket. She is punching a vampire in the face back kicks another vampire with ease. She does a roundhouse kick to Vampire #1's face and stakes Vampire #2.

    Girl: Well that was anticlimactic.

    Vampire: What are you? Are you a slayer?

    Girl: No.

    The Girl smirks and raises her stake.

    Girl: I'm better.

    She does a cartwheel and kicks the vampire in the face. She grabs his arm and twists his arm behind his back and you hear a cracking sound. She smirks and stakes the vampire in the back. He dusts and she puts the stake into her pocket. She turns to see Marty and Connor standing there, arms crossed.

    Girl: Hi boys.

    Connor and Marty: Tracey.

    Tracey smirks and walks past them to a tomb and hops on top of it. Connor and Marty frown at her and Tracey looks at them confused.

    Tracey: What?

    Connor: Why did you run off?

    Tracey: Well I saw the vampires running away. So I followed them. Is that a crime?

    Marty: It is when your life is at stake. What were you thinking?

    Tracey: I was thinking that maybe I better learn how to do your job seeing as though you two are moving

    Connor and Marty look at each other shocked. Tracey jumps off the tomb and smirks.

    Tracey: What you didn't think I was going to find out? Did you?

    Connor: (to Marty) did you tell her?

    Marty: No. I didn't tell her. She must have found out.

    Tracey: Actually I saw the plane tickets on the table this morning. (To Connor) So were you going to tell me?

    Connor: I?

    Tracey: I thought you loved me?

    Connor: I do. It's just that, I got to leave this city. Also Marty got that scholarship so?I'm sorry.

    Tracey: (Angry) No. Don't say sorry to me Reilly.

    Tears start to roll down Tracey's face and she brings a hand up to brush them away. Connor reaches out to touch her but she slaps his hand away and punches him in the face. Connor grabs his face and looks to see Tracey walking away. Tears well up in Connor's eyes and he turns to walk away while Marty stands there and looking between the two torn.

    Flashback end

    Cut back to Connor and Casey sitting where they were sitting. Casey looks somber about the story while Connor looks out the window.

    Casey: If you had stayed?would things have been different?

    Connor shrugs and gets up from his seat. He goes to the kitchen and grabs an apple.

    Connor: Well. I'm sure there would have been some things between us that would have made things worse.

    Casey: (confused) what do you mean?

    Connor: Well we used to argue a lot before I told her my secret. So we have some issues to sort through.

    Casey: I see. Well don't worry; I'm sure you guys would be fine. (Looks around) I wonder where Gregory ran off to.

    Cut to Sofia and Gregory's apartment. Gregory is searching through his desk for something. He walks away from his desk and starts looking through random drawers.

    Woman V.O.: Awe?.Looking for something?

    Gregory stops and turns to see Krista standing there.

    Gregory: So?.who let the tramp back in?

    Krista smirks and walks towards Gregory.

    Krista: That's cute. But um?aren't you supposed to be figuring out how to stop Clarice with the Destroyer's help?

    Gregory: Imp busy. What do you want? Another demon to kill? Cause the last one kinda almost killed us.

    Krista: (annoyed) no. I actually need to talk to you about-

    Gregory: Let me guess. Marty? Yeah I already know. Casey told me.

    Krista: Then you know he has to be stopped before he does something he will regret later on.

    Gregory: Well. We will worry about it when the time comes. (Confused) Why do you care so much?

    Krista is a little taken back by the question.

    Krista: None of your business. Just trust me. You handle the situation. Or I will.

    With that Krista walks to the door and walks out. Gregory sighs and looks on his desk to see the text he was looking for. He looks puzzled.

    Cut to a bar. The sun is starting to set. Sofia and Marty sitting at a table with beers, Marty looks depressed while Sofia looks annoyed.

    Sofia: (annoyed) how long are you going to mope? I mean this is getting ridiculous.
    Marty: Well excuse me. I'm sorry I'm annoying you but hello I have to tell my best and closest friend that I am a half demon without him freaking out.

    Sofia: Oh please. Like I told you before, If he accepts me and Casey then you are fine. Stop being such a moron.

    Marty: Thanks for calling me a moron.

    Sofia gets up from the table and grabs Marty by the arm and drags him towards the door.

    Marty: Where are we going?

    Sofia: (smiling) to de-stress from all this work.

    Cut to a cemetery where a vampire is running Sofia and Marty are chasing after it. Sofia flips in front of the vampire and kicks it in its chest. Marty catches up and stakes the vampire before it can get up.

    Sofia: See, I told you this is good exercise. It's also good for working through your stress.

    Marty: True. It really-

    Before Marty could finish someone kicks him in his back and he flies foreword. Sofia looks to see a girl with brown hair in a ponytail wearing black boots, a blue blouse under a black leather jacket and black jeans (Played by Rachael Bilson).Sofia gets into a fighting stance.

    Sofia: So who invited queen bitch to the party?

    Girl: Well somebody is pretty ****y. Maybe I need to beat the ****iness out of you.

    Sofia: Bring it bimbo.

    Sofia and The Girl run at each other and start fighting hand to hand. Sofia punches the girl twice in the face and tries to kick her but the Girl catches her foot and twists it and flips Sofia down. She grabs Sofia by the hair and throws her into a headstone. Sofia gets back up and kicks the Girl in the chest. Sofia flips back up and pulls out her daggers. The Girl looks worried but looks to her left to see a shovel. She runs over and picks it up and twirls it around. Sofia smirks.

    Sofia: Somebody is a complete show off.

    Girl: What can I say? I aim to impress and kill. But you're the first vampire I ever met to actually be able to last this long.

    Sofia: (shocked) Excuse me? I am not a vampire.
    Girl: Yeah and I'm mother Teresa.

    Marty starts to stir and looks up and sees the two girls standing there. He looks to the Girl on the left and instantly recognizes her.

    Marty: Unbelievable.

    Sofia and the Girl run to each other and start fighting. Sofia swings a dagger but the Girl ducks and swings the shovel and knocks a dagger out of her hand. The Girl extends her leg and kicks Sofia in the stomach. Sofia recoils and round house kicks her. She picks up her fallen dagger and is about to stab her when Marty grabs her arm to stop her.

    Sofia: What the hell are you doing?

    Marty: I know who this is.

    The girl looks and sees Marty and she smirks.

    Girl: Hello Martin.

    Marty: Hello Tracey.

    Tracey smirks and pushes Sofia off of her. Sofia still brings her dagger up to defend herself. Tracey smirks. Marty looks confused.

    Marty: Tracey not that I'm not happy to see you, but what are you doing here?

    Tracey: Well, I need some help. The world is ending?.again.

    Sofia and Marty look at each other confused.

    Fade to Black- End of Act 1


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      Act 2

      We open up on the apartment and Casey, and Connor are holding two mugs and are sitting on the couch.

      Connor: I don't know. I mean I love this job and I love the fact that I have gotten this far in it but, things just keep coming.

      Casey: Well maybe you need a vacation.

      Connor: No that is what the fake memories were. Even then those weren't good enough to keep me away from this life. (Sighs) Maybe if I hadn't got hit by that truck my life would still be normal and I wouldn't have to be doing this.
      Casey: Yeah well that's too bad you are, and nothing can change that. Besides what's the worse that can happen?

      The front door and Marty and Sofia come rushing in.

      Marty: Oh god it's the apocalypse.

      Sofia: Crap. I have never been in one of those.

      Connor: What are you talking about?

      Voice S.O.: Let me explain.

      The others look to the door to see Tracey standing there with her arms folded smirking. Connor and Casey look shocked while Marty looks nervous and Sofia just looks annoyed.

      Connor: What?.How?.When?

      Tracey: What? No hug?

      Sofia: So wait?.what's the deal between these two anyways?

      Connor: (frowns) Well Sofia. This is my ex-girlfriend.

      Sofia: This wind up slut is your ex-girlfriend?

      Tracey: (sarcastic) Thanks. Hey when your done being a bitch maybe we can get to the job at hand.

      Just then Gregory comes through the door carrying the text he was looking for. He notices Tracey standing there and he looks confused.

      Gregory: Who are you?

      Tracey: Hi I'm Tracey an old friend of Connor.

      Gregory: Oh?hi. Listen I would love to stay and chat but-

      Connor: Relax. She knows.

      Gregory: Oh thank god. If you had asked about the weapons yeah I had nothing.

      Tracey just smiles and turns back to Connor. She walks more into the room. She puts her knife on the table and walks towards Connor who is slowly backing up.

      Tracey: What? Are you surprised to see me?
      Connor: Yeah. But why are you here?

      Tracey: Like I told your special friend over there, I need your help.

      Casey: Well out with it.

      Tracey: I need help finding the Glove of Amunra.

      Gregory looks shocked and goes towards Tracey.

      Gregory: Why do you need to look for that?

      Tracey: Well so I can keep it away from this vampire cult that wants it. I also need to find the key of Bezel.

      Sofia: Well we have the key. But we don't know where this glove is.

      Tracey: Well good. Hand over the key and I can take you guys to the glove.

      Marty: I'm sorry Trace but?.

      Connor: (stern) we can't give you the key. Besides why do you need the key anyways?

      Tracey: Well, if the key and the glove are together they can recreate the five stones of Bezel and with these stones a foul demon from a different dimension can be brought into ours. So just give me the damn key so I can get rid of it.

      Casey: Well give us the glove.

      Tracey: Actually I can't give you the glove because it's in a different plane.

      Sofia: (yelling) See how can we trust this ditzy bitch if she can't even help us out?

      Tracey: Hey why don't you chill out and shut the hell up. The time for talk is over bad girl.

      Sofia walks closer to Tracey.

      Sofia: Really? I seem to recall I almost had you beat bitch.

      Tracey: Yeah well you know what they say. The bigger they are the harder they fall.

      Sofia: Oh really? Well hey I'm still going to kick you ass.

      Tracey: Bring it on.

      Casey: Separate

      With that Tracey and Sofia flew apart from each other. Everyone looks at Casey whose eyes are black and looking pissed.

      Casey: Look. We need to work together. (To Tracey) So are you going to tell us where the glove is?or do I need to rip it from your mind?

      Tracey: Fine. Whatever. I will take you guys to the glove. But just remember that there are others after the glove as well.

      Gregory: Well maybe all of us shouldn't go. I could stay here; I mean I'm no good in a fight.

      Casey: Okay. Well somebody has to stay here with Gregory. I don't want Clarice getting him for information like last time.

      Connor: (sighs) Fine. Casey you stay here and Marty, Tracey, Sofia, and I will go after the glove.

      Casey: Okay just call in when you have it.

      Tracey: So are you ready to go?

      Marty: Almost just need the weapons.

      Sofia: Yeah can't go killing with out a weapon.

      Tracey: what is that a slayer motto?

      Marty: Really? Well I thought it was ?I don't go anywhere with a nice piece of wood in my hands'.

      Tracey and Connor giggle while Sofia flushes and elbows Marty in the stomach. The gang marches out of the apartment

      Cut to the cemetery. Connor, Marty, Tracey, and Sofia are walking through it. Sofia is scowling while Marty is looking down at his feet. Connor and Tracey are standing apart from each other and are looking ahead.

      Connor: So?..really how have you been? I mean from what Marty told me, you are a good fighter.

      Tracey: (scoffs) whatever. I just trained a lot and ate my vitamins like a girl. Besides, I needed to learn how to defend myself

      Sofia: (softly) yeah because somebody really wants you dead

      Tracey: Actually a lot of people want me dead Sofia. (Smug) I think imp more popular than you newbie slayers.

      Sofia looks shocked and looks away. Marty finally looks up and sees Connor is looking at him.

      Marty: What?

      Connor: What's wrong?

      Marty: Nothing. I just?..I have a lot on my mind.

      Connor: Care to share?

      Marty: No. Not really. (Off Connor's look) Look I'm sorry I just don't want to talk about it.

      Connor: Fine.

      Connor turns and continues walking. The group arrive at the same Mausoleum Krista and Connor were at in the last episode. Connor looks shocked while the other look around confused.

      Connor: I have been here before.

      Marty: When?

      Connor: Like a couple of days ago. Krista and I-

      Tracey: Who is Krista?

      Sofia: Some demon who agrees to help us sometimes. I really don't understand why we trust her.

      Connor: We trust her because she? anyways we should get started.

      Connor walks away from the others toward the Mausoleum. Tracey and the others look at Connor and then follow him.

      Cut to the inside of the mausoleum. Connor and the gang walk in and sees the pentagram on the floor.

      Tracey: Okay?..this is getting weird.

      Sofia: For once I agree with you. Let's just find the damn glove and leave.

      Marty: (to Tracey) so where is the freakin glove?

      Tracey: It's over here.

      She walks over to a chest and opens it to reveal the glove laying there with dust all over it. Tracey picks it up and shows it to the gang.

      Sofia: Now that we got the damn thing I think we should-

      Voice O.S.: Hand it over before someone dies a horrible death.

      The gang turn to see Clarice standing there with her vampires and the robed guys that Connor and Krista fought. Connor looks confused.

      Connor: So who are the new guys in the hoods?

      Clarice: These are the harbingers, very good folk who help when the world is going to end.

      Sofia: I remember these guys. Oh I have been waiting for round two.

      Clarice: Boys liberate these brats of the glove but leave the Destroyer for me.

      The vampires and bringers ran at the group. Connor punched three vampires at once and kicked down to bringers. Sofia flipped through the group and punches tow vamps and stake another. Tracey throws the glove in the air and slashes her ax around. She catches the glove and all the vampires near her turn to dust. Marty kicks down a bringer and swings his mace into the bringers head. He picked up the fallen bringers knife and stabs bringer #4 and bringer #5. Connors notices the vampires and bringers escaping and are about to go after them until Clarice blocks his path.

      Connor: (angry) Move bitch.

      Clarice: (smug) make me.

      Connor tries to give Clarice a right hook but misses and Clarice kicks him in the stomach and throws him into a wall. Tracey sees this and stakes the vampire in her way. She flips over and kicks Clarice in the face. Clarice looks pissed and confused.

      Clarice: So they called in another slayer? Man you guys pop up like roaches.

      Tracey: Sorry to disappoint but imp just a regular girl.

      Tracey punches Clarice in the face. She picks Clarice up by her collar and throws her out one of the mausoleum windows. Tracey smirks. She runs over to Connor and helps him up.

      Tracey: So?.I take it that bitch was Clarice. She wasn't so tough.

      Connor: (stern) Yeah you should see her on a good day. (Looks around) Where is the glove?

      Tracey: I?.don't know.

      Marty and the gang come towards them.

      Tracey: (To Marty) hey do you know where the glove is?

      Marty: I don't have it. (To Sofia) do you?

      Sofia: No?this means one of those stupid bringers got away with it. Dammit.

      Connor: Let's head back to the apartment. I'm sure Gregory and Casey came up with some answers.

      With that the gang leaves the mausoleum in a hurry. Cut to Casey and Gregory looking through texts. Gregory looks up and notices that Casey is barely reading.

      Gregory: (concerned) Hey are you alright?

      Casey: What? Yeah I'm fine. Just trying to figure out how the glove and the key fit together.

      Gregory: I know something else is bothering you.

      He gets up and walks over to Casey and sits down next to him.

      Gregory: So what's up?

      Casey: It's just that?..I pretty much useless here. I don't know why the council sent me. I mean all I can do is magic and even when I do that I mess it up. (Tears start welling up in his eyes) I can't even keep Gordy safe from this. You saw what he did a couple of days ago. I don't know how or why but I think he would make a better replacement.

      Gregory: No. You are the Warlock here. (He grabs Casey's face to look at him) You aren't bad. You are so cool. I think you are a big help to the team. So don't second guess yourself. (He wipes the tears off Casey's face) okay?

      Casey: (Sniffling) Okay. Besides I don't want Gordy to see me like this.
      Gregory: Speaking of Gordy. (Confused) Where has he been? I thought he would jump at the chance to research?

      Casey: Actually. Gordy is visiting his cousin in Rome. So he won't be back for a couple more weeks.

      Gregory: Oh okay. Well what do you say we research to take your mind off of the bad things?

      Casey: Okay. (He smiles and picks up a text and starts skimming through it) You know this is totally boring. Let's go out and have fun.

      Gregory: (Shocked) What? We can't go out. What about Connor and the others?

      Casey: Oh please. They can wait a couple of hours. Come on Gregory, when was the last time you ever went out?

      Gregory: I don't know. What if they come back and they have the glove?

      Casey: Fine. But one of these days, I am taking you to a club.

      Before Gregory could retort the front door opened and the gang walked in. Gregory looked shocked at there appearance while Casey helps Connor to a chair.

      Gregory: (shocked) what happened?

      Connor: Well, Clarice stole the glove and we got into a huge ass fight.

      Sofia: Yeah. Quick question, since when do they bringers work for her?

      Gregory and Casey both look up in shock after what Sofia just said.

      Casey: (shocked) Wait?.are you sure it was bringers that attacked you?

      Sofia nods. Gregory and Casey look at each other. Gregory runs over to the phone and starts dialing while Casey picks up the city map and sits cross-legged on the floor. Connor and the others look confused.

      Connor: (confused) Um?.Case?.What's going on?

      Casey: Am trying to find the bringers and Clarice.

      Marty: (confused) why? I mean these guys aren't that bad. Are they?

      Sofia: Uh yeah they are. In 2002 they started hunting down us potential slayers. Luckily I was saved from a bringer by stuffy over there and?..I owe him big time.
      Tracey: Hmmm?..they didn't seem that tough. Just like that Clarice chick. I mean she was totally easy. (To Connor and Sofia) The question is?.why haven't you guys put a stake through that bitches heart?

      Connor and Sofia: Ummm?..Well?

      Gregory O.S.: Okay. Thank you Willow, Just remember to tell Mr. Giles about this.

      Gregory hangs up the phone and looks to the gang. Connor is the first to notice the look on his face.

      Connor: Greg?.what's wrong?

      Gregory: Willow said that the bringers aren't supposed to be around. If they are around that means one of two things. One: They must be trying to get the glove for there own purposes and Two?

      Sofia: The first is back.

      The gang looks to Sofia who stares at her feet with horror on her face.

      Fade to Black-End Act 2


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        Act 3

        We open up on Casey sitting on couch with a book in his lap while Gregory is still sat at the desk on the phone. Marty is sitting on the floor and leaning back against the couch. The front door opens and Connor, Tracey, and Sofia come through it. The others look up and see them.

        Casey: So?..were you able to find the glove?

        Connor: No. The damn bringers must have hidden it really well.

        Sofia: (To Casey) Hey maybe you could try another locator spell.

        Casey: I don't think it will work. I mean if the last one barely worked then how is this one going to?

        Tracey: Well maybe you just need to go back to the place where you first met Clarice. I mean Marty wouldn't stop telling me about the factory she is in.

        Sofia: (angry) well did he also tell you that we kicked her ass and she wouldn't be held up in the same place twice?

        Tracey: Actually I figured that out on my own.

        Tracey walks over to the table and picks up the ax. She walks to the door and is about to leave when Connor grabs her hand. She looks down and looks up at Connor glaring at him.

        Connor: Where are you going?

        Sofia: Hopefully far far away.

        Tracey: (sarcastic) Well I'm going for a stroll, and then I'm going to stop by that factory-

        Casey and Marty: Warehouse

        Tracey: Whatever. And kick her ass and get the glove back.

        Connor: Fine.

        He lets go of her. He goes to the table and picks up his sword and walks to the door as well. Connor smirks.

        Connor: You're not going alone.

        Tracey smirks and walks out the door followed by Connor. Sofia looks after them pissed. She walks over to the couch and sits down and folds her arms over her chest and pouts. Gregory sighs and goes back to his conversation on the phone. Marty and Casey look at each other and shrug.

        Cut to the cemetery. Connor and Tracey are walking through it. Connor looks left and right while Tracey looks straight ahead. Tracey stops and looks at Connor's retreating form. When Connor doesn't see Tracey next to him he looks behind her to see her staring at him. He smiles.

        Connor: What? Is there something on my face?

        Tracey: No?.Its just that?.We haven't done this in a long time.

        Connor: So?.You never finished telling me how you came across this glove.

        Tracey: Well?.I needed to find ways to get over the hurt you put me through. So I went to this temple in Tibet where they taught me everything. Of course they had ancient traditions and all that other boring crap.

        Connor: Okay. You're not telling me anything I want to know.

        Tracey: Well?.I'm getting to that. So I toured the temple found the stupid glove. Got attacked, the glove disappeared and ended up here. (Angry) I'm tired of playing cat and mouse so can we speed this up?

        Connor: (curt) Fine. Although I should let you know?..I didn't want to leave you.

        Tracey looks at Connor with a confused look on her face. She pushes Connor down and starts fighting the assailant that was behind Connor. She kicks the person in the chest and punches him in the face twice. She flips him over and pulls out a stake. Connor gets off the ground and looks to see Tracey holding a stake over her enemy.

        Connor: Good job. Who the hell is this?

        Tracey: Probably one of your girl Clarice's minions. (To the Assassin) Who do you work for?

        Assassin: I'm not telling you anything. You bitch.

        Tracey punches him in the face

        Tracey: (angry) Look. I won't ask you again, who do you work for?

        Assassin: (Scared) Alright already, I work for Clarice. She sent me after you.

        Connor: Why? And you better have the right answer.

        Assassin: She thought you had the glove. So she sent me to follow you and retrieve the glove.

        Tracey: Well that was stupid. But I'm sure you won't tell her about this moment.

        Before the Assassin could say anything Tracey shoved her stake into the Assassin's heart and he dusts. Tracey stands up and pockets her stake.

        Connor: Okay. That was just stupid.

        Tracey: Why?

        Connor: (irritated) well for starters, the guy could have led us to Clarice. Why didn't you leave him alive?

        Tracey: (Irritated; Angry) Look I'm doing your job. Stop acting like you're the big leader. I don't follow your commands anymore. Now if you will excuse me I have to find Clarice and the glove.

        Tracey walks away while Connor looks a little confused. He is about to follow but he is tackled in the side by a vampire. Connor flips back up and stares the vampire down.

        Connor: (Irritated) I am so not in the mood.

        Connor punches the vampire in the face and kicks him in the chest. He is about to stake him but gets jumped from behind by another vampire. He throws the other vampire down and kicks it. He turns only to be punched by another vampire. The other two vampires grab his arms and hold him while the third vampire punches him in the stomach.

        Connor: (weakly) Damn?..I?hate?.you guys.

        Vampire #3: Well hey we hate you to Destroyer. But hopefully your blood tastes good.

        Vampire #3 pulls the collar of Connor's shirt down and is about to bite into him when he stops and dusts. Connor looks to see Tracey standing there with her arms folded.

        Tracey: (smug) I can't go anywhere without you getting attacked can I?

        Tracey back flips 3 times and kicks the two vampires down. Connor flips back up and does a spinning kick to vampire #2. Tracey punches Vampire #1 and kicks him in the chest. She grabs him by the shoulders and throws him into a tombstone. Connor flips over Vampire #2 and stakes him. The vampire dusts. Tracey kicks her opponent in the stomach over and over. She finally grabs him by the collar and stakes him. He dusts. Tracey stands back up and dusts herself off.

        Connor: Um?.thanks.

        Tracey: (smiling) No problem. Just next time don't do something stupid and try to fight three vamps at once again.

        Connor: So?..What are we going to do now?

        Clarice O.S.: Well first I'm going to kill you slowly and then kill your little friends

        Connor and Tracey turn to see Clarice standing there with two Vampires and three Bringers. Connor pulls out his daggers while Tracey gets into a fighting stance. Clarice smirks and fold her arms across her chest.

        Clarice: You know I can kill you both right?

        Connor: (Scoffs) Ha. You can't and you won't, or you would have done it by now.

        Tracey: Um?.Can we skip the talking and just skip to the fight scene?

        Clarice looks over to Tracey and growls. She pounces towards Tracey and tries to tackle her but Tracey grabs her by the straps of her dress and sticks one foot up and flips her into a tombstone. Tracey flips back up and smirks. Connor looks at her amazed, while the Vampires and Bringers charge them. Tracey kicks Bringers #2 and #3 in the face while Connor punches Bringer #1 and stakes Vampire #2. Connor kicks Bringer #1 and punches twice. He ducks a punch from it and jump kicks it into a statue. He picks up its fallen knife and stabs it in the chest. He stands up to see Tracey kick Bringer #2 and flip Bringer #3 over her shoulder. She pulls out her stake and shoves it into Bringer #3's chest and picks up the knife and stabs Bringer #2.

        Connor: (Shocked; impressed) Damn I didn't know you were that good at fighting.

        Tracey: Yeah there is a lot that you don't know. (To Clarice) Now we can do this one of two ways-

        Tracey looks around and Clarice is gone. Tracey sighs and starts heading towards the Warehouse. Connor is about to follow but is jumped from behind by an unknown assailant.

        Cut to the apartment. Casey is sitting on the floor still and his eyes are pitch black. Marty and Sofia are looking through the weapons chest while Gregory is sitting with his head in his hands.

        Sofia: Okay, so what are we going to do now?

        Gregory: (sighs) well hopefully wait for Connor to get the glove back. I called the council about the bringers and they said they will send help when they find the time.

        Marty: (confused) and that means?

        Sofia: (angry) it means we are boned. Damnit. I hate the freaking council. Why are they so useless?

        Casey: They aren't useless. They just don't know what to do next. The bringers haven't been around for a while so this is new territory.

        Marty: Yeah whatever. (Off Casey's eyes) Hey are your eyes okay?

        Casey: (confused) Yes, why?

        Sofia: Well they are still black. (To Gregory) Is that supposed to happen?

        Gregory: I don't know. But we have to be smart about this. (To Casey) You can't use anymore magic or you might make yourself worse.

        Casey: Well that blows. How am I supposed to help you guys? I mean you all bring something to the team and me-

        Before Casey can finish the phone starts to ring. Gregory sighs and goes to answer it. Casey sits on the couch and pouts while Marty and Sofia shrug and continue looking through the weapons chest. Casey goes to his room and sits on his bed. He reaches towards the dresser and pulls out a bottle. He pours two blue pills into his hand and puts the pills in his mouth. He goes to the bathroom turns and turns on the water and gets a little Dixie cup. He puts water into it and then drinks it. He closes his eyes and breathes deeply. He opens them again and we see his eyes have returned to normal. He sighs and walks out of the bathroom.

        Cut to Connor. He has cuts on his face and arms. One of his pant legs has been ripped off. He is holding a bloody knife. The camera pans down to show a bringer lying on the ground dead. He starts to circle the dead body. Connor kneels down and starts searching through the bringers robes. Connor takes his hand out of his robe to pull out the key. He smirks and stands back up. His smirk falters a little.

        Connor: So?..when did you get good at sneaking up on people?

        The camera pans around to show Krista standing behind him arms folded and smirking.

        Krista: So I see your senses are still up to par.

        Connor turns around and glares.

        Connor: What do you want?

        Krista: Can't I come and visit an old friend? I mean it is so rude that I haven't talked since our last meeting.

        Connor: Yeah??well since the bringers are here that means I need to work overtime to kill them all.

        Krista: (wondering) I wonder, do your friends know what you were doing with me a couple of days ago?

        Connor: No?..they don't. And they will never know. I don't want them getting hurt.

        Krista: So who was the little tart you were with?

        Voice O.S.: (angry) the name is Tracey bitch.

        Krista turns to get a hard right hook to the jaw. Tracey stands over her and smirks. She looks up to sees Connor's shocked face.

        Tracey: What?

        Connor: Um??why did you hit her?

        Tracey: Um?..she called me a tart. You're lucky I didn't kick her demonic ass. Now what the hell are you two talking about?

        Connor sighs and helps Krista off the ground. Tracey glares at Krista and pulls out her dagger. Connor looks at Krista who nods and he picks up a little pebble. He puts it into his hand and stares at it for a beat. Then the pebble suddenly starts to levitate slowly in the air. Tracey looks shocked while Krista just smirks and folds her arms.

        Tracey: (shocked) How in the hell are you able to do that?

        Connor: I just practiced?..a lot. It's not like this is dangerous. But I need you to keep it a secret. I don't want the gang getting any ideas.

        Tracey: Okay?..I will. So is this like an upgrade for you? Can you use it all the time?

        Krista: Of course not. He has to regulate the way he uses his new power. If he doesn't he will be drained and easy pray for Clarice to feast on.

        Tracey: (annoyed) Look I'm getting tired of you. Why don't you die?

        Krista: Sorry I cant.

        Krista glances at her watch. She picks up her fallen dagger and puts it back in its sheath.

        Krista: It's been a slice kiddies. But I have to go. See you around Connor. Bye slut.

        With that Krista walks away from the duo back into the darkness. Tracey sighs and walks towards Connor and smacks him in the back of his head.

        Connor: (angry) Ow. What the hell was that for?

        Tracey: You're using magic.

        Connor: Yes I know??what's your point?

        Tracey: You have always hated Magic. Now you are using it against evil. Are you sure you should be doing this?

        Connor: It's all good. I mean I was reluctant at first but?..I just figured this was the best way.

        Tracey: Alright Whatever. Look lets go back to finding the glove please. Now, we know that Clarice and her stupid minions have the glove we need to find the place where they would take the glove.

        Connor: Okay. Look maybe you should go back tot eh apartment and I should keep patrolling.

        Tracey: Sorry cowboy you won't last another ten seconds with the bringers or anything else that comes slithering out of the dark. Why don't you head back and I stay and find the glove.

        Connor: (concerned) Wait?.No. What if you get hurt?

        Tracey: (sighs) Well that's the risk I have to take. Just get going.

        Connor nods his head and starts back to the apartment. Tracey smiles and continues to walk through the cemetery.

        Cut to the apartment. Sofia and Marty are still looking through weapons while Casey and Gregory are reading through texts. Gregory sighs in anger and slams the book shut. Sofia looks up concerned.

        Sofia: So I take it the books are useless?

        Gregory: (sighs) Yeah they are. I mean I can't find anything else on that damn glove. I mean we don't have the key anymore or know where the whereabouts of it is.

        Casey: Well let's think logically. I mean the glove works for something. The question is what.

        Marty: (worried) well as soon as Connor gets back from his patrol we might just win.

        The front door opens and everyone turns to see Connor standing there beaten up. He limps through the door and Sofia runs over and helps him to a seat.

        Sofia: What happened?

        Connor: Bringers, Vamps, Clarice?..anything that isn't alive kicked my ass tonight. (To Gregory) Any new information on the glove that we don't know?

        Gregory: Except the fact that it doesn't work without the key then I am totally lost.

        Connor: Damn.

        Sofia looks around and smirks.

        Sofia: (smug) so where is the wind-up slut? I mean she is usually hear annoying me, but now she isn't.

        Connor: She is still patrolling.

        Marty: Alone? (Worried) Connor isn't that a little risky?

        Connor: She can handle herself. I just hope she stays out of trouble for the time being.

        Cut to Tracey running through the cemetery. She looks behind her and we see three bringers chasing her. She flips over a tombstone and is about to reach the exit when all of a sudden she gets jumped from behind. She falls to the ground and tries to get back up but she is kicked in the stomach and is flown backwards into a tombstone. Two of the tree bringers walk over to her and grab her by the arms, while the third watches.

        Voice O.S.: Don't damage the goods boys.

        Clarice walks out of the shadows smirking. She is holding the glove in one hand while holding a dagger in her other hand.

        Clarice: Come on. We don't have time to waste while we have the key in our grasp.

        With that they all walk off into the darkness.

        Fade to Black-End of Act 3


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          Act 4

          Open up on Tracey chained to a wall. She starts to stir and she opens her eyes to see herself chained to a wall. She looks around and the environment she is in hints to the fact that she is at the same warehouse from the other episode. She looks down and sees a symbol etched onto the floor. She shrugs and tries pulling at the chains but they don't budge.

          Clarice O.S.: Oh don't try to strain yourself honey. I don't think you will be able to get out of those chains.

          Clarice appears out of the shadows carrying the glove and smirking. Tracey glares at her.

          Tracey: (angry) if you don't let me out of these chains, I am going to kick your ass.

          Clarice: (smug) I would like to see you try. Besides I know you won't be able to break free. I only need you alive for a short amount of time anyway.

          Tracey: Oh really. And why is that?

          Clarice: Because you are the key.

          Tracey looks at her shocked. Clarice smirks.

          Clarice: Didn't anyone tell you?

          Cut to the apartment. Connor is holding an ice pack to his head, while Casey and the others are sorting through weapons.

          Casey: (to Connor) are you sure?

          Connor: Positive. (Serious) Tracey is definitely the key.

          Marty: But that doesn't make sense. How is she the key?

          Connor: Simple. The glove and the key are powerful when they are together but separate when there is danger, so the glove sensing the danger at the temple teleported away so that no one can use its powers.

          Sofia: So now we have to save queen bitch from the other queen of all bitches. (To herself) Why I didn't stay in England is a good question right now.

          Connor: Alright. Let's do it.

          Connor picks up a sword from the table and walks to the door. Sofia, Gregory, Marty, and Casey follow along as well.

          Cut to Clarice. She is now wearing the glove and is standing in front of Tracey smirking.

          Clarice: Man this thing has some power. Now I wonder if I can open the hellmouth with this thing.

          Tracey: (Realizing) so that's why you wanted the glove? To open the hellmouth?

          Clarice: (excited) Yup. I just can't wait to drain your body of the energy I need to power this thing.

          Tracey: Sorry bitch. Not going to happen. I won't let you.

          Clarice smirks and hold her glove arm up. She starts to chant in Latin and Tracey starts to glow. Soon the glowing energy suddenly goes into the glove and Clarice smiles as the power goes in the glove and into her body. She closes her eyes and then she is suddenly lifted off the ground by the power. Tracey's eyes soon blast open along with her mouth and energy start pouring out into the glove.
          Cut to the outside of the warehouse. Connor and the others arrive to see a bright light is emanating from the inside. Connor looks shocked.

          Connor: Oh no. (Shouting) Tracey.

          Connor rushes forward followed by the others but are blasted back by the explosion of the warehouse and the energy from the glove. The gang are blown backwards by the blast. Connor is thrown straight through another building, while Casey and Gregory are thrown on top of a car and roll of it, and Sofia and Marty are thrown into a wall of a building.

          Cut to the rubble of the building. Clarice slowly floats down. She looks around to see Tracey sitting down, head lolled to the side, knocked out. She smirks and walks out of the wreckage to see the "Justice League" beaten and split up. She looks down at the glove in shock.

          Clarice: (impressed) damn I didn't know it had this kind of juice. (Looks around; sighs) Well. Totally need a new secret lair.

          Clarice starts to walk away when all of a sudden a piece of the rubble comes flying at her. She raises her gloved hand and a force field appears. She looks over to see Connor standing there, bruised and bloody. He raises his ax ready for action. Clarice just smirks.

          Clarice: Oh this is rich. The Destroyer all weak in the knees for me, although this could get better. I mean you look like you could barely stand and you want to fight me.

          Connor: (weakly) Yeah well?.I ?wanted?.to?.take you down?.bitch.

          Clarice smirks and runs straight at him. Connor raises his ax and swings it only for the blade end to come flying off thanks to Clarice punching it. She kicks him in the stomach and throws him on the floor. She kicks him in the stomach repeatedly.

          Cut to Tracey who is still sitting slouched against the wall. The camera pans down to show her fingers moving a bit.

          Cut to Casey and Gregory. Casey starts to stirs. He opens his eyes to see Clarice pummeling on Connor. He gasps and looks over to see Gregory bleeding from the head. Casey tries to stand but he wobbles and falls back to the ground. He looks towards the wreckage and sees Tracey still chained up. Casey closes his eyes and holds out both of his hands. He starts to glow.

          Cut to Tracey who starts to glow as well. Cut to Marty and Sofia who start to glow also. Cut to Gregory who is glowing too.

          Cut to Connor and Clarice. Clarice grabs him by the hair and throws him into a car. Connor slumps down to the ground. Clarice walks over to Connor and smirks.

          Clarice: (Smug) God this is the mighty Destroyer. I have heard tales of how powerful you really are. I guess that this is your end. Although I was expecting more of a fight, I mean from what I heard you put up a good one. Oh well. Goodbye Destroyer.

          Clarice lifts her gloved fist and is about to punch Connor but he grabs her fist and kicks her in the stomach. Clarice flies backwards into a car and hits it hard. She tries to stand but Connor is standing over her glowing white and his eyes glowing white as well. He smirks.

          Connor: What's the matter? I thought you wanted a fight.

          Connor grabs her by the throat and throws her down the street. Clarice cracks her neck and charges at Connor. Connor extends his leg and kicks Clarice but she blocks it. He goes for a right hook but Clarice blocks that and punches him in the stomach. He counters by elbowing her in the face and flipping her over his shoulder. He grabs her wrist and pulls the glove off which causes him to blast backwards. He flips back up to see Clarice cradling her arm and he smirks.

          Clarice: (in pain; surprised): How were you able to take the glove off? No one can after it is put on.

          Connor: (Voices of the gang as well): You don't understand the source of our power. We are as one while you are just alone.

          Clarice stands and glares at him.

          Clarice: What are you? I know you were never this powerful.

          Connor: I have a few tricks you don't know about.

          Clarice: Well I won't be around for that. See you around.

          With that Clarice runs down an alley and escapes. Connor looks after her and sighs. He turns around and looks at the destruction of the warehouse. He waves his hand and all the damage is repaired. He smiles and starts to glow. Five glowing balls of energy escape his body and fly away.

          Cut to Casey. He is still sitting against the car, one of the glowing balls fly into his body and another into Gregory, who is lying face down. Cut to Sofia and Marty, two of the balls of energy fly into them. Cut to Tracey. The final ball of energy flies into her.

          Cut to Tracey stirring. She opens her eyes to see Connor standing in front of her smirking. She frowns.

          Tracey: Well I see you're enjoying yourself.

          Connor: Not really. So let's get you out of here.

          Tracey: Yeah lets.

          Connor rips the chains out of the wall and helps Tracey stand. The duo walks to the entrance to the warehouse to see the gang standing waiting for them. Connor smiles at the gang and looks at them. Although his smile fades when he notices that all the cuts and bruises are gone.

          Connor: (confused) Um?.where is your cuts and bruises? I mean shouldn't you have some?

          Sofia: Well?..I guess. But right now I feel so energized. What the hell happened?

          Marty: Yeah. I mean the last thing I remember seeing is Clarice hovering over Connor about to punch his lights out when all of a sudden everything went black.

          Casey looks at the others nervously.

          Gregory: Well whatever happened Connor you were able to help us beat her back. Now all we need is the glove. (Looks around) So where is the glove?

          Voice O.S.: I have the glove

          The gang turn to see Krista standing there with her arms crossed smirking. Sofia and Tracey look at her with anger. Krista slowly walks toward the group.

          Krista: Now. As you can see the glove is dangerous. So I am taking it somewhere evil can't touch it or use it.

          Tracey: Well what about me? I mean I am the key for that thing. Why not get rid of me?

          Krista: (laughing) you really think you are that important? Please. (Serious) The glove drained you of any power you had. So now you're a normal girl??.so to speak.

          Tracey looks nervous while the others look confused by that statement.

          Connor: What is that supposed to mean.

          Krista smirks and walks away.

          Krista: All in good time.

          With that Krista fades away and disappears. Tracey and Sofia glare after her.
          Sofia: Ugh. I cannot stand her. I swear you should let me kill her.

          Tracey: Same here.

          Tracey and Sofia look at each other and giggle.

          The boys just look around confused.

          Gregory: So?..can we go home?

          Connor: Yeah. I guess.

          With that the gang start walking down the street.

          Cut to an overview of NYC. We see all the tall buildings. Suddenly it's daytime. The sun is out and it is shining on the glass of the buildings. The camera pans over to the apartments.

          Cut to Connor and Marty's apartment. Casey is sitting in his room meditating and looking peaceful. The camera pans to show Connor standing at the door of his room in a white t-shirt and gray sweats. He watches silently.

          Casey: Connor. You can come in here.

          Connor looks shocked for a second but gets over it and walks over to Casey's bed.

          Connor: So? are you feeling?

          Casey: I'm feeling a little better. Although this cut on my stomach won't heal right.

          Connor looks at Casey's wife beater and sees the bandages through it. He looks sad. He notices Casey's worried look and looks concerned.

          Connor: (concerned) are you okay?

          Casey: Well. I know that you beat Clarice and put the warehouse back together.

          Connor: (shocked) how do you know that?

          Casey: Well I saw that you were losing?.badly against Clarice. So I casted a spell where the rest of the gang and my essence entered your body and made you stronger and faster. Oh and I also know about your magic thing.

          Connor: Well is that why you are so wiped out?

          Casey: Kind of. Just whatever you do don't tell the gang I did that spell. I don't want them looking at me weird.

          Connor: I promise.

          Casey sits back up and winces in pain. Connor notices.

          Connor: Doesn't that hurt just trying that?

          Casey: Well it hurts not trying at all. So I might as well get cracking.

          Connor smirks and sits in front of Casey cross-legged. He grabs his hands and starts to close his eyes. Casey looks confused.

          Casey: What are you doing?

          Connor: Well you said so yourself that you are wiped so I'm lending you my strength.

          Casey: (worried) are you sure? I mean I don't want you to get hurt.

          Connor: Don't worry me wont. I have a bunch of strength left over.

          The camera pans back showing Casey and Connor holding hands concentrating. They both are smiling and have there eyes closed.

          End of Act 4-Fade to Black

          End of Episode


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            The Destroyer 1.03 trivia

            • The coin that appeared in the envelope will be important later on
            • Casey and the pills is another sub plot that will be explained later on in the season
            • Tracey will be a regular cast member after this
            • Marty's demon lineage will come to light
            • And the spell that was in this episode will have repercussions