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    for visionrevision prompt "she dreams of cutting him open"

    Disclaimer: All characters in this ficlet are property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

    Rating: PG

    Word Count: 240

    Summary: Only one girl in all the world was ever called to become the Slayer. So what became of the others?

    She dreams of cutting him open.

    Never trust a demon, Father Ramirez told her. But she did, for a little while. The enemy of her enemy was her friend, right? Of course Kadeir betrayed her. They always do.

    She won't let it end here. She'll hunt him down. Kadeir will pay, an age of pain for every second he inflicted on her Watcher.

    She makes it two more steps before Kadeir spies her and cuts her down.
    She dreams of cutting him open.

    It's a long, slow process killing a Darmovic. They have a dozen hearts. She stabs them, one by one, and each time the beast convulses, finally toppling slowly to the floor.

    She doesn't wake screaming. The dreams aren't always nightmares, though she has no idea what to make of them. This time she's won the fight.

    Where do dreams like this come from? It's hard to believe something so detailed is a cluster of repressed desires, or a scatter of neurons firing randomly.

    Tomorrow she'll hit the psych books. Maybe one day she'll understand.
    She dreams of cutting him open.

    She'll find out how he ticks. She can improve on it, then. Make a warrior--not quite demon, not quite human. Someone to stand up for humanity against the forces of darkness. Who can do what she never gained the power to do herself.

    It's an ambition worthy of her genius.

    Maggie Walsh smiles in her sleep.
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