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  • Chipless - a ficlet

    A script ficlet I wrote some time ago here in the forums, set between The Killer In Me and First Date. How did Spike find out Buffy had had the chip removed?

    SPIKE (waking up): Ow. What the bloody??
    BUFFY: I'm here, it's OK. You're just fine. We need to get going though. Brief stay, remember?
    SPIKE: What happened? I remember the light and the soldier boys and then everything went? sort of rickety.
    BUFFY: Well?
    SPIKE: What? What happened?
    BUFFY: (raising voice) Well I don't know! (hastily) I was standing there and the commando guy was there and we were having the discussion and it was perfectly all right and then the chip and the choice. (fake normal & cheerful) All right, that was it. Let's get going!
    SPIKE: Whoa, slower, maybe? The chip the choice the what?
    BUFFY: (sighs) All right. I had to make a choice. Either remove the chip or replace it. So I had it removed. End of story. Okey-dokey. Off we go now.
    SPIKE: Buffy? (Beat) You had the chip removed? But what about the First? What about the? me? I could? you know?
    BUFFY: Spike. It's all right. It's me, remember? I know you. It was the right thing to do. I trust you, Spike.
    (They stand up and start walking away).
    SPIKE: Buffy?
    BUFFY: Yeah?
    SPIKE: You think the tin soldiers will tell the Iowa boy that you had the chip removed, too?
    BUFFY: Spike!
    SPIKE: Just thinking? would be funny if they did you know. I wonder if he got all worried. (mockingly terrifying, with high voice) Oh my god! The Deadly, Amoral and Opportunistic Guy is on the loose! Hide your puppies and your? Christmas!
    BUFFY: Spike! You are this far from me calling them again and stuffing the sodding chip back to your brain! (musing) Perhaps the newer versions come with updates, too? Ouch! Stop that! Let's get out of here, this place really gives me the creeps. No wonder you were such a lunatic when you came out of here? Oh, wait, you were that way already before. Oh never mind. Come on, let's go?
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